The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, July 27, 1903, Image 7

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Roseburjj People Will
an Ideal Recreation
Find This
Many Koseburg people have decided
to spend their vacation at Popular North
Beach, at the mouth of the Columbia.
Leaving Portland (daily except Sunday
and Monday) on the O. K. & N. Co.'s
palatial Steamer T. J. Potter queen of
river boats five hours are consumed in
making the trip to Astoria, the scenery
including all that is beautiful, and
through the great salmon fishing waters
of the Lower Columbia. After a short
stop at Astoria, the steau - is off for
Ilwaco, on Baker's Bay, where the pas
sengers board the train waiting and are
soon off for North Beach, the popular
summer resort of the North Pacific coast.
During the tiip from Ilwaco the first
good view of the Pacific is secured, the
train running along the ridge of the
beach within two hundred yards of the
breakers. The beach is twenty-seven
miles long, two hundred yards wide at
low tide, and so hard that
wheels scarcely leave a mark. It is an
Work of the United States Geological
Survey in ths Petroleum Fields
of California.
The United States Geological Survey,
within the last eighteen months, has
been making a preliminary examination
of the productive oil fields of California,
with a view, first, to acquiring a know
ledge of the general conditions of oc
curence of petroleum in the State; and,
second, to applying the law- that may
be deduced from such iec rein's to other
portions of the Coast Uange. The Dir
ector of the Survey has lone recognized
the paucity of knowledge relating to
Coast Range geology, and in view of the
fact that several of the formations of this
region are oil-bearing he is now direct
ing especial efforts to unraveling the in-:
tricate problems with which mininc en
gineers, oil men, and others have to do
in the prosecution of tlieir professional
I and industrial work. A considerable
j number of topographic maps, covering
, the agricultural regions of' southern
i California, have already been published
1 these with special reference to the
water supply. Lattorlv other sheets of
carnage ,, c:11,:i,ot1 i,... -
I iwiMi "amiv, oui wturmg mure pur
' ttniilnrK- tho nil
. um, -!and ,)rosptctive have prc,,ared
4 and are cow n tho hnn.U nf
Tl. ii l . v..
excellent noieis , graver. Eveatuall . it ig
r , , ; tQ ie cntire area q Coast
at prices rancinc from i .i. i. v. . ,
as rapidly as the resources of the Survev
and hoatdiug
one dollar to three dollars per day
The round trip rate from Portland to , nomit
7, J'.:'. r -'nlS i Kently a member of the Survev has
ti.uu, tuuu uuui vrioocr loin. ja tat- : m.,,i i- -
, - , , . . ! made an extended prehmmarv examm
. - ubu, ,uUUu ; atjon 0 the more pr0(h,ctjvtf
... and the ternt adjac(.Rt
the following Sundav evenine,
Meeting of Prune Association.
o-l fiekls
aii'i ?t is tlie
I intention to make public thit .liforma
, uon in a report to be isued iu Uio lat
1 ter part of this year. It U t?.c Director's
i desire, in the preparuti'v f this report,
; that it snail contain 5 facts us will
At the annual stockholders meeting of ; be of especial servitt i; interested
the Willamette Valley Prune Association in the develo;u...ji! The
at Salemheld on the 11th inst, a suggest-; subject matter of u.e rej.. I w :il there
ion was made by vis.anc ; une growers fore embrace such maps of tlie Survey
from Clarke county. Wash., that a as are available, others more on the
meeting of representatives of the various , order of land surveys, which will serve
association and all growers interested i temporary purpose, sections of the
to be held at Salem at an early date to formation and structural featured en
consider prices for this seasons product, j countered, and the test decriptive there
The Association believing the sugges-1 of.
tion to be in the interest of the growers
and for the good of the industry at large
has called such a meeting for Saturday,
July 25th, to be held at the office of the
Association in Salem at 1 :30 p. m.
A large and lepresentative attendance
is greatly desired as the occasion is ex
tremely important.
Willamette Vallet Association.
Teachers Examination.
Noticeis herebygiven that the county
superintendent of Douglas county will
hold the regular examination of appli
cants for state and county papers at the
Court House in Koseburg, as follows:
Commencing ednesday, August 12,
at nine o'clock A. M., and continuing un
til Saturday, August 15, at four o'clock
Wednesday Penmanship, history,
spelling, algebra, reading, school law.
Thursday ntten arithmetic, the
ory of teaching, grammar, book-keeping
physics, civil government.
Friday Physology, geography, men
tal arithmetic, composition, physical,
Saturday Bo tony, plane geometry,
general history, English literature,
fob con.vrr papers.
Commencing Wednesday, August 12,
at nine o clock A. M., and continuing
until Friday August 14, at four o'clock
P. 31.
1st 2xd and 3rd grade certificates.
Wednesday Penmanship, history or
thography, reading.
Friday Geography, mental arithme
tic, school law, civil government.
ednesday Penmanship, orthogra-
!1 i
y, reaaing, anuimeuc.
Thursday Art of questioning (theory
of teaching, methods,) physiology.
F. B. H AMILI.V, Co. Supt.
20 tiers oak stovewood, 30 tiers grub
blockwood. D. S. K. Buick 48tf.
Cattle tor Sale.
Seven good cows and
inquire at this office.
seven calves,
County Treasurer's Notice,
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holding county warrants endorsed prior
to and including, Jan. 19th, 1901, aie re
quested to present the same at the coun
ty treasurer's office for payment as in
terest will cease thereon after the date
of this notice.
Dated Koseburg, Douglas County Ore-
It mar be mentioned in passing that
the Coast Range of California from a
geological standpoint is as little known
as many of the more inaccessible por
tions of the United States. Since tin
surveys of Whitney little attention hat
been given to this important mountai:
system, the sierras, nchly productive
in gold and silver, having absorbed the
principal efforts of the geologists, State
as well as Governmental. In the pro
secution ot tne surveys in the coas
ranges the work has to be underteken
from the beginning, and many general
problems ot geology must be worked out
oeiore satisfactory conclusions mav be
drawn with regard to economical
problems. As nearly as possible, how
ever, these investigations will go hand in
I 1 t . . .
uaau, mr no one more luiiy recognizes
the necessity for study of the mineral
wealth of our country than the Director.
Iu accordance with oui established custom we are
uow offering some very attractive bargains iu Summer
Merchandise such as Shirt Waists, Wash Skirts, Sum
mer Dress Goods, Ladies' and Children's Hats, etc.
In marking these goods down we have not allowed
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them for. We do not wish to carry these over to next
year hence this great reduction.
We ask you to iuspect these lines and get our
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We carry a complete stock of Dry Goods, Clothing
Shoes, Hats, Caps, Groceries etc.
7 2 1
The Only General Merchandise Store
the City
f ?znjBI'1MlllM,wWIIBIMMWimiMK
JMiLTT.Wm III! HII ji., . n I,, I lrWM
How's This.
e otter One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Chexev & C, Toledo, 0.
e, the undersigned, have known F.
J. Cheney lor the last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in ail
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligations made
by their firm
West & Trcai, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
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sale Druggists, Toledo, O.
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ly, acting directly upon the blood and
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foot of
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V. R. Buckingham,
Successor to W. L. Cobb, Mrs. (Boyu's old stand
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Timber and Homestead Locator)
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Baths in Connection.
Located on Southern Pacific Railroad
in Douglas County Oregon
The Waters CURE ninty Per cent of cases of Constipation. Rheumatism
Catarrh. Stomach, Kidney and Liver Tnwbles.
Post-office, Express and Public Telephone on the premises. From $10 per week
up, including baths. Trains atop in front of Hotel.
One Gallon of these Waters Contains
Potassium Chloride
Potassium Bromide
Potassium Iodido -
516.00 gr
.6" gr
- .63 gr
211.00 gr
Magnesium Chloride .10 gr
Calcium Chloride - - 1436.00 gr
Calcium Carbonates - ,
eon, June low, isnw.
Sodium Chlorido
Geo. Dimmice,
J Shop on. Jackson St. J
.County, Treasurer.
CAP. BEN D. BOSWELL, Proprietor.
"crxsrc vsc-fefcX1 2Ci"