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    C 'on 'Historical Society
No. 53
Home, July 15, 7:25 P, 31 The
JoUowing bulletin has justbeen issued:
"During the day no sj-ecial phe
nomenon was noticed in'flie general
-condition of ihe august patient. The
depression 5n his strength wasiot
augmented. Restoration, pulse and
temperature abont stationary. Ins
piration, 30; temperature, 36.4centi
grade; pnke, -84.
Rose, Jrily 15, 1MI5 A- M. Dr.
Lapponi lift -the Vatican thiE morning
to psy another visit do -his daughter,
who is suffering from a fever. He
said, in Teply io inqniries, that the
Pope might linger .some days, longer.
RoiiE, Jaly 15. Tie Pope's condi
tion shows practicallyiio change-since
yesterday. After .a comparatively
quiet night lie .became restless during
the forenoon -hours and complained of
his inability io-fleep. He larned un
easily irorn fide do side and seemed
unable to settle himself in a comfort
able position, but there recur
rence of those dangerous periods of
delirium which, areusedrach apprehen
sion yesterday.
The doctors continue to feel that
the patient's condition is extremely
dangerous, but they say he may still
linger ior days. They repeat that all
of the ordinary calculations are quiet
likely io f ail in the present -extraord
inary case. Speaking .of the specific
conditions, the doctors say that they
think the pneumonia hss practically
disappeared. The regathering of
liquid in the pleura is so slight as to
cause ihe patient no trouble.
The chief remaining danger lies in
the almost -.complete prostration, suc
ceeding the acute stages of the dis
Rome, Julv 15, 8:15 P.M. The
Pope has again taken a little nourish
ment. Speaking to .Mgr. Angu, one
of his secretaries, the pontiff said he
felt oppression of the chest, but hoped
it would pass awayin a few days.
Patient, at Times, Seemed Utterly
Rome, July 15, 11:30 A. M. 1 The
official news received by the Associated
Press during the past 24 hours states
that in his delirium the Pope spoke
specially of pilgrimage and recited
Latin verse. He often seemed panic
stricken, crying to Lapponi, Centra
and one of his secretaries:
"Where are you? Do not abandon
The delirium ceased entirely at 4
P. M.. when his holiness again revived.
Having eaten nothing throughout the
day he was then given four spoonfuls
of meal broth 'and 'masticated some
beef without swallowing. Frommid-
night up to this morning the Pope
was constantly drowsy.
The urine has become less in i
quantity, Pope Leo in the past 24
hours having passed 30 cubic centi
meters. The liquid in the pleura did
not show much tendency to cather.
and tbedoctors ttiink it likely the end
win come through exhaustion and
anaemia, instead as a result of cardiac
Orowers Will Unite.
At tie meeting of the stockholders
of the "Willamette Valley Prune
Growers' Association, held in the
Salem office last Saturday after-
hnoon, a movement was started which
K 1 1 i 1 1 -
among all of the pnme growers in the
.Northwest Messrs. Hich andL,ow,:i r.iu k - i
rietcher, ot Uart county, Washing-
ton, attended tne meeting as the rep-jkn appear here a randi.
resentatives of Cbrk county growers, Jor the Presjdency again is at
to investigate the .plan of organka- bv circumstances in connec
tion and methods of business of this fvQ -u: a 1...
Association. The -visitors became so
thoroughly convinced as to the bene
fits of the association that they se
cured a promise irom Manager H. S.
Gile to go to Vancouver next SataHw,,,,. to the understand
aay 10 assist in organizing an asso
ciation there.
Prune men are preparing to haadle
an immense crop of fruit this season, jt0ae a profound secret, but like its
and from present indications their ;t leaked mL
hopes will be realized. The tress are; The invitation to Mr.'CIeveland was
very heavily loaded with fruit and so ; laW vr Km f Tv;nMfm v t
far the weather has been all that '
could be dented from
the prune
growers' point of view. The cool J rae of oxm 1 Kaited
weather with plenty of showers willjhooks He j
make large marketable fruit, socb as I ft fnm eTerv -eTr-p0ini, and satisfied
is in most common demand in hastern
and European markets. Petite prune
trees are so heavily loaded, however,
that althongb the yield will be very
large, the fruit will probably be of a
No prices have yet been establish-
ed on Oregon prunes, nor on the pro-
duct of any other section of the coun -
ty. Eastern deakrs know that there
is a large crop of prunes in Oregon
and so are in no tuny to make con -
uacis. ine pneeaor ims, years crop
will be satisfactory, however, probablv
a considerable advance over last year,
which was considered good. The crop
in California is being affected by
drought, and will probably be smaller
than was at first anticipated. The
crop is estimated at one-eighth of
that of former years, on account of
the severe frosts earlv in the season.
Oregon City Has a Fire.
Oregon City, Ore., July 14 The
pullery, picker house, dryer louse ma
chine shop and boiler house of the
Oregon City Woolen Mills were de
stroyed by fire tonight. The fire for
a time threatened the entire -water
front. Damage $60,000.
Tacoma parties are taking prelimin
ary steps toward the establishment of
afoundary and a machine shop in
Grants Pass. The f oundary is to be
started up on a small scale, compara
tively, but will be enlarged.
The Minneapolis Times has found
out that the hens laid 16,000,000,000
eggs last year, and they brought in
the market $150,000,000. The poul
try of the country is worth $139,-
000,000, and the combined value of
poultry and eggs is nearly double
hat of the precious metals and six
times that of the wool crop. This
illustrates the tremendous aggregate
value of some things that, considered
individually or in small groups, seem
smalLand insignificant.
lad -e.k"in Chicara . Pftm
I UiUliUI V1UU UdUUUCb cui iu tile
Fa3iTmless present plan3 5,
j WUU TU kUU tUHMlklVU KM 'U kill auu U
private admissions of men who have
conferred with him about it
The-exact date of Mr. Cleveland's
comrcg has not been fixed. That has
! October. Meanwhile the "fact that!5510?5 ahra-rs for
ie ias en!rajred to come is sunnoeed
nKnnf ira :a m:j
tw u 14 e.t. J
ioif tw ;f. c 11 ,.c n
thing before he seized it "
The onlv livinrr ir-PmdPnt k M
o jjave jjj. carefuiv ;nto the j
j of the Commercial Club, its '
personnel, its standmir before 'the.
-pnwp, nn,i cn nn H. wis OCrw.;niit.
j gratified by the assurance that the
, mpmh..i,:n rpnrfleBnffU,
is the larcest and strangest in tho
j commercial and industrial life of the
! Nation West of the
Mr. Cleveland then inquired as to
whether this, that and the other man
(mentioning old political friends of
his) were members of the Commercial !
Club. He especially requested that.
certain ones amonir the non-members
thus inquired for be invited to the
dinner. That brought out the politi -
cal aspect of the case. It cannot be
stated because none of those who
know will discuss details just how
far the Commercial Clubman rrhn
Mr. Cleveland entered with him into son the robbers took $9.35.
the political side of his coming. Itj A good story is going tho rounds on
can be stated that the invitation-'one of on r most prominent young men
bearers understand that Mr. Cleve-' which is 21s follows: Tho young man
land understands, they believe the ' upon Bing home each n'8bt was n the
full political significience of their i habil of "f" resu1,1a.r1 vi8it.luto ,th.e
. " ' pantry and drinking all tho milk. Ilia
project. j mother thinking it was the cat that
Mr. Cleveland's candidacy for ; was thus robbing her, mixed flour with
another nomination for the Presidency the milk and thonghtsho would theieby
is not a matter of doubt amone the ' elop th? theft" Her 01,1,0 home
men who have conferred with him, or
among Chicago men in politics who
are in touch with him and his friends
in the East. When he speaks in
Chicago before the Commercial Club,
he will have a chance to discuss the
state of the country at a time when the
Presidential election of 1904 will be de
manding attention. His appearance
here will further assure for what he
has to say the widest publicity
throughout the Middle Western part
of the country, where sentiment for
him must be awakened if he is to be
a candidate. Therefore, this Chicago
engagement will be his chance to put
his best foot foremost'.
Handled Women Passengers on the
Car Roughly.
Portland, Ore., July 15. With
daring and wantonness supreme, six
masked men held up car No., 31 of
the Oregon Water-Power & Railway
Company, at the Southern Pacific
crossing on East Eleventh, near Divi
sion street, at 11:45 o'clock last night,
robbing the 40 passengers and shoot
ing B. F. Day through the back with
a 3S-caliber revolver. Day will re
cover. A reward of $500 has been
offered by Chief of Police Hunt.
There is not the slightest clew to the
perpetrators, and no arrests have
been made.
The ill-fated car with its load of
human freight left the city station at
the corner of First and Alder streets,
at 11:20 o'clock. Conductor Mattson
and Motorman Nye were in charge.
There were between 40 and 50 pas
sengers, including men, women and
children, many of them returning to
their homes from the opening of the
Woodmen's carnival. The car sped
along at a rapid rate until the cross
ing of the Southern Pacific, near Di
vision street, was reached, where a
crossing and ior the switch just be
Without warning, other than a
gruff command to stop the car, Mo
torman Nye was confronted with two
long-barreled sk-shooters. The front
door and the vestibule doors were
dosed' but the men behind the
. pushed the barrels of their weapons
thrmSh holes in the B3' where
: they could back up their threat to
! shoot unless their instructions were
' obeJed quickly. At the rear, Con-
ductor Mattson was confronted with
the conditJoir and the desper-
adoes control of the situation.
Aside from the four men at the front
and "rear PIatforms. two others,
masked and heavily armed, stood
; outside, where they could com
mand a Tiew of the aPPching
ine coast naving ueen cieareo, tne
rr-r . 1
! robbers their rk- ASe or
: sex cut no fi5ure the ruffians, as
j the rifled the PckeLs of every pas-
eenSer' money and valuables.
fxce some which they overlooked
In ineir nan 10 nDIsn ineir worK-
! U imPossible today to obtain a
! comPlete ,lst 01 tfle passengers on
i the unf ortate car, but from all that
1 could be learaed the total Io3s to P33-
senSers and the company will not
, reach From Conductor Matt-
laniti iuic, nuu ncui Biraigul u XIIO
.1. l.i .1 A . I . .
pantry and drank tho flour and milk
mixture not Jnoticing the difference.
TT .
no wem io Dea ana mo next morning
his mother asked him -whero he had
been the night before. Ho tried to speck
but could not. He was stnek fast
His brother went for tho doctor who
told him to stick out his tonguo. He
could not do this because it was stuck in
The doctor pried open his mouth and
took him down to tho stovo and placed
him in the oven. He soon began to get
warm and tho doctor told him to cough.
He caughed up ten hot biscuits, three
pies and a loaf of homo made bread.
He had then asked tho doctor how
much he owed him, and tho doctor said
tendollars. As ho still had somo more
dough in him ho "coughed up" and
paid the doctor.
St. Petersbueg, July
15 The
Birzhevia Vedomosti says:
The Czar
has abolished the harshest
of the barbaric punishments of former
times, namely castigationwith cudgels
and catro'-nine-tails, chaining to the
car, shaving the head, which were
still inflicted for certain offenses on
persons exiled to penal settlements,
or to the mines. Castigation with the
cat-o'-nine-tails and even with the
cudgels not infrequently end in death
and was one of the harsh forms of
the death penalty, being death by tor
ture. Only the most hardened prison
administration could stand tne terrible
sight of the human being under the
measured blows of the cat-o'-ninetails.
The cudgel and the cat are replaced
in the new statute, says the newspa
per, by prolongation of terms or by
solitary confinement up to 100 day3
with bread and water "except every"
third day, when hot food will be
served at one meal.
The abolition of the cudgel and
"cat" does not, however, mean the
prohibition of capital punishment
altogether. The revised statute of
June 15 prescribes chastisements
with birch reeds up to 100 blows
"for light offenses and misdemean
ors," according to the same authority,
and this matter Is left entirely to tho
discretion of the prison authorities or
the local governors.
New Law Promulgated Giving Labor
New Freedom.
St. Petersburg, July 14. In fur
therance of the proposed domestic
reforms, a new bw has been promul
gated, giving factory employes the
right to appoint delegates from the
workers to present their interests in
conferences with the factory inspect
ors. The plan for the formation of a
new police force to maintain order
and assure security in the rural dis
tricts of 46 provinces of European
Russia will be carried out immediately
in 15 of these provinces, but, owing
to the large expenditure involved.
$2,250,000., six years will be allowed
fonts complete execution in the
other provinces.
Over 320,000 men have been called
to tho colors in order to ascertain She
strength of the Russian army xasj
for the present year.
Eighty acres of seven-hcadod wheat
planted at Milton by J. M. Freeman
show good prospects of a crop of 65 to 70
bushels this year. Tho flour made from
this wheat last year was nearly equal in
quality to the best grades of bluestem,
and, as the yield was greatly in excess,
the venture appears profitable. This is
the second year of the experiment, and
so far the new wheat has been tried cm
hill land.