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Vol. XXV
No. 75
li KJ Si iZ? ud ice CREAM PAtlORS
Fruits, Candies, Cakes, Pies,
Doughnuts and Fresh Bread Daily
Portland Journal Agency. Hendrick'a Block, Opp. Depot
I. J. NORrtAN & Co. Prop.
Q. A. WOOD & CO, Props
Staple ane Fancy Groceries.. Highest Price paid
for country produce. Fresh bread daily. Your
Patronage is respectfully solicited.
PriMe Free Delivery to All Parts f the City
ng Us Your
Heating Stoves
Gook Stoves,
Stove Pipe
Stove Boards.
S. K. 5YKES, Roseburg, Oregon
Hints to Housewives.
Half the battle in good cooking is to have good
And to get them promptly when you order them. Call up
Phone No. x8i for good goods and good service.
J. M.2Weatherbj
T. A.
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
Farm and Timber Land Bought and Sold
TaxcS Paid for Non-Residents. Timber
Estimates a Specialty. List your proper
ty with us.
Drain Gardiner
' Commencing with Monday, January 20. '02, we will charge f 7.60 for
thefare from Drain, to Coos Bay. Baggage allowance with, each full fare
50 pounds. Travelling men are allowed 75 pounds baggage when they
have 300 pounds or more. All excets baggage, 3 eta. per pound, and no a
lowance will be made for round trip. DAILY STAGE.
For farther information address
J. R. Sawyers,
. . Proprietor, Drain, Oregon
We Want Your Patronage
and as an inducement we offer U. IS. P.
Standard Drugs, Fresh Patent Medicines,
High Grade Perfumes, Soaps, Toilet Arti
cles, and Specialties
D: L. Martia
The great, moral and religions
newspaper of Southwest Oregon, has
been requested to publish the follow
ing Rule XXiy, of the Oregon
State Board of Health:
It shall be the duty of all school
boards in all the, districts of what
ever class in the State of Oregon, to
prohibit the entrance into any of the
public schools of the State, of all
children not previously vaccinated (the
evidence of which is shown by the
scar), without proper vaccination;
and it will be the duty of the. teacher
or teachers in any of the public
schools . of the State of Oregon to
satisfy themselves that such order has
been properly enforced, the evidence
being a. scar, or by a certificate of
vaccination signed by a reputable
FiStatlag Fire.
A dispatch says: Chewaucan Marsh,
Lake County, is a roaring mass of
flames, and 200 men are engaged in
a most desperate fight to prevent the
spread of the devouring element Al
ready hay to the value of $60,000 has
gone up in smoke, and cattlemen will
be left to face the winter without a
straw to feed their immense herds.
Night is made hideous by the hor
rible sight of a sea of fire roaring
over the plain and by day dense clouds
of black smoke obscure the heavens,
Tules, growing to the height of six
feet, furnish excellent food for the
destructive element and the rich sod
is afire to a depth of several feet
Firefighters fall in their tracks
from exhaustion and are revived only
to resume tho battle for their homes
and property.
A rancher, surrounded by the
flames, escaped certain death by mak
ing a desperate dash over the burn
ing ground.
The scene of the fire is in an isolat
ed part of the county, difficult to
Romas Catholic Reform Movement.
An inquiry ordered by the Vatican
regarding, a movement favorable to
the establishment of a Western Catho-J
lie Patriarchate to include all Angles
Saxon countries which might be call
ed semi-independent of Rome, has just
been completed, according to a Tri
bune dispatch from Rome. Evidence
was found of the existence of a move
ment of this kind among the advanced
section of the clergy, especially the
French and Irish, who wish to join
forces with America to give to the
church a more modern and liberal im
pluse. Two Filipinos, Gomez and Kalbasa,
have been arrested in Manila, charged
with being concerned in fomenting
the disturbance which . have lately
taken place in the northern province
of Luzon, where a guerilla warfare
has been carried on for some time
past by ladrones against the peace-
ably inclined natives, iney are now
held to answer on charges of rebel
lion and insurrection against the au
thority of the United States.
Portland schools are crowded and
bonding the district in the sum of
$250,000 seems a necessity.
Did it ever strike you that the man
who does good farming seldom has an
unfavorable season, asks tbe Corvallia
Gazette. More crop failures are due to
the farmer himself, than to droughts.
floods or untimelv frosts. The man who
plows deep early in the season, who cul -
tivates frequently and late in the season,
who looks after his trees and sprays them
when needed, who looks as carefully to
his business as a merchant or banker in
a city does to his, seems to stand in with
T) 1 .1 1 I 1 . .
jtxuy.uw,,, uCU oewcr, ,au uei-
. . .
.....ouioupuuioe mamo.otmsown,authorUed to 0pen books for subscrip
ignorance and inefficiency on that con
venfent scape goat, the weather. Think
the matter over, gentleman.
For Five Year Pastorates.
At, the Illinois Methodist conference
now in session at Quincy, delegates to
the general Methodist conference to be
held in Los Angeles, Cnl., next May
have been instructed to support the rule
I of the five-year limit of pastors in their
I charges.
A resolution supporting the local op
tion movement-was adopted, and also
one providing that tho supernumerary
relation bo put on tho best three, ancj
that the representation of delegates be
changed from one to forty-five to one to
forty laymen in the general conference.
High Society in Spain.
The Eociety circles of Madrid have re
ceived a sensational shock by the arrest
of three of the most beautiful among the
young leaders of the aristocracy, on a
charge of fraud. Tho accused are the
Marchionoss Maria Reina, daughter of
Gen. Reina, formerly minister of war
and former governor general of Cuba ;
alto sister-in-law of Gen. Batcaran, chief
of King Alfonso's military cabinet;
Dona Engracia Sanchez, daughter of a
general who has been governor general
of Cuba; and the Countess Carlotta
Duran, daughter of Gen. Duran, former
ly minuter of war, and at one time pro
fetaqr to King Alphonso.
The ladles are charged with defraud
ing .the bonk of Spain of f 60,000 with a
bill of exchtnge forged in the name of
Garcia Guitorrej, a banker. Their al
leged accomplice, who signed the bill,
was the notorious turgor, Mariano Con
de. The forgery has been known to some
of the most eminent men of the king
dom' for some time, and they, as well
as -King Alfonso, tried to prevent
the arrests, but the scandal was so great
the authorities were com pel leu to act.
It is. reported that the mansion where
the ilarchionew Maria Reina and Dona
Sanchez lived together was nightly the
scene of banqueting and gambling.
A. O. U. W. Sapper. Hungry Lav
yer. Red Box. DotUr Bill.
For genuine flimflaming commend us
to the A. O. U. W., and theirs is no raw
graft either It is smooth, finished
work, such as a confidence man might
be proud of. It is no "stick up" like
Hitchcock hands to the people, or May
or Williams to the Portland gamblers ;
but is accomplished work bandied by
artists in the business. It appeals to a
man through his most vulnerable point
his stomach ; bat nevertheless is calcu
lated to separate a mark from his mon
ey. It is master degree work and is not
peddled out to uncle Reuben; but is
framed up for the wise guy. At their
box supper held in the opera house on
Monday evening tbe A. O. U. W. had
for sale a great number of beautiful box
es, each supposed to contain an elegant
lungs. These boxes were sold to the
highest bidder and, according to a time
honored custom at tuch functions, the
purchaser was entitled to feast on the
contents of tbe purchased box with the
fair donor of said box for a partner.
Box after box was sold and snatched up
at what appeared to the hungry lawyer,
with the fiweet water running down his
chin, as great bargains. Presently the
auctioneer lovingly lifted a large red
box, neatly tied with white ribbons,
raised it to a position level with his chin
and shouted: "Much'm I offered for
this charming young lady's box7" The
box bore a label on one end marked
"men's shirts" and the eyes of our
hungry lawyer sparkled. His mental
comment was that the box contained
at least (our square meals, reasonably
worth 25c each, and he then determined
to owe that box. Now, here is where
the lawyer was easy. He expected to
find a winter's grub stake in a box
marked shirts. But suppose the label
were true and that the contents were
really shirts well, he needed a clean
shirt anyway. "Going at an 'af, an 'af,
an 'af," yelled the auctioneer. "A dol
lar," says John T. Notshort, the lawyer.
"Dollar'm offered, goin't a dollar'n
soldi" With a satisfaction "beyond a
reasonable doubt" the disciple of Black
stone reached for bis lady's box. It
was pretty enough and the consolation
of ownership was probably intended as
value received, for tbe actual contents
were neither food nor raiment.
The box with its contents, three cu
cumbers, four tomatoes, a slice of
squash and a little green cabbage, can
be seen at the Board of Trade. John T.
Notshort thinks he was buncoed and
when interviewed by a reporter ans
wered by mumbling such incoherent,
Droxen sentences as "Ubtaining money
under false pretenses," "Grand Jurv,"
"Indictment," "Jail 1"
Moral: When Simon says, "Thumbs
up," get your hand on your pocket book.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
No one who is acquainted with its
good qualities can be surprised at the
great popularity of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. It not only cures colds and
grip effectually and permanently, but
prevents these diseases from resulting
in pneumonia. It is aUo a certain cure
for croup. Whooping cough is not
dangerous when this remedy is given
It contains no opium or other harmful
substance and may be given as confl
dently to a baby as to an adult. It is
also pleasant to take. When all of these
i facts are taken into consideration it is
! not surprising that people in foreign
1 Iand8 " weU M "
home, esteem this
! remedy very highly and very few are
willing to take other after having once
used it. For sale by A. C. Marsters and
A , meoting of the director,,
ol school District Ho. 4, the cleric was
tion to warrant loan of $20,000, said
books to be open Oct. 1st. Subscribers
can subscribe for amounts of $50 or mul
tiples thereof. Warrants will draw in
terest at the rate of per cent per an
num and will bu payable as follows
$2,000 oach succeeding year until all are
paid. For other information apply to
Clara Dillakd, Clerk.
If you dont watch J. T. Bryan's show
window, you fail to see many of tho
latest novelties in jewelry. al7-lmp.
A. despatch, from Victor, Colorado,
of yesterday afternoon says: Shortly
before midnight a troop of cavalry
And a company of infantry, under the
command of Major McClellend, sur
rounded the office of the Daily Record,
the official organ of the Miners'
Union, in this city, and with a detail
of several picked men, entered the
newspaper office and placed the fol
lowing under arrest: George Kayner,
proprietor; W. S. Langdon, Charles
D. Langdon, linotype operators; W.
A. Sweet, circulator and H. J. Rich
ardson, foreman of the composing
The prisoners were taken to Camp
Goldfield and after a conference with
General Chase and other military
officers, the prisoners were placed in
the guard-house.
A strong guard of infantry was
eft at the Record office, where it will
stand guard until some disposition of
the proprietor and his employes is
Affidavits have been prepared and
will be filed in the District Court this
morning, charging the men with
coercion, intimidation and criminal
ibeL The information will be sworn
by Thomas Scanlon of Victor.
General Chase, when asked for a
statement in regard to the arrests,
said that libel proceedings would be
prosecuted, and they were being held
as military recesaities.
The business mananger, A. Q. Mil-
er, hearing that a possible attempt
to arrest the office force would be
made, was out of the way at the time
the soldiers took possession. A new
force of printers has been secured,
and, with General Chase's permission
the official organ will be published as
Cripple Creek, Colo., Sept. 30.
nformation will be filed in the Dis
trict Court today, charjnnc Georce
Kyner, manager and editor of the
Victor Record; Y. L. Sweet, the cir
culator, and W. S. and C. G. Landon,
linotype operators, who were arrest
ed by the military List night, with
malicious slander. An affidavit made
by Thomas Scanlon, a member of
Company K, First Regiment, was pre
pared by Judge Advocate Thomas
McClelland and handed to Deputy
District Attorney Cole. The affidavit
sets forth that Scanlon was desig
nated a spotter in connection with
the arrest of Robert Murphy, in the
Victor Record office.
Harry Scott has been engaged as
counsel for the men thrown into the
bullpen and if the prisoners cannot
secure their release on bond he will
apply for writs of habeas corpus in
the District Court, to the end that
the men may secure their freedom
until the trial on the information.
Jndge Advocate McClelland, when
asked why the entire force was ar
rested, said they were all equally
guilty in publishing the alleged libel
ous article in the Victor Record, and
that every attempt would be made to
send all the men arrested to the peni
The Victor Record is securing a
new force today and will be able to
continue publication.
C. E. Woodard, president of the
Typographical Union, discussing the
arrest of the Record force, says that
no greater outrage could be perpe
"I was a soldier in the Philippines
and was through all the stirring times
there, but I saw nothing so boldly
brazen and in violation of constitu
tional rights as took place in Victor
last night," said he
It IS time tnat
something should be done to resist
these high-handed measures."
Tom Foster and T. C. Mallaney,
union men, who have been in the bull
pen for 13 days, were released today.
They say they were at all times in
timidated and were fearful of losing
their lives.
Roosevelt and Labor Chiefs.
President Roosevelt proposes to settle
the controversy with union labor through
a heart-to-heart talk with tho labor
union leaders. Ho hns told tho mem-
burs of tho administration that he has
nothing to fear from what he has
done in connection with the controversy
which has developed at the government
printing office. He wants to tell the
labor leaders the same thing.
So confident is the President of the
justice of the stand he has taken, and so
sure is he that the labor leaders are
broad minded and fair, that he will risk
all in a frank discussion of the case of
Miller, the bookbinder, about whom
there has been so much talk.
The President has adviied John Mit
chell that he wants to meet him and his
colleagues some time this week at the
White Houeo. The President will tell
the men that ho has dono nothing ex
cept to eee that fair play is exercised and
that tho statuates of the law were rigid-,
ly obeerved. He will seek to show that
a narrow construction was not put on
these statutes but that they were taken
in their broadest application, and that
when the case came up to him there was
no other course open.
The President hopes to reach an un
derstanding with the union labor peo
ple about tho government priming of
fice. He will be fortified with confiden
tial reports which have been in course of
preparation for some weeks. From
these he will cite facts to show that any
thing but a satisfactory condition has
developed in the government printing
office because o( the blind adherence to
union demands. He will point out where
certain changes could be made that
would be of direct value to both the
cause of union labor and the govern
ment. Work oa. tbe
Old Coos
Bay Wagon
The portable saw mill which is to saw
out lumber to plank portions of tbe Coos
Bay wsgon road, has been taken from
Myrtle Point to the Steinon place, near
Fairview. where the first work wdl be
D. Mcintosh, county commissioner,
informs the Mail that the intention is
to work on the eastern slopes of the
hills fist, as the heavy mail is west
ward bound, and the stages go back
light, so that tbe improvement is most
needed wbere the loaded stages have to
be hauled up.
Tbe county commissioners, on their
recent trip over the road, had ocular
demonstration of the good results of cut
ting the timber back from tbe road to
let in the wind and sunshine, but it
seems that this year's appropriation will
be expended mostly in planking the
road where relief for the coming winter
is roost urgently demanded. Coast
Wakotton Top.
Former United States Senator Edward
O. Woloott won a decisive victory Tues
day in tho contest before the Kepublican
State Central Committee between the
rival factions at Denver, Colo., and
afterward in the State Convention.
! he committee, by a vote of 71 to IS,
placed the Wolcott delegates on the
temporary roll call of the convention,
by a unanimous vote, made the tempor
ary roll permanent. o onDortunitv
was given tbe anti Wolcott delegation to
make a contest before the convention.
Mr. Wolcott was chosen temporary
chairman of the convention without op
position, and in a carefully prepare!
speech, denounced his opponents in the
Republican party. A strongly-worded
resolutions indorsing President Roose
velt for re-election to the Presidency in
li04 was unanimously adopted with
reference to the committee on resolu
tions Only one office that of Justice
of tho Supreme Court is to be filled at
this year's election, and for this Chief
Justice John Campbell was honored
with the nomination br acclamation.
For City Recorder.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for the office of City Recorder, subject
to the approval of the legal voters of the
city of Roseburg, on the 5th day of Oct
190;. John T. Loko. 74 tf
Cause of Lockjaw.
Lockjaw, or tetanus, is caused by a
bacillus or germ which exists plentifully
in street dirt. It is inactive so long as
exposed to the air, but when carried be
neath the skin as in the wounds caused
by percussion caps or rusty nails, and
wnen me air is exciaueu tne germ is
roused to activity and produces the most
virulent poison known. These germs
may be destroyed and all danger of lock
jaw avoided by applying Chamberlain's
Pain Balm freely as soon as the injury
is received. Pain Balm is an antisepic
and causes cuts, bruises and like injuries
to heal without maturation and in one'
third tho time required by the usual
treatment. It is for salo by A. C
tors' and Co.
Notice to Contractors
Sealed Bids will bo received by the
Board of School directors of Dist. No. 4,
Roseburg Oregon, until 2 o'clock p. m,
Nov. 2, 1903, for the erection and com
pletton ot a High school building ac
cording to plans and specifications, pre-
nared bv Chas. Burtreral. Architect.
, Albany Ore. All bids must be accom
panied by a certified check payable to
school District I?o. 4, Roseburg, Ore
gon, for the sum of $250. As a guaran
tee that in the event the contract is
awarded, tho contractor shall furnish
an approved bond, equal to 75 por cent
of the contract within ten days after the
awarding of tho contract.
Proposals for tho pamo, plans and
specifications, may bo seen at S. C
Flint's, Roseburg, Oroqon, or at tho
architect's offico. The building shall bo
completed by September 1st, 1104.
Tho board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids. Signed
S. C. Flint,
Chairman, Board of Director Dis. No.
Clara Dillahd, Clerk. 75-N2
(Lately with the governmentgaphical and geological survey of Braril,
United States Deputy Mineral Surveyor,
Office over Postoffice.
Jackson Street, -
Attention Rheumatics!!
' Why pay the Rail Road a lot of money to
carry you to Springs of unknown medical
properties when you can be guaranteed a
cure at BOSWELL SPRINGS near home.
rELATRRiTiJ la Mineral Rnbber.1
or na tt necessary to REPLACE A WOK2C-OX7T SOOF
prarfiM, fatten. Tall;, etc. Euj to Uy
Sold oa merit. Goarmtted. U will Mi 'to u
Worcester Bail tl inc. PORrpr.A-wp
Have 3'ou seen our line of
Jackets and Furs. We do
not claim to do all the busi
ness, what we want is the
pleasure of showing our line.
The Goods will do the rest.
We are confident that your
Jacket or Fur will be
bought of
Of your life if you bu y a buggy, hack or road wagon before
3'ou inspect our stock 'of John Deere vehicles.
We Are
Haven't missed a sale since car arrived.
spring goods ever brought to
Pratical WatchmaKer, Jeweler, Optidam.
Watches, ClocKs, Jewelry
Diamonds and Silverware
O P. W. BENSON. x.n uipsrrtja u n . tV
r resident. Vice PrUent. Cubist
Douglas County Bank,
BatotoHntied I883. Incorporated xoox
Capital Stock, $50,000.00.
A general banking business tranacted, and customers given every
accommodation consistent with safe and conservative banking.
Bank open from nine to twelve
OREGON. Correspondence solicited
- Roseburg Orefm
Tri-erwl for I1 ciirIeL iuSuiSi tieS
lornrtE iBf5r.TSS "Mwnws.
After You
Finest line
the county.
Watch Repair!
a Specialty.
nnd from one to three.