The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, November 27, 1902, Image 3

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1 A
we Want
So while you are
don't want to overlook the
most complete. line of fall
LadieS, We have all the latest weaves aud colorings in tailor suitings,
Long Coats, 3 length, Jackets and Capes. Our stock can't be
beat for style, quality and prices. Our walking skirts are the
most complete line injtown ranging in prices from $1.50 and
upwards. Taylor suits from $7.50 and upwards..
Gentlemen, Those of yoa wishing a-new suit Of clothes don't want to
overlook us as our line is the David Adler & Sons goods,
aud in wear and fit we guarantee satisfaction.
Our Shoes, the noted Y. L. Douglas shoes speak for themselves.
Neck Wear, always the latest and most up-to-date line in town.
The People's Store
Book and Stationery Store '
Leather Goods
Just received to
which we would
respectfully call
your attention.
$ It embiaces everything
inat is new ana siyiisa in
Wrist Bags
Purses, Etc.
m eitner nam, cjnver
Mounted or Mexican
hand-Carved work.
The' are better
than the ordin
ary kind, and
are especially-
t suitable for nice
2 Call and see them. It's a
pleasure to show goods.
Of Local Interest.
See the Title Guarantee & Loan Co.
forblne prints and filing papers. tf.
Tvro lots for sale, centrally located,
price f S00 cash. Address I. O. box 265.
Fob Sale. A good heavy team, har
ness and wagon. Inquire of W. F
Inglehart, Eoseburg.
Wanted. 100 to 200 ewes on shares,
good pasture, ranee, and plenty of feed.
Address "Sheep," Dillard, Or. t2.
Get your abstracts of title from J. D
Hamilton. He has the only complete
set of abstract books in the county, tf
Fresh oysters all Etyles. Pan, fancy
and pepper roasts a Fpecialty. Served
by an expert cook, at Railroad Eating
House, Mesdames Lohr & Gegax, pro
prietors. Mrs. Freeman wishes to an-ounce
that she has purchased the interests of
Edward Jennings in the Umpqua
bakery and will hereafter conduct the
business nn 1er her own name. tf
P. S, DRY,
AH Work'Gnaranteed for Reasonable Prices.
Secoad Door north new Bank Building:,
- We Are Sure
.We can help you to maka a
dollar go as far as it should,
and much farther than any
where else. ,
If you want to buy right, if
you want to be treated right
make our store your headquar
ters for the next few days
LIKTBRY. Always the Best.
Always the Cheapest
The Under Priced Store
to bave You. Honey.
lookiug around the town doing
goods that has ever been shown in the town.
J. P. Hamilton returned
Tuesday j
evening from a business visit to Tort
laud. Mrs. K. IiarU.n, of Junction, is visit
ing ber daughter, Mrs. L. I'.. Mwv, of
this city.
For harness, or anything in the har
ness line call on F. Long & Sons near
the depot. Uepairing a specialty
Mrs. S. It. Lane and daughter, Mrs.
Douglas Waite, are spending Thanks
giving with relatives at Drain.
Eddie Buick, arrived iu - tlit city
Monday from Keswick, Calif., where he
has been employed for some time.
W. J. Kelliher and wife, of Yoncalla.
were in this city Monday evening on
business, returning home on tlie morn
ing local.
Remember - we have constantly on
hand a full line of the famous Bucking
ham and Hect rubbers, in all styles at
Flint's shoe store.
Mrs. T. R.Sheridan, spent Tnesdav iirj
Drain, visiting with her sister, Mrs.
McCollnm of that city, wao has recently
returned from a visit in tbe East.
Judge J. W. Hamilton who has boon
holding court in Benton County, re
turned Tuesday evening to spend
Thanksgiving with his family.
If you want to go to Coos County
points, take the Roseburg, MartvhfieM
route. Spring hacks leave Roseburg
every day at ti, A. M. Inquire of C. P.
Barnard, agent. tf.
The management of the Senate res
taurant wi.-h to announce that tint pop
ular eating and lunch house will now be
opened day times, a competent and
obliging cook having boen engaged who
is most willing Jo please all. t-
He who wauts to be successful and is
hunting an example to follow, will lie
wi-e if li4ollow in the foo!.-to; t of the
man who buys his hardwares, stove,
tin ware, plows, harrows etc., .f S. K.
Sykes, where yon ran get the NtU
D. S. T. West, having accepted several
old and reliable file iiM'ira.n: consu
mes, is now preparel to -h a g -
fire insurjnee business. Insure witii
him. Office at the City II ill. tf.
. Free The fine "Plmxdkileb Map,"
Oregon oh one side, the map of the
world on the other, w ith the I'VJ cen'us
and other valuable information, frej to
every new cash subscriber to the Plaix
dealer. Map alone 50 centii.
M. O. Warner, the well known and
reliable piano tuner, w ill make I! oc
burg his regtilar prfcs.-ion3l vi -it in a
few days and will lie phased to tnvet hiu
many old patrons and render them Lis
services in put'iaj th'-ir p;:ii;os or or
gans in first cVss sh?K at the usual
verv moleraU;ly prie. twrve your
work for him. f tf
. w
your shopping you
have the largest and
One Door South of P. O.
You can get vetch seed at Clmn hill &
; Mrs. Dan Fisher is sending Thanks
giving at Wilbur.
Mrs. iuy lhiffington is visiting rela
tives at Oakland.
Uet your dental work at Dr. Chea
dle's. Painless extrction of teeth. n?0.
"Alfalfa, vetch, orchard grass, white
and red- clover, seed at Churchill &
We have a line line of fur top slippers,
just w hat you want for these cool even
i ings, from fl wp.' At Flints.
Hen. tieo. W. Kiddle, the proprietor
of the Azalea lumbering plant, is trans
acting business in ltosebarg today.
Mrs. Simon Curo and children re
turned home today from a very enjoya
ble visit with relatives and friends at
Pan Francisco.
Miss Esther ?inunous, one of liose
burg's opular young educators is
spending Thanksgiving with her sister
at Corvallis.
Mrs. K. B Hoostenand children left
on this morning's local for Eugene to
Send Thanksgiving with the formers'
parents. "
II. W. Clarke, manager" of the Grants
Pass Light & Water Co., spent a few
days iu Roseburg this week on business
connected with the R.sebnrg Water &
Light Co.
When men talk of neckwear, l.oisery
shirts and other furnishings, and of good
places to buy them, our store is sure to
lie favorably mentioned. We have the
newest. Xuf-Ced. Hildebrand's,
Tueslay morning 1.000 pounds of fish
egirs arrive.! in this city in charge of a
deputy fish warden and were immedi
ately taken to the hatchery on the North
"Hev. ;. If. lVnnett, pastor of the
Metlio-fVt Efrcopal church, will s-ak
Sunday evening 011 the snl'ji'ct, "M-as-urin-'
the Infinite. Rev. J. II. Thomas
of Chicago, will preach in the morning
a! t leven o'clock. All are invited.
c-.ding to the records kejt in the
Ci :i!r.l Telephone office at this plav.
l'.os,-l i:r,' is surely iloing iw share f
talking as it. is registered that 1,2.V
snitei rvere made on the hical. hoard
Tivs-lay. , . . . . . .
I"r:m 'iryley, a special agent of the
.'1'iiera! 'am! e ffice with headquarters at
i.'o-d.nrg. ejinie to Ashland, Sat onlay,
and is looking alter oflicinl business in
t!iis fctio-.t. Mr. Grygley lias been in
the s rvicc of tin- tioveriimeut for many
year, and Ix-eu stationed in Alask.i
for a numiien- of yi-ars at until trans
ferred to this disti ic! on the first of the
presei.t montli. Ashland Tidings.
I. M. Drier, recently of Portland, has
opened a fish an I g.iiin market in the
little I uildi g next door to Fletcher's
grocery on SIm-m I.iii strwt, which will
1' known as the AUiatm market. It
is ihe intenti ii of Drier to keep at all
limes a fresh supply of all kinds of fish,
game, poultry etc.
J II Vandever, an cteemeil citizen of
ola'Ia, left this Thursday morning for
Santa llarlura, California, where he
ill join his family and spend the
witter. TheTwicya-weck Pi.aivoealer
will kep himio-tel 011 home and
count v new s as well as current events in
rhis absence.
I he ladies ot tlie si. h. clmnii desire
t announce that all article donated to
Iheir ChriMm-jM Bar-anr chould lie left at
the home of Mrn. L. A.. Walker on or
Wore Saturday Nov. 2tHh. A feature
jjii ine lar w i.i ne nicciy nreMM
lolls. Cake;', cal.ids, liked I can.
hndwiche, brown bread, etc.', will al
lx- on H'.' in the new bank h-iiMinc.
BnsineFH increafing ho rapidly i)t the
. K. IUi-!iardrMiii music house i evi-
h-Hce enough that it don't take syndi
rate triiHtH or elultf, to sell piano. In
fact we can hardly supply thu demand
Our large fctock ix nearly exhanslt-d and
wc expect to low on this" account. But
will have another car in altout three
weeki? ; fresh and new from the factory
Deputy MaHter Fioh Warden II A
Webster, arrived ' in Roseburg Monday
with 1 ,000,000 salmon eggw from the gov
eminent hatchery on the Clackamas
rjver to leosite in North UnixUa rive
hatchery several miles above Uoseburg
for propagation. Mr. Webster state
that an examination of the South Unit
(pia river will be made above Panyoii
vine whu a victy 01 esiaiiiiMiiing a new
hatchery or removing the North Douglas
hatcherv to a more desirable location.
I'ay Up.
All those knowing themselves in
debted to F. F. Patterson for laundry
work ti I ) Nov. i, 1J02, will please call
at the oflice of Attorney Frank G. Mi-
culli, Heview Building, and re.ttl'i n(
omxr. F, F, Pattei'hos,
ANTKD : 0 Laborers, wages I2.!)0
er day for rirst-clats men.
Dr. C. II. Ray,
Robber Failing to Find Registered Pouch Takes Driver's
Watch and Passenger's Coin. .
Yesterday aftermxm about 2 o'clock j
the Myrtle Point-Roseburg stage lionnd
west, was held up near Ololla and the
passengers and driver relieved of what
valuables they had .on their person, con
sisting of (7.50 in coin and a watch and
chain. Yesterday morning the stage
left this place ou tiirio in charge of
driver Sawyer w ith A. W. Perkins, a
travelling man, as passenger. All was
well and the stage was making as good
time as the roads would permit, until
Olalla was reached ; after that the
trouble began, which will undoubtedly
make Perkins famous among the knights
of the grip, as we understand he is a
remarkable story teller.
As the stage was crossing a little
bridge near the Asher Ireland place
alxiut 1 "... miles the other side of Olalla,
a masked man stciicd out from liehind
a clump of bushes and leveling a pistol
at the head of the driver called to him
to halt, w hich he did. The. hands of
Perkins were immediately sent skyward,
but Sawyers thinking he reeognixed the
fellow and lelieving he was being
"joshed" did not respond to the raising
of hands order but began to laugh. The
roblier explained that he meant busi
Mrs. A. Ii. Kayler Leaped
Escape a Supposed
Mrs A. II. Kayler, of Molalla, Clarka-I
tuas County, met her death at West
Fork, at about nine o'clock Tuen'ay
evening, ty jumping imni the raiiroai
bridge at that place into the cretrk about
forty feet ldow, and was drowned.
The water is about four feet deep where
she fell and runs veryewift, the body
iH'inz washed down Cow Creek about
300 yards lvfore it was fonuJ.
Mrs. Kayler, with her husband and
neice, ims litlie ami iteo. ivverhara,
f Oregon City, had been at WestFork
looking at timber claim;), and left the
hotel last night for the deOt to catch
the north bound train for Koelmrg. As
they were eroding the tretle, Mr.
Kayler who was carrying tlie lantern
went ahea l to enable the others to see,
and when they were well on the ttestle
he look up and raw alight ahead. lie
thought it was the head light of
Drain News.
Here's wishing the 1'lainde.u.iii force
a genuine thankful Thanksgiving.
I. It. Whelden has gone to Alette to
took after the dairv farm of F. II.
F. II. Roger, of "Tlie Nonpariel," is
Iscnt on business in dardiuer ami
Wc understand that Mr. and Mrs. K.
Appiegate, i!J leave Kta to reside
ii 1'ortlaud. '
Wert Moorr left Mon.lay for Wach
ngton, for a w-ek's absence. Cimgratu
ations, Wert.
Mr. Nathau Young, of Myrtle Point,
who is visiting her iareuts at Leona,
pent the p.i.-t too weeks at Yoncalla.
Mi-s I .nra Hefty i home for a while,
ier sehool at (ireeidKtck having cloned
for a time on acconnt of illness in tltc
J. A. Illack's new brick is exiected
soon to le ready for occupancy. One
apartment if leiiig fitU"d np for the
Day ojierator (J. M. Ilassett, with th
:. I'. is still off duty, from rheumatism,
but his many friends hoe he may soon
be. found on dot v.
Mrs. John Veatth, of Divide, arrived
iinday, arcoiuaniel by her little
laughter, for a visit with her sVter,
Mr.'V. W. Wilson and family.
The new residence's of J. W. Spalding,
C. K. Hasanl and Mr. Anderson, are
worthy improvements of Drain. Tbe
fiit two are not vet completed.
C. W. Klliolt, left on Friday morning
overland for his home in Irvington, N. J.
after several months sjent in Oregon.
During his stay he has made friends
among our ieop!e, whose lest w isbes go
with him. ,
John Srhafcrs, an o!d resident of this
vicinity, diel Sunday, Nov. 23, at his
home near Drain, aged about 08 years.
Interment" took place in tlie town
cemetery, Monday. Mr. Schnfei s leaves
several children, only one of whom was
pnfent at his death.
As there w ill be no service in St
George's F.pi-tcopal clmrph Thanksgiv
ing Day, any one wishing to give toward
tlui maintenance of the Good Hamaritan
Hospital can do so directly to the Rev.
.Mm Dawson. The offering may con-
Hist of money, frnit, preserves, vegata
blec, flour, potatoes, etc, and if left at
the Ilectory will lie shipcd free of
charge to the hospital. During the
year ending May 31, UK)2, there lias
lieen bi'.'S patients representing 2(i dif
ferent nationalities and 22 different te-
ligious beliefs. Among these the Moth.?
odists were reiresentel by 20t'i, Prpfibj''
terians 145, Kpiscopalians 33, Ropinn
Catholics 12Q, R.nitjsta (0, "no religious
K:lief" W. There were 7,787 days' care
given h rec to non paying patients rep
resenting so many dollars given
amongst all cla.-scs ot iopIe. As so
many sick and injured go to the - hospi
tal from Roseburg and vicinity, let
every one give something out of their
abundance so that the good work may
le carried on even more successfully
thru hitherto. y
Insure In the Ne1 'Q'K Ljft
Jlecaitstj, Its K)licks are tuioontestlble.
Ilecause, It insures you nil the time.
UeeatiHe, l'p to Nov. 1, 1002, it has
secured 1.12 -ml icy holders, amounting
tn f2's1, CTill.tKK) new biiHineps,
ness, and demanded the brass locked
mail pouch, butaa Sawyers ii very deaf
he could not understand, and Perkins
was called upon to interpret, which he
did in a very trembling voice. At las
Sawyers was able to understand and
told him that the registered pouch was
riot on this stage but had been sent by
the Marshfleld route. The robber
seemed much disgusted and remarked
that he would iak np a collection any
way, which he proceeded to do. Saw
yers donating his watch and chain and
Perkius contributing $7.50, after which
the stage was allowed to drive on and
the bold highwayman disappeared.
Both Perkins and Sawyers describe
the robber as Iwing a yonng man about
20 years old, smooth shaved, bine eyes
and brown hair, wore dark- slouch fiat 1
and dai k clothing, loth agree that he
carneI a pistol and bttliera he was a
good hand with that weapon.
Sheriff Parrott and postal inspector
are at Olalla today investigating the
holdup and it is believed that an arrest
will be made, as there is a rumor that
a certain yonng man of hat community
is suspectwl and that thera is some evi
dence of his guilt.
from West Fork Bridge to
Approaching Train. .
an engine and called to the others
to look. Mum Dibble junuied o;il
on i Hie of the side trestle, ben'.i
Mrs. Kayler became excitI aid
threw herself from th Widge. Mr.
Kayler ran back and juiued off the end
of the bridge to go to his wife's rescce,
ami as he jnmd his lantern went out
arhl he fell. Th eople at the hotel
heard their cries and rufhed to the
scene. When told what had hap-u h1
W. F. MinardNind two other eat
low n Cow Creek to a sand bar and lb re
found the of the iinfortunide
Tbe de-eaced was about 4i years of
age, and lived at Molalla for a number
of years, w her her husband has a farm.
Tlie body will be shipped to that pLw-e
on tonight! overland. Mr. Kayler
who is prostrate w ith grief, was a pat ru
ger on this morning's local for Vlolx la.
SuaayDale Items.
A great deal of s'ekness is taking ".he
place of health, in this vicinity at
Our wcliool is rogresing nicely under
the management of Geo. A. Crane, of
Miss Ktliel I'titman, who is teacl.iiig
at Leotia, was visiting with her retits
here last Snndav. -
Sunday M.ool seems to continue
w ith the greatest of interest, w ith Mr.
Det wilder, as Supt.
Kverybody is talking "Thank-giving'
at present, an the ohl gotiiaers, are
wearing very long face.
Mr. Isaac Rilchey, has g ne to
Cottage Grove, where he will soon isove
his family to reside permanently.
The infant son, of Mr. Chas. Morning-
star, is seriously ill at present. Dr.
Drookhart, of Drain, is attending th
We would tike to be able to report
sunshine aud showers, but we are com-
lled to say that we have the showers,
and little sunshine.
Ileckley I5ro, of K.Ik ton, have driven
several fa eal 01 lioga tnrvmgit her en-
route to Drain, from which - place titer
were shipped to San Francisco.
We are pleased to chronicle th fact,
mat, A. E. Vtockei, who has been con,
fined to his room during the ms? two
weeks with Lagrippe, is rapidly re
Mr. F. S. Miushall, of Rwel.urg,
Collector, aiu! Colictor for the Plain-
oealkk, i-assed through this vsuuitv
recently iu the interest of his fer
The Plain-dealer is a very welcome
visitor in many homes in North Donglas.
Why? Because, it represents the right
side of the fence, and gives the nevs.
Mr. IIoward Smith, recently marketed
eighty-five turkeys, and receiver! 14'a
cents per pound for them dressed. This
industry seems to be gaining giound
In fact, everything seems to be worth
money now-a-days. We are back to
prosperity again, and let us stay there,
and let ns stay with the jeople who
put us there.
SPAUGU-To Mr. and Mrs. Clias. II.
Spaugh, a girl. Mother and child
are doing well.
Ow ners of farms, stock ranolie, tim
ber lands fo- sale within ten miles of
the proposed line of the Great Central
Railroad to cflrresiHUMi with
J. J. Waltib,
Colonisation Agt., Roseburg, Or. nlO
Notice of Bids Wanted.
Sealed bids for operating the poor farm
ferry for three years will be received bv
the County Court its regular term in
January 1SK3. Bids to le otiened
Wednesday a 1 o'clock p. m,
M, D, Thompson-,
nl? - County Judge,
Fire Turkeys (or Salt.
A few cliolce Bronze turkey gobblers
for sale prize w inners at the" late di
trict fair held at Roseburg. They mns
be, sold by - Xov, 20. Iiquire of
Mrs J, II, Short, Rosehttrg, pip
I ' We are now showing a full line of the Celebrated
J! ' Kuppenhimer Guaranteed Clothing
g Suits, $12.50 to $25 Overcoats, $10 to $18
In Furnishings WeMention
Neckwear in the new Coronation'Silks.
English welt edge Collars and Cuffs.
Fine worsted Union Suits and Underwear for men.
Dr. Reed's Cushion Sole Shoes for men.
McDonald's "Red Seal" Union made Overalls, Jumpers,! Cordu
roy Pants, Sateen and working shirts.'
Some new swell chalk line stripes in heavy suitings.
Just the thing for Eainy day skirts and Tailor suits
Ail Dress goods purchased here only, shrunk free of charge. Owing to the
rush of business we will not shrink goods pnrchasedjelsewhere.
When you see it in our ad
Matt M k Trtc4 Har4 Vrk vtllh
.Wall Llchlala H4
4 W Ib4mIIU. "
"I Ud to think that hard work
counted for more than iu:k, said the
man who hail a thrown-down appear
ance, "but after bucking againt the
idea for ten vrurs Tie hud to pie up.
I'm out of a job and dead broke, but I'm
going to walk around on my uppers and
ker what luek w ill lo for Die.
"I went into drine wrlU a few'vrars
ago, he eontiiiueii, ai ne jitigieu icree
or four cents in Li. lui. IJoiiglit tlie
right for four iuntie iu Katisa and
i-uuld see ;:.wi prx.fiis a tear. I'ut in
n)' laxU dollar and started out to drive.
In driving a wrll for a farmer you may
calculate on liilting water within 30
feet. That's what you lase on when
you figure on the job. A fanner won't
pay by the foot. It's o luueh for a well
irliiing ail the water be wants. I put
down 'SO feet of my firl well and only
struck dust.- I went down U Teet and
could smell a littleilampne'. Tbe pipe
was down a full hundred feet before we
got water. I put down It wella and wax
tee totally tuted. I had pieked out the
Muntie myself, but they were the
drvrst in tbe state. 1 drove Hu feet of
pipe for the last without getting any !
Then I turned to lightcine rods. I
jrot an ageney aud an outsit and started
out to do the farmers of Illinois. Say.
von mny not Iwlleve me. hut out of ten
bam v. h' h I ptvli-eted ! 'i:e tuwii
liip eight nw struck by lihtidcg
iluro ? one sturm. Tlr furt-ser. prt
after tue ill n mob. aud. lM-ide having
toy leir and my nt.e ka kel
put of I li:l:;lt. I w: - hunled into court
pud broken op In busiiiev.
. whjii as I r'idtl Jlrnoorosiii,S gain
I g.t theagencv tf a windmill fura art
of Indiana. The only ut;e I put t:p wan
foranoi.l far;j;er who wanted ittoilrie
a aw for rutting wood. I l.u-l to war
rant fi tout h power, you M-e. ard he
had Ids caw rr;nt a Mmn as the w im;
mill uh up. Al the time we were put
jin? up the mill it blew a rale. but do
.Mi:rr had we tiliished than the p;.!e
(mpnl to a zephyr. Siy. row. well for
IU straiiMil dai there wasn't vlu.
rnouh to rtifle a ; k pond, and the
farther deelaietl my mill a fraud and
made me tMkr it down.
"A f ter I'd leen out .f a job for a year
an old uncle Marled me in the ehiekeii
business. Kver figure n it? l'le
t our heart, but the man who can't fig
ure out a clear profit of $.V-a a year
has no luisiucNA to live. There are q
many hen. so many egc. m many
thieker.s. Kasiet thing in the world to
rigtire rut, especially whre an ine:t
mtt:r goe with It. I leased five acivs
tf gfnnnd.. got an lncutttor and "00
ien. aiul for a few day I had my hat
on my ear. Did you ever hear of the
rhieken disease called pip? WelL It
broke oiit.aniong my her, ami thev
went pip! pop! till the fast one turned
tip her toes. I didn't get two dorrn
egg out of the whole lot. Then 1 fell
taek on my Incubator to hatch
on mv Incubator to hatch and
grow a new lot. Hatched out 130 little
chicks, and then please excuse my
emotion. One day that incubator blew
up with a bnug and scattered my hetr
farm all over the county aid laid me up
In bed for three months.
"1 have Ihh-ii offered a patent churn.
washing machine and a hay fork
agency, tint have respectfully declined.
Xo more hard work foe me. I'm walk
ing around looking for lost rx ketlmok
and big rewards, and count on luck 1o
uncover a gold mine or notify me of
legacy." X, V, Pun.
. rC. '-
Letter Ust.
Remaining nncalUit for at the Rose
burg postolficc,
Persons calling !Kfr these letters will
plea-ie state the date on which they are
adverti-W, Nov. 24, W02,
Allen Ji W Morris Louisa
Brown M retors on Kmilee
Bauer F I- ' I'u.-sellEE
Corbin William Row C (2)
Collins Ct Alf Roberts G W"
Currier Wm. Roads F M
Vox Morgan , Stafford O M
GrubnerOtto Semeria Henrr
Ilaynes W X Frank Mamie Wright
Inglis R II (5; Mielke O N
Lemlnvorth Miss Ira M
Tbe letters will be charged for at the
rate of one cent each.
Ww, A. Fratkr, T. M.
County Treasurer's Notice
Notice is hereby given to nil parties
holding county 'varrants endorsed prior
to and including March 10; h PJOrt, are re
quested to present the same, at the
cnuntv treasurer a oihco for payment ns
interest will cease thereon niter the
date of this notice.
Dated Nov. 17, l!02.
' GlCO. DjMMKg,.
County Treasurer.
its so.
HU Mas.
Mlter," id ltroneho Bob, "you're
a stranger in ihis. country."
Yes was the gentle, he assuming
"1 w aut to make you weU ome, but be
fore takin you into tbe bosom of the
family I want to ask you a uetiou or
two. Have you got any grwyljdviefl
vouecalrd on yoa?"
"I I Hiut ronf& I don't tpiite un
leitai.d." "Have' you any of these little ka tings
like 'Thitk before tou nieak an' 'Let
iog delight." an so forth? IVruuc
if you have, tou might as well take
war&iu' a tow tLty don't go here.
Keep 'em to Jourxlf. I've took a Iikiq'
to your t.e. an I don t watit to se ;
you lnakiu" auy false niov "cause if J
jou you'll pit jumped. There was a !
feller come here about five weeks g.
lie left four week ago. an ain't ureal
ett iinee. We re all fair aa'.Miuare
here. If we make a barraic. we stick!
to it. but it did hurt to let that feller git j
He ued to play pt.krr an" quote j
piety i.ih.rr u aBvtxMiy l ever
Finally. ur.e eight, he :
1K V S,
1 1.. . . .. I : , t
. h., ,w lltutU jl.lCM
Jemperediiess in l!." place. Now. we're
al M(njre people. What we ay rve'H
do. we'll do, ai jj m auirliorale geB.
rral tt.L.lilioi.n ..n! like thrrucons
ay for himl if we u to take time to
let our temper ew.-I.1ntrad o jiiuij-iri
in bd'actin rah. Now what I prepcie.
t-e s-ai.l. 'is that'whrii acy ut us gUs
riled, instead o' ilrtftln' a gun into the
game, op tiilkin back, he must count a
huudrc-ti. TLat' au old-fashioned idea
but it Miv,- lot -of ttaidraactoesv
tluod tM.-I.eiue. said KauVkaake pete.
It give Mth parti' etance to take
steadier aim. At" follef.a Kattle
tcake Pete's lead, we all jinetl in aa"
mai'.e the agreement. The very r.rx'
Right there was a h; poker gaine an
the klracgrr was gitttu' bJiter f,n l,s
fiegtrs ml. bin Via over the cloth while
"he took iu chip. All of a nu'.ieo
.ache Joe jumped up an'ay: 'oi
JV droppevl a ratl vou've lMen fcm?in
out. I yer" ays the stranger:
Joe, say he. "you'se a liar!' Joe
reached far Li gun an the stranter
mjs: "Don't fnrgit the bargain. You've
pot to count a hundred," "That's right.
tays ail the feUer. Joe ttartecl in
rountin' out loud. It rattled the feU
lcr who was play in' keno In the nex
room o that they Lad to come aa look,
on. The stranger kep his eye oa Joe,
aw moved hi lip, but clidxit make a
t-ound. When Jv. ot to '40 the stran
ger say 100. lirtsd his (run au 1 lazec
away. The crowd made a ruh fur Lisa,
but he lifi .vl his hand ati'saas: "It'sau
square, boys. 1 couldn't help gittin
' "Touch futt. I ru a ligbtnir.g ealcc
f hi'01"-' "Washington Star,
" ' "" - ,
Notice for Sale cf Stat Laads.
Notice is hereby given that the Bute
Land Board will receive sealed lids un
til Nov. 11, 102, at 2 p. m., for tbe sale
of the follow ing described State Lanis,
t-wit i
Sx-tion :tt and south half cf sect ion l6,
Tp M S., K 14 W. of W. M.
The north half of the north half and
lots 1,2,'! and 4 of section M, Tp 41 S..
R 1 E., containing 308.40 .-ere.
Applications to purcham must be
made on regular blanks in accordance
w ith the law frr sale of School Lands I
and be .vonnttnied by cash or check
for one-fifth W the amount bid for Cer
tificate of ?ak, or, in full ptyntent,
del will Vsue.
The riuht to reject auy ainl all bids is
reserve I.
Applications fcnd hid shouhl le "ad-
Wed to 'M. L. Chamberliu. Clerk of
Board, Salem. Oregon," - and marked
'Application, and bid to purrlmse State
,nds.' M. L. Ch.v.bkrmx,
o2:tnll Clerk of Board.
Datel this ISth dav of tVt. 1902.
For Salt.
Horses, hnrness
sud wsgon.
Yallev. P.
for rent in Garden
drss, Wilbur. Or.
O. ad-
C. D. Bit
lVii im.-? and ICE CHLX'l PARLORS
Fruits, Candies, Cecs, Pies,
Doughnuts and fresh Bread Daily
Portland Journal Agency. Hendrick Block, Opp. Depot
I.J. NORHAN & Co. Props.
Big .
5 tore
guaranteed as represented
, Little Ranch for Sale.
A good Lttle home for sale : II im,
1 joining fair groonds, 1,'4' ttiLe east of
wneuurg. uooa OOJJOiBgS, 150 good
bearing fruit trees, 10 acre ia cnltira
tion. Price $1225. For particulars ia
quire at Milikin's ih oe store, Eosebcrj
0f ' al tf
For Bad CoM.
If yoa have a bad cold yon need a
gfjod reliable medicine Lke Chamber
lain's Coagh Remedy to loosen and re
lieve it, and to allay the irritation and
inflammation of tbe throat, and Jungs.
For sale by A. C. Marsters,
Tbe ?iew-TMriK U(
a-ii-wcai -rears
Assets o-rer ttrtoo.t
, m " , o-r 7.oo,oa
la.rance tai force aver siaS.
Kew insaranee said lor in isi
es- SKi,tMMoo.
j What Life Insurance Dne
keeps the Caaxtl- te-Ketber.
"t etlMtavtes taie ciiltdrem.
"t tsiies care sf the nother.
It pays the saortjtaze o tae
it previses ready mej is kn.
m tssslaesa sl-real.
It sappsrts tlie -ird ta bis
14 ace.
It sases Ike
respect r tbe
It saves tae credit ot toe Innnrrd
It saves tanner wolcki wasld
otherwise be last.
It saves tbe Insarred frota
aajclety as ta ttae rat are of tits
It saves tbe iarared frona
xtety for bis ov eld aare. ,
ves tbe, capital wtatcb Is
socked ip In hatoaa life.
H does tbe very tklnzs wblcn
tbe taaared plans for. wwks tor.
PrJ 'r. Is bappi tf be secares.
aad aobappy If be falls to ret. It
kelps bins to make a saccess ot
life, takes ap bis work whea be
dies sad carries-It fsrwara to
Ca ta yoa afford to oe wtttaoat UT
X W. J. Hooa, A treat.
BsMbarx ore
Supplimenta! ChaiTiDer
ForShootiipistcd cartridges in h3es.
rtients cover U. S. nd Canada
fares tV to 75 ier cent t cost of am
munition.. , .
Made for 30-30, S0-40, 303, 32-10, 2
jn-cial an.1 S aim Mannlicher.
Mailed for $1.00 to any addree.
tinier from -
The S. C. Company,
Roseburg, Cre.
Of every des.-riytior;. Farms and Min
eral Ijtnds., Washington and
safp. A-nrj- r.;LiW. L4i. ask rmcrtM e
IHKHt.vrUltl KV..Sil M KO
4Im RM-tt Ite kui- mil wiUt io ebtwo.
"r. KeOj.M iaimw utoll.
!IMiMMk4 ImIuiImi Huvut vwr irtiKc.
i e;d -r. in mm h-e rnlnlan, TM.
"""' " aWtteC roe 1 Mie.- t trr.
by RMura XaiU la. IVKuuouuua. tiUMl he
all lrui;ua.
alas alM aiuu, mm
t t