The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, August 03, 1903, Image 5

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Of Local Interest.
F. W. Benson is home from
ter bay for a few davs.
Winches For p.atn sewing address or call on
Mrs. Howard near depot. 5S-3tp.
Volney Dixon has accepted a postion
in the Roseburg postoffice.
Don't forget
H. S. Gould, the new
54 lm.
Lafe Engles, of
Peel, was in town
H.S. Gould, the blacksmith, guaran
tees all his work. 54 lm.
W. A.
Burr went to Riddle, Friday
H. S. Gould, the blacksmith, makes a
speciality of l.orse-shoeing. 54 lm
Ira Wimberly, of Drain, was in town
Health is paramount to all other issues.
Get Osteopathic Health. It is permanent.
Mr. and Mrs. Dumbleton, of Win
chester, were in town today.
Mnsic Houe
of Southern
I Drain - Gardiner !
Arthur Cloak and wife leave for
don tomorrow for a short outing.
100 head of stock cattle for sale. En
quire of Henry Conn, Roseburg. 53-5tp.
The infant child of Mr. and 'Mrs.
Harry Pearson is still in a very critical
Volney Dixon came down from Oak
land last evening and will remain in
town a few davs.
Hon. R. A. Booth, of Eugene,
Roseburg visitor this week.
Attorney Louis E. Bean, of Eugene
was in Roseburg this week.
.Tas. Perry returned Friday from above
Peel where he has been camping.
is nursing a sore foot
Claude Whitsett
this week, having stepped on a nail. rr.
W. B. Atterbury and Thos. Hatfield,
of Dodsons Butte, were in town Saturday.
Wm. Van Leuwen left Friday night for
Kellogc, where he will spend a couple of
weeks rusticating.
Mrs. E. Autenreith and Mrs. N. Gian
nini went to Jacksonvilletyestenlay
morning for a short visit.
Dr. E. M. Cheadle and wife returned
Saturday afternoon from Tiosra where
they have been rusticating.
Sam Josephson and Nat Curry, left
Saturday morning for Brewster Valley,
lor a hunting and fishing trip.
Miss Ella Black has accepted a posi
tion as book-keeper with the Roseburg
Water & Light Company.
Mrs. Frank Carmen left Saturday
morning for Crabtree, Linn county, for
a month's visit with relatives.
Medford Mail ; Messrs. E. C. Gaddis
and C. E. Gaddis nre enjoying an out
ini: in the dead Indiana country.
Joseph Svkes and family will leave
for Newport this week to spend a few
weks at that popular seaside resort.
' Wm. Carrol and wife. Miss Faye Car
rol and Miss Anna Hurd have returned
from a two weeks outine at Brewster.
125.00 Gold or silver will buy a good
Organ or make a payment on one of our
fine Pianos, p:iees ranging from flSo.00
to $450 00. I have decided to sell my
pneiit stock regardless of cost or profit.
See or write us at once and secure
some of these bargains.
T K. Ricn.uiusox.
Roeburg, Orvgon.
Picnic Notice.
The Wilbur Sunday School will have
a picnic at Winchester on August 7,
1903. The program will consitt of sing
ing and volunteer speaking. They will
have ice cream for sale. The Winches
ter and Edenbower Sunday Schools are
invited, md all others that wish to
come. Secretary.
Commencing with Monday, January 20. '02, we will charge $7.60 for
thefare from Drain to Coos Buy. Baggage allowance with each full fare
50 pounds. Travelling men are allowed 75 jiouuds baggage when they
have 300 poundi or more. All excess baggage, 3 eta. per pound, and no a
lowance will be made for round trip. DAILY STAGE.
For further information address
J. R. Sawyers,
Proprietor, Drain, Oregon j
New Photographer In Roseburg.
H you want to buy a farm
if you want furnished rooms
If you want to buy a house
If you want to rent a house
If you want to build a house
If you want to move a house
I' vnu don't know PAT
CM on or .Urr8i . . .
F F. pattern, JffESft,
E. L. Parrott and sister, Miss Abbie,
leit Sunday morning for Brewster to
join the Miller-Curry-Parrott campine
J. D. Hamilton and family will leave
tomorrow morning for Winchester Bay
to spend the balance of the summer.
Russel Wyatt, one of Albany's most
prominent young lawyers, was a passen
ger on Thursday evening's south bound
Miss Mabel Downing left this morning
for Oakland where she will spend three
weeks visiting before returning to her
home in Salem.
Miss Hazel Britt. who for the past ten
days has been visiting her aunt Mrs. E.
McBroom, left Friday evening for her
home in Riddle.
A Shuman left Saturday morning for
Portland, havingrjreceived a telegram
-that hisj nephew. Addie Shank, was
drowmd in the Morrison Street bridge
Mrs. Mary OtJen, who has been vict
im; at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Burge.
left Saturday morning for her home in
W. S. Wright and nephew Harry
Tyson are home from a four weeks trip
to Klamath county. They visited Crater
Lake enroute.
J. E. Olive, late of Santa Cruz, Cali
fornia, has purchased the Graves photo
graph gallery and will be pleased to
meet anyo: the old patrons of the gallery
and all other needing first-class work.
He is a master photographer and there
fore can guarantee entire satisfaction.
Give him a rail ami be convinced.
. !
For Sale A light dog curt very cheap t
at twenty dollars. Enquire of Kent
& O'Neal, I.ivervman. Rntohnrg. Otp,
Roseburg Nurseries.
Very clioice fruit trees, all leading
varieties. SpiUenberg and Yellow New-
wn Pippin apples a specialty. For
.e at very reasonable prices by Rose
burg Nurseries, H. Schroten, Roseburg,
Oregon. 5ftf
ELA-TERITE is Mineral Rubber '
or find It neMr to ItKI'LACK A WORN-OUT KOOF
Tke the ptacr of hlusle. tin. Iron, ur nd g'nn.' . :
tep urIf-, suiters, v4ieyt, e'e Kr to Iv Tinii""--"
lil oil merit. Uurntetnl. It will r-T to k for m
!un'-. KtuoDaUe la eeu
i-z i-, vr li: rti t i-z itooirii co..
Worwhltr BuUitiiu:. l'OHTLAND
I'mWent, Vice IrmJent. Cuhler
F. H. Churchill and wife, Rev. Daw
son and wife and Miss Nellie William
son leave tomorrow for Crater Lake for
a short outing.
Mrs. Roy Denny and two children of
Frt-sno, California, are visiting in Rose
burg with Mrs. Denny's sister, Mrs.
Wm. Van Buren.
Dr. Geo. E. Houck, wife and child re
turned last night from Long Beach,
Washington, where they have been
spending the summer.
Misses Bertha Sehlbrede, Ellena Reed,
Willetha Reed, and Myrtle Fitzwater
and Messrs Bun Ryan, Frederick Get
tins, and William Landon spent yester
day at Dillard. the guests of Miss Helen
Mrs. John Lane passed through Rose
"burg last Friday morning enroute to
Coos county to spend a month with
relatives. Her husband, Col. Lane is
now in the hotel business at Pierce City,
Mrs. Hendricks and daughter, Miss
"Ella, have returned from Madera, Calif.
The family will move there about Oct.
1st and make it their future home. Mr.
E. Gray of this city, has rented their
borne here.
Wm. Gardner, of Pell, who severly cut
his right knee several days ago, was
brouzht to town Tuesday, and his in
jury dressed by Dr. E. V. Hoover. He
is now getting along nicely and in a few
days will be able to return home.
Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Leonard and
family, left this morning for Garfield,
Washington, where .Mr. Leonard ban
nnrehased a flour mill. Mr. and Mr?,
Leonard will be greatly missed by a host
of friends who all hope thejr may lie suc
cessful in their new home.
The post office at Winston, six miles
south of Roseburg, has leen discontinu
ed lir thf? Postal dorwrtDient because of
the resignation of W. C Winston an
postmaster. No suitable jKjrson could 1m;
obtained to take the office anil the roei
dents of Winston will have to go to
Broekway, three rnilea farther on to got
their mail.
Mrs. John Hathaway anil daughter
Rnth left Friday evening for Ornnta P"
where she will join her htiKbarid, who 1
now employed as roundhouno foreman
at that place. Mis. nauiaway win
greatly mhsed enjxxihtiy i" thn I'renby
terian church -where lio wn otioof.thu
most'fahhful worfcerV M Jlho 16clf.
lyouniy treasurer uimmicK has re
ceived the Douglas county apportion
ment of the state school fund which is
S,113.G0. This is 1.C0 for each person
enrolled in the schools of the conuty
between the ages of 4 and 20 years.
Mrs. V. C. London and daughter,
Jennie, left Saturday morning for Cot
tage Grove for a short visit with Mr.
London, who is conductor on the Cot
tage Grove-Bohemia railroad. Later on
tliey will go to Portland for a short
Mr. Man, you want facts. We are
going to give you facts. As you read
them over vou will know they are facts.
And we can prove they are facts. i
It is a fact that McCormick Binders, J
Mowers and Rakes are the standard by i
which all others are guaged. I
It is a fact, Racine Buggies, H? cks
and Road Wagons are far outstripping
our competitors' lines.
It is a fact that the Bain Wagon is the
most successful, durable and economical
wagon on the market.
It is a fact that the above are all in
cluded in the Big 3. You can find them
at S. K. Sykes;Roscburg, Ore.
Douglas County Bank,
Kutubliwliecl IS83. Incorporated lyoi
Capital Stock, $50,000.00.
8 A general banking business tranacte.1, and customers given every
accommodation consistent with safe and conservative banking.
Bank open from nine to twelve and from one to three.
0XOCK000000000000 00XK000000000000
Deafness Cannot be Cured
of the brdies parents at Tulare, Calif ,
July 1903. G. Shellah Canoll and
Miss Mabel Crabtree.
The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. F. Carroll of this city, and is well
known here especially among our young
people, having fur a number of years
been proprietor of the Kandy Kitchen.
The bride is the sister of Miss Ellen
Crabtree and Mrs. J. D. Hamilton,
having been in Roseburg the past three
ye irs. Both have a host of friends with
which the I'laixdkaleii joins in wishing
the young couple - a long and happy
wedded life.
by local applications as they car not
reach the diseased portion of the car.
There is only one way to cure deafness,
ami that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucoti" lining of the
Eustachian Tube. When this tube is
inflamed you have a rumbling sound or
imjerfect hearing, and when it is entire-
y closed, Deafness is the result, and un
less the inflammation can be taken out
and this tube restored to its normal con
dition, hearing will be destroyed for
ever ; nine cases out of ten caused by
Catarrh, which is nothing but and in
flamed condition of the mucous services.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Deafness (caused by catarrh)
that cannot be cured oy Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
F. J. Ciienky & Co., Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Hall,s Family Pills are the best.
Board of Equalization Notice.
w m m w m j w mm a m m m
LiVei Feed and ale fables
C. P. Barnard, Prop.
Saddle Horses Single and
Double Rlgs at all hours
Transien 5oc Even
very best of care f
Rates always reasonable
Letter List.
Remaining uncalled for at the Rose
burg postoffice.
BI, Dhvo Hosher, S E
Uuiieott, Mrn Sallie IJewler, J B
DkmMou'I, J R Miller, Miss Alice
Davwidort, J)r O II Oiurn.T U
lloinlfiu, Dave Pickett, J R
HmjlieM, W B Rice, Harrey
lino, John A Thompson Miss E
Pemum calling for these letters will
plwtMJ dtato the date on which they are
ndvertified, Augusta, 1003.
The letters will he charged for at the
rntu of oiu cnt each.
Wjj. A:.'FrtATEn;4P. M
J. M. Weatherby
T. A. Bury
D. L. Martin
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
Farm and Timber Laud Bought and Sold
Taxes Paid for Nou-Resideuts. Timber
Estimates a Specialty. List your proper
ty with us.
Notice is hereby given that the Ikrnrd
of Equalization of Douglas county, 1
gon, will meet in the office of the county
clerk of said county, in the court house,
in the city nt Roseburg, Oregon, on Mon
day, August 31, 1003, atthOO o'clock a.
m., and will continue in st-ston until)
Saturday, September 5 at 5 :00 o'clock
). m., to puunciy examine tne assess
ment rolls, and correct all errors in val
uation, description or qualities of laul,
lots, or any projierty. Now, therefore,
all parties who may be nggrioved by
reason of valuation, description or other
wise as to their assessment; will take
notice of the meeting of said Board of
Equalization at the time and place as
above stated, and make their complaint
to said Board of Equalization. Other
wise their assessment will stand as
made by the assessor.
Gho. W. Stalky,
Assessor, Douclns County, Oregon.'
Dated August 3rd, 1003. 4wka
20 tiers oak atovewood, 30 tiers' grub
hlockwood. , D. S. K..Bulck 48tfi
liso E
A Kl I I I -
-I S A"-Tt AXI 5
Through Salt Lake City, Leadvillc, Pueblo, Colorado
Springs aud Denver, and the Famous Rocky
Mountain Scener' by daylight
Modern Equipment, Throuch Pullman aud Tourist Sleep
ing Cars and Superb Dining Car Service.
For rates, folders nud vSaer
formation, address
W. C. McBRIDO, Gen'l Agent,
la4 Third Street, Portland, Ore.