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    The Twice-a-Vcck
Roscburg Plaindealer
Published Mondays tad Thursday.
Editors mid PnMifhers
Twice-a-Veek Plaindcakr. per year, $2.00
Feed "Wright, City Editor, Solicitor.
T. G. Rcth. Foreman
Entered at the Post Office in Roaebnrg,
Ore., as second class mail matter.
Advertising Rates on Application.
XOVEMRER 24, 1902
During the ist week much criti
cisui has been indulged iu regarding the
merits of the time, or rather, two prop
ositions submiited to the city for ac
ceptance. Two of the propositions were
substantially the same except a slight
variation of the word tweedledee to
tweedledum. The one wanUvl a valua
ble franchise for boom purposes for
nothing, the other proposed to y for
it. The one idea is to sell real estate on
the strength of the franchise, the other
was a straight business enterprise. The
one, it is claimed, is for immediate
action and construction, the other was
willing to pav a valuable consideration
for time in which to commence opera
tions and complete the work ; and re
ferring to the article furnished to the
Review and published as editorial mat
ter, thus binding that sheet to stand by
its supposed own utterances, we state
We have no desire to stop the advance
ment of the city's enterprises. We de
sire only the city's good or what we hon
estly believe to be the city's good, and
the writer is willing that the city,
either of the two companies wiH go to
work and finish their enterprise in
year, shall be awarded the franchise,
conditioned, that they give a certified
check from some solvent bank as a
bond (for half the amount we offered)
for the faithful performance of the con-
There is no sound business policy dis
played in criticising the writer because
he was willing to put his FAITH into
the proposition and as a new-comer at
tempt to put a little new life into public
affairs and at the same time work in an
jSlerprising yet conservative manner.
j At the same jme we believe that if we
) push ahead our proposition that it
would be met with bitter opposition
and a struggle would ensue thai would
not be exactly for the city's good ; and as
a local sheet desires to place all the ob
stacles it can in the way of the proposi
tion we made, we will just as gracefully
and gentlemanly as we know how, with
draw our proposition from the council
and will work with that paper to see
that the company to whom the fran
chise is awarded carries out its contract,
and if the stock of such company is
placed upon the market we will even
subscribed for some to see how the affair
jaiisout. The Plain-dealer will not
place a single obstacle in the way of any
legitimate enterprise, for the senior edi
tor came here to make a new home for
himself and family and wants to see the
. city grow and prosper and the growth
and prosperity of the city or the city's
enterprise means permanent prosperity
to the newspaper which be represents,
f-,!!-1 week the editor attended the
above convention which met at Portland
and he found three hundred delegates in
attendance from every part of the state.
The meetings were very harmonious and
were conducted in a strictly business
manner and very little windjamming
was indulged in.
The chief business transacted at the
association meeting was a set of resolu
tions asking for National aid in irriga
tion works for the arid portions of the
state. The Plaindealer does not look
upon the subject cf irrigation as a local
enterprise, but for the general welfare of
the state at large. Twelve years ago we
saw an arid tract of land in the Pecos
valley of New Mexico that was so poor
that the cowboys could not raise h on
it and afterwards 1,500 acres were placed
under irrigation ditches and turned into
aii apple orchard and this year it took
one car load of Cs nails to make the
boxes to ship the apple crop to market.
That enterprise is not of a local nature
and there are thousands of acres of land
in Central and Eastern Oregon from
which, under a system of irrigation,
jast as good results could le obtained.
While the Xational IrrigationConven
tk:i8 are generally au irrigating affair,
yet at the Oregon State Convention we
-neref aw a man irrigate nor did we
know of one doing so. It was the iiiiwt
orderly and straightforward busiuei-w
proportion of a convention we ever at
tended, and the writer feels proud that
his first insight into Oregon conven
tions slfbuld have revealed the con
scientious -rim-iples of true citizenship.
At the uicetiug we met Governor
Geer, Congressman Williamson and
Senators Booth nud Fulton, the latter
two l)eing rival candidates for the
United States senate. Senator Booth,
the dark horse, will have a large follow
ing from Multnomah county and will be
i-upjiorted by the business interests of
Portland. Governor Geer, who is a
candidate has, it is said, 17 votes .on
"joint ballot. We know no'.hing about
the candidates but from a casual con
versation we had with Sen t-r Fultoii,
we believe that he is a broad and liberal
minded man, one who wj :U have the
interest of the entire state at Ji-urt.
Charley Fulton has secured head
quarters at Salem for the session.
Simon has not followed suit. There is
something sweetly retributive in the
fact that Siriiou is not even being con
sidered as his own successor. 'He is
another man who has betrayed every
confidence that w as reposed in him. He
has thrown down the state and his
bast feiends lor his own telfish ends.
Long may he be politically dead!
Salem Sentinel.
E. D. Hume, the Southwestern Ore
gon canneryman, is to establish head
quarters at Salem, and draw the net for
a United States senatorship. His
chances f ir success are about as good as
p-, Geer'e, -
Several weeks ago the Oregonian in
flaming headlines of the yellow journal
tripe, stated that it had found a
mare's nest in the affairs of the govern
ment land offices at Rowbnrg, Oregon
City and TIks Dalles, and Roseburg was
made the center of the claimed crooked
work. At this time old man Scott had
powdered his face, trimmed his mus
tache, laced up in stays and was un-
bibing the sweet delights of absinthe
fomettiii! the uast and dreaming sweet
visions of future glory in the United
States senate, as the fumes of the green
demon liefnddled his brain in Paris,
Before he left there was a caucus held
in Portland, at which it was determined
to get Land Commissioner Hermann out
of the way, wid as 6si as Scott was
crossing the Atlantic and heaving np
Jonah over the rail of the Cnnarder, Man
Friday Bross and three or four of his
lieutenants whose strength lies in the
tenderloin district and the solid backing
of a certain church organization in Ore
jon, commenced to work a politi
cal scheme of a far reaching nature
nermann, it was intended, was to le
thrown out of the land office to prevent
him from Wing a candidate; the United
States timber lands held up from entry,
forest reserves were to be created and
worthless land from which the timber
had been cut was to le included in the
reserve and the speculators were to be
allowed to make new entries on virgin
timber land in lieu of the worthless laud
surrendered to the. government, and
Scott, poor Scott was to go to the senate
as the high and mighty political boss
of Oregon.- ' J' .
Iresident Roosevelt was eoiiinmm
cated with and a protest filed against
timber claims being acted upou because
of alleged fraud at the land offices. The
President sent the communications of
the Portland tailmashers to Secretary
Hitchcock and he sent oat special agent
to investigate the presumed frauds
These agents have made rigid enquiry
and examinations into hundreds of cases
and have found nothing. One of them
who was approached on tlie subject
said that he had not a word to give
tne press nor would r.e give any in.
froniation of any kind ; but we can posi-
tively assert that the report, so far as
Roseburg is concerned, made to the sec.
retary of the interior will show that
everything at Roseburg is in first class
This plan of villification and slander
as adopted bv the combine si Portland
will not win for Scott a seat in the sen
ate ; nor will it make him friends
man to Lt a successful polititian must
build np on his own merit as a leader,
not by tearing down other men ; and
now after he has attempted to assas
sinate politically every leader of imjort
auce in Oregon, is it any wonder that
now the old man wants the last desire
of his heart piven to him, that the
whole army of politicians in Oregon say
A man to have friends must lie a
friend and a true friend ; a po
litical Ishmaelite like Scott Jvith his
hand against every man '.and every
man's hand against him, is to court the
combined force and influence of all po
lit ical enemies. This last act of Scott in
trying to do such a dirty piece of work
to Herm ann and tle land officials in
Oregon, should cause him to be laid
aside and given over to the tender mercy
of his own conscience as he contem
plates in. eternal retirement .the fair
character of the men he attempted to
ruin and the base methods employed to
boost himself into the U. S. senate.
Daring the past week we have watched
the process of killing and picking tur
keys as practiced in Roseburg and we
presume that the same method is em
ployed, in other parts of the state ; and
to say that the system is brutal fails to
impress the horrible process upon the
The turkeys are hung up by the legs
and a knife is inserted into the throat
and immediately the boys commence to
pluck the feathers from the bird while
it titters cries of pain at the torture.
VTe have seen the turkeys plucked clean
of every feather and still be alive and
making cries of anguish at the suffering ;
and in one case we went to the boys and
told them if they did not immediately
kill the turkey that we would have the
last one of them arrested for cruelty to
animals. We may look ujxjn such
methods and condone the offense, but
did we ever stop to consider what effect
such acts, allowed to be executed lie
cause of custom, has upon the boys en
gaged in it and their future as citizens
of the state. The act brutalizes all the
finer sensibilities of the boys engaged in
it. - It deadens their perception Of right
and wrong and has a tendency to so
lower their nature that pain and suffer
ing has no sympathizing cord in their
nature, and as a result such work
prepares them for scenes of bloodshed
and vandalism, ending too often if we
may take other examples of bloodshed
or torture like burning niggers at the
stake in the Soutli in liting. the men
for a life of crime and vagaliondage
upon the public at large. Such scenes
should be prohibited by law and the
plucking of birds or the skinning of ani
mals liefore life is extinct, should le
made a felony if for no other purjHwe
than protecting society from a class of
men or boys by nature brutal and the
futher dangerous process in having such
brutal nature augmented and brutal
ized by actual contact in inflicting un
necessary pain and torture. We have
seen many things and have many ex
igences but the most horrible and
damnable in all its bearing for present
and future weal or woe to the individual
or as regards the welfare of citizenship
at large was the sight of six boys all in
a row, covered with blood, sticking tur
keys and plucking them alive and
laughing at the oor birds outcries of
pain. Such proceedings are a disgrace
to our civilization ; a disgrace to our
laws; a disgrace to those engaged in it
aud a disgrace and a festering sore of
corruption upon the state at large.
These are our sentiments and we hope
that the citizenship will awake and do
away by law with such iniquitious tor
ture. The Woodburn Independent is boom
ing E. P. Morcum for circuit judse to
pneceed Judge Boise in 100-1,
A Big Southern Oregon Mine is Cap
italizedOther News.
Portland, Xov. 22. The lwdy of J. V.
Fuller, the business man who disap
peared from his residence here a
month at:o, was found today in the un
derbrush on the Canyon road near this
citv with a bullet hole in the head and
a revolver bv the' side of the body.
Fuller ha9 been in ill health for some
time, and it was thought he had wan
dered away and perishod from exposure.-
The theory of suicide had not
lieen considered by his friends.
Medford, Oregon, Nov. 22. The
Bowden gold mine and Braden mill
have been transferred to a rororation
capitalized at half a million dollars.
The principal owners now are Los
Angeles and Redlands California,
capitalists among them F. T. Griffith
and I. A. Hamilton, of Los Angeles,
It is said that the purchase price was in
the neighborhood of a hnndered and
fifty thousand dollars.
Ktsrrr dead
Berlin', Xov. 22. llerr Krupp, the
great gun maker, died of apoplexy this
Xkw Orleans, Xov. 22. Samel
GomKrs was today re elected presi
dent of the American Federation of
Labor without opjositioii.
Lakeview, Xov. 15. "J. E. McGarrey,
oue of the proprietor of the Lake Coun
ty. Examiner, died last night from the
effects of poison adininistere I by Fred
Magilton, a morphine fiend. The poi
son was given hypodermieally to cause
sleep, without murderous intent. Mr.
McGarrcy was one of the 'ablest newsn
paper writers in this part of the state.
salaries raised,
Xiw Orleans, Nov. 21. The salary of
president of the American Federation of
Labor lias been increased from f 2100 jer
annum to $3000 ar.d the salary of the
secretary from 1S00 to f 2500.
President Returned to Washington.
WASHrxoTox. Xov. 21. President
Roosevelt arrived home from his hunt
ing trip in Mississippi at eight o'clock
this morning.
The President expresses himself as
greatly pleased with his trip despite the
chilly reception f the ieople of
JW is moVe determined than ever to
hold a tight rein on the fedral official
of the South.
Oakland Narrow Guage flole Burnt.
Oakland, Calif., Xov. 20. The South
ern Pacific Railroad Company met a
four hundred thousand dollar loss here
this motning by the burning of the nar
row gnage Oakland mole. Fifty pas-, en
ger cars were destroyed.
The Oakland side of San Francisco
Bay is very shallow, requiring thclmiid
ing of altont two miles of trestle to deep
water, whereas nioleor depot facilities
with a ferry landing were built to ac
comodate the transfer of passenger and
freight traffic to the San Francisco side
of the lay.
Some six wei-ks as?o. when (irnnts
Paw and Ros.-burS were in hih heat
r-r t.;P ro;in.i .i.v.......
tempt.J to col down th' hot air blasts
of their newspa,H-rs by m-nlestly hintin-
that (dendah; would head them I tot It off
with a black horse railroad up Cow
Creek. We knew at the time that
neither town had a zhost of show for a
new road, ax we were iiossessed with in
formation they knew not of relating to a
project, of which, even now, we hate
not the liberty to reveal. Glcndale
The Portland Daily Oregonian of last
Tfiurs-lay cartooned some of the most
prominent delegates at the Irrigation
Convention whichjiiclnded Editor 11.11.
Brooks, of the Plaixdhaleb, of whom
the Oregonian said : "II. II. Brookes,
of Douglas county, said that he was al
most a stranger in a strange land He
was a newcomer in Oregon, but Douglas
County, hearing there was something
in the wind, sent him to the convention.
He gave many practical suggestions,
on irrigation, drawn from his experi
ence in Texas and New Mexico."
Willis Kramer, Democratic represen
tative from Douglas, is said to have the
finest whiskers of any man in the legis
lature. alcm Journal.
Idaho imported itist enough Salem
and Roseburg democrates. so that the
state -went joyously republican, ierti
nently remarks the Salem Sentinel.
Profitable Fruit Growing.
The best sale of apples in the Rogue
River Valley this scanon, according to
reliaile rejorts, was made by V. II.
Norcross, a well known and successful
orchardist of Central Point, who dis
posed of a i-traight ten carloads at the
fancy price of $1.50 jer box f. o. b. Cen
tral Point. The shipment of the apples,
which went direct to New York city,
was completed a few days ago, and they
are retried to be rs fine a lot of fruit as
ever went out of the fclate absolutely
free from any blemishes or jicsts, and as
perfectly licantiful hs apples could le.
There were oOOO boxes, in the lot of
ten carloads sold at this price and which
netted '.KXK), and Mr. Norcrosa produced
them from 21 acres of orchard, a return
of over $42-5 to the acre. This was an
exceptional sale of exceptionally choice
fruit, but it goes to show what careful
work in the fruit business ia this valley
will do. Many of the apple growers
sold their crops at from f 1.15 tofl.:&
per Ikix 1. o. b.
Horticultural commissioner A. il.
Carson of this district estimates that, the
fiield of apples in this'A'alley for export
for the two years V.tOl to 1!K)2 has
amounted to 3'0,0:i0 lioxes or over 5j()
carloads. This estimate he has caiefiil
ly made for use in his forthcoming bien
nial and official report. Tidings.
To Rent A large unfurnished front
room for light housekeeping, Address
r, 0. Box 4ii", Roseburg, Or. n20l".
Mattoon & Co. of Riddle Sell to Mr.
Underwood of New York.
Simon Cam returned to Roseburg
this morning from Riddle where ho has
lxcn assisting in taking an invoice ol
the ceneral merchandise stock of A. 1!
Mattoon v Co., for several duvs past.
This large and well known iirm.has jnst
in . i . ? ....
euecieti me saie oi us mercliunuie cs
tahlishment to a Mr. Underwood o
New York State, who is said to 1h j
genial and thoroughly practical .business
man, enterprising and wide-awake
who will know doubt be able to not only
retain the large and crowing trade of
Hhe retiring and very successful firm
but expand the business materially
The stock we understand ' Hi voiced
something over 17,000 and the new iirn
has already assumed the management
of the business. Mr. Mattoon, it
understiiou win remain at Kiddle am
seek some other profitable in vet-t men
in that live little town or vicinity.
Uoinj to-Latham.
The extensive tie plant of the South
ern Pacilie Company, that is' used to
preserve the ties by the l-iiriii-tiy.inu pro
cess, and that has been at work at iH-it
Spur, in Siskiyou county i siiiiHl last
July, has lieen closed f"r the winter at
that point. It started north a day or
two ago, and will go into winter qharter,
at Latham, I ane omuty, where opera
tions will lie resumed in u few d;tvs.
General .News.
Anew road 1ms been surveyed !
Supt. Arant, from the AshlandKlamath
road to Cra'er Luke, giving a god uni
form, easy gTade. This new road will
probably Ojien to travel next season and
will make this new Xatioiial Park even
a more jMipular resort.
. Tr.o total delinquent tax list of Ben
ton count v contains onlv 35 names.
One of them is a millionaire, another a
government official, and another the
great Oregon and California Railroad,
which owes $1.20. The showing is
really a remarkable one.
Now that Molineux is free from the
charge cf murder bis wife will sue for
divorce. Having ; tai l by him till prov
en innocent she ill claim her freedom
in the South Dakota divorce courts.
She says her reasons fur divorce are sur
prising, but jn-rsoual. The filling 4
her pajiers will 1- a wailed with inter
est by the curious.
The first mows of the n-ason for
Josephine county ap-ansl Tuesday
The tops of the hills snrrouuding Grams
Pass were covered with white. Report
came in that there is already -a good
dei. th of sn.iw in the mountains of
Southern, Western aud Nnrtliern Jose
phine county. These re:.rts are en -
conra-'ins to the -"iMli-' -inirs it as-
Biire5 a 'aj phoi-r sas-in.
Il is fai-1 that the withdrawal of tim
Ut lands from furt or public entry is
in the inU-res of irrigation to protect
tho wnrces of the streams, esf.vuily in
Wllii-aiid !.-ali(!'s like those of Eatt-m
.M...n U'i-iim;..i 1..K..V.. tl. ot V"u-t.
cm Oreifon n.av ever l.l.k liiulK-r. The
... ... , , ,
asi'inisiiing n-piaimn i iorcs:s iy (
Nature stiaii'l w ln-re iitirnt clean I'V
foiot tiix-s in ! he
Casrade aii-l Ccist
l.aiitf.' luoiimiiiiis in.i ti,a:iv vears a-.'O is
convincing pro if.
An tiniisnal case is rr'is'rt.-.
from Tin-
Huh Hairan,
a youn- man ol
! I,;""'r family of that city, robl.ed a
I nirei-in-u.c-Moi marnine ..i boj-iv a
j '''h" 1"ars in a . i-.r store ahot a
I ar"' u" ""l"-1''''-"" "., trul in
iii-r:rcuii cotiri jiin;ir i.r'is:i.iw ni-v
struct! the jury that as the money wav
roiifess,-,!Ivdei.-,i:.-l in a trambiiu d.
v:ix-the j:;ry must tind that it was in
ios'sfcioii of the repntol owner In-fore
they roul-l convict. The jury failed to
Bjjree. The def.-nse held that it was not
utilaw ful to rob a gambling machiiic.
The I-iril of Commissioner fof the
sale of state lands has iuiTeaMiT the
, price of lie hind to f 5 jkt ai re. This ap-
plies to all lieu land ecUvicd up 'Ti ecUcd
secliotiS heretofore adjud.cateii to be
mineral in chijraeti-r fir ujon which ad
judication pr-H-oedings have- already
been commenced. The old price oLlieil
Ian-Is was $2.50 -r acre. (.The order
sdvam-ing the priije of lieu; lamb was
made at a formal meeting of the board
October 10th, and was mala matter of
record, but was not announced to the
public through the press that time. -
I'robate Court Notes.
In the matter of the ettat of Lura K.
Burnell, deceased. AJ-M. Arrington
was apointed administrator of said es
tate ujon the liling of 1 sue Is (O tho
amount of $400, with the county clerk.
In the matter of the estate of Presley
W.Tios-etl, deceased. The sale of the
estate to N. P. H.Vvden, by the adminis
trator, T. J. Ferguson for t'-"00, was
confirmed and the administrator was
onlered to p'v certain 'outstanding
claims. The fifth day of January RHC,'
rat 10 o'clwk a. m., at the office of the
County Judge was named as the date
and j dace of final settlement of said
In the-mattor of the estate of Richard
Owens, deceased, the executor Ahner
Riddle w.i ordered to pay to tho name.)
heirs the amount of 22:'.S.0). 1
The Y. P. S. C. K. of the First Chris
tian church have decided to postione
the Colonial Basket Social until Friday
night, Nov1. 23th, instead of Nov 21st
as previously announced. On account
of the unusual interest w hich is Itinjr
manifested in tho affair, and tho large
number of persons who have signified
their desire to attend, it has lieen ile-J
cided to jMistpoue it for one week,jto er
able all who desire to attend, to prepare
a colonial costume, and to -make ar
rangements for additional features to be
introduced. Don't forget the date and
place, Nov. 2Sth, at the I. O. O. F. hall.
Having leased my Laundry to O. C.
Baker, of San Francisco, 1 t-ike this
methfMl of .thanking my patron for
their past favors, hoping they 'will ex
tend fame tu my successor as I am con
fident thai he will five entire satisfac
tion. . ' F. F. Pattkhso.v,
Steamer Rogue River m Total
Tho river steamer Rogue River is
wrecked. In an 'attempt to reach tho
CopHr mines with an outfit for a stamp
mill, Captain Burns lost his vessel and
the entire cargo, including boiler nnd
engine, for the mines and several tons of
freight for parties along tho river,
While making the last rillle, and within
one-half mile of their destination, the
line with whieh they were caging parted,
and the steamer, unable to control her
self in the raging stream, struck a rock,
damaging her wheel and disabling her
rudder. Seeing that she was leaking
badly, and drifting helplessly down the
stream, the crew launched a lioat and
pulled to shore, while Captain Burns
and engineer Jensen remain! at their
posts until there was no longer ."ny
possibility of gaining control of their
vessel, when they, too, deserted her
In a short time she had struck a rock
and turntsl over, part t'. the wood work
tiuiring loose und floating down the river
Before leaving the vessel the crew mad
rej hated efforts to snub their lioat, but
each time the line sii.ipjx-d ' like a whii
cord Every means wrs resorted t
io ciierK slier ''in the rushing torrcn
proved vastly superior to the (towers ol
the faithful crew. The mishap is
another misfortune for Mr. Burns, but
conn's as no great surprise to the old
settlers of the country who bare spent
years in learning the treachery of that
rogneish stream. Port Orfoid Tribune.
'The Latest Railroad Project.
The survey for Johnson Bro's railroad
np Cow Creek, has been slowVn account
of tho heavy rains, Since the abate
ment of the stom the survey is making
gool headway. The road is to be stand
ard gnage, of heavy ra'ils adapted to
locomotives of immense size. It is
thought the building of this road has a
deciier significance than Ix in im-relv
L n.u;UK. ,,,ort ,- t,wt t wi
built on eastward U-yond this water
shed. Work of grading will begin as
soon as Kissible. landowner along
the line sre all In-ginning to more fully
appreciate the advantages which the
mad will be to them, and the complete
richt of way promise well nigh assure 1.
A Newspaper On Trial.
i t . i ... . i-.t . . i t. i
in- i-wiiiiiu-i r.ioo, M.mri ai t-in
for the timber land business
is to le
IruM at I l.o I ', to e-talillsli the l.lrl
t .i - . , .
whether it is a real newaper with nr-
CUlation or not. As the last number
contains the notices of 3CS prsilif, for
whirl, il will r, ive i'MiSrt for t-n
week's service
the question is a very
serious one
with the publisher off the
! paper. A. number of Albany people
i have bee", requests! to state
thev are real ul?rri!icrs or not.
$ioo Reward $loo
... .
j Tiie
reaiers oi tins pait-r
m ill lie
pleased to Irani that th. re i at U-a.-t
j n. ,iat ni.-nce has ln
i able to curv ill all its Fl.1'-S and that is
Catarrh. Haii.i Catarrh Cure is the
. ... , ,. ...itnrmibtM
!'."" P,f"erre mih to tor ni.Mi.iii
i iraieriiiiv.
Catarrh U iiil' a cont.i!n
ional JIm-jisc. re.tiins a coustilatioiial
. , , .,
i treatment
no sai.ii.u v io.- is uuii
i intenwiiv, actini ihrpt-llv r.ixm ll.e
1 1,1. s.l .hik! iimroiis anrfji-.- ol tl.r st.-ln
:, . , . . , , ..- ,
; iiiiti-ov isi-sm.i in" tin- i.Mu.uau-.ii mi
! the .lis.-a-c, and viin) tho i:i.-iit by biii'diii); n tin constitution J
. : fi'a.l Awitinrr int nr.a y ttiiim tint isvsirLr .
Vi i .. .. "i. f..;,i. s !
' it, cl!ra,jw ,M, that they offer One
; iinn.irrM
Itoliars for anv case that it
j fKs to ere.
. ' ' ' A,,JrvM
s.i..l f..riir ,f i.iii,,..,.;.
F. J. ClIEVKV Co.,
-r,.t.-i.. it
Sold by I'nijfji-ts, 7-V.
"sim l-annlv I'liU are the U-st.
Notice for Publication.
Lr..l (0 at RowLiirw. Oren.
' NrneraM W. I'tol.
Xo! cv ia hereUr k'tii that the loUowtn
titraM aettie- haa Ctisl n-ilii-e l ht tuten!:in
to make final .rotl in auprN-l ol bi clwiia. aa-1
that M proM mil trta-ie b"iore K'-Kin-.r atsl
Eiv iv r I'. n. Ind Ofljee at Kn-rhnrj:, Urrjun,
on Tu- wiay. Iwremoer l'r' vii:
on II. K Ko. it-s7, for the K't N V i. NE';,
sK'.PW'i See l.'.Tpllf.K i aest. Ho!
contlnuon. ri.l. n,s. upon ar4 euitl.atioa 01
... . ... ... . ....... . .
, M f..;tna... u , . . . . V. . . i
Hi'i laiui. vii : t s MrJioin. B M.-not i -
lrt Timili infof Bid-lie. re.. T F Fisher of
Olalla, urrgun.
plop J.T. BRIIXiE. Rniter.
Notice for Publication.
Kciskhcvu. Ore. Nov W. lr2.
Xotli-e ia hereliv flven that In 'compliance
n llh the j.roviin of the art of t .nf rr ol
June :t. i-.s, eiititle.l 'An a. I lor the wile of
timber" in ihe s'tatfofi alU"rn)a.irejron
Nevada .and tt .hiii:..n li-rrlfi.ry,"aexteiid.
ed to all the public iaiid iaie by' art ol Auguat
4, 1-e.C
ol Cl-v-Und. cotni'y of liong'.aK. slate of Ore
gon, has tills day ULsl in Una office h orn
slatrinrnt No. a-VJ lor tho ptireha-e of the lot I,
SK'i e).s',hK'S.f Klpri, tt w.-l
and will l!er prool tohow that the Urnjarma-ht
ia more valuable for iu timlwr or au.'ie tr.nn
for airricul'.utal purpoars, and to eat.lh tin
claiuiifor the Krwinerand Kecelrer ol thu.
oifire of Koaeburg.urexun.
on Monday tin- tun dy d Kilmiarr, I'.W. He
nainm as uitnt-vt-s: Charlra Thom and John
Thoin. ot Idm-hunr, ln-.. If n-l Bale m an and
Chaiii-a Cliun-hill ol Mi-lroiu, lire
Any and all persor.n rlniminir aivtr-ely tho
alMivc devtriht-J - land are requeued to Iiie
llieir claim' In tlii-ottico on or bt-lore nid 9tb
day of February, 1-Xti. J.T. BU1LM.KH,
... iu!Jp Ki-iriMer.
Notice for PublicatioiT.
. Fnltr-d state Ijin.i orTiif.
' Kosi-bnnr, Orecuii, An-r. I, l-Xli.
Not Ire In lirn-by ;;lven thai in compliance
wlih tdr provisK.nK of the act ol CoiiK-aof
Jiili.-:t. ll;s. cnlilU-d, "An Art lor tbo sale of
.limber lamia in the nlutrs l Cain'oriiia, tllrrnm.
Nrvaia,nnd WaKlunalon Tenilory,'' asexti-iid-el
to all the public land Malm by acl ol AtiKilst
WII.I.1H !. 1IKRN.
of Myrttc I'n'-k.rotiuty of lionpUs. slalc .if
ori'iJi. ii. Iihm Hits day tib-d In Ihtu ntin- hi
'urii stati-ini-nl o. Sir.i for lh.r pui-i-liH-e of
the NWNW'J of M :n, Ip No jM.aniuh. K 4 V
and will offer proof toahow that the land oi(ftil
Ik more valuable tor tt lliiil-r or t.iie tlmn
"7i.r afrnrultural p-.irK-s , and to eslal-lish nil
tlmin Ix-fore t!.e UexiKier and Uereivur ol thta
Uice of Kweburg.Oregon.
on Fndav, lln-l:tli dnv oi Pii-rmbcr: It'.' lie
!i;iiii.-a u itncsMn: Il F Willis, li Milli-r
Nob'e Andn-wsand tiisirge Wiseman, all of
5Jyrtli; t'rei k. On-iton.
Any and all lH-roii rtKlmlnn adversely tho
Bbovv li-M-riled lamln ar rii' ted in tile their
i lniiiu in Ihia nttlee oil or Ik Inn- tnid 1 'til iliiy
ol iH-i-etnbcr, I'Ml. J. T. HKIIMil K,
Hi'ip ' Kev.isler '
Notice for Publication.
nutted SlnU-H l.ntid Oinre,
lliimhiiiK, Onwiu, July JK, rjtr. .
Notice is hereby Riveu tlmt til compliance
lih the pioi lulons of the act id ConerCM of
lunc S. IsTS, entitled "An act for llieialo of
tint Iter lands In the atalen of California, Oregon,
Novada. and W ablni;ion Territory," aa extend
ed In ail the public laud klnlt-a by act of Aui;
UhU, lsW,
.1(111 N VKAASiiX,
of lioeburit. eoiinlv of I'oiikUs, stale ol Ore
poti. has llil" Ihv bled In Hits olHce tils, aworn
Male lit No :iij, ior Un- Hir haM' of tbo 8',
'4', V j m-c Ip J. J-ouili, raitfre H wot
and will offer proof tosbow that the land nnrht
la more valuable for lis limber or tnaii
lor auriculturnl piirKM-.. and to establish hta
Clfll 111 before tliu UenUler aud Keceiver of Ihia
office ol liofobu rK, irenon.
on Friday, Ihe.'itli day of I idem be r, l'.rj. He
iiiiiiies as U ue-.te : .iHiuenM. Fiu loii, A 11
ilrew Johnson, lliuwS, Alldelsoll. of ItosvblirK,
Ore., nud John TI10111 of i leveliind, iire.
Any and al rx-nuiua ulutmiiiK adversely thu
alsive descrilied lands are reiineslei In lite ihelr
elnlmN iu this ollice on or in-fore hl Hi day of
In rem tier, Mi. . J. T. liUllHihsi.
hi'ip RcijUler.
It Will be Used on New Series for the
f irst Time Since 1869.
For th first time since lfW!) the Post
ollice Department, with the issuance of
the new series of stamps now in prepara
tion, will make use of the American
Hag in cne of its designs. This will be
a part of the two-cent stamp, which, by
the way, will lx-ar little resemblance to
this one now current. The familiar
jortrait of Washington will be succeed
ed by a photograph taken from Gilbert
Ktll-irl.'a fitllidlltj ,ltnt!,ir. litiat
. ...... - .. ....... ..... !........ . .... v.
Washington, go long , known to the
stamp iidng public, was drawn from
Houdoii's jirotiie cast. 'Let the public,
then, w-on take its last view of the
likeness of Washington, which is doubt
less more than any other impressed up
on the (opular mind.
Stamp experts think that this new
two-cent stamp, with its superb likeness
of Washington, its' dratl flags, its
wreath of laurel leaves in the lower
corners, and the general balance of text
and artistic effect," together with the
remark lhle excellence of the mechanic
al work, will make this the finest post
age stamp ever prodnced. Every effort
has from the start lieen made to have
this scries a type of American achieve.
inent in the engraving art.
Sheriff's Sale.
in tli 'in-uit court ol tne State of Orrfoa
i'ir iiiufia- couaiy.
Kirt ail..iil Bank ol Boaehurfl
nun 1
itia, I
vrcgun, a corporation.
1 H: cndanU-1
..IK is nc-rcijy Klc u that by vlrlnre ol aa
rxcculK-n aud onlt-r ! aate duly twued ont el
n-l I he ami ol tli aljorr rnriilnl Court,
In tltr iiriirfiililW nnw, la me llir-ied an1
latfl lie Uih -Urol November, II , upon
judKiucMI rt-n-lered an l nlere.l In aaiil roart
.n me I Ilia Jr of iwiofcer. Uul, In faor ol tn
above BHH-.1 .laintl8 ana afiMAl In above
Dainr.1 dcleii.laiil en4 aaia,l the bero-
luaiu-r neuiMtncI mul rb-arrtoed al
u hf .1 oropcrtT, lor Ue aum of IUTVki, vita
inicmi ucmu at iiie rale ol iu par cent per
annum irnzn toe iwn iat' 01 ur' oorr. ru. and
the I u rt her aum ! H attorney hn an.! the
lurihrr turn ol r.' roau aud dUbnnMnneau
ow tnerelure. I wtil oil
Saturday the 20th lay of December 1!HJ2
at one t-VIock p. in. of aaid dev. at lb roort
hotiM.- t "i. til door In koarlKir-E. ljuogiaa euniv.
On-xon aril at Diil.ile an- lion to the hlrbeiu
t bi.t.l.-r -'or ren In band. a!l ts ricat. It Or and
inu-mi wntrn ine ui.l Oc: iilania, nee'taerof
I In-in, ra-l on IbeMa da ol Mar. I. or at
anytime I lien alter. In nr to tne following
d ribr-d premise. l.-ril:
h 'f oLS,Tp. ?.s., K. aeal; 3S
feel i-a Dai vest jide -4 lot .1. in blork 1, ol Ibc ot Julia now tilendtle: H,t4l ',, SK'i
ol Jw;,.e!.l NE'..lstt'thrc..Tp .21 .. k..
-.; fK'i oi se -li. rp. iis.. a. 7 .
all 'tie nbt. UI e ad interot in and to tbc
! r.r: "oowiniir tlw ai. r Irorn tbrre ereeka
! "f enttbo. knnaa aa
iuolee .ui' h. Pnnirrrl I
, ,.., a m)i , ourtne t.iil. a. all ol whlrh bare
i "i'-ehe-emv lax alerio the plaeer tnimna i f
i i-rrler re.J pfBrrly, e-Hamarins at a plai
; i?.-kici- a., ttio t c ja. a ol me aa. eornve e
Aimo K.a,-don.iion ei.m s. .Tp!B
u '" !. runnin ll-nreE Ml (ret. taenee
! r-Hih txiUD-ltrr of Uataril aUer, IbaBce
oiitb-nerlT a-onc aaid Borth buoadarr U a
t. ?LVJ'.fh.
.Cl. UI' MTMI UniUniUf. 111 ftlUipailRm
in l.s t otf thr meat l.le ol land i irl l n 1
; nine a; a Point 19 a rl an-jib sn4 KS1 rl.t
' bes'"- f
i w oi r. rtirnrT Ol Atnja nowiiiftiufifl Ciaii
In see f. Tp T. R. i aeau tbaace B"rtorl
-n,,S ru bonni"rT ol ian1 no owned Uj
11km. hnuih. brine U4 at hneol land onU
, bv rt I to lrtt rreek eooaly roa4.
! Iheiice rail ! Ir-t. thence aoolh parallel mlh
abne wet line of Thoraton and iie to aorta
; bounSurol land oened by B Ji Veatrh. tneare
j a-t a on lite ol lww-i a -H laa-l lo
p:arc ol tvc.nmue, iu K--wbuir. Umnn, ail to
i e" cny. Crmon. tnx.-tber aiUt all and
f "'t'Ji! c.2 "?lu LJf
' .e appertain inc. and atll ai.pir the nrmeeee
I rn-1 hot to liir eoiof aurb aaie. and
; tr.M',ta. the na ol l-.aiiorr.rT, lea. and
'the rarmrnt .( tbe aum ol tlir- doe lLa
' Vth in,rTnt ""
1" Kr nt frt aniin Iron) I lie Uih dee ol
. (fc ,(,,,.. Ivtt.. , lT order ol aaid Luirt la aaid
ci.vii iranu.- dim w. rosamaixHne ae Ui
, "f!iwaT,wq real iopenr ia trie
; niaait pro. i.ks1 be law.
iU(t r,-lu- ihi. ls.h .la of Korlf
K. I.. r .RkotT.
if tusnt ol Itouslas I oonty. Or.
Notice for Publication.
rvlTKD KT&Ta
K..a.ia.i. ore,, Ja!j li, not.
nlirels hert,r e.Ten that ia eoaipliaM
! allh I he .niiitm ol the art or t'onfma of
i-'Jnr:, is.s. tniitiw A i art h r toe aae ol
TimljiT Ijinda in the suu-a ol California, oro
i -. crada and Waxhinrtoo Territorr " aaez-
k-ihK-iI to a.'i the I'ubi'c Lad suiaa by act of
', auruti a. iff.-.
. f Vr-tlel'm k.ronntT Ifcif!a, ;ate l
: Oft n. hai Una day n)rd in ihia oBire hi
mora ttif..-nt No am. lor the anrrhaw ol
:i,liwa'b!ii Nii.! lonih. ranro Xo. 4 -et
i an lj -.llcl rr pnwl toahuar that laelaadamf at
! 1 n re valuatie lor Iu timber or alone laaa
i lor ai-riruliural purpmea. aa4 to eataMiah his
! rlatii. the hrnter ai.d tteeeieer of Ukm
! n Monday, the Mb clay of IV-einher, W4 He
! toiii-.m arnneswc lli-arn. J A Willi,
i An.ln--s ami W V Willia all of Mynie
An. and all perannt claiming adveraelT the
a'lOvf drscol lan.ia are reuuied io fi.e laeir
; ci-'mi In ' on or betore aajd J-th day
I nl latwinfulr IVJlt I P Bartu-aa
- -
J.T. BaiDots.
Notice for Publication.
Vnlted State Land Ofltce.
l;.ei.nrir, tirrifon, Oct 17,181:.
Notice u kereby given that la compliance
with the proviMon id tbe act of Cona-reae ef
June J, i:s. entitled "An act for tae aaie ef
tinibfrlandi la the Mate ol California, re(a
KevaSa and ashlnjion lerriiorr," unttod
ed to ail the public laud ( tatea by' act of Auruat
4. bsni. '
ol sn luyi.le. county idcjackamaa. Hate of Ore.
ba litis day Clc-I in thia oftire but owora utate
menl No. :C! lor the ptin-baae ol lou i, k. ).
and I ! See :, Tp Zjaouih. ranfr 1 weal, and
Ibc NF, SK', ist-e .l,Tp2'aouih. noire J west
and ill o.Ter l.r.s.l to ihow that lha land
soiikIiI ia more valuable ior its timber or atone
tiiau lor acrlcnltiiml lumsnc-, and toctabluh
hi c airn ioaid laud before I. DliiiatK-k. V
S t'oMniiwiouer. at Oakland, trcj;oi, on Mon
day, ' be Mh dav ol Januarv. )'iu. He name aa
wltu'-ssea: Jnw-pli Price, Ni Riirfcanan. f l-ort-lioi.l,
Ore . B F snleldn. ol If.iarlin, Ore., P i
Kiny.iO.ol R.weborr. r-iroii.
An; and ail peraonn elaitaiiijr a Iveraely the
above descrilieil amla are reineiled to file
Uieir datum in thil ofliceon or before raid &ib
day of Jan l.i. J. T. BRIIXirS,
Hip Rrglaler.
Notice for Publication.
I'niteil Slati-t land Ollice.
. Roebiirsr, un-nm. Hot. , lii.
Notice II hereby given that In enmpllanee
with the provision ol the an ol Cougrr ol
June .1. ;.-., entitled "An a t for the aaie of
tln.ler lauda in the Stale ol ( alllorula. Oregon
Nevi.ia .and tia.hincton Territory," aaezleud
eJU all the public laud it a tea by act of Auguat
W M. It. t lSZKR.
of WVoilbnni, county of Marion. Male ol Oregon
has t us day libsl In Ihia oflice hK aworn a ale
menl No ;..2, for Ibc pundiase of the KK' ol
Si-c Tpil H , laiwe 7 next, and will offer
.ru: In show Dial I lie land Mioeht ia more
ior in timber or alone tletn for agri ul
Inral purHea, and 10 i--.lal.lish his claim 10
sat-l laud is lure W H Brill, U 8 I oiniiiis-loner.
nt Ui Idle, Ort-von. on Monday, lite yttb day ol
l-ee nls r, eiui. He nainea Itnoaea: k W
Finn r. 4 J Hail, ( has Uibl... A f llranigar, all
of W xslburn, Oreson.
An 'and all penona claiming adversely the
abov.' des-rlind latnln are rciiileil to lile their
i-lniiici in thin oil ice on or befn-e uid t!9tb day
ol lrcniDcr, 1.0-'. J. T. BBIiXiK-i,
nWp Reglfter.
Notice for Publication.
Vnlled Stale ljin.1 (iffli-e,
Uowbiiru, On-K.'ii. Aug 11, l'.W.
NVIce it hereby given that In compliance
with Hie pnivtid in of the act of ngrea ol
Jutif .1, )h.s, entitled "An a-1 lor the aaie ef
timber lauds in the Statu. of ( altlort la. Oregon
Nevtda.and WashniKion Territory," aaextend
eiHc all the public laud atatea by act ol Auguat
t.F.olir.K J. 1N1WKRH,
of'ii! U111.I011 Road, Uuliitb, eoiiutr of St Lonlj
HtnU of Mlniie-ola, has litis day li ted 111 tills
oltiit bisaworu .taleinent No for the bur-ehnM-of
IhesK' NK1;, N'a Sh'4, NK'BW'iol
etl m So -U, townnlup .11 aoulJi, ranee 6 went
and will offer proof to show tbat the land (ought
la m ire valuable for Ita timber or aione than
for agricultural purpoaea, and to emabllth hla
clntia bekire the Keglster and Keceiver ot tnt
olli-: ol Koseburg, Oregon.
oil T iiirsday the sth day ol January, 1!. He
tmui'-n an nilucsses: Thoma Ijiw-oii, Kiddie,
le., (i tillt-rio., Thoinaa K l awson, tilen-
lak, Or-., W A Abln-tl, lUilutb. MiliiieMtla.
Any and all peraoua claiming adveraely the
alioto deM-ribetl landii are rciiui-aled In fi Io Ihelr
t lainta iu ihia oltlce ou or before aaid Mh day
of Jan., IW.I.
o2?ji Keglster.
l . Uiwina de-4 'ixl pia-r miniuc property,
to-wit: ,of NKolttW4. W'.ofSW'iolSE
I'jof Sfc!iobA ';adiW'iol S'ol SE
! '.. s,o Tu. 3. k. wtst; aian Ihire water
'Cannon Has 120 Members Pledged to
Vote for Him for Speaker.
Chicago, Nov. 21. Action by the
Republican Congressional delegations of
Ohio aud Michigan yesterday is Mieved
to clinch the election of Congressman
Cannon as the next Speaker of the lower
House of Congress, as the successor of
David B. Mender-ion, of Iowa. The
nominee will require 104 votes to con
trol the caucus. According to Congress
man Mann, chairman of his campaign
comaiittee. Mr. Cannon now has a
total of 120 members pledged to him in
utate caucuses and by er8onai letters.
A Runaway Bicycle.
Terminated with an ugly cut on the
leg of J. B. Orncr, Franklin Grove, III.
It developed a stubborn ulcer unyield
ing to doctors and remedies for four
years. Then Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cured. It's just as good for Rums,
Scalds, Skin Eruptions ami Piles. 2.",
at A. C. Marsters & Co. Drug Store.
Mr. Turkey, beware .of the friend yon
make for the next six week, as some cf
your friends have purchased carving setx
of .S. K. Sykea.
Pfofeasional Cards.
Coart Hotue
Physician, Surgeon.
Office over P. O. Roskbc an,
'Phone Main 591. Uaaoon.
Physcian & Surgeon.
OBej Kertew Bid.
f bona, Maaa XI
Rosaacao Ostoox
Ipeeiai atteaOoa tieea to Diseases ol the He
ajkd TbroaL
OSkja-Mata BC.ooe door aotjth of I tf la
Pbotie. Main Ml.
p W HiYSE-S.
Keetew Boildlac
TeiapheM So. i.
Attorney at Law,
fteeau 11. Htnun Bldf , Z06JUCK9, OB
1 u . iuujcmc
: m ; m .
0. . Land OCce
BoasBCM, Oueon.
taatBCM before P. 8. Lead OOteaaJ Ficbat
botiaeae a aveciatty.
OaVe Abrabaa. Boildiog.
WT1 aeacUee la an Ike State and Federal Oxut
Office In Maita' BUr, btaeborc. Oreeon.
Attorner and Coonseilor at Law.
Mining Lav and Water Right niaJe
a rpecialt.
aoau 1 and 2
wrlew BsJldlcg.
JA. BUCHANAN, Xotary Fnblk.
Collections a Specialty.
Boob 1
Btaatera Baildlac
Attorney at Law.
loom U.
Taylor Wiiaoa Block. RoetBcaa, Ota
a. m. aaaT, c a. Siautaaea
rraetiee In all ol the eonrts of tbe la e, alio
before the L'. 8. Laad dcparUnent.
Tailor Wilaoa Block,
N'otary Pnbtie la office
Fbooe Main ija E06EBCKO, ORE
To Ranchers. Farmers, Horsemen,
If you have a horse with Ringbone
As you can promptly do by using
Schnyder's Ringbone Cure.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Or Money Refunded.
Cost Cure $5.00 per horse
Address all communications to the sole manufactureres
Taylor's Specific Co.
Olalla, Douglas Co., Ore.
at the 1
You can liave the flavors to suit.
. Sumethinff New "tCli.wlate,IIol TuuK llt lv Extract,
Uo CVlary.llot.eiainlUiHinn.ii.Vt CIA-ken rallioi,-
Oive it a trial. You'll like it. They all do.
hs Price la riril l-af-.
Tht5a.ne5c. YV UUU CX DULL. FrOOS
Smith' Dandruff Pomade
Htops itching sealp upon one applica
tion, three to six removes all dandruff
and will stop falling hair. Price 50c.
For Kale by Marsters lrug Co. mltf
Soeiety f.leetings.
AF. 4 A.
and f i
11. Laurel Lodge Xo. 13.
reiriiar meetings on second
urth WedoewiiTi ol ecb
month. K. J. tyraot'u, W. M.
N.T.Jkwk Secretary.
U. W. Roseburg LoJge Xo. 16.
Meet the second and fourth Moo-
days of each month at 7:30 p. m ,
in the I. O. O. F. Hal!. Members in
rood standing are invited to attend.
If. 1 McCi.ALr.Eii, 41. W.
E. II. Lenox Recorder.
D. Ji West, Financier.
P. O. ELKS. Roseborg LxleXo.
32iJ. Holds regular corn men (na
tions at I. O. O. F. Halt on second
sod fourth Thursdays of each month.
All members requested to attend regu
larly and all visiting brothers are cordi
ally invited to attend.
W. if. JAMIE305, K. K.
V. C. Los ix) .x, f-'ecretary.
N. li., meets at Armory Hall every
Thnralaw AvbnlnJ at ft flftVTwk.
F. li. If ahum, Capt.
EG REE OF HONOR. Mystic Lode
No. 13. MseU L'od a n-l 4th Thurs
day 7enibs of each month in Na
tive Sons' Hall. Visiting members cor
dially it tied to attend.
Mas. Mkkit Wekv, C. of U.
. II. Lbxsox, Ree.
OF A. Court Donalas No. 32, For-
eters of America. MeeU every
Toesday eveoios; in Native Son'
BalL Visiting brothers al wayt welcome.
T. II. C txxox, C. R.
E. II. Lexox K.S.
E. V. II-xrxK, Physician.
O. O. F. PLiIetsrisji JyvJe No. 8.
M6ts in Odd Ffcllo-es Tr-mp'.e; cor
ner Jackson and Cas slee'a, on
Saturday evening; ot each we-k Mem
bers ol the order in cry! t-anling are
invited to attend.
If. B. Gillette. X. O.
U.T. Jewett. hcTt-Ury. -
Kof P. Alphs LoAg No. 47. Mee-tS
every WedBesday, ia I. O. O. F.
Had 7 m. McmUri ia
50od s anding ar in vitt.1 to at Vend.
li. YV. KlMBALt., C. C.
C. E. RoBiars, K - R. S.
f O.T. 51. Protection
R Holds its rzniar 1
lirst and ti.ird IVi.:
Tent No. 15.
Reviews the
lav .f each
month in t!.e I. O. 1. hail. Visiting
memlj-r in ?an-i;i)- are inviteil t)
attend. F. F. Pattke.-.:', Com.
E. E. RLf'W.ETT. Rororl Ktvp-r.
LILAC CIRCLE No. 4?, Women of
Woode.nft. Mets oo first sad third
Thursdairs of each month at the Na
tive Sons, I1JL Visitin member ia
rood standing are invited o a.' tend.
Iavtma Fr.-iLhkr.iiE ,Gtard:a Nei2hhor.
I Mjxsie Ortr, Secy.
ADIt.Ji of the li. A. k., JkUrabatn Lin-
ix)' a Circle o. 2. rr.eU at Uy
icn'i Lfall fct 2 o'clock on t:- aee-
oni aed foerb Fridays of each con'b.
LO. T. M. Rceor ilixe No. IL.
Hol-is ita rrxniar retva cpn tha
m second aud Imrt.'i FriJa? ere.
of aach mon'it in tbe N:ive !od' Ha!!.
Sisters of other Hives vlitir.g ia iba city
are cordially inTitod to atteod 00 r re
news. Jmme Haft, L. Cox.
Macci E. McCLMxix, U. K.
OF A. Myrtle Camp No. 6530.
ilistta firctacd ttird Wedaeadayc
each nioaUi at Nat:o Soe' Hall.
Uio. Bt-ao.t, Clerk.
OE. S. Reseor? Ctpter No. 8
Ilol.ia their rej-3!ir a:fiicg on tha
Srt and IliirJ Thar!ya ia each
ninth ViaiMar trtcir..Vr in good
itandint rm tajrcrfaJlr inv:td to al-r.-l.
Mss. Ciiui i'gjtas. W M..
Maa. Libbii Conow, Ses-retarj-.
V.BEKAHS. Roscbara- EUkah
Loda No. 41. I. O. O. F-, neia in
O-JJ Fetlcwa'TsaifJd eTenrTaevda
erenins. isiLn; titers snd brethren
united to attend.
Ieu r:aom-t, X. G.
Coka WixscatT. R. s.
ITED AF.TlAXS.-l-m:1ua Aa-
seniblT No.- 105 nK-ets every arnr
dav evenir--. at A i-.V1.-a-k in V.;
i Sons llall. Yisiuuj Artisanji ct-nliallr
invitisl lo attend.
Mrs. M. Joxe. M. A.
Mrs. F. R. Haxli.n. Sei-rtUrr.
Camp No. 125. Meela at the Odd
Fellows' Hall, in Roaeborc, erery
first and third Monday evening. Yiait
ing neighbor aiwayt welcome,
Ji. E. AWT ESS, C. C.
J. A. BccBASAie, Clerk.
Odd Fellow's Temj.le. Meets first
and tlurl Thurs.idy ewnins each
nioiith. VLsiU-rs cor I Lilly invited.
J. B. IIasultox, C. P.
J. C TwrrtHKH, Scribe.
, - - - a