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    The Twi--Vek
Rosebarg Plaindealer
FaoUabed Monday and Thutdgyg.
Editor and Publisher
ILlhbt H. Bboozes, Local Editor.
Twice--eek Plaindealer. vet year, $2.00
Entered at the Poet Office in Roaebnrg,
r., as second class mail matter.
AdTertjwne Rates on Application.
APRIL 6, 1903.
Governor Chamber lain arrived in
Rosebarg last Ibarsday ereningona
riait to the Soldiers' Home. He was
met at the depot by prominent citizens
of this city and escorted to the McCl al
ien hotel. la the evening an informal
reception of the citicens of Roeebnrg
was held in the dining room of the hotel
and plates were served lor thirty guests,
Banker Sheridan presiding. After sup
per the Governor made a very good talk
on general affairs and complimented
Douglas county very highly. The Hon
Binser Hermann, Judge fullerton and
O. P. Coshow also made very good after
dinner talks, but the whole affair; in
which prominent republicans as well as
democrats participated, was gotten np
on the spur of the moment and so far
as the Pliixdkalk knows the little
friction caused by some of the citizens'
being left out was entirely unpremedi
tated. There was nothing . political in
the gathering. It was nothing more
nor lees than a gathering together of
prominent citizens on the spur of the
moment, to meet the Governor and do
honor to the state of Oregon On Fri
day morning the Governor went out to
the Soldiers' Home and after thorough
ly going over all the affairs with the
superintendent he returned to Salem on
Friday night's overland train. .
Two savage lionesses belonging to tli
Bostock trained animal show were at
large on the streets of PitUfield, Mass,
on Thursday morning., creating a panic
among the crowd assembled, killing one
horse and maiming another. That no
person was attacked by these savage
beasts was owing to the prompt action
of the keepers, who shot one of them
dead while it was grappling a horse's
throat. The other animal ran through
the streets and sought refuge in the cen
tral automobile station, where it was
brought to bay and driven into its cage
alter it bad been badly wounded. The
two lionesses were being lowered into
their cage from the rear of the third
story of the Academy of Music When
about 20 feet from the ground the cables
holding the cage broke and it was
thrown violently to the ground, break
ing in pieces and releasing the animals.
Abe condition of the wounded lioness is
serious and it is thought she also will
die. She is valued at 1 1000.
The grand jury at Seattle has ad
journed and after thorough investiga
tion found the following indict'
ments against the city officials as fol
lows: Ma yoi Homes, malfeasance in of
fice ; Chief of Police, Sullivan, malfeas
ance in office ; Police Judge George, fail-
nre to perform his sworn daty4-JnUoM
a. ii. Cann, extortion and perjury
George 17. Piper, perjury; Jacob Furth
obtaining a valuable property by fraud
8. L. Soffieton, obtaining valuable prop
erty by fraud ; Walter S. Fulton, failure
to perform his sworn duty; Charles F.
Wiltleeey, larceny by embezzlement ; P
r. JFadden, larceny by embezzlement
Samuel Rosenberg, renting premises for
immoral purposes. The report shows
mast of corruption little dreamed of and
taken altogether proves Seattle to be the
toughest city in the staU.
. General Wood is to be the governor of
the Moros and Sulu Islands, but he
instructed not to interfere wilh the Mo-
hamfdan religion, Mormcnisn
blavery. Well we can stand the Mo
hamedan religion, for a good. Mohame-
dan is a better man than a professed
Christian, and the Sulu group would be
i i . . .
m pwi jmsoi vo Bena seventy-live - per
cent of our Congressmen and Senators
to, and thus save the Country keepin g
up two thousand women m Washington
at public expense; and as for Slavery
that fact is a disgrace to the American
people at large and should be stamped
out at any cost. To fly the Star Span
gied banner the Emblem of Liberty
over the Sulu group in sight of thous
ands of slaves disgraces the flag.
The fact that the war in the Tranevaa
country practically depleted that coun
try oi cattle nas grown more apparent.
Thextresne fb6rtage of cattle in South
Africa as a result of the long conflict has
become a very serious matter, and in
order to relieve the situation the British
government has undertaken to induce
the importation of breeding cattle from
tbe United States into that section of
country, and naturally the stock will
come from Texas. Thos. Jones of south
Texas was in -South Worth Friday
Bit firm has just sold 2500 head of breed
ing cattle to Mai. V alter de S. Maude,
connected with the British army, and
this consignment of cattle will be ex
ported Irom Galveston April 8. The
cattle will go direct to South Afriea.
TV C a e .i .
oecreiaryoi tne interior bas is
sued an order restoring to ihe public do
main nearly 1,000,000 acres of land in Na
tronia and Johnson countieo, Wyo., that
were withdraws from public entry about
a year ago as oil lands. An English
syndicate represented to the depart
ment that the lands, were highly valu
able as oil lands and undertook to de
velop them. The company spent i
large amount of money in sufficient
quantities to warrant the pet manent re
tention of the land from homestead en
try. Several -wells have turned out
fairly well, and the order restoring the
land to entry reserves an acre in the
vicinity of the promising wells.
4. nerpont aiorgan is planning to
build a splendid art museum in New
York city aud present it to the Ameri
can nation, it was learned that the
ambition of Mr. Morgan is to create a
great art institution which shall be
monumental La scope and which shall
contain the very cream of the available
art objects of the world. Mr. Morgan
Las spent $7,000,000 in the last seven
years for treasures.
The Meeting Well Attended
First, Last and
The county republican congressional
convention for Douglas county, assem
bled in the court bouse at Roeeburg on
Saturday morning at 11 o'clock.
The meeting was called to order by
County Chairman Miller and upon mo
tion Benton Myers, of Drain, was elect
ed permanent chairman and W T Em
ery, of Uinpqua Ferry, was elected sec
Upon motion the chair appointed the
following committees ;
On credentials E R Aiplegate, Pass
Creek; ZL Dimmick, Oakland; J a
Sykes, Roseburg; Hiram Gallup, Myr
tle Creek and C L Bogard, Glendaie.
Committee on Resolutions Geo M
Brown, Roeeburg ; H B Hams, fclkton;
John Livingston, Peel ; I B Riddle, Rid
dle, and J H Hobbs, Civil Bend.
Committee on oider of business Rot-
ert Blakeley, Drain; Asner lreianu
Olalla ; Joe Churchill, Millwood ; L 11
Mynatt, Rostburg, and Henry Conn,
Coles Valley.
Uron motion the convention ad-
journed to meet at 1 o'clock.
The committee on credentials leport-
ed as follows :
We, your committee on credentials,
beg leave to report the following as en
titled to votes in this convention.
Deer Creek Fred Haynes, Mr, Galli-
gher, A. C. Marsters, V . C. Oden, yn.
Schmidt, IK-lmar uixon, ttoy jucviauen.
East Umpqua J. L. Watson, John
Umpqua James New land, F. V.
Benson, Chas. T. Curry, F. B. Hamlin,
(by H. L. Marsters, proxy) T. B. Can
Looking Glass Ira B. Howard, Geo.
G. Bacon.
Millwood W. R. Vinson, J. L.
Yoncalla W. S. Fegles, A. W. Lamb,
E. Williams, E. B. Spangenberg, Ernest
Helliwell, L C H Mahn, Ben Hunting
Olalla F. F. Fisher, B. F. Wells,
Asher Ireland.
Oakland J. 11. Cockeram, A. F,
Brown, (by J. IL Cockeram, proxy) Z.
L. Dimmick, L. C. Sherman, (A. F.
Stearns, proxv) M. A. Strain, A. F.
Calapooia H. Cockeram. (by Z. L.
Dimmick, proxy) D. Reed, (by S. C.
Quant, proxy) C. A. McGee, (by A. F.
teams, proxy) J. C. Young, (by S. C.
Quant, proxy) A. Cole, S. C. Quant.
Pass Creek Joel Tracy, J A Black, E
R Applegate, C E Hasard, Benton Miren,
H C Hedrick, W W Kent, L M Perkins
Elkton 9 P Finley, E E Haines, A B
Haines, A W Woods, H R Dimmick.
Azalea Geo W Riddle, N Sebring,
(by G W Riddle, proxy.) ,
Gardiner Warren P Reed, (who also
brought the proxies of Ben E Lyster,
A Schulte, J S Gray, Dr Alex Patterson,
Scott Morris.) -
Comstock J A Griggs, (by Frank
proxy) Henry Mooney, (by A
C Marsters, proxy) Roy Griggs, (by F II
Rogers, proxy).
West Roseburg L D Carl, Geo Perry,
Scott Landers, Harvey Jones, D S K
Buck. D G Palm, Geo M Brown, Geo
Roseburg R L Mynatt. K L Miller,
M M Cooper, S C Flint, G Worthington
C B Cannon, J H Sykes.
i Riddle E D Riddle, (by Geo Quine,
proxy) W L Xichols, A R Mattoon, I B
Coles Valley Henry Conn, Frank
Conn, W T Emery, W W Scott, Ed Von
Canyonville J L Arzner, John Fuller-
ton (by John L Arzner, proxy) B A
Stewart (by John L Arzner, proxy) M
N Colvig (by J A Shupe, proxy) John
E Love.
Mt Scott R H Barker, R T Blakely
Perdue A B Marquam, Frank Tate.
Myrtle Creek B M Armitaee, II F
West. C A White, A J Rice II Gallop.
ScottsburgC Hacker, W D Grubbe
A E Ozouff, (all by M D Thompson
proxy) Hiram Weatherly, (by DSK
Buick, proxy).
Wilbur J I Chapman, W H Leather-
man, N t, Jr.
Glendale V L Bogard. C P Totten
(by V L Bogard, proxy) Gilbert Gilbert
son, R K Montgomery (by Gilbert Gil
bertson, froxy).
Civil Bend D T Thompson, W S
Johnston, J H Hobbs.
Lake, Bohemia, Galesville and Kel-
loggs were not represented. .
The report was unanimously adopted.
To Raise the flaine.
The navy departmeut has been noti
fied that the wreck of the battle ship
Maine is to be raised in Havana harbor,
thus making possible a final solution of
the mystery surrounding the manner in
which the vessel was blown up. The
wreck is to be raised by Cuba, at tier
own expense and bids for the work have
been asked. - ,
Ever since the conclusion cf the Span
ish war the navy department has been
besieged with lequests for contracts for
the privilege of raising the famous
wreck. The department has invariably
replied that there was no fund for this
work and that, at any rate, Cuba's con
sent to the raising of the wreck would
he necessary before the work could be
There is still much curiosity and dif
ference of opinion as to whether the
Maine was destroyed by some outside
power, or as the Spanish claim, by
spontaneous combustion in her maga
zines. The question will probably be
settled finally when the wreck is raised.
From reports received at Terre Haute.
Ind., a majority of the 10,000 bitumin
ous miners of Indiana have voted to ac
ceptthe operators' demand that last
year s agreement be accepted with an
advance of 12 per cent in wages.
Ratifications of the Cuban reciprocity
treaty war exchanged by Secretary llav
and Minister Quesada at 10 o'clock Tues
day morning at the State Department.
Treaty will not be proclaimed until th-
UniteJ States Congress acts ujxm it.
and Instructs for Hermann
AH the Time
The committee on order of buisness
reported as follows :
We, the committee on order of buiness
report the following recommendations
as the order of buisnefcs:
Reports of committees.
The election of 14 delegates to the
congressional convention to be held at
Eugene, April 9, 1903.
That the delegates be elected by bal
Unfinished busness.
Signed by the committee.
The following gentlemen were noml
nated for delegates to the Congressional
convention and the secretary was in
structed to cast the ballot for them :
John Love, A M Crawford, F W Ben
son, A U Marsters, Geo Baron, Gerry
Young, A F Stearns, A W Lamb, Leon
ard Perkins, Benton Haines, W P Reed,
Ben Huntington, T B Cannon, B M
The committee on resolutions reported
the following :
We your Committee on Resolutions re
port the following two resolutions
with the recommendation that they be
Whereas, death has claimed Hon
Thomas II. Tongue the Representative
in the Congress of the United States for
the first Congressional District of Ore
gon, therefore, . be it "
EfMieJ that it is the sense of the
Douglas County Republicans on con
vention assembled: That in the death
of the Honorable Thomas H. Tontrue
the people of this Congressionl Dis
tricts have lost a tireless, faithful ser
vant, the State of Oregon a loyal
honest, able statesman, the Pacific
Northwest a champion, the Nation
Geo. M. Brows
A. B. Haines
Ira B. Riddlk
J. H. Hobbs
Johs Livixostos.
Whereas, this Republican county con
vention has met for the purpose of selec
ting Fourteen delegates to represent
Douglas County at the Republican Con
gresfeional Convention to be held at Eu
gene, Lane County, Oregon, on the 9th
day of April, 1903: Wherefore, be it
feolrd, That the delegates elected
to represent us at said Congressional
Convention be and are hereby instructed
to support and vote for the nomination
of Honorable Binger Hermann for Rep
resentative in Congress.
For Congress we are for Binger ner
mann, first, lat and all the time
Gki. M Brown
A. B. Haines
Ira B. Riddli
J. II. Hobbs
The resolutions were adopted by
riding vote without dissent.
A committee to notify the Hon. Bin
T, . . m ..
ger nermann 01 uio action 01 tne con
venlion consisting of Dr Miller, F W
r . . . .
censon ana senator -Marsters was ap
pointed to escort him to the convention
hall. In the meantime Major Buick ad
dressed the convention in words of elo
quence as to the duty of republicans.
ins speecn was cut snort by the ar
rival of the Hon. Binger Hermann, who
after acknowledging his gratitude for
. I - . . a.
toe lavors Destoweu upon bim, among
other good things expressed his deep ap
preciauon ior toe noner done bim in
the choice expressed by the convention
He referred in feeling terms to the oc
casion which brought the convention
here the death of Mr. Tongue, his suc
cessor in Congress, and who had done
so much in aid of the industrial develop
ment of our state, and in his many suc
cessful efforts for individual relief. He
regarded him as having had few peers
in the House of Ipresentatives. Ore
gon may well mourn the death of such
a man. Mr. Hermann then reminded
hu hearers of the wonderful changes
wrought throughout the nation by
measures secured through the recent
and present republican administration
and Congress, and through the energet
ic and strenuous personal labors of on
present chief magistrate, whom he char
acterized as the greatest of all the ha
t.ons beads. An administration and
I resident that bad so patriotically,
conscientiously and so successfully ad
ministered the anairs of our country
was entitled to the honest and earnest
support of all citizens, regardless
party lines, but more than all, by every
republican. lie stood ry such an ad
ministration and the country would
stand by it. '
Watterson on. Bryan.
In reply to one. of William J. Bryan
editorials, Henry Watterson says :
"Mr. Bryan, we fear, will never quite
go over 1896. Vore's the pity, because
if he could there might ultimately be
the making of a great man in him. It is
a sad thing to see a talented young fel
low ot three and forty already soured
and embittered, though, in Mr. Bryan'i
case, there is no reason why he should
'be. The presidential orbit into which
taking him by the nape of the neck aud
seat of his breeches, the fairy godmother
flung him heels over head in 1890, found
him obscure and jwor, and it has left
him rich and famous.
"iree Bilver is as dead as Judas. So
are some other articles of Mr. Bryan's
catechism. There is no more rhyme or
reason for repeating that catechism' in
1904 than for subntitntiiig in room of
it the democratic plutform of 1S64 and
1868 or 1880, on which the .jirty
marched to defeat, and not half as much
as for reaffirming the platform of 1892,
oa which it marched to victory,"
The Big Horn Basin development com
pany has been formed, backed by sever
al million dollars, and will construct a
storage reservoir the head waters of
Shoshone river, with a capacity of 20,-
000,000 cubic feet and an irrigation canal
eighty miles in length, to reclaim 250,-
000 acres of land lying between Hio-
shone and the Gray rivers in the Big
Horn country. A big agnculturjl col
ony will be formed, with settlers from
the East. The land is to be taken up
under the Carey act. Work is to be
commenced at once on couHtruction of
ine refcervoir and canal.
The very latest news. Hermann
has 78 votes pledged. Total number
i73. Ten more are needed to secure
his election. He Is the second choice
of 43 delegates. This Insures his
Dunsmulr Destroyed.
The whole town of Dunsmuir, Calif,
with the exception of a butcher shop
and a plumbing shop, burned Saturday
night. The fire originated in the Mt.
Shasta hotel. The Southern Pacific had
a train load of provisions, ten sleeping
cars and three dming cars set out at
Dunsmuir for the accommodation of the
homeless people.
Glendale News.
Bora, An Glendale, March 7th to Mr.
and Mrs. Nelson Jom s, a daughter. .
Born, At Glendale, March 28th, to Mr
and Mrs. F. E. Olinghouse, a son
Roy, .the little son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
P. Totten is quite sick with whooping
w hooping Lough prevails in all parts
of the city, but many rases are getting
better. " . .1
J. L. Roberts and F. L. Bailey h:ive !
gone to Gal ice creek, where they Willi
pose as honest miners for a while. 1
Mr. and Mrs. II. Woodford and their
little boy, spent a week at Medford visit
ing with Mr. aud Mrs. A. Woodford..,, :
Frank, the little son of Mr. and Mrs.
D. C. Tyres, who has been critically ill,
is getting better under the care of Dr.
F. R. Bowersox. ' -
There are a goodly number of sick:
children in this city afflicted with a'
disease of the stomach and bowels. The
worst cases noted are those of Rice And
erson, Mable and Jennie Jones.
A fashionable eastern dress-maker,-
ust arrived with latest styles, solii its
the patronage of the niot fatideous and
guarantees to give entire - saUbfacticn.
Will sew in private homes. 'Phone T15
5 rings or address Miss K. Becker, Box
155, City. 2tp-.
We read with interest the first copy of
theG lendale News under its new man.
agement. It is larger than the
paper, one-half being home production,
the other half is patented, and altogeth
er it is bright and newsy. , We wish tlie
new management abundant success!
The services at the church last Sundar ,
conducted by Rev. 8. A. Douglas, of
Roseburg, drew out large congregations
both morning and evening, and re
very much appreciated by all. We are
requested to ask Mr. louglas to given
another appoint mental the earliest dale
that is convenient for him.
j t
The people of South Douglas art
beginning to realize the importance of
the coming election that is neecittaiy
in consequence of the death of our lv
merited Congressman, Hon. Tho..lL
Tongue. All the republicans and many
democrats have decided thai. Hon.
Binger Hermann is the person best fit
ted to fill the vacancy. He hasJia-1
years 01 experience in t. ongress at our
Representative. He waa a devot-d
r - ... m
irieoa 01 jir. tongue, ana was complete
ly in sympathy with him along: the line
of his duties as onr representative, and a
greater argument than all is, -that Bin
ger nermann is a friend of Orecon. and
f all his constituent, we must one our
influence to elect him.
Dillard News.
There were sixteen visitors at schou
last Friday. - . - ,
Rev. Jacques and Bro. MoffiU, of -the
chapel car "Emanuel," are holding
some interesting and well attended
meetings here. ; ' 2.-
. Among the Dalard people who went
to the connty seat this wefk were Ollie
Pickens, Mrs. Dudley Baker and Mrs,
L. E. Milledge.
Dillard is receiving a share of the
honieseekers. Two families, one fmni
North Carolina and one from Wiscvn
sin, arrived ust week. e need more
houses. Cur is k
flencral News Not'S.
The threatened strike of the San Fran
asco street car employes will probably
oe averted as all parties to the contest
have decided to arbitrate the differeofles,
One day, while the twentieth century
was still young, an unusually strong
wind blew New-York's justly celebrated
Flatiron Building over ' on its aula.
But the occupants were not disheartened
Wilh a few slight changes in the floor
and partitions they found they could
use it just as well as before. There are
certain distinct advantages in a build
ing of this kind.
Railroad building by electric light is
the experiment about to be tried by the
Santa Fe Railroad Company, when it
begins the construction of its cut-tiff line
which will connect the Pecos Vallev line
with its msiin line in New .Mexico.-
isrge electrical plant will be installed
the mouth of the Abo Pass Canyon, and
six hundred laborers will be kept at
work all the time. . .
Farmers around Butte, Mont, have or
ganized to make a fight against the
owners of the ore smelters in that vi
cinity, 'which, it is 'claimed, have ruined
the agricultural industry of that section
The statement is' made by tho farmers
that no less than five tons of sulphuric
acid and half that amount of arsenic are
discharged into the air daily, and that
the crops for a gflt many miles around
are aitected.
In a lectui a before the National Geo
graphical Society, Prof. C. D- Walcott,
Director of the United States Gooloica
(survey, said that the anthracite coal
news uiine united mates would bo ex
hausted in pixty years at the present
rate of consumption and that by the
year 2203 the bituminous coh! fields will
also be worked out. After this the coun
try will be compelled to secure its fuel
supply from the l&niU-Jbeda of the Went.
It in reported that the Mad Mullah,
against whom the British are operating
in Somaliliind, has fled to French terri
tory. If this is true it may bo regarded
as equivalent to tho breaking up of the
Miid Mullah's power for the French
government could not let him retain his
army on French ground and afterwards
cross into Somaliland to attack the
British forces as that wouM lo equiva
lent to a French declaration.
Death Blow to Strikes.
It is asserted by leaders of organized
labor in Texas, who have obtained the
opinion ot high legal authorities on the
subject, that the anti-trust bill, which
was passed by the legislature last week
may mean the destruction of labor
unions in Texas. It is clear that under
the provisions of the new law, which
only awaits the governor's signature,
that at time of strikes no attempt how
ever remote, can bo made by the strikers
6r others to prevent other workmen
from taking the vacant positions. -
. . ' Coming to Oregon.
"One of the notable features of the
spring movement of population in the
prairie states is tiie emigration to the
far Northwest, of Kansas farmers who
have made a success here, says a Kan
sas exchange. Last week a party of
twenty-five such farmers, with their
families, left for Washington and Ore
gon, Another company has gone to
Central California. Most of these hive
told good farms to settlers from Iowa
and! Illinois, who have paid $30 to $45
an acre, and have taken this method of
gaiuing larger tarnis. I hey took 111
most instances all their household goods
with them, except those of which they
diAposed at a sale. They had no need
of sympathy, for they traveled in Pull
nan cars and were prepared for return
u they did not find 'conditions to suit
them in the places of their new selec
tion. V
Music Lovers
Music lovers will have rare enter
tamment by simply calling at Burr's
Popular Music Hons and ins(tecting
our splendid array of musical - instru
ments. Our display 01 pianos are situ
ply magnificient-' Here are found tlie
world renowned Chickering. the won-
k-rful toned Kimball, the many toned
Crown Orchestrical and the beautiful
toned colonial style Victor. - We have
others like the Singer, Kinesbury and
Needhatn. . Then here is our mammoth
stock of small goods, such as S. S.
Stewart and Washburn mandolins, gui
tars, banjos. Our immense line of vio
lins range in price from $2.50 to $5X
We are sole agent for the Columbia
graphapbone and supply. Remember
w are running no concert hall with f 0
cents admissiou, but our doors are
ways open to the public
The tax rolls for 1902 have ban
placed in my hand for collection, and cn
Monday, March 1, 1903, at 8 o'clock.
in., I w ill commence to receive taxes.
" r.. L. Pabrott.
Sheriff and tax collector for DongLis
unity, Uregon.
" ' ' For Sale.
A splendid team of heavy draft horses.
Address P. O. Box 4.1, Roseburg, Ore
gon. , 5
' Notice for Publication.
roll! PtAtn !Dt O!9or.
RorUir. Urvdd, !. , 1C
Nolir ts krrttrf flTa that la eaapilw
wiiB ih mnuit-nioi ir.c art ol Coecma ii
JumZ. It.ft.euur.d "Aa art (r U mW ul
umr lanat in Cba suuiol California. ofna
h .! mji U uhlnrb-o 1errlurr."aaiuikl-
1 k all Um pablia land ausaa br act ot Auf it
rKRPiXAsr. 1 norcK.
ol RMhnnr. ro -ntr ol lmt as. Mate At Omr.a
baa Uii day Sled ta Udaoftic hu mntra stalw
m-l o. JiKL ior lb Tarrha ol in M
KK'i fW o. hE'i and HS'i ot the SW, f
xTii. 4, toahip 2b amlti. at rang 7 aoi.
ana will oftr proof loHow that tb land nrifht
unonTiinuiicwr iia umrwr or un tttatt
Kir afrtrtiliural purpura, and to rtataI hit
alalia before I he kerlsler aod kevclrcr ol Ihia
euica 01 aoaeoorcviccoa.
oa Taeaday, the lota day of Jane. IMS. B
Damra . aa wila-so-- Henry U Lrr-ix. .
A Dor tor, Mich . Prmoa. B Locf, aad WUliai
H 1-one, ot Cleveland. Ore, and Bocuro
lieff. ol lUMcbnnr. Grecott.
Any and ail pron clalmis adrerwly the
w ocimwu tana an reaueateo to Die wi
claim ta tnta oak on or bclore Mid 16(h day
aprip - ... - Kecuter.
. Notice for Publication.
Roaebarg. Ore., bee. S.
Wottca ta br7 lvu tfcat la ooapltaae
wiw or ut hi oi .mfrea of
Jon . !C entitled "Aa art for th aale of
iimner lanot in the state of Catlfornla.O'vroa
Nevada .and V) aahlnrmn TerrtinrT."oexuii.u
d to all the pubua land atataa by at ol Aagat
01 rrieat Blver. count of Konleaat, ktata ol
itano, tu tbiidae Si-I In tat office hi orn
tlalemrnt 5a, t(H for the purr-hue of the k
ol lection U. In t.nhip Ju rt, R S weat
and will offer proof to enow that tbe land aangrbl
i More tor ita timber or atone I nan
lr aeTh-rjltural porpoeea, and to etat!ia hta
eVaim befure toe KftrUler aad Keecirex of this
oiuoB oi KoaetxiCe', oregoo.
oo WedDea-la the 17lb day of Jnne, J-Xrt. Be
nameaa witneaaei: John win, and I'etcr
hrtuteacth, both of meat Hirer, Idaho. A
Iurrh. atrrtle Creek, Oregon, later Dorch
uaettunr, urron.
Any and all person elalmlag adeera-ty the
aoove-oearnued Undi are no nested to lie thru
eitima in thiiomceon or belore ald 17th da;
Prtp Eenlor.
Notice for Publication. '
Cnitrd State land Office
Roeburg. Orrttun. Uee. .
Notlca ta hereby given that ta aranpllane
wim me proruion ol tne act 04 uongreaa e
June X, IK7S. entitled "An aot lor the al of
timber land In the gtatMol California, Oregoa
Nevada jind WMhinrionTerrltorT."aitenl-
4 to all the public land itaiaa by act ol August
Tt -
of Prlf rt River, county ol Kootenai, ulale ol
I'lano, haa this dy Bled in Mil office bloworn
tteinrlit No. -tlul for tbe purrha-o of be
M-Viol aecilua it. la towmhlp &) H, of K 1 W
and will offer proof toahowthalthc landiongbt
Is more viUuaUe for lta timber or tone than
Ivt airiirultural pnrpoae, and U ea'abltsh Ms
claim before tb KegUtar and Kecetver of Uua
an lea oi Koeeburg, Oregon.
on Wednea-lay tho 17th day of June. lHrtJ. He
name a mt'.nera.-: Allrt L Piugel. and
Ust P Hrudraeth, both of Priest River, l.laho,
; I. J Iurcb. Myrtle Credit, Oregon, teter Durch,
Kocpuunr, ort-gon
Any and all p non claiming adveraely the
anove dcacribrd land are reqantted to tile
their claim In tliiaoOica on or belore aid 17th
day or Jin e, lUOi. - I. T. BKllMitd
arrep Keirliter.
' Notice for Publication.
; 4. trMrrao 8tat Ln Orncr,
RoaeburK, Oreiion, Dt-c. , ltl.
Notice If hereby given thai In compliance
witn ine proviMonn oi me act oi t-onip-n ol
JuneS, lf.;,eu tilled "An Act for the aal of
1 imotr Land In tbe 8taie ol Cal
Horn la. Oreiron, Nevada and Wa-hlncton Ten
lory." a ex loaded to all the Public Laud Htatva
by act of A ugiut , Dm, ,
of Tricot River, nounty of Ki-otenal, tat of
Mabo, ha thidy Hied In thlor)ice hi vorn
ftaletiient No. 41U3 for ibe pun-haMi ol I lie N VN
of necllon 24, townnhlp 'M aouth. range ea'.
and will offer proof to how that the land aought
I nionrvniuauie ior iw timner or done than
for agrlenltural pnrpnana, and to eatabllh his
claim tiefore tha Kcxluior aud Kaoelver ol thi
flic of Roctburg, Oregon.
ou M vdncxiiay, tue 17m day of June, 190.1. lie
namra aa witnciwe: Albert L Plng-1 and Julio
ill txrtti oi rriuil hMvcr, Idaho, A J Kurcn
MyrtirtUret-K., urt-gon, l'eti-r Durch. Koaeburg.
Any and all pornon claiming adveraclT the
abore doacrilivil laiul are n-oiseattNl tolileihelr
olHlma in una oliu-e on or bt lore a-id 17tliday
oi juiiv, iuo--. . i. amuor.N,
prt.p . . j . . Keirintor.
Administrator's Notice.
Notice l hereby given that the nnderalgned
u b.H-ii by the Comity Court ol llouiriaa
county, Stat of OrcKon, duly appintca Hu-
admluinirn-.or oi me oolnle oi M. t. lililard.
All peraon having claim acainat aald ettate
are hereby required to prcmnt the name duly
verified, 1.1 the undt-ralitned at KoM-burg. Dong.
aa county, elate of Oregon, wltlilu tlx nioutna
nun lue daUt of thi notice
Dated at Koevburg, Oregon, this Sd day ol
April, I'Mi.
Adinin'ntrat'r or the eaiate ol M K. l'.,iard.
deccaaud. aprti.
R &
Warner's Rust-Proof Corset
Made hy tbe mont famoim cornet fac
tory in the world. 8atifa-torilly
modeled, carefully nhad, neatly
made and beautifully finirtho!.
Warnkk's RuHT-PRooe-CoHJirrg liave
no rivals. They are Hujwrior to all
othera in ioint fi grace, comfort
and durability.
50c, 75c, $1.03, 515, V$ and $125
Dress Trimmings.
We have every thins that U new. The
line in too extensive to go into any
, , description. You tsliouM nee them
Dress Goods.
. We have given this line a great d
of careful attention, and have got
ten toother aa complete a lit
. desirable fabrics aa wa ever el
in this city. In Summer I
Goods our stock is strictly tj
the time. We have all the ne
creations including
Tissue, Lines Madras, Grass Ba
tiste HaSlifl De Soie, Etc.
Ladies Underwear
Knit Verts from
5c to 50c
elegant line,
Se us for Groceries, -
For Sale.
Small saw mill
and timber. For
Livuttisro Bros,
Peel, Ore.
particulars address.
Mohair Wanted.
I am prepared to boy Mohair in large
or small lots. Will pay the highest ra.-li
price according to quality for it. Will
be in Oakland every Friday, and every
Saturday will he in Rosebarg, head
quarters at V. R. Buckingham's grocery.
Address L. A. Makstus,
M-inSt Cleveland, Oregon.
ffiSto Grade Piano.
How would it look if I were to adver
tise that I had f teinwav, Knabe, Fitdr-
er and Need ham 1'ianos and aon-.e cheap
er makes like Chickering, Kimball and
. , . . , . .
osuera: 11 n juh umnsiwni vt
hat Neodham is cheap, for there is no
belter ' npright piano made. It has al
ways stond among the hih grade ; it
haa never been bought cheap and never
was sold as such, lor it has to compete
against all the huh grade pianoe that
are now on the market.
2t T. K. Ric-HABosoy.
Notice to tbe Public
Dillaeo, Oregon, April 1, 133,
To Whom It Mat Cosckjw : This is
to certify that we have this day given
oar minor son, Otto A. Parker, his time
and will not be responsible for any debts
Ire may contract, nor collect any wages
due him, bnt will be in all rc!ects as
though he were of age.
This is given by mutual consent, so
lie may do business on his own account.
(Signed) S. M. Parker,
(Sipued) Mrs. M. A. Parker.
- Subscribed ' and sworn before me, a
Notary 'Public in and for Donglas coun
ty, Oregon, this' 1st day of April, 1903.
L. E. Milledge,
Kotary Public for Oregon.
Seal " ' 2t-p
. Notice for Publication.
felted mate Land Offlr-a,
Rosebuig, Oregon. Sot. H, 1M2.
- KnMrota herahr rieea that In eoronllanei
wlia tb rmtlFlnnt cf tha act ol Coogn-as ol
Janes. xrH.enilUed "Aa art for tha aala ol
timber landa In t.a tteif Cllfomia.Hrnn
Kerada.and Maxhlurton TerTtinry."aexlcnd-
cd lo ail tb public land atata by act ol Aoguat
of Monrhead. munly ol Clav. Ut of Uinne-
!, ban lliladar Hlwt In llimollMM hi. aurora
aatemvnt !' oUA ! the purchase oltbebK1
ol aeclion SB, 'aoarnablp 'AS anutb, rarute 7 writ,
and will offaraeoot tobortbatlhlaji4Higbt
1 nure talual-i. lor lla Umber or au-n tbaa
ftir afrrleultaral purpoaea, and to eatabluh bit
claim before tha Keg later aad Keoeivwr ol UU
olllca ol Hobuc. uragoa.
on Fridar the li'th dar of June. lv. He
nmea wnawi: wiiitam a rorio. ana
Hi-nnr O Wallers, both ol Mmocapoli. Minn
Charlea Thorn and John Thorn, both ol Kose-
bonr. Orecnn.
Aey and all Demon claiming ariwael the
abtire dearribed lanrie are reqarated to Die
their riaim In thi ottiutt on ot lefira aai l liila
uaycl Juue,la. JBKIUUKS,
aprri Kegiaier
Stationery, Office Supplies
Near 'Depot, RosebuJg, Ore.
Seasonable Special Offerings
We are better prepared this season than ever be
fore to meet your wants in all lines of General Mer
chandise. Our stock was never to complete in every
department. We bought early, securing the very
best selections and the very lowest prices, and we
propose to maintain our reputation for selling the
Men's Furnishings Men'$ CIotWn
,. ... . ,i . i . i , We carry the htrjria-t f t t in town,
Everything etru-tly to ilate and right ' ... ,. ,
. . .,, , , f ami take gri-at t.ride in thu de-
ln keeping with good tate. in
, i- . . ., , , t artmerit. Our Five II!ar ail
Men s Net k wear we have tlie lateat I..,.. . , ,
, . . m. .. i, t ool n ltd for men can t be beaten,
colorings in Teck, 1-our-in-Handa, . , , , ....
Ban.! and Griped to,. The new- " fart compete this
e-t of all in the Mi Club Tie ,me' K lmmX
. cinxife mm.
Golf Shirts. . $5.00 to $13.00
A half hundred different styles to
' cho6e from. ennre
50c to S2.59
: .-hoes for nien, women children and
Mn HnciPi-v infants.' and all wJJ with our r-
Everything that if new in tins line the ,rif i)T roor mlIu.r
we have, from 8'i to 50c. 1 I
Men's Underwear. IIATS
Balbrinxan unlrwvar, 25, 50, 75c. Tlie (Jordon hat is hre, as well as a
hammer Weight, wnJ, 75c $1.00 foil line of cheaper hats.
A great many lin-s to select fmm.
toy's aai YoBli's Ootiia. The Peliancc Wrapper
The Kant-Wear-Out kind A new Hascrt lining, and m rrfect fit-
htock jiwt in. It ill do vmi good tinj;. o LilK?r in price than
to look over them. Xo trouble to ordinary wrappM. We have the
show them. -. ajpnry fr Ks;lurg.
Foa Sal Cheaf. Less than $10 per
acre. A well improrea eram anu stock
farm of X'X) acres in Camas Valley. Tlais
is a rare bargain. For rtknlars in
quire of Wm. M. Poetek, Camas Valley,
Ore. Mlfitf."
Notice for Publication.
Land Oetce at, Orr..
r-rwar r. 1 a x.
Knlir la Iwrvby given thai ih Iniluaiac
Ranted artucf baa lot aollra a4 bi lai.alioa
to aak anal praft to aupfwrt M kirn riaam. an4
thai Mid pmnl mil b t. lve tlie It -flail
asxi Ux-mt. CaiU-d riam Usl Ofi. al
Koarbnrg. lrrena. rl 1. 1 OA. w a: -
utoh'.r. WEtr.
FM. E Xol ICC SPi. SE1 BWif
Serf. Tp 2 i. It i arrai.
lie Majn-s ir kaioa in witur to pr ki
ronltnivxu mtdrw apam and eall.ra.trta ol
aakl land, tic Aaxlrrar J Beitowa. ol aw
Kanr. Omoo Jamr U Saupe. aai SVm;aiaiii F
rbida.u( ilnairliii. Orr-, lboaa atarkU,
Kiwrbare. Oorteuu.
Karrai. 1. T. BEllXiES, Kcsuucr.
State Treasurer's Seventh Notice.
Trraamrr IVrartmwil,
rHalnl ncvoa
(Ulcaj. inntr) iv. !.
Xrtir It hetrbr ria n that ihr arp landa
la lap wary arilh abwra to r iliaui all oat
tandlnc ataUt aar-au draa oo tbe Siase
alp bouajiv and rtonDt' Fnnda. eoiord
"Prrwah-I ao4 aot ti.t I- r wast of"
pnor to thi lal. All arh ararraaf. It pn
ertr endnrard, will l faid nana r artaWliua
at ihta o&ot, iniCTCVt Unwi mvn Ir tm aad
a.'iT LK'a daoa. CHAvti.afX.iaE.
Plat Treaaorer.
Breeder of
Leghorns, AI. B. Tuskeys, Tou
louse Geese, Pekin Ducks, and
the Finest Scotch Collies
Chicken Egs, $i SOf per SlHn?, two Setting $50
Have bred Poultry for 12 years, and have won
many prizes. A. KRUSE,
Roseburg Ore.
Administrators Notice.
In the mailer of Ibe Ektataof Jennie K Clent
enla, dereoMl.
Nolle la hereby H(ren be tbe Dn.l.-roed
AduitnKtralorol tbe Kaute of Jennie E. i lm.
enu. deeeaawl, that be traa dulr ar.i.inle.l Ad.
miniatralorotthe M:d KMate balneonlerol
the rroba'a t:ur n( Unuiri.. ,
Inada and entered ol record npon Ui'o UMh da
01 January,
i1JIn, hvar elt asainM theaatd
iatateahall p-esent the m a 1th the Brce.
ar within alx month Ir m tba date
?! J 1.T ,n "'"'nJ Admloilralot
at Row burg. Oregon.
Daied at Row-hrrg, Oregoa, IhU Ihe 2od
day ol lanuafr.
li J. T. Cl.FKtTS.
IHT-trtment l the Inlerinr.
'nded Stales I and OHice.
ar .. . "Ablins. tr, March 1S
police la hereby g,v n tha: tDe approved
rLA t of nrvev ' '
ToWKHIr1 15 WXTTh, k ANCK.S K.tsr.
baa been retviveri Irom l!i Mirve .M- iiersl
ttw Oregon and on
aiiii..v i . ... . .
uiriiuil.iniipi m,. ID It,,. .1.1.. -r ainl
hit rHunmi in r:n ltl Ik .ulti....- ...
J. T. HKUm;K.-i. K,-cKter.
J H. B oril, Km-ivur.
Albatros Market
J. M. B3IERS Prop.
Cash paid
Dealer in
ttnd Oysters
Opposite S. P. Depot-Fletcher BuTs
'Itione No. 2J1.
'Phone 721
Notice for Publication.
Lal Ofk at KVa-oir;. Ore..
Marc 11 lt.
KatW la brretr tbai iw b.iowi;
aame-1 trtier baa tjfi notirv rt h lefauo lo
aaaaa 6oal (.ro..( io tnptrl ol h:a riata. aad
toat aaid pr M a ,11 ie a)e br(nr too aci'arr
and Uemurr LaaJ at K-mrbmrfl.
Orir.o, o4 At-n3 Vai. eli:
faiUf at. IJlRWIIX.
hi b! H. E No. lui(2.1ortbeIt-- See 1A.
Tp r. XI ..
mwi utr I llc-.ii'.r aiiann to roea
b orHiLiaa'ma r-atoeoe ap a&4 murauoa
ol aail laid, tti : iarviire Lrrarili. awtr
teroiil, 'bar:es Bora, aad !;a H-rn. a'l of
rniii-. rTf. j. j. Bkl -.
-'' iUapahrr.
Trespass Notice.
All perwna are hereby warned not to
trer-p". boot, fi-h or camp on the
LtrHloi theCnrrr llstats. Pe.isdoinE
will be prowler!! to the fall extent
ofUe law.
Estate of X. Craar.
(5tf.) K.TeridaJe Farm
BCExKit or
White and Eulf Leghorns,
White ffinorcas, Barred
EfS for sale at $1.25 per st-tticg of 15.
E. A. KRUSE. Proprietor,
B. P. Rocks, S. C. Brown
Inj r.Hiaty Court of DoagUu eoaalj.
Stat rd
la i ha nial--r of eatate
..I J
Varlha rlrn I deevaae.1
.ie la brret.T givea lhat th Bn,lert4
haa been by the t ouaty Court of Doneiatoa.
ui'I,J ,rHn'l eerr.ur. of Ueaaiateof
Martha Wxovlril dteeaae-1 Whetyua aU te
aon. IndvhWd to iba aa,d ea. are Jrir
5i8d to asake iane.i ai faraseat lo iha
UTtdeFttn.d at tlxir r. .Kter.ce ia" t-ea Va- Wy
pnx-iiict. UMiKiaaconuir, Oregnn. and all pe
aoa baring t'tain: aaaisat li aald eolata will
prr-nia!iTer..-e.laatT 3a required ailli
ta":l "wDh from dale ol thi nouce
Jled H.ebrg, Oivgon, Fo. 1., iW
b A. ouoarrg,
aV T. XHBtrr.
In Ihe County
tle of O-.c.r, -
fourt V Dotigiaa Connie
in the mailer or ii.a k. n... ,
12... , S Ul l
Vi.iU rkr iv, n that by order of tha
Vk. 7" "" fwrt -! fcte and euiered oa
ine i in ,a) ,w January !. , nae ot t.uatal
- Ua wu viiaitae-1 to
tiualav ti.
CvtintT Clerk.
City snj Mining Troivrty,
gn,l Timrr ClaimUitate.1,
thr Vt no vaoant. N fcva jaij
until Kilit.jr avtvj.lI. Re)ii,.1Ui,h.
nuto tK.ught ami soKl. : .
Stewart land Co.,
Rica t, I,jor s Kilscj E.':k