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    Th Twi-aVak
Roscburg Plalndcalcr
CubUfhed UaoAtft sa4 TMuad.
VAiUtn and I'uUitliers
Tic-a-Vk PUiflifaUr, txt year, S2JW
Doings of the Members of the House and Senate in the
Legislative Assembly
Tlitre sre thr HuiitLs iu tLa ut.
KlielW-y ha nm-oned! in iulro-luriiig
hia hill liarm-itl warehouSr-llieM. It U
No. 73.
Two hill have lusen iutrodurcl Ui pro-
vida ( tha payment of the Indian war
ti-U-raiin a petitioned (or.
Jtia on-dined that eevetal county-
-t tight, will l rather arm, that (
Malheur oouiity heing the hottet.
The leg-inlativ. assembly altanded the
funeral ( the late Oitigre'-eitiati T. II.
Tongue tit IlilUhoro m Kun-Uy in a
The body of the late lUprnirt.Utiv in j lUnebiotigli haa iiitrodtied a fellow
Cougr.-, Thomas H, Tongue, lias ended servant bill in th llonw. Miinii tis
its long journey, and from the comfort aleo lutroduc-M a fellow -rvaiit imi in
able home he builded and guarded was I tha Senate.
revt-rt-iitly and mmriifitily carried Kim- I -jj, ,i,rial mnva of tin vote for ov
lay to its filial renting place, Nut only m-hot by the joint committee of tin t-
the :tri ken widow anl liereaved family, iaUture gives Chamberlain a majority
iiot only Lis neighbor, among whom he ,Mer Purninh.
l a i lived so long, and hia boat of j-tr- ,1M,, m nlkav La introduced a bill friend, hut all the people of Or-1 j-ovjjjg f,Jf ta nation of sspreM, tele
K.,u,.our his untimely death. The , ,,,, e, ra), n, oil eoini-anie. ; al
so a Lilt to prohibit, the exhibition and
Fbkd Wkiuht. City Editor, Solicitor.
T, 5, licTii. Foreman
lietered at tha Poet (Mca in Bocoburg,
Or., a tecoud claea tnail tuatUtr,
Advertising RaU-e on A ppticalioa.
ittite, even the Nation, baa eonered a
.. IVw u.en, in the aame i of , - . . .
, ..... t
ji-i more i tr iregon ; uoiir
time, ever
uue ever letur prejiared and etui)ie
to tcrve tl. let fctate than he, and the
reut thronif in aitf udam-e at the latt
tad ritek over tha remaim of tha dibtiu
(.M'.iehe-i ()regHiian, which includiol
iiii'iuljera of the Oregon legiiilature, tlate
oiliiiuU and reiireeentativea of both
Senator i'ierca , of Morrow, Umatilla
and 1'iiion tiaa introducl a concurrent
resolution pioviding for a constitutional
amendment making tha terrna of county
ofl'u-era four yearn instead of two.
Iiot h tha Senate and thellouauad
journal ThurIay afternoon until Mou
hian. hesoft'ongre, id homage and UY. or,,ef to llow fcUt l'rinXT h..oor to hia life and worka. 'icl to eau n 0(1 un ma
i ..,....... -
ol iJllia in me nauua 01 iim jriiuer.
The quealioti of what tha leaialatura
will do with tha normal hoola will be
a live one. The governor' recoinniea-
dation that tha achoola be reiuceI to
two, in hi inaugural aldrew waa loud
y applauded.
Halm, of ClaUop, haa brought for
ward a bill to lrevent the uimanctioiie.1
The bail
The n.eii.liera of the present Iiala
ture are aprent oil the whole rather
abut the average ill fit net for tha
dulirtj to lie ierformefl. Though the
new epajier ineu have their little flinga
at the letrirlatora we don't mean to lie
tuken to terioiuiy alwava, aaya the Tele ue of aecret orler -utliuia.
cram, while amonif w men wio make i aiuia iu m.ti i"""
ui the Wiy there are alwaya aome of in- latdgea or emblema ol aocietie 10 w men
Jni..r charactor, mentally or morally, or they do not belong aa members.
both, luoet of them are honest, laUilli-1 yhe mother of Coventor Chanibaruin
tent, and auiiuatral by a tleaira to do Icaiiie all the long journey Irmn her
the rifc-lit things, and the Oregon l-gia- home iu Old Miaaiakippi to wilneas tha
lattirea have aa a rule ua.le a pretty fair I nhiili la to her tha rrowiilug event of
rei-ord, aa ruinpareil Wlt'i the Leglala-1 ,er hl. llie inaugural rrreiuoniaa
tare of other atatea. Our h-gialatora I which made her beloved aoii governor
have I eeu itaragoiia of economy and I ., Oregon.
other virttiea in coiiiiariaou with aome
Iielutures f California and other
fcUu-H. home billa that would I letter be paired will ilotibtleei berome law,
while borne better billa will fail; thera
will U- aiiie miitrafccary expeudilurea,
and ierhaa tflfidi nmliveg rather than
the pubi c weal will triumph m mmie
iiiinor inuttera ; but on the whole we
may esi-ert fairly good work, ami bene-
li.ttl rcsiiHr, from thia lioily of law
maker. Aa a rule, they arenodnuht
hoin-hi and k'aiutLle, and it ia lietter to
have coiitldciiee in their integrity and
ability than to regard them with kuapi-
tiiu and liehtowceiiktire uKu them that
ia ibfcihly fr the loiwt part uudi-aerved.
A Hk1 of billa liaa aw am id the Hate
Printer'a otlire and aeveral day a will U
reouire.1 f-r that department to inn
itwlfotit. Theaoloua are eager to get
their net meaaurea in at the bead of the
uiil,u imv tuit vet lelt lit
The l'ortlaud charter bill, which, un
der ordinary circuuifctaiufa would bava
consumed tha gieater part of the week,
liocame iMed meaaure, w ith the
ceptimi of it eniollment and the aigna-
turn of the governor, within twenty-iour
hours after ita introduction in the hou,
Anion tlm billa prvM-nte.1 Thursday
were one by liooth to provide for pro
Ui lion of Ioreta from firef, one by
Johnson regarding protei-tion of game,
one by Mc jinn to govern the employ
ment of minor, several charter bills,
and a larve number of mcuKtires of
minor iiniortaiire.
liilyeu, of I .in it county, bus -ome for
ward with a bill to luevt the tdeeping
car o-t'iiiua. lie proiNHM-a a tax if (I'W
tier vear on liquor selling in railroad
I'Srs. .Mr. Jill Veil JiUH ! presvuleil
measure for taxation of coriorationH
uator A. ('. Maitrs, of Douglas,
has preaeuted and is championing a I'ilj
iu tha seuate, providing for an irrelucia'
hie H'h'H.I futi'l lor liouglas county. It
ia a very worthy and imortaut measure
for bis coiiiiuty. This bill ia being
looked after in the hoiiaa by llepreneut-
ativa I. U. Kiddle.
Iteorenuntative Malarkev, of the
Multnomali delegation, haa taken to ha1
It-in with him a bill whirli ia intendol
to place a tax on legacies. 11a has ur-
ratii.'iil a carefully graduated ai-eleof
taxes ranging from 1 rceiit to 6. Tim
bill will ha popular with thoaa not hav
ing exectationa.
The aeuatorinl situation iZ de-
vetoping and tha aupiirters of lion
C.W. I'ulton now claimha will
have 30 votes on the first ballot. The
first ballot ou senator will be taken t
morrow, Tuesday.
Lawrence T. Harris, who baa lain
elected to the itnortaut and influential
otiitioa of Haker of tha Oregon llouae
of Iteprekeutativea at the preocnt aea
sion. la a native Oregouian anl is no
yet 30 years of age. He was born in
linn county and educated in the public
schools of Allany and hugeue, and was
graduated from tlie law department of
the state nniversitv of Michigan, and
bus since been practicing bis pr ! ion
and with innrke. vucceM, at F.ugenc
He has served contiu jously aa deputy
iiroaecuting attorney lor his district. In
MM) bo was tlftd a representativ
from I Jiue county and re-elected in 'r2
by an incread majority.
Hon. (ieorge C. I'.rownsll, who was on
Monday chen by the republican senate
caucua to preside over the delilicrationa
of the nper liouxe duriug tha '3d bien
ilia! aeaaion of I he legislature, w as born
in New York state in X&i. He was al
mitle-1 to the bar iu Kansas, where he
held several iini-ortant iHwitioiis. II
came to Oregon in lsyl, an I ha i-in
been) a proininciit figure iu the repnhli
can party of Clackamas county and tl
utate. lie has iteeu a memtier ol coun
tv. district anil state convent ina,
Three timea he has been elcfted a nn-lil
her of the ktate seuata from Clackatnns
ciiiiuty and haa Uen prominently men
tinned for Cougreaaioiiul honors. Mr.
Hrownell is a man of Mrong Toiial
maguetiam and nn able orator and de
lta tor.
W'allwr Drotbcra of Lane County Will
Modernize and Operate tha
Moooey Mill.
We are reliably inform! that the
Walker Brothers, two genial and enter
prising buKinekR men of Walker, Ine
county, have bought the kaw mill and
l'g'ng outfit of Henry Mofiiiey, near An
lauf in J'aiw Creek lanyon and w ith their
usual euergy are already refitting an I
repairing the mill preparatory to ottiiig
it into ai tiva o-ration on a larger scale.
They will no doubt turn out a firi-t claea
luinU-r pr.xjiii t as n as they get their
mill moilernixi'd and put to its full work'
ing capacity. The Walker Uros., have
been condiicting a meri'hautile i-ktublisb
meiit at Walker for many years, lint
have had considerable. t'Xierienc in en
U-rpriws similar to the one In which
they are now eiig;i((d.
List ol Claims Allowed at the Janu
ary i9o3 Terra of County Court.
The following is the list of claims
lowed at the January I'.KXi, U-nn
county y;iirt.
A K Clayton roailn
I'hil Heiidi rson "
J O liriUn "
F Fryman "
L IVrduu "
Banks A (irublte "
W H Himuion "
W K Simmons "
Gardiner Mill Co bridges
H A i i iimey "
roa-1 200
" U 00
" 1M 00
" 38 00
" 152 00
" 30 00
T I Williaius
A hChapM'll
Jcs Khuiiibr'Kjk
(iardiner Mill Co
Kiuslaw Lumber Co
A A hmith
J A Brown,
8 W Iiaylik
15 A r-twart,
II A lilakely,
J Ritchey,
it t f - - . . a
tj 1 i ji iiiivni ..
tA O W Wonnacrft, "
John Iledftpeth, "
J T Thompson, "
(iy K (iuine, "
W S Johnson, "
W A Hmiley, "
HLKngles, "
W A Bulloi k, "
A SChappell, Indg ARt
Clarke & Ilaker, bridge
Pickett & Wilson, . "
W Helliwell, roads ,
John Mi! m power. "
J C Young, cminimioner
Mrs J F Jamn-son, Indgt Asst..
i: Jennie, Kridu'es
JC Twitchell, iii;uet
II Stevenson,
2 (10
4 00
I :
4 oo
18 WS
11 l)
G 50
51 K,
.1 .i
Kr, ;o
2s so
Jury List lor IV03.
1 lie county court of Ii'iiiglas ciunty,
luring the r-,"ilar January term, which
!jii Thursday evening, drew nptlie
follow ing lint of names from the several
precinrU from which to select circuit
ourt jurors for the ensuing year;
Aalca W Hiddle, Ib-nry Jo ten.
Caiiyonviile II J Wilwin, lirant Lev
us, Ilavid Hughes, J F liazley, Jaitib
I'.iown, J C (iihliK, O T Ileala, (iy. Neu
ner and J(s Clout;h.
Myrtle Creek H W Baylirs, G K
Ilrewer, (i W Crews, J S Iliinnavin,
Willis Kramer, J C Freeman. W B
Pluvial Agent, Grygla, of the' 1'nited 14 Q, Becker and Harry Howard Each
Oct Two Years.
Circuit court for IVniglas county
ined in adjoiiruej aessioil in lCoaeburg
Friday morning w itli Hon. J. W. Ham
iltou on the lieiich.
Eighteen civil aud two criminal cm-s
were at once acted upon, F.d it. -cker
and Harry Howard will be IVmglas
county's total contribution Ironi this
term of court to the sUte penitentiary.
Btx ker plea'l guilty to stealing tobacco
from Iavia & Atkinaon'a grtatry store
Matii Jjtn.l Ollice with heaj.juartepi al
Imrj.', w ho ia at I -akeview investing
the timber and other land entries in that
dirtrtt t, has over 500 claims to look into
and iu every cane, where there ia evi
dence of irregularity the claimants will
lie siliniiioiiod to kltow cauae why their
tiilea ahould not le canceled. It does
not matu-r w hether or not patent to the
land haa Ikh.ii inkue-d.
When (iov, (ieer retires from oflice, ia
(Kd ated for lT. S, senator and retires to
the quiet of hia farm to raise chicken (formerlv.W. L. Cobb'), and was given
and threaii wheat, a good many proud- a sentence of two years, Harry Howard
neiit Oregon new spaier w ill be abort on confessed to stealing a twenty dollar
editorial topics, gold piece from W llliam KellUier, oi
m Yoncalla, at the Koeeburg dejait on the
11. F, Anils is now solo proprietor of Nh ol last Deceuiuer. iiowaru iiw
the Springfield Nonpariel, John V, a lather leiigthy statement, uciore ute
KcJly having retired aa editor after the court, but it did not help rns case any,
for be received the same sentence that
was given Becker two years.
'I'm much obliged," said Howard,
seating himself, "but I don't think 1
got justice."
"I think the sentence you got was
very light, considering the statement
Now each Senator will have a private you made," replied the judge
lii'st issue by reqlieet.
Mr, Simon w ill soon resume the prac
tice of law in Portland.
Cteika For Leglalature,
Becker and Howard ware taken to
Salem Saturday.
civiu CASKS.
U. Mary M, Bockley et al., vs. Doug
las County ; apical from County Court.
O. I". Coshow nd F. W, Bensou, ally
clerk, iu coitntxiueiice of a reaolulion iu-
trotlii!l by Feiutor McGinn Thursday
bud pacned by a vote of 111 to 11, four
absent." If the members ol the House
billow thik example, and they have the
au-.e iu-.-J of clerks that the Senator
have, tlie number will
W)xH7t;i, f lint If the House r v. liilla Carter, i.ltff.. v. Win. Car-
f tiw to iiidul,:e in this luxury the rewilu- tor jo , up. . Jivorce. (ioo. Byron
t ion will cot only SXtJO. tne way or ,.,.,1 t T. Barker, attva. for iHff. His
another tSte Kukeniiail law win i uat-1 UliHBU,)
teil duwu and iguorel. imt there is a v MVndel Traut. i.ltff.. vs. II
v deal of truth in Senator McGinn's iij,,,,,, Bju, et al., defts. ; suit.
lUn laralioii that if a Senator is to do
.Mod work, ttud do it thoroughly, on com
iiitUi',iktvpiiig hia billa and documents
In order, bv.kiu- up data, and so lieiug j t.y mutv.
tilwavs preirtil tor whatever tinejt up,
he tu-isbi the service of a clerk. It ia an
innovutioii that will not lie generally ap
proved, but it willdoubtleaa atii k. Ore
gun la getting to l a larger kiate, w nn
more biihincMi to attend to, every two
j cars, and ita people muM exiect its
1, inhitiin a to. move along i i muie style
thau UeV used to do, Con-i lering that
they rvfive only 'i a day ior 40 days,
while tha nifiiiUra of the California
Letialatn'" rvvive fr i.i l.ixx, and
I hone of ellur atntet! V or uioie, the in
novation ia not one for t he. p?ople to
tear tin ir hair Uut. Yet ita adveme
ciiiiiikio by the pieoa, represent iug
public opiuion.'ivay lie exiected,-Tele
C. 8.
Jackson and M. Koaenthal, attys. for
pltff ,and F. W. Benson and J. V. Fub
lerton. attva. lor defta. Transferred to
Bg Mining Transaction.
A deed i l''a' "lining transaction at
Myrtle Creek "waa bltxl with County
I'lcik Shaiiibrtaik Saturday, This deed
uwnst'ois the Ciuttiueutal Mine from W.
B. Stewart 'to the Continental Gold
Mining Co., of 1'MiUand, for a oouaidera
tiouot t"MW
Orandma Munra, iu charge of the O.
K. N. t Vs., hotel at Meachaw, mvut
lv iK-uovtsl b tire, will vkui take the
p".itionoi inaua-er ol the ivmpany's
ii.v-l iu Huutiiiitvu.
II. First National Bank, of Boatdiurg,
vs. J, L. I Vwey action to mniver mon
ey. J. C. Fullertoii, atty. for pltff. Con
tin ued.
1. lUchel HeBaw et sb, pltffa., v, II
W'olleuberg et al., deft.; suit. C
Jackson, atty. for pltff,, and J. C, Ful
lertoii and F. W. Benwii, attys. for
deft, Contiumxl,
O. Fanute Jones, pltff, v Itupert
Jones, deft ; suit for divorce. O B Co
show, atty lor pltff Continued.
Minnie Beckley, pltff, vs, J W
Beckley, deft; suit lor dlvorcv. J C
Fullertoii, atty for pltff. Dismissed.
V, A. F. Brown, pltff., vs. U D. 1-ov',
deit; action to recover money. O. I".
Cohhow. atty. for pltff. Deft, with
draws demurrer and permitted to tile
8. Lydia CampW-ll, as adm,, vh.
Southern I'acitlo Co,; action t law.
lU)uhain & Martiu, atty. for pltf!-, and
V K, Willis, iH-xter Bu-e and NY. D,
Feu tou, attys, for deft, Scttlwl and
disniiwtej w ithout iHt to either jarty.
4. F.NV.Huttbiiisou, pltff , vs. F W.
KoA-hetL, delta. ; action to mxver
iiiouey. NV. 1. Yawter, atty, b pltlT.
5, NYiunifivd B, N'ukcr vs. Henry
Ykkvrsj suit br divorce. Louis
l'.ari-e, atty. for pltff. Ie-ree grante.1,
M. John Bo'rlicr, ltff., vs. Willis L.
Hunt, deft,; action at law. A. M.
Crawford, atty. for pltff., and T. T.
Barker and J. T. Ixing, atty. for deft.
Iteimirrcr to complaint suktaiued. I'lff
allowisl to file aiiieiidisl complaint.
11. Augusta HiDiMa k, pltff., vs. Adam
Ihirneret ux., deft. ; action to recover
money, C. J. chanalad and F. F. Bell,
attys. for pltff., and J. C. Fullertoii,
atty. for deft. lH.-tmirrer to complaint
overrulled. lKft. allowed to answer.
14. Henry I'eterson, pltff., vs. Tii-dalc
I. YanAtta, deft.: action to recover
money. O. I. Coshow, atty, for pltff.
Judgment (or $MMl.5M and costs.
15. NV. J. Haiior, pltff., vs. T. J, Basor
deft, ; action to recover money. O. P.
Coshow, atty. I r pltff. Judgment for
tl.02 and :'5 atty. fee.
I'J. Dr. E. Duxas, pltff., vs. Samp, L.
Adam, deft. ; action to recover money.
C. S, Jackson, atty. for pltff. Judgment
20. P. J. Bond vs. P. 11. Marley, deft,
suit in equity. J. A. Buchanan, atty.
for pltff. Continued.
23. 11. NV. Spauldiug, pltff, vs. NVni.
ft. YiiiMon, deft.; actioii to recover
money, O 1 Coshow, atty for pltff
Judgment for 1 13:1.15 and f-5 atty. fe
Saturday thecircuit count closed its
adjourned sesaiou in Bomtburg, and to
day the regular term formerly oienod.
Following are the cases acted ujhui
hist wc k.
A. State Land Board, pltff., vs. Bicli
ard Cook et ux., deft; continuation,
A. M." Crawford, atty. for pltff. Con
firmation. L. C. K. Paigue, pltff., vs. Cloyd Cha
ncy, deft.; suit. C. S. JacUaon, atty.
for pltff., and iVxter Bice, atty. for deft.
Arguisl and submitte I.
X. Willis Kramer, pi Iff., vs. J. L.
lK'wey, deft. ; aition to receiver money,
m vtcr Bice, atty. for plttr. Judgment
for ff'ii'i5 aud costs,
L Thomas v. Thoin, pltff., vs. John
Bna-kway, deft., appeal from Justice
Court. Sehlbrede A Gray and J. T.
Loup, attys, for pltff , and J. C, Fuller
but, atty. for deft. Continued.
B. Thomas A Thorn vs. Elmer I.
Giles: appeal from Justice Court. Sebl
brede A Gray mid J. T. Long, attys. for
pltff, and J. C. Fullertoii. atty. for deft.
S. Thomas A Thorn vs. Uuae Brock
way J appeal from Justice Court. J. C
Fullerton, atty. lor deft. Continued.
T, Thomas A Thorn vs. John Hogan ;
apeal from Justice Court. Sehlbrebe
A Gray and J, T. l ong, attys. for pltf.
uud J. C. Fullerton, atty. lor deft. Con
tinued. 10 K. NV. Thouiaww, pltff., vs. Lulu
B. Thomason, deft.; suit for divorce.
C. S, Jackson, atty. for pltff, lcree
NV. NV. Kent, pltffv, vs. Charles
Allen, deft. ; action to recover money,
F. W. IVnson, atty. for pltff., Dis
mi.stxl. ST, State Board, pltff ., vs. E. H. Otey,
deft, (old case) ; nmHrmation. A. M.
Craw brd, atty. lor pit If. Couthuied.
Drake, J L Chancy and B M Armitage.
Camas Yalley Philip Staudley,
l'o uud D J Noah.
Civil Be nil- J A Eggers, L E Milloilge,
E L Bice and David Thonion.
Olalla-T F Churchill T F Fisher,
John Friend aud Asher Ireland.
Kiddle Geo, W 8 Britt, F.
M Pruner, J E Blundell, Geo Cutsforth,
B F Nichols and G NV NVonnacott.
Perdue A Bullock, Frank Fate and
Mortis C Kaymond.
I-jist I'mpqua S NV Turne.ll, K J NVat
son and C II Wright.
Oak Creek-K T Blakely, X X Chap
man and Owen Atterbiiry.
Deer Creek-K FSinick, A BC Whip
ple, i W Noah, W II Brown, NV A
Pearce, II B Giltclt, J J Webb. Km
Dixon, Eiisha Hatfield, J C Dine B F
lUmp, DC McNVilliamsandT J.llinkle
rinMiia P M Mathews, I! F Stunn
er, W t i.illatn, J O .ew land, Patrick
Beeil, I. G Diimbletiui, John McClelland
Watwn Davis, Morris NVelier, Jaa F
Temiilin, ti NV Jones, B F IW and T
P Slepheni..
NVet Bos -burg Jasper NVilkius, E I'
Preble, I .on is Kohlhagiii, L I. Carle
JasiN-r Havden. J F Clements, NV II
Lindsey, Frank Crown, E NV Bryant
HoraecCampbcll, D S K Bun k, K Mann
I J Norman and J Caw field.
i:os, burg-FNV NVoolley, H II Cox, C
P Barnard. B W Stiong, J B William
P. Neal. NV 11 Pitci,f..rl, U L Mcljiiib
tin, Isadore Wollc nbvrg, J B Byars, I
Bickford, NV 11 Jamii-wiu, A O Boms and
Fred GoNSer.
Galesville John Gillam, NV S Booth
and II A NV.k.lford.
tilemUle G liillaTtson, C PTotteU
J A Jaciiues, M T Chax and Andrew
Coles Yalley NV T Emery, Win Kamj'
E T NV.knlruff, Henry and iifo Scott.
NVilimr Henry, NV IM.ritlith
Jack Chapman, E X Ewart and Geo B
Millwoikl Fenlie Fort in, Arthur
('lack, Win Vinson and E E F.minitt.
Cslakioia John Banks, Ben Bilking
Ion, Sam NVhittaker, Harvey Cis hran,
D E Vernon, C E Stewart, Aaron Har
vey, A J iMtr, Kohl. E Hunt, Iadore
E Bice, Jeptha tirilblai and iHivid Mc
Colluiu. Oakland Jep Hunt, BJ Bovingdon,
G-o J Stearns, J P Darrow, J M IeKr,
K II Manning, A M Smith, NV D Prior,
J M Hunt and E II I'inUtoii.
Yoncalla Ji Oilers, Isaac Jones,
Chas Daoghcrty, J J Kelliher, J J
lmg, J NV Fcglcs, Ernest Helliwell and
Mclvin Howard.
Ksllogg F II Andrus, Bichanl Green
and lwis Bapp.
Pass Creek W A Perkins, B D Boa
well, J II MumMwer, Horace Putnam,
Jos'i, A E Stockcr, Marian Kvan,
Jacb Bitchey, V NV Kent and M N
Comstia-k Ileury Mooney, NV II Grjy
J ud so it Strong and S P Steele.
Elkton Sam Brown, (1 NV Benedick,
John Haiuock, A B Haines, sr, Jaa Har
ris, John Kent, Nels Bydell, Bobt.
Ilaney uud CIiiin Binder.
Siittshurg A E Osoiif, NVm SagaUrd
sr, u nd A L Butcher.
liardiner W P Beed, G Balderee,
Oil Hinsdale, Bobt NVade, Sol Perkins,
W P Brownell and Peter Nelson.
1 4i k iv B NV iVirsey, S J Shruin and
Arthur Austin.
I.tsikiug Glass O II Buell, J S ti rimes
W J Jackson, James Morgan and NV
Laud Office In New Quarters.
The Boscburg l.nd Ollico now o-cii-pies
the east half of the ground floor of
the new iVmulas County Bank hit! Id ing
opposite the oflice. The
change from the old location cm the
second lloor of the Abrnham building,
which hit's lce it (H-cupied by the land
ollice fi'ir the just eleven years, was
made Saturday, pursuant to instruc
tioita freui the sei-ntary of t'n interior
at NVashington, D. C, who orlervd the
change upon considering the rcsrl of
Sjsvial InsptH-tor NVm McMillian, rec
ommending the acivptance of nn offer
from the management of the new bank
building. The hind otlW as it Is, is one
of the most convenient iu the country,
the rooms, four in iiumlter, are laruo,
comfortable and well ventilated and
lighted. The comer nann is occupied
by Begister J, T. Bridges and bis as
sistants, Beceivcr J. H. Baith has the
west room. Iu the rear room is a vaiut
and reconl room, and a contest room
and a largo corridor aud cloak room.
The laud ollice officials are elated over
their new location and a visitor is
greeted with a most pleasant smile.
Two of the itaims formerly occupied
by the land otllce are to le occupied by
the firm of Sehlbredo A Gray, and T. P.
Johnson, a prominent Portland dentist,
will open dental jarlor in the others.
Nancy Burge indigent at 5 10
II A Blakely bridges
Anlauf Lumber Co "
Frank Harris "
William Skill ii tore "
Thomas Stark
James Cifkley "
A Field
E Gallop "
D IUuville "
J J!! "
Y. G Young A Co "
Foster & Arnold indigent at.. .
Wollculxjrg Bros "
M T Chase
I Abraham "
M D Thompson
II K Dimmick drawing jury....
J L Kent
Peter Jones "
(i W Gage
iraot Clayton "
It A Gibb
E U Chapman "
C II Dieckman "
Glass it Prudbomme C II A Sta
Churchill A NVoolley C II
Koeebuig Water Co C II
iykca & Carroll C II and jail....
Pacific State Tel Co C 1!
J C Aiken juror
E DuGaa Co Physician
D K Shamhrook expreage
Mrs J B Mehain insane expenses
PUindealer Pub Co print and
Plaindealer Pub Co orint and
stationary .
E L Parrott exense
P II Marley over aid taxes
J NV Brow n bridges
C E Roberts roa.1
JTSpangh "
NV E Thornton
JohnEggers "
C E Rolicrt
W A McCoy indigent. . .,
NV li Yineon
Thisi Wilm roa.1
J NV Henderson
J Dawson "
Factories are cKca1 all over the Last,
with thousands of people thrown out of
eiuplviyuicut, thrvtUjjh lack ol coal.
NV S.;it
J T Mayes
LI. Mathews
T W Andrews
Chaa S-ott
Chaa A Stevens brid.-ii
IS A B Mumpouer "
L L Perdue
NV It lirillith
J A KirkemUll "
Liviuion Bros "
Iona Mill l.uin Co "
B Jennio "
lianliner Mill Co "
Chas achary '
Thomas I ioldi-u "
A Field
Frank iUrrager
J M Berdinc "
K Jennie "
Judson Stong "
K Jennie "
P Benedict indigent asst
Kruse A New land "
NV A M.-Coy
FM Hopkins '
Jane NVelker "
Ixmis Iingcnberg juror
A B Haines drawing jury
O II Buell
A 8 Buell '
SC Miller
NV R Wells
B F Wells
John Livingston '
II C Slocuni constable
Fire A Marine Ins Co C II
Douglas Electric Co C II
Irwin Hod son Co stationary...
It NV Strong court house
A Parks jnntr
James Fletcher juror
J Jaoiueadisl atty wit
Fred Meiiuer indigent
J A Duvia dep assessor
Harry SI.N-nm dep sheriff
E I. Prrmttlsiard prisoner
II L S-hiiautx over paid taxes. .
Leona Mill Co bridges
E Y Coojier "
J F Mathews mads
NV S Johnston "
NV A Wilsttii "
Herman Eggera M
A C Marstcrs stationary, ind,
and etc
Mrs P Kelckell indgt
C NV Hutfleld
U F Page, court house
W X Moorv, Iiiq
J Stevenson, "
Boln-rl Isaacs, "
J A Buchanan, St vs Morris
T B Johns, "
W NVillanl, '
J A Buchanan, Fitgerald
A D Bradley, "
J A Buchanan, James
Gus I-aue, "
D Martin, ,l
J A Buchanan, Morian
J A Buchanan, drawing jury
Amos Buchanan, " ....
11 11 Burt, St vs John iVie
B Bovingdon, 8 vs 11 Koo
Beview Pub Co, printing
F A McCall, lVp As!isor
Jep Green, roads
Hamilton real Est Co, roads. . , .
D C McNVilliams. roads
C P Barnarxl,
F D New land, lud Asst
C A lVarco, ovt-r pd taxes
1 Vila Cole, grand jury wit
FM Beard, roads
E E Haines, bridges
Barker A Co, Indgt Asst.
NTJowett, "
S II Munsoii, nads...
B NV lKawy, " ...
A A Miuur,
P. oo
61 m
-H 50
41 15
1H 00
4 50
:i. ;
31 20
5 oo
o oo
113 10
41 15
1 IK)
in 9r.
45 !i0
19 50
3 00
2 00
2 0o
3 00
i is)
2 IX)
3 00
2 00
68 15
55 95
4 SO
2 50
54 115
2 20
25 50
fi 85
3 10
L-Jl 7 5
40 50
22 Ri
II 25
42 20
10 00
10 00
5 00
1 85
275 00
1 00
31 15
0 00
5 25
3 2 00
3 M
6 50
5 50
lli 40
33 40
i 00
21 15
20 7 5
34 70
M 30
130 75
4 76
57 25
21 i
10 15
113 20
7 50
130 50
62 25
355 25
79 45
3d 50
27 05
4 45
! 40
20 25
14 40
2 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
43 f5
20 00
4 80
23 85
1 85
4 20
C 20
8 SO
27 25
01 00
, 7 00
8l SO
II 25
173 45
?.l 85
13 00
10 Sit
10 10
10 00
J Bounds, " 1
V IVmnds, 3i
NV NV Bailiss, S vs Morris 2
Fred Merrill, 7
J 8 Montgomery, " 10
E E Blodgrtt, Fitzgerald 2
J A Bii'-hanan, Keva 3
It M Armitage, James 3
NV D Adam-, ' 3
J A Buchanan, Kloffensten 5
J A Buchanan, Benfroe I
II L Manters, " 2
J A Buchanan, 8 vs John Doe... 5
II Smith, S vs John Doe 1
EH Pinkston, 8 vs R Roe 1
J A Buchanan, stationary
J M Fletcher, Indg Asst
Thomas Col boo rne, roads
A Creason, "
EH Pinkston' "
P C Kemau, over pd taxes. .
it NV Dimmick, bounty claim
I) S West, inturance
John Williams, D Atty NVit 1
John Hedgep,-th, roads 3
J R Pickett bridges 50
E B Spangenberg, " 29
A E Bushnell, roads 80
Melvin Howanl " , 3
Thomas William " 100
NV It McClar " 33
II M on son " 72
M C Buckles " 90
NV 8 Booth " 50
C Powell " 126
A J Dear " 112
J S Hunt " 116
B T Blakelv " 54
Frank Xewlaud 3
F A NVibiams " rj
NV F Davis " C
Geo NV Alderson " fil
Jep Gren " 3l
T E Strode " 31
J NV Becklev. fernr 1
David McColbim, l.rwlge 162
NV L IVanlorff " 4fl
NVallace Tli"nirvin, roab 17
E E Haines " 21C
A E Nichols, commiioiier Si
Mrs Marion Allen imlgt asit ... I
lluiitorous feats with Liquid Air Wed-
neaday nivht.
Eltht Grade ExaminathM.
81 00
150 50
10 00
S 50
1 00
3 00
8 85
8 50
S 20
7 50
1 00
0 50
3 20
4 tX
I 55
3 00
2 00
1 00
1 1)5
13 25
30 1 0
5 00
1 00
10 SO
3 00
1 05
1 45
I 50
20 55
15 00
US 73
5 00
20 00
02 00
5a W
Eik'hth grad final examiuatioiis will
heh-ldon Jan. 2S,. and SO; Ail 8,
D, and 10; May 20, 21, ami 22; aad Jane
17, 1", and PI. All teaelrf-rs having
clas-es tx the January examination
pli-a- not if v me at once naming the
pupils and certifying they have Guikhed
ii.e worK . me Mil grate, anl are in
your opinion prepared to taka the (final
examination. F. B. Hamux,
County SupL
Notice for Publication.
Nolle I hrrrttf in thai la ronpitane
lib I be nmviMn ol tha art of Contrma ol
Juoir 1. Un. niulr1 -Aa art for 11m aai ol
llmbrr laa.U la lh Suitr ol 'alllom'.k, OrrfOn,
S't.! WkiblDKioa TpmUH7,naaita4
1 to all the lubltc basil ttaua bf act of Ana
l , Is-AT.
il Knxrbunc, rounly ol Oootlaa. atat Ol Ore
tu. h- Ihtk dr 'a Uiu olBra his worn
ttairmeei N i.o, lor tha pan-base el Ut M
S, XW W S Hf. E?4 Sac 24. Tp t 9. R
aaJ wrtl i-lfkr rrool tothowtkallfcfeiB4ae(Bt
to mora aluatle kr it timber or ant taaa
lor arrirultural purraMM. and to eetabilak Sits
claim trfra tha l:rier aad VclTer 4 Uua
oil Ice ol Hueebur(,OTsuB.
m WelDedr. tlieSlh day o( Nareh, 1W8. Ha
r.aro..- aa Wltnewr-: Oliver P Co how, Itase
t unr. Ore . Uronra Turner. H M Oaliaaa aa4 W
M Keily.ol Xrnie ntl,(kt.
Any and all pereone claiminf alTnl tha
alwve ftearrOied land are reqaeeted to Ala
Ibelrrlalink ia thtt office on or before ai'l th
da j trf March, lnui. JTBRJlKjRi,
diV aaiter
Notice for Publication.
t'niUMSUt Land Oflloe.
Roacburs. O.nron. KH 11,
Not Ira u hereby ireo that ta auapliuca
with tha prorUlamof the art ol Coaareaa W
June i, H.. entitled "An art !r tha kala ol
timber land In tha lit aire of California. Oreoa
hcrada.and Wkhmjuo Territor,"aaextea4
ej to ail the public lead autaa by at of Aufwal
of PortUad, rounly ol Mnltnomab, tlatc ol
OnuoD. Iu lhl day flint in thia Office hii
worn matemeiil No .tM4 tor the parrhao( the
NK'4 St s Townahip 2 outli. rmnre a t.
and will offer rrool tokhowtbat tha land koufht
It more raiiiable hr It tiaear or (tone lata
fr af rlrultural purp.taet, and to establufe hit
claim before tha KecUter UJpMlTer ol this
ollico ol Kuaaburf. Ore gun.
on Saturday, Utr Uth lv ol Pttraary, Hxt. Be
namea a wiiiie: Si Huvhittaii, wallet
Buell ol 1'ortUo.l. tirt.. Wm W rt(hl, and 11
M oalman of Myrtle (.'rerk, (ire.
Any and all M-rm e'altntlif adrereely the
(bine ileM'rilie.1 Inn, l are rU.le.l tn Hie their
i'Ulm in lhl orti iih or betore aid Hth day
ol February, twit. J. T.UKltMlKS.
Up Krgislrr
Notice for Publication.
I'tltted Sutra Land Office.
Roeebunt.Cretron, N'u 10. 1A(J.
Nnllee hereby aiveu that In eompliaura
with the pmriatoiia ol tha art ol Conereea ol
lune a, 1 , rmitlot " An a t lor the tale ol
llmlirr landa tn the Mtalea nl California. Orrcnn and Waahinplon Territory, aa exhor.1
el to all the Piitil'c Laud ute by act ol Aug.
nil I, I.VJ,
John pacion,
of tirand fork., onunty ol tiraml Kork. tale
Niwth Dakota, haa thia day tiled to Ihta oflliw
hi rrn Matomrnt No. lor the purebae
of the N, SSt,. 't N ol Srrlion No 1.'.
low naliip m toulh. Range Wf.. and will
oil. r proof to nhow that the laud aoufhl ta aaore
vainalile lor Ita iluioer or ttone thau lor agil-
cultural piirMMea aud toeaiabltih liiielalut to
aaid land brlorr VV.ilerH Ktd.tia, tire,
son. ou Saltirxlar, the Mill rlar l Jkuuarv, VOI
tie naiiii aa wlUii-a-vr: Hala Htimn. John
U-loiherr. of t'atnaa Valley, Uriink Laaarearl
I alitor, Minn , Au.lrvw St"jeru,ol t.raud Forks
N. 11.
Any and all perkons rlaimlne a.lveraely the
aUitre ileaert bed lattda are requested to tile their
riaiutk In thii ofni-e on or beiore aaid Hh day
oi jan, i v. 4. i. vaiooaa
lilt Refiator.
Notice for Publication.
Vnile.1 autr I an t Offli-e.
Hiwebnr. Orrfoa. Au. JS. .
Notice it hereby (teen that ta eoapltaneo
with the piomioi ol Sia art al Cotfreea ol
Jttne 3, !!).!. tniit.ew "Aa art tor tha aaia ol
timber lantta In the Stale ol California. Oregon
Nevada .and V a.hiniton TerrtMre,"ajexiead
e.1 to all tha publie Uuia ttatat by" act ol Auuat
t. lwi
ol THMrvlna wt , l ortlau.l. eouuly ol Mulln
itiah. Halo ol tm;,in, haa thia . lav Sled in tbit
oiliow hta aworn iatui. Bt So v' foe the Pur
rhaaeol the N , see 41, 1 p Aikoulh, R. S V.,
and wilt offer proof toahow that tha land ton f hi
It more valuable lor ita timber or atone than
for agricultural purpoeea, and to ettablnh hit
claim Iviore tne Kciir aud Kocatrat nt tk
Oiuoaol Koaeburg. Oregon,
on Tuvotay the ar.1 dar ol JehrtiarT, Wtxi. He
tiaint's aa wllnea-sea: Xlbert K Canon, Wei
r', Ore., t harle Thorn, Bea McMullen, ol
Rvwhury Ore., John Thorn, ol Cleveland. Ore.
Anv and ail nerenus claiming adveraely the
ilaiva .lm'riN l lau'la are rv.Uetet to hie i la i ina In th'aofllf oa or before taut Jxt
day ol tcbiuaiy. J X BKUHjk'jJ,
HI. a atcutar.
V, It Buckingham,
(f ucceeor to W. L. CoLb, Mr. Boy.s old utaud)
...&ila AnU for.
Extend a cordial
invitation to the
public and the
many friends of
thtold firm to call
and examinetheir
new line of Staple
and FancyGrocer
ies, Queens
ware, Etc. : : :
Bring Us Your
Eutter, Chickens, fggs.
Buy your Watches
and ClOCkS at
Buy your Jeweley
and Silverware at
FiinwiTiinF ami mm
J . . . k!
I We want to inform our people that we have the S
1 best line of Furniture and Rues we have ever shown s
a.' t fcj
I for you to select from.
Our Children's department has many useful
articles for the little folks, amoug them being
Boy's Express Wagon.
Doll Carriages and Doll Go Carts.
Rocking Horses and Shoo Flys.
Rockers and Chairs.
Bureaus and Sideboards.
Red Tables and many other articles that
we haven't room to mention.
oxoooocnoooocnooooc oooocxxcx
For Holidaj- Presents
I have no famous bargains to pan off old
stock and out-of-date goods, I simply give
you honest goods at fair prices, and mark
them in plain figures. ' Call and inspect my
goods and piices before purchasing elsewhere.
J e la LSI J sail
Hf ftDlVEC W',L",1, lo snoonaco m tne rt,,'i' that he haa reaumet
. II UKAinj rharae ol his flioto i.aierx an4 a:o to caU rour at
e ae t a tenti.iB U a o a a a o'a o
ARK TO BE first! IN OI K
Xer Style Cp-io-lhile
Tlifr tiiili vkIuiiIiic a picture ami jl.ce it in a cl.xss Iy it
wlf an artistic class that has only to U seen to W aj
preciatwl. Their popularity is increasinjt Wcausc it is
based on quality :: " :: ;; :: ::
We Are Always Clad to Welcome Visiters to Oar Stadio
... HARDWARE . . .
This is to inform old an.l new patrons fast 1 liava tak-n np o:y uii.irttr
in tha Stanton brick buitain on Jackson stiwt, Di-st vl r to the u ei..
Fargo & Co. Kxpress offio, Uw ehaujjw tin: ma J lunvs-arr to mvure
ltin to aitvmiuoiiata niv constautlv incnwj'ing stivk. In tuiuitftion
with a gviwral line ol HarrUare, I will also carry a Ur- st-nk i : :
. . . farm Implements, Wagons, Baggies, Hacks, Etc . .
"pTBE A Ft D