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    We Want to Save You Honey g
A So while you are looking around the town doing your shopping you A
O don't want to overlook the PEOPLES' STORE as we have the largest and S
& - wost complete line of fall goods that has ever been shown in the town.
LcidlCS, e havcall'the latest we'aves and colorings in tailor suitings,
Long Coats, length, Jackets and Capes. Our stock can't be
beat for style, qualit- and prices. Our walking skirts are the
most complete line inltown ranging in prices from $1.50 and
upwards. Taylor suits from $7.50 and ilpwards.
Gentlemen, Those of you wishing a new suit of clothes don't want to
overlook us as our line is the David Adler & Sons goods,
and in wear and fit we guarantee satisfaction.
Our Shoes, the noted W. L. Douglas shoes speak for themselves.
Neck Wear, always the latest and most up-to-date line iu town.
The People's Store
Ono Door South of P. O.
Book and Stationery Store
Leather Goods
Just received to
which we would
respectfully call
your attention.
It embraces everything
that is uew and stvlish in
Wrist Bags
Purses, Etc.
in either Plain, Silver
Mounted or Mexican
hand-Carved work.
The are better
than the ordin
ary kind, and
are especially
suitable for nice .
Call and see them. It's a
pleasure to show goods. y
Assaying W. K. Wright, t! rants! For Sale. family milk cow
l'siss, Oregon, gold ami f-ilwr fl, cohmt j frefh. D..S M, Ilosclyirg Oreg.
fl, tin ana electrolytic assays. ; old iron is valuable. Save it, we will
You are always welcome at Hints ! bny it Sykes & Carroll.
shoe store whether you buy or not. , . Miss strader. of San Francisco.
Mike tliis your head tj.turtv.-rs while j js visit;ng iier mother Mr. Strader, of
downtown. tins city.
tarmin? linplontv-nts ol all Kin.1?, , Miss ITorothv Diiton. left for talt Lake
Thnrsdav. to spend this
.:v;: ; A VS
Of Local Interest.
See the Title Guarantee & Ian Co.
forblue prints and filing papers, tf.
Attorney Louis Barzee, is a regularly
licensed auctioneer. See Jim at hi
office. (X15.)
Mrs. J. D. Osborne and little -n have
returned from a visit with relatives
atCorvallis. '
John Alexander, the Olide merchant
and post-niafcter,' was in this city on bis
usual business trip Tuesday.
Misa Mattie Feebler, of Portland, who
lias been visiting relatives in this city,
kit Tuesday on her return home.
Mrs. T. G. Devens and little son, of
Camas Valley, are in this city. The Lt
tle boy is receiving medical treatment.
For harness, or anything in the har
ness line call on F. Long & Sons near
he depot. Repairing a specialty
No hot snr talk on heating stoves at
Churchill & Woolley's. They are too
busy-selling Bridge & Beach, the rery
Fresh oysters all styles. Fan, fancy
and pepper roaets a specialty. Served
by an expert cook, at Railroad Eating
House, Mesdames Lohr . S: Gegax, proprietors.
Pyiacuse Steel, and Chilled Flows and
Spring Tooth Harrow. See them before
ou buy. S. K. Sykes, Hardware.
"Well, Well, Weil !"' they are here at
lastTthose red felt Colonials are swell
and don't cost mnch either, you can see
them in our window this week, Flints
Shoe Store.
D. S. T. West, haviniaoeepted severa
old and reliable file iiiurane3 coinpR
nies, is now prepared to do a gencrcl
fire insurance business. Insure, with
him. OtEce at the City Hall. tf.
Mrs. 1 Wo'lenberg has returned from
Anderson, Cal., where.she was called by
the sudden illness of her brother-in-law,
Carl Munter, who it is reported is much
improved and now past a'.l danger.
If you want to go to Cos County
points, take the Roeburg," Marshtield
route. Spring hacks leave Roseburg
e-.ery day at 6, A. M. Inquire of C. P.
Barnard, agent. tf.
As jtreviously announced, the ladies
of t e M. E. Church will have a sale of
n. :":.! a:d fancy articles eariy in Iecetu
Le Anyone wishing" pnrchase Xmas
gilts, will do -well to patronize this b
bazaar. Julje A. F. Stearin was over from
Oakland Tiies-lay traiisHi'tin liiin.-s.
He reports a prfsp;riiis fail season in
hi- home town and vicinity and seemed
leased with the way improvements are
progressing in jl'isi'Iitirz.
Fkee The tine "Pi.uviK.Lt-r. Map."
Oregon on on side, the ni;:p -f the
world on the other, with the FKJ census
and other valuaMe information, free to
everv new cash su'-rilxr to the Pi.aiv
D3ALEC. Map alone -VI c
The B xith-Kelly C n:iiiiiy i-.".' n'
?ainaw shipjel a lions to Kansas :!..
other day.- It was in the "k:iO-'..-,..eVTi"
a complete bill o.' er i'ro;n .-H- :i;.
A man don't need to live near a r .u:ii.l
nowalays in order to -et l.-indcr
Hon. G. W. Kiddie came downfr.ei:
Azalea Tuesday in rning, rctur:ii::g on
ths evening train. He recently m
pleteJ pfiitie' dn ing for t!ie sta-.u nt
Riddle. The fruit was very fine :h s
vear, a large o-iion Irr.n-' of the :0 to
40 grade. Mr.'Ri'-h'l will soon retime
work at his sawndll.
Charles Davis, of Ea'?ne, i r'rived 'in
this rity Tuesday an f is m,w .it w. rk -n
the mill of J. FWk Co., tf this city.
There are now twelve unit employed in
this mill and it i-s being pushed to its
greatest capacity to. till the orders for
gash and doors and is doing a lively
o e o o o o c oo ;
Easily D
When you give a cow: straw 0
for food you cannot expect g
much in the way of milk, but
ter, or flesh. But give her good
rich food then she shows value
for every bit of food, and with
us, for every dollar you spend,
we give satisfaction.
We are satisfied with a small
margin or profit. Try us and
bo convinced by consulting
our price tickets.
City, Ctali,
" License to wed were issued to L. II
Scott and Laura B. ChamWrlain. of
Sofeth Douglas, Nov. 5, 1002.
Churchill Jfc Woollev Imve a fine dis
i play of Automatic wringers, the latest
and best in the wringer line.x
Get your abstracts of title from J. D.
Hamilton, lie has the onlv complete
set of abstract books in the county, tf
For Sale A nice little home north of
Rosebnig. For particulars enquire or
address U. (i. Borxn, Roseburg, Or.
We hear on good authority that L. L.
Ia-wis, formerly of this city but now of
Eugene will soon be a benedict, the hap
py lady being ona of Eugene's fairest.
Miss Maynie Looucy, of Sedalia, Mo.,
who has been visiting the family of Wm.
Perry, of this city,' for the pssi four
months, left this city for Portland
Monday night, on her return home.
Lost Between this city and Eden
lxmer, on county road, a steel bead
chatelaine hag, the property of Mrs. S.
C. Fliut. Finder please return Co
Hint's shoe store and receive reward.
The huliday piods are already on dis
play in sotne'uf our big stores. Iron
wagons, trains, toys, dolls and car loads
of other stTifT to gladden the hearts of
thechiidreu are being placed on ' the
E. A. Rhode, a fatlter-tn-Iaw of W. I..
Dysiuger, writes him from Kana that
he has sold his proerty there and will
leave for Roseburg to reside as soon as
he can straighten out his business.
Ti e first heavy rain of Jhe reason fell
her.- Sunday afternoon and last nigh',
U.e ground is now sufficiently wet
f-.r t'.e Ijrmers to work their land well,
!ii-h they have not heretofore I'ren
able to do.
:eoite Hughes, one of the jrosn-rou8
i'ir:ne.s oi near Canyonville, iiid this
-.lice a ple.i-ant call while transacting
i '.siuess i.i Kosehurg this week. He
h )lda a rnx-ipt for the Plaixdealrb to
I Jan. 1. 14.
The snlj-t of the morning sermon at
the Christian Church will be "Jesus
umde Chri.-t." In the evening the
topic wiil Ik! ' .Yhose son is Christ"?
Biiile Mdiool from to 11 a. in. " Toting
PeopL-'s meeting ' U 7 :30 p. m. All
are i.;vitel to thes! services.
Si;ii ;:;ds crosscut v.iws are the best.
W e h.ind'e all styles H two, three and
f'.ur t, in all length. Guaranteed
agaiu.-t any lef.ets, and if not satisfac
tory you can return them. Simmonds
are the best by every test. .Mail orders
promptly filed. S. K. Sykes, Roseburg
Articles of i:icorratioti were filed in
the -o'uity clerks office Wcdneslwy by
the Oakland Drug Company with a
Capital stock of? 1000 divided into 40
shares. The obj-t of the incorporation
is to carry on a general retail drug and
stationary business, at Oakland, Ore.
Tin: incorporators are . L. Pimmick,
C. Ross King and Phil IU-ckley.
John Newland is visiting friends in
Oakland this week.
Mrs- S. K. Willets, of Ashland, is in
this city visiting friends.
John Cornelison ono of .Myrtle Creek's
substantial citizens was a Rowjburg visi
tor Wednesday.
Two lots for sule, centrally located,
price fSOO cash. Address P. O. lox 2t5.
v dip.
Hon. Edward X. Deedy, special gov
ernment land inspector, i in our city
looking after ollicial business.
M. K. Williams, of Looking Glass,
was ia this city Wednesday making ar
rangments to ship his prunes.
Jas. Newland of the firm of Kruse i
Newland, are making nrrangnments to
simply turkey during the holidays.
The W. C. T, F. will meet at Mrs. A.
C. Marstera' instead of Mrs. Faulkners's
as given in program. The subject
"Home Harmony." All are cordially
J. R. Clayton, of lmpiua Ferry,
made the Plaindeai.f.r a pleasant call
today while transacting business at the
county seat. He reports times prosper
ous down the river.
A grand Christmas ball will lie given
by Roseburg Division, No. l.l'.B. It. E.f
Dec. 21th, at the Roseburg Ojra House
The lx'st of music ami a good time is
asnrcd to all.
1 he Plaindeai.kb building which oc
cupied the lot on which our new brick
is K'ing built, was sold to Fin as Dillard
and Jack Gardner, w ho are moving it
on a lot in the Chadwick addition where
it will be improved and cpnverteJ into
a small, comfortable residence.
Jaeob Ritt hey and son Isaac, of Drain
are in this citv touav. Jlr. Kitcur is
one of the oldest pioneers of this county
and always keeps posted as to the county
seal ousiness by reading the Pi.aix This office received a pleasant
call from these gentlemen.
Hon. Frank Grygla, of Seattle, has
ariived in Roseburg to take the position
of special agent of the general land
office, made vacant by the transfer, of
Hon. E. D. Stratford to Mr.
Grygla is a very genial, intelligent and
interestine gentleman and we welcome
him to our-city.
Last night -for fhe first time meals
wete served in th? new restanrant in
the rear of the Senate saloon, under the
personal suervisioii of "Jumbo'
Reizenstein with "Ed" as chef. The
restaurant is bv far the neatest in the
city, occupying the tw rooms in the
rear of the building, being light, neat
and comfortable, and of course every
one knows how well "Ed". can cook and
srve. "Nuf Ced."
The "contract for the Plaisdkale
new brick 20x40 feet to be nsto! ex
clusivcly as a press and machinery room
wag awarded to F. F. Patterson last Sat
nrday and with a force of men he ex
lK-ts to push the building to comple
tion in ten or twelve flays, when on
tine new Cottrvl press will Ihj installed
therein. The new building will Iiave
press! brick front, large windows and
12 inch walls. It will be modernI fin
ished inside and out and will lie an ideal
rress room.
Drain Normal Notts.
At the home
in Rhsebnrg.
of the bride's rents
Nov. 1', l'.'OS.-W. J. Co. keriII and Miss
Ia!:i M. Wilson, Rev. L. C. Zimmer
"ii;an. of Cauyonville, officiating.
The bride is the eldest daughter of Mr.
andJMrs. II. J. Wilson and a very
estimable young lady. Mr. Cockerill is
;i well-t't-lo farmer of Canyouville.
Mr. CV-keiill returned to Canyonville.
Tuesday to direct the building of his
tie residence, npon the completion of
which he will le joined by his bride,
who in the meantime will reside with
her parents at Roseburg. The Plaix
dealer joins with their many triends in
extending congratulations and best
FRAMEI- HOWE. At the office' of
the County Jnde, at the court house
Thursday, Nov. 4, 1932. . W.
Framel and Stella Howe, were united
in marriage, his honor Judge M. D.
Thompson officiating.
New lot of Men's Shoes.
New lot of fine Ladies' Shoes.
New Novelties.
The Under Priced Store
J. A. F.g'ers, of Dillard, was in this
citv Wednesday from F. P.. Waite's
pl:ce where he has lecn doing carpen
tcrvvork fr Mr. Wuile. He readily
iotes the ai-tivity in building i n tin , city
and frcin som ? of the flattering offers
for labor he may consent to do consid
rahle hitililing in the Kinney addition
lie is at pre.cnt figuring on building
cvcral cottnes in Roseburg for Mr
A message from Sodaville, I-ane conn
ty, says that the farm residence of Hen
ry Volstedt, who resides on the Hill
place was destroyed by firo on Thurs'
lay evening and Ins eight-year-old son
was burned to death. The origin of the
lire is a mystery, hut w hen discovered
the entire building was in flames. The
child had lieen an invalid since infancy
ind the parents, who were some dis
lance from the building, were unable to
reach the unfortunate lwy in time to
save his life.
J. U. Riddle and Oeo. I. Quiue are in
town today on business before the coun
ty court. It is proposed to make the
road running through Mr. Quine's place
opKjsite Riddle, a county road and Mr.
Quine agrees to deed the land to the
county and fence it for f 100, half of
which has been subscribed by the
public, 1 he court will no doubt accept
the proposition. Mr. Riddle is also
urging the building of a bridge across
the Sout h I'mrspia between Riddle and
Myrtle Creek, a roadway having already
been secured. Both of these improve
ment - are badle needed, will benefit a
great many large taxpayers and the
public geuwully, and will no doubt re
ceive the f,u'orable consideration of the
Myrtle Moore, Senior Clan.
Leo Hicketbieb, Junior Class.
Madoe Bishop, Sub-Freshman Claw.
J. F. Bonk brake, Freshman Cian
The members of the Cottage Grove
football Um and their friends were en
tertained on Friday evening, Oct. 24, by
the Normal School. The dining hall
was decorated with the color of both
teams. Refreshments were rved at
ten o'clock. Conversation, games and
speeches by prominent memberi of both
teams made the evening pleasa'nt to all.
The Literature class thoroughly en
joys the study of classics. They Lave
jnst finished the reading of Shakespear'a
"Hamlet" and began the study of Mil
ton's works this week. After reading
the prologue to the Canterbury tales,
one of the class exclaimed, "I didn't
think I should like Chancer at all, but
now I feel just as though I know him".
Amoug our late visitors were rupt.
Hamlin, Prof. Briggs, of Cottage Gieve,
Mrs. 1.. A. Johnson and Mrs. J. II. Or
Gle.n imberly and Beiij. Hunting
ton presented the Literary society with
a number of tyi written copies of Uu
constitution. The society wishes to ex
tend its thanks to these members.
The literary portion of chapel eier
cises has been in hands of the freshman
class for the past two weeks. Miss 10-
let Brown's paper on "The Famous Msn
of Douglas County" well deserved the
hearty applause which it received from
the student body. . Mies Bishop per
on "The Advantages of Country Life"
was an effective answer to Miss Colrin's
paper setting forth the pleasures of
town life.
Teachei s who attended the local in
stitute held in Drain on Friday and
Saturday of last week were as follows
Prof. Briggs, of Cottage Grove; Prof.
Sanders and Prof. Stewart of Roseliurg;
Miss Parks of Yoncalla; Miss Cynthia
Applegate of Comstock ; and Miss Put
nam. A large number of the Normal
students were present, as well a the
members of the faculty of the school
The Bible study class of the V. W. C
A. has selected Murray s "Mudtes in
the Life of Jesus" ss a text book ft the
year. s
The facnlty of the Normal school gave
a reception to the students of the Nor
mal Uepartmeat on Saturday evening
Nov. 1st. The boarding hall was decor
ated with autumn leaves aad ferns. The
faculty artej as a reception committee
Roses, chrysanthemum and other
flowers, the eift of Mrs. B. D. BosweH
were used effectively in the dining room.
Kefresuments were seixed from eight to
ten by the ladies of the faculty. The
affair paswd off very pleasantly to all
The evening of Oct. 21st provod of
benefit to all who attended Supt. Ack
erman's lecture on "The Functin of
the Normal School." His clear argu
ment and appropriate illustrations
brought out the necessity of Normal
schools as the audience had never seen
it brfore."
County Court Notts.
County court met fin regular session
Wednesday, Nov. 3, l;02,"the full court
being present. The following business
was transacted. -
The resignation i Fraxier Ward, as
instice of the peace of Coles Valley pre
cinct, and F. I. Newland as road snjr
visor of Road District No. 14, and .1. W.
Swift as constable of Olalla precinct,,
received, read aud accepted.
Wednesday afternoon and today the
court was kept busy auditing and allow
ing bills.
We are now showing a full line of the Celebrated
, Kuppenhjmer Guaranteed Clothing
I Suits, $12.50 to. $25 Overcoats, "$10 to $18
In Furnishings We Mention
y Neckwear iu the new Coronation Silks.
English welt edge Collars and Cuffs,
Fine worsted Union Suits and Underwear for men.
s Dr. Reed's Cushion Sole Shoes for men.
McDonald's "Red Seal" Union made Overalls, Jumpers, Cordu
roy Pants, Sateen and working shirts.
Some new swell chalk line stripes in heavy suitings.
Just the thing for Eainy day skirts and Tailor suits
Ail Dress goods purchased here only, shrunk free of charge. Owing to the
rush of business we will not shrink goods purchased eLsewhere.
When you see it in our ad its so.
Everything guaranteed as represented
Oregon Land & Livestock Company
File Articles of Incorporation.
lion R. A. Booth, of the Booth-Kelly
Market Day.
The ladies of the Christian church
will hold arotlier sale of home cooking
on Saturday" Not. 8, 1'Jtfi, at the era-
Lumber Co., is spending, the day in L." breju, . . . ' . "
- " 1 f u., a'M.BSc t-Cl
beans, and other edables. Fatrena-e
WRIOHT. In Orants I'ass, Oregon,
Nov. 1, VJ02, to Mr. and Mrs. Kay
Wright, a 10 pound boy.
Dosen't Respect Old Age.
It's shameful when youth fails to
show projier resject for old age, but just
the contrary in the case of Dr.- king s
New Life Fills. Tbey cut off maladies
no matter how severe and Irrespective
of old age. Dysjiepsia, Jaundice, Fever,
Constipation all yield to thhi perfect
Fill. l'5c, at A. C. Marsters & Co. Drug
Fine Turkeys far Sale.
A few choice Bronze turkey gobblers
for sale prize winners at the late dis
trict fair held at Kosehurg. Inquire of
Mrs J. II. Short, Kosehurg. Dip
The Best Remedy lor Cron.J.
This is the season when the woman
who knows tlie best remedies for rroop
is in demand in every neighborhood.
One of the most terrible things in the
world is to be awakened in the middle tf
the night by a whoop from one of the
children. The croup remedies are
almost sure to be lost, in case of .croup,
as a revolver is sure to be lost in rase of
burglars. There used to be an old-fashioned
remedy for troop, known a.i hive
syrnp and tola, bnt some modern moth
ers say that Chamberlain's Cough Item,
edy is better, and does not cost so much.
It causes the patient to "throw 1 p the
phlegm" quicker, and gives relief in a
shorter time. Ciive this remedy ss soon
as the cronpy cough appears and it will
prevent the attack. It never f at s and
is pleasant and safe to take. For tale by
. C. Marsters.
Printing Press for 5le.
Thelloe Stop Cylinder press npon
w hich the Plaisdsaueb is printed is for
sale. It is suitable for a country office
with a circulation up to 1,500 or 2,000
but it is not Urge enough for oar use.
It will print two pages of an eijtl t col
umn folio. No reasonable offer will
be refused. Now is the time to, get a
genuine bargain. Address thisotHce.
For Sale.
Horses, harness and wfigon. Farm
for rent in (iarden Valley. IV O. ad
dress, Wilbur, Or.
tf . CD. Bi.v
For Rest. ISO acres level land near
town, w ithholdings etc., for one year.
Immediate possession.
D. S. K. Bcicx
(oliOtf) Roseburg, Ore.
i ANTED 30 Laborers, wages t2.r0
per day for first-class men. -'
Dr. C. K. Ray,
Tolo, Ore.
The Sunday barber law is being v
lated in this city, and I will take steps
to have the law enforced should it occur
hereafter. F. II. Wooniirrr.
The President Coming.
Rev. John II. Coleman, D. D., the
new president of Whillaniette Univer-
sity, will occupy, tho pulpit of the
Methodist Episcopal Church next Sun
day. Dr. Coleman is a man of fine at
tainments, mid merits n hearing by the
people, of. Kosehurg, Everyone cordially
Roseburg looking over the fine new
Douglas county bank building, which is
nearing completion and attending to
business matters in relation to his in
terests here. Senator Booth is one of
the principals in another big company
which filed articles of incorporation
with the Lane connty clerk Wednesday.
The new corporation is known as the
Oregon I .and A livestock Co. The
names of R. A. Booth, John F. Kelly
and (!eo. IJ. Kelly are given as incor
porator. The principal office and place
of business is Engene and the capital
stock is 11,000,000, divided into chares
of 1 100 each. The objects of the corpor
ation as given in the articles are in sub
stance as follows : To raise, keep, prat
dace and market livestock, consisting of
cattle, sheep, goats, bogs, horses, etc;
to construct and maintain buildings,
roads and ther necrs-ary improve
ments; to reclaim and irrigate arid
lands; t aojuire water rights, build
ditches, flumes, reservoirs, etc, on lands
of the Military Wagon Road grant end
other lands that the corporation may
lease or purchase.
Senator Booth says the company' was
formed for the pur pot of handling all
that trt of the Military gnmt east of
the east line of the forest reserve to be
explicit, from the De Chutes to the
Idaho line. When the grant was ac
quired recently this syndicate secured
tliat portion ot it through R A B.otb,
trustee, while the Booth-Kelly Cose
cured the western end, on which niot-t
of the timber is located.
Besides Messrs Booth, J F and Ceo
II Kelly, the following geutleinen are
stockholders in the new company: F II
Buck, A J Tlechtman, J A Chanslor and
Herbert Fleishacher, all of San Fran
cisco: r rank Miller, president of the
National bank of D O Mills A Co, of
Sacramento; Adolph Heiborn, director
of the California State Bank of Sacra
mento; II A llcibron a wholesale hard
ware merchant of Sacramento and J
H Booth of Roseburg.
Having the immense acreage of the
Military grant, besides other lands to
be purchased, at -its command, the
company will probably be the heaviest
operator of its k Hid on the coast. The
country through which the' grant runs
is the finest in the world for grazing,
and other lands which will be secured,
when irrigated, w ill produce some of
thefinest crops tliat grow.
Mr. Booth stated that the organiza
tion of the company will be completed
next week, and he will leave this even
ing for Grants I'ass to look after matters
Connected with the business.
For a Bad Cold.
If you have a bad cold you'ueed a
irood reliable medk-ine like Chamber
Iain's Coagh Remedy to loreen and re
lieve it, and to allay the irritation and
inflammation of the throat and lungs
For sale by A. C. Marsters.
Administrator's Notice.
For Sale.
First-class honie of one acre, well im
proved. Box 20, Rjeeburg. tf.
The Xcw-Tork Ufe '
nitymetea year old.
Assets aver ttoooo.
I scone is i9Bi arer tit tni.u
latariace in force mr tr
3ew lusarsacc patd fsr ia
raid FoIicy-HsMers ia lmz,
I-ald PoUCT-Hsldcrs la 37 years.
What Life Insurance Does
It keeps tae fa si It? I--ether.
It eeacates I lie childrea.
It takes care mt tke solbtr.
It paa tbe merime jti
cotter la biebr rim that B ivlm
mu oi ft.ltliUyoI Jaij, ism, by the toanlr
tmri o l"at'Mt eoonty. Onrrm, dolr appotcv
Jamistrmturol IM rU'. l u T. Priiehajd '
(liTMM it. All MriMa k.r:.. . '
DoaraaoocDtr. Ort. witB .it u.r.o. S 1 Jl -keep
ci aoiTeai.
P ports the insured la hi
eld aa;e.
S"l-fiT niiM. u M ax BVcbonr, ' It prOT
Docr-a oocDif. Ort. witltn .ix moc,a trroo ' a baals
Iht dAteof ihK aotic. aoU ail oaa iadebted i "
10 Ui aim art itertbj aou2d to py u ium 11
tald Anrost CaT I9ni.
. t JtwrrT.aemiBbiauw.
Sappliinental CtiarnSer
For Shot-ting pirUA cartrid$res in ria-?.
Patents cover U. S. and Canada
Saves V to "5 jr cent on corst f am
Made for 3tK. 30-W,
sor-cial aixl 8 mm Jfannlicher
Mailed for J1.00 to any address.
Onier from
The S. C. Company,
Rose burs. Ore.
tke respect of tke
It saves
Itsaarcs tke credit o tke lnaatred
It saves money which wonld
oker-wie be lost.
It saves tke Intarrd ' frona
aaalerw as to tke fa tare of kls
fa am (It.
t saves tke insured from
anxiety for kts own old age.
It saves tke capital which la
lacked up la haaaa life
It does tke very tklasrs alch
tke iMorcd plana for, works for.
prays for. Is happy if he secures.
303. 32-10. ; " .ip" litiiiatm
life, takes ap kls work wkea ha
dies and carries It forward ta
can pletton.
Ca a y oa afTocd to he withoat 1 tr
W.J.Soas, artnl.
RsMbarf Ore.
Wanted to Trade.
Will trade lots in KanasCity, Kansas,
f ranch or timber land in Southern
OVfgoo. Address Box 126.
Zumbrota, Minn.
Notice for Publication
t'nilnl Slatri Ijind O'Bra.
Itrwelmnr. "rrron Del ,V., lwi.
Kutlfs la harabr alraa that la comrllaBes
with tha proTlrloni ul lb a act ol Coaf t et
Jun. IS.. anlil4 "Aa act far tha aat a
tlor Unila la tha Stauiol CaIlferals,Uitoa
Karula.and Waihlnrtuo TarrllorT." aalaad-
ad to ail iba publla laaa itaiaa by act ol Asfwat
a, un,
of Rodfbnrs, county ol Umilaa, Blala of Ore
gon, baa tliii day filed Id ttaii omfa her ivora
ataleinrnt No JhXK tor the pun-haw of tha K',
SK'i.HK'x NK;and lot I, arvlion 4, 1p rT
range no 1 wi ana win oner prooi o auow
that Hie land arnif bt la more valnabla (or lu
timber or nione ttian tor saricuUural tnrpoaea,
and lorttablnh lit-r rlalm lo aaid land bWore
the Rrflater and K-eiviroI Hut oKco at Koan.
bnm, oreitcn, n Turalay the HUt tlaj of
Marcn.iwu. Mia namea aa wiineaeei; j
Ktt, Jeuie Sraitlaa, K W Scanlaq, J ti llnrton
all o( Hoaaburf , Ore.
Any and all wrwn elalmlns adrcrsrl tha
alxivt ilnu-rlU'ti land are rrilirttr to
ilit'lrrlattim In till nSli-eon or brloretaid 3l5t
day ol Marrh, Iwi. J. T. JtKUft.S.
Clip n-?giiicr.
Notice for Publication.
Dnlted States Land US ee,
Eoavbura.Ureron. Aus. 7 Wei.
Notice la hereby riven thai lu contcUanca
with the proviaiona ol the actol Oor gne el
June 3, lbii. entitled "An act (or tba eaia of
timber land In the atatea ol California. Oregon
Nevada, and vtaahlnxtoii Territory, at . extend
ed to all Fubllc land blatea by act of Au(it
n( Ixwkloe (llaai. eonntv ol Uoualaa. Itate ol
Oregon, bai thia day Sled In tnlt oiBoe hia
worn atatement No. 81", 7. lor tbe pnicbaa ol
the NW'tO((oN)20, tpKo '2i 8., K weal
hod will offer proof toahow that Ibe laid tough!
la more valuable lor ita timber or att ne thaa
for agricultural purpoaea, and to aita'illth hfa
claim before the Kegiater and BacelTtr cl tAis
fines 01 Moaaburf, uregop.
on Tuenday the 23rd day of December, 1W3. He
name aa wllneaaea: Fraud On ult of Mvlioae,
Or.. Cbarlenl'bom, Roseburg, Or., John Becker
nd frank Lons, ol Cleveland, Oregot'.
Any and all peraona olalmiug adveraely the
above desert ba lamia are reunented to tile
their clalmi In this office on or bufure wld -lrd
day 01 txe, mi.
O'.'B - I T.BRHKM.
1 P etwr,
of N'i olaeciion Sl.Tp. S., R.6
eai; 01 rjf-.'i. ana W'f
P l
No. S
Registration of Land Title
In the Circuit "oort of the Bute ot Orecon
for tbe cooaly ol lioueiaa.
In the matter of tbe application oft
r k a. krih and bkja.
to rrg later the title to the land in aaid
aooacalion deacribed aa lollowa, lo-wlt
of HW'i. 8WW of rVvUon
N. ot XW 1. nd of W
h Sh Jr.: NUnlSM.tHi K'.. of Mt
n-v rhi 101a i, s auu a 01 .Ks
H H., K. 7 weat: Loll 1, t and .1 of See
To. rB , Rt went; The l lv. ot An-
guitio Koimy, being Kou So. and
claim Xo. t in Seo. , Tp. W 8.. ft. 7 W
aud claim Xo. 41 in few. 1. Tp. 2? R 7
weat all situated In Itouglaa county. Or.,
John Crane, W. v. Wilann and Mary Jane
wllaoo and all whom It may rom-eru
Ielrnlanu J
Take notice, that on theaxondday oWOclo-
ber. A. l. 1'jL'i. an application area tiled by aaid
rietiem-K a. khi ana twnjamine McMulien
In Ibe t'ircuit oiirl ot lHugiaa countr. for Inl
tlal nxrUtralioooI the tllleto the lead above
drwriUd. Now nnleaa you appear on or before
the liih day of November. A. 1). IAU and ahow
cauaa why inch application iliall not be granted
the tame will be taken aa eon teased and do
erre will be entered according to the prayer of
me application ana yon win oe torevec barred
Irom umpunnt ine aame
11. R. MllAMBKvKiK, lerk.
o. 1. COsao, Apyllcaut a Attoruy.
at the
You can have the flavors to suit.
Something New
i'hey ail do.
WOOD & BELL, Props
Ik Cluxvlate, Hot Tomat. J-- lk-ef Extract, x
Hot Celary, Hot Cbint Bullioa, 1I.4 Chicken Bullion
Give it a trial. You'll like it.
Tha Price If
Tbe Same 5c
fruits, Candies, Cakes, Pies,
Docgbniits and fresh Bread Daily
Portland Journal Agency. ' Hcndrick's Block, Opp. Dpot
!. J. NORHAN c& Co. Props.
t i
J. M. Weatherby
T. A. Bury
D. L. Marlls
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
Farm and Timber Land Bought aud Sold
Taxes Paid for Non-Residents. Timber
Estimates a Specialty. List your proper-
ty with us.
NotkeSi herebr riven that at the teeula
term 01 the County O.urt 'ox Douglai eountyi
Orvron, lo be Ueld la Row burg. Oregon, on
January 4th, 1'iO.L beln tbe Jauuary term .of
a id cor.rt, held Ivr tbe irantactmi ol civ. I and
pmtxiU budueaa, application will be made b
tiuital (inalalaon, to have hit fname e ianrl
tounataveu. trereti. mat me nour ot in
o'clock a. m, of aaid day, Jan. I. laftl, baa bet-n
net for the hearing ol objection, it auy thcrv
be. to tbe change ol aaid name,
Thia notice ia publlahed by order of at. D.
Thompson. 'n!(ic ol the abor named cocrt
ol lonrwiH'ka. The fint nubll
In tha Imiik nl
Kov.ti. lnoi. lent nubili allnu to be on the 4ih
uay ui ueo. iwm. iu n. AtlH("iK.
AtNt Clerk,
r Uepuiy.
lor the period ol four wucka.
cation llixtwf aball be made
I hsherccBell
Boys' and Youths'
.c. a m. M A M rTn A A l Ck ft i5 ? n 01 A ffi. n f
county court.