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Roseburg Piaindealer
Published MoudKjr and ThniMlays. ;
H.H. BROOKES, Editor.'
MARY K. BROOKES. Proprietor
Entered at the Post Office in Roseburg,
h Orb., as second class mail matter.
F Advertising Kates on Application.
JULY 30. 1903.
pDuring the past six months the
press in the northern .states has been
confronted by a problem hard to
. , . l ,
solve: and in the repeated Ivnchmgs
of the
"niggars" in Xew York, Indi-
ana, Illinois,
Colorado, Kansas and
other states, and.wherever
the black
borate has assailed white women, the
aame spirit of vengeance -has been
manifest in. the north that has been
condemned m the 'whites of the
southern states. In meeting out
speedy justice in a spirit of frenzy
for this the most .damnable of all
Crimes the white .man .be he republi
can or democrat saint or sinner
i actuated by the same passion.
There no environment to his passion
and desire for the speedy death of the
malefactor and latitude or longitude
does not form a Bpun'dry to stop " the
ferocity of a white man He-'maybe
learned in the law; may be an am
ljassador of Heaven, and " a man who
has schooled himself to such an ex
tent that his soul and bodv seem to
Be dead to passionate outbursts of -m-j
djgnation against the; creatures prac
Ing the "living horror". He may be
afphilosopher who seeks' cause in ef
fect and effect in
cause and from
distance can write about all the
emotions giving vent to action and
explain away and condone or condem'n13 that the "sweet fields beside
iut once let tne actual . norron oi a , u,e a" enuig nooas oi tne liiam
beastml black assaumy rontii ceauty, !ette, Umpqua and Rogue rivers and
umocence and the honor of our women'
be, thrust right under his nose and
the-man learned in the law pleads for
the law to take its course in a very
, apathetic manner, and thus allows the
spirit whose bodily sins have been
f "burned and plunged away" to appear
before a higher tribunal: the Ambas-
fsador finds that he is persona -non
fgrata, and takes a leave of absenpe;
the philosopher has a new idea to'
work out; and republican and demor
jcrat, saint and sinner aroused like a '
t ueeir xuuueu wi ner cuus uecome iora ir1"4" ui LUC nuuaic auu tuc juuuuu
Itime an unreasonable, indignant, re- J tiveness of the soil and the vast re
rveigeiul creature. Men who have 'turns received for labor bestowed;
"mever been there" can't tell the emo-tiffi-of-fage
and passion which takes
possession of the white man who "has
1 been there." The whole judiciary
JJS " iT TJ "l 3 CI.i . 1
ana army oi inp umieu ctaiesicaji
not prevent the Ivnching of ihe blacil
demons w-hi
The editoijfe j
1 white
he? newspapers
newspapers con
demning such lynchings are sincere
out theyknow rjothingx)f thej passion
df a white-clan whoiias seen , a yoring.
white pm it may be murdered by the.
Ihst ofablackvdemon. A. "motheV
who has never lost a child knows".
birthing of the sorrow or the empty
tffeelmir of the arms and heacc of a
Smother who has.
The writer lived in astate where
such affairs were of common occur-
jakce and has no more use for a nigr.
jmr guilty of such offenses" , than he'
ip for a Tattlesnake to be crushed
beneath the heeL y 't t, f
There is one point, however, wlfich
w e want to bring before our .readers.
fT 3 "us ''it' is'a-.mvstr'.' have
ti Ikfedi'with' rie'gfoes a"bo'ut i&ani' lb is:
t: le -blacker,! loweii and iiore i bBstial
indjgi'prntthe n'ggeithe great7
;i is his desire to commit.'thfi. crime,
? ;rhaps it is on a par with the Indian
v jnen of all time past and 'present,
v 10 have an innate desire to be 'Ihe
n ither of the Fair God or Messiah of
i r, race. But snch -sue'fstttutlon if
n nejstitution it be must' ' give place
fBL5Aglo-Saxon , thought, and action,
and that"thought and action "is"daily
being hardened and brutalized and
everj' burning, cutting, hacking, hang
ing only seems to increase the feroc
ity of the white men and.multjiply the
number of victims of the Mack.'
The end of all this '' cannot he in
sending the blacks to Africa, Cuba,
or "the Philippines the same as ex
Governor Geer advises for about 1500
of them are born every morning be
fore breakfast time. It will not end
in the blacks giving up their practice
for every year the crime increases.
Mil not .epd. becauW the iwhite
man will 'become satiated iwith- ven
geance lor his arm will never tire.
The only end will be a night a black
ness and extermination for the feel-
1 mg of hatred all through the South
i , ,
and wherever . the niggar .commits
crime is growing! deeper; and deeper
even' dav. The children who have
learned to hate with
natrea are tne parents oi tne gener -
ation tomorrow and in some way at
some place a fire will be started
will illuminate the heavens j and
black cloud of&inpke Will appeal!
world. This is no pipe dream for
the writer knows the subject in all of
its horrible details of negro lust and We need practical irrigation enter
white man s vengeance. It may be j prises and with such a system every
years before the fire is kindled it mav j acre of land under ditch would be
i oeioretne nre is Kinmed it may
nited before ajweekj has passed.
?r or later it will come lor
be ini'
fhatred a hatred that knowi not love
a vengeance that knows not mercy
is hourly, daily sweeping over the!
country at the pestilence of negro
abomination and the end -"will be
Where are the; Oregon J Indian .'tribes
The writer, when he first came to
Oregon, was led to .believe that the
pksian FieldjLwere located, west 1 of
Cascade' Range; biit; now he be-
their tributaries need the waters
to be stored up and used for irrigat
ing purposes just as much as the
waters in the drought stricken deserts
of Arizona or New Mexico.
Now we -are fully aware Ihat thou
sandi of farmers -are fully f persuaded
that the crops raised in Western Ore-
fgon are all that can be desired and
are very bountiful, and in comparison
with 'other parts of the country, we
are willing to admit that the citizens
f Western Oregon have cause to be
but we never saw a country "where
every prospect pleased" and just at
the proper moment the "latterjfain"
fails to materealize the same asj it
Pdoes in fOreconf With the natural
rainfall and Jffcfm three to twelve
inches-of water ,run n , ihe val ey
lands, and on the gradual f hill sloj es
for thatNmatter, the arable land ana"
also the hillsides could.
produce from (three to.
much as is now produced J
We have
seen the smalhgrain and corn
the hops and prunes, grass and alfa fa
and, in. every case, with millions oi
gallons bf water going to waste dai y,
crops suffer and fail to produce oi er
fifth amuchSis"they should produdel
jVewm take the.xhop crop alon
with, the climatic 'conditions and tn
oi .tne sou with tour jo;
. .. i
inches of exlra moisture there lii
ivoreasonflvhy that crop should no
gixe'hfjirout of one hundred dolla:
per acre. laKe tne wneat, oat an
banej crops.' ' mtn- 'tne -"sam
lamottn&'.6f' .water! dpplied. at thepcopje:
mheryieJll .cquld -edsTM-made K
Ucrerana,), nurejy .summer rodt;
ibulb and forage crops of all ki;
land "now lying' idle could" be made a,o
'produce "a net profit' of 'from 'thirty to
one hundred dollars per acre. "Whpt
J . ... ,
ii if
we neea is to gee a move on; ourseiTe:
and establish a thorough "system p:
irrigation dams andcanals and ta:
we'could not'onlyclaim that' Western
j Oregon was the Elesian Fields but '
that it is the Garden of the Gods and j
more beautifiul and productive than1
the New Garden of Eden which John I
, , f it. i i I
saw coming down from the clouds.
But beatic visions of golden clouds, ,
and palm trees and rivers of water '
create a desire and those old writers,
John and Paul and Isaiah and others
who wrote so entrancmgly, went into
a clairvoyant state and saw Western
Oregon as it will be when we have
either given place to new comers or
have adopted modern scientific meas
rues to produce three times as great
returns or new crops of all kinds.
What is needed is not visions but
realities; and with irrigation the
i farm lands would produce from f ortv
to sixty tons of mangel wurtzels, from
fifteen to forty tons of ruta-bagas or
turnips, from six to ten tons of cured
i sorghum hay, from four to eight tons
; oi auaua ana a score ot other crops
! to be turned into concentrated farm
products beef, pork, mutton, cheese,
butter and poultry, besides the present
crops which could be increased to
bring four or five times in quantity
and of a much more excellent quality-.
worth from, one hundred to three
I hundred dollars per acre.
i '
At Grand Rapids, Mich., last week a
funeral cortege had gone to the Cath
olicfcathedral and the casket contain
ing the corpse was deposited before
the altar and while the funeral cere
monies were going on a dispute oc
curred on the outside of the cathe-;
dral between the union men who drove
the hearse and acted as carriers of!
the dead and a number of non-union
men who drove the carriages of the
mourners and friends. A general
fight resulted and the union men
mopped up the earth with their non
union brethren, who abandoned their
vehicles and fled to a place of safety.
After the ceremonies were over at
the cathedral the union men would
not drive in the procession with the
scab drivers, and the burial services
were delayed until the friends of the
departed agreed to have only onion
men to drive the corpse and the!
mourners to the grave.
The following letter explains itself.
We have left out the name, address
and date for proving up, that is all.
The letter if any man doubts can be
seen at this office:
Roseburg, Ore., July 21, '03.
Referring to your Timber and Stone
application which is now being adver
tised for final proof before this office,
I have to advise you that it has been
found necessary to extend the time
of accepting said proof to the
day of , 1903. Your notice will,
however, be accepted as advertised.
,. , " , f '
This has been found necessan for ,
tne reason tnat a special Agent irom i
the General Land Office has been as
signed to this office to make a thor
ough investigation' ' into each case
wfiere said final proof is made. The
examination by the said Special
Agent is at such length that we find
it impossible to accept more, than
from two to three proofs, in one day.
The records in this office "show that
we have from five to ten proofs set
for each dav for the next four
mohtns. ' We are dplrfg this . for the
purpose of saving you the expense of
from ten to fifteen days delay in sub
mitting your prippf, as, is the, case
with a large number of persons who
are npw appearing at .this, office.
' indly acknowledgereceip,t of this
letter without delay. 1 1 ' ' .
They Never Strike.
Fw persons realize how absolutely
'Pendent w the whole machinery of
commerco on the single industry ot
farmin(, Tho fannur in fact, the
,)rimo producer of health. Without
him the wheels of civilization would
con,e 10 a" abrupt standstill, and the
world be plunged into bankruptcy.
thi3 fact. Tiecoal hmiam ttriko and
i,o nriro of nn. and there is a
bue clamor ami some suffering. But
the grec: mechanism contin ues to move
somehow, until the trouble is adjusted,
liailrcad employes and factory operatives
strike in vast numbers; walkouts anil
lockouts paralyze one industry after
another. Still the world moves on.
What would happen if tho farmers
should strike?
The question has been asked before,
but it comes witli peculiar pertinence at
this time of widespread labor trouble.
The possibility of such an event is in
deed very remote, and it .would Ins a
calamity un-i-rHal'le. Yet the question
re a gu. pur,-,. , i.reH vm- ,
pnasizing me lunuanieiuai importance
ot the (armer in tnu world d economv.
and second, in illustrating the truly
' cr""al wastefuIneaabotU of etrike nul
I lockouts.
The executors of the eitate of the 1 Uf
Henry W. Corbett, of Portland have
tiled with the probate courtan apprai
sement of f 2,021, 53S.S5.
Two vai.u;ville performed in PortUnd
obtained : divoice for advertitin;: pui
poses and at the end of a few days were
re-marri-d for mlvertisins purpose-.
The:v ar tricks in all tnules
Fullerton -
Registered Druggists
Violet Toilet Water.
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
Fullerton - Richardson
Phone 451. ROSEBURG, ORE. Near Depot.
Getting Together.
A dispatch fror Dearer of the vester-1
,c,1;,.o. ti.- u,x'
the People's partv, each with a national
organiiation, will pe amalgamated into
one party by action to be taken this af
ternoon or tomorrow at the national con
ference of the People's party and Al
lied Reform party, now in sessiou in this
city. The committes on resolutions and
addresses will today report a proclama
tion that will call on the several factions
of the Populist party to unite. It will
alsocontain the declaration of principles
A committee made up of theothcers of
the conference is also preparing a list of
names composed of oneperKtn f roe each
" " lu 8 i'' com-
rameeraca. niese names Will De an-
Ilounced immediately after the' adoption
of the report ol the committee on resoln
At an Alaskan Salmon cannery the
Chinese help swear that All Quong com
mitted suicide by chopping his legs and
arms from his body and finally the head
from the trunk. And these innocent
elestialg .expect ,the Americans to, be
lieve their story.' ' , t
Wldo is the Path.
At Independence, warrants for the
arrest of Rev. G. Howard Otiborile are
in tne Hands of the authorities'. Oi
borue.a Methodist minister, well kuon-n
in Portland, ns well -as in other places is
now touring the coast holding religious
meetings and illustrated lectures and
recitals, Slnpe-l!(s departure from In
dependence it has been 'discovered that
Osborne was not what he professed.
According to thecharges nindo public
ho mortgaged hislfaijm ijnd then? sold It
asjfree ,from indbbiledness. felt jiaial'so
said ,that-he raisod Jtindjf byj olher
means not entirelyhono7nSie. v
It is said that a nephew of acting Popo
Qreglia is a hash chooper at the Victoria
Hotel, on Geary Street, Sin Francisco.
Another nc;;ro outrager in Indiana
has started a mob after him and lie will
be burned if caught.
Tho Bulgarian government has bet-n
informed that Great Britian will conf-ent
to the establishment of a Bulgarian di
plomatic agency in London. The newa
has been received with much katisfsc'
ion there, it being hoped that the new
agency may enlist British sympathy for
tlie Bulgarian caute.
By order of the chief prosecutor of the
Holy Synod, the bishop of Ki'himf
his instructed the clergy of
his diocese to exert their influence on
the members of the orthodox church by
sermons in the churches and p rsonal
abmouition to allay the anti-Semitic
relfgioue hatred.
A contract has boen closed by which
the Southern Pacific Railroad Company
will take tho entire output, averaginj
20,000 tons n mouth, of the Carbon Hi.l
coal mines in Pierce County, tributary
to Tacoma. Ilithurto portion of the
to steamship
Preliminary t tlf impending con
solidation of the hind departments of
the Out ml Pacitk ud Hithern Pacific
Railtoads, which event i follow the
apptoacliing retirement , J -rorae Mad
der, now law! a pent ,f ii Southern
P. cidc, Pntkljnt IIarriia . has ordeml
the withdrawal frvm mnlM Central
PacWc timber l..nd iti o.vgoo ard
Washington ami all Southern Pac.fic oil
land:- in California.
For Good Clean Base Bal.'.
'Well, the Euseiie lio)- nv l win
the pennant but they will hr thv tat-
Accurate Perscriptions
Violet Talcum Powder
La France Rose Soap
isfaction of kuoauig that tner are the
Ul'at next year the league wxll be con-
! tinuml ami Ihnf tlu f..
tinuvvi uu uiai ui" iacors ma; nave
marred the jvleaiure of sood, clean sport
may be completely eliminated and that
the best teams available may enter the
contest from all of the valley towns."
Eugene Register. Amen arid Amen.
An excellent likeness of Sam .Moms,
the full blood Indian pitcher of the
Salem Raglans, appeared in last night's
Telegram. Portland bawball men are
very much p!eaed with the s-howinz
Morris has made this season and he will
be given a try-out in the near fnture cn
the Portland Rrovrns. Should he make
n good shmvinu' he will be engaged for
the balance oi the- season. If not he
will play with the Seattle Nationiils.
Mrs. Floyd Woodruff and twp children
nre visiting relatives in Paklaml.
The Roseburg Chamber of Com
merce has now an opportunity to con
vince George Gould, that the Xorth
Umpqua river route is the best and
lowest elevation route to cross the
vcaue mountains and to make a
trans-continental route from the At
lantic to the Pacific through Rose
burg. He has 14 surveying jmrties
in the field to find a suitable crossing
over the mountains west of Salt Like
City. .. , t
j, WanUd.
20 tiers oak stovewood, 30 tiora gruh
bl&ckwood. ... I), s. k- m.tfil- astf.