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The Twice-a etk
Roscburg Plaindealer
Published Mondiyi ml ThundBj-
V. C.Coxxer, Editor and Publisher
Fred AY right, City Editor, Solicitor.
T. (I. Kith, Foreman
Twice-a lc PLiinicikr. per year, $1.50
Entered at the Post Office in Roseburg,
Ore., as second class mail matter.
Advertising Rates on Application.
SEPTEMBER 11, 1902
Attend yonr fair if you can. Many
things can be learned there.
The I'laini'Ealer joins in welcom
ing the white ribboners to oar city
It is believed that the next nation
al encampment of the GAR will
come to Portland.
The man who enjoys independence
is the one who resides on a farm and
produces as near as possible all he
"The world do moTe." Wo Ting
Fang, minister from China, made
the Labor Day address at Bingham
ST. Y.
"Pat all trust made articles ou the
free list," is the Democratic cry.
Yes, and pat all American laborers
on the idle list and the starving list
like yon did in 189-'JC.
The American people can t stand
prosperity. They have had bo much
of it since 189fi that they are aching
for a dose of adversity just to Bee
how it teia to be hard up.
A remarkable case has just been
repDrted in Salem. The 4th of Jnly
committee has just reported with a
balance of 3SG.50 on hand. That
committee should be put on exhibi
tion in a dime masea
Secretary Shaw says a Tariff for
revenue only might destroy trusts on
the same theory that a fire in a wheat
field would destroy Canada thistles.
That fairly symbolizes Demxratio
statesmanship. It would born a
whole wheat field to get rid of a
The Democrats' did not get much
sonsolation out of the Maine election
Monday. The republican' majority
in the state, about 27,000, is above
the average in off years, and showB
that Maine, along with the other
New England States, is still over
whelmingly Kepnblican.
It is ridiculous for Democratic pa
pers to contend that the Tariff fos
ters are the growth of trusts. There
is no daty on petroleum oil nor an
thracite coal, and yet both commodi
ties are in the bands of the greatest
trusts in the country, which were
among the earliest to be formed, too-
The Democrats raise a bne and
cry about the increased cost of living
but they don't stop to think that
there is no increase except in provis
ions. The farmers are not kicking
about the increase as they raise pro
visions and meaL A few years ago
they were raising these articles .for
less than the cost of production.
The Oregon Law School is a new
corporation which has been organ
ized in the city of Salem for the pur
pose of conducting a college of law.
P H D'Arcey has been elected presi
dent of the school and W E Richard
son secretary. Both are well known
Salem attorneys, especially qualified
to discharge the duties devolving
upon them.
Salem is ahead of all the other
towns of Oregon in sending the first
batch of printed matter to the immi
gration department of the Southern
Pacific The other 70,000 pamphlets
promised ought to go forward from
Salem as soon as possible. Stales
man. The Dong! as county pam
phlet is now in the hands of the
printers and at least 20,000 copies
will soon be ready for distribution.
A Big Automobile Coming.
A big auto, with which a tour from
Seattle to San Francisco is being made,
is due at Roseburg today or tomorrow
Wednesday's Eugene Guard said : Geo.
W. Carmack and w ife, of Seattle, passed
through J-.njrene at noon today on an
automobile. Thev were enroute to San
Francit-ot and their large two-seated au
to was equipped with .a full camping
outfit aud all the accessories, guns, fish
ing tackle, etc, that go with an outing.
Mr. Carmack' will lie remembered as
the man who, iu connection with oth
ers, discovered the rich Klondike dig
gings, in Alaska some years since , an
bovine a verv wealthy man. He luis
now turned glohe-t rotter,' and is view
in the country from an upholstered
ea.t of the modern auto. Mr. Car
mack fcaid he could cover sixty mil
per day with his machine w hen tin-
roaas are uuvm ing like gou, i.ut now
there is so much dust it is with diflicul
ty he makes any.tieed at all. If at any
time the surroundings J.xik good for
hunting or angling .they top and in
du!ge in the sjMirt. Iu the globe trot
ting line, this is something new for this
section of the country.
Just Look At Her.
Whence came that sprightly step,
faultless skin, rich, ro.;y complexion,
smiling face. Here's her secret. She
uses Dr. King's New Life Pills. Result
all organs active, digestion good, no
headaches, no chance for "blues." Try
them yoursilf. Only 25c at A C Mara
Jfis drug store.
The W. C. T. I. In Convention
In Roseburg.
State Officers and Many Delegates
In Attendance. Interest-
ing Program.
The twenty-first annual convent ion of
tlio Oregon Women's Christian Tetuiier
auce Union is in session in Rose
hnrgtlii week, commencing Tuesday
and closing Friday evening. Tins con
vention is romimsed of the general
ollioers of the state, general officers of
the county unions, the state suporin
tondents, one delegate at large from
each count v and delegates from the
lxl unions.
The guests of honor at this meeting
are Colonel John Sobieski, so long iden
tified with the ttwuperance movement
and a life long friend of Miss Willanl
and Mrs. Ada Wallace Unriih, one of
the oldest lecturers of the national or
ganization, and for many years iresi
dent of its great board of national or
ganizers. Colonel Sobieski w ill speak
Fridav night at the convention, olosiug
a brilliant series of meetings held under
the auspicies of the W. C. T. T
Mrs. Unruh spoke Tuesday -42vouini( I
aud is conducting a series of parliamen-1
tary drills during the convention. Mrs.
S. M.Kern, state . recording secretary
and Miss Hessie Shane, state treasurer,
Miss Sarah Lyman and Mrs. Harry I
Stove are among the party from Port-
land in attendance at the convention. J
A contingent from Eastern Oregon is I
also in attendance at the convention.
"of bosebcbo,
I'rMant of th J.BgUS Connly W. T. T. t
who h teen tirek-ra in her -Bort to make
the present convention a eomplcie nccco.
Altlutuh two hours late, the train
Tuesday evening bringing the Hieers,
delegates and znet to the convention.
was mot by the reception ooinuiitteeand
eai-h and every ncof the visitors were es
-ortI to comfortable quarter aU.nt Uie
-itv. A little after the appointed hour
tle oiieniii!' wyiHi of the innven-
tiou wa called to order in the M. E
church Tuesday evening, the principal
feature f the evening, U-sidcs the of
ficial reports, lietng the annual address
of the state iiresidcnt. Mrs. Helen D.
ll.ii-f..r.l lra llarforil A lllient III-
terestinir and locical si.eaker ami
thoroughly endMdTel and rovorotl the
many issues concerning and eiuvung
the orminization. in her address. She I
reviewed the splendid work rf thi won
derful organization, its successful rt-form
movements, advancement of elucatin-
, . . . . , . ... n
nl int..rf4:tv otiv fltiil favorpil the altera -
tion of the title of "State Reform
K0r.l"uiil irniil.1iint lr tti word
acter.for girls to be carlcJ a "Girls State
Innrf rial Rnt,.l " IV.IK ll.w. rv.m.
111 1 1 , 1 . 1
mended changes have lieon made hv tlio
. .V.J ....vr ... ...... ..... . .... ..
Mr- 1,1.. wm .!. .ntv
ileiit, liaI charge of the ening exer
cises, and brief welcoming addresses
were made bv Rev. J. A. Townsend, D.
D., Mrs G R Cliilds, Atty Louis Barzee,
and Mrs Thomas. Mrs Helen D liar
ford, state president of the, W. C. T. U
and others, resjwnded. The princijal
address of the evening was delivered by
Mrs L nruh. the national organizer, on
,:Snan Shot From an Onranizer's Ko
The daily and evening exercises thus
far have, in the main, been strictly in
accordance with the program published
in Monday's issue of the Plain-dealer.!
The reiorts of the offiwrs and organ-
izer show encouraging advancement
and general results obtained for the
past year.
oold medal contest.
The princiiuil feature of the t.vram
touight is the medal contest, there be-
in a nnmlu'r of-niitevtantM from vari-
ous parts of the elate and those attend-
imi arc promised a rare elocutionary
treat. The i.rojrram for Friday, the
last day is as follows :
:00 Victory Service.
!):30 Memorial Hour. Mrs. M. A.
10:00 Reort of Standing Committee
Finance, Resolutions.
10:30 Elti;tion of oIi-ers. KUi tioii
of National Delegates.
11 :30 "Broken Thr.-ads." Exclama
tion Pojnts!!:"
,12W Noontide Ibmr. Invitation for
next convention. Greetings.
12:.'50 Lunch.
1:45 Thanksgiving Hour.
2:11 Reading Minutes. Re)sirt of
Executive Committee. (Juirica and
Answers. "Olds and Endf,." Unfin
ished business. Social hor.r.
The closing event of the convention
will le the address at the Ojiera House,
by Col. John Sobieski, a native of
Poland. He has lived in the United
States since live years of age, und served
for six years in the I'. S. army. As a
worker in the cause of temperance his
fame is international ami tl:e Oregon
union is much gratified to U; favored
by his attendance at their stale conven
tion. The delegates in attendencu are :
Newlwrg. Mrs. Helen D. Harford
- . t
Portland. Mrs. Ada Wallace Tiiruh,
Mrs. M. E.IIoKter, Mrs. Fa'rah M. Kern,
Mrs. llessio J. Miane, Mrs. Anna Iliggs,
Mrs. Lctilia Rose, Miss Lyman.
Albany. Mrs. Henrietta Brown, Mrs.
M. A.Blain.
Tumor. Mrs. ReWca Stool, Mrs.
Ora II. A. Boar.
Wasco. Mrs. Anna Edgergton, Miss
Florence Burnett, Miss Marie Barnett.
Astoria. Mrs. C. A. (ioarhart. Mrs.
E. A. Cording.
Baker City. Mrs. I,. L. Cartor.
Kiddle. Mrs. E. A. Matooii,
Ilattio Logsdon.
Drain. Mrs. Carrie Sneed, Mrs
Black, Mrs. Annie (imbue.
(rants Pass. Miss Flora Hoyden.
Woodbnrn. Mrs. Libbie Morcom.
Slietnls. Mrs. M.J. Mears, Miss Same
Trout man.
Dallas. Mrs. F. A. PmwIs, Mrs. ChW
I.. Bntz.
Dayton. Mrs. Ida M. Courteny, Mrs.
Emilv Lnmni.
Cottage drove. Mrs. Eva C.Wheeler,
Mrs. Mary J. Chamberlain, Mrs. N. E.
Coiniton, Miss Elsie I-ea, Miss Lillian
Hart, Mrs. L. E. Orpurd. '
Creswell. Miss (ionivova Howe.
tlardiner. Mrs. Jennie Brownell,
Mrs. Mary Lyster.
Kosobnrg. Mrs. Ida Markers, Mrs
II. K. Ferguson, Mrs. Oertrtnle Bart
uin, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Emma
Faulkner, Mrs. E. Moore.
A Pleasant Birthday Party.
Xhc home of Mr. and Mrs. J, W.
Moure, was the scene of a very pleasant
An. eniovahle Bocial gathering Wednes
Uav evening, in honor of the eighteenth
birthday anniversary of their daughter,
Miss Delia. The parlors were lieautiful
Mv decorated with ferns and rare house
i.lanU, and the evening passed all too
quickly with games, "moon gazing" and
social converse. Miss Delia 'acted as
hostess and proved herself an excellent
entertainer. She was the recipient of
inanv (rifts, tokens of the esteem in
which she is held by her many frieuds
and associates. Luxurious refreshment
w ere nerved about eleven o'clock, after
which the guests after wishing the
hostess many happy returns of the oc
casion derrtel for their respective
homes. Among the guests present were
Misses Elsie Benedick, Hazel Jewett
Ada Calkins, Vivian Jewett, Lilitl
Moote, Bessie Kidder, Maude Bridges
Garnet Otey, Craee. Moore. Messrs
Ray Otey, Dally Bell, Ray Moore, John
Townsend, Wilbur Ross, Wilbur Faulk
ner, Emery Davidson and Floyd Ramp,
Hall of Lilac Circle, Women of Wcod
To the Guardian Neighbor, Officers
and neighbors of Lilac Circle No,
Women of Woodcraft.
We yiair Committee appointed
drait suitalile resolutions in remem
berance of the death of our beloved
neighbor, Laura McQuadv, dca!l
respectfully submit the follow ing :
Whikhas, IVath has removel from
niir niHst Neis;hU.r Ijtura McQuade,
and site has left us to enter tlm inner
and higher ciri-le wherein "the dead and
and the Iteantiful rest," and ran uevr
more take her place among us here.
Therefore, Bk it Ke-solved: Tliat
while we lxw in huuible snhiiiission to
the will of Him wlto Knloth all tiling,
we monru the s juration from us of one
whos-e life wa beautiful, wlxwe works
were noble and whose memory w e w ill
ever cherish with loving and kind re
membrances. The circle has lot a
. I f it It lul ii..i(!i1ir i)it miiinnmilr a trtiA
... . . - . . .
friond and the family a loving and kind
IltfJttd: That we extend to the
husljnnd and family of cur deceased
neighbor our heartfelt sympathy, real
izing that, while our sorrow is deep ami
i niiiccn', mcir nrnm is ucvin-r Jill! incir
1 '
I . .1 : : 1 1 !.
" M.e.fnait of a closer love and
near"r t,e-
l,read uon l! "
vu 1'J
thedeceascd, and one cony furnishrd to
I ' ' ' .
I .....
charter 1 nraiKM in mourning
MahhiaretC. Reku,
Alice Ficele,
;race Nohman,
Probate Orders.
An order has leeii granted by the
probate court for the adoption of Dor-
lesca E. Gontcr, aged 15 years, by Mr,
and Mrs. M. T.Chase, of Glendale. The
consent -of the trirl's father is filed with
the etitioii
A. B. Kellogg has leen appointed ad-
I miuistrator of the estate of John J. Kel
logg, deceased. His lsjnd was filel in
the suiy of flOOO with C. 1 Beckley and
I J. W. Becklev as sureties. Theestate-
I consists of a claim against the I. S
Ifovcrnment, of unkown value
f Dates for settlement of estates iiave
follows: G. w. Mephens
of estate of t..Moplens, .Monday,
I Oct. 0, J'.SI. . 1 . riL'lit and II,
West, executors of the estate of J
. M.
I " rlS"l -'lonuay, ix-t. o,,
Chamberlain, admr. of estate of Frank
Rollins, Monday, Oct, , 1902.
Portland lawyers ought to prosper.
The fees in the settlement of an estate
valued at 4,3O0 were !,400. Where do
the heirs come off at. Itomocrat.
Salem has already sent ontif000of
its 100,410 pamphlets. McMinnvilli
entire S5,0(0 iwimphlols alV nearly
ready. It is time the contract was let
and the work Is-gun on Albany's. I.ct
them be printed a few thousand at a
! 4 1 ...V.. ...1 vA..l ti .w u atijkiKvli
101114.1111 'aiv4 ,. an -....riiii
now to cot some at once into the hands
of the Harrimau men in the oast. Get
a move on at once.
Bids Wanted.
Notice is hereby given that the Board
of Directors of the 2nd Southern Oregon
District Agricultural Society will receive
bids for the exclusive right of waloon
privileges ; also for jool selling on Fair
grounds during Fair week. Each bid
must Ik) accompanied with a dcosit of
25 per cent of the amount of bid, or it
will not be considered. Bids to l de
livered to the Secretary on or before
Sept. 25, 1!02. The Board reserves the
right to reject any and all bids, by order
of the Board of Directors.
F. A. McC.u.t., Sec.
Claims Presented and Allowed at the
September i9o, term of Coun
ty Court.
Loon a Mills Lumber Co bridges $165 Co
0 W Hurd ' 4 75
Ulendale Lumber C 5S 70
J W Moore . 6 25
John Taylor " 14 00
II M Stewart " 4 4 00
M L Moore " 7 00
Chas Markham " 194 00
C O Bartley " 70 00
Leona Mills Lumber Co " !04 10
J F Overstreet " 40 15
A Field " 178 75
Jud'son Strong ' 3.1 t)5
C M Bovery " 15 00
(i S Lehey ' 121 55
P. F Wilks roads 8 40
B W IXtrsey " 8 00
C E Kolierts " 5rt 20
Churchill & Woolley roads 2ti 50
C V Banard " " 5 00
Corgo Marsh ' 12 50
Walter Laird " .3 00
Wollenlierg Bros., otir farm.... II 40
Foster & Arnold indigent 7! 70
Carrie Settle " 14 00
E M Cheadle " 2 00
Mrs M J Welker i ' 20 00
I Abraham ( 40
Clara Kiddle registering 1 50
L E Milledge 4 70
M F Callahan assessing . . .'. 1 15 00
It T Ashworth assessor 50
Glas k Prudhomme stationary.
4? 50
32 5
M Hopkins constable
F F Patterson C II and jail .....
I) R Shambrook drayage, express
2 80
3 20
1 50
F W Haynee grand jury Wit. . . .
A II Mulkey .list atty wit
; 70
19 J0
3 50
3 50
3 50
J C Twitohell inquest
M B I-amb
T J Williams
S J Cheiiowith "
S J Sutherlin "
J P McKay
C K Lovell
1 00
1 30
1 )
1 00
Wm I.vell
Uov McCtrllan
12 50
C W Dimiuk k bounty 213 00
A Davis dep assessor 52 50
Henry Monton bridges 3 75
WEThom..ii " 3!00
WCGmbbe 24 00
W H Larkius " 9 U)
A K Mat toon indigent IS 3.'
Phoebe KiUhell " 12 50
E C. Young & Co " 15 05
Plaindealer Pub Co, printing... 113 65
E V Hoover Co pllvsician 14 00
J C Twitched mileage 1
SC Hint Jail 2 00
Angelo Perint bridges 4 00
Livingston Bros "
(J W Kiddle
Cyrus Powell '
J M Kitclianls
Luther S farmer "
J A Kirkeudall & eon bridges ..
Wm SkidiiKHre "
Ed Davis "
B A Stewart ' "
John Mnmpower "
A Field
J M Brwii "
GeoW Stephens "
W A Smiley roads
C M Markham
EW Miles
Tliomas CoHxHini "
John Shultx "
117 30
I S 00
15 25
14 00
2 00
Co 45
M 00
I r4 00
254 25
47 50
5 25
9 0
8 00
IS 00
S 25
40 50
3 00
20 U
7 00
50 00
15 40
3 50
5 40
SO 00
3 00
16 50
21 50
3 iC
I 50
2-J9 75
3 50
3 50
3 50
1 30
JSwankCo "
TP Kelly .
M IThomsoii bridges ........
N T Jewett indigent
Ales Patterson '
Mrs M J Monkliam "
WCtJilinonn . "
James Hildchrand "
B J Bovingdon rejistrring
Nols Rydel
II B (iillett assessor
Pa states Te fc Tel C II
S II Knight corn-table
H C Slocuin "
D P Usher C II and jail
T L Brewer over paid tax
j E J St 1 mid dist ally w it
E L Parrott prisoners loard....
(ieorge Gnibl injuest ?
J B Davis . "
w g inn
C II Brown '
J E Cochran "
1 00
1 00
1 00
Ella Ix.vell "
Ila Lovell "
J C TwiU hell
F A McCall dep assessor
F M Beard niads.. ,
Butler Bros, bridges
A J Howard '
J D Ellison "
IMV liartficld indigeut
Mm A J Howard "
Fisher & Bellow a
A C Marsters "
II Marks jail .'
S K Sykea roads
A B Kellogg indigent
II C Slornni constable
1 00
5 00
100 00
23 00
a 00
20 10
4'.l 50
51 00
3 50
kS 25
G 30
21 85
2 50
5 75
E B Spangcnberg bridges 101 10
J G Flook court house 11 25
DS West ius ... 20 00
J A Iavis dep Assessor 53 50
Review Pub Co printing 21 65
J F Barker & Co indgt assist. fil 75
J C Twitchell inq Aldrich ...... 17 00
II L Engles " " 2 00
Wm H Wei 1h " 2 00
W S Johnson 2 00
(i W'Gage " i iw
Malissa Blue " 1 00
J W Swift " 3 fi5
J C Twitchell state vs Viuson. . 2 00
J M Reih-y 3 20
Mrs W B Vinson 3 00
W It Vinson jioor farm 2f!! 00
Page it limmick imlg A bridge. IS 35
Rit e A Rico court house 0 75
OC Brown examination 33 00
J II Cochran ' tM 00
L A Sanctuary C II and jail.... 4 85
W A McClay indgt asst. ........ 4 10
James Byron in Aldrich 2 00
J T Hinkle V 2 00
A E Bushnoll ' 2 00
Gilbert Sopor " oo
Mrs R Gurney " 1 00
Mrs Ann Aldrich " l 00
J A Buchanan state vs Vinson.. 2!t 05
J M Henderson 3 00
Mrs J M Koiley ' l (K)
W U Stowell ' , . 3 tX)
Sc of Hale certify! copies. . ,
.1 W Tlioriittui RoiiIh
27 00
I'urker ii-es'.
10 IK)
I'.HHI the only up-to-date harness oi
on the markt't. On huIo Ht l!Iljrctt
ITnrnrp pliop. ju;j
To be Held at Salem September
ij-20, 1902. Special Rates.
Take a few days after haying and har
vesting, and go away for a change of
scene and air. Too few farmers and
farmers' w ives take any vacation during
the year. There is nothing so good as a
change of living and a few days rect to
brace one up, both physically and ment
ally. Most of the large city business
house give their employees one or t wo
oeks' vacation during the year, mid
they find it pays well in tho let ter
health of their men and greater inteiost
taktn bv them in their duties. A week's
rest attending the State fair is both ed
ucational and recreative.
Tho exssitioii building w ill In- tilled
with the finest exhibits of the fi rm,
Held and orchard. The live stock show
will surpass anything of the kind ever
given 011 the coast, and no progrefaive
farmer can affor I to miss wcin; the
possibilities of improved breed and
Good racing every afternoon lietAt-en
the tlcetest fioted racers 011 the t oai-t.
(ioo.l music and hih class cnlci tain-
ment in the evening.
Reduced rates will lie made bv the
Southern Pacific for tho occasion. Ak
your agent for full information. SI 8
Homesteaders Organize.
At 1 p m. yesterday homesteaders as
sembled at the city hall and organized
themselves into a vigilance com nittc-e
for the purjo"e of heeing to it that
ustice prevails in . the matter of con
tests now lieing filed.
Fiom the manner in which or lain
resolution were parsed it looks as
though tardy justice would le tne'.ed
out to the bunch of sharks U'forc the
pliases of many more moons. ngene
Not Doomed for Life.
"I was treatetl for three years iv ''xl
doctors," writes W A tirt-r, MoC'on-
nellsvilie, ., "for Piles, and Fistula,
but, when all failed, Bucklcn's Arnica
salve cure-1 me in two weeks." Cures
Burns, Bruises, Cnts, Corns. S.n-s,
Eruptions, Suit Kheuiii, Pile or u pay.
25c at A C Marsters drugstore.
Wood for Sale.
Bet of bluck oak w.od for ml ;, rite
to or enquire of Henbv Coxs at Conn's
farm, or P. O. Koeebur?, Or. Sj
to iLe Clienlt Court of the'
fur Doug mM roomy.
!U of Oregon,
ADuLlolwa 1
rioufr., Afttit , 4,tuUyfc,
(O.R.AjkMl i
lxln.laL ,
To Geo. R. Adkima. (K' earned l.-l.-oilaot:
In th oainrrt tl SUile of Orvfoti, y-t re
feel' r-1 u i Trl usiwrmr and abf tf. cm
p aint DM aciiit vim m abate ut.ilrI
ull jxI ra'to- aithin m trr. k Inm tlHf 0'
of linil jinUlical an ol IB. noi'.o-. l ..on m l-
lore SM iU 01 tetirr. li au1 11 ; on tail l
atrr aiMl iDnn ull .YinTp.aiQt itoi. ail
limr, lot aanl ItMnil ;.,ii,:J t.l at(W o
1.1 court lor tor rrli- ! mTlr-l in hrf ron-
I'laint aa U. .-. lo- n: Mi fUvrr of ni-
Inf tiwtn ivKinti? aol .Ufrivlart. tor ihe
cmrr aK) rautr ol Uu ir uiiii.rf hi .tn-n. Ix.yi
AJkuoatin Ko-r aohi a. an i km- 'j.-a ;
oihrr anl lurtbn rcUrl, a ti tout, drrni j
rhitaamnww l pliiIil l.r ortir or U n.
M. D. Thnpwi. nMiBly jjc of Im:i:.b !
moat j , Orvanu. liic fe wii-l i.r t- Au- j
u.tflb, )'.', inflatpi Ui Bvt i-auir- i
tion Uirtrol u Aofti't li ')! U: rf i
jvji s I . t-'JA't. I
A'l.'fU. j iui fliin'u?.
Guardian's Sale.
Nolw 1 bcrW.r sira lhl. ia p ir.u.w at
an onkf llw raaaii omM ni 1hhi,:I.i r..jmr,
l.' tniKl'in .A h Kti nl
AlDiat.raria lianl H. u.jiin Wiiain
lr. miiNtn. UI. on the .I.t a K1 .b. r. or
lhiraltf. l.y natc or po.; al. at Rcw-
burg . Gn-rou. w'i llt l'iiuu. 4vnlii nl i
frvilrtv. i'lii(0f to tl wbi4 miitorv. : ,
bv E.'flK'. arr 10. IpJI . R gfr. St.
,t I. tp4. Kde.t,S,,Si:1, wK if. 311
8. R b a:l tcinc aitnatMi in j.rt n
county. OTrjron.O-nla.nin? more or
Any rtHr.aiui:Dit ltrt-!y llhar ianlv
lii M. mu.I rlaiQ with thf iiih crMtonl he -
a Uir iti dayol ctoi-T, l'i. . UmWi lint
2ud day ol Stptwii'T. l'7
vt.ui Jia.'N. m. J. Lis, itctni;an.
In tiiCirvoil Court ! Hie .e:at of Uror
lor lK)iriaa fonniy.
WlDDiltvl I. Virker 1
I'ialatifl I
Hutj 'arr-n irrta. j
Or(onlao'. ,
To Harry Warren Vlrte a, the alove namr-1
1 1 1 b Dimt M Ibt Suw ol cm. r.m are ,
benb) mjitind lai!nrand airrli to- j
plaint tile.1 a-aint jimj In Hie .love i-nu:l-l i
auit and rourvnn or brlorr the 1310 dar of tv-,
lober, I'Oi; and, II you fail U ajr and an
tmrr mi'i com itot af iot ynu. ao aloro Md, ,
and Kiihin al Innc. III apply it It? '
t'ourt l.irtlie rcii-l dnuankl in her cuir.piainu i
io-wii: ror we oociw fltuun t iiw marrn" ?
roniraol ao existing fcetavw f.ainilB aad d?-1
h-n.lanu ;
Tbia fummont U jinl'ilthl )y order of Hon.
M. l. lliompn. 'anty idite of lKm ,
counl), Oreir-tn, a Hifb orlor in -iattd auirul !
it, 19ui. and the lime pmcrili-d Uion-Ly, f r
the publlrli" l lhi mmnn4 1 onre a aes j
ioraueonitrH .-krrr..urMM i uh
day of Oi lob. r. I 'J. n.l lb.-! of the f.rt!
publlcaUon ol this m mon the 2;.lh day
Au(rL 1T 1UWIK,
a2Voe Attornar toi Plaintiff.
ANTED IniiiMsliatelr, I0.0oo;j
Iidiik's ly a.-UT.l liointv-itH-k-i'H
who tltsirt" to inrvli li
nvt from owners, raiit-lifS
farnii", iininvfl ami iiniiuprovtxl laiuls,
ami fity rowrty. Write il you've any
tliinj to wll. AiUrw,
llvaco. Wah
.v..:s : : s.:
Street Fair
- t
i And
SEPTEMBER 24,25, 26 27, 1902
Baloon JLuccnsions
Grand Midway
Team Pulling Contests
- For $150 Prizes
Shooting Touruaiucut, Lo Sawing Contest, Tug
of War, UabyShow, I'rizcs for Slock: 1'oultry, etc.
Prize for Horse Race, $150.00
Music by t ourth Regiment and Other Bands
Ad Jrc::sall Communications to
JV1. S. 17ALLIS, Secretary,
: . s ; . : . . v.v v s s. . --
& ml Xv
Our delayed car of pianos and organs just arrived. These
are a lot of beauties and will be sold at prices never before -
heard of. One fifth of this lot is already disposed of, aud they 9
are going fast. T. K. Richardson is the first, last and only """
dealer who has ever shipped a car load of pianos and organs di-
rect from the factory to Roseburg or Cottage Grove, therefore,
' we are prepared to give you a better bargain on a piano or organ o
than any other dealer who has to pay a middle man's proat. tB
Call and see these fine pianos and organs and be convinced, at the ct
Professional Cards.
Court Boum
DowDiiam. KWBCia. OEJ
Physician, Surgeon.
Oalce over P. O. RostBi ao,
'Phone Main 691. Oasoox.
Physcian & Surgeon.
fbooe, Mia SI
Boubcm Oaaoos
Special attention- mrea to Dlacaaea of U Xoa
aud Tamai.
OSoe-Xaln SL.ooodoor owlfeof Ct tjHa
fboo. Mala Ml.
Bonw Baildlnc,
teiepoon H. .
O&o 01 pea-to Ha.l BOstBCBO
Attorney at Law,
Rooms 1 a t. Kanlen B:dkV. KOeXBCatt, O
fjyBilDotat!ur, Usa C 8 Land OBca and
auiuaa eaaca a apeaallr.
Lata Knat U. B. Lnd Oatoa
( RoesBcaa, OUOOI,
, Bmiaw-beta T.8. Laa4 OOatmni Fiotat
! . ,(
i Oltr-AMm amluiM.
ii'i i L-uril
wu, -.o. (n j th SUkle a4 TKlarai Cooru
1 ' ,, ,
I 01. c Iirrcnv
1 f tOMMODOKt O. JAUh.MJ.,
s J
, ,, -
! auiuc buu vvuumivi w.
I av .nil U'.l.. P i r.V. t maa
.mtf r. Bid-
omi 1 and 2
WTie Baildinc. ROSEBCRb, 01X00
JA. BUCHANAN', Notary Pabiic.
Collections a Specialty.
atantcta Buudlnx. R06XBCEO, OB
AttomV it T IW
aiiorncj at ,W.
, ?l,,,,, r
! ! ajior m -ixa iiki a
-.n.eAT, c a. SKaisa- di
; ff III I'l'inv t. i:BIV
fnctioe in all ol tlie eoarta ot the lata, aiao
before Uie C. fc. Land deirtmenU
Tailor Jk rtilaon Blork,
K'ltanr Public in oflice
t-Uonv Main i EOSKBl'KO, ORE.
If you want to g to Cw County !
points, take the K.-churg,
rute. Spring hacks buy
everv day at J, A. M. lu.nire i.f
C. P
Barnard, agent.
UjaJ OflS. McMianT:;, Orfjr-n
Amt. of iuurance ia force, 1 1 1 ,r-C0.0fO.f O
Net gain in one year, 2,t.-"? j
avmg its memoera 1 yr., u,.y.ii.A
Number separate rkks', C2.Z
A J. Buchanan,
Roseburg, Oregon. Agt. for Douglas C.
! The first Semester, session 1902-3, opens Wcdnesda',
i September 17th. The following schools and Colleges are
KjjBBcaa oaac comprised in the University. Graduate School, College cf
j Literature, Science and Arts, College or bcieuce and En-
: t..: ci 1 r r .- . .
itiuccuiig, cuiciu .tcjuesuy. ocuooi 01 .music, acaool
of ledicine. School of Law.
! Tuition
free, excepting
Incident tal fr?
land Music.
2.50 per year. Cost ot
per 3ear.
Kcr catalogue, address
3 17 P
Fine Cream and
W rame to Rwburz to !t.-iy.
the traile iu tlie iuture ju ia il
Join in ice pr ?$: w nej j -
tinoalir passing ia and ot of nr
The school where thorough vrork b dce; nrhere the readers it
always given; where cor.dece is developed; where lecp:r
is taught exactly as boots are kept la business; where al
made easv
where penmanship
ym-i-. keepers and stenographers
h.'c: thirrr thousands more will
A. P. ARMSTRONG, LL. ., m:. '!PAL
Mitchell Wagons
oYfYmous H:na-T autJ Snritis
1 anil RoainVapas on Iianil.
If you wish comfort, elegance and a
reasonable price, see us before buying
K r
1 )3A iiC
Pocket Cutlery;
Safety Razors
Shears and Scissors
Of the Highest Excellence
nnriiKK knivf.
KIN liS. V- irrv in st
:. n.K
S. K. SYKES, Hardware.
, f , ,
y.iir mind ci-ar rel fr-h for
y b;-!in- i. r.L! !..-! if r-u ri
tii.- d
brei-1 U'Cht at ti.e
Umpqua Bakery
:r brea i i made fr..t:u tL
Ut pur, and ii a! a ay
'ive ua acaM.
Partle BI !j., r.h JatiiI...a Str.
iu school of Law, Medicine
ion. 'npr-f.P.-vlf
living froiu to 203.00
Eugene, Oregon
KhDV Jackson trt.
near Cass
WITH lH'i:
Momemad B read
an-! ii as Llwi! i .Viw t.t
ll, -e l heiv a "t.z tiaj ret. i
is'l ni:
ht-rf. '
t'-Riers vi L can I wn t:-n-
is at its best ; where tu
have been
m:ccos i
be. Ore.n t voir
- .
vvnis 1 ti.fkv or vi.t.
" B . 1 1 r 1 1 " 1 1 " "' a""""" " '"' ' --" ' ' " 1 ' ' 1