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    The T -id--Vedc
Roseburg Plairidealer
Published Mondari and Thuitdari.
Editors and Publishers
Twice-a-Teck Plaindcalcr. per year, $2.00
Fred Weight, City Editor, Solicitor.
T. O. Ruth. Foreman
Entered at the Poet Office in Roseburg,
Ore., aa second class mail matter.
Advertising Rates on Application.
JANUARY 5, 1)3.
It lias been well known for six months
past that Land Commissioner Hermann
would resign his position in Washing
ton and leconie a candidate for United
States Senator. This fact was known to
Editor Scott of the Oregonian, who is
also a candidate for the same office. Be
fore Scott went to Europe on a trip, he
left instructions with his tools in Port
land to assail Mr. Hermann on all occa
sions and especially to make it appear
that nermann was persona vnon gratia
at Washington, and therefore not a suit
able man to be returned to Washington
as United States Senator. In carrying
out the plan of Nullification and abuse,
the Oregonian invented the various
screeds which have from time-to -time
appeared in that paper, and tried
to make it appear that Secretary
Hitchcock and Scott were cheek-by-jo
wel patriots of the first ater; that
Hermann was trying to turn over the
public domain to monopolies and com
bines while they were 'projecting the
settlor's interests. Such has been the
course of the Oregonian in its efforts to
defeat Hermann's political aspirations
and to bnild ip Scott in the estimation
of the citizens of Oregon. The whole
effort has been one of misrepresentation
and direct falsehood and such has been
Scott's inordinate desire to be Uuited
States Senator and political boss of the
state that he has lost all sense of shame
and his villainous articles teeming with
Titnperation and abuse, yet presuming
to be for the public welfare have all
been on the "top thief order, while
Scott, Hitchcock, Richards, et aL have
tried to turn all the' government - land
over to monopolies. - -
The new (to be commissioner of the
government land office, Richards of
Wyoming, is the tool of the western cat
tle barons and monoiolies. The writer
heard him make an address several years
ago at Denver when he advocated the
leasing of all the public lands to syndi
cates; and it is Hitchcock's syuajiathy
with that vast combine of wealth and
power centering in Denver that lias held
up the public land from settlement and
made possible the scenes of bloodshed
and vandalism when a settler -sought to
go on the public domain and make a
home. Scott, the poor imbecile, thinks
that by boosting np Richards and Hitch
cock and the monopolies controlling the
public domain that the Oregon legisla
ture can be whipped into line and that
his brains will warm a seat in the
United States Senate, because he can
show the state senators and representa
tives that he will be the boss of the pie
counter. "
Bat who is this man Scott? Ia he a
republican, democrat or mugwump? If
we may judge from his writing for . the
past twenty years, he is an Ishmaelite
to all political parties and a copperhead
when a man sliouKl show the traits of
true patriotism and genuine manhood.
His assaults or. every man in omce are
well known, and so well known that bis
friendship is more to be dreaded than his
' enmity. In party politics there is not a
single principle to which he will ascribe ;
not a plank in the republican platform
on which he will stand. There is not a
citizen of Oregon in office whom he will
endorse and every man in Oregon who is
ia office and will not pander to Scott is
assailed. Take for instance Senator
Simon; until Mitchell was made sena
tor, Scott had two and three articles
every day in the Oregonian endorsing
him. When Mitchell was elected sena
tor, Scott saw that his only hope was to
succeed Simon, and at once the col
umns of the Oregonian began to reek
with abuse with the hope of killing him
as a caudidate to succeed Limeelf.
Take the case of all the other aspi.
lants for the office except one old politi
cal hack in Portland whose support
comes from the tenderloin district and
the gamblers, thugs and bum element f
Ahat town ; all beside this man, accord
ing to Scott's estimation are dishonest
and unworthy men, and thus by making
good men to appear to be dishonest and
catering to the slum element and cover
ing np infamy in Portland, Scott hopes
to go to Washington aa United States
Senator. But the Plaisdealeb believes
that when the citizens of Oregon 'awake
to the knowledge of Scott's double deal
ing the infamy he has attempted to
practice, the assaults he has made on
Hermann and this with a view of build
ing himself up on another man's down
fall that Scott will not amount to an In
dia rubber duck on Portland's pnddle.
Hermann has been sacrificed, slaugh
tered r principle and attempted to be
disgraced Ly a most damnable, political
- combine because he lias stood in the
way of thieves and to use the words of
the old Cornish ballad, "Ai d shall Tre
lawney die? And shall Trt-I iwney die?
Then twice ten thousand Cornish men
will know the reason why?"
After a memorable struggle against
wind and wave, an enterprise has been
finished which brings the Hawaiian
Islands 2000 miles nearer the parent
continent, puts an imortant but hith
erto isolated community in communica
tion with the entire world, and suscept
ible to all the industrial impetus which
follows ready accessibility. The filial
splicing of the ends in the waters, which
for days had rendeied cable work im
Ipossible, marked the firnt stage of the
undertaking to span the vastest ocean
w ith a line of electric communication,
the need of which has long teen ac
knowledged by the entire world, and
the advocacy of which has often claimed
the attention of the highest councils,
tical and financial, of America.
"Our local contemporary has just re
ceived a new ( ?) cylinder press, follow
ing the lead made by the Review last
October. As "imitation is the sincerest
flattery," this action is gratifying to all
concerned." Roswburg Review.
The Review makes a mistake in this
matter. J lie 1jl.indkllk on the sec
ond day ol Oetolier anuomiced that a
new press would be purchased and after
wards the Review went Ui a juuk hea)
at iaconia and obtained a worn out ma
chine, one not as good as the old press
they swapped it for ; and as for "imita
tion" lieing "flattery" just come around
to this office and see the difference in
the machines. The Plaindeai.ek's
press is a first class machine while the
Review's press is a wreck and this is the
cause of the failure of that paper to issue
the Christmas edition before the middle
of this mouth. If the iav who wrote
the Review article will only take a peer
inside the Plain-dealer's press room he
will have a puckered expression on his
face as he whistles to keep his courage
In its usual fair minded way, the San
Francisco Chronicle in discussing Mr.
Hermann's resignation says: "Friction
between him and some officers of the
department is assigned as a reason for
the resignation. Their disagreements
are said to be Ung standing. There are
indications, however, that Influences
outside of the department co-operated
with the unfriendly ones inside to force
the Commissioner to resign. Mr. Her
mann was opposed to the wholesale for
ests reserving of the public lands, and
his opposition did not please the man
agers of the subsidized railroads. These
used to forest reserves as convenient
agents to relieve themselves of worthless
remnants of their land grant which
were unsalable . They were absorbed,
however, in the reserves and valuable
lands selected elsewhere. The opera
tion was a valuable one to them. The
Northern Pacific Railwav is said to have
made $7,500,000 by this system of ex
Among other utterances the Oregon
ian says : '.'Hon. Binger Hermann is not
the highest type of statesman ; he is not
tlie sort of a' man Oregon should be
proud to send to the senate." It is pre
sumed the editor of the big daily in his
own estimation, is the mau for the
people, the toiling masses, -especially.
It is generally conce led Mr. Scott will
"show his hand" when the legislature
meets. If so let his guns be silenced.
If Mr. Fulton cannot win the prize any
body but H. W. Scott, perhaps the most
discordant element in the Republican
party. Oakland Owl.
Binger Hermann has resigned as com
missioner of th gener' hind office.
We suppose Hitchcock is now satisfied,
as he has forced out the man he has for
years wished to be rid of. ' Oregon has a
warm spot for Mr. Hermann, and it
woidd not surprise us, as has been
stated in the Review liefore, if Hitch
cock's fight would yet make Hermann
L.c. Senator iroin Oregon. In case
there should be a deadlock in the legis
lature and Fulton could not secure the
prize, Hermann to our mind would be
the most available man for all to settl
upon. Hermann like Fulton is for Ore
gon, first, last and all the iine. Prine-
ville Review. - -
The differences- between Secretary
Uitciico.k and' Land Commissioner
Hermann has resulted ' in Mr. Her
mann's resignation. The Secretary has
long held a grudge against Hermann
and this is the main reason, probably,
of Mr. Hermann retiring. The former
Land Commissioner will come to Oregon
and may become an active candidate for
the Senatorship. He has many sup
porters in the state and might make
the situation interesting. Myrtle Point
Hon. Binger Hermann has sent his
resignation to the . president, to take
place February 1st. It appears that he
! and Secretary Hitchcock have not lieen
speaking to each other as they passed
by for several months, and hence the
resignation of Mr. Hermann. Secretary
Hitchcock charges the land commission
er with dereliction of duty, and yet
President Roosevelt would appoint him
to another first-class office if he would
accept. It matters not what the secre
tary has aaid or will say the iople of
this district whom he has often and
faitfully served know Mr. Hermann,
respect and honor him, and thev will
think the secretary is simply talking
through his hat against a man he can
not use and who is measurably his
superior. Springfield Nonpariel.
Among tbe measures to be considered
by the next legislature are five pro
posed amendments to the Constitution,
which have already been approved by
one legislative assembly. They are:
That the legislature shall provide for
the election of a state printer and fix
his compensation. For the incorpora
tion of cities and towns under a home
rule plan, without special acts of the
legislature. That general elections shall
be held on the Tuesday following the
first Monday in November. Permitting
a state insane asylum and the state edu
cational institution to be located away
from the capitol. The abrogation of the
anti-negro clause of the Constitution. '
Lumber Prices Advanced
The Booth-Kelly Lumber Oimpany
on the first of the year advan-d the
price of all grades of lumber'. The
average advance per thousand is $1.
The various grades of dressed and un
dressed lumber advance according to
the original market price.
This price effects all the wholesale
shippings of the big Booth-Kelly Lum
ber Company, the biggest single lumber
operators in the world.
One of the incidents in "The Princess
Chic" Jhe romantic and tuneful opera
in which we are to see the Kirko La
Shelle Opera Company at the Loseburg
Theater Saturday evening is a clash
between Louis XI, King of France and
Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy,
which ends In the latter openingly de
fying the king and declaring war npon
TT F7TT Yl rrZZTTTS n n n r "-
5 -i II f o n M I
i1 L-A. I A .,, J I A W I 1 A I
r " ; " I! - - - -
All Calicoes Reduced
to 5c Per Yard
25 Percent Discount
On All Ladies' Waists
. 25 Per Cent Discount
Stand Covers and Lace Curtains
ladies and Misses Jackets
At Half Price
Liberal Reductions on.
Ladies and misses Shoes
Buy Here
The state press, aye, the Pacific coa.'t
press, with the single exception of the
Portland Oregonian, is almost unani
mous in the endorsement of Mr. Her
mann's administration of government
land office affairs, so far as the Pacific
coast is concerned especially, and all,
with the almve exception, pay hij:h tril
nte to his official integrity and efficiency.
The Oregonian Wars the odium of figur
ing practically alone in the foul conspir
acy to olitical!y a.-sainate Hon. Bin
ger Hermann, and its nnenviahle atti
tude toward the commissioner is
prompted solely hy enmity an 1 political
rivalry. The-Oregonian editor's great
ambition to liecomo Unted States ficna
tor has been so lon cherished that it
has developed into an almost in-ane de
sire, and naturally, anyone appearing to
stand in the nay of the consummation
of this cherished ambition must meet
with the vigorous ojjsition f Mr.
Scott's newspaper, the Oregonian, and
judging from the scirrulous, unfounded
and libelous attacks of that paper on
Mr. Hermann, its ediur must consider
the commissioner one of his most for
midable rivals for senatorial honors.
However, Mr. Scott's conspiracy is too
transparent -to- selfish and mercenary,
to enlist co-ojwration on the part of the
state press, hence the Oregonian niut
continue its ignominious tight single
handed and alone.
This story is told of the late Thomas
B. Reed: An important party measure
was about to be voted on by the 51st
Congress, and the Republicans needed
every vote. "Come at once," Speaker
Reed telegraphed to Congressman Lans
ing, of the W'atertown, N. Y., district.
"Impossible," the congressman wired
back; "washout on line," Reed'u reply
to this mas promptly -wired as follows:
"Xever mind a little thing like that ;
buy shirt and come on."
Annual Meeting; of Poultry Ass'n.
All members of D. C. P. A. are here
by requested to mc3t at the office of the
secretary, Tuesday evening, Jan. 6, 1!K)3,
at 7:30, p. in., for the purjxjse of elect
ing officers for the entiling year,- and
transacting such other business as may
be properly presented. Any breeder or
fancier desiring to become a member is
cordially invited to attend.
F. L. Cai.kinh, Pres.
FasfBusiness Transfers.
Last Friday W. L. Cobb sold his gro
cery store on the corner of Jackson and
Cass streets to J. C, Davis of Portland,
and A. D. Clink of this city, and within
48 hours after the new proprietors took
charge of the establishment, Mr. Clink
sold his interest to J. P. Atkinson of I.n
Grande, and the firm is now known as
Davis & Atkinson., Mr. Davis was
formerly a railroad bridge carpenter,
having worked on the O. R. & N. and S.
P. Co's. lines. Mr. Atkinson is well
known in Lantern Oregon as a fmit
grower and dealer. For a short time
at least Jas. Cobb will remain in
the store until Messrs. Davis and Atkhn
son become acquainted with, their
customers and 8'irroundingn.
W. L. Cobb will remain hi this city
and lKk after his r?al estate Mid other
business here. Mr. Clink wishes to an
nounce that he i'still in the real estate
business at the Corner of Jackson and
Douglas Streets.
The New Year number of the Oregon
ian is at hand, and a very creditable
paper it is, indeed, replete with valuable
and interesting information and brim
full of artistic illustration.
j itself
and Now if
.... t
, Roseburg
. t;.
John P. Slocum Presents
The Kirk La Shelle Comic Opera Co.
In the Famous
The p
Book by Kirk La Shello
Music by Julian Edwards
Staged by Julian Mitchell
The Pewitching and
- Brilliant Artist
Vera Hichelena
An the Pilncts CM J
America's CireatoBt
Joseph C. Minon
And the (rmtest sincinu
can In Auierlo
60 People 60
The Tbincebs Cmc
We celebrate our 12th anniversary in Eose
burg. The sentiment of our anniversary may
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Edxa Floy ii, Smibrette
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" "Y m m ".it imi m ' i pi Hi hi juj gMiwam ii u mi .nil .. hi ij j." i iil i j t-ibi
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: : :
Society Meeting.
F. A A. M. Laurel Lodre No. IX
L II jlds mralir meetiofs on Mcgod
' " and f orth Wedneedavi ol eeob
month. - E. J.Nraorn. W. M.
N.T.Jcws Net-rrtary.
AO. U. W. Kobar,c LodtNo,16.
Meets th tecood and fortb Moo-
m th I. O. O. F. Hal!. Membera ia
food Uodinie are mvitett to attend.
H. r. Mclal- i, U. W.
E. II. LjcVos Reoorder.
D. .8 WasT, Tinaocier.
BP. O. ELKS. Rosebnrg Lodge No.
X. Holds regnlar eommoniea-
t:ot.a at I. O. O. K. Hall no second
iid funrth Thorvdayt cf each moctb.
All member reqaested to a'teod retra
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W. II. Jamiesom, K. R.
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N. U , meots at Armory Hall erery
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N-. 13. Mteu Sad end 4th Tbare
day eT-nii,s of each month in Re
tire Sods' Hall. Visiting ccembera cor
dially iued to atteort.
Mas. Msarr West, C. of II.
E. II. Lasxox.Rec.
OF A.-Conrt Donalae Xo. 33. For-
ew-rs ol America, Meete ever;
Tfnttat ereninK in Native Sana'
Hall. Visiting brother el waya welcome.
T. B. Caxxox, C. R.
E. II. Lesoi, R. 8.
E. V. Hooykk, Physician.
O. u. F. PhileUrian Ixtdgti No. 8.
3 M?ts in Odd Fellows' Temple, cor
ner Jackeoo end Case itreete, oa
Saturday evening of each week. Mem
horn of the order in good standing err
invited to attend.
H. B. GiLLrrrt. X. G.
4- N.T. Jkwett. ScrtarT.
of P. Alpha Lodse No. 47. Meeta
ewry Wettnesday, in I. O. O. F.
Hall at 7 :30 p. m. Mem ben in
good al anding era invited to attend.
a. W. Kimball. C C.
(?. E. Roberts, K- R. 8.
T. M. Protection Tent No. 15.
Holds its regular Reviews the
first and thinl Fridav of each
month in the I. O. O. hail. Visiting
men.liers in good standing are invited to
attend. F. F. I'attkrox, Com.
E. E. PuwiL-rr, Reconl K-qer.
ILAC CIRCLE. No. 4, Women ol
Woodcraft. Meeta on first and third
Tlmrtklava m each month at the Na-
iKoSone, IUI1. Visiting members in
ootl standing are invited to eitnnd.
Iantha Skmi.hkkoe .Unardian Neighbor.
.ViNNiK Otey, Secy,
LO. T. M. Roeeborg Hive No. 11.
I IoM iLi regular re vie wa a poo-the
second end fourth Friday eve.
ol each month in the Native Son' Hall.
Sietetg of other Hives visiting in the city
re mrdially invited to ettend oar re-
Jehsir Rapp, L. Com.
M.xtng K. McOlallex, R. K.
1 1 W. OK A.-Myitle Camp No. 6330.
l Meeta firtand third WndnemUyt
III! egGn uullt, at Native Sons' Hall.
Geo. Byron, Clerk.
OB. S. Uose'iarg Chapter No. 8
, Holds their regular meeting on th
first and third Thorvdaya To eacb
1MIMI1 Visi.'ing members in good
txndii.g ar resrMctfully invitod to at
eiid. Mrs. Cai.i.ib Hkakd, W. M.,
Mr.B. I.iEuiB Comiow, Srlry.
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LoiIkh No. 41, l.O. O. F., uieeta in
Odd Fellows' Teraj.le ewsry Til(Uy
fveiiiiiit. iPiting sisters and
Invited to atloml. Pown, N. (.. .
ColiA WlMUKKLY, li. S.
sembly No. llV nuH!s every Satnr-
d:iv evening, lit 8 o'clock ia Native
Sous ifalrrVisiting Artisans cordially
invited to attend.
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oil - np i.. it ...
and third Thursday evenings each
month. Visitors cordiailv invited.
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J. C. Twttcitml. S'ribe.
Professional Cards.
Attomey-at-Lavr, "
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pedal ettcauoa giwe to DImm ol U Ko
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nta, Mala Ml.
EarKw tuiMlac,
H ii liDlVXC ",,hr,"nn;'n,' ! -; h h rwum.l
11. U. UiH T LhJ "
ckantt- ni hia
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.V u- Style I'p-lo-Valc
Tlicy indivkhulixe a picture ami j lace it in a class It it
self an artistic class that has only to W ocn to ho aj
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. . HARDWARE . . .
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in the Stanton brick buildirur mi J uksm tiet, iift d.vr to tin Welis.
Earg)!t Co. Express olfn-e, the ehaii-e tinsr made iHH--arv to w.--nre
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E 17.
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rret vt Ii .l l.e roortt of tha
ta e,
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1'lioto oaUery anj aira lo rail Tour j-