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The Act Establishing Stat and County
Boards in Oregon.
Tv.otflliliah sUta board of health : to to
establish copnty boards of health in I
each and every county in the State of
OregorfJ to provide for the election of
a secretary of vital statistics ; to pro-
vide for uniform blanks and reports,
and to! assign certain duties to ' the
state, city, and county boards of health,
and to provide a penalty.
R,Hi.AltKeIailalivi Ammblv
of the State oOrrstm And, " J
R, si IwifA h tiuf. Pxml of the State of
v'jr i
t . i i Aatak. I
oecuoa a. a uwsru u .
lished, Trbich shall be Known unaer we
m and Iv1a f , Rtate Board of
Health. It shall consist of seven mem-
W. . follows: Six members, who
shall be appointed by the Governor,
with the consent of the senate, the vari-
wunuie consent oi we iohhj, uu van-
ous sjnetiona of the state beine renresent-
, . . . .
ed as far as practicable, and a secretary,
as provided by section 4, all to be physi-
I.;.. ...4 o,..;o)i Uul for tlih
vtuv - i
fitness and public spirit. The SIX mem- I
bers so appointed shall be so designated
by the Governor that the term of office
of three shall expire every two years, on
the fifteenth day of January. There-
ft lURmnm, with ths ronmnt of
4k. v.m .nnnintlvitriin thnrionntv. and shall have au-
uie bcimsii, ousu vicuuwu I
thme mmfor. to hold their office for
four years, ending on January loth, sheriffs, constables, and all county of
foarrl mT fo filled fleers to enforce such quarantine, subjet
v& iKa fAvarnnr
RftctVin 2 Tim Stat Board of Health I
shall haTe waeral Bnoervision of the in-1
terent of the health and life of citizens
of the state. It shall keeD the vital sta-
tistics of the state, and make saniUrv
investigations and inoniries respecting
ttunn.n nn,rfn nt 1itiMSM. I
especially of epidemics, including those
of domestic animals. It shall study the sances, or the cause of any special d is
canees of mortality, and the effects of ease or mortality, to be abated or re-
Lri;i .mnWnunii mnilitiona. I
foods, beverages, habits, and circum-
stances of the health of the people. It
shall make, and is hereby empowered 1
to enforce, such quarantine regulations I
as seem best for the preservation of the 1
public health, and it shall be the duty
nf all nnlir nrHrwm. ahArifrs. constables. I
and all county officers and employes of
tbt state, to enforce sack regulations,
subject to the authority of the health
officer. . -
Section 3. The board shall meet an
nually at Salem, and shall also hold
special meetings when and where the
board may provide, as frequently as the
proper and efficient discharge of its du
ties may require. Tliree shall consti
tute a quorum for the . transaction of
business. It shall elect, from its own
number, a president, and may adopt
roles and by-laws, subject to provisions
ofthis act. It ehall have authority to
end its secretary, or a committee of the
board, to any part of the state, when
deemed necessary, to investigate the
cause of any nn usual disease or mortali
ty, or especially dangerous diseases.
.Section 4. 'At its first meeting, or as
soon thereafter as a competent and suit
able person can be secured, the board
shall elect a secretary, who ehall, by
virtue of such election, become a mem-
ber of the board and .ta executive offi-1
cer, and hie official title ehall be known I
aa State Health Officer, who shall be a I
regularly graduated and reputable phy-1
skian. I
Sections. The secretary shall hold
his office so long as he shall faithfully
discharge the duties thereof, and may
be removed for just cause' at a regular
or special meeting of the board, a major
ity of the members voting therefor. He
shaS perform the duties prescribed by
this act, or required by the board. He
shall keep a record of the transactions
of the board, shall have the custody of
all books, papers, documents, and other
property belonging to the board, which
may be deposited in his office. He shall,
so far as practicable, communicate with
the other state boards of health, and
with the county boards of health with
in the state ; shall keep and file reports
received .from such boards, and all cor
respondence of the office appertaining
to the business of the board. He shall
prepare blank forms for the various
county boards of health, and give such
- instructions as may be necessary, - and
forward them to the various health offi
cers of the county boards of health
throughout the state. He shall collect
information concerning vital statistics,
knowledge respecting diseases, and all
useful information on the subject of hy
giene and through, an annual report,
and otherwise as the board may direct,
shall disseminate such information
among the people. -
Section 6.. The secretary shall receive
an annual salary, which shall be fixed by
the State Board of Health, and the neces
sary traveling expenses, and the neces
sary expenses for clerical service that the
board may deem necessary for his as
sistance. The board shall certify the
amount due him, and, on. presentation
of said certificate, the Secretary of State
shall draw a warrant on the State Treaa
nrer for the amount. The members of
the board shall receive no per diem
compensation for their services, but
tbeir traveling and other necessary ex
ensea, while employed on the business
the board, shall be allowed and paid.
Section 7. The sum f 5,000 per an.
turn, or so much 'thereof as may be
deemed necessary by the State Board of
Health, is hereby appropriated annual
ly to pay the salary of the secretary, and
any clerical service tliat he may require,
and to meet the contingent expense of
the office ot the secretary and the ex
penses of the board, which shall not ex
ceed the sum hereby appropriated ; the
.said expenses shall be certified and paid
in the manner as the salary of the secre
tary, and is hereby made the duty of
the Governor, Secretary of State, and
State Treasurer, or other proper state
officers, each year, in computing and es
timating the amount of revenue neces
sary for state purposes, toinclude iu
such estimate the sum hereby appro
priated ; and it shall be levied and col
lected as other state taxes are collected
and paid into the state treasury, and
kept eeparate and apart from rther
funds, and shall be known as the "state
board of health fund."
Section 8. In each and every county
of the state the county judge and eonnty
physician shall const itute a county board
of bfcailb for said county, and the county
physician all be health officer of that
f.nrity. If, in any county, it is deemed
ineijtfxlicai to have a county phyeiciani
the county judge shall act as health of
ficer, and constitute the county board of
health. It shall be the duty of the
county board of health to collect all vita
statistics, and keep a record thereof, and
renort to the secretary of the State
Board of Health monthly, not later
than the tenth day, all infeciiousdiseases
deaths, . the . causes thereof, places of
burial of every person having died in
said county, and in case of birth of any
child, giving the name of its parents
their residence, and their occupation,
that may have been reported to said
board of health during the preceding
month, excepting cities wherein
statistics are collected; and, in
on! a,
cases, the health officer, or other per-
onn vhika rintv it IS to collect Saw Bta- 1
" . ' " . f
usu,umiKii. j ---
State Board ol Ueaitn, not, later
the tenth day of the month, a transcript
of his monhtly records of deaths, places
ot burial, names, ages, etc;
births, names of parents,
in case 01
rf narents. ana tncir
. " ---- : ,0,t
places of residence ana nativity , anu oi
ti : t ronorted .to him.
all infectious diseases reporieu kio nun.
Section 9. tvery county ooaru
health shalChave the power to quaran- ol
- .. .
una against, any uiuci -
i.a , a,ii.itiit, fiiain si fin it si t i-
-"J" " " 7 . -
fectious disease or diseases exist, it, in
. .... . i ...... . I
its uugmeni, it ib uwmoi "" .'
and shall also have power 10 quarantine
anv case, or cases. Ot mteCtlOUS aiseaae
thority to call upon all pohce officers,
to the authority of the state health of-
Section 10. In cities, districts, and
places having no local boards of health,
or in case the sanitary laws or regnla-
tions in places w'here boanls of health
or health officers exist should be inoper-
atire the State Board of Health shall
have power and authority to order nni-
innvwl. Anr person who shall fail to
obey or violate such order, shall, on
conviction be sentenced to pay a fiue of
not more than $100, at the discretion of
the courl
Section 11. .The Secretary of State
shall provide suitable books and suitable
hlanks. as directed by the State Board
of Health, for keeping record of vital
statistics, and for reporting the same to
the county boards of health, and to the
secretary of the State Board ofLTealth
Section 12. It shall be the duty of
! every physician, midwife, or head of a
family nnder whose charge any birth
occurs, to report the same to the coun
ty, or city health officer (as the case
may be.) before the last day of the
month in which said birth occurs.
Every physician, midwife, nurse, or head
of a family, under whose charge any
death occurs, must report the same to
the county or city health officer, within
forty-eight hours, or as soon thereafter
as practicable. Every physician, or
other person, nnder whose charge any
infections oc epidemic disease occurs,
must report the same to the county or
city health officer immediately. Any
undertaker, head of a family, or other
person shall not bury, cremate, or cause
to be cremated or buried, the body of
any person until the death certificate is
properly filled ont and sent to the health
officer of the county or city in which
said burial or cremation is to occur. It
shall be unlawful for the transportation
of the remains of any person having
died, the cause of death being directly
or indirecltr due to an infectious . (lift-
ease, except as the State Board of Health
may direct. Any person violating any
section of this act, or any part thereof,
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and
be fined not less than ten dollars ($ 10)
nor more than one-hundred dollars ($100)
Section 13. Inasmuch as the appoint'
ments under this act . should be made
during the legislative session, an emer
gency is heieby declared to exist, and
this act shall be in full force and effect
after its approval by the Governor.
Passed the senate January 2$, 1903.
Passed-the house February 10, 11103.
Approved February 17, 1903.
Filed in the effice of the Secretary of
State February 18, 1903.
Weather Report.
The following data, covering a period
of 23 years, have been compiled from
the Weather Bureau records at Eoee-
trarg, Oregon. Month April for 25 years
Mean or normal temperature, ol de
grees. - j
The wannest month was that of 1888,
with an average of 56 degrees.
The coldest month was that of 18'.t6,
with an average of 46 degrees.
The highest temperature was 90 de
grees on 15th, 1897.
The lowest temperature was 2fi de
grees on 12th, 1890.
Average date on which first "killing"
frost occurred in autumn, Oct. 30.
Average date on which last "killing"
frost occurred in spring, May 3.
PREcirtTATioj (rain nd melted snow).
Average for the month, 2.54 inches.
Average number of days with .01 of
an inch or more, 14.
The greatest monthly precipitation
was 5.14 inches in 18S2.
The least monthly precipitation was
0.63 inches in 1888.
The greatest amount of precipitation
recorded in any 24 consecutive hours
was 1.32 inches on tith and 7th, 1902.
The greatest amount of snowfall re
corded in antt 24 consecutive hours (rec
ord extending to winter of 1884-85 only)
was trace on 14th, 1896.
Average number of clear days, 5;
partly cloudy days, 10 ; cloudy days 15,
The prevailing winds have been from
the northwest.
jne nigiiesi velocity oi tne wind was
36 miles from the southwest on 23d,
1888, and 25th, 1894.
Station, Roseburg, Oregon.
Date of issue, March 30, 1903.
Thos. Gibson,
"Weather Bureau.
The street car men at Seattle and .Ta
coma have virtually lof-t their fiht with
the roads. Many desertions from the
union ranks have taken place and with
these and nonunion men tho companies
have been enabled to continue business.
They kave refused to submit to arbitra
tion the issues submitted by the union
Notice of Guardian's Sale.
Kotloe li hereby siren, that by virtue and In
pursuance ot an oniur and llceuse of the Cwin-
ly :ourt oi uoos oumy, t'reeon, iuiy maae
and entered therein on the 27th day of January,
ISO, in the matter oi I lie guardianship oi ihe
-emiiii and estatua I OliarU-s K Minard,
kuth Z Mlnani, afonta M Miiiari. and John
11 Mitiard, Illinois, the iiiineraiiiiied. the duly
aiT"iiile1., qualified and aetiwr Kiiaritian ol
mid miuo'K. and of each of them, will, on
hAi r&DAY, APRIL. 4, ltl.t.
at the hour of one o'eliak p. m. ot said day. In
front of the Court House In Rosebiirs;, Douglas
county, Oregon, offer for aale and n il at vh-
licaiu'tion to trie ingm'si and uett owner lor
eash in hand all the rit:ht. title and interest ol
id minora and of each ol them, of, in and lo
all Hint part of the I'ro-euipliou Claim of Isaac
Minard (said 1're-emiuion t.'laim being the
SK ol m-eiion 2, In townhtp J7 soulb. rangO
6 went ol vt lllamette siurintati, lying norm oi
the County road leadiiiK Irora Roseburg to
1ookinff tilan Valley, he the fame more or lew-)
arortiiig to a need recorded in volume tn,
pace ol Lteeda, latnglas County Oregon Rue
Dated March 2, A. V.. 1'.
fKlfincdl KUAltl M. K K AKU.
Guardian of the Dt'nons and estate
ol I "e penons ana estate oi
rharle. f Millard. Rutf.a Z Wln.rd. Moula M
Minim ud jutn h Hintic, uiuon
Notice for Publication.
CnKed States Land Office,
Roseburg, Oregon Oct 11. li2.
Notlo ts hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions ol the act oi congress
wuh the rn
JnneS.lH78. entitled "An act tor the sale of
timber lands in the States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory." asezteud-
U( pubU( atIklM bj ol AUruat
mrs kva frost,
Rnaph,,,-.coii-ny of lmuglas. state ot O e-
I,., this . 1v Hh.l iii this olflcn her sworn
Uute - ncnt No a9. tor the purchase of the K',
UanJeNoi west and will oflor proof lo ahow
M''ina'armiin mtuuh . t
inal u,e i,,,d aougbi i more valuable for u
ilinlwr or stnna than fur ajiriciiltnal DnriKKK'S.
and to establish her claim to said land before
' .j w.
March . l;t. She names as witnesses: J J
P-ost. Jessie Scaulan, W Scanlan, J H Burton
a of Roseburg, Ore.
Avandll person claiming adversely tne
above described lands are requested to tile
their claims in this omce on or before said gist
day of March, 1903. J. T. BKlIXihS.
OA)p - negisivr
Notice for Publication
Tnlted State Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon, .Oct 18, )
NoMea is hereby given that in compliance.
with the provisions of the act of Cong resa ot
Junet, 18T. entitled "An act for thf sale of
timber lands In the States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and W ashlnclon Territory "asextend-
d to all the public land state by act oi August
4. UML
of Wood burn, eonnty At Marion, slate of O egon
has this dsy bled In this oilice Ms sworn slate
meat No 3719 ior the purchase of the fWi ot
sect ion 2. township 22 south, range b weal
and will offer proof to show Ui at the Ian d sought
is more valuable for lu timber or stone then
tor agricultural purpose, and to establish his
claim before the He isle r and Kaoeivar c4 tats
flic ol Koaabarg .Oregon.
on Thursday the 9th day of April. 1901 He
names as witnesses: w r Mimm, b Miner,
B M AnriUTe and James buiiock, all ot Myr
tle Creek.. Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adversely thr
above described lands are requested to GU.
their claims io this otaee on or before said 9th
day ol Apr. 1&
JJbp 1. 1. IHUKjCI
Notice for Publication.
Tolled Stales Land Office.
Rosehnrg, Oregon, Her. ti. I9h.
Itotlea ta hereby riven that ta compliance,
with the provisions of tb act of Congress ef
June t, STS,entittW "An art tor tha sal of
timber lands in the Stales of California. Oregon
Nevada. and Washington Territory." asextend-
d to all Um public land stale by act oi Angus
ot West Bend, eonnty oi Halo Al'.o. stale ol
Iowa, has this dstT&led io this office hi sworn
state ent Jo. ''. for the purchase of the
K), of See 20. Tp S0S.R7 W. arid will of
ier proof to show that the land sought is more
valuable ior its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, sn-1 to e lablisa bis claim to
said land belore w S BritU C S Commissioner
at Riddle. Oreron, on Monday the day of
March. laCa. He name as w unease: C. A
Fay, of appleton. liinn , A. C. Carlson, of Cen
ter City, Minn., Peter Porch, and Albert Durcfa
ol Roeebure. Oregon.
Anv and ail nertns claiming adversely the
above described lands are requtsud to file tbeir
claims in tht office on or before said d dsy of
March. 1B. J.T.SKllKiU
J12p , Register.
Notice for Publication.
Tnited State Land Office.
Roseburg. Oregon. Feb 21. 113
Notice i here by given that In eompHaoe
wtih the provisions of the act of Congres of
June 8, )ih. enU'.Icd "An art for tbe sal ol
timber lands in tne Males of California. Oregon
vria.aDd Washington Terriiorr."aseiend-
ed to all lb public land state by act of August
, ue.
cf Seattle, euanty oi King. Slate ot Wasbingtoa.
has thia dav filea ia this office bis (worn staf
ntrnt No. 4o. for the ourvhaae of X' of
of See . Tp SI H. R g west, and w 111 oflrr proof 10
snow thai me lana soocoi is more vsioaoie ior
Its timber or stone thao tor atrriCDltnral por
po. and to emablish hi claim to said land
before W 8 Biitt. 8 Coirmiasionf r, at Riddle.
Oreeon. on Kridav. the 1st day of Mv Mut. lie
name a witncsr: ittaxie a Mion, ana
V'ctor Pinkerton.of BnnhomUh. W ash.. J U
Gilbert, oi Ferdoe, Ore., W Wejbright, Riddle,
any and ail person claiming adretsely tne
above described lands are rei nested to file
tbeirclaims in thisoSiceon or be 'ore said 1st
day of May, laui J.T. BRlDOtS.
tXp Erg inter.
Notice for Publication.
I nited Plate Lend Office.
Rosi'bnrg. Oregon. Mar 27, IviL
Notice is bereby given that In eompUaneo
srilh the provisions of the act of Congresa of
June 3, 87 entitled "An art for tha sale of
timber lands In tbe State of California, Oregon
Nevada .and Hal,Tligun Terriiry,"aegleud
d to all tb public Land siataa by act of Aogasg
of Akeley, eonnty of Hubbard, stale of Minn.,
ha this dav filed In this office her sworn state
ment ho t:ti for the purchase of the S'i of
NWi; NW4 oi KE.'.ieW'i of S K' of sec
tion 26. township XI south, range & west, and
will offer roof to show that the land sought is
more valuable for it timber or ttone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish her
c.aim to said land before W. S. Briiu 0. b. Com
misaioner at Rmdle, Ore., on Monday, the Sih
day of June. lXL hbe name aa witnesses
J King. C J Clement, both of Roeebnrg. Ore.
Erics. I'etet son, of Akeley, Minn., Oeo. Healh,
ot Koeeoorg. ure.
Any and all persons claiming tdversely the
above described lands are requested to file tbeir
claims in this office on or before said eih day
claims in this
of Jane, 1803.
Notice for Publication.
I'nitod State Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon, Nov. Jf,. iwl
ot lee is hereny given that In compliance
wim me prow ions oi in an ol congrcn ot
June. iiCH. enUtlwi "An ai-t for the sale of
timber lands In tl.a Hiaws of California, Orewnn
Kerada.and VI arhiugton Territory," asexlend
d to ail lh public land stales by act of August
of 8223 Xicollet Ave. Minneapolis, county of
Hennepin. H'te of Minnesota, ha this day
Died in this omce ber sworn statement ho
for the purchase of the S'i NE, fK'l
Nt 1"E! 8KJ4 of Bee. S. Tp. 26 S. R J l
and will ofler proof, to show that the land
sought is more valuable for 'is timber or atone
than for agricn'tural purposes, and to establish
her claim to said land before tho Register and
Receiver of thia office at Rosebnrg. Oreeon.
on Tnesdav, tbe 5th dsy of May, 1'(. She'
nams aa wltm-we: Frank Long and Kdward
Von Pessl. oi Cleveland. Onron. Charles
Tbom ana John Tnom, of Koseburg. Oregon.
Any and all imreon claiming adversely the
above descn tied lands are requested to file
tneirclatms In this office on or before said Mb
day of May.. WW. J T. BKIIMiKH,
fiip Kegisler.
Sheriff's Sale.
In the Circuit Court of ihe State of Oregon
J. . Clements. 1
vs V
8. W. Tooley. . 1
nonce is nereny given tnai t,y virtue of an
execution and order ol sale, duly issued out of
ana unaer ine seat oi inu aoove entitled court
tn the above entitled cause, io me directed
and dated tbe 26th day of February. 19H3. noon
a judgment rendered and entered in said coort
on tb nun nayol January, 1903. in iavor
tbe above named plaintiff and sgolnst ike
above named defendant, and aitalnst the
hereinafter mentioned and described attached
res! property, lor the su,tn of iJ with interest
thereon at the rate ol 10 per ent-per annum
from tne lt'.h day of Jnlv, l'.Oi, and the further
sum of l'-iu costs and tlio du of and U)Kn
ui's w rii. ,u iiiuo-ioie s win nn
Saturday, the 11th dav ot April, 1903,
at one o'clock p. in. of said day, at the court
house iront ooor, in Koxeburgi Oouglas county
Oregon, sell at public auction to the highest bid
der, forcash In hsiid, all the rignt, title and
interest, wnicn tne saia iieienaant, Dad on
iie25tnday of October, laoi. or at any time
thereafter io or U tbe following lusctlbed
reel propeity, to-wit:
The umiivi led one-hlf Interest in and to
the following described real proerty to-v. it:
lxt s In block No, 1. and 1ms li, 13, 14, 15, ft.
17, 1H, in block No .1; also lots g, and 10 in block
No. 6, In Tboums siilxliviioii of lot No. l.'l, aod
west half of lot No. 12, Fruitviiie Addition to
Koeburg, On (ion. with all and singular Ihe
tn met:! licreililameata and appuitenancrs
thereunto nnlongli'g or in anywise appertain
ing. To satUIy mid cxectition, order oi sale,
interest, cots and accruing costs.
Hated at Roseburg, this eih day of March,
19ttl. E. L.PARROTT.
I Bheriff of Douglas county, Oregon
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office.
RoseburgOroiion, Feb ii, 1903.
Notice Is hereby given that in onninlianoe
with the provisions of the act nf Congress of
June S, 187M emitted "An Act for the saleof
timber lands In the states of California, Orego.i,
Nevada, and Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all the public land states hy act ol Aug
ust 1, IBVi,
Whatcom coiu.ty of Whatcom, state of
Washington, has this day filed in ihlsnmce his
sworn statement No. iMii, lor the purchase ol
the NK4 of section IS, township XI M, K 3 went,
and will offer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for Its timlier or stone
than for agricultural purposes and In establish
Ins claim to said land bolore W. 8. Ilritt. Li. ri.
CommiMilnner at Kiddle, Oregon, on Fridiy the
ii uay oi may, I'.'u. tie names as witnesses:
Vlrtor I'ltikerUin.Hnohoml'h. Wash., Herliert
H Short. Pealile. Was.. J O i lbert. Perdue.
Oregon, Chas A tihort, tiuohoinlHh, Wash.
Any and all iH-rson dalmiug afiver-ely the
above described lauds are requested to t e their
claims lu this oilice on or belore said lttdayof
ay. iviu. j. i. UKiuucs,
V. 8. Land Office Roseburg, Ore.,
February . 190.'t.
Notice is hereby given that James . J. Yo-
eum, wnose postonioe address is Kiddle. Pong
lasconnty, Oregon, has this day made and
Bled his application lor a patent to the folio
lngdcwrilwl placer mining ground, in Excel
sior Mining District, Pong 1 si county, Oregon,
The east half of the south east quarter of the
aomnwesi quarter 01 section ntneieen In town
ship thirty south of range live west of the Will
rnielte ineridisn, in Douglas county, Oregon
cot lainlng twenty acres. In the dUI'lct.of
land subject to sale at the lnd Oince at Koe-
burg. Oregon. Any and all petpons claiming
adversely the foregoing dcscriled land, or anv
portion thereof are hereby noli lie, 1 to fllu iu
this ofTIce such adverse claim wiilun slxtyduys
from the Hrst publication of this application
lor pa lent, ami laiung io no so, any and a1
adverse claims to said placer mining ground
or any pa't tnereoi wut ne Darrea bv the pro-
visious oi law, j. i. UIVIlKtU,
wp ttegiktcr.
First publication February 949 J.
Notice for Publication.
Rosssuso. Oregon. Nov. 1?. 1ji
Notice is hereby given that in aroiDliaoee
riih the provisions of tha act of Conereesof
JnneS, 1S78. entitled, "An act for the sal of
timber lands in the State of California Oregcn,
Nevada, and Washington Territory." as extent
ed to all the Public Land State by act of Aug
ust . isw.
of Roseburg. count v of Douglas, state of Or.
gnn, baa this flav filed in this office his sworn.
statement No. 2943, lor the purchase of the
lota 1 and 2 of tier. 18, T p SO 8, it 7 wist; W. H
and will offer proof to show that the land aonglit
I more valuable lor Us llinber or stone lur
for agricultural purnotea. and to establish hi
claim before the Register and Receiver nf thia
oilice of Koseburg.oregon.
on Wednesday, the 3d dav of June. 19TO. Ji
name as witnesses: William Hlaae. ol bnrte.
l.lano. Ira ri les. of Olalla. oreeon. m r Klce,
and t C Woodruff, roin of Roaebnrg.Ore.
Any and all persons claiming adversely t w
sImivc descrilrl lands are requested lo tlo
heir claims In this odice on or before said Sni
day of June, 19HL J T. BK11"., ts,
marji Kecister.
Notice for Publication.
rniied States Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon, Nov. li, luta
Notice Is t enbv given that in comnl anoe
with the provision of the actol Congres of
Junes, Ikvr. enutied "an Act for the (sue
Timber Lands lu the states of California, Oi
gon. Nevada and aabington Territery," aa e-
tendea to all the Pnblie Land State by act vf
August i, L-9i.
of Olalla. eonnty ol Douglas s'ata ot Oregon
has this day SieJ in this onVe his Sworn sla9-
eawit No. 3ML, lor the pon buc of th pw
St1.. WU Kl ami Mi1. Sil'i of sect!.
Is. township ) south, of range 7 wert, W. U
and will oiler proof tot bow that the land snngf.t
is more valuable lor its limber or stone ins
for agricultural purpose, and to establish h
claim before I he Register and Receiver ol Lh:a
ill ce ol Roaoburg, Oregon.
on Welnesdav. the Ud lsr ot June. lTtt. II
name msIumsmi: F II woodruff. M F Rir
F O Woodruff, ail nf Roseburg, Oregon, Wilaaas
Bla,ol Burtc, ,ilano.
Any and all persons claiming adversely U
aooe described lands are reo ueste 1 to Hie th?i
c.aims in this office on or before said 3rd dav ot
June. 1HU. J. T. BR1IX.KS.
aarji fcegister.
Notice for Publication.
Cnited Bute Land Office.
Baseburg, Oregon, Feb 11, Lxrt.
Kotic is hereby given that In com pi I anr
with the provisions of tba act of Congm cf
JnneS. ISTS. entitled "An act for tha aale of
timber lands in th States ot California. Oregon
Sevia .and W ahlnru.n Terrliorr'aseileod-
d to all lb nubile land stale by act of August
v 0V.
of SohoniUh. emnty of rnohnmUh, state of
w ahington. ba- this day bird In this oar
his saorn statement Ko. 4vi. for tbe iurcha-
of lh- t", ol Ol rc 3. Tp. Si ft. R 1 wrst.
and win 3ner prooi io snow loai tue lan I
sought is more valuable lor Its timber or stone
than lor agricultural purpose, and to rstab
ish Lis claim to said land before W 8 Brill,
V 8 Commissioner, at Rlddl Oregon, on
Friday, the lt day of Hay, 1-sO. lie names as
witnesses: U M fhrl. braille v asn . v rint-
erton.faobnovsh.vlasb, v. Weybrigbt, Riddle.
Ore. J y Gilbert. I'eedue. Ore.
Anyand ail persons claiming, alvcrsely tn,i
above described lands are requested to tie
their claims in this oSice on or before said M
day of May 1KB J. T. JJRllXi8,
ct.p aegisier.
Notice for Publicatiou.
rnlted Sta'c Land Office.
Rosebnrg, Oregon, Jeb. 3, Jcl.
Kotlca ia bcret'y gtven that In eompllanca
Ilk tb provisions of tha act of Congress of
June 3, 1 S7S, enutied "An a-t for lb sale of
timber lands In the Stairs of California. oregoo
Nevada. and Washington Territory." asextend-
d to all lb public land stale by act of A agua
of 3TO0 Colby are. Everett, coonly of Snoho
mish, state ot w aaoington. has tnts fley it.
tb.soliiee his wtalemrtt t w, for tho
purchase nl kits I, U.S. 1", of Hee S.Tp. 31 S, K i
west and will offer proof to show that the land
one bl is more veltiaMr fur li trmbrr or sion-;
than br an nllnral HirpMe and loestaMisb
hi claim loaaid land belore W K tinlt, I' H t:..ln
mfasioncrat Riddle, Oregoo. on Friday the 1st
day of May. ISO. He names aa wtlacw: Theo
dure Anderson, and O. I. Reeve, of Rrerett,
Wash.. J. U (lilbert. Perdue. Or.. Chaa. A
Short, Bnohomuh, Wash.
Any and all rcrsons claiming adversely IB.
above descrild lands are requested to file
theirclslms in ti.isomeeoa or before said 1st
day of May 1SW. J. T. BRIDGES.
rja acgisw.
Notice for Publication.
Cnited Stale Land Oft ice.
Roseburg, Ot goo, March i. lvOL
rtotlea ta hereby given that in eompltanea
with the provision of th act of Congresa c4
June A, l.. entitled "An act for the sale ol
timber lands in th Males of allfornia.oregon
Nevada. and Washington Territory," ascxtend
d to all th public land Mate by act of August
wn.nrR MORRIS.
of Index, onnty of Snohomish, state nf Wash
baa this day Dint in tins otnee nis sworn jim
ment No. 4VSH. for the Dorchaae oi tbe fvt 1 i e
Bee 10. Tn SI H, R S west, and ill oner
proof to show that the land sought Is more va
uable for lis timber or stone Ihao for ssrlrr.ltu
rat purpoMn. and tontablish his claim before
W ti Britt 1 8 cminisi.ner, at Riddle. Oregon,
on Wcdnesdsv. tbe JUh day nf May. !'-. He
name as wiuiefflc- J U Willie rt, of Perdue,
Oregon. Wm 'Jlrlch. , Index. Wash.. O l
Heevea. an.l Thos Owens. boLtl ol Everett. an
An and all nersons claiming adveniy the
above dcacrilM-d iamls are requested U nkM
their claims in this oft ice on or lietore sal'lailh
dstof May, l u.,
Ma. avefisicr.
Notice for Publication.
CMrrao Statx Lko Owe.
Roseburg, Oregon, March . Ivn3
Notice is herel.y given tfiat In tvnnpllanca
with the provisions of the act of Congrea of
June S, 16. h entitled "An art for tha sale of
timber lands In tbe States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and V, ashineton Terriiorv."asextend
ad to all th public land states by act of August
william r. n.Ricn.
of Index, countyof Snohomish, alale of Wa-h
Ir.gton, has this day filed In this olTce bis
sworn xtalcmetit No. 4.W9, for tha pnr-hsse
tne N WI40! riwi 10, Tn si H, R S W, and will ofTer
proof to show that the land sought is moreval-
ualile lor It tlmlM-r or sUnie than for sgrlcjl
lural piirrxes, and to esiablish bis claim to
snld land belore V H llritl I' 8 t:oniniisioner a
Kiddle. Ote., on Wednesday, the Vuth day ol
May, iwi. Ho nam, s wllmwa: J (4 Oil
bert, 01 I'erdue, Oregon, llbur Morris, of In
dex, Wash., O 1) Reeves, and Tbo Owen, both
01 Kverelt, Wash.
Any and sll persons claiming adversely the
above-descrlts-d lands are r,quested to file thi-lr
claims in this oflica on or bulore'tald '20tb day
ol May. 190i J.T. Ba poxs,
Wr. Register.
Notice for Publication.
United gta e Ind Office,
Roseburg, Oregon, March 3, l-.wl.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of tbe act ol Congrus of
JuneS, 1K7H, ou tilled "An Act for the saio of
Timber Lands in the States of California, Ore
gon, Nevada and Vt axhiiigton Te rltory" as ex
tended to all tbe Public Land States hy act of
August , 1M'2.
of Aberdeen, county of Clielialis, sute of Wash
ington, hss tliis iay filed in this oftico his
worn statement No. 4Mti, for the purchase of
tho NWl Hec 4, Tp 31 south, range J wexl, and
will offer proof to show that the land sought Is
more valusble fur lis timber or stone t an for
agricultural purposes, and to establish bis
claim to said bum befure W 8 Hrltt, U H Com
missioner at Riddle, Ore., on Friday, tbe th,
r -y of May, 1W3. lie names as witnesstw: J it
C llrt, Penlue, On-goii, C. I l.envt'iij;nrH,
R. cldlc, Oregon, Lloyd Maniuam, Tiller, Ore.
Al. Bui- liL'SUKh, Kiddle Orevon.
Any and sll persons claimiug adversely the
altove described lauds are req nested to tile
Iht-ir claims in this office on or before said lh
day of May, 1DUJ. J T lilUDGKrt,
Mar 5. , Register.
Notice for Publication.
United State Land Office
Roseburg, Oregon, Oct. 2, 1902.
Notice la hereby given that In compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June S, ),, entitled "An act for the sale of
ttmlier lands In the States of California, Oregon
Nevada, and Washington Territory," asextend
ed to all the public laud states by act of August
Portland, county of Multnomah, state Of Or-
jon, has mis uay niea in iinsomoe nis sworn
alement Mi 37M, lor the purchase of the Nw
ol section 18, township S H, range t west.
and will olfer proof to show that the land sought
Is more raluable for Its timlier or stone tbsn
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register and Receiver oi this
oilice ol Roseburg, Oregon.
on Tuesday, the 19th day of May, 130:1. Be
linn as wtlneaaes: w M Boren. Hale Koren
nd John l4nhurr, of Camas Valley. Orc.Kvertt
lllgdon, of Vancouver. Wash.
Any and all tiersous claiming adverselr the
Ixive dcwrilMad lands are requested to tile
heir claims in this oilice on or before said 19th
day of May, 1M0J. J T.HRllXiES,
Maxap Regisi-r
Motice for Publication.
rntTgn 8t4tis Lard Orrtcs,
Roseburg, Oregon, March 9. l'.M.
Notice i hereby giren that in com oils uce
with the provisions of tha act of Congress of
June J, 17b, eutiUed "Aa Act for the s.leoll
timber lauds In the state of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory, aa extend
ed to all the Publie Land Bute by act of Aug
ust 4, rfti,
of It. M . 8., Portland, conn I v of Mnltnomsh,
state of Oregon, has this day filed In this oilice
his sworn stHtenient No. t-v for the piircbsse
of the N' NW4 of Sec. 14, Tp 29 8, K 7 west.
and will olfer proof to show that the land sought
Is more valuable lor Its tinnier or stone thsa
fur agricultural puriuses. and to establish hi
claim before the Register and Receiver nf Una
oiiic of itoseburg. Oregon.
on T hunslay. the 4th day ot Jane, ltvif. lie
tiniiica mm g turmve uioufc vwu vi J I taws
Oregon WH Root, of Bridge. Oregon John F
Letinhtrr. Camas Valley, Oregon and U 8
Smith, Roseburg. Oregon.
Any and an persons claiming adversely t ie
above described lands are requested to Die tbeir
claims in Ihii office on or before said 4th day
01 JUOe, HAU. 4 1 0KIUUS3,
marlfp Keglstar.
SotUty jMtlng:
F. & A. M. Laurel Lodge No. 13.
lipids regular meetings on second
and f orth Wednesdays of aaib
month E. J. Stbocd, W. M
N.T.JBWkTT, Secretary.
O. U. W. Rocbar Ixdie No. Uh.
Moets the tecood and fourth Mon-
I day of each month at 7 :30 p. m.
in th 1. u. U. r. Hail, aiemoera tn
(raid standing are invited lo attend.
V. M.Tuziu M. W.
E. II. Lkxox Kecorder.
D. .8 West, Financier.
P. O. ELrLS.Rofwbtirf Lodge No.
326. Hold regular commnnicv
tiona at I- 0. 0. F. Hail on aeooi.d
and fourth Tharadayi oi each mouth.
All members requested to attend retro-
lart and all Tiaiting brother! are corai-
Uy iorited to attend.
W. U. JaJClfUOB, K. K.
V C. Lo.tDOg, Secretary.
I . N. 3 , meets at Armory Hall ev9iy
v Thursday eTemnt , at 8 clock.
F. B. Haklw. Capt.
EUREE OF POSOR. Mytk !xdirg
No. 13. MU 2nd and 4th Thru
dav eTentttsTfl of each month in Na
tive Sods' Hall. Viciting members cot-
dially ittt1 tn attend.
Mas. MgaiT West. C. of H.
E. II. Lskhox, Hec.
OF A. Court Dunglaa No. 32. For
sows ot America. Meets every
Tnewday evening in Native son'
Rail. Visiting brotheraalwava welcome
- W.VaxZilx C. &.
E. II. Lkxox. R. F,
E. V. Hoovsr, rbrsician.
U. 11. F. PhlleUrian Lodm No. 8.
Meets in Odd Fellowa Temple, cor-
nat T Ait. mnw ai il sTwkaa Trf. af nn I
oer Jackfon and lAW cuoeta, on
Saturtla evening of each week. W em
ber of tha order in good tiandiog ar.
uiritfrd to attend.
II. B. (iiLLrTTg, N. G
K.T. JawaTT, ccretary.
of P. Alpha Lotlg) So. 47.
every I. O. O
Hal) 7U0 p. in. .Members
(nod fffanditrc are Invited to attend.
. C. HildckbandC.
F.V. RampK. R.S.
T. M. Irot-tion Tent No. 1A.
Ilolda ita recnlar Review the
first and third Friday of each
month in tho I. U. O. hall. Vieiting
members in good standi nit are invited to
attend. 1. 1. rArnrjuo.v, uom.
E. . BLorx.rTT, Record Keeper.
ILAC CIRCLE. So. 49, Women of
Woodcraft. Meats on 2nd and 4tli
Fridays of each month at ths Na
tive tons, 1111. Vieiting member in
ffood standins are invited to attend.
Maomb P.rrtiAXAX, Guardian Ntighbo
MiNxn Orar, ijecy.
O. T. M. Roeeborg Hive No. 11
Ilolda ita retmiar review opoa thi
second and loorth Fridav eve.
of each month in tbe Native. tSooa' Hall
Sisters of other Hives visiting in (he city
are cordially invited to attend oar re
view. Jgaeis Kapp, L. Com
Macob E. McCLALutit. R. K.
MW. OF A. Myrtle Camp No. 6330.
Meets first and third Wedneedayi
each month at Native Sons' Hall
Gbo Btbox, Clerk.
E. 8. Romberg Chapter No. g
Holds their regalar meeting on the
first and third Thursdays in each
nontb. Visiting members in good
rtandirc are respectfully invited to at
tend. Mas. Naxhir 8pagcb W. M.,
Macpb Ra t Secretary.
RBEIvAHS. Rooeborg Rebekah
Lodira No, 41. l.O. OF meets in
Odd Fellows' Temple every Toeeda)
evening. Visiting sisters and brethren
invited to attend.
Prlla r.Rows, N. G.
Coba Wimberlt. R. S.
wmlily No. 105 meets every Katnr
dav evening, at 8 o'clock in Native
Sons Hall. Visiting Artisans cordially
invited to attend.
Rtr. S A. Doeolas, M. A.
Mtso. T.kla Phowh, SecrotarT.
Camn No. 125. Meets at tbe Odd
Fellows' Hall, tn Rosebnrg. every
first snd third Monday evening. Visit
ing neighbors alwava welcome.
N. T. Jbwett. C. C.
J. A. Bfcharah, Clerk.
Chlil re-Mow s lemiile. Meets first
and third Thurwlav evonines each
month. Visitors cordially invited.
J. B. llAMll.TO!, C. P.
J. C. TwrrcnBLL, Scribe.
YoncaUa Real Estate
Timber lands located and for sale. Good bar
gains in farm praperty. Loana mad on easy
terms in sunt from tAO to any amount at S, i.
i and s per cent.
Best References.
All Work Guaranteed
Leave orders at Bur r's MnsicSto
- h. -. J - i -. J
The frertient salea of small instru
ments ot late is a surprise for this time
of the year. Trices and qnalily is what
counts when wiling gfods anil yon can
always get the best gxsls for the lexixt
money at T. K. Richarl-)Q'g.
Professional Cards.
Ptson. i Residence fCJ, Seeidencc
rBuam Jo&calltJ West Hoaebaor
OfBca : Room 11 Taylor A Wllso- Block
txamination Tree. OSice boon t to II a. m.
2 tot p. a. Gradual Still Collrgeof Osteopathy
Phone Vain II
Coort Roos
Ph'sician, Surgeon.
Office over P. O. Roskbtbo,
'Phone Main 591. Oaaoos.
Physcian & Surgeon.
Offlo levlew Bia.
roooe. ataiau
TPLilt K V. HtX) J-.K,
Homes can Oriook
Special atteatlua given to Disrat ol Um
and Throat.
OffW-kiaia BCooedoor sooth of Ci ty BsM
Phooa. Mala HI.
p Vt nYXE3,
Etw Batldlast.
relephoao Mo. .
ROMRsrsu MagLO
Attorney at Law,
toon 4L Vtmeri Bidg ROSRBORa. OK
arrBiHlDs before lb D 8 Laa4 0fBcas4
Ainlng easts a special ty.
Lata local 0. 8. Lasd Oatca
Rosbbcbo. 0ww.
Baatnea before C. 8. I And OOVrcaDd Probst
Mistne a speclaltj.
OaVxs Abrabaaa BaiUlaa.
Wtll pradlc ta all Ihe 8taW and PeOeral CoerrM
Offics ta Marks' Rld, Rcasrbarc. Oregon.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Mining Law and Water Rights mad)
a specialty.
vrrlew Balldlojc.
J A. BUCHANAN, NoUry Public.
Collections a Specialty.
Room t
stanter Baildlng.
Attorney at Law.
Room 11,
Taylor A wiisoa Block.. Kossstrao,
a. at. saaT,
c a. Stiu.saB
iaeiloa In all ol the eoorts of tbe la a. also
before tb U.S. Laad department.
Tailor A A ilaon Block.
Notary Public In office
Thon Slain 2t BOSKBURO, OKE
Head Office, MeUtnnville, Oregon
Amt.of insurance in force, $11,000,000.00
Net gain in one year, 2.62S.787.0O
Saving its members 1 yr., 80,591.60
Number separate risks, 22,3t0
Se As J. Buchanan.
Roseburg, Oretron. Agt. for Doujlas Co.
We have on hand a few swond hand
piano, which we are giving Ut cle
ont at a sacrifi-, to make room for
our nest car load. We hare only four
pianon of our 1 :t car at left. The
Xeedham sells it-lf at aiht and sonnd.
XeclhamTianosi, the lt and only the
best. T. K. RicliardwHi.
Roseburg and Cottage Grove, Oregon. zZZ
sr.xrxr.: x iv : v ' v: - vt
The Best Always the Cheapest
For Sale by
V-Vuv: V' V". v -5K v: V- v:. v . v xlv tx ". v. : : v. v:-x"jvivwi
to buy a farm
furnished rooms
to buy a house
rent a house
build a house
move a house
If via lia'ttn-PVr
F F. pails
all oa or vidreea . .
Of every desrriytion. Farms snd Min
eral Lands. Oregon, Washington ami
Cor. Wsjihincton
and Main Streets
Mrs. Belle Collins
H. Little,
- - Oregon.
Abstract of Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on Govern
ment Land. ,
Bine Pnta of Township Maps showing
all acant Lands.
Plans and Est! mates for all Build
ings. Special designs for Office Fixtures
Office in new Rank Bnilding. Thone 415
The Nerr Vork Mfe-Flltjf-iseTesi
year old.
Aitae(B over (190,000,000,
Income la 1401
Insnraace ta forc over Sij6s,
Mew lusaraace pattd.for la 1901
over $161,000,000.
Paid Policy-Holder ta 100 1,
over as7.oo0.0oo.
Paid Po!tc-Moldenta 57 year).
W. J.Moeo, Agent.
Restitute Cr
Through Salt Lake City, Leadville, Tueblo, Colorado
Springs and Denver, and the Famous Rockj'
Mountain Scenery by daylight "
Modern Equipment, Through Pullman and Tourist Sleep
ing Cars and Superb Dining Car Service.
For rates", folders and other
iufonmiti u, address
v: : v ; - x - - . v : v. x x
Leading Grocers
t tractor
sad K.lAer
aaa'afjasi a s-sa 03.
9 r
For a Prompt and First-class
Share or Hair-cut. Compe
tent Workmen, Clean Tow
els, Tools alrars in ehapa.
Baths in Connection.
Shop on Jackson St. i
Homes from 5250 to $5000
Write or 'Phone
17m. LI, Porter,
Real Estate A sent and Notary
Timber and Homestead Locator
Packer and Ouide
Camas Yalle-, Oregon
3eaiissnab rat nt Koaebars;
is r repaml to wait npon 14
anl near enjtoroers and friends
with a full and completa
stock, of
All fresh and of the very best
quality. Teas aad cofTeea ar
ipecia.tie. Your patronage
aos Jackson St., Raseburx
The t; resist Fsnu Paprr of the Norta
el. I 'il,i-lir-t mreeslv at ftajern. Ore
fn. K,ln-! bv the faruters of the
-Northwest. Twenty I-. liluMrateU.
S lpr fo Si . Laaa tana act raca
Pnbliralioa l-rcan Xsrrh U l. Now
has o.aeo snWriorra. Ibenomeoal frovtb
Is .ie lo it bring tho best iaraa paper pb
5115 A YEAS." -
W. C. M BRIDE, Oen'l Asent,
la 4 Third Street, Portland, Or
m PI