The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, July 27, 1903, Image 6

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    Just arrived from the factory a car
oad of i '10 ci'Vbrated Pago fence, which
i( cheajKT than a board fence and will
last a life-time and is put up to your
satisfaction without extra cost. It is
used and endorsed by the leading men
of this county. For circulars and prices
ddress Stearns & Chenoweth, Oakland,
Ore , or S. B. Crouch, Oakland, Ore. ly
Painting and Paper Hanging.
John Miller, of Hagerstnwn, Washing
ton County, Maryland, nas located in
Roseburg, and he is a thorough master
of his art and prepared to do all kinds
of painting, paperhanging, graining, and
decorative painting in the highest style
as practiced by first class workmen on
the Atlantic Coast. If you want the
very latest artisticwork he will be pleas
ed to gire for low prices and first class
work. Call on him at 517 Mosier street
or drop a letter through the post office
and he will quickly respond. lS-tf
Reduced Summer Excursion Rates
The Denver and Rio Grande, popular
ly known as the "Scenic Line of the
World" has announced greatly reduced
round-trip rates from the Pacific Coast
points for the benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation in the East,
and of delegates to all the promtnen
Conventions N. E. A., at Boston; A
O.U. W., at St. Paul; B. P. O. E, at
Baltimore; Woodmen of America at
Indianapolis; Eagle , at New York;
Mystic Shrine, at Saratoga Springs;
J. of P., at Louisville, and T. P. A., at
Tickets at the reduced rates will be
based upon one fare for the round trip,
but will be sold only on certain days.
These tickets will carry stop-over
privileges on the going trip, giving
passengers an opportunity to visit Salt
Lake City, Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Springs and Denver; and will be good
to return any time within ninety (90)
days. Passengers going via the Denver
and Rio Grande are mven theiprivilege
of returning via a different route.
For the rate to the point you wish to
go, and for dates of sale and other par
ticulars, as well as for illustrated pam
phlets, write
W. C. McBkids, General Agent
124, Third St., Portland.
Horse For Sale.
I have a good work horse 7 years old
for sale cheap. Inquire of F. F. Ball,
Deer Creek Dam, near Roseburg. tf.
City Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holding city warrants 'endorsed prior to
Nov. 7, 1901, are requested to present
' the same to the city treasurer for pay
ment, as interest will cease hereon after
the date of this notice.
Dated hoseburg, Oregon, July S1903.
H. C. Sloccm, Jr.
City Treasurer.
For Sale.
5 Acres, good cottage and black smith
shop, good location, will sell or rent.
For particulars. Address P. 0. Box 450,
Roseburg Oregon. 51-1 mo.
Fullerton & Richardson, Druggists, on
Cas3 Etreet near the Depot.
See the Title Guarantee & Loan Co.
for blue printi and filing papers, tf
For Trade Small farms in Southern
Indiana to trade for Oregon property.
H. L. Ball. 33tf.
Get your abstracts ot title from J. D
Bamilton. He has the only complete
set of abstract books in the county, tf
For the best mower knife and too
grinder, two emery wheels f4.50. Stearns
& Chenoweth, Oakland, Oregon. 45-t
If you want to go to Coos County
points, take the Roseburg, Marshfield
route. Spring hacks leave Roseburg
every day at 6, A. M. Inquire of C. P.
Barnard, agent. 102-tf.
D. S. T. West, having accepted several
old and reliable ;fire insurance compa'
nies, is now prepared to do a general
fire inEuwnce business. Insure with
him. Office at the City Hall. 102-tf.
Call on Drs. Cheadle & Johnson for
up-to-date dental work. Dr. Johnson,
late of Portland, will have charge of the
crown and bridge work department
Prices reasonable. 9-tf.
Stearns and Cbenowith, of Oakland,
have received car of Rushford Iron Clad
wagons, car of hack and buggies, car of
Page woven wire fence, car ofMcCor-
mick binders and mowers, car of good
cedar shingles, car of nails, car of best
blacksmith coal, all for sale at the low
est prices, with the best garden plow
$4.00; 5 tooth cultivators, $3.50; tents
and wagon covers, full line steel ranges,
boys' steel wagons; 1900 waBher; lin
seed oil 60centa a gallon ; beBt mixed
paint $1.17 a gallon; WindowB and
Piano Buyers.
You will uotico that we do not have
to be continually striking out for a now
make of Pianos. The Needham has been
our leader for 14 years and is today a
leader among the high grade pianos of
the world. Some cheap pianos are mado
high grade simply by getting a boost in ,
the Oregonien or some other leading j
paper, througn tuose big dealers who
think they can, and do make the major
ity of people believe it simply becauso
they say so. It doesn't take ink, boost
or nign commissions to maKo a gooa
piano, but instead the very best
mechanics, and the very best material
such as are always used in Needham
pianos. 29-tf
Roseburg and Cottage Grove, Oregon.
Professional Cards.
Ph.. ( Residence 851, Residence,
i-none joDcell63 West Roseburg
Office : Room 11 Taylor & Wilso- Block
Examination Free. Office hours 9 to 12 a. m.
2 to 5 p. m. Graduate Still College of Osteopathy
Court House
Down Stain.
Physician, Surgeon.
Office over P. O. Robebcbo,
'Phone Main 591. Oregon.
Physcian & Surgeon.
Office Review Bid.
rnone. .Main u
Ro8Ebcbo Oregon
Special attention given to Diseases of the Nos
and Throat.
OfficeMain St.. one door south of City Hall
Phone. Main S41.
Review Building.
Telephone No. 4.
Attorney at Law,
Rooms li I. Mamera Bldg., KOSEBOKG. OR
V-Baslnesa before the D S Land Office and
mining caaea a specialty.
Late Receiver D. 3. Land O.fice
Oregon. 1
Business before D.S. Land Officeand Probate )
ousiness a specially. ;
Office Abraham Building.
Will practice In all the State and Federal Courts
Office in Marka'Bldx Roseburg. uregon.
omi 1 and 2
Tiew Building.
' A. BUCHANAN, Notary Public.
Collections, a Specialty.
Marsters Building.
py j. robinett,
Attorney at Law.
Room 11,
Taylor A Wilson Block
Rosebcro. Orb 4
Land Surveyor.
Office, Room 6. Taylor Wilson Block.
H. Little,
City and Mining Propert, Home
steads and Timber Claims Located,
the best now vastmt. No fees paid
until Filing accepted. Relinquish
ments bought and sold. ; : :
Stewart Land Co.,
Room 4 Taylor & Wilson Block
Society Meetings.
F. & A. M. Laurel Lodge No. 13.
Holds regular meetings on eocona
and f nrth Wednwdavs of each
month. E. J. Stroud, W. M.
N.T.JKWkTr, Kecrotary.
AO. U. W. Roseburg Lodxe No. la.
Meets the eecoDd and fourth Mon
i days of each month ot 7:80 p. m.,
in the I. O. O. F. HbII. Members in
good Rtandine are invited to attend.
F.M.Tozikk M. W.
E. II. Lenox Recorder.
D. .8 Wkht, Financier.
P. O. ELKS. Roseburg Lodge No.
326. Holds regular comtnnnict
tions at I. O. O. F. Hall on second
and fourth Thursdays of each month.
All members requested to attend resu
larlv and all visiting brothers are cordi
ally invited to attend.
F. B. Waite, E. R.
Ror McClallfn, Secretary.
N. G., meets at Armory Hall every
Thursday evenine, at 8 o'clock.
F. B. Hamlin, Capt.
EGREE OF HONOR. Mystic Lodtte i) seta 2nd and 4th lhure
day evenihcs of each month in Na
tive Sons' Hall. Visiting members cor
dially tatvted to attend.
Mrs. Merit West, C. of H.
. H. Lennox, Rec.
fOF A. Court Donirtaa No. 32, For-1
eaters of America. Meets every (
Tuesday evening in Native Sons'
Hall. ViaitinKbrotheroal wars welcome.
S. W.VanZile C. R.
E. H. Lenox, R. 8. !
E. V. Hoover, Phvsician.
O. O. F. Philetarian Lodge No. 8.
Meets in Odd Fellows' Temple, cor
ner Jackson and Caes streets, on
I Saturday evening of each wek Mem
bers ol the order in good etandinc are
Invited to attend.
U. B. Gillette, N. G.
N.T. Jkwett, Secretary.
of P. Alpha Lodge No. 47. Meem
every Wednesday, in I. O. O. F
Hall t 7:30 p. "m. Members in
; good si anding are invited to Attend.
, Geo. E. Houck.
I S.V. RampK . R. 8.
O.T. M. Protection Tent No. 15.
Holds its regular Reviews the
first and third Fridav of each
month in the I. O. O. nail. Visiting
memoers in gooi gianuing are mviiea to
attend. Geo. W. Pehry, Com.
E. E. Blodgett, Record Keeper.
ilLAC CIRCLE. No. 49, Women of
Woodcraft. Meets on 2nd and 4th
, t v. coui uiuuiu uic um Der tanns in toe etaies ot vauiomia, uregon
' live Sons, Hall. Visiting members in Nevada. and Washington Territory." as extend
I (rood etandintr are invited to attend. '. V1,11 lht Pul,1Ie ttU by act of August
Madge Bcchanan, Guardian
! Minnie Otkv, Secy.
O. T. M. Roeebnru Hive No. 11.
Holds its regular reviews upon the
second and fourth Fridav eve.
t of each month in the Native Son' Hall.
ietera of other Hivets visitice in the citv
r cordially invited to Bttend our re-
Jessie Rapp.R. K.
E. S. Roebure Chapter No. 8
Holds their reeular meeting ou the
first and third Tbnredavs in each
nonth. Visiting members in good
itanding are respectfully invited to at
tend. Mrs. Nannie S is agce W. M.,
Macde Raw Secretary.
TKBEKAHS. Roseburg Rebekah
ll Lodce No. 41. l.O. O. F., meets in
t Odd Feilowe' Temple every Tuesday
evenine. Msiting sisters and brethren
invited to attend.
Della Beown, N. G.
Cora Wimbeslt. R. S.
IJsemblvNo. 105 tneete even- Satur -
i w day evenine, at 8 o dock in Native
Sons Hall. isitmg Artisans cordially
invited to attend.
Rev. S A. Douglas, M. A.
1 Miss. Lela Brown, Secretary.
ine neighbors alwavs welcome.
N. T. Jewett, C. 0.
J. A. BrcnANAN. Clerk.
Odd Fellow's Temple. Meets first
and third Thursday evenings each
month. Visitors cordially invited.
I J. B. Hamilton, C. P.
I J. C. TwrrcnELL. Scribe.
Smith' Dandruff Pomade
Stops itching scalp upon one applica
j tion, three to six removes all dandruff
and will stop falling hair. Price 50c.
For sale by Marsters Drug Co. mltf
j One black horse with star on forehead,
two back feet white, will weigh about
j 1,200 pounds. Strayed from my pasture
about two weeks ago. A. r rale v. Utt.
For Sale.
Small saw mill and timber. For
particulars address.
Livingston Bros,
CAprl) Peel, Ore.
Clock for Sale.
A good, up-to-date, shelf clock that
originally cost $8i a a bargain. New
timepiece in good running condition,
gong strike alarm attachment. Inquire
F. W., this office. tf
Sheriff"" Notice ot Sale ot Lands heretofore
sold to Douglas County gr.Taxc
lly virtue ol a sututo enacted by the Leglsla
tlvo Akscmnlrol the .State ot Oregon, lor the
yearlWl.I shall as Sheriff of Dongas county,
Oregon, ofli-r for sale and tell all lands to
which said Douglas County, has acquired title
during tim preceding y, ar by virtue ot tax
sales, all of said property shall be told a real
property Is sold uin execution to the highest
Didder lor cash lu luud at the Court h-ue
front door, at Rocburg, Douglas County, Ore-
' gon, t one o clock; p m., ou
I SATURDAY, the ISthday of August, 1503,
the following deicrlbed land), to-vlt:
I i3WJ4 of NVi, lot 4, ice 'J, tp. S3 r 7 w. 65
I acres.
, 8EU sec 6, tp 23 r ft w., 100 aerej.
Lots a, o, stj-ioi H, sec. t tp .a r t w..
135 acres
NW4 of NE)4. sec, 21 tp SI r5 w.. 40 acres.
S'!;, sec. 2 tp 21 r 4 w. 160 acres.
Lots 2,3. 6. It sec. 33 tp 22 r 11 w.. ISO acres.
SE i of XKI4 sec. 7 tp 73 r 5 w , 40 acres
SWWofSWX, sec. 2 p 23 r.'Jw.S of
NEV,. NEVJ of BV.i, sec. 12 tp 2J r 9 w KO acres
BEVj of SEJf. sec. 16 tp 22 r 4 w 40 acres.
W4 of SE1 i, sec 36 tp 29 r 5 v., K) acres.
EH of NEW. NW ; of Nt. Nfci of NWJf.
sec. i ip.i ro w , iuu acres.
NWU of SW(f , sec. tp 29 r 5 w.. 40 acres.
I NWJiof NE5i.sec.3fitpi2r Cw.,40 acres.
W' of NWJt, less 20 acres sold Ucrry. sec. S3
I tp 2s r & w., CO acres.
SW';of NE.SEJiof NWJf.scc 3fi tp 32 r 6
I w . 60 acres.
! NS of .NEJX of NEK. sec. 33 tp 32 r 7 w.. 20
' acres
SWJ; sec. 6 tp 29 r 5 w., 1C0 acres.
, N W of ftWt. . sec 33 tp 21 r 5 w.. 40 acres.
I SWJi of HWJi, sec. i tp 27 r 7w., 4J acres,
i NHof SW.sec. 11 tp 21 r6 w .M acres
I 1-0U2.7, 10, 11. sec-10 tp 22 r 12 w., 161 acres.
. Lots 3 and 4 Block 2, lots 3, 4 and 5 block 3,
i Terrace Fark Adrtitlm to the City of Roseburg.
I Gardiners Addition to Lots 1, 2 and 3 Drain,
Lot 4 block S East Drain.
Dated at Roseburg, Oregon, July 13, 1903.
I Sheriffot Douglas County, Oregon.
Administrator's Notice.
I Notice is hereby given, that the undersigned
' was on the 23d day ot Aptll. 1903, by the
County Court of Douglas couuty. Oreron, duly
j appointed Administrator of the etat of James
' O. P Mills, deceased. All persons having
' claims against the said estate will present the
i same to me at my office In Koscburg, Oresim,
j duly verified, within six months from the date
of this notice.
j Dated this ICth day of June, A. D-, 19B.
I Administrator ot the Estate of James O. P.
i Mills, deceased
' First publication June 21, 1902
j Administrator's Notice.
Xotice is hereby given that the undersigned
has been by the ounty Court of Douglas Coun
ty. state o! Oregon, duly appointed administra
tor ot the estate of Clark Richards. deceasMl
All persons having claims against ld estate,
are hereby i.otlfled to present the saire. dalr
, verified, to John Hamlin, at Roseburg. Douglas
county, Oregon, within six months from the
date of this notice.
Dated at Roseburg, Oregon. thl 17th day of
'Juni.1901 E E. Ricsr ara.
1 Administrator of the estate ol Claik Kicha-ds
1 ai.
June lS-w
Notice for Publication.
United Sute Land OBire.
Roseburg. Oregon, March 24, 190?.
Notice is herety given mat is coapliasca
ith the nrovlsir ns o' tie act ot Cosrmi of
JnneS. K enutled "An att fcr the sale of
.of Lebanon, county of Linn, state ol Oregon,
has this dav filed in this office her sworn state
ment o 47W-. lor the purchase of the ot
?Wiaad the W',of thcoEof Stc35.TpR
R 1 W .and will offer proof to show that the
land sought is more valuable for tU timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes and to
establish her claim to said land before the Reg
ister and ruiveroI this office at Xwtburg Or.
Friday the 31t day ot July, l&B. he names as
witnesses: C I Leavengwi. of 1 Jits. Oregon
Lloyd Marauam, of Tiller, Oregon. A S Coats,
and B WUley, of Aberdeen. Wash.
Any and al: penorts claiming adversely the
above descrlroi lands are requaiUl to file their
claims in this o21ce on or before said Hit day
of Jolv. 1MJ. J T BRIDGES.
May4pJ!ylJ ReOter
Notice for Publication.
United States Land OSce
Roebnrg. Oreron. June 12, IMS.
Notice is hereby given that In complianea
with the provisions of the act ot Congress of
JuneS.1ST.,enUtled"An act for the sale of
Umber lands In the States of California. Oregon
Nevada .and Washla gton Territory," as extend
ed to all the public land states by act of August
ot Glide, county o! Douglas. Male of Oregon,
lias this cat filed In this office his sworn state
ment. No 5330, tor the purchase of the Jots J
and 4, SWJ4 NWV;. Stt SXi. ot seclMn
4. In townsnlp 2? south, of range 1 west,
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
, Y
claim before the Register
is more vaiuaoie jor iu umDcr or stone t&sn
and to establish his
egister and Receiver of this
office ot Rose burg, Oregon,
on Tuesday the Jl day of September, 1908.
lie names as witnesses: H. L. Engles. John
OarJner. John (ireenman. and R. J.Watson,
all of I'eel, Oregon.
Any and all nersons claiming adversely the
above-descriDed lands are tcquested to fi e their
Notice for Publication
Cnltcd Slate Land Office.
! Rocburg. Oregon. June 22, 1
, NoUce is hereby given that In complianea
with the provisions of the act ot Congress ol
I June J.iS.enUtled "An act for the sala of
Urn tier lands in the States of California, Oregon
. Nevada .and W a shine to a Territory," as extend
ed to all tha public land states by act of August
i 4.1BS2.
ofOhkosh. county ol Winnebago, State o
Wi;.,has this day tiled In thisIofSce his sworn
, statement No. 5Ao for ti e purchase ol the
EV, SE4. SE'4. SEt. SWJ ol sec-
' uon 4 In Township s .South, Ranc 4 West,
i and will of ler proof toshowthatthelandsongbt
; Is more valuable for ita timber or stone than
tor agncuituraj purposes, and to establish his
j clalm l'ons "e Register and Receiver of this
omco ot Kosoburg. Oregon.
. or Monday, the aih day ol September IJCt
i Ho names as witnevea: Roy Brennaud.
1 Fran!: F. Koplitz, Martin Rasmussen, and
I Herman Harubclm, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin.
Anjnnu an persons claiming adversely the
above describe! 'and are requested to tile their
uiaims in una ouice on or oeiore saiu am day of
September, 1W3. JTBRIIHJEi".
JtilrlCp. Register.
In County Court ot Douglas county, Slate ol
In the matter ol estate )
ol I
Martha Woodruff deceased)
Notice la hereby given that the undersigned
has been by tho County Court ol Douglas Coun
ty, Oregon, appointed executors of the estate ol
Martha WoodrafT deceased. Whereon all per
sons Indebted to the said estato aro hereby
notified to make Immediate payment to the
undersigned at their residence In Colet Valley
precinct, Douglas county, Oregon, and all per.
sons having claims against the said estate will
presentssme verified aa by law required with
In six months from date of this notice.
Datel Koieburg, Oregon, Fet. 14th, 190X
... , R. A. Woonacrr,
asP- .T.WooDDrr!
Notice for Publication.
Unite 1 Mates Land Office.
E0ebuig, Oregon, March 24, 1J03.
Notice is hereby given that In complianea
with the prorlilons of tte act of Congress of
June 3, IKd, entitled "An art fi.r the isle of
Umber lands fn the States of California. Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory." asextend
od to all iho public land states by act of Aurun
4, inn.
of Dallas county of lollc. sute ol Oregon,
has this dav filed In this osHco her sworn state
ment No 47W, for Iho purchase of EJ, of
and the b'A of the NEK ot sectl'ti township
So south, range 2 west, and will offer proof to
show that the land sought Is mo-e valuable for
Its timber or stono than for agricultural pur-
Kjswi. and to establish herfdaln. to said Una
jfnretne Reglsterand Receiver of this oalca
at Roseburg. Ore. on Kriday, the 31st day of
July. 1KH. She nanus as witnssst-s: o
Lcavensoud. of Hlddle. Oregon, Lloyd Mar
ouam, of Tlller.Oregnn. William Summers, ot
lllddles.urrgon, Bessie Miller, Lebanon. Ore.
i any and all persona claiming aniciteii
above described lands are requested to nle
I thelrclalmi inthtsofflceou or before sld3Ut
dav of July. 1908. J.T UKtrKiES.
! May4pJlyU KegUter.
Notice for Publication.
United Htatc Land Office,
Roseburg, Oregon, June 18, 1901.
Notice is hereby given that In compHtnca
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
Junes, S7S, entitled "An act for the sala of
timber lands In the States of California. Oregon Washington Territory ."as axiend
ed to all :L public land states by act of Aogrut
4, lWi.
ofllovebr.-j: untr ft Douglas. Bute of Ore
gon, bas-t.-- Iv ti,.-d In this Office his sworn
statement o. ;", for the purchase of the
NEtoft ctlonMownhlp2Sd. range 4 west
and will offer proof to show that tho land songht
Is more valuable for ita timber or stone thaa
for agricultural purposes, and to establish Ma
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
yfflfe of Rosa burg, Oregoo.
on Friday the 2Mn day of September, 1903. lie
nanus as witnesses: George Keed. H. L.
ctudley Margaret J. Brookes, D. P. Fisher, all
of Roseburg, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested 10 rile their
claims lu this offlce on or before the 25lh day ol"
September. 1903.
JulyUp Kegltta
Notice for Publication.
Cntted Sutes Land Office,
Rnsebure, Oregon, June 22, t9in.
Notlos u hereby given that In complianea
with the provisions of It act of Congress of
JnneS. 1ST. enUtled "An act for the sale ol
timber laada in the Stales of California, Oreron
Nev ad a .and Was hln rua Terrt to ry." as e xt no
ed to all tha public land states by act of Aorta
of Osbkoth, R. D. Box 147. county of Winne
bago, rtateof Wisconsin, has this day Sled in
this office her sworn statement No. SXT. for
the purchase of the s-U NW, fiWJt NEJ.
SWy SE!, of Sec 2, Tp 3S 6, k 4 V, and wtU
oSer proof to show that the land sonant is mora
valuable for lu Umber or stone than for agri
cultural purpose, and to establish her ciaim U
said land tfore the Register and Receiver of
this o31e at Roseburg. Oregon,
nn Monday the Ath day jot September. 1901.
She names as witnesses: C. D Clark, Martin
Rasmusien. ileman llartxhelm. and Roy
Brennand.of Oshkosh. Wt.consln.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to nle thir
claims in this oSW on or before Mid th day
ofSeptrmber. ISOS. J.T. BRIDGES,
Jtuy lCp Register.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the nodenlgsed
has been by toe County Court ot Dougtat
county. Stale of Oregon, duly appo nlel the
administrator of the estate of D. A. Prock. de
ceased. All j-trmoi having clalas agafnst said estat
are hereby mjulred to pnscnt the same duly
ve: tiled to the nsdvrsigned at Olalls. Douglas
county. State of Oregon, wtthln six months
from the dat of this notice.
Dated at Olalla. Oregon, this 21 day ot Jane,
Admlslstraloro! the esUte ol D. A. frock.
First pablicauoa Jane 4. ISOi.
In the Circuit Court o'. the State ot Oregas,
lor Douglas Goaatr.
Charles O. v hile, Plaint!?,
Charles Strong and itaoola
Strong, his wife: Leonard
Strong and On a strong, hts
wife: Edd Strong and JIrs, Edd
Stron, his wife; Florence
Strong, a minor, and Ellen
Strong, her guanllan; .-usle
Duncan (nee Strong) and K. N.
Dunon.her husband: George
lmnr sfnpi- r.nnlo tTjJtv
fnee Strong) and ftullp elly. j
her husband. Margaret Strong, Soil In Equity
widow : Horace Slroog and Mrs. j
liorac.itrong.htswtfe;(earge I
StroagNo. 2 and Mr. George,
Strong, his wife; Ephriam !
Strong and Mrs. aphrlasBl
strong, his wife. Ella etrong, j
single: Harvey Strang, single;)
Joe IIundsAaer. Charles
Wright, Rosa Browning (see
Wright), Walter Wright, Ethel
iVright, Jew Wright and the
state Land Board.
To Edd Strong and Mrs. Edd Strang, abavj
named deleadasts :
In the Bam of the State of Oregod yon, and
each of you are hereby repaired to apptar and
answer the complaint ated against you in lis
above entitled suit on or beforr
Saturday, the 18th day of Julr, 1903,
and if you faH so to appear ana answer, for
want thereof the plaintiff arlli apply to th
court tor the relief demanded tn the complaint
a succinct statement of which is, that the UUe
, to the following desciled real profvrty, to
wlt. The ea. tone-half ot the southwest one
quarter and the f tone-half pf the southeast
one-quarter ol section 22. townihlp 3 south,
of ranges west of the Willamette Meridian,
containing ISO acres more or less, be oulettd
and the lee therein be decreed as in the com-
a u:xI- Inteiest ol said delendantT
Edd Strong, be decreed to be OUIKC therwd,
and no more, and that the defendant. Mis. E-ld
Strong, be ciecreeil to nave no right, title or In
tcrtsl therein, except aa the wile ot Iho de
fendant Edd strong
That a partition ol said real premises bo had
according to the respective rights ol the par
Ue to this suit, and ii partition cannot be ha4
without material injury or prejudice in tbrw
, tights, that the premises be sold and a division
ol the proceeds be had according to the re
specUve rights ot tne said parties, and for such
other and further relief as to the court shall
setfm equitable.
This s-ummons Is published by order ol the
Honorable J.W. Hamilton, Judge o' the above
?nL'UcJ.cartwhlcn onler ltd May IS,
' thtiinmmnntl.ThtiH.. .. . v
time prescribed tn the order tor publlcaUon ol
tblssummons is at least once a week for six
successive weeks, conunenclnr with the first
day of publication thereof
Dated this 21st day ol Mar, 1903.
-"' Attorney lor MalnUS.
Fine Farm for Sale.
A good S00 aero farm for sale five
miles from Myrtle Creek, 100 acres in
ultivation, balanco hill, pasture and
Umbered land. Small orchard, good
hous, barp and other improvemcnta
For prico and terms apply to P. T. Mc
Gee, Myrtlo Creek, or D. S. K. Butckr
Roseburg, Oregon. . 2-tf