The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, August 27, 1903, Image 5

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n ui x-fUtui interest.
Mr. Sam Potts, ol Canyonvillo, was in
town yesterday.
Mrs. Winter, of Elk Creek, is a visitor
t ol this place today.
Lisle Marsters is spending a week's
I vacation in Oakland.
Mr. 11. Weber, of Ashland, returned
'home yesterdav .
For plain sewing address or call on
"Mrs. Howard near depot. 5S-Stp.
Miss Bessie Champaigu is spending
her vacation at Mr. Dicksons.
Mr. Geo. Dement, of Mvrtle Creek.
made this town a visit yesterday.
C. W. and Thos. Hatfield, were visiting
at the McCallen House this week.
Hon. Binger Hermann has returned
from a visit to Eugene.
Mr. and Mrs. Webb and Miss Bessie
Mayse, of Riddle, were in town Tuesday.
Mrs. E. L. Bashford, is visiting in
Mr. Samp Sutherlin, was a Rosoburg
isitor, Wednesday.
Mr. Williams, a teacher of the Port
land Business College, is in town this
Miss Pearl Simmons was a passenger
on this morning's local for Portland.
Mrs. Mary E. Jackson has returned
from a visit to her daughter at Canyon-
Miss Lula Cobb, left on today's train
for Portland, where she will visit her
brother Jim.
Mr. Chas. Mosier left today for differ--ent
points in the Willamette valley.
Miss Pearl Wright, will return home
Friday, after an outing of a few weeks
at Newport.
Mrs. W. S. Hamilton, who has been
seriously ill at her home in this city, is
much improved.
Miss Maud Sheridan has returned J. H. Sykes, wife and two children,
from a summer's outing at Mr. Dixon's, j returned from their outing at Newport,
1 Tuesday evening.
Health is paramount to all other issue I "
Get Osteopathic Health. It is periuau-. Miss Merta Harlow and sister Mrs
ent. Ritchery, of Myrtle Creek, were visitors
Miss Pearl Wright will return home I
"Fridav after a few weeks outing at
of Roseburg, Tuesday.
Good, household furniture for sale
-cheap. Enquire at the old Abraham's
house in Roseburg. 59-Swp
If yon dont watch J. T. Bryan's show
-window, you fail to see many of the
latest novelties in jewelry. al"-lmp.
Miss H. H. High and sister, and Mrs.
I J. H. Beckley left this morning for Eu-
I gene to attend the circus.
Misss Byrd, of the Land Office, will
! spend her vacation at Salem with home
folks, leaving for that place Saturday
Mrs. J. W. Strange left the first of the
i week for Mvrtle Point, and will visit
Mrs. W. H. Sehlbrede and son Clar-: various points in Coos countv before
-nce, of Billings, Mont., are visiting at : returning home.
-the home of Mr. Sehlbrede in this city.
Mr. I. F. Rice was stricken with
paralysis while at his desk, Tuesday
afternoon, but is better at this writing.
Mrs. J. H. Clongh and daughter. Miss
Bessie, and her niece Irene Plotner,
-were in town Tuesdav and Wednesday.
Messrs. W.P.Johnson, C. O.White,
D. Watson and Miss Minnie Willis, all
of Myrtle Creek, were visiting Roseburg
For sale at & bargain, drop head .White
-sewing machine. The machine is In
perfect working order. For particulars,
call at this office.
Miss Plnnia Chitwood has returned to
Curtis, Oklahoma after an extended
-visit with Mrs. W. A. Burr and Mrs.
Barker of this place.
The visitors at the Board of Trade for
todav are, A. M. Nelson, Dnluth, Minn ,
I.. Langellow, Minn., A. J. Bacon, Iowa,
W.J. Pierson, Iowo.
Dr. Fisher and wife have started to
Albany and Salem, where they will
visit with friends.
If you want
If you want
If you want
If vou want
if you want
If you want
If yon don't know PAT
Cll on or addreei . . .
to buy a farm
furnished rooms
to buy a house
to rent a house
to build a house
to move a house
F F, pHttBfton, 2Kr
Mies Nora Gates, wli" has Ih .mi viMt-
ing her aunt, Mrs. J. Bryan, Mt tnis
morning for her home at Crow, Ore.
Mrs. Mose Rice, who attended the
funeial of little Thelma Ruell at Myrtle
Creek, and visited with friends for a
week, returned home last night.
A. B. Marauani, wile and little son
are in town todav and made this office a
pleasant call. He reports his son, who
was so sesiously hurt at the time of the
falling of the Elk creek bridge, as im
proving nicely.
Miss Mildred Waite was the envy of
all the young Misses of Roseburg yester
dav when she was seen driving her
hetland pony accompanied by Miss
Hattie Barker, at whose home she is a
guest this week.
Armory Hall Inspected.
Attention Rheumatics!!
Why pay the Rail Road a lot of money to
carry you to Springs of unknown medical
properties when you can be guaranteed a
cure at BOSWELL SPRINGS near home.
ELATERITB is Mineral Rubber 1
or nod It ucccHHary to REPLACE A WORM-OUT ROOP
Takes the place of shingle, tin. Iron, Ur and gravel and all prepared rooSnti. Far flat and
steep turlai, gutter, vaiiejf, etc. Eay to lay Tempered for ail climate. Reasonable In cott.
sold on merit. Guaranteed. It will pay to ak for prices and information.
"Worcester I3uildinc.
Mr. Alfred Wollenberg's new residence
onKosebill will be when completed,
one among the many beautiful colonial
houses being bnilt this summer.
Miss Paulina Chitwood, returned to
Central Oklahoma, after an extended
visit with Mrs. W. A. Burr and Mrs
Barker, of this place.
S. K. Svkes, who has been in Coos
county for the past ten days for the ben
efitofhis health, returned Wednesday
evening, much improved.
Mrs. A. L. Kinney and little daughter
and Miss Mary McDonald, went to Cot
tage Grove on Tuesday's local to spend
a few weeks visiting friends.
The Rev. John Dawson has returned
from hi3 trip to Crater Lake and will
hold services in the Episcopal Church
nest Sunday morning and evening.
The prunepacking house in Kinney ad
dition of which Clarence Gazley is man
ager, is nearly completed and will be a
great improvement to that part of town.
Mrs. Viola Saotelle and two children
who has been residing in this place for
some time past, has moved to Ashland,
where she will keep house for her
For his own satisfaction, and that
there might be no doubt in the minds ,
the public as to the safety of the Armory
Hall. Capt. Hamlin has had the build
ing inspected by two competent builders.
Their report is as follows :
Capt. F. B. Hasilik,
Co. "D" 1st Separate Battalion
We hereby certify that at your request
we have examined the Slocum Hall
Building known as the Armory Hall,
and find the same to be sound and per
fectly safe for the drilling of a Company
and for use of dancing.
A. Fiobs,
9 f.w.benson, a . c. marsters, h.c.galet.
Vice President.
Roseburg Nurseries.
Very choice fruit trees, all leading
varieties, bpitienberg and lellow New
town Pippin apples a specialty. For
sale at very reasonable prices by Rose
burg Nurseries, H. Schroten, Roseburg,
Oregon. 56tf
o Douglas County Bank,
0 Established I883. Incorporated 1901 O
6 0
$ Capital Stock, $50,000.00.
5 o
O A general banking business tranacted, and customers given every 0
0 :ccommodation consistent with safe and conservative banking. O
Bank open from nine to twelve and from one to three. g
J. M. Weatherby
T. A. Bury
D. L. Martin
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
Farm and Timber Land Bought and Sold
Taxes Paid for Non-Residents. Timber
Estimates a Specialty.
ty with
List your proper-
Geo. W. O'Neal, of Harrison, Arkan
sas, is in Roseburg ptospecting. He is
interested in the timber and immigra
tion and may settle here permanently.
David Roberts and family, "Charles
Patrick and family and Miss Ella Brum
field, have returned from an outing of
thre -weeks at Bandon. They report a
grand time.
Mr. and Mrs. Churchill returned thi
noon trom tneir trip to uraier Late,
accompanied by Kev. and Mrs. Dawson
and Miss Williamson. All report a very
pleasant time.
The power of our bodies to resist and
to recover from disease are inestimable ;
the Osteopath directs these powers.
Call on Dr. H. L. Stndley. He Iwill re
store your health . 62-3t.
Mr. A. M. Crawford has returned
from a trip to Crytal Lake. He reports
lots of people at that place, his wife did
not go with him as wan expected but
spent some time in the country visiting
The Douglas County Mills will roll
barley and other grain only on Tuesday
of each week, customers ehonld have
their erists at the mill not later than 11
o'clock, to insure getting it rolled the
same day. al-lm.
The Roseburg Junk and Hide Co. pays
the hiehest market price for hides, pelts
furs, brasB, copper, lead, old rubber,
scrap iron of all kinds; old furniture a
etww.;aiK' Corner of Oak and Rose
streets, Ro3eburg. a$-lm
Mrs. F. M. Zigler will return to her
home in Portland, Saturday morning,
after a few weeks visit with relatives
in this citv. She will be accompanied
by little Capitola Willis.
The regular north bound passenger
tram, Wednesday, was delayed three
hours. The cause was a large amount
of business. A stub was sent on the
regular time, 10:45 a. m.
Presiding Elder E. L. Fitch will
preach in the South Methodist church
in this city next Saturday night and
Sundav morningand evening. A cordial
welcome is extended to all.
Among the beautiful cottages that are
being bnilt in this city, Wilbur Ross's
will be first. He nndoubtly has one of
the prettiest views from his place in
Kinney's addition, as it is facing Main
street. Girls who next?
At Rice & Rice the House Furnish-
ers. zzto pieces nam ana rancy
Glass ware will go on sale August 14
for ten davs onlv at 25, 20, 15, and
0 cents per piece. All are 75, 50,
35 and 25 cent values. Just think of
24, 20, 15 and 10 cents for choice.
No such a murder of prices on
crockerv has ever taken place in
Roseburg. Xo reserve, all will go
Come earlv.
House Eurnishers
The condition of the hop crop in
the Northern part of Oregon, is very
unsatisfactory owning to the late
The League base ball boys have re
turned from their trip to the coast,
where they won 3 games and lost 3.
They say that is not as good ball country
as is reported as they went $54 behind.
The players were, Newell, Griffin,
Marrow, KoBtal, Bradley, Gilvin, and
dence of the bride's mother, Mrs. N
Selig, of Mvrtle Creek, Mr. Cecil Van
Guilder and Mrs. Etta Hall : Rev. J
T. Cotton officiating.
PERDUE RACHOR. At the residence
of the bride's parents, at Perdue, Ore
Ausj. 23. 1903. Mr. Ben Perdue and
Miss Matilda Rachor; Rev. L.
Zimmerman officiating.
Fifty laborers at Ray's
Dam, near Tolo, Ore.;
Wages, $2.50 per day
for first-class men.
DR. C. R. RAY,
Tolo, Ore.
Through Salt Lake City, Leadville, Pueblo, Colorado
Springs and Denver, and the ramous Kockj
Mountain Scenery by da3rlight
In tbe County Court of the Bute of Oregon,
for Douelas county.
In the Matter nf the EiUte oh
Tcomaj uunseatn, iiuuu.
rbwraaed. i
Tn Thnnu Dnnaeath. father of deceased, and
all other legally intTeiea la aaia uuw,
Tn v.o n.tna nf the stale of Oregon. You
n hrhv rltpd and reaulrel to appear in tbe
County Court of the Btato of Oregon, fo- the
County oi uouKiai. in ine kuuiuviu hucicu.i
at r.rnftnira. in me ijuuu ui
Mondav, the 28th day of Sept., 1903.
. in iVniuk in thi fnronoon of that day. then
and tbere to iaow cause, u any yuu utc, wuj
an order for the ale of the real property be
longing to aald estate, ai prayed for In the peti
tion f v v wtiann. the administrator, to-wit:
Tk. vi nt Kwu nf aix-ilnn 30. To 32 aouth. of
' . fT . r tn Tlrtllf.!.. .(-Sl! T1 1 T Hm-
ranged hcm, h . r ' . -
ffnn. inn cnntaimnz eu auics, mumu uut w
-..rfa.nfhnririnir E. E. Wilson, the admlnl
trtnrnf the titate of Thomas Dunaoath. de-
,n .mi th afnim&id real tironertv. at
eltner puoiic or private nc, iur uis
paying tne inaeuteanea oi u u-Btns .uu
i.i.ntn r t inminiiiniinTi.
'iriin..i Hi.Knn I T). Thonitteon. JudfTO of
the County Court of the State of Oregon, for
th Cnnntv of Douzlaa. with the Peal of ld
C.inrt affixed thlt 25lh day of AugUBt, A. D,
Attei': D. R. SUAMBROOK. Clerk.
Modern Equipment, Through Pullman and Tourist Sleep-
ing Cars ana superb Uinmg uar service.
For rates, folders and eher
formation, address
V. C. McBRIDE, OenM Agent,
la4 Third Street, Portland. Ore
Opera House Opening.
The theatrical season will open Thurs
day night with Mr. Frank Bacon the
delightfully droll comedian, in the rural
classic, "The Hills of California." Mr.
Bacon is one of the best known Comedi-
. . t ; 1 . 1. -
ans on tne uoast, naving ueeu mo
principal actor of the Alcazar, in San
Francisco, for the past three years.
Mr. Wallace Hunt, a theatrical man
of long experience, is to bo congratulated
on securing Mr. Bacon's signature to a
three vears contract. He will tako his
star and play East. From here the
Homnanv tro direct to Portland, than
East, where "The Hills of California'
will be given a Now York production
The nlav is written in and around the
Uvea of those who live in this land by
the Sundown Sea, where the Oak lives
or a tnousana years, anu tne poppy
blooms but a day. A heart story of to-
lay. The characters we see and know.
The California Quartette, who are
with this company came most highly
reccomended, and it is said their singing
alone is worth the price of admission.
they will render some of the latest
musical gems.
Prices, lower floor 50 and 75 cts., gal
lery '25 and 35 cents.
Qrand Ball.
At Olalla, re-nnion grounds, Spt.
2nd and 4th, good music and refresh
ments will be furnished. Come one
come all and have a general good time,
6-42t. McFakland nnd Weixs.