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Rosebtirg Plaindealer
fabllabed Monday aad Ttonrartay.
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ILajhtt II. Brookics, Ixcftl Editor.
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Entered at the Pout Office in Koseburp,
Ore., as second class mail matter.
Adrertisinn Rates on Application.
APRIL 9. 1903.
The Oregon Legislature passed two
. rood bills of Kieat benefit to the Bute
from a moral and true civilisation stand
point. The first referred to the execu
tion of murderers in the penitentiary to
be performed as privately as possible
and the other was for the protection of
our birds. From the latter law just pub
lished we clean the following salient
points ;
Section 1. No person shall, within
the state of Oregon, kill
or catch, or
hare in bis or her possession, living or
dead, any wild bird, other than a game
bird, or purchase, offer, or expose for
sale, transport, or ship within or with
oat the state, any such wild bird after it
baa been killed or caught except as per
mitted in this act. No part of the plu
mage, skin or iKKiy of any Lira proieci-
ed by this section shall be sold or had in I
Dossession for sale. For the purposes of I
this act the following only shall be con-1
aidered game birds: The anatidae,
commonly known as swans, geese, brant,
and river and sea . ducks ; the ralidae,
commonly known as rails, roots, mud
bens and gallinules ; the liinicolae, com
monly known aa Bhore birds, plovers,
surf birds, snipe, woodcock, sandpipers,
tattler and curlews; the gallinea, com
monly known as wild turkeys, grouse.
prairie chickens, pheasants, partridges
and quails.
Section 2. No person shall, w ithin
the state of Oregon, take or needlessly
destroy the nest or the eggs of any wild
bird, other than a game bird, or have
Bach nest or eggs in his or her poeession,
except as permitted by this act,
Section S provides the penalty a fine
ot not less than $5 nor more than $100,
or imprisonment upon conviction
Sections 4
and o provide lor cerun-1
catea by the president of the State Agri
cultural College and president of the
University of Oregon, allowing the kill
ing of birds and gathering of eggs fo
scientific purposes.
The emergency clause is attached to
the bill.
The Plaikdkilcx hopes that the citi-
sens of Oregon will do the at most they
can to enforce the law because of the
great moral and humane effect it will
have on future generations, in pre vent
ting the taking of life from any living
creature needlessly or heedlessly,
Over the whole of the civilised coun
tries of the globe are reports of strike 1
and threatened strikes. Queen Wil-1
' helmina of Holland has ordered all the
ut anJnavv forces lobe in" readiness!
t crush out the strike if revolution is J
attempted, there being 18,000 idle strik-1
ere in Amsterdam and 25,000 in other!
cities of the little kingdom.
la Russeia the troops f red on a band
of strikers in St. Petersburg yeeterdav
and 30 were killed ane 100 wounded.
At Rome traffic is tied np and the
city if full of Italian troope ready to pre-1
vent riot by the strikers.
At New York 9,000 members of the
allied building trade anions have struck
and all over the United States the strike
situation is daily growing more serious.
On the Pacific elope, at .Tacoma and
Seattle the strikers virtually lost the
contest. At Vancouver, B. C., every
tiling is about a standoff. The charges
against George Estes, president of the
United Brotherhood of Railway Em
ploree, charging him with detaining His
Majesty's mail, having been dismissed
at Victoria by Judge Hall. At Portland
tle Painters Union strike threatens to
tie up entire building operations and
the end of tlie strike situation no man
Santa Clara, Calif., is to have a pas
sion play in which the trial, crucifixion,
death, banal and resurrection of the
Nasarene is to be put npon the stage at
Santa Clara College Hall bythesta
dents and several of the alumni of that
institution about the middle of next
month. It has been decided to have
grander and more elaborate music than
w hen it was first presented and" there
will be a chorus of sixty voices made tip
of students from eight years to twenty.
Besides the cast of characters, which in
cludes thirtyx speaking parts, there
will be a mob of 100 and the great cho
rus of sixty, making a total of nearly 200
people in the spectacle.
By order of Judge Bellinger of the
United States District Court, U. 6. Com
missioners H. W. Reed of Bend, Crook
County ; J. W. Hamaker, of Bey, Klam
ath, County ; and J. O. Hamaker, of
Bonanza, Klamath, county, have been
removed from office for cause and Miss
Marie Ware, XJ. S. Commissioner at Eu
fene, tendered her resignation after
charges had been preferred and it was
promptly accepted. Land Office frauds
are at the bottom of the business and
the whole affair will be investigated by
tlie Federal grand jury.
An election was held at Cottage Grove
on Tuesday, the subject being high or
low license. Dr. Job was the low
license candidate' for mayor and Bob
Veach the high license candidate. The
question was thoroughly discussed and
Veach won out by 67 votes. The con
test was purely non-political or non
paitisan as the saloon men themselves
were divided on the issue. The amount
of license to be fixed for town purjionet
was $SO0 for each b&loon.
A Bargaih ik Timber. 4S0 acres of
fine white cedar and old-growth fir tim
ber in Coos county, Ore. Lies on bank
of a good driving stream in easy reach
of log market on tidewater. For partic
ulars in this and other timber deal.s in
quire of Wu. M. Tosticr,
il6tf. Camas Valley, Oregon.
Special to tb FLAiniaAUa:
Euoenk, Ore., April
9, 1903. Eu-
ig fuu oI Republican politician and
the friends of all the candidates are cer
tain that their man will be elected
Pr. T. X. Harris called the' conven-
tion to order, as temporary chairman
on crednnuala, and order of business
and resolutions have been appointed.
At three o'clock no ballot had been
taken, but it is confidently ltclievtHl
that the lion, llinger Hermann will
lead all the candidates by 30 votes.
The nominating speeches are now be-
ing made ana Deiween intervals me i
. 1 - a 1. I
Fourth Regiment band furniBhes
music. The convention has assembled I until eighty, presumably because of de
in the Armory Hall. I Us expected that 1 creased earning capacity, the tax is re-
many ballots will be taken before the
contest is decided.
Eugene, Ore., Aprils, 8:45p.m.
Brownell has been elected permanent
chairman of the congressional conven
tion by a vote of 93 to 80. He will nom
inate the Hon. Binger. Hermann and
George Brown will second the nomina
tion . -
So far everything goes to insure the
nomination of Mr. Hermann as his
friends has captnred the convention and
it now seems possible that he wiil be
nominated on the first ballott.
Euokkc, Ore., Aprii 9, 4 p. in. Kve-
ry thing now points to the nomination of
the Hon. Binger Hermann on the first
ballot, but no ballot has yet been taken
ErasN'i, Ore., April 9,4:10 p.m.
Congressional convention was organised
by the election, of Geo. C. Brownell,
chairman. The complete organization
is in the hands of Hermann's friends,
It is apparent that Hermann will be
nominated on the first ballot. The vote
on chairman resulted in W votes for
Huston and 93 for Brownell.
A Carious Dispatch.
The followini, .nTl in rpsUrdav'.
Portland Telegram
roa coNOBXSs.
RosssTRd, Or., April 8. A large dele-
gallon of Hermann supporters accom
panied the Donglaa County delegates to
the Republican Congressional Conven -
vention, at Eugene. They were joined
here by the Coos and Curry County dele
gates, who arrived in the city by private
convevances. All delegates and ciu-
sens of Coos, Curry and Douglas are for
Hermann, first, last and all the time,
ai d several hundred large red bu ttons.
bearing the motto, "Binger Hermann
for Congress," have arrived and w ill
adorn the button-holes of the entire
party. The nermann men are out to
win, and declare that their candidate
will sndoubtedlv be nominated.
Some prominent Republicans claim
that U lUneer Uermann is not nomt-
las counties will give a majority to the
Democratic candidate.
TnetKVels a ' slander n Mr. Hcr-
roann's friends and supporters and the
Telegram doubtless knew all about fix
ing np of such a scheme. In fact the
I twin of the Oregonian like that sheet
I wants to get all its news from Roeelmrg
I highly colored and of a political nature
1 to suit. Th'j correspondents of both of
I those sheets are rabid democrats and
are kept in the position in order that
they may be able to furnish republican
news items.
Tne Contest at Eugene.
Yesterday morning the Hon. Binger
Hermann, accompanied bv John
Love, A. M. Crawford, F. W. Benson
A. C. Marsters, Geo. Bacon, Gerry
Young, A. F. Stearns, A. W. Lamb,
Leonard Perkins, Benton Haines, W. P,
Reed, Ben Huntington, T. B. Cannon and
B. M. Arm i tape, the regularly accredit
ed delegates, and Dr. Miller, Jos. T.
Bridges, J. II. Booth, D. S. K. Bun k,
Geo. Staley, S. C. Flint, C. .B Cannon
and other prominent republicans from
Douglas county and also by Schiller B.
Hermann, of Myrtle Point, and J. C.
Roberts, D. E. Haling, R. H. Ross and
urviaa iKMge, oi tjoos conntv, who are
delegates to the convention.
The whole delegation were confident
that the Congressional plum will fall in
Major Hermann's month on the Crst or
second shake of the tree.
Institute at Canyonvllle.
The local institute at Canyonyille on
Saturday, April 4th, w as called to order
at 9 o'clock by Supt. Hamlin, and Prof
W. B. Dillard was appointed secretary.
t uteen minutes were devoted to sing
ing from the Busy Bee, Mrs. CV'Ivig at
the piano.
Prof. D. W. Wright then took up the j
subject of Percentage, presenting his !
method cf introducing the subject to
the class. This was followed by a gen -
eral discussion of the subject.
After a short recess aud several songs,
the subject of Spelling was taken tp,
and briefly introduced by Miss Devore,
and discussed at some lencth by Pro
fessors Orcutt, Hamlin, Dillard and
In the afternoon, after several songs
by the institute , and the song, Oregon,
by a number of young ladies from the
Riddle public schools, Prof. J. B. Ford
presented his method of teaching His
tory. He used for this purpose an in
geniously constructed chart of his ow n
design. A general discussion followed.
Prof. Dillard then presented a care
fully prepared paper upon the subject of
Sinth Grade Work in the Tublic Schools.
The subject was f urtber discussed by
Profs. Wright, Hamlin, Orcttt, Frd
and Rev. Zimmerman.
Geography What to Teach and How
to Teach It, was the last subject consid
ered. This was introduce! by Pres. Or
cutt, who presented a very practical
plan of handling the subject.
Nearly all tmchers w ithin reach at
tended and the advanced pupils from
Csnyonvillc and Riddles, w ith friends
and patrons, filled theschool house.
Reports from San Domingo are to the ! Fairbanks, Morse Jack-of-all-trades
eTect that the goverment troops have Gasoline engines for farm work, irind
won a decidedvictory over the revolu-jing Mills, Pumps, Churns, Wood Saws,
t'.onists. etc., fur sale by S. K. Sykes. tf 17
Must Marry or Pay.
One of the states of Argentina has en
acted a law that is being watched
by the people there, and esjiecially by
tlu so affected by its provisions, which in
sulstance, are to the effect that every
marriageable man must take unto him
self a wife orjtdd materially to the
finances of the state. Hereafter the un
married man over twenty years of age
who refiiRwt to join the
Benedicts will
that age and
suffer for it. Butwtin
thirty every single man will have to pay
$5 per mouth to the supiort of the state.
From thirty to thirty-five the tax is in
creased to $10, and from thirty-fivo to
fifty to $'-0 jer month. As a warning
to elderly men that it is not good for
them to live i lone,' tax is increaHod to per monm uciwecn mo ages oi uiiy
all . . a 1 t
and seventy-five. After that ago and
duced to $20 per month, and after
eighty it is remitted altogether.
That the lawmakers do not look upon
marriage as a failure la shown in
the provisions effecting widowers.
Three years are given them to mourn
the departed, but after that time
tliev must take another spouse I
or heln their celibate brethern to swell
the state's treasury. Some recoifiiition
:...;...,., f.,,., ),. ..,).
O IIV II W vliu limn Hinj a-w I
honestly desirous of taking a mate and
yet fail for no fault of his own,
provision that w hen such a one can
prove that he has tried to comply with
the law as many as threo times he will
be exempt from the pavment of taxes.
Thereafter he may live alone, or con
tinue his search cf a fair one to whom he
may be acceptable.
How the law will work in pratice re-
mains to 1 seen, but if the people there
.. . I
are anything like ours mere is preuy
apt to 1 a revolt when its enforcement
is simcht: that is unless they are letter
t.i t,,.- i, . n.;. i,u I
mention is "stronu that if the men of that
.... ,. m iwnrl
IVUIHIJ . lC lioill TA T" 1 1
month for the privilege of remaining
single it must 1 a eood country to live
in. It wnnld w hard with the averaee
in..rinn haehlor if fiftv to seventv-five
run to d ia for taxes, and it is safe to
say they would not stand for it. At any
rate there will 1 a great marrying time
in Argentina or a revolution. Ex.
Doings at the Board of Trade.
The influences of the Roseburg Board
of Trade are bennning to be felt in the
community. Strangers from nearly
every state are registered at the Pniard,
and they are all very anxious to get the
most reliable information possible about
Douglas county and its resources.
Many are in quest of timber, but a great
majority of the new comers are eople
f tlm aiirt thst Onnin nmnls : a class of
menwiliinirto undertake the develop-
ment of the latent resources of the
conntrv. Such a class of citurens is very
much desired. We have moved in the
same line for so long a time that we
have become oblivious and careless of
important matters within easy reach
While some persons who have recently
come to Roaohnrff are farmers in a spe-
d 1 olhpr Kre substantial
men who are ready and willing to un-
dertake m?w ventures. The little mar
ble display at the Beard room is attract
ing great interest, and people who know
what they are talking alxxit, freely state
that the class of stone on exhibition
there wonld bo very eagerly sought after
bv Eastern people. The mineral di.
play is still more c'.oly examined by
people from other Ftates, and put on
opinion expressed : which is to tfie effect
that one day the people of Oregon will
aw ake to the fact that not only has the
valuable timWr cf this state been se
cured by Eastern people, but the stone
and mines as well have gone to people
who both know and appreciated their
worth. But perhaps it is just as well
for, while the old proverb says: "it
takes three generations to breed a gen
tleman." it mav take four to breed a
man w ho is ise to bis swrnmndiiign.
Tlie Boird of Trade is doing some val
uable work which is duly appreciated
by strangers with a resultant benefit to
the business men.
Three Score Ytara and Ten.
On Wednesday afternoon the la-lies of
the Mental Culture Club gathered at
the home of Mrs. Oehme at a surprise
party in celebration of Mrs. Oehme's
seventy-first fcirthday, the day being
also the forty-sixth anniversary of Dr.
and Mrs. Oehsne's marriage. Mrs.
Oehme is the mother of the Mental Cul
ture Clnl, which organisation attended
to a member, and there are no people in
Roseburg so universally beloved as Mrs,
Oehme and the Doctor. The pleasant
little affaii was directed by Mrs. Child
the club president, and Mrs. Thackrah,
the secretary, who were assisted by
Mmes. Barker and Willis, Besides
many more lasting remembrances pre
sented, the floral pieces were number
less and boanlifal beyond description,
particularly so being the scarlet carna
tions ordered from Portland by Mrs.
Joeephson and white hyacinths sent by
l Wright and white carnations sent
I by Miss Byrd and Miss Simmons. Be-
1 sije those already mentioned those
present were: Mesdames Aiken, An-
lderson, Bartrtim, Bellows, Brown,
Brookes, Flint, Fullerton, Had ley, J. W
and W. S. Hamilton, Hunan Hunting
ton, Haynes, Jbsephson, Marsters,
Rast, Roberts, Strange, Sherwood, I
and A. Wollenberg, Wright, Zigler;
Misses Kate Buick and Zelia Zigler,
Columbia University at the Front.
Colombia University Students have
organiajd an Anti-Knee Suicide Club
the following giving the purpose
in a nutshell. "If you are single,
you apree to marry as soon as your
income will allow and your family
mnsi not number less than five; if yon
are married, you agree to stay married
even unto the third or fourth wife, and
the same family requirements prevail..
It is to lie named the An'i-Suic:de
It is said that j'omig Mr.' Talma, son
of Cuba's President, was one of the first
members of the c-lnb. President Roose
velt will lie elected as honorary vice
president of the club.
The Greater Interest.
German legislators continue to agitate
measures aimed at American Industrial
supremacy, and in their debates thoy
make no secret of their drend of Ameri
can "ovrer. WiMnesiiny tins iiostihty
took the form of a bill to increase the
tariff iix)ii American refined (letroleum,
which was voted In the face of wise
counsel to the contrary. Yenterduy K
appeared in a proHnition by Baron
I ley I ait Herrnsheiiii to have the Gov
ernment denounce the "most favored
nation" treaties, cnccially with Amerl
ca. nerr lsernsiein, bociuuhi, pointed
out that such action would react to the
injury of (icrmany, but an agrarian
member declared the United States Is
more interested in maintaining trade
relations than tier ninny. As a matter
of fact, tho United Stetes buys com pars
tively littlo trom Germany, and we be
lieve can find markets elsewhere for all
products that Germany is not compelled
to buy from us, regardless of duties
Germany is not a self-supHrting nation
The I nitod States has plenty for its
own Hople and to spare and goes abroad
only for luxuries. Pittsburg "Gazette.
No Reversal
"lr eononinue irancais, a nnanciai
iournal of l'aris. says: "1 lie period oi
- -
great business activity in the United
Mates lias already lasted lontrcr man
anv anaiagnus period in iiiMory.
"L'Econoniiste" finds signs in the Unit
ed States that often precede a crash,
but warns Europe that these signs do
not mean necessarily that there will be a
crash this year
This conservative French journal, like
other European journals, dates our pe-
rkd of proHrity from the panic of 1S;3,
... I l.. .1.1:.... t. t, It, at nmm.
u"iUiiiS i ,u ....immu ..... ,
Parity comes in cycles anil cannot be
prolonged beyond a limit nxci oy r.uro-
pean precedent, predicts that we mm-t
meet another panic in the near future
Our pernid of uroKPerity dates fnmr"
- a i at...
irom ifeu. u came im u
ud condiiions assure.i py me ao.-
tion of certain definite policies in 18SW,
" has continued because those polKie
have been maintained and strengthened.
It will continue because there is little
opposition to our sound-money policy
and little ditdxwition to reverse or
change our economic policy.
The European financiers seem to be
lieve that 1904 will be a year of financial
disturbance in the raited States because
of the uncertainty incident to the Presi
dential election. This does not foilow.
There is likely to le as little donbt
about the result of the election in 19(H
there was aNut the election in PJO0,
Tlie American rxMple knew what
brought the preei-nt H-rioil u nnexam:
plel piMsperity and they are not likely
to vote a reversal of prosperity polices
I . .... . . . -. :tl
i w.ey uo not, pnimy mm
continue tor tne same reason ini n
continue.! after t!ie Presidential eloctiou
of l'.WO. Chicago "Inter-Ocein
Thrce Advcntists Jaded.
The session of the biennial general
conference of the Seventh Dar Advent
isis was held at Oakland, Calif., last
Sunday, and it was an exciting one and
sb a result of it three dt lepates from
New York-It. T. Nelson, Oscar" 4.und
nd F. O. Hedlund were lotkedjn the
city pruoon charge! with having i!i-
tnrbed a tvligions meeting. ! r
also hell for Imterv. fcr at the service
undav morning he attempted forcibly
to remove from the platform Miss E. G
White, tlie woman preacher. wIhj was
delivering an address. I.tind and Hed
lends created tlicir disturbances at nigh
by insisting upon speaking before the
conference was called to order. The
three men were arrest ed at the instance
of Elder V. II. Jones, of Oakland.
The three men under arrest claim to
be intervstcl in a movement to change
some of the doctrines of Uie chnrvh
They belong t what is known as the
"Tmth Soriety," and though they were
able to g to the conference aa delegates
thev were not with the Advenlists in
spirit. Their performances made the
first trouble so far experienced by the
general conierence at this meeting.
While Misa White was speaking Nel
son suddenly interrupted her. "You
are not preaehine true doctrine,' he
shouted as he stepped on tlie platform
Miss White persisted in speaking, where
upon Nelson caught her by tle arm aiv
tried to lead her from the platform
Several of ths delegates interfered and
the police patrol waeon was summoned
to tak the man to jail.
The second tremble occurred at night
shortly after the delegates assembled
Before the conference could be called to
order Lund and Holland Poth arose
and began to speak on their doctrnes,
When they refused to stop Elder Jones
had both arrested.
Alabama Tornado.
Yesterday morning a cyclone passed
over Hopwell settlement, one and a ha
miles north of HanceviHc,' Tt 2 o'clock,
and as a result 11 persona are dead, foa
fatally injured and a doson mere or less
seriously hnrt, while the destruction to
property is heavy. . '
The storm came from the . southeast
and its roar was so. terrific that it woke
many people,- some of whom fled from
their houses in time to escape death
Buildings were tossed about like paper
boxes, and several structures wore blow
a hundred yards or more. The body of
McCoy, who was a prominent farmer
was blown 200 yards and landed in
sand pit. Trees were nprooted in all d
reckons, and many were blown across
the Louisville & Nashville track, delay
ing trains for a time.
Under the pressure of popular de
mand und the urgent request tf con
gress, rresident Castro' has announced
bis intention to remain the chief execu
tive of Venezuela.' The " president at'
tended tle meeting of congress this af
tornoon. lie read a lone address to
crowded audience. His decision to' re
mnin in power was graatly applauded.
It is the U-lief that President Castro de
sirel the vote of confidence which he
Fx-l.ientenant Governor Tillman,
of South Carolina was indicted by the
prand jury for tho willful mnrdcrof
Editor Gonzales. The defense ai'ked for
a continuance, of the cafe to the July
term of court and Tillman went back to
jail, bail being refused.
Divorced Because of Insanity.
That the United States government'
should take up the subject of framing
laws governing marriage and divorce
there can be no doubt. As the case
now stands every state has a different
law and different causes for divorce are
allowed to lie plead for the dissolution
of the marriage relationship. New
York this week has demonstrated that
that state is ahead of all others in grant
ing- divorce for cause without the
knowledge or consent ot the divorced
patty or the divorced party having been
guilty of any kind of offense against her
marriage vows or society at large. A
dispatch says:
-invorceu on uie plea that she was
'incurably insane,' Mrs. Henry M
Flagler, the former wife of the Standard
Oil multimillionaire, has lately shown
great improvement in her mental stale
and there are strong reasons to believe
mai sue win recover ner reason com
pletely. She is at New Rochclle and
hr.s been taking long drives daily, ac
companied by a single attendant. A
parently she is in the best of spirits.
"On August 14, 1901, Flagler divorced
his wife, who had been a society leader,
on grounds of insanity. Ten days later
Flagler married Miss Mary Kenan,
Wilmington, Del. It is not yet known
hether the first Mrs. Flagler, who
recovering her reason, knows she has
been divorced.
The situation opena embarrassing
possibilities for all concerned that have
not before been thought of. The first
concern is the attitude of the first Mrs
Flagler toward her former husband an
toward the woman who has become
mistress of the home she once graced
Almost as interesting aa this phase of
the situation will be the action of Flag
ler and his present wife. When Flagler
married again, nearly two years ago, he
as convinced the wife he had divorced
onld always be a lunatic. He ha
tried every resource of science in the
ioie of restoring her to reason, but the
best physicians in the land told him
there was no hvpe. Now comes nature
nfoKling another of her mysterious
moods and confounding the doctor as
well as Flagler' faith in them. Mrs.
Flagler is wealthy in her own right,
having an income of $100,000 a year.
McKenney the Murderer.
A special from Kingman, Arizona,
last Saturday's date, says: "Newt h
just reached Kingman of the horrible
murder of Charles Flukey, known
the "Cowboy Pianist,' and Roy Win
chester, a young minor, on tlie trail
forty miles south of this place by James
McKenney. Nothing definite is known
ot the cause of the murder, but it
thonght that McKenney. who is wanted
for the killinir of William G. Lvnn at
ForterviUe, Cal., last July, took the
men for officers and laid in wait for
them on Uie trail. Blakey was shot
the breast and Winchester ia the back
with buckshot.
After the shooting the murderer went
to a ranch and compelled the randier
to shoe two horses for him, and then
rode away. Tlie rancher failed to re
port the killing until three days after
Uie occurrence. A slterifT poeee is now
16 pursuit of tlie murderer. McKen-
tiey in easily recognisable, having two
joints oil the left forefinger and
wounded in the left thili. He has li
hair and wears a heavr ' licht coh.nsl
uintache; has a short, thick note.
square chin and large ears.
Governor Brodie has been aked
send out rangers in pursuit, a it
thought McKenney lias gone S"Olh into
the Bad M.m's land of Yan.a countr,
where it is almost impossible for a small
pwwe to go w ith safety."
The editor of the Plaixpiale knew
Charice Blakev in New Mexico several
yers ago, lie was a wonderful per
fumer on the piano and he took to cow
boy life becau.-e he loved c pen air exer
cise and the fear of tuhercukieiA, which
he seemed to dread. Before McKenney
went to Arizona he killed two men in
California in cold blood. ,
Gardiner Nw .
J. S. pHkley, of Elk ton, was
city one day last wc k.
Miss Bessie Gentry, of milh
was In tlie city Thamlay.
Born On Tliursday, April 2, r.XW,
Mr. and Mrs. George Terkins, a son.
R. T. Ash worth, one ot our Smith
river farmers, was in town last week.
Uncle Job- Hatfield, of Scottsbury,
we" leArn ia quite sick, and Dr. Patter
son was called to see him.
Miss Edith Finch, who has been in
our city some time, retnroed to her
home near EJkton last week.
Kobert Chapman. Will Koepke and
RobU Wade, of Smith river, were seen
on our struct one day last week.
Messrs. Frank and Martin Weber r
rived in tlie city from Sturgeon Bay,
Wis., last Wednesday, and expect to
Sjiend the summer here.
L. J. Simpson and wife, who have
been in the valley for some time, passed
through Gardiner last Wednesday on
their way home to North Bend.
Sherman Short received the sad news
of his sister Anna's death at her home
in Apalachan, N. Y. Sherman has been
here but a short time, but has made
many friends, who sympathise with him
in his sad bereavement. This is the
second sister who haa died since lie
came here. He left for his home, via
of Portland, last Tuesday.
Music Lover
, Music lovers will have a rare enter
tainment by simply calling at Burr's
Popular Music House and iusjiecting
our splendid array of musk-al instru
ments. Our display oi pianos are sim
ply nincnificient. Here are found the
world renowned Chickering, the won
derful toned Kimball, the many toned
Crown Orchcstrieal and the lieantiful
toned colonial style Victor. We have
others like the Singer, Kiiigvbnry and
Needhnm. Then here 11 our mammoth
ftock of small goods, ' such as S. .'5.
Steaartand Washburn mandolins, gui
tars, banjos. Our immense line of vio
lins range in jirice from $2..r0 to
We are sole agent for the Colunihia
grajihaphone and supjjys, Remember
we tre running no concert hall w ith 50
cents admission, but our doors are all
ways ox-n to the public.
vmVbMMbn' Seasonable Special Offerings
Made by ti.e most famous corset fac-
u.ry in the world. Satisfactorily We are better prepared this season than rver be-
modeled, carefully shajied, neatlv . J 1 .
made and beautifully finished', fore to rueet your wants in all lines of General Mer-
.WARMKR'sRtmT-PRoorCoKsKTshave chandise. Our stock was never o complete in every
. no rivals. They are Hiirir to all . '.
others in point of grace, comfort department. We bought early, securing the very
and durability. best selections and the very lowest prices, and we
50c, 75c, JIJID, $1.25, $1.51 and $125 propose to maintain our repntation for selling the
Wehaveeverjthinthatisnew. The Ug-' FumishmP'S Men'S ClotMng.
line is too extensive to go into any J a UlUUUiUgj . "
description. Yon should see them Everything tri. tly to date and rurht We t" lar2't "t" k int"in'
in keeping with jroud tarfe- In 'h1 Uke rr"t I'ri,ie ia thL J-
DreSS Goods Men'a N-k-.r we have the latest lenient. five Dollar all
. c.lorings in Tecks, Four-in-Hands, w4 suit. nn mh'IU beaten.
We have (riven this line a (mat deal j;an(1 an,i strij-.! Bw. The new- ,n fa,"t " ,M e"t" l x",n m ltl1''
of careful attention, and have t- e(,t 0r aj -u tlie Mi(t(.t (ial Tie line. An almost en.lls variety to
ten together as complete a line of choose from.
desirable fabrics as was ever shown Golf SWrtS. - $5 00 10 $13 00
in this city. In Summer Dress A ,inni,re(, dif(.rt.nt rtyU.
Goods our stock is strictly np to cho,. from. cTTnrc
the times. We hate all the newest o n JilUU.
creations including- . 5QC tO
Mercerized Zephyrs, Popdleons, Men's Hosiery. iBf"u-'n'1 n T
' J 1 sonal pnaranU to Tje the bd-t for
Qanj Uce Stripes, Fantaise Sflk flx soc." lhe I-ri 7MT WMrr beck'
rne, Linen Madras, Crass Ba- Mea.$ UnderWear. HATS
Uste MttSlifl DC Sole, EtC. DiUK-ian underwear, 25, SO, 75c. The GorIo hat is here, as well as a
; Summer Weight, wool, 75c $1.00 full line of cheaT YjAh.
A great many lines to selt-rt from.j
Ladies Underwear "
Knit vests from Bos aai Yoatis QoiluflS. The Reliance Wrapper
5C tO 50C The Kant-Wear-Out kin-1. A new H1" r- lining, and w j-erf.-ct fit-
SUick yi'A in. It wiil do you pl ting. No higher in prw-e than
Muslin Underwear in all graih an to look over them. 2io trouWe to onJinary wrappers... We have the
elegant line, show them. ' agency for Rsebut?.
See us for Groceries,
Buff Plymouth Rocks.
Eggs of purebred stock for sale at
Elodgelt Bradley 2nd fJT store,
RoselKirj;, at 50 cents a setting. l'J-Imp
For 5al.
Small saw mill and
timler. For
particulars address.
Livingston Baos,
Peel, Ore.
In the JatJi rmrtorDr Ci- I'ixrvcl,
TfefnBjk mTmllnriBa Ca.
To U l'oluibl 1 lnn '.
I ib m ot tii f (it, vna art
twrvbr ruirrl U, T.trmr bIurr anrtr
U!lMi. ittif Ik l tr U Ih rtwtnrt
,Ur ruun1. wm "t Sk- lh T.l o M HJ.
ri. i hwoftrr ta lUwtMinc. !. l tae
tml W lt kwriwn ! Mi'l r
ta iuf U na!it ate-i xuM I
Ute .w at!ti aeiloa. mat U ywi tail in
rmt atHl tnnrtM !i mn rrMimJ. mr ut
tbrrol. tt ptaiBtiff wil uk M-mrat ci
roa l.rt TT' X m4 hiM r4a a I diMHin
anl 13 ta lioa
1 b Miamm, i pohlMJ a wo- r
ilKvwn ia lh trK lull
rriit. vtn acx kit
il.wHtl. rrma. Wr urww n Junt' o th
fmrr fcw m 4 r r Arnl '- . "!
onMiinuon M Ih i aa laa IA
dar ot April. 1- -
Jnstir af lt IVae lor IitI Ui-lHrt.
Iixuiaa Coaaiy. UmiML apt.
Notice for Publication.
ra.tra RaSa land OPt.
Rnarearf.urrroa Uee. li. 11
K1(a rta mat la !!
wit taa r-Torlavaa of U art of CVna of
JnaaA. WOt.ant:tied "Aa a-t or tha aal W
tiiabaf tanj ta Um Stair M raii:om-.a.tTo
Karada .and I'MntKa Trrt .-rt" annd
ad an aU taa avtuc taad stalca bj act of Auraa.
a. 142.
uzitr Rr;nE.
of MTTtVCrrk. ewiatT of looU, atasa of
t -.. a. ha. this da M1 la UN oau oer
aarnra alnBt K 41A t"f tba
the Sk, ol Se- It, To. omtk. raarr l.
and will o8t kI to ahnw Ikat toe U4
rlt la auu Talaalu fc tt limnf o aioae
than for anra!ta-ai totriMora, aa.1 to rtaV
n.h h riatia to !d laad bt'f.vf i be IWtr
aad Keerivernl lttt Siaat Knaajrr. Orocoe.
oa Toealar. lb Sind dar at Jan. 1-U r
ium aa tilmvi: ltanla linrlirs. rc
Ha l. Hail. it-. Joha Hall. ., a. I ol S;r
UetXek. tveii.
am aid a.l oeianna rSaiailBC adverar'.y IH
a Mr di'aenbrd lada ana r)Ocid t Se
Ibeirclaima la thit attic oa or orlv am S3J
d? " J HOC Iil. J.T. KKIloiltx
arra Kfciatrr
Notice for Publication. .
Koasaraa. OaBKoii. tw IX 1MH.
Kotlea ta artn rireti tbat la eranpiiaae
wltb tb proTiaioiia oi tba act of Coacrraa of
Inn. !;. vautlod "Ab act lor tba aai af
timber landa la taa Slawa of Call fornix tweo
Krvada and M oahiartoa Tritnr,y,' aa cxtvad
ad to all the Pubuc Laa4 Statra ay act of Aof
Bal t. US.
o! MjTtla Crork. contT of lHcla. (lata of Or
eMi haa lb dar la tMaoSkw br iwoti
avaiannt No 'tlis, kw U1 pnrrbaa of the in
u..naIBW;ol ocUaalt. Taahhia2 .Hiih,
kance vwl and will otVr vrrmf u
abow that the land aonchl la aim raiuabia tor
It timber or a:ooe thaa for acnral'nral nur
naaaa, and to eatatulsa k rla in tnaai l land
beforvtae Rrri.wr and Ereeircr ot lb la oSire
at Xoaebura. Utoo,
on Mondar. tba ud day of Jua, 1. Pbe
Banc aa wttnaaa: John Hail. r, i-rni. a
Hall. Uma Hail. Joha Hail. Jr., a.l of U;nit
Crrek. Oreron.
Any andai. rann claitnliit adrcrwriy tb
t)t ilnmtw are rqaatd 10 hi thtr
clalma la tMxflioaoaor brier aaid 2Jod daj
of June Dut.
apra J. T. BRl!VE. Vxtator.
Notice for Publication.
Catted Stall land OSo.
Roar bo rr Ort', Dec ta, IA
Korieats baraby (ri.a that la vcanplianea
with tb rroTiriona of U a act of Coacnva of
June A. 1ST, anUtisd "An act r Uta aa'ia of
tlmbar landa tn tha State of California. Oracoa
Nevada And W ahinruc Trrturv,r,aaxind
ad to aa tb anon litad alaM by act of Aural
ot Mynl Crock, counly ol IS'iicav atate oi Or
bat ibis day 6 r.1 in th.a uSi.-e bt sawn
atatrmrat No 41' ln tba pnn-baar of Uie NF
ol aciioi . kia Tubip -. aiHitb ranaa a wnv,
and will oBer proof to abow that tha lAnd
auKbt ta aaora ' ub! In ila timber or alone
than t.,r asriraluirai rr--e and tr ea a fo
liah br rlalta l aaid lasd b' or the R-c'
and Kwrr o! thi oic at Koarbur tin .n.
oa Hon lay. tne 2iud ta ot Jqno. m
nm aa aim aai a: John liall, !tr IKirriir
Hall, Jam R Hall and John, Jr.. ail oi
Myrtle Crrk. Orvcoa.
Any and all peraon elaiminc drerely lb
bov d'rlhrd lantla are teott.-atod lo nl thtr
riaima in thia ollipeoa or boiore d iind day
ol June, l).v J.T Bu.i,
apr. kecvUT
Notice for Publication.
l ntto.1 suwi ln,l OTiy.
Rdorburtr, Urecon, Jaa i, 19ll3
Notlea t berel.y friran that In eomplianra
with tb pro1al,mi of Ibe act ol Coiijtr of
June S, IS.S, enuiled "Aa art for tba al of
limlr lan.U In the Ssaieaof raU'onsia,tncnB
Srra.1a and nanlilnrton VerrttrT," ax:nd
J to ail d pobiie land alataa by act of Ausuat
Thomas r. even,
of Ro-linrtr, rountT of tVnt laa, auto of Or,
ton baa Ihi.nay lilod In Una ortii-o tisa nun
alalrnirnt No 4171 l the yuha. of the N 1
olMN'iina .'li, ionhip sra .oft, ranter 4 neat
and w ill 1 f lr proof to abow that v land i(rbt
la more val.inl.'. In) it. titnlvr or aiooe ttiaa
for rluli ural rnry.ira. ami la ial.l.h htr
Claim liflore the lilr and KeuiTir of Utta
ollic ci Horn barg, Oregon.
oti rduoottr. in M' n .lay of J una, H
nanira a witneaa : r V, i'liiar.t, 01 R.m.Miiv.
ro. L K Robiiiaon. John lta'1. Jr., and Uar.ty
Hiiphea. all of ilynl.- wl . tr.
Any and all rrmona 'la.min ilw!v the
!.vrdoM'rii liimi, a ninoaied to Me Iheit
claiiiia 10 Oil, 01I10 on or bf lor tb iMibdavof
Juno, IS S.
prt fctfKlalot
Foa Salk Cbbap. Less tlan f 10 per
acre. A well improved train and stork
farm of 330 acres in Camas Valley. This
is a rare bargain. For parti. nUrs in
quire of Win. M. FoBTtt, Camas Valley,
Ore. Miaf.
Notice for Publication.
land Office at Rvwtonf, Or .
Sewtia-w 1 J.
Cnti U btrtv t!vo tlul ta W.w.l
mw itlr b . t'tl aoiira of ht ntolwa
tn atl, Stal p-wl ia mpiMrl of fct t.mim. and
taaimid r4 wiil o rl h:o- I'm. ((ii
If aad at-virc-. Caii1 ku'ji Laal v&rm at
aoaeoarf. (irji- i-l V". t :
t. EOr...K E-r.
H4 E Va rjtv I. a- ta BW sVi SZ'i SW-
it. T 24 -. R 1 .
li aaja ni'io. In i a a '.tunas ta prvre hi
ul-1 la an. ric J 'o of
bnnr. t-oa Jam It asapa ad B aai-a t
avTii J T. aaiixjc, iCffri.ier.
State IreaMirrr'a Sevewth Notke.
Tiai-T fvrartmt.
ehoai7. f.
- St.'ra i Vrn-lx ria aat t ."- ar laaila
la ta txe.nry wita mhti tv.lyai a.l mi
.t.ain afL aairant. -tr. oa tae -::
LawJSi tenia r aod Saa-la. ea-anr.t
-I'arDl! I M4 1 l I r aai.t 1
prtnr to taia dat. 1.1 wr aanactt, if !i-w
rrlr ea-l-a-d. will "i afa ott..a
at tot iniero I tera r-rm u tr-n- aad
altcrUna.Ute. tUt . S. K'nL
Male Tnraicaapr.
Administrator's Notice.
Nlic ia nearby rTeaOat the aadr.ime.1
haa b "rt by tire .oasiy Court ea l-i aa
cinty, rvata of 'n-ctrn, duJy apBTi- tha 'or of tbe estate of M. . Inward.
all ar.Ba?taTr eaivn aratnt aaid tat
r N-roy retirrd w ,-r- n I ih rr a y
rpribmi. w ti BdrixB.j at Il-m bvnr.
laaroaaEy t of ihrrn, wunia m tata
from tn-lae of tbta aoira
lat-t at Bif tcr, rea, tit 3A dar ol
A im in4rab-t of theeaiate oi M fc Ir iard.
drcaasod. arrV,
Stationer), Off ice Supplies
Near Depot, RqscJjojs. Ore.
Albatros Market
J. it BRIER. Prop.
Cash paid
Dealer in
nd Oysters
Orsttltc S. P. Depot- flcuhcr BuTjt '
TtHrtie No. 24 1.
Jll Oak
I Drugs
I Patent
: Medicines j
'Phone 721
Notice for Publication.
La&4 OSca at Re-bmr. Ore..
Vareh U. Itui.
5!k I brjT rinw thai im louMrtse
BaJ aniicr aotto ft hi l'a?it ia
rnaae trrml proi :a ms-art A hm laiwi. aa4
l'. aud foot muk lie a4 Irforc Xbe kxc :ter
t ktrmrr I". La r&e. at amn.
ktt-s. eaAnli, ,i,T:,t
th.iUf a. utkaiLi
m fcr H. K So. kisrl. (urtiK S5i See K.
Tp. i K 1 wT.
Hnaais tiie i'cwicc a -tw a ta ymm
lii rausuotti i'ltre aoiva a vl eaiuvaxaoti
at aalt la-wl. t-.i: Urvr- Lwtii. Wa.irr
liriij.Cb.r! B.'iTt.a94 Baa a.1 of
l-ttiv, 'R-eof J T. BKIOa.
Jaa.-ip ke;aleT.
Trespass Notice.
All j-err. ere herrhv wameI cot to
i tnes-p. hant. fiVn or am on the
j j ,4 Curry 1 :tt. Per-Mi9 dAz
wil: prtea.-rted to the f a.: extent
; ojineiaw.
Fatjreof S. CrasT,
kiveradae Fansa
PKrriica vr
White and EufF Ughorns,
Pljincth RocK,
f- sa!e at I '-13 pr sa-tiir.s c4 15.
Administrators Notice.
Ia IS B'trrf the F-a,t Jcai f C'w
m 1 v .i.-cc ,-i
:- a .-r, :tt r-r the r ..t ra d
A-tiir;-tra'.-r .f tb I ta ol irDtl, ft Wa
at.rrri, 'rat be wraca y a!4.!d A -r:;lr.t.
o( tAc aa: l t Mot wilrrf
tar tT.-l-. ocrt oi tk.-c .aa C.Taty (Hp,
paw and .t4 ot reritt.i apoa ta 5it uar
of January. I-
i.ipnMi. aar-ir-r rlaiata jralt tt aaxl
Latatr aaa.1 ft tb aano a tb a.
aa-y rtJ m tr.iB hi aanatba rr-ci lb w
t x (fc aaoansrd A.lta.-.vlrawe
at K.-:-x. r;. iftvv-a.
, tlWuxoMM, Una tba rsvd
v faatta.-T, 1.
-" J. F. ri;;VTS.
la iiHli Caort ai tvQi mslt
Sale cd
la um
tta'irr of eatabr 1
Martha Wnndraf 4eaw
-V- : irrey '-! a t-ut tba w.t-mirnrd
a- twa by lirMe:t t-wrtof O.'nt -mr i
t. trre,Bj rwu'rtnwttir. Us;atf
ar :.- e.-r-avi a brm-a a., rrr-
tadrbbM to tba a4 rvtaie are a-rr-T
a aal i3taei ai. r..3,M , th
an-t.-. ri-vl at ter k rira ia Co. Va..f
j.rr-irct Uwt.w niarr. lro, and al! ?w
aooa harit(tt,;aLaa:aiit t aaid :a!a:.l
rrearoiSAeTe-iRM aa rr law arwauvd a:u
to . x noaiita imta rtaae ol tr.w aur
lai.i kow-i.rf . nrvpa, Fro. K-l. 1-3L
, . . k. A. w.uiarra,
("M S T. Woueatt.
In tbe Connty Coart k Dourfaa Coea'.T
Slat of 0-v., J
la tb tnatt-r ol l tbaaj of aaar of GaauJ
l,rt.ta'. i b- rbr ri tb.t k ortfr cj tb
a! nit romrt .iair and enterrd oa
I. Mb cayo Jawaary !Jt, aa-W ba:af
t-natarva Va rrwvd k a4ar-u.
. D. K. S3 tsv:.
City an.i Minns l)vrtr, IIns
n-s,l aa.l Tirt.Jw C'utiniUi.'Ttl.vl,
tho la-l ih.w afaiit. ." frts jgtij
i;, ii;sb..ns;;t .;. Sh4,l. ; : :
Stewart lar.3 Co.,
DlLILLlL, ICiil'Aiillfab
Op. Chm-vhtH & Vo?y8