The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, February 05, 1903, Image 4

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Oavta PrlMeaa
Go was.
The long throe-quartcr coat Trill be
the style this rtntet for those -whose
height 'will enable them to wear It
These coati are made of velvet, riblxnl
Bilk -and even of brocades and are usu
ally worn over a walrt or drew which
has a full fall of lace. Sometimes the
effect of the long coat Is also carried
out on the skirt In the shape of gored
flounces at even distances. These are
trimmed on the edges after the man
ner of the coat.
Loose coats of lace are very smart
for theater wear and accompany skirts
of pale colored broadcloth or crepe do
The princess dress will be seen a
great deal this winter at smart fune-
tions, and robes of crepe de chine in
crusted with renaissance lace will be
ntilired for this purpose.
White to all materials promises to be
more popular than ever, and it is par-
tlcularlr becoming to brunettes and
women with auburn hair.
The afternoon dress Illustrated comes
from a well known French house. It
Is of gray and white liberty silk trim
med with guipure moussellne and rib
bon velvet. The shirred skirt Is espe
cially worthy of notice, as it illus
trates the latest style.
Tie BaK Coat Comiag I Pedea-
trlava Skirts.
The basque coat is coming in with
the shorter skirt much strapped and
stitched. Collars and revere are once
again braided, and new braids will be
used as winter advances.'
The lace cravat is a pretty finish to a
tailor made frock, while the. eld fash
toned jabot -must of necessity be in
rogue with anything approaching the
swallowtail or cutaway Jacket.
There is no doubt that on all prac
tical costumes the skirts will be much
shorter, but the really short skirt to
show the ankles should be kept exeiu-
sJvely for country wear. For town
wear the skirt Is cut to escape the
ground barely all the way around.
There Is no doubt that some women
never look well without a wide collar
consequently they must not be deluded
br new fashions in this respect Some
of the very latest coats are made with
out the sailor collar and with the little
upstanding military affair, but iu all
such matters individuality must be
considered. "
A very useful gown Is the one shown
in the cut It is of dark red rough
mods trimmed with gold and white
TarltMtam Court a hi p.
In Turkestan every wedding engage
ment begins with vthe payment of a
substantial consideration to the girl's
parents. If the girl Jilts her lover, the
engagement giit has to be returned
unless the parents have another daugh
ter to gle as a substitute.
Beet Smear.
Beets yield 12 to 13 per cent of their
.weight la sugar.
Fine Farm for Sale.
A goo&"800 acre (arm- for Bale $Ye
'inrles from Myrtle Creek, 00 acres . in
cultivation, balance hill, pasture and
timbered land. Small orchard, good
house, barn and oUter improvements
For price and terms apply to P. T. Mc
Gee, Myrtle Cre;k, or D. S. K. Buick,
Roseburg, Oregon. ' j!5tf
If yon want to ge to Cooe Connty
points, take the Rosebnrg, MarKhfielil
route. Spring hacks leave Rosebnrg
every day at 6, A. M. Inquire of C. P.
, JJarhard, agent. tf.
SherifTs Sale.
In the Circuit Court of (he Stale ol OrcRon
(or Douglas-county.
J. V. Kren-son 1
fUiiitiff I
( G. Mi-Nod Mid i,ele Xk'N'wl. ,
him tie. ami Thomas Hunt's k. ad
minii'iraior ol the estate of l'hilt-,
tus MtXwl, dei-uaned ...
l leiidants )
N.ttioc is hereby cjven tnat by virtue of an
cxcouiim mt or..T of sale out o:
mr tiiivc named omri mu eau-i: m mi: oi--
.Ihv i f iHtiuarr, lit'S. uu limirnuiit nua no-
iinlv r. n.iVivi unit euteieri ui f.ti'l foiirl
aud aUC OHllKM.'ill OMV Ol J ttuuar , I.'.
f.uecloMire of a morteaxv'in fRvor Oi the atmve
namut FiHintiU' ami H'-'ainst the ittn-ive named j
Defendant at.d aains. lite berviuifiet nu n- I Bndci'-.i-rilx'd Motivate 1 prop-ity 1r I
k . .. t-s... ".u it'n imt.t. m ihiT.'ou Hi tiu i
T ar.lttllit iroiu in' l-.n'i .s
Of Jauuaiv. l'.ioja'.id for il.v funliir nm of 0 aUoiuosicv. an i 20 oos;s and ti-buikcui-Uls.
No - tiit'it'ioro 1 on
Sninr.l:iv. the 7th ilav 'f March V.'Oo
at out oV.oi'-k p. m. of mpI day, a; t.url l.vmo
imiii ,1m.r. in Kiwrimrk. Kmi:-1.:!-. rolll'.iy. Oio-
cou. M'll ai vf.blie aucnon to iho Iukc
i.r fitrfANh iu hand, ail the Tit-it,
tlilC I tlii
imiTot, which li.o o.-.i'l IK?i ndanU. or
of iht'in had on the .'5'd dny of ju!
..r Mt anT time iherva" 'r -,o or to toe fo
ci . tu r
r, i;.at,
Jew;: bed vremiwa, iv-wif
Lots uumlier three. I.'tir, live nl twe;ve in
sev'tion two ant lot e.i:h!k r e-jht in wfllon
three a!i in lowns-hiu t n.y-'.wo. fomti ol
ransf eicht om oi te Vi'..a..tette ;en1iau,
...ntiiiinv in the HCr-eQali' .''.'. 2 f'Tt'. Hlo.C it
U-s ipselherw vh ait and siucularthv ' Uitne'iU I
nmeaiumiemsaitdaiTurivMiam-.s uie.Ti:nto he- I
loncit-s or in aiyiKe ap( n -a-;, and n,
apply ine proeee oi un a tale, ti'i to the eos
oi m'ch Mile, and the c ists a'id .t:bn!H-atent
a...,n 1 ded at Il2-J and the si:m
ni I7J uncial aito-iuys Ice and
t the
r. inent ol the s l-a of f M"
duo J ne
latntiff with mt.n.-t thcv-oi at .lie
ie of per cent per annum inuu ire j o o-..
of January, r.tu. anil me over .u, ii any lotir
be. 1 pav ini court, tir. nT ia or u r oi
ihi court, t be paid a the -f-aia cnmi may
humin.flrtlmVl Ik l OMtf 1 I iail O..TI .Tl
aid uieouuou to me flinrted and cle.'.ver-.l i
eoniu.aini'nc me to o'l aivve isieutioned
and deer.b 1 reai proe'iy ia th-- manner p.o-
ided by law.
lted Kj.-H.'burc rePrnary m. ivt.
K. 1-. I'tBl.lH 1 ,
She ritfol lvuias eonntv, Orecnn
Administrators Notice.
In the ma'tcr of the Fstate of Jennie E. Citni-
Kotice id hereT civen nv m t naeriirr.p
Administrator of the Estate of Jennie If . I n m-
ents. d-eisvt. tliat he w duly aprxdnicd A.l
minMrjtor of the said tiate ry uie orncr oi
the Froba:e Court of Ooucian County. Orce in.
made and entered o! recoid upon the i .ia iiy
of January. IV -!:
Alipernotis bavinc ciiintf aatnat ii.t ;
Eflat: (.hail pet lit the fame itn the rife,
aarv prool within ii momhs fr m the a!e
ol this noti-e to the undersigned A luiitraior
t Rosebnrg, Otejen.
Dated at K.wehnre. tirecon. tae u'i
dav of January. Iiti'i.
ji! J. F. C1.FMF.VT3.
Notice for Publication.
i Eusesubj, Obsoon, Oct 17, 1 oi.
Kotice li hereby riven leal In compliance
with the provikii u o! the act OI coiircsn o.
June. In7. euiirlel "Aa act for the aalo of
itnber landu in th state ol laiKomia. oreca
Nevada and V astineton TerriMry," as extend
ed to aithe Public Land Stales by acl of Aug
ust 4, )SS!,
of Wpolbnrn, county of Marn.n. t-.ate of Ore
ton, ha thu day filed in thin oce his i.wo?n
taleincnt No 37 if f.w the pn;vhe of the .S VV
oi seciion S2. township ;1 south ranee S s
and will offer rroof toahow that ihe land aovjtr.t
la mora Taluahle for li tic.ber or si T.e
for atrlculiural rurpoae, a-id to eflabl.ah tin
claim beiure tL Kef if ter aad Keoeivtr ol Uua
oitiot of lioaeburg. uregon.
oo Tnenlav. the 7th day of Ap-.l. 1 - 1-e
tia'nea a witcte: ii'.nad. H w y.-in'.
B M Arraitaee. Jinues tn.i'i oi .i
rt:r i
Crevk, Oregon.
Anvandall pemnra claimin? aclverw'.y the
above decribed lands are re-iucsied to tie tre'.r
iairr.s m Uii otficeon or Wiore i-.l 7th day o
!ni. J.T Bii'Hit-.
Notice for Publication
United Plate-" land
KoFeburs. Oresun, .tct 1?. hi.t
Kntira i -.- r.wn ti.t In corr.r'.ianc
with the provLic fia of the act of Contin - cf
Jnn S, ) s. niitled "An a t f- r the f a'.J of
Umber lands in ihe flaws. d California, o;eevn
tsTad and Waahinirton Ternioir.'" ex'.end-
d to ail th public land ilatea by act oi Augat
of tVoodbnru. wnnty of Mar.- n. state of -zin
baa thi dv riiest in tms cfrn e n s saorn a.a
mtnt No S719 '.he purchase of the 'A '4 of
aeccioni, ts,nsli;p i2 aou'.b, rai.pc b Wet
and will offer proof tc ahow that th land aorght
is mors Ta.'jaLle lor Its unir or aier.e i:.n
for airricul-.ural nurtrisea. and to eJta'ei.ah hia
claim before tr.e Kectaier and fceceivcr ol Uua
liie of Eoaeburg, oie$on.
on Thursday the Sell iiay cf April. 'iWS. He
names as siiuisti: ii r ! tmni, 11 a
B M Arrcita.e and Jaiae boi.ork, e l ol viyr
lie Creek, Oregon.
Ant and all peraora e:simlne a'verst-.y the i n
above 0eiriiw4 lnd are n-?-:c-sted lo t.e
their ti ni in thin orhee on or tinre
dar ol Apr. T 3.
said ".on
;2Cp- i- T. BS:LlC-l-i
Nptice for Publication.
United States Land 0-5ee.
Enaebari Oregon. Jau it. 1' 3
Notice it hereby aiTen that In eomp'.ianoe
with the provisietii oi the aet ci C"r.irri sa of
June . '. ci titied "An a-t 1- r the f&'.a of
timber lands in lb ritauraef Caafornia.i .eyon
Nevada ad Wafhinion Terri .ry," aati'ed
ed to ail lbe public land :' ty act of Auf uat
4, 12.
of Fosefiore. oi::it of L-o-mlas, state of Cnsoii j
bas liiis eav Cieii in itiis office ii;sworn slate i
ment N'4 -U for tbe j.nrs bae of ir e si:1; of
aeeiion 4 , toansbip south. rauKt west,
and wiil oiler prrad to sbow tLat the iat.d
aiiucht is more va'insM f.r its tiwbe-r o- f-or.e
than for acriciitara! i', and to estab
lish h r elnirn to said land before Z L Li.inniiek
1" 8 Comniissioui-r. at Oak.fn', Cr'ein, en
Wednestav, the :b day of At ri!. T".t. He
names aa witn-:as.s: On-s A Ili-user, Oakland,
ore.. W A tiinmoudF. f r.vkti-i v. Ore , W e.
Threikeld, Tyee, Ore., M Ft ailaLatj. Warden
Any and all peranna r iatmine adversely the
above-deaenueo landaais? ieq':eled to fi e their
claima in tbia on ur belore said fr h daj
ofApr.lsKB. J. T. BKlDi-r .-s.
j2f-p Keriner.
Notice for Publication.
Cm'ted FUt-s lnd OfT.r-e,
Eoueburg, Orezon, Jan 16. 1J0S.
Notice la hereby girsn that in con,i:'.!anc
1tn the proviaiotm r.Ml.e a t of Conereaa ot
June S, )..P. entitled "An a t fi r ti e sain of
limber landi in i!. etatea of raliiornfa.Oreifoa
Nerada .and ashmr'-oii Territory," ajeJttei.d
ad to ail trie public laud sia ei by act uf Auguat
o! Oakland, encnty of Lontia-s. 'ate cf Orrren
haa thsa day M'.-il In -tnia oSi hia awim
Biateiiiint No 4-11. for liie purchase of ihe fciA '4
of rstction. 4, Township M tvMith, banner
iveat and will ofTtr r.ns.f to show t,nt the is rid
aouetit la more valuable for its tin t er or stone
than for aer.cnltutal t'lirra w, p.n to i-staii'Msh
bis claim U said laLd bclore L. JiimtiutE, (.'.
B. Commissiomr at tiakiand, Ore.on, on
tVeiinesiia ibe Sth day of April, n-l He
names as witnesses: iji-ors'e W Krus... of R'.s.
bure. Ore , W A i-imrnouda. of Hro' knav, ire..
W f Threlki id, of Tyee, Oregon. M F Callahan,
of Wrd-ori. Ore.
Any and aii persons- claimine adversely the
above described lands are ri'iesied t- fve
their eiaiind in this oriice en or iiefore said eth
day of Apr. lirj. J.T. DRIDiiKS.
j2i',p Keiiister.
Notice ior Publicttion.
Tnited States Land Ortice,
Rosebnrg, Orecn. J n. le. 1 01.
Kotice ia here' y Riven tliat In coinp'.iunca
with tea provisions of the aet of (onxna of
June 16, . entitled "An a -t for the sale of
timber lands in the staler of California, ireyon
Nevada .and W ashin?ton Terri ujry," fcsextei.d
d to all lue public land atalea by aid oi Auituat
4, lsxi.
of Jinx kway, coi.nty of Lfiiigias slate of Orecon
haa this, day bb-d In lliia oiii, e bl.- saorti stnle
meiit No 4.;iti lor lbe iiureuiise of On- i-V:4 be
ItiK !ot6and 7 K'j SW ', Sec 6. T 2-liiiutu, b
Nob W and will oiler pioof to shew tiiat Ihe
land aouai't is more vtiinable for La timlK-r or
stone than ffr aifr-.eii!t'irhl )oirpose-v, and to es
tablish Lis claim to said Jai.d i-efo-e L Diin-mlc-k
L' r Commissioner, at Oai: imi'l. On-non, on
Wtdi:e-daF, the ih ilav of April. T.ibS. He
nsmes aa wltnes -a : Genre Knise, Ros -biirt.
re.. On A Houser. uakiaiid, Ore., NV f;
'I nrelkeld, Tyee, Oie., M K laiiabmi, Wurdloti,
Any and all perwins cl.-iimiiiR advcrsily ibe'riU?d lands are reiUektel to riie their
elaiuif in lb in ollice on or before said nil day of
Apr. 1:3. J. T. BKIliKti,
J20p Re inter.
Notice for Publication.
United Stubs !-and Ofliee,
Roei)ure, on-Kon Jan, It., 1133.
Notice la berety plvcn that In compliance
with the provis! ns of the aet ol empress of
June 8, )b7X, entitled "An act for the. sale of
timber lands in the States of California, ororna
Nevada, and Washington I'errii.-ry," asexlond
ed to all the public land nates by aet of August
4, lb'22.
of Tyee. coiuity of li.mias, stal-i ot Ori-iron
haa this day hied in this ollice in sworn s'.ate
ment No 4.115 for Uie T'Uieliase of liie hE'.4 of
section No. i-low nsliip No 2'i south, ruugc
h weat W. M. and will ofler proof to
show tiiat the land souelil la more valuable for
its, timiier or s'.on" tiian for asruuhural pu r
ta--aes, and to estiiblisn Ms claim tosaid land
Peiore Z L Dimmit's-, U H Commtssioiier. at
Oakland. Oregon, on Weilnis-lay the Mti day
of April l'.MH. 11 names as w it iesses: sjisorne
W Kruse, Itosebtirir, Ore, W A Himmnn .m,
K-a.WHy. Or ., Oie A Hou'er. Oakland, Ore.,
M T ca.iahan, Wardton, O i-oe.
Any and al. persons ciaiuiitift adversely the
above deeenbea lands are requested to file their
cialma in thiseilice on or before aaid bill day
of Apr. 190H,
j2tip J. T. BRIDGES, Reenter.
Notice for Publication.
K.iskiu ki, Ore., Oct. 1.'., liar.!,
vitico Is hprot-y Kiv'u that iu onipliuttor
wnh tin t"Ovis!uiis ol the. tu't of 'itru:r'ss of
Juno, 1S, etilit'eil '"An ai-1. for th- sn'c of
timt.i'r lanon iu t!w statm ol rahfoniia, OrriMti .
Nevada mi'i W ashiniiuin Tvtriii'ry,'' as i-iii'inl-p.1
to nil I tie j'U'ilic land sUUs bT aet ol
i. Kfi,
of Rii'U'-. roinn v of 1.ivc!hs. Mate of Ore
aou loiR thia li.y tili-'l In tins off.rc her swum
ptMi'ln'T.t No N-.TT the .tlh I fis, nf ltn NK'4
Sl-:lioetion IN towufrhip 27 uth, R 3 win;
U'i offrr rroof tnshow thn! the land snvfrr.t
llunmnta-'iriui u uiiiL. i su wn-i.u iuuu
lor avrit -i.ltural purposes, and in esiaMisb hla
clnitu t-'.e tt.e Kerister and liei-eiver of this
aliiee of KosHDurg, Ores- on.
".i t"i !- Uk '. .lav oi April, inn. !-(ie
b-. v f n.'fs: rant mui: U-ioti , ! ar .-inir!''ton
iiHi mu mm j. l, .aunu fii vii juif.L:ui(i.
Any.idMivri)n r'.ftinrn; a.lvo's'ly tha
ah vv. o-iibt d latidi art- rtt nested to liie tiieir
cla'tns in ti.n. o.lieeon or hclvire it 1 ;:rJdfty oi
April. 1'...
.22 J. T. BRIDGE. Renter
Notice for Publication.
rclte.l S!a-es 1-r.tld Office.
P.owhunc. Oreeoll. i'ec. 27, 1 2.
Notioa ti hereby plvpn th-it In enmpltanoa
with I provifinim oi the at I of fongrei-a ol
Juno J. iS,S. er.t-t'.cd "An art for the Mil of
11:1111 lnm'.s in tl.e Siatc ! CaH'onda. Oregon
Nevui'a .and 'o u?-V.m'Kn i erri ii.ry.'' anexiend
ed to all the public land 1a;e by act of Auut
KtV.KNK F. YeUS!!.
of ArT leton, county of Fwni, Mite of M:Mn.,
h;. It ;. .hi v I ii d in e 1j i. .worn t.tic
ni nl No. On, ,.t tue pur hi.w ol the Uii f and
7. tr .' ot Vi i . of mt. ti. i n. .kis, K 7 w , a. d
m ill ,r.T iti .i t ,i sii.vw tl t tiie Uuid iiiii. Vii i
more aim.' e lor it- nui! r or itoue than f"r
acricul'iiial puit-ox'. md to e-liihli'-ii hit
c a'ui to..iJ lnd let re W. s. Hriti, f . H 0ti
iiii.i5 . r at K'.' ''le, Or .. on M u.'.ay. ti e 211
i!hv i, Mhk h, i''.i. lie lamer- is NNi'iufM':
Is.,.-o Wiuiiit.p am. and -::ii W'int.-i.cbaip.
ol iiia'ia. i. re.. 1'eter A. iimi-h. of h'-.t-c ,ti'f.
Ore'uu, Vliu. K. Younij.ii! I'oitliv'.i. rt-;l.
Acv Hipi nil l-ers t annine a-lvt 'y th.e
j ahovi- cicM'r.t'e 1 Uud are reqiiej. Cii to hie the r
j i U'uis in t:i o3icc oil or 0c:o:e t:ii 1 nay
Ol .Mil fell, !'... I BMimrr.
Xotice for Publication.
fnitc 1 Ma es I..-.-.I i dtice.
P.-i Jl'.ei:.'. Ore.'.'ll, S.-pt V, 1".'
Not'. e is he-vtv e.vtn i:;at iu ''it'viinii
witu the tons ol H e a I oi ' ongre-i
J'.i'ie S. lsTs, cn'.'h .1 'All Act In- the sale i f
Timber Lands in ihe Stale of falifornla. Ore
on, Net.iaatid N a-h:icton T rit.iry' a ex
letidiil to ad tte fublie La.J Suite hy act ot
AUCUst 1. .s'.J.V
of Koeb:ir, cotitry ol P ii.'h. ra'e of Ore
jt. n, hs th T:ay tileii in th .s o' Tlee her nvorn
-Mtenn :it N.' ; .or pun-ha-e . me N1,
W. J4. and W. i, V.. 4 S.-c. 7cT' S..K 3
and wili offer pn-of tohow thai the land iijM
ts more valuat-'.e for i: ti::ib.-r cr hton
f.r airriciiUural punc. and to cui'l sh
cisua U1 re tl.c'Kecis er guI Keccier cf thia
cluce of Koieburg, uregon.
en Weo:ua ;hv. me i1 in .!ai o! Fehrna-y 1.' .
liC u-l:tes v. iLiCSSis: Ktl.ic'. s, el li-HJl
! n. Ore.. I'.'!,'. ii Ji nine. Kiar.k tCuy.u ai. l
Harry ii..t:u i i. oi ki.frL ;--.rc. i 'ri .-'U.
Any a'ld ah ?'rs.t a ca'm'tie f.-i-t.. !y t:'.e
a'H'e -iivrirJ n'.ros are rv ji I'V-,: : t: e
1 heir cV'uis in t!'i i2ce o' or t-:or- eiJ U-U
'iai of i'etrua:v, ii :. J. T. t,a,
'd.;. ' K- k'is'.i
Contest Notice.
rt.f.e ! i:a;ea land
Kosv i.rit Ori i: -ii. Jan. 12, J'-.i
A f !T.c'e-.t e.'Ulc-t ail.-.avis l.ava.4 t b
ili l ills i;li; i v
conT"-snt. ca list -..ri-S iK I i nt-v Nn
- I
rr iei er.:' Is-, ror !4 pei: oa
Toiru-bip s . hane . v.-st, by
V. i L.LI AM J ol' Y
onit' w iieh it n ',i i that sa'.d cn
tryrna'i is oia 1, bavnu -.1 :.-. tlaii i-'ie
yearao. that h- was '.i"!..s.:ri--! alel
there is n p rson in me on it:r iniel or cisiin-
1 - s
i . I 's si.-ar: ::,
: .-".-1 i-j j-t-a.
h iiir sa- i a-':-.--n-i
2t. i'."l. l
of the I n.ud
i el.
-r.l.l rar
..- a e I cr-' v ii.t
!i-r t- idvuee i-u-,.
l.s-- a. tit. on y. s
. r aril hi e-.ver
r!-.tid n::-
! cac.-n at
i i-ire tee Rrj
j I-.n-i
si V -in.
.:i-s'r:il i ai .i..-. i
, I r I '. 1 .'.
.at a".iT !::" d.i
le v.-.-c ca.i rot
a: d :-..-'..'! i:
ji- a;, i i-r.-per n:
J T 1--
J 11 Ii."'T:l.
I i.-ecop.
r-.r'-r r.-:i
ilav.i. t lei I":
M.-L show ti
Sf rvte of
hti: i y i-rd'-re
r-e p:i en by Q
et 1
ie le.a
:-.t s".c
p.-rs, a si
'. , i: !
ii cciicc
-. K. s-i-iv
Isi-i l ive:
Notice for Publication.
fnile-! ?-atr Lard Cf? e.
R s. ' u-. Ors-r n. 2r, 1 . 2.
Notice !s 1 erer y riven ia eompt atier
i:h Ihe pTov:s:ou ,.f the a-t of C.:;r"s-s ot
J'-.n 3, Is's. enmiiii "an Aet l-ir liie s.e ...f
Ti-:iler La:. l lu 'he !a o: nio-uia, ore
e,.n. Nvs :a an 1 Yv f.hiet:'on Ti rriter." as n
-i: iei! t ai' tiie Public Land ?a- I t ael of
Ai:iul , i-.i.
K'lHERT H (f sHT.V,
of Salin. em:ii:v oi Mr.o-:. -f.te of Crtrn,
1-a.s in;, -lay f-'i i in this ii! bis fio-n sta
in.ut N .'st-'i, ior The pi.r, i, oi 'ii ,e i4
ij seef.on tis, fp . S.1JT,;,, R 5 at-: .1. Mer.
an i w.l: o:fer toshew ti at ihe !a-iU s. .: ?i t
is no-re vaiiial ii-for lis ' or ?:..r-e ti.nn
i f--r irii'.i::iri ra-p i r.,i t.) e"ai l.?h h-.a
c'aitn V- -.iie t..e Keir.svr aud Leceiver ol thia
o.:n-e of issiisibsirg.orebi'n.
on I ues-iaT. tt e ,t i dv of Vareh. J?"t. Tie
-r.i'-i a u.!' ii-- Mis i. i:.a 1 l is1 r.
ssfc- r-h K.v. Mis i ti.i re Kav, of r.-.'.t-ro.
re., 1! K Oa'.r-.ian, ol Nfyrt e, Ore.
Anv aud a., trs-in r.anniei: a-lve-
a's e dvM.1
eiaiins in
Mair-h. L.
-.r-1"! a!ids a-e n-i'ies',
h: i ftieeon or Ke're
J. r
1 to tli -ir
ii. i e:r. dav oi
J-.Ki I'!.!-.:,
Notice for Pub'icatiou
Cn.ud sta"e !..-r l Oi'i v.
KI-I)'!1J. -L
j Notice ishrri-l-y u.veti tnat
I -i'h t .e t'M :ii'!!i ol li e a- t
j Jnue s. 1F t-n'itieit "An Art
I t:m!er iaii-isin t,e stati-s rd t e.'
V. i
e-jii.riiiaiice 1
-i i" o. i
for ti;e sa'e of i
ierlla. Ort-s'o i.
rv,-' a ex tend-1
J Nevada, aid vs. ushh i:t'n
ed lo a" I the pu
land s ales by act of Aug
usi I, if 2.
of Toriiand. co'iniy of M'.i-an-.nib. sinte
On-con, has tins -lay hied in 'lus oilin. Irs i- .rn
stsp-roijlt No sl for ihe n-ir- h-se of i.its .1. 4.
,isi:l s. r.ftuii;'.'. iDWteMTi. smih, K . vs
aun w:iio::i rpr-Kd tvsr..-n : .'.at t.-.e Ian ts e-arl.t
Is more vaiiiiibi-; ior lis tin.r-er or sieiie
f.-T acriita-.nrai p !ri;s.-s, a;-i to e:ai '.ih Ma
Ctaitii U-e.ra t.-.e Ketister aud Keceiver of tia
auiea ol Roseburg, Oregon.
on f-iituriiav. ti.e H'h sy of Feiir'ia-e T 2. U-
dhtiih i'i:m-..ii: M Hiie.ana:!, v.-s r.i
A Fairi-! :ld. ol f.-rt an 1. i-e . .'as 1! .-iiCi
k'D. W'ij Wriabt. Mri!e nes-.O-e.
'is i
Any and aiiprsun ciai:u:nir a-lierciy the;
above i!er-iiH d -Hets are r-.Uc:ed Pi ft e tlieir j
ciairr sia tl-.-s i-fiic on or b.-f,-re sr.:d litii day o: !
ret.riiaiy, i . i. 1. tlAiliiits.
dip R-Kiter.
Notice for Publication.
Culled Plates 1 an I OfV"
Rosebunr. On-tMn, A,.?. 2i, !'2.
Notice is here' y f,n?n .hat in rimiliiince
with the p"o-.l:,l 4-a a"i ol t i-nare's of
June i, if-, -i. eii'.:'is ' .a.-, a 1 for the fxl" of I
tiinlier lanrfa In tbc tal s "f Ca'.i'orn'.a. ' 'reron
Nevaiia a:.d t asMnifion Tcrntry."aaextend- !
ed to all ti.e public laua dates by act of Aui-ust I
of W frvins st . f'orilaiid, county of Mu'tno-I
mac, stale of On-e.ri. has H la d.iy f.led in this
ofiice his sworn staiemenl No ,'s', fvir the J"ir-.
i nasi-oi ii.e 'i cec i, j p 2ti souta, k. 9 . .,
and will offer y-roof to shew that t.a laid sMipV.t
Is irrtirw VH'ualiic for Its lin.per or stone i..n
for arrrirullural purisms, nhd to e'-aidish hit
claim bef.ire u.e riefc:s:er and Leceiver of tli.s
Oliicx ol Koseburg, Oregon.
on Tuesiloy ti,e .i:d day of rebrnarr, 11' t He
names a-wli.nefs.-j,; Albert K i-'-avi-.ti, ! 1
roie, ore , haibs Thorn, lie.i MoMuiien, of
Ros. bii.-e Ore., John Ti om. ol Cleveiaiid. tin
Any and all persiitis i liniiiiff ae.vers. 'iy tl;e
alicjve ii-scribe I lau 's are reoni-s'ed to fiii-,
tiiir cihims in tb a oilice on or said .-Jvi
ilayol li bnia:-. I'.s.n. J I 15 1: t fx-K-t.
ullp Ken.s'er.
Notice for Publication
I'nited Hiatea Land iitfice.
Rosel tirir, iiieon, Dec. In, l-e'i.
Notlee is l.ere:.y jiiven thai In compliance
with t.:e n.visi .i.s of the act of Coti:n -s of
June :i, il.H. ent.iied "An a. t for the sale of
timber lane." ti e -'cti so! ( aliiornia.i ire;r,n
Nevada .and asidnirton TVrrlii.rv."aa.'ittciid
edto ail the public land states by act of August
CHAP.l.E- T) CIlt'KCIf,
of Mill-.vood. county of Doiieiiis, state of Orcrnn
has ibis ilav hied in this office Ids sworn stm.-.
mem No 4112 in liie piirebn of tlie lots 1, 2. .1
slid 4 nf Si e. 2, towoship 2ii M'nth, b'aiiee a w. st
aud ail! offer proof tusiio-a tl at the land sotiffht
Is more valunhlo for its timlrr or stone than
for a-rieiiliurai, and to establish Ida
claiii. laiiorc the I-ivlster and Receiver of this
Ofttce of Koseburg, Oregon.
ou .-aturdav Uie l-lili dnr of February, l.Oil He
iiHtni s as wiito-ssi-s: Tld Von I e-sl, tred K !e
mnii, ol Welr.isi-, ore., John T liom, Charles
Tlioiii, RoseiiurK, Ore.
f n y and all persoLS ila'iiiintr adversely the
above ileserib. d laui's are re.i'iesled t liie
their ol aims in this oi'iei-on or tvfore said
lUh day of Februury, l,3.
T BRiriCiI'3,
dllp Reaister.
Notice for Publication.
United S'ate Land Ofliee,
Rose bu re, On-con, So id 11, P.'2
Notice is here!, y nlwn that In com pi I mica
with the proi isiof.s oi ti.e act of Congress of
June H, entitled "An aet for thn fnbi of lands In the .-states of Cf.liiornia.Otcron
Nevada .and t osldneti n 'lerrluiry," asexten-.l-ed
to ail tbe public laud slates by' act nf August
4, li2.
of f'orilatid, couaiy of M ulttioniah, sia'e of
Oregon, baa this iiay filed in tins ollice Ins
sw'i' u statement No 3 Ml f ir liie purchase f the
NEi tec 2.H, Towiishiii 2ti s. mill, "KC west
and will offer proof toshow that the land st'ghl
la more vatuai.'e for its tlmlier or stonn o.nn
for airrlciilmrnl pnrpoves, and to establish bis
cbiKn liefore tiie I't-k-lster and Receiver of this
office ol Koseburg, UreK'm.
on Saturday, tbe ltii day of February. L'!. He
nanus as wiinesses: M Iluchniinu, Waller
Hueil of Poriiand, Oiciron, Win Wright, r.nd H
M i atiuan of Myrtle Creek. Ore.
Any and all persons clHimilitt adversely the
alioe described InU'ls are re-iio-sled lo liie Iheir
claims-iu this office ou or before said I4t'i day
of February, wot. J. T.BKlDiiES,
dip Register
Notice for rublication
I'liited Htateii Land Offioo,
KiNichtint, Un-imu.Si'pt 27, 1'.02.
Notice U hen'hy civen that lu coinpllatice
with Hie proviMoim d the act of CotiKresa of
Junes. 1S7K, entitled 'An art for the talo of
limber hi n N In the fiaK i. of Cnliforn'a. Orenon,
Nevmln and Vahinttton terrluiry," iisel'eud
cdt.iaU the puiilic land mates by act of Aug
ust I, ls'iJ
of .Vi-n, ciuiiuy of Marion, date of Oreiriin,
lias iliis due tiled In I His ollice her nivorn state,
nieiit o '-v-.t't lor the p.irehase of he NWi;, of
Msctioti 2i", To. 2;i Miiilh, lanne 3 weal W 11. Mer ,
and will offer proof to show that Ilia lanrlaoiif ht
Is more vriltinl.iu lor Ua iiuilur or I'.ntifl man
for aerii uliural puipotea, and to etahlnh hla
claim U -tore the Kemsier and Kecelvef of tbil
oiute of Uoseburit.oreitoa.
u Tue lav the 'in nay i f Man. Ml
nime as mint Ksei' lin's i t 11 t'lisho. Mina
h'er'.lm Kav. M isa ii I.i nnre Kay, ol Salem, Ore.,
and II M Outiinm, oi Myr.le i ieok. Ore.
Anv and all pi rsons e.'.liniu adversely the
ahove-descri 'n a laud', are requested to tile their
claims in this othev on or be i ore nald 5lh day of
March, l'..':!.
J. T. Bkhvoeii,
dj'p K..i'ilHr.
Notice ior Publication.
fulled fiintea Lamiomce,
R iselm k, iirciion. Nov. . l'J02.
N.i'iee is h. re!'.v nien thl in i-onitdiance
with liie t-r.n isi-'iis id the ai l of t'onreaa of
June :i. Is,-, eiii'lit "An Act for the n o of
1 inthrr Lull-is i:i t'te ;atc of I'aliforma. Ore
cr.ii, Nevada an I -hniL:tou Terrltoiy," a ex
temh'd tn all l.ii i'uiiiic Land tiiatcs by act of
AuH'ist 1,
.II L1A A l'K' K
of XH", NH o'.lt-t Ave M 'uni np.illa, county of
iie-i- orin. slate ! Miniies.ia, has liiia day
til. d In tnt oili-e her sworn n'.atemetit No
i".'t for ti-,e pun 1 e of 'be lot 4, NlVJ-i,
bM'4, see 4. lp 2. .-.null Kani;e 7 west
and .1! offer rrmd to shear that the land aotiRhl
Is liien-vc.hiahle lor V tiiuls-r or 6tone than
fer av-rieuiiuial purpoM1. and to rtatLh hla
Clat.u he' re ti e hecister and Keceiver of Una
ollice ol LuMiburi;, Oregon.
i. n luis-iay uie i.ui oai of February, lf'8.
he n '? s ms u ;tv, Lt'i F'ankloi'ic and K t-
ard enL. sj of Oeve'an-i, Oieoti. chatieff
: Thotu iiii.l to .u i li,mi wt tiusi biirK, tri.
I Anv ni.d ail p'.-r-.ii claiiuiiiK adversely the
abiive descr.!" ! laip'.s are re.jiie.ted to tile
I iiie;r cm, ms in this (,:hee on or lu iore said 17 lb
I rtv ,, Kei.raaij 3- T. llKII't.K.'s,
1 r-s.. " R.-fc".st-r
Notice for Publication.
J'.oe In
Notice 1 Li ie y
wilh the previ-i' : !
June i s7s, enc.'.h
ti-ei-er lar;ii in t- :
iied S'ates Ijiud Ofliee.
i!. Ori'KOU, 1im'. 21., Iva'i.
iicenihat In co:np!!auc
ni ti.o ai l of Cotton s of
"An a t f.-r the ael of
atr sef California. Utetron
Neva :a .and ne.iii;, u ferriu.ry,'" aaextend
j ed to ail the public taiid tia'.ei by act ol Auguat
4. L-i-2.
! of I'sl'.as, ri.iinty ni ot Or.con. ha
i this. .a ri-d in l ;ns '.: saom staiemenl
N . ,( r ir-.e l tin nase id lbe N', ol l-c
tl"ll 4. ,'l M . K 2 W. and a ill oriel
i pn -f to sh.vv ii-"U the land smiitut is more vai
' i;a . e f -r iu tiiuu r or t"tie tnau for afc-ricul
' f.:i'Ki ni-p s. a'- l : i i a -i's.i his cia-m to i
t : ti:-i 1 L- ler. V H-ill.l S ( iimislssloniT,
-at M ii.i . o T. "U T'tiu :-.!ar. the J2in day ol
i Mann, i'.s'i lie f.rii s as wf'tir-: J. W.
i Bivk rv aud 3. li. Kiddie, i f Kidd e. tin iron.
ie. and 1. vt';!,..n. ut Cai.yonvi..e,
Ai.y s.-.. a",
ah .e n
c .i: ni- i :i ". h . s
Of i' ."."v .-!. 1-l-J
T-'r-ii c'liimfnir adversely the
i4i:- are re-i'i.sted to l:le their
i fi .ieou or t f'i'e s:-1 l2ih day
J.T. ball". ES
K. c.ster.
Notice for Publication.
j l States Land OfTee,
J I'.omI U'v, Or,vn.Jan 5,1
i! Norei here-y p.vea that In eiimpilanc
' ; '.:h I'.e !:.. . : s tr.e act ol Conervsa of
I Ju: o e:.::t.-d "An a t I t the la'.a of
li::. v r lai: 's t. -:au--..f t aii:om:a.t.i:e2oa
N? a '.s. acd vv a.s'.'.ii.--.,.n 'ierrm-ry," asexteud
e 1 lo a.: :x.t p.i,..: laud s'.a'.ea ty a'l of Auguat
4. 1--2.
if R i. h,:r, t-,u W- v of I.i:;.as. atafe of Ore
.iu i.a ui.s dav n.,,.J In th: i.ftice hla so'n
-,--.t S,'.
. N s
: i ir i..e p:m-'iase cf the
u x-c. VI. I p- 2 r. K V
-f t" sh.iw thai the I
N W '
' s-.uc'.l ts !:
: than ! )i ;r
a - h il s .
! i .i .k. t (
! M - '..v tt.
pillj!! Ps1
vai-ah. !i" lis i::.titHrir ftone
'il.umi p-'--'sv alii to es ab
t . lrd N-'ore Z. I I'!-i-r.
Oas.arid. Oreeroi. on
't-i i-- o( Ma-i-h. I.' -l. He name
J -hn w ver.s. K.sset'iry. Orvpio.
M. 'i-i. I't.i.n. Mom ar
i v- I
L.ira. !
A -y
aVue i:
i-iai-ns i
of !a
i-urt. it.
J4rriv Brist.iir, Roae-
e.- 11
l ai; p.--s e-aimin? a!vers-'y the
sir.-- I 'aids are n-j ;.-ted to t le their
.' th. oil; :e on or Virions ssd lt'.h day
ihi.- i. J T BKsLijK.'s,
K'-.i r
Nctice for Publication.
Cnitol .-rate Ind OTi.-e.
1: . isei ur. Ore.. Oi l. 2, lmi..
srt-.:-c -. r.e.-e-i :vru i.'.u la con. piianoe
th the i roiis. :. i ! tr.e a.-t of Cenitra of
ne tr:: :-l "An aet f r the aaie of
t :? :
ed .
. 1-
's :e. I e M&ies-d i a.; emia. iireson
R-: l a-..:-.,-;. r "ierrl-i ry,"aeji-.e-id-tr.e
i'iu:i 'tae.J nate by ast ol Acguat
Ti:of A3 W f.AP.KIN.
Ros.' e.-. , .,ji,iy of L- .'ic.a. Ta!e of Ore
iu!.o'!.:',:ii h.-dlnthis hia fworn
s'cr'-ni N. . "(. !.ir the purehase ol the m,
SA'.i.'hi ll.Ti-! p.. K. a 1
, '-r prisof tcihow thai the land aofsht
isi'ia', lor lis umisv-r er at.ine Iiid
.i:-al f I'T-n'i. a: i to ,-taM.i hia
an I -.;.
is i:- I
f.-r a, B--
r'.'. :i t-
re ti.a i.eiis-er aad Letx-lver ot Una
o:::ce oi i;osest2 v.n;,on.
on . n-.' .nvi.'in! f Marrh. H
r.i-:e s '.i.-.s s. David L Mania. U iiliarn
H ii ,ut.T. ill-ssin J Ls'.der and Jocpb M
.-a it, rl'V, oi K s-'iut. re.
Ai y aii-1 a i r-e.-s ks eisaiiiluc adversely the
aU-. e tit-M r.i-e 1 '.rirv are rvsiiietsi u file
fere a'x in th1 o&c ! or fr aal-t 12;b
dsv f Marrb, l.S'i. J 1 SHIiSifs,
- . t Ki-iVr
Notice for Publication.
I n-ted Statea Ind Office.
Riis s-.nH. Or-iio, S.-pU iv. I'A'2
Nr.ti.e n r.c-e! y riven that in enmpllanca
with t:e pr.. v. -is ! e aet of Con grew) of is". ir.i.'isl-'Aaat tor the sate of
j t;.T
r lanes in tie -'an s d Caii !orntai irejen
: .and Has. :r-.-t. n ierr.u rr,' asexicnd
a.l ihe p iel.c land states by act of August
t-i 1
. l"
I "?
K.xe'iur.-. c-,.i:,tv of limiadas. state of Ore
.. 1 a ti.. da r-d in this office bi worn
sta'e : en! n. ..-.) for the pnrchae ofthes
i -4 "e :i. touasinp sw fsnith. lamre S inl
! an sril'.of'er vf"! t-hc-w that the land tor ght
I Is re. h tuim'i,. lor ii timber or iban
j 1, r a. -iciii-.iiral p-.irp. -. ard to eatal-lish tli
! ciann -' re t: e lo-i ster and lu;celver ti thia
i oiuce ol i..rti:bIirg.,.io.s'ii.
ii: i'.iiiM:v.iiw.f.h dee of Febtuarr Ifrw
1 i li n -no s us at i re... : i nrtu Y hund v, Hd-
linii't. A lit link, of h).o.-btirK. tinston.
al'.'l W;
am ii Wnitbl of Myriie l';-ek. Ore.
.I a:i -frf-rsonsciaiinipit adversely Ihe
'-r.-il ia-i'is a-e rfsiie-tei totl.e ibeir
:ii-s o!iee on or before said 2'lb day of
aitr in :ii
: ruarv. 1
I 1
J.T. libit. K"J.
Notice for Publication.
Cnited states Ind Office
Re-si'-urg. trv--on iK t.1T, RiOJ,
Notice is herei y piTen that tn compliance
with the provM-maof tha act of Ci-Pjiresa of
J'n.c is. s. entitled "An act f-r the sale of
tui.tsT l.-inds in the Statu if California. Oregon
Nei n.'a a'i-1 as;ini.-t.-n Territory, " aaeatend-
1 to a.l me p .l l-.c land states by act of August
4. ls-.ij.
nf -I I.'imli-r h i-1-a'liee, MintieajsiHs, county
id Ifenii' t-m. s'.nteof Minni-sota, haa this day
I1..-1 li 11 is c'lii-e bis sworn
-ee No
1 l i Tp No. 2fi . oi R No. Ii west
o(u r proof toshow that the land sonftbt
is -.Hon- vr.iijs.'.le l"r its timfur or stone tann
f t a.riei.i:ural purj..sps, and lo establish hia
clr-.i ii H lore ti.e Recisn-r and Receiver of thia
oitii e of Koseburg, Oregon.
ou MomUy, u,c m:i .lav of April If1!. He
reime. a vi it in : Francis A. Raker, ard
.l,i!:i. s W. Loiserty. of Minticap lis, Miun , Jol D
Tbo:u, ani i'has. Thorn, of Rimrbure, Oregon
Any nn I all isirsins ciaimiiK adversely the
above oe-eriiied iands are renu -st -d bv file tlndr
claims iu thia o: uie 0:1 or 1 ..lore said iiih day
01 Apr:1, 1
j. t. nRiraiEs,
ti1"n H-eister
Notice foi Publication.
United States Ijind Office.
Rosel unr, Oregon Jau. 12, IW3.
N I'icc Is hen l.y ;ivcn that in compliance
with the p- vl-i n of tbe act ol Connnsa ol
lime .1, iKs", entitled " An act for the le of
t!'n'"r I .re! In iheStalea of California. Oreaon,
Ni va I- and W ashtnifton rerriiorv" aaexieudtsd
to all the public land states by act of August 4.
l.EOl'OLl) I FF.,
of Iist I'nst Ofliee. 1 o'iuiv sf Red I aVe. state of
Jli'ii'i s ta. has ihls day ll ed In Ibis office his
s 11 n ststeiueut No. 42V7, for tbt 1-tircliase of
the sh'i of a c'.loii 6, townsiilp 29 K, R 8 neat,
and will offer proof to shew that the land otia;ht
fs more valuable for Ita timber or stone than
lor eKrlriiUurttl purposes, and to establish Ma
claim before tl.e Register aud Receiver ol thla
ollica of Koseburg, Oregon.
on Weonesday. the 2t!i day rf March, 1W
Heliums s n lincssea: W. H. Wright and
w id-am Imr'h, ol Mvrt'e Cieek Or. iron, A. I
( I 11k. of kofeijure. Oregon, t. G Suiraasil, of
Lust r iri and, Oreuou.
A n and ail persons clal ninir a iversely the
nboie des. -tilled lainls are requested lo file
their el urns in this ofliee on or lielore said 2'dh
dav ol March, I'.sjil. J T liKHaiLrt,
J12p R. sister.
Notice for Publication.
Cnlteii States 1 and Office,
Pnsebiiv, Oregon, Iseo. 27, I!l2
Notlce Is hereby t-lvr n that In compliant
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3, 1S7H, entitled "An a'-t for the sale of
tin. her lands In the States of California, Oregon
Nevada .and ashlngton Terrliory,"aseitend
edto ail the public land stales by act of Auguat
ol l est Hend, c iiinty ol Palo Al'o, state of
loua, has this nay. filed In thlsolliee his sworn
stale mm Nn. 42oS. lor the piindinso ol tha
n ot ncc. 2(1. 1 p. :) s, K 7 w, and will of
i.-r piooi tu show thai the land soiiKlit is more
vcluiibie for lis limber or stone than for Bgil
niliur I purposes, and lo establish bis caini to intiii 1 1 lore W S Bri It, 1' H Coniiulssinuer
h l Riddle. Ore.'on, oa Mondav the 21 day ot
March, Its ii He pamej as tVitneasea; C. A.
l"av, of Api letoti. Minn , A. C. C ulson, of Cen
ter (itv, Mmn., Peter Diirch, and Albert Durch,
of Roseljiirir. ores-oil.
Any niil all p'-rsona cliilmlnif adversely the
above desrrilail lands are rciiutsttd to file their
t laims in i hia office ou or before said 2 1 day of
Muich. I;. J.T.BRIIR.KS
ji-p . RegUter,
Notice for Publication.
Imlted Btale Land Office,
Roaabunr, Oreiion, Jan , lyoS.
Notice ii hereby glren that In ompliana
with th nroTUioni of th act of Conareaa f
Junes, 1H7H. entitled "An act for h a) at
timber landi In th Stateaof California, Oro4
Kevaila .and Waahlnirton Tarrltory'aaaitanil
d to all th publla land llat by act tl Ansa
, Ib'Ji.
nf Roaebnrtr. con my of Uouglaa, tat of Cayin
ha tniadat tlleil In thiaoHlve htiaworn tata
ini nt No. 4272 for the purcbaae ol lb N'4 of
hw'tlon 82. township 29 aoutn. raiiK I want
and will offer proof Wahow that th laud aoutnt
la more valuable for lu timber or aton ttia
for aKriculiural purpum, anil t tabliah hl
claim befor the KeKiatr and Baoalrar ol tan
tlld of Koatbnrg, Oraaoa.
oil l ues.lay the iltn ilay of March, 1903. K'i
namea aa wunuaea: ueorve lurnar. Jofin
Farmer, of Kim. burn. Ore.. H W Miller. Mr rile
t reek, Ore., and Oeorife Nimock, ol Eugen.
Any and all persona cialmlDK adveraely th
above attainDeii
lauds are rentieated to Ble their
claima in this o
of March, 1UC3.
claima in this ofllce on or before aaid 2tth day
Reg later.
Notice for Publication
f nlted Statea Land Office.
RoaeburK, Oreicon, Oct . l'J02. i
Notice ta beret. r nlveu thai la couiDllaug l
with the provUlona of th act of Congrea o(
Junes, Is.H.cuUtled "An ai t for lha aaU of
timber landa In th tdateaof California. Urafoa
Nevada .and W aahtnitlou Territory," aaexind
d to all the public land atai by act of Augae
4, 1.HT2.
of Hrand Forka, County of Orand Forks, Plat
of North Iakoia. haa thia day filed In thla oflic
his sworn aiateinent No. 2A1.V for the Dttrehaae
ol the lota it nd 4Sfc'4 KH'i 81 '4 of riectlon ,
Townsiip .10 South, of RanKO , w. and will of-
ler proof Ui show thai ihe land aougbt la mm
ralunoie for ita tiuii-r or lut.e Uiao for am
cultural purposes, and loeatabllih hi claim to
said land bef .ra W tj Hrttt. U. b. CommlssPiner
at Kiddle, Ort-pon, i n Friday, ibe 27ih Oar
ol March. If) si lie name aa wr.neaaea: W If.
Boo n, H. C. Roreti. Harry Leaberr aud John
Lenherr of Camaa Vahey. ore.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
absivedeacritjed laoda are leuueaied to liie ihelr
c.ainn in thla ofhee on or before the 27ih day of
Karen, iv 4.
f 20p Reiater.
Soalety JVletlng.
F. A A. M. Laurel Lodge No. 13,
HjKIb regular melioRS oo aecona
and ( nrth WednMklaTl ol earb
month. E. J. tBoro. W. M.
N.T.Jkwk fiecretarj.
AO. U. W. kotteborg Lodge No. 16.
Meet, the pevood aod fourth Mon-
A mm m sf ta r ... is I K - 7 .Ofl n M
in tint I. 0. O. F. Hall. Members in
food atandinft ar inTitfd to attend.
H. T. McClallm, M. W.
E. Ii. Lenox Kecorder.
D. .S Weht, finaocier.
P. O. ELKS. Kowburg Lodge No.
326. ilolda rognlar cummaaica
tions at I O. O. F. Hall oo second
and fourth Thursdays of each month.
All members requested to attend rega-itrW-aDd
all rieiting brothers are cordi
a'.lr invited to attend.
W. H. Jamiisou, V., R.
V C. Losoos, Secretary.
N. U., meets at Armor; Hail ever
Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock.
F. B. Havux, Cape
EGKKE OF HONOR. Mystic Lodge
No. 13. Mu 2nd and 4th Tl.ors
day eveniKgn of each rnonlh in Na
tive Rune' Uafl. Vieiting members cor
dially anted to attend.
Mrs. Miut Wmt, C. of U.
E. II. Lk.vxox, Rec.
fOF A. Coort Dona-! No. 32, For
eetert ol America. Meeta every
Toessiay Tetiii.t ta Native So&a'
Hall. Vieiuna brotheraalwaTi welcome.
f. W.VanZih C. R.
E. II. Lenox. R. t.
E. V. Hootm, FbTBidao.
0. O. F. Phlietarian Lodee No. 8.
Meta in Old Feliowa' Temple, cor
ner Jack fon nd Cast atresia, on
Saturday eTeoing ot each wee. Mem
ber a ol th order Id good naoiling re
ioviied to atteDd.
H.B.Giu.arrrt, S. G.
N.T. JlwaTT, rsecrttary.
of 1'. Alpha LoiJirs No. 47. Mw
trtrj Wedneoday, in I. O. 0. F.
Hall '. 7:30 p. tn. Members tn
t'XS tf andirjg ar invitmi to attend.
G. W". Km ball, C. C.
C. E. Robeht. K- R. 8.
T. M. Protx-tion Tent No. 15.
Ilolils its regular Reviews the
first and third FruUv cf ch
month in the I. . O. hall. Vifiting
nie-mN'rs in p al ptamlinn are invited o
attend. F. F. Pattkksox, Com.
E. E. DLODc.rrr, Record Keeper.
ILAC CIRCLE. No. 49, Women af
Woodcraft. Meeta on first and t birsi
Tborsdara of each month at tha Na
tive Kiob, Hail. Vieiting member aa
rood itaoding are Invited to attend.
I.sVtua Pkiilbredi .Guardian Neighbor.
Vitsia- Orar, rscj;.
L0. T. M. Roeeborf HiTe No, 11.
Holda ita regular review cpson tbe
second and foorth Friday era.
of each month in tbe Native JSona' Hall.
Sister of other Hives vimting in (be city
are cordially invited to attend onr re
view. Jksjib Kafp, L. Com.
Matdb E. McClali ex, R. K.
W. OF A. Myrtle Camp No. 6330.
Meeta brtand third Wedneeday
each mouth at Native Sona Hall.
Gbo Bybox, Clerk.
E. . Koee)Qrir Chapter No. I
Holile their reainiar meetina; on tbe
first and third Thursday in each
nnn'h. Viaitir(t nierohere in rond
itandirR are reepect folly invited to at-en-1.
Mrs. Calu Rkaro, W. M.,
Mil. LiBBia Coeuow, Secretary.
aEBEKAHtJ. Rosehnra Rebekah
Lodsre No. 41. 1. 0. 0. F., meeta in
Odd Fellows' Temple every Toeoday
eveciritr. Viei tins Bisters and brethren
invited to attend.
Della P.rows, N. G.
Cora Wimbkrlt, R. S.
fjenilily No. 105 meets every Satur
day eveninp, at 8 o'clock in Native
Son9 Hall. Viriting Artisans cordiallj
invited to attend.
Mrs. M. Jones, M. A.
Mrs. F. B. Hamlin, tM-cretary.
Carun No. 125. Meets at the Odd
Fellows' Hall, in Roeebarg. every
first end third Monday evening. Visit
ing neighbors alway" welcome.
Jas. E. Sawyers, C. C.
J. A. Brc it a nab, Clerk.
Odd lellow h Temple. Meuts first
ami third Thursday evenings each
month. Visitors cordially invited.
J. U. Hamilton, C. T.
J. C. Twitch kll, Scribe.
Professional Cards.
Office op pnaite
Slocum's Hull
& NO P n A ISI C,' rca mt comectionery
I f roits, Candies, C&es, Pies,
Doughnuts and fresh Bread Dally
fj Portland Journal Agency. Hendricks Block, Opp. Depot
fjj I.J.NORilANa:Co. Props
Is bringing splendid results for the T. K.
EUchardson Mtisic Store. Eight Pianos
and Organs sold in January and two al
ready for February, and prospects loom
ing up. Inquiries from all directions for
the high grade NEEDHAM pianos. None
better or few as good. They will stand
the most rigid inspection : : : : :
Roseburg and Cottage Grove, Oregon. z
Court Bona.
Phy6ician, Surgeon.
Office over P. 0. Rosucbg,
'Phone Main 69 L, Oasoox.
Pbyscian & Surgeon.
OfBoa Review fltl.
fbona. Main H
Hoar cm Okkgos
Special atteniloo rveo to Dtae
ot the Koe
ana -iaroai.
Office-Main PL, dm door aoaiaof
niotsa. Mala ML
itr ti
tarta Buildlrat,
Talepboa ko. .
Attorney at Law,
RoOBSl A 1. Mamers B!d( ROBEBCKQ. UK
raBualDeaabciorttaaU 8 Land O Sea and
saftiux eaaea a specialty.
Lata EaeatTat 0. 8. Land Oatca
Rose cao, Oaaeon.
Bnataeas belora C. 8. Land Office and Probai
bualitesa a specialty.
Office Abraham BaiidiiUL
Will psacUo ta all the 8tala and Federal Coorta
OBca la Marks' Bid., Roaebant. Oresroa.
Attorney and Connsellor at Law.
alining Law and Water Right Dtade
a epwialty.
kamera Bid ROetTBCRQ. ORKGOS
sou l and t
vtew Bulldlnc.
J A. BUCHANAN, NoUry Public,
Collections a Specialty.
Marstera Balldin.
Attorney at Law.
Room 11.
Taylor A uaon Btoea RoaastCRO. O a
a. a.caaT, c. A. EiRLsatoa
rraetlce In all ol theeiarts nf the ta e, also
be lore the U. 8. Land depart meaL
Tailor 4 llaon Block,
Xotarr Pnblic In office
Head OCIce, McMinarllle, Orcfoa
Atnt.of insurance in force, $11,000,000.00
Net train in one rear.
Saving it members 1 jr.,
Number separata risks,
80,59 l.tiO
Aa Ja Buchanan,
Rosebnrg, Oregon. Agt. for Douglas Co
Yoncalla Real Estate
Timber lands locatwt an t tor aalu. Qond bar
ItKiiialQ (arm praprrtr. Loa ja roarle oa rasv
turms In hnms Iroin A0 to any amount at 3, 4,
Sand ( percent..
n 1
s 1 i
V I The Best Always the Cheapest
For Sale by
want to buy a
want furnished
want to buy a
want to
want to
want to
rent a house
build a house
move a house
If Toad9atkiPAT
all oo or avlireee . . .
F F.
Of everv deec rivtion. Farms and
eral IjukU.
M inneota.
Oregon, ashinpton anJ
! Dill
I Cor. Washington
!' and Main Streets
! Mrs. Belle Collins
H. Little,
.. DENTIST. ..
Oakland. . -
Abstract of TiUa to Deeded Land.
Papers prepared for filing on Govern
ment Land.
Bine P'vata of Township Maps showing
all "ax-ant Lands.
Plans and Estimates for ail Build
Ings. Special designs for Office Fixtures
Office in new Bank Building. Thone 415
The Xew-Tork
nrtsrseven years old.
Asiet over
Income in iooi ovtrr, 9 7 0,000,000
laaurance in force over J6s
Mew Iuanrance paid for In loot
over i6i,aoo,ooo.
Paid Pollcjr-Koldera ta iooi,
over 117,000,000.
Paid Poltcy-Moldera In 37 re art,
over j 19,000,000.
W. J. Moon, Asreat.
Roatebnrsx ore
Thp iSrateat Farm Farr of the Sorth
Wsst. Tiililishtsl wct-alT at 8alem. Ore
Kun. by Ihe Farmer ol ihe
Northwest, Twrntr I'aea, lllusirateit.
S Ppr tar ti oo. Laaa taa acta aach
Puhlieation beran March I, lSsU Now
haa Q.aoo slitiacrtbera. rhenoineual crowth
ii due to Ita being tho bent (arm paper pub
52.75 A YEAR.
Trespass Notice.
AU person are herely warntnl not to
tre!-piii';, hnnt, fish or camp on the
land of thti Curry Katate, I'ersuMi doinir
j will be prosHx-utevl to the full extent
cf tho law.
Estate of N.Ctrrt,
(55tf.) Uiversiiale Farm
Leading Grocers
as Saiitfer
Go to . :. 5
For a Prorap and Firrt-clasw
Shave or Hair-cut. Compe
tent Workman, Clean Tow
e'.a. Tool alway ia ahape.
Baths In Connection.
Shop on Jackson St.
a )
Homes from $350 to $5000
Write or 'Phoce
Vim. LI, Porter,
Real EsUte A rent and NoUry
Timber and Homestead Locator
Packer and Guide
Camas Valley, Oregon
S miica math van of KeaFbura-
m nn isi rnviTnw
ia rreparea to wait npon old
T anil ssMirfAi.M....i j
sc wsiisri - .uu irwiHja
with a full and complete
stock of
All f reeh and ol the very beet
quality. Teaa aad caSees are
epeciaiuee. lour patronage
905 Jackson St.,
Best References.
All Work Guaranteed
Leave order at Burr's MusicS to
SnpDlinental Cfcanier
For Shooting pirtol rartrid im riie
rtcnt corer U. S. and Canada
fare M to 75 per eeat oa cost of a m
Made for 30-30, M0, S03, S2-40,
sjM-cial and S ram iiantilicher. .23
Maileit for 11.00 ta auy addresw.
Onler freia
Tbe S. C. Company,
Roteburj, Ore.
Title (Juarantee&Loan Co.
j. 0.
D C. slaWIiTna,
eaei. aasl Tnaa
Offlcsala th Coort Hon. Kara thaeaiTeom
biei art ol ahairaet b.U ta Duf iaa I'ounij
A hai.raota and I em ia ot T.tla taralahad to
IsTMtt.aa roomy land an.t salami alatna. Mar
aim a complete sec oi Treiaa o ail IowbiMh
piata ta tha Roaebor. Orexoo. C. ti. Las.l ti-.a-ru
i. Wk.l ma ttia prtut copiaa oi aar t" a
tblp iu