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    HiaLorlcal Society
ob Printing
Iq busy seasons brings
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Is a very important factor in
business. Toor f rintiny re-
n tr I vmue;
advertising ia dall oa- $
iiBCU do credit on a good
? business boose. Let na do yotir Job
Printing we guarantee it to be in
sous brinjrs yon yoor share, and also
tbat of the merchant who "tan't af- J
t f rd" to advertise. f
Published on Mondays and Thursdays" Established 1868.
0 e?ery way satisfactory.
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umm slBiil4ft4at A sTi flfc Ai1fca JfcAA -
rjrvoTJTirmr nnnrT ac fnnwTV OT? Ffinn TTTHPQnAV. TATJTTAR V 1c Tnm
To Establish a County Association and . Provide for
the Erection of a Packing House
A ,,Un! jrowen I Itaualu County, .ill te l.eU l.t 11.. Court
sublisbing pwtinit house ana r ran u - -
S. P. Ltaxs, W. E. Davexport, F. A. McCail.
Democrats Want Jobs.
Held to Answer.
Notwithstanding the Governor-elect
I, as but few appointments which be
alone wakes, Linn coenty is comming
In for its share. T. L. Dugger is out an J
working hard to be appointed command
ant at the Soldiers' Home at Fvoseburg,
and he-seems to think he has the inn le
track in the race. L. H. Montanye is
an applicant for L. B. Geer's place as
slate land agent. B. S. Martini, of
Brownsville, is also out for land agent.
Both he and Mr. Montanye have re--ceived
numerous endorsements. Linn
county is the old home of Mr. Chamber
lain, and is usually Democratic, so the
Linn county men feel as though they
bave a long pull with the Governor.
Albany Herald.
Morris and Smith, the two men
broueht back from Rosebnrg last week
by Sheriff Rider, were given a prelimin
ary hearing on the charge of horse steal-
ins:, before Justice of the Peace rnrUin
at Medford Thursday. They were held
to answer to the Circuit Court, and their
bonds fixed at $500 each, in default of
which they were committed to the couu
ty jail. The impression that one of the
accused men was the notorious and
much wanted Ed Lyons is pronounced
incorrect bv Sheriff Rider, who knows
Lyons. Evidence points strongly to the
two men in custody as members of the
horse-stealing gang which has been
oncratine in Southern Oregon. Ashland
j Tidings.
Qleaned by our Corps of Special Cor
respondents, Social, Personal
and Industrial.
Farmers are busy putting in theii fall
and winter grain.
Our mail-carrier, Albert Akers is
making his trips all O. K. on time.
Messrs. Clark & Curtin is still banter
ing away on their mine the " olver-
Our Postmasters Sanders has moved
into his new house on Jame Kiee s
Mr. Armitage, clerk of the Little
Chieftain, was in our cominnuity a few
days returning to Myrtle Creek yes
Ncrr, Ore., Jan. 0, 1903.
Mr. Audy Sherman and crew finished
the dam at this place, and the Fotts
Mill is running today, sawing out lum
ber for V. P. Johnson's reservoir alwve
The developement work on the "Lit
tle Chieftain" mines is progressing
nicelv with Mr. L. Owens as foreman
Thev will soon have a new blacksmith
shop completed.
Mr. Stewart, the proprietor of the
"Continental mines," formerly owned by
G. V. Crews, was in our midst this
week. Messrs. Bates and Jameson are
working for him.
Vis Prwi4rU
Douglas County Bank,
Incorporated reoi
BstaUli&taed I883.
0 Capital btocK, 550,000.00
, - .rv!.! B OTlI J.H.B30TH.J.T.BRID6ES
J. F. K.U.Y. A- C.
A seneral banking business traaacted, "d cjtomers given every
Q accommodation consistent with sale aaa eTOu
O , , trplr and from one to three.
Us Your
. . .wl-.w.-..W.V.'.V.W.W.'.V.W.V j
.Vi'iWrtWrmm j
tDrain - Gardiner
-11 . . r rt
Mr. J. John,
turned home.
Looking Glass Items
of Oklahoma, has
Commenciag with Meaday, January 20. 'tr-', we wu cnarge , j
m . . c . .ilnince witli each full fare 5
from Dram ww?,. "'ir" 3. . 1
men are allowea ia pouaua va
All excess baggage, 3cts. per pound, and no al
50 pounds. Travelling
4 i nn n jl a nr more
""'"i"'' . . , .. v -ri Al
lowance will be made for round inp. -".r. .
" For farther information address
J. R. Sawyer o,
Proprietor, Drain, Ore:r.ii
Miss Pearl Simmons is visiting at Mel
J. T. Goodman, of Rosehurg, was in
our valley Wednesday.
Grandpa Stokes is slowly improving
but is 6till confined to his room.
Rev. Thornton, of Pillard, preached a
very interesting sermon here iast Snn-
Mrs. Fred Beard, of Rosbarg, was
vu-iting relatives and friends here last
Mr. and Mrs. O. II. Buell and family
were visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Spangh
last Sunday.
Geo. Martin, of Coquille City, passed
through our valley one day hist week on
his way to Roseburg.
Mr. and Mrs. M. K. Williams are
thinking of taking a trip to St. Paul.
We w ish them a pleasant and safe, jour
ney. .
Our Sunday School is progressing
nicely we are glad to say. There is
quite an interest being taken now, mnch
more so thn in the past.
Mr. Ivan Johnson, of Alaska, who has
!een visiting his sister, Mrs. Strand, has
returned to Portland. He was not cer
tain when he left whether be would re
main in Portland all winter or retnrn to
his Art-tic home.
Our school begun last Monday itl;
the nso.ll number of pupils enrolled
The roads are quite muddy for some of
the little folks to reach the school hor H
but they manage to 1 on time eve, I
Hurrah, for our fine weather. Wr.t
state can boast of such kne weatner in
acuary. Farmers are busy plowing,
and sowing, while in the eastern states
they are having snow : torms and bli
zards and m inr jeiple are being froxen
to death.
Drain Normal School Notes.
Died From Paralysis of the Heart Due to Acute Indi
gestion and Overwork.
WAsnii;To, Jan. 12. Representative Thomas II. Tongue, of Oregon, died
suddenly in this city at 1 o 'clock yesterday afternoon, the cauxe of death was.
paralysis of the heart, due to acute indigestion and overwork. Only his daughter,
Miss Bertha, and his secretary. Miss Runne, of Hillaboro, Ore., wene preseut when
he was stricken. Thomas H. Tongue, Jr., his on, who ocoupie apartments in
another s -eiion'of the city, did not arrive until after the death of bin father. j
When Mr. Tongue retired late Saturday nihl he left direct ions to xt allowed
to sleep late, as he was worn out with a week of hard work. He did not ari yes
terday morning until after 11 o'clock, and ate a simple brenkia-t. He then talked
with Mr. Gilfrev and Mr. Dodge, two Oregonians. who called, alter wlm-h he
joined his daughter and Miss Rnane in the ittiug-room of their airtmenU.
About noon he complained ol indigestion, l which he was subject, ana asked Ins
daughter to get him a simple remedy wl.TdiTit- had at hand. She urged him to
allow her to send for a physician, but he would not consent, vt itlnn a lew min
utes he liegau to breathe in a lalored way, and then physicians were telephoned
for. Dr. Roveo was not at home, but other doctors came and did all they could to
relieve the atieut, but their efforts were unavailing and Mr. Tongue expired an
hour after he was Grst attacked.
Iinmc1iatelv after Mr. Tongue's demise, Speaker Hendersoa was notified and
fie in turn directed Sergeant-atArnis Caswm, of the House, to take charge of the
funeral arrangements, Mr. Casnou engaged a private car to convey the funeral
part v, consisting of Mr. Tongue, Jr., Miw Bertha Tongue and Miss Ruans and
members of the committee of the House and Senate to the Representative's lale
home at Hillsboro. The car will le attache.! to the regular train leaving here
over thu Pennsylvania Railroad at 7 :! U night.
Within half an hour Representative Moody, Senators Mitchell and Simon and
Ioind Commissioner Hermann called 'at the house ami left messages of sympathy,
aud during the afternoon many of the late Representative's colleagues also called
upon hearing the flKicking news.
The Iwdv of Representative Tongue left Washington Monday night and will
arrive in Portland Saturday morning or afternoon. It is accouipauied by Mr.
Teucne's familv and bv a committee from each house oi congress, including Rep
resentative Moody. The funeral wi.l be lield on Sunday at Hillsboro, and will be
arranged by Mrs. Tongue. Resolutions of regret at Mr. Tonjne's death were
uassed bv each house of congress Monday, and bth adjourned i t reiect to his
Washin-gtwc, Jan. 12. In the House tlay Mr. Grveiior, of Ohm, from tlie
committee on rules called up a resolution asking for an investigation by the com
mittee on merchant marineand fisheries into thecoal situation aud it was adopted
without debate. ' The House then adjourned nt of resct to the late Representa
tive Tongue, of Oregon, who died yesterday.
A Flaindesler Reader Writes Enter
tainingly Regarding Pennsylvania '
and the Town of Franklin.
Brownell President of the Senate, Harris Speaker of the
HouseH6t Contests in the Re
publican Caucuses
, i I -'I' -1C
-Ask to see enr-
No. 621, witli Mat Kid
upper, patent Kid ramp
and extension sole for
All other styles $3. For
sale only by :: . :: ::
S. C.Flint
Hints to Housewives.
Half the battle in good cooking, is to bave good
fresh Groceries, and to get them promptly
when ou order them. Call up 'Phone No
for gof-r goods and good service.
1,K II. 1
- -AND-
i-1 j pis!
Ta'w tlie Rosohurg, Mamhlield Siage I.Jna
Eprins Hack leaves Ro3eburg Every Momieffat 6 o'clock,
V3J, FsjI ail fables
C. 1 . liABKABD, Prop.
Saddle Horses. Single and.
Double Rigs at all hours
Transient Stock gven
very be care . , . . d
Rates always reasonable
for nil points 011 Coos llav. Good
Some iniiiortant subjects in the study
f American literature were reviewed by
the following .ers by members of the
class: "Tlie Character of 1 oe," Lthel
Sneed;. "Masque of the Red Death,
M vrtle Johnson ; "Brrant's Reverence,"
erla Tracy, "Lowell's Versatility,'
Ella Dickerson: "Slavery poems of
Incfellow and Whittier," Frank Hill;
Quality of Longfellow's Poetry," Vera
The roll of the training department
was inci eased by the following pupils:
Pearl and Bessie Bartlett and Jack Hen
This week the facultv has charge of
the literary part of the Chapel hour.
Following this week each student will
l required to give a short talk before
the school at Chapel hour on some cur
rent topic.
An important measure was aed at
last. Friday's meeting 01 Ihe Literary
Society, providing for closed sessions of
the Society, save on the fifth and last
Friday of each term, when the doors
will Imj tl rown open to visitors and resi
dents of Drain. It is believed that this
provision will place the work of the So
cietyon a more stable and efficient basis.
and at the same time make i of greater
interest and benefit to the community
by these "open meetings."
The training department is having its
semi-annual examinations this week
Captain B. D. Boswell addressed the
students of the Xormal and the residents
of Drain last Friday evening in the col
lego cbai!. The subject of Capt. Bos
well's address was "Sheridan and the
Shenandoah." He sketched the scenes
wiLh the vividness of a participator in
the campaign, and those present will not
H0011 forget the lecture.
Judge Lyons of Drain and Represen
talive Kramer of Myrtle Creek visited
the school last Friday afternoon.
The chemistry class has demonstrated
Ixjyond doubt that manufactured cigar-
etts con tn in arsenic.
We are glad to welcome back two of
last year's students May Endicott uud
Cynthia Applegate, Other new stu
dents are Mildred and Malx?l Hayncs,
and Max Lvonn.
alem. Jan. 12. Harris was elected
Speaker M the House; Brownell frcsi
dent of SeLate, lSth ballot.
alkm, nr. Jan. 12. A red-hot content
for control the organixation in uom
branches was the feature of the opening
of the Legislature today, and in each the
outcome was much involved in doubt.
At 1 o'clock the House caucus adjourned
for one hour, having liecn nnabie 10
agree nm a Speaker, Eddy, Harris and
Davevall running a neck-and-neca race.
-.a. S
The Senate caucus had adjonrnea ai 1 1
o'clock to 2 P. M., having been nnable
to choose a President after seven lllots.
on each of which Smith of Multnomah
and Brownell of Clackamas received 11
The Senate canens went to work early,
in fact, within a few minutes after the
Senate session had opened it was real
ized by all that the vote for President
would 1 cla, but eath taction was
claiming a lare majority of the votes.
After a few minutes the word came
orth from the commiitea-rooni that
Smith and Brownell were tied. Th
caucus resumed its deliberations, and
remained behind closed doors until
t,.iri 11 nVlock. Then it was an
nounced that seven ballots had been
taken and that the result had been the
same in each: if mith 11, Brownell 11;
Brownell, Smith, Miller, Pierce, Sweek,
iv.l n,l WVhrune not voting. The
caucus then adjourned nntil 1 :45 P! M
The vote in caucus is said to have been
- f.,itn-s tliroiiphont : For Smith
Farrar. Croisan, Daly, Hobson, Holmau
Hunt. Mays , McGinn, Mnlkey, Meyers,
Band II. For Brownell Booth, t.r
ter, Diinmick, Fulton, Howe, Johnson,
Kuykendali, Marstcrs, Smith ol 1 am-
hill, Steiwer, Williamson 11.
Sslem. Or.. Jan. 12. The House can.
cits on oreanization took nine uauois,
three candidates, Davey, Ldily anu
Harris not votine. The vote was about
even for each candidates, and adjourn
ment was taken until 2 p. in.
Stats Houkk. Salem, Jan. 12. The
Senate was called to order at 10 a. in
by Senator C. W. Fulton, who was
President of the lastsessioh. Senator
J. I). Daly, of Benton, was elected tem-
rary President, and S. L. Mooreliean
temnorarv chief clerk. A committee on
' . . ...
credentials was appointed as loiiows
Booth of Ii ne, Wade of Union, Hobson
of Marion, Mulkey of Multnomah, and
Hunt of Multnomah. The Senate then
adioumed to 11 a. in. to await the re
port of the credentials committee.
I'lKin the reconvening of the Senate
at 11 a. in. the reiiort of the credentials
committee was presented and adopted
and upon motion of Fulton of Clatsoj
the Senate then adjourned to 3 p. m.
as follows: Jnd l of Marion, BiiyeU of
Linn, Hawkins of Polk, Fed of Multno
mah, and Miles of Yamhill. The Hon-
then adjourned nntil 2 P. M., on motion
of Kay of Marion.
Tlie Hons caucus did not go to work
nntill after II o'chek. As soon as it
was safely closeted, balloting for speaker
U-gan. On the first lallot Davey led
with IS votes. Eddy had 15, and Har
ris 14. On the second, one of Eddy's
votes went to Harris, and the result was
EddyH, Harris 15, Davey IS. From
that time on, up to adjournment at 1
o'clock, the results varied, first one and
then another candidate making slight
gams. On the final ballot hkly re
ceived 12, Harris 19, and Davey 10 votes
and there the contest rested.
A feature of this contest .was the d
eloiment by Davey of unexpected
strength. For days past the prophets
bad been according to ths Marion County
mau third place. They are surprised to
dav at the showing he has made.
Fnnklfn, Pa., Jan. . VJn.
Editor I arrived here
the day after Thanksgiving and found
the air quite sharp and cold, in great
contrast to the balmy, pleasant climate
of Oregon. Snow has been on the ground
continuously since I have been here, and
the barren hills and scarei'y of anything
green brings a vivid appreciation of the
green hills and pastures 1 It ft behind
me in the land of the setting sun.
The timber here is M-ruhhy and small
and I have seen tiiein making lumber
froni timber that we would not ue for
lock-logs in an Oregon fireplace, though
I niii't admit they handle the lg4 rapid
and while they are hand-sawed thev
t'irti out niw a liit of. lumber, which
finls a readv market at a remunerative
The principal field crops are oats and
buckwheat, and not much of eitlter at
that. The fields are full of great pile
of stones which have been gathered np
and heape.1 together, while the ground
is yet full of larger one too heavy to be
handled, aud I know from experience
that it is quite tryiug on one's patience
and religion to follow the meandering
of a plow and s jalll in theril s by
the plow -handles, as is the case here.
The apples of this region are of very
poor quality, bla-k and dirty, and not
to be coinjjored to our Oregon apples.
It was ten In-low zero here on the Iat
day of the old year and fcr several days
thereafter, and the fleihing has been
good moftol the time since I have been
here, which reminds methat if in Oregon
I would n: people wailing the streets ia
great rubi?r loots instead.
Provisions here are somen hat higher
tli:n out there, thongh the price of
country prhice is alxxit the same.
Sutter is 30c, eyraOc,frei.h pork 10c,
.n He, potatoes 75c jt bushel, and
flour 1 to f 1.50 per sack. The is
put up in paper sacks and is shipped in
frrm the western stau, principally
from Minnesota.
Rural mail delivery is in vsne here
and thosK who live in lite connlry find it
a great convenience to have their mail
brought right np to their frou'. dxr.
The oil wells throughout the country
furnitdi euiplovment It a great manv
people. Tlie prevailing price of lalxtr is
f 1.75 per day, while a man and team gt t
M- The oil well are fcui 500 to 1C.)
l-et deep and if tlicy o-oiluceone-qnarler
to half a lrrrl a Lir I hey ay to I
oi-raUfii. uaiiine ens-toes aie nseJ Ut
jiumping purposes and ono engine saf
lice f'r tliirj- to Lrty wells.
Franklin l a ton of a little more
than 7,0J population aud is kept up by
niannfacturing-concrrus, ot which the
tamlard Oil Co's. refinery is the largest,
and furnishes employment to about -KU
men. The ftreet are tved with brick.
while the snlewalks re made of large
flat stones.
The olue look sharply after drnaks
aud anyone appearing on the streets in
condition nnable to walk straight.
is promptly taken charge of and put out
of thewav until he is able to navigate
a chalk line.
I cannot stay away from old Douglas
very long ami expect to return in the
spring. O. W. M.
The Animal Had For Some Time hen Preying Upon a
Flock of Goats Near GlenJale.
Gle.vdalk, Jan. 13. To tl.e Plaixokaler. B. W. S. Folk, of the Highland"
Angora Goat Farm near Glei.dale, iatt week shot snd killed near his ranch a full
grown male mountain lion in a fir where Lis dog had brought it to bay. The
animal was a perfect speimen of its kind, measuring eight feet six inches, and
weighing in the neighborhood of two -hundred pound, and was very fat. This
makes the second lion killed in the vicinity within a short time. Mr. Folk has
recently Lutt six high grade kids from his herd.
Fell to his Death.
A fatal accident occurred Saturday
morning at the Fall Creek trestle on the
KlrtiiiHtit River Kailroad, row omler
construction east from Laird., whereby
Diamonds In Ore zoo.
The fulfillment of the prophecy itaJe
30 years ago by Professor Clayton, a
geologist in the employ of the United
States, that diamond mines wocjl be
William Vung, a bridge carpenter, and found in Oregon, is at Land. The mice
resident of Ashland, met iiuiUnt death, j is in the Bice. Mountain raBge, 40 miles
Mr. Young, who has been in the employ
of the company for the pat thre? or
four month, wa working on the top of
the long structure crowing Fall Creek,
and at the time of the accident was en
gaged in moving the scaffold upon which
he worked, when in some unaccountable
manner he missed hss footing sod plung
ed headlong to the rocks beneath. A
terrible gash was cut in the back of his
head acd the unfortunate man's neck
was Woken. '
from Burns, the seat of Harney coonty.
There is no question of the quality and
quantity of the precious gems, but there
ia a question as to their eommtrcial
value. The stones thus far discovered
are generally too srrisll for the trade.
They are no larger than a small pin
head. A few have been found that
wocld sell ia from to $300, Dot they
are so few in number as to leave the
profitable working of the mine ia some
docbt. .
Are you partienla
about your
Coffee, Tea and Spices
rrir x mrs ix fcll control,
The nit Important" feature of the
. . a . kf
session was the introduction u? nam 01
Multnomah of the Lewis and Clark EX'
position appropriation bill. This meas
ure was passed t its second rsadinir aud
Price is no higher and every can guaranteed
Rosebur 's
Records of the Spanish XVsr Veterans.
Men wanted to cut 300 tier of wood.
Inquire of Ilonry Conn, RoHchnrg, Ore
gon. ,
Statu IIochr, Saloni, Jan. 12. A.C
Jennings, w ho was chief clerk at the
last schhIoii called the House to order at
11 :22. Emniett of Klamath, was chosen
temporary Speaker by acclamation, 011
motion of healdon l i asco. A. v
Jennings was nominated by Eddy for
temiorary chief clork aud was elected.
A conimittee 011 credentials was ap
pointed, 011 motion of Shelly of Lane, as
follows: Nottingham "of Multnonmh,
Burgess of Klamath, Hale of Josephine,
Clayton of Ijiiio, ami Shelly of Lane.
A committee on organizati m was up-
noiuted on motion oi JuJd, of Marion,
ordered printed, under suspension of
the rules. In the House this measure
is in charge of Malarkey of Multnomah
who proposes to present it this afternoon
as soon as the presentation of bills is
reached in the regnlar order. There is
a strong determination upon the part of
the Multnomah delegation to expedite
action on this bill, and liltle prospect of
oposition has developed so far.
The Senate today pssd the House
concurrent resolution providing for the
preparation of a suitable testimonial of
trilHitc to the memory of the late Con
gressman Tongue. Myers of Multno
mah introduced a bill providing for a
free ferry at Sellwood. A large number
of the measures presented and read were
of minor importance. ,
The victory of the Fulton forces in the
matter of the organization has leen ac
cepted in the best of spirit by the van
quished, and to all outward nppearauces
harmony prevails throughout the repub
lican ranks. Both President Brownell
and Speaker Harris have already dem
onstrated that they are well qualified
for their resjiective positions, and there
is every prospect that the work of the
session will proceed expeditiously from
now on.
The Lewis and Clark Exposition bill
was presented in the House by Malarkey
of Multnomah this afternoon. The bill
was paused under suspension of the rules
to the second reading and ordered
Salem, Jan. 13. The Senate was call
ed to ordor at' 10 a. in. No Salem min
inter had availed himself of the invita
tion extended yesterday and there was
110 prayer."
Mays of Multnomah introduced a joint
memorial to Congress urging the prompt
construction f a caml and locks at The
Dalles rapids
A motion by Knykendall was adopted
that the Secretary of State le instructed
to furnish members with copies of the
Senate rules.
A communication was received notify
ing the Senate that the. House' had or-
rorlland, Ore., Jan 10, 1903.
To the Editor:
I would respectinlly request that yon
published tlie following information for
the lenefit of those concerned :
The law authorizing the publication
of the records of the Oregon Volunteers
in the Spanish. War and Philippine
Insurrection prescribes that the copies
shall lie distributed in such manner as
the Governor mar direct. Of the fire
hundred copies provided for in the act
Governor Geer has directed that one
copy le presented to each of the 334
officers, sergeants and corporals of the
Second OreKn Volunteer Infantry and
of Batteries "A" and" "B," Oregon
Volunteer Light Artillery, and to the
wife, father or mother of each of the (4
memlwrs of the Second Oregon, who
lost their lives while in the service, pro
vided they apply to the Adjutant Gen
eral before May 1, liHXI. Copies not
delivered in person will be forwarded to
applicants entitcd to them, express
charge.! to be collected on delivery
The method of distribution of such vol
umes as may remain on hand May 1
190.1, will be announced at that time
C. W. Ga.vtexbiv
Admtant General
Q - .- "
of Health
TrTlr, J , Zir'm i-
found in g'oJ Flour now, as for
cetraries-, tbe "staS of life." The
l"ug trifel r : : . : :
Pride of Oouglss
r.oor U t---i i!,J ieaa upoa. M m
IhouAad ksaw la ibr-r tDtt.
aoc.a b-h Ta tn tl iiiTtwkT cr
Ae'vzjt s MLzp.c r or barret zrura "your
gr? :::::::
L . Bislu'arl S Son, Ptccs 13.
J. M. Weatherby
T. A. Bnry
D. L. Mani
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
Farm and Timber Land Bought and Sold
Taxes Paid for Noa-Residents. Timber
Estimates a Specialty. List yoar proper
ty with ns.
Physicians' Prescriptions"
and Family Recipes,
Rubber Goods, Toilet
Articles, Lime and Ce
ment, Paints, Oils and
G!a-a, Perfumery, Iruss-.
es, Sponges, Brushes Etc.
Rambler Bicycles ' aud
Sundries. School Supplies..
A. C. Marstcrs & Co.
cs, Cfcecica.s.
i Stationery School Books
Concluded on second poge,
Eugene Getting Cityfied.
The City of Eugene has set an exam
pie it might be well for other valley
towns of like size to follow to the bene
fit of the traveling public, in keeping
Wfers away for incoming aud depart
ing trains. The Guard of that city says
Owing to the crush at the daily trains
the railroad authorities have deckled to
enforce the city ordinance which has so
long been a dead letter, giving them the
authority to exclude all but bona fide
passengers from the depot platform at
train time.
When askcil about the subject this af
ternoon Agent Adair bent his 25 years of
railroad experience ou tlie reporter and
paid solemnly :
"We will put up a barricade, a fence,
and it will have a gate in it. It will be
opened to jn'oplc who want to do busi
ness with the railroad and if the Lord
Mayor of Eugene himself gets on this
platform without a jermit he will get
the heavy hand of the law and be cinch
ed like a street arnb. m
It is the only way out of the difficulty.
A comfortable place will be arranged
outside the gates to kiss all friends
goodbye and wait for arriving relatives.
Eugene isbeeoming more citified every
day, '
All WorkJQaaranteed lor Reasonable Prices.
Seooa 1 Door north new Bank Baildiag, - Kosescsg, Osiscs
They'v.e gone and done - it again
Done away with the dark-room in
developing. A little machine to de
velop o film negatives in daylight
without going to a darkroom Any
child can, operate it. Ssethis won
derful invention at our store.
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