The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, September 08, 1902, Image 4

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This Column Is Edited by our Mer
chants and Business People.
Brown Bread Fresh overv ilay at Sic
vers Bakery.
See the Title Guarantee & Loan Co.
or J.lue prints and tiling paiiors. tf.
That towel sale is still on at Jostihson'8
For further information see our window.
Fruit drier work is a sieoiiilij' of
Fykes & Cam.ll, the niv-to-viiite plumU'r
and reiwirers. tf
Get your a hsiraets of title from J. I
Hamilton. He has the only complete
Bet of abstract books in the errant r. ft
Give us yenr onler for a new phot gun.
you will lie satisfied with the gun and
price too. S. K. Sykea Hardware.
Summer dressrvxls and shirtwaists at
rreatly rodueol pik-es at Josephson's.
Investite anl you will invest.
Arsayix W. G. Wright. Grants
Pass, Onnn, jroM and silver f 1, copper
$1, tin and elect roly tic assays.
For harness, or anything in "the har
ness line call on F. Long & Sons near
the depot. Bepairiuga specialty."
There are still a few small and med
iuui sizes 1-ft in those "Dollar Shoes at
Joseph son's." An ttnrivalltsl opportu
nity for money saving.
Just received a full line of .1kks suit
able for timber cruiser and hunters at
prices that, suit Call for Jhe Forest
King at Flint's Shoe Store.
Ladies Tan. Oxblood and dark Green
Lace Shoes f 3.25, f.i.m and $2J?0- Val
ties now coins for $.Jt. $2.00 and $1.75 I
.v,.- .,;. . t ...i,o.." , I
Another shoe sale at Josephson's
Men's Tan and Oxblood Shoes f 3..V),
(X) and 2.o0. Values now going for $2.
20, ,2.00, and $1.50. Investigate, this.
Weekly Examiner, $1.50, Weeklv Cal
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tionery Store.
I). S. T. West, having accepted several
old and reliable firs insurance companies
is now prepared to do a general lire in
surance business. Insure with hini.
Office at the City Hall. tf
For Abstracts of Title, guaranteed to
be full and correct copies of all records
effecting the title, call on Frank E. Alley
upstairs in the Marks building. His
work'is guaranteed correct, and prices
are reasonable.
On account of the irregular surveys of
many of the townships in the Bose'bnrg
land dist riot, it is almost impossible to
locate Motion corners without a copy of
the Government survey. Frank E. Alley,
Abstractor of this city, has a complete
vset of tracings of all surveyed townships,
and will furnish blue prints of same,
showing all vacant lands.
Why fool away time and money re
pairing your old harnef s when you can
buy a tine new sei so cheaply of F. Long
& Sons at the new harness shop near
the depot- If, however, yon are in need
of repairs Long & Sons will satisfy your
wants in short order and at reasonable
prices. Evervthing in the harness and
saddlery line kept constantly on hand
at prices in competition with the de
partment stores. See their fine line of
trunks and telescopes.
State Normal School.
Let tlrose erpecting to attend the Nor
mal bear in mind the "Hate of opening
Monday, Septemlier 8th and if possible
be on hand the first day.
The Normal essays to put students
and teachers on a footing t.iat lea is to
good certificates. Review, wot k is a
feature of onr course. The coining year
the Normal will le more a home than
ever before. Material internal and ex
ternal improvements of the school build
ing are making for the enjoyment ami
benefit of students. Physical education
8 a part of the course.
Strong work in English and mathemat
ics will be given from a practical 'mint
of view ; also in science.
Letters from students, old and new,
say, '"I'll le with you next year.'
The success of our graduates has cre
ated a demand for Irain Normalites in
good schools. The Normal lias helped
many to good iositions and will help
you if you w ill let it.
For information, address
al J. II. Orcutt, president
$100 Reward $100.
The readers of this paper w ill be
.pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that sience has been
able to cure in all its Etages, and that is
Catarrh. Halls Catarrh Cure is the
only positive cure known to the medial
fraternity. Catarrh l-ing a constitu
tional disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. IlaH'fcCataiTh Cnre is taken
internallv, acting directly uiion the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system
thereby dstroying the foundation of
the disease, ami giving the patient
strength by building us the constitution
and assisting nature in doing its work
The proprietors . have so much faith in
its curative powers, that thev offer One
Hundred Dollars for any case that it
fails to cure. Send for list of testimoni
Address F. J. Cheney aCo.,
Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggists, 75c.
Halls Familv Bills are the lest.
Milk, Milk, Milk.
U e claim thai under our new process
of . aerating, purifying . and bottling
(which should be the case with all milk
consumed) yoij get from twenty-five to
fifty r cent more value for less money
than any other milk delivery in the city
affords.' The milk delivered is in qnali-
ty A 1 an'l gnarauteed to give yon entire
satisfaction. As published on our for
mer rate cards I allow one week's trial
free of charge unless entirely satisfac
tory. If you think the alxve is over
drawn, why not give it a trial that we
may demonstrate. Why not sjiend
your money where your dollars go the
farthest, and patroiii.e a iiermanerit
business? all.
Look At this Money Maker.
A ranch of 240 acres, with house, barn
and outbuildings. Orchard, small trtiit
etc., well matured. No middle man's
profits, 3 miles from rail road. Town
of Driiii. $1500 cash, inquire of
owner. F. F. I'atterho.v
Boscbiirg, Ore.
Notice of Srttl-nent.
W. A. Eveiill having disiiused of his
Laundry business, all partiW, knowing
theiiieelvcf to Ik- indebted to him, will
please pay the saiuu to Atty. C. S.
Jackstm at their earliest convenience.
(a.10) W. A. Evi:hitt.
f ortune Favor Texan.
'II ivin ' I'mlrt-MH" iiains ill head
10 4 Olhilt . lii p-oiis ill ltlli,l
back and stomach, and liemg without '
, ,. ... . t
apiK tite, I lM'iim to use Dr. king s New
! t 1 - .. Y U -In. i.l t,(
Kcmicdali:. Tes., "and soon felt like a
new iiiiiu." Iulallible in stomach and
liver troubles. Only 25c at A C Jlars
Jc rg drug t-tore.
EidsfortheexclusivejritfKe to run
a restauraut on the Fair grounds during
Fair week will 1)3 received up to Fept.
23, 100:!. ' Also for all vther privileges,
stands, etc. F. A. Mo Cam., Sec.
Notice for Publication.
I'nited sines Lund OlU(H,
Rwtuiift, Oregon, aiir. :w, itiJi
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of t'ongress o(
Juue 3. is.s. entitled "An act for the kale ut
timber lauds in the States of California. Ureirun
Kevada.aiid Washington Territory, 'extend
ed to ail the public land stales bv art of August
of svattle. (in care ol Frederick Nelwr). coiintv
of King, male of Washington lias thin ilay tiled
ill Ihisottit-e his sworn statement No :Ut.s, fur
Hie imrrliase of the S1. NK'4. N1, SE' of sec
No JO. tp No 30 south, range west aim n ill of
ier proof to show that the land Mir t lit ia more
valuable for iU timlier or Hone than for airri
cultural purposes and to establish lim claim to
said laad la-tore Walters. Brltt. U.8. I'oiunits
fionr. Kiddle, Oregon, on 8aturday Hie I. th
day of Noremticr, l-s. Ue mime as witness
es: Peter Hiircli. Heti-r llurkharl. Kosebunr,
"r.. Isaac Winningliain.Olalla, Oi., iiliara H
Mercer, Snohomish, Waili.
Any and all pcrsonat-laiming adversely the
aboi e desi-ri w-d lands are requested to tile their
rlaima iu this ofliee on or beiore said 15 day o!
Novemler, Ivoi. J T DKIIk.ks,
nip Hi-Sister.
Notice for Publicttion.
'tilted States Land Office.
Roseuunr. Oregon, Aug .HI, IssJj.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
Juue S, i$'.s. entitled "Au act for the sale of
timber lauds in the Slates of Caliiorma. Oregon
Nevada .and W ashiiigion Territory, "aseiteiid
ed to all the public laud states by act of August
of Snohomish, county of, state of
ash. has ibis dav Died In udsonioe his sworn
statement No X)67 for the pntrliase of the let a,
K'j NW;, N K'4 sV, s.-c :t tn:i) souih, ranse
7 uest and will offer pruof to show that the land
ought is more valuable for lis tiuiler or stone
than for as-ricnl rural purpr-ee. and to establish
his claim to said land twiorc vs alters Rrilt, U
6 Commissioner. Riddle, Ore., on Saturday the
I. eh lay ol November, lJi lie names as wit
nesses: Peter Dnrca, I'eter Burkhart, of Kose
Ixirr. Or., Isaac Winntngham, Ulalla, Or., sua
uel N Banks, Seattle. Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above desrrilied lauos are requested to tile their
elainis in this office on or beiore said lMh day
of Noveinlier, m. JTfci.llM.liiS.
s4p Kegister.
Notice for Publication.
United States Land Office,
Roseburg, Oregon. July 17, lywi.
Notice "a hereby given that in rompliaiice
with the provisions of the act of r'ongrea of
JuneS, lsiTH. euliUed "An ant lor the sa e of
timber Uuids iu the Stale of fiifornia. Oregon
Nevada and Washington Territory," MS extend
ed to all the I'u W e Laud Suun by act of Aug
ust t,
of Roaeburg, eoonty'of Doaglm. state of Oie
gon has thisdav filed in this ofliee his swnrn
statement No. -'. for the parrbasr of the N K1
of Set-tion No li. li J south. R W.. and will
offer proof to show that the land sought is more
valuable for its timner or stone than for arii
ciiltiiral nnrrois.and toestaWLsh hisc:aim to
said land belore rlie Register and Rt-reiver of
thisollioeat Kosfl.urg. Oregon, on Thursday
tnefilh day of Novemlier lsui. He uatnc as
witnesses: Laiayette Ja'ksan, Jamts MrMul
len.C A Chspman. of Roselmr g, re., S W liay
lea of Myrtle Creek. Ore.
Any aoitl all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested In hie their
claims in this office on or beiore said nth day of
November.lSOi J. T. Bittlx.Ks
afcp Register.
Notice for Publication.
United Slates Land Ofliee.
Rosei.urv, Oregon, Aug 14, 1;0I
Notice is hereby given that iu eompliao
with the provisions of I he act of 'ongrea of
Junes. ISTM. entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lands in the Stales of raiifornia, Oregon
Nevada and Washington Territory," as extend
ed to all the Public Land Mates bv art of Aug
ust , 1S.VJ.
ot Ehrln k. eountv of Sk agit, sut of Washing
ton, has this day li!d tn this office r is worn
statement Soi'j, for Hie purcha- of ttie
ol section No li. tp No : w nth of tangeS si
and will of ;er proof tosbo ttat the laud sought
is more valuable for it titutr vr si.nie than
for agricultural pUTts-ses. and to establish ills
claim before tte itegister a:i J twelver v.f this
office ol Roseburg, Uregou.
on Satimlar. the lith day of Nove-l-r,
He names as wiUiewws: hlsine Freeman f
Van ZsimIi, 'h, lino U SkiTitiglon, Will
iam Wright of ilyiller'rerk. Ore., C Delink, of
Roseburr. ''re.
Any and all persons claiming advcrscl 'he
above described lands are requested to
their claims in this office on or Is-Jore said 1 th
day of Nov., txL J. T. BRIlxiKS
sip KcsLu-r.
Notice for Publication.
Tnitcd sutesLand Office
Rosebtirg. Or.?eon. Au 14 19iJ.
Notice is fcerety given ttat In c-jmpliauce
with the pruvii"iis of the art of r mgres of
June 3, S. enlititd "An act for tbe saie ot
timber lauds in itr Statesof Caaionua Oregon
Nevada and abir Territorr." asextend
ed to ail the public land states bv act ol August
4, lfJ-
of Van 7.audt, county of Whi'rvn. sls' of
Washinitt w. has ilii. day liieil in th'sottce his
saom stslement No Si:ii, f r the pu'rhase of
the N E.'i No 12. tp NO 29 south, range :: west
and will offer proof to stew t hat the land srnighl
is more valuable for ii tin;t.r or stone than
for agricultural pure. and to esial.lish tia
Claim lferethe Kegisterand Keeeiver of th:s
office uf Rusebu rg. ( irrun.
on Saturday, the 15 day of November. Vfi Ite
names as itnessi: K W Phillfra. of Ehriicli.
Sub., James H Skilfngton. H iiiiam W right. "f
Myrile Creek. Ote., ; I) t:iiuii ol li-biir. Oie.
Any and ad persons claiming adversely t ie
above described lands are re-j nested to fiie their
clsiius iH ihisotli'ie on or tn-lore said llh day
of November J T l.KiLHjKS.
sip Register.
Notice for Publication.
t'nlted Stales Land Office.
Ilrsu;bur. :egon. July li. I!ui.
Notice is berety given that In compliance
with the provisicns of the act of Congress of
June X entitled "An act for the sale of
timber lauds In the Slates of California. Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory." asextend
ed to ail the public land slates by" act of August
4, 1WJL
of af lrose. county of lxmias. state of Oregon,
baa this day Tiled in this ofliee b'-r sworn s'aies
ment No -40, for tbe purchase of I lie k,
section No V4, township No aii south, range W
and will offer proof toshow that tbe land sought
is more valuable for it limber vr stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish bis
claim before the Register and Receiver of Una
of f ice of Rose burg, Oregon,
on Friday the Win day of November, 1MB She
Came as witnesses: ifillarl Callahan. Wat'l
ton. Ore.. James Beaalev. Rose burg. ore.. d
fiider. Cleveland. Ore , Mortimer WoodrafT. of
Melrose. Ore.
Any and ail persons claiming adversely the
above described lauds are re.nested to file their
cltims in this office on or belore sld 14th day
of November ltvi J T BRIIittKM.
rip Register.
Notice for Publicatioa.
I'nilml Kt ales Land Office.
Roseburg, Oregon. July 1-', lJi
Notice is hereby given that' fn compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3. ")Ts. entitled "An net for the sslr ot
timber lands iu the States of California. Oregon
Nevada .and Washington Territory," asextend
ed to all tbe public land states by act of August
4, le,
of 'amas Valley, county of liouglss. state of
Oregon hss this 'lay lil--d in this rillice tils sworn
sis 'emeu t Ko'W?) 'or Ine purchase of lot 2 and
Ml 'i SK'i. w yt i-K'i sec No JJ. tpu H . K V w
and till offer priMif toshow that the land sol: ght
is more valuable for its timijer or stotie thsn
for agricultural purposes, and to e.taLlish his
claim before tbe Kegisier and Receiver uf this
office of Roaeburg, Oregon.
on Wedneadav the li'lli day of November, V.OI.
He l.sni'. as wllnesw.'S : W if Bnrcil. Al Crouch .
John Met all. of Csmss Val'cy, Oregon, Fred
Stewart, Roseburg nreon.
Any and all .tso;is claiming alverscly the
alove descrilxr! lands are repp-sted to lile fhefr
elitims in this otnne oil or belore ssul IL'th uy
of November laui. J T BRiUiiES,
sip Register.
Notice for Publication for Lieu
Selection Nos. 3242, 343
and 3244.
I'nited States Lsnd Oflic-.
Roseburg. Oregon. Sept. 4. VUt.
Notice is lirreby given that A H llamuioud.
whose postiflice addn-rn is Portland. Oregon,
has made anplieation to selwt under the Aet of
June 4. Is'1', ('u ststs., '') the folloKlug dexcrlb
eil trscls. List No;12W. SKJi J,'j sec i, tp i7 8.
K H west
List No "11', all of sees 2, 1 ami 14, tp -7 S.. R
l.i-t No .'WW. all of sec , ip Ti ., K w west.
Within the next thirty days Irom dale hereof
nrolests or eontesls against the selection on Hie
o round that the land described, or sny poilioo
lliereoMs more valuable lorits i:imeruln than
lor agricultural iunx,-j. will le reeeiveil and
noted for leiKirt U the Conim4wioner- of u,e
tieliwal Land Ollice. J T RIM 011 ICS,
Mi Register.
Notice for Publication for
Selection No. 3241.
fulled Subs laud Ofti.e.
ItoseltiirK. tire , Sept. I, Mi.
Notice is hereby given that Kredciiik A.
whiwe poMomee a i.iress is i-ortuom. 01-
, .,,., .,.,,,11 ,li ,, ib.R.-l,i l iiii.ler the
Aet of June 4 l'j;,ti siais.. ibe i.h.iviiig
rteserilK - 1 trn-t List No ajll. Ket: IK. Tp a? s K
wiiuiu Hi" next ininy ns inmi oaie neieoi
i protests or contest attaiust the selection on the
ground that the luiH ile:rilied, or any r-.nlinu
thereof is wore valuable b-r i's lulu- rsU (ban
for agricultural purposes, wid be ni:eivcsl and
Doted for report lo the Commissioner ol the
General Land Gflice, J I U- lliutS,
s4 Reiislcr.
Bargains in Wheels.
We have in stock several second hand
bicycles w hich we will sell at very low
prices or will trade for wood.
tf A. C. Marmtkrs& Co.
Notice for Publication.
Tinted ShtL'H I-aiul Ollice,
r.oseburK, t)re., May LM, P.K)2.
Notice if herrdiy Riven tlutt iu coiupli
nneewith the provisions of the Mtct of
Congress of June 1S7S, entitled "An
Act for the ftile of timber lands in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washinjrtoii Territory," as extended to
all the 1'ublic Ijuul " States bv act of
August -4, lSirJ,
CHANCKI.I.0K I.. ni:o N
of Uoseburg, county of lhmglas, State of
Oregon, has this day tiled in tnis ollice
his sworn stat t'ineiit No. 2"10, for the
i nrchaseof tlieK SW'j, V.. SK'.',
section No. 4, township No. south,
range, No. 7 west, and will offer proof to
show that the land sought is more valu
able for it timber or stone than for ae-rii-uitural
purixisca, and to establish his
claim to said land ln-fore the Keuister
and llecciver at this olliiv at ISoseburg,
Oregon, on Kriday, the h day of Aug
ust, 1!KIJ. lie names as wit ih-sscs : tieo.
lateman, Henry Singli'ttin, Kugene Kel
lev and lleni-v i.avco-k all of lioseburg,
Any and all K-rsons claiming adversr
ly the above describ areretUest
ed to lile their claims in this ollice on or
la-fore said lMhdnvof August, lm2.
iuL-.'p J. T. llKllitiKS, Register.
Notice for Publication
I'nited Flates Land Olfice,
Rosebiirg, Oivjiiu, Slay i7, 1'.IOJ.
Notice is hereby given tliat in compliance
uith the provUlnns of the act of Coucrcsa of
J line 3, LsTH, entitle.! "An aet for the sale of
limber landsin the states of California, Oregon,
Nevada and Washington territory," as extend
edtoail tbe public laud stales by act of Aug
ust 4, l.Mfi.
of Burlington, county ol Skagit, state of Wash
ington, has this day filed iu this office his sworn
statement No. SS7 'or the purchase of tats 1, ?,
and 3, and tbe s1, N K'. of Section No. t. town
ship :tl s.vulh, of range 8 west, and will oiler
priHif to show that the land souelit is more valu
able for is timiH-r ami stone thai for agricultur
al ptirDo-ss,aiii loes-ablish his claimt-isaid laud
U iore Ilie Register aud Receiver al this oliice
al Roseburg. Or-,-"ii, on Thursday the lsili day
of Seplembe', l'.sjj. He names as witnesses:
John Slater, William Smith, Sanfjrd Hater and
Evemious Brooks, all of Burlington, Washing
tot Any and all persons claiming adversely tiie
a!ove desciilsrii lan'ls are tsUested U hie Ihelr
claims in IhUoifiee on or l-inre said lslh day
of September, lsoj. J. T. BRIln.KS.
Jip Register.
Notice for Publication.
Cnitcd States Ijinil tifli.-e.
RoM-burg. Oregon Jnue H.
Notice is hereby given that in euuplianea
with the provisions of tte act of Congress of
June 3, Js.S, eu titled "An aet for the saie ot
timber lands In tbe States of falitorEia.oregon
Nevada jmd W ashlngton Terniory'aaexteud
ed to ail th public land states by act oi August
4, latfi
ofNrili Rn'i. ct.nniv of King, state of Wah.,
has ihisdsy tiled fn tliisofiiee his sworn state
ment N. "-"77 V for the pur. Iis-e of the W'. NW
N1. sW' of .-e No. 4 in lp No. :xi. R. et
and will ulfer proof to show that the land sought
Is more valuable for its timber or stone thsn
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hia
claim before the Register aud Receiver of Una
ollica of Roseburg. Oregon.
on Moinlsy. the t.u h itsy of rictolM-r. e
names a iitn-i : I'irtletl Irw in.of .s-atde.
Wash.. W in. it. forler. Hale Ibi-n. Auen Wil
s.n id I sihik Valley, Or.
Any and ail H-rsou iaiuing advcrs.-!y the des.-noel lands are rv!Uetel to hie
tluerelainis in this othce on or ta-fon- said lull
day of rtciohcr. 1'JOJ J. T. Rt:ll.r.
jy!4p Regisur.
Notice for Publication.
Trilled Slates Land urti.-.-.
RoM-biirt;. orTnn. June i. 1-.'J-
Notice is teret-y given that In compliance
with the provisie::s of the act of r ugres of
Junes, 's.s. entitled "An act for tbe sale of
timber lauds in the States of California, Oregon
Nevada .ai.dW ssntngton lemtory," asexteud
ed to ail the public laud state by act ut August
4, lsrJL-
id RH-bnrp. cnintv of ISMiKla. sjsre of Or.
g.n. has tn:s itsv tihsl in Ibis office ,i sw.m
statement No. 'J7s for the purchase ot tbe SIV,
ol mti ion No re-, tow n. hip No. -ut h R. a V .
and will offer proof toshow that tbe land sought
is more valuaoie for iu timber or stone thsn
for agricultural purposes, aud lo establ:sb his
claim before tee Register and Receiver of this
oliice uf Roseburg.Oregou.
on Tlmrs-iay. the ihtlay of ih-tola-r. He
name's as wituesws: " William 1-orter. ILsle
Kon u. M Klrkeielall. .Mia I'.r.-u n all d l sii.s
V ll.-y. r nin.
Any and all irsoii. laiiiiing adversely the
alvc deM-rilsl lamls are r"Miiesit to tile
f heir riaims in ibis office on or ln-h-m said l.lh
lay of m tobcr 1-aC J. T. 111:1 la.KS.
jvllp Register.
Notice for Publication.
t'oite-l States land OfScr,
Roseburg. Oregon, July. 1, 1SJ&
Notice !s lien-by given that in compliance
with the provUious-of the act of Congress ol
June l, 1S7, entitled "An act for the sa'o ol
limiK-r lands in the states of California, Op-gon,
Nevada and Washington Territory." as extend
ed loall the Public Laud States by art ci
August 4, ls9..
of Roburg. ecrtinty of Iionglaa. state of Ore
gon, has this day filed in this office his sworn
statement No 2s7 for toe purchase of the t' ,
N'j id sc-rion No. 4 lownship H6 , R No 1 sr.
and will offer proof to show that the land sought
is more valuable lor it timber or stone- than
for agricultural purposes, aud to establish bis
claim before the Register and Receiver of this
oil ice of Rose bu rg, u regun .
on Kriday. tbe Jltb day of Octol-er. )90i. He
names as witucsscs: John V. Cox, liy tr N.
Kolbof Kosebuig. Oie .(irant Tatlor, of Oak
land. Or., and Fred Ilol.-oml. of Glide, rsregon.
Any and all persoss claiming aiivcrsely the
above deribed lsn.t are reiuested lo lile
their cla ms in this ofhec on or before said H'.h
day ot Oct, law.
Notic - for Publication
t'nitiil SUtca Ijind OfEce.
Rosebuig. 4n-gon, July Iu2.
Notice is hereby given thai In compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June :t, 'S7s. entitled "An a-t for tbe sale ol
timber lands in the States of I altfornta.Oregna
Nevada and Washington Territory." asextend
(4 to all the public land states by act of August
4. lasi
of Mvrtle Creek, count ot Imuglas, state of
Or.-t-.iu. has Ihisdav Bled in this olhce Ills sworn
ststeim nt No. HM. for tbe purchase of lols:i and
4. and fiWJ of K W ! i see. J, town. J3. S. R. 3 W .,
and will ofler proof toshow that tbe land sought
is more valuable for its Umber ur stone thsn
for agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim before the Register aud Receiver uf this
office uf Ruae burg, Oregon,
mi Saturday, the nth dav of Octolier, l'"
He names as silti'sa s: John Hall, Sr., John
Hell, Jr.. I 4V Hamilton and V O White, all of
Myrl.e Creek, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely th
above described lands are reutieicl 10 ,n''' 1
ciaims in this office on or belore said 11th da
ol October, 19M.
1P Reglste
Notice for Publication
T'nltml itute.m 1 . n.l ritl-.nA
D..!!...,. i..
...... v..-vi. kuii, jiuy .iO, l-..f.-.
Notice is hereby given list In conipllsnc
with the provisions of the act oi Congress of
June li. , eutltied "An ar t for th sale of
lpnber lands Iu the Slates of California. Oregon
.evB(la.aud UashliiKton Territory," asexletid-
A f,. u!l IK. 1....I 1 . . , . .
i, isr r"" uu u' m u' au,"w
Ot IfvrllA r-nu.1. nn,...t.. f .... I . ....
... ,. , i.i,Kin siau-oi Ore
gon, ha thladay filed in this offli-e her sworn
KIIII.MI..I V 'EiMI Ij.m t I. r 1. .
..... ...... . .. iiiciui uuv oi lot one,
of section 2. In towiiMilp a. a. range 8 west,
and will offer proof to show that the laud sonrht
Is more valuable for Its limber or atone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish hit
claim before the Register aud Receiver uf this
office of Ruseburg, Oregon. '
on Saturday, the lllh day of October, VW.
Slierlnies as w ltncsM.- John Hall. Sr., John
Hall Jr , I N Hamilton, and C W hile, all uf
M yrl le Creek . Oregon.
Any and all 1-eiMins claiming sdvcrs. lv the
alwive descrilH-d laminate rcnueslod lo lile their
claims in Oils ollice on or beiore said nth day
of Octolx-r, Rt!, '
J:"P . Rcgislcr.
Notice for Publication.
Cnitcd Htiitcs Land Ollice.
Roseburg, Oregon. July In, I'.sii.
Nolb-e is heieliy given that in compliance
with the provisions of li.e act of Congtess of
June :!. is,h. entuiird "An ai-t fur the rale of
tiuilssr in the States of California,! ireion
Neve! i and W -isbiugtoii Terrltorv," asextend
r'lh"'1" tte '"'L,I'C "UL by'act of August
of Jacksonville, county of Jackson, shite ol
Oregou, hus this dtty bled In this ollice hissworu
stiiteneut No. :u, for the purchase of the
lots.;, 4,y sii.l lOsec IN. (p :;l a, range X west
and III offer proof toshow that the laud sought;
is more valuable lor its timber or stone llinn
for afrlcuiiuial purpnses, and to establish bis
clsna belore tne Register and Receiver of this
office of Ruseburt;, Oregon,
on Ihursdny, Ihe2iid duy of Oclober, llr.. fe
iisines s h il'uses: Wi'lliaiu MeKesii, Mvrlle
Cn-ck, On;., Nlcholiw Ih-ln h. Jii.-ksoiivllle. i ire.,
N J Cumuiiligs aud Kred Rojiiclli-, of Roseburg,
Any and all persons cUlioIni; adverwly. the
nlaiSX di-M-rlUd luuds are rcqucnU-d lo lile Ihelr
claims fu this office on or befure ssld '.'nd day
of October, llsJ. J. T. BKI HOI'S,
J'lp iirgikfer.
Notice for Publication
Culled Stales Land Oftlce,
Rosebuix, OrvKOii, July :'4, 1002.
Notice is heieby. given that in compliance
wlrh the provisions of the act of Congress of
Junes. Unentitled "An act for tho sale of
timber lands in the Slatesof California, Oregon.
Nevada ,and Wsshlngton Territory." ascxleud
edto all tbe public laud state by act of August
of Mvrtle Creek, county of Oougisa, slate of
Oregon, Iihh Ihisdav liled his sworn statement
No :m.r for Hie puiehase of tho fcl- 'i of scellou
24, In township twenty-eight, south range 4 W.
and will offer proof toshow that tbe land sought
is more valuable lor Its limber or stone thnn
lor agricultural pursues, and to establish his
claim beforo the Register and Receiver ol this
oft ice of Rosebu rg, Oregon.
on Wednesday, tne I. .in Hay of Octolier. Ir
He names as witnesses: 1-ollN Stniiilselicr. l
Hiiklaud. On-goii. Amel llarkbarlh, Ira Miles,
IhiiI- id .MyrUcCreck, (irejjou, and Kiirl (llimi)
of oaklnnd ingou.
Any end all la-rHona clalniintr advcrwly the
above described lands are reiiiiesl.-d lo lile lliclr
claims in this ollice on or before (aid l-illi lay
ol OelolK-r, 1'JtU.
alp Register.
Notice for Publication.
t'Nirr.n Htatih LiNoOrrii g,
R'wcburg, Oregon, May 4, l'arj.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the pioi isions of the ai t ot Congresa of
June : ls;s. entit'ed '-An act for tha sale of
Tnnb r ljinds In Die stales of t alitor:. ia, Ore
gon. Nc aia and W nshinglnn Terrltorv," as ex-teu.l.-l
lo all the publln Land SfaU-s by Act of
August 4, Is'.'.'.
of Oakland, County of Oonelss state of Oregon.
ha this day tiled in this oitire Ins sworn sta'e
uieut No. "iVsi lor the purchase of the Soutlrenst
iiisrterise' )ol .-urn. mi No. iii In PovnshipNo.
JiiScuth id Uanu-- No. 2 West ami will ofler proof
to s'wiw Hint l lie land sought is more valuable
lor lis timlH-r or sion tliau for agricultural pur
isisesaml locslalili-h his claim ti sal I laid be
fore the I'.egisier an. I Rit-elvi-r of this ollice at
Riwbiin;, Oietfon on Monday the 16th day of
Scplciulier, l'.sij. Ueliamesns witness.: (jeo.
J. stearn. IJreed I. Chenoweth, t.rant Taylor
aioi nor oi I'axisna. tireon
Any and ad H-rsona claiming adversely the
aliove dwrilieJi lauds are reiiiestvd to lile their
riaims in this olhce on or belore l'lli day of
seiemier, r.L-. J. T. It K I,
mi'p Ri-eister,
Notice for Publication.
I'll ltd Slates I .and Office.
Roseburg, Oregon, Juue 1-7, l:2.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act of Congress of
June J. i7s. entitled "An act for the sale ot
timber lands in the Sialesof California. Oregon
Nevada .and W ashingtoii Territory," asexteud
ed to all the public laud states by act of August
4, law.
of Vm!1h--c, coiiulv tit Sloislioue, state of idnho
has tbi- dav tiled in llu oSiiv hi sworn state
ment No. -.s-n. lln- pundiasc of N', XK1,, SV
'i NK'i. NR'i NW'. of section No- S
in low uship No. J i south, range Wi-st
and ill offer proof toshow that the land sought
Is more valuable lor Ha limber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establtsh nia
claim before tha Register aud Receiver ol thia
office of Ruseburg. Oregon.
on Moudav the i.uh dav of U-diU-r He
tiKims sttnisNn: Allen W'ilM-r. Win. it
IVru r. J Kirkeudall and W m. K. Ia is all
of Camas Vallev. tlregt.n.
Anv and a'l im-p-ous rlalniiug a-lvcrselv the
sUoe iiescriU-d land are rc.itsted lo tih
llleireinluts iu I b l olhce or or said l:llh
lay ..i October l'.'i J.T. ltRll.K.-.
j7 RegLsler.
Notice for Publication."
I nitcd states Land O.Tice., regon, Aug 6. Ll!
Notiis- is lfSreby given that fu compliance
with the pr.ivlsions ot the a'l ol r ougrcss ol
June J. 1 vs. entitL-il ' An act lor the sale ol
limber lands in th states of Ca lionl'a. Ore
gon. Nevala an-t Washinetti ri-rniory. ' as
cxu-m1cd to all the Public i-an I st or act
of August 4, IsJ.'.
ot R.xrboig, eonaty of Ooasias, StaU' of Oregon
ha ihistlay Tivi in faia olhce her sworn atat--
tnenl No. 3IM, lor Hie purchas... ol the k' N w
'.. W'. Nf.'.see. No. .-4, Tp. No 3". S. range No.
-i west aud w lit otft-r pnHil to stsow bat the la-id
soufihMS inor- valuable for its timber or stone
than lor agricultural t-n-p-sss-s. an-l to establish
her claim to said land bcun i L l'immirk V
I jmm,se.uer. of tfekland, tiretfon, on Thms
day, the .ir-J day ot ictoh,-r. put ebe name
as itur--es: R i Jenkins, J.din Hons, John
Uunon. K.-lwln ibH-bar. all of Rivebunr, Oregon
Any aud ail trsons ciaiamg a-iterss-ly the
alve de, ri0.l iatids are roUcs'ed lo lile their
cla-ms In itiui oni--e on or belore ai1 Inl ilay
ol Oct. . T .
AI4p RegtsU-r.
Notice for Publication.
Cnitcd s-.atcs Ijind Office,
Eeburg, Op-gon, Aug, v.,
Notice is hereby given that in coiaphaufss
with tbe provisions of the art ol of
Junes. s;s. entitled "An Act for lite sal. of
limU-r lands in me S:ati- ot California, Iftregoa
Neva-la and Washinelon Ttsrrirory." aa exleu-1-e-ltoall
li.e Public Ijiu.I stall- Lf act of
Augnsi 4, l?oi. .
J-.HS llis.AS
of Roseburg. county of li.Migla. slate of Oregon
has this day filed m tbisofhee his sworn state
ment. No -Usj b-rltic purchasj? ol tbe lo-s l, ,
sists'jM'inlwiliiq So 4. town hip sr. n.
taiiffc ti west and will ofler proof Pi show that
the laud sought is tn vsiosiile kr ita lifubr-r
or stone than for srri--ult-irai purfssse. au-l to hiscia m mtsid lan-t llore I. Iim.
o:ii, I' nasian-l, regnu.
on 1 luirMlsy tse 2ad ilav of ivtot-r. Isii;. He
names a w iines.: Ida C Oilea, Itdl Jenkins,
John Burton. K.-iwiu Boj'a.r ail of Roseldirg,
Any an 1 all pcr-.ns claiming a1vcrv-!y the
above liescrilssl and an- r--i n-slol bi fiie
their claim, in this ofbee on or before said sd
dav of H-t r?. J. T. bKUM.SS.
altp Rcgislcr.
Notice for Publication.
Rotcburf, Oregon, Axis . I-SJI.
Notice is bcmy given that in compliance
w th the pTivisions ol lbs act oi 4ngre of
June , ls-:,eniili..s1 -An art for the sale of
timber tan's In the Slates of California. Oregon,
Nevada and Washingum Territory," a.s extend
cl to all the Iubli; l-sni elates by act of Aug
u II,
klsWlN BOORAIl .
ot Ros. -urg. cnimiy ot lamsiaa, slate of Oregon
liss this day Med in this nAice his sworn state
ment No ,ls4 lor t e purchase of the lots 1 and
4. S1 , N W'4c4--tlon No 4. tu'uslilp No 21 8.,
Range No. ! W. and will oiler proof la show
that the -and aouglit is more valuable for ita
limla-r or stone than lor Mricnllural purposes,
and lo cstahlist) his cia'm lo aald land U-forc
. L luuimick, U a Commissioner, at Oskl.n-1,
Oregon, on Friday, the '.Hlh day of Oetobi-r I'J 2.
He names as witucs.-: ieha lfngan, 'anies
Burton. John Rmckway, Eluicr titles, all of
Rust-burg, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming atiersrly tho
above b-scrile'l laid- arc re-iiesiod to hie
iheir claims in this office on or tajfore said 24IU
day of Oct, VXA J. T. BRIlK3
allp Ret: is ler.
Notice for Publication.
RosKM'iUi.Orr-gon, Aug ii. 11
Notice Is hereby given that in r-oiupiiance
with the provisions of tho act of Congn-aaol
June :t. lKa, entitled 'Anacljor Ibe sale of
timber 4and in the Slal.-s of California, Oregon,
Nevada, and Washington Territory." aaeslend
e1 pi all the public land states by act of August
4, l ir-V,
of Rosel.nnr, county i f Dongla. slatiof Orcg.-in
has thisdav II ml in thisnaice hissjorn stale -ment
No Jlsi for the pim-haseol the SR', rf sec
lion No. 4, in township No. 'Jh S ol Raugo
Son W and sill offer proof to show that the
land sought is tr.ore valuable for ita limber or
stone tbsn for agricultural purpoaca. and t-i es
tablish his claim lo said laud bctote 7. I. Kiiil
m!ck C H Commisalonrr. at Oakland, On-gou, on
Friday the J4th day of tsi pita-r, ltsif. lie namea
ns wltnexsi-s : John llogsn, John Rmckway,
Id win Roobar, timer Uih-s all of Roseburg,
Any snd nil persons claiming adversely ilia
al(ve-lescrilMsl lan-ls art- re-ilesUl In tile their
claims Iu this ollice on or belore said Jlth day ol
( t. 11. . J.T. BRIIXiF.S,
si4i Register.
Notice for Publication.
Hoskhi ai., Ore., Aug C, 1'jOJ.
Notice is hereby given that In compliance
won me provision oi me act ol I onsress ol
Jit iihS, lnT.i, enlltlel '-An Aci for the sal f
I iiiii-i-r Lands in the males of California. Ore.
gsn. Neada,and Wa.liincbin Tcrr.lory," ascx-
o niien ui su ine riiniic l.sml states by act of
in- isi s, J.,
l.oRK.RAlNK at. 8TKVF.NH
of Rosi-butv. enuiilv ll Douglas. Slalo nf Ore
gnu, has ihisilay liicil in this ollir-c her sworn
slalcmcnt for the purchnat-ol IhoSK'
oi scciioii .-so. z, loansiiip -jt siiiiih, range v
nest, ami will nn.-r prool lo show Uist Ihc land
sought is more valuable for its tlmlier or sloiu
than lor a-irlciiliural Purrs-wos, and to establish
her c niui to saidliiinl l.-lore . I. Iiiuiimrk,
U H 4'oiiimlsstoiier ut iiHslnnil iini-iiii. mi
Thursilay. the L'lrd day of m-tols r. l:-uj. She
names as vviincsses: Ursula I'. Stevens, Kdwin
" iMis snii-, joiiii llogHU an ol
RoM'uurK, Oregon. ,
Any and all persons clalmlne ailvercel the
alxivo desril-ed lands art) ieiiiesud to lile
thulrclsims in llifs oflico on or iK-fore sni.l 'ilof
N: l-Sli J. T. UkllHiK-i
"S IV lt 11. ..i.l. .r
Notice for Publicatiou.
I'liiti- I Slates Ijiinl Ollice.
. . . R'hw.-l'iirsT, Oregon, Aug 6, lA'i
Notice Is hereby given thai In eninnll u nee
Willi Ihe provisions of tho act of i ,.i
June .1, s;s, eiilltled "Ail act (or the sale ol
tlmlier luii'U In tha Hlah a nf California,,
imminiini nieiiinKiiin Jerriiory, as c.Mcu-t.
ed loali the 1'ublic Laud olales by s-t .of Aiu'
list 4, IS-tJ,
of Roseliiinr, coiiuly of Douttlas, Slate ol Oregon
has tins day liled III this ollice her sworn stale
mem No.;i;:i lor the .nr luee ( (he b1; NK'i
HCIs NW!,, NK'.i of Ration Ko. II
t iwiisliip No. 'i soiitlt, raiu-o N i
U west and will ofler pr.,of b. show Hint the
I n ll d aeii;ht Is liioio valiinlile lor Us timber or
slime I ban lor gricii!tural I urpoM-a. and to
establish her claim to said hind belore . L Uim
intck, ll h Commissioner, at Ouklituil, Orevon,
on I liiiis.lay, the -j-lrd d y ol Oc ob -r, li. She
iiiiines wilmsses: fdwin Itmibar, Jolni
Rrr-ck-wHy, John llogau, LoivrAlue M Stcieus,
all of Roscbutg, Oregon.
Any aud all -erous claiiniiig ndvemely llie
alsive diM-ribcd lands aro rrUcs.crl lo lile Iheir
clHlinsM llib) ulllCeoIMir beiore saiit J.'.rd iliy of
Out. lli. J, X, RKIIM.gH,
aHp Keijlstcr,
Notice for Publication.
I' 111 ted KlHles Ijiml Oillee,
Roscbiirg, Oregon, nine is, I'.sii.
Notice is hereby glvru that tn uj.mpliaii"
with the provisions of thb act of ( ougrcss t
June S, )S.'H, entitled "An a- t for the ssle of
timber lands In the States of Califurula.Oreg) n
Neada,and Washington Territory," an extend
ed to all the public land states by act of August
4, lltW.
of lltirl nglon, eoiinly of hknKit, siutu id Wuth
Inglon. hss this rttiy I i I I iu this ollice li s swi.rn
slnteiuelit No. .s:il for I In- pmchiiHe ol the HI 1
section mi. is, io nsinp o. ::i h , i: No. is wot
and will offer proof toshow that the land ng it
Is more vslmilile for its Ijinlier ur slime tin u
for agricultural puri.tse'. and to es;nl.lirh I la
claim la-lore the Register and Receiver of tt ia
ofliee of RosebiirK.Oreirijii,
on 1'uevlay, the '.'1st 1hv of October, l'.sii, -i,.
nsmts as wiinssi: Mrs. Clmrloiie p. H.inh v.
I'houms K lliinlcy. Mrs Flora M. Klinnnon of
lurllnglou, Wash., Frank K he art. Oiulnl.d
o K"ti.
ny and all persons claiming advcrsi Iv the
ii box c desi ril)i-l binds are iein sb-d to lil j th -Ir
els in sin this ollice or or Ulon- said -'1st iliiy oi
OclnlH.-r.IWJ. J T. It&llKiKN,
liy'J-lp Ri-KlsW.
Notice for Publication
1 nlle.l States I. jti, J oliice
ll'isfbiirg, Dri-gnii, Jul v '.'4 ?!s-.'.
Notb-e is hcrel y given Out 111 cinpi-snce
w ith the provisions ol the act i f ('ongtcst of
June s.s. entitled "An ai t fur the si of
tiuiU-r lands In the :::nirso( 4'sltffriaa,Oret'-n
Neva-Is .au-l W aslit:.gto:i 'lerrifi.ry." ascxttud
e l to all the publ.c land states by act uf Au,;ust
4. lt'.'.
I.llf'IH KT.irilAf
of iiskland, eouutvol l-oug'as, s-no-of o.rgi.n
fiSS this nay In Hun o!li. tils s-vorti slali.-
menl No :i "ior the inrl ol the s' -1 .- -
taenty four, towie-lup tweniy eiylil . k. IW .
and will olfcr pro-f toshow t.-.r.t the .and so iut
Is more valuable for its 1iinN-r or stone nsn
for asricultural p', and to htg
Claim U-loreth.e and Receiver of this
Ofliee of Roseburg, Orcgun.
on Wednesday tic- 1 tn day of r -tole-r, pt'J,
Ho iiRiuesas witm-ss-' Iferinaii Vrutke. Amel
ilsrklavrih, Ira Miles, a 1 ol Mir'.lcCneii rc
fron. and Karl ohine. ol "sL!n l. Ori-oti.
Any atid all feisons claiming Ihc
ab.iv e.lescrilK-d lands are n (jtiesii-d lo fiiy liieir
claims in ibis ottiee on or Is-ioie ILu IdJi.syof
Oelofa-r. I'J
J. T. URIU'.Es.
4p lt isler.
Motice for Publication.
s CsiTsn SrsTgs l.ASt oi r.r g.
Rivsenu'g On go-j. Slaj "Jl. vol.
Notice is hereby g len that in lou.oi-urc
srith the prov istons id the act of lug"irSftof
June ts's, entitled '-An Ait for the nk-ol
timber land In the slate of Ca'.ilornia, Oregon,
Nevaila. and Washington lerritorv. ' as exli'Ud-
ed load 1 lie-i'u ll ic lnd Stat'-s by, set oi Au-1
list 4, llrr,
iiKiiirt::; j rirpv-: '
of Oaklsud, CJUU'.y of Uougi.s. -late of Dnvotl, j
has this day Med in tins olli-c Irs sa-rn :
s'atemwnt No i..T lor tbe purchase of the North j
West quarter (n-!,) of rsreiiou Nv J- in Ti -
it ol K. No 1 Meal and will offer prm.f In slmia I
that ihe land s -ut:lil Is n ore vsluaoi.- or its!
Iifnl-r or st.n thai tor agiicuHural t dts. '
and lo establish his claim 10 i. la-jU I "(ore;
the Kegisb-rand Ris-iverof this oiliiv; a. Ko-- j
burr, ort'n on Monday llie I th itay of.-stp I
icniiier, l-sj. He names as lltesx-s-" Creed L. )
t:henoire'.ri, Harry K. Miller. Oram Tay or an-1 i
Ri.y Miller, all ol Oakland. rcnon j
Any and all iwront claiu-ttig a-t-.crsijy the
above-diia-nlied land, tt n-'ieu-t b li.e ilieir
claims in this office on or bvloie the a I IMa
day of Septem!-r T-Oi. J.T. Hen. a,
m."J j. Ret ii.. r.
Notice for Publicatioa.
I'Dited St!" Ijiii.1 O f.ce I
Ko.-i.nnr. Oreg .n. J-.un 14, lA'i. j
Notice is hereby viveti tha in roatpiiaace '
with Ibe rrovisemt of the st; ol Confess ol 1
Juno a, ls;.s.eimtlesl an. Ait for Ow sa.c of ,
timber inwls iu ttu-Msti. o! c.s.i!.m.a On-j.ui. i
Nevada and s-li iiirt.ui T. im-rv. aa cxtcnC-
e-l lo ail Ibe I'ublic Li:id Sia-.i-s bi x t of Au
ust 4, litii,
ot Camas Val. ey, e.sunty of lKiu'.a, il-st. of
Ort-gon, bastii.say iic4 in t'lisoicts.h s sworn
statement No. J7I4. for ihe purrs-e of I le fcr.'
of wsrtion No 'j in tosrn.bip No. ::i S, lacc
Nu. a oest. and will oif.-r proul lo show I hit lii
land soiigrit is n.ire vaiuahie :'ir iu C'tis-r or
stone than tor agneuiiuial por;K an 1 to r-s
tat-iislt nisclaim osaid laa-i i..'fore (u - llet:is
ler and Receiver id this oo".oc at Roseburg, ite
pm, a Tharlay. Iheyin day of isruu-r. rsi.-.
Me names as w.ttiesses: il. Iton-u Vi ;K:a j
I'av.s. Kichard ll- at. l Jes.s Klrkea Uii, ail
oi Camsa Vaiiev. iireoi.
A-y ad a.1 r-rn claiming alvnriy
itsiic ile-rtu.-st iaois are f-.,ie.l.s. t-
their claims ia Ihis oil on or -s-.
Uy of Oi Ui st, I o J. I 3 ;l U 8 s
a i r'
Notice for Publication.
' I'siTgn sTirrs Lln iitm'v
R.Hrl-'in:. Oces.'vu. May "I. i'A ?.
N-H co Is hereby rlua itit in ivi-j-opc-v
ith the pmv is.nns of I:. a-l i f .MLen-ss ol
Jine :. Is;s,entn.e-I "Ao Act i tin sie of
timUr ijinis in i;ie -t.'-. t.t ;
tfomia. . N. vals an-i Ws.iiing.'.in Te n
tor), ' as elUti'lts) Pi a.i lb- IVi'.iie lejd s;a!-
by si t ol Aueust 4 lv?.
i.i:f i n i. ll s i.i s ; I
of Oakland. nii:fslli,,ii!,llI cf.-ept., 1'2.
nss ints.isy piisi m scis oa ce bis -rn a.s e
meut No lor Ihe purchase ol fie No.-ih-eai
onarp-r me!.i ol e-;fin s.i. .-is. tn Piwnsii.p
No. .1; .".Mil!: .l ttsnceN. t .-sl a'id a iiofl- r
pront to show tt-sl lh lao.1 s i-i:-.t : i...r v.i
uable lor its timber or ston 1; sa t r c-iei.ii-urat
purs --., a-. I t tstsb'tsh bis c-a;m In
said land lite Rm.tvr anl l-crsivt-r l
Oils ollice at R iiii:., ri;.s. ou Hoi ds . I !.-l".-!i
dsy of S.-1-t.-ijlier, I'sj He nsreva a ait
1 eases; George J r-uarn. iisr-y I.- w;:ier.
Grant TayUr aud Roy lai:..:, 2.! tf Oaklsw.l,
AnTandeil p-sons claiming s-l-.frsr'v Ihe
ata-ve ries-ria-. laud are r'ri.-.s u
e tr,nr
riaiu.s in this ; tee on or b -iors- 1 ih riay ol t
sasyiemla-r, J.T Bit.s.
taitp il.ajis'.cr.
Notice for Publication.
Ctiilc! Statei 1 Mi v
R ssvb-i-jf, orcci-h. M.ij 01. 1 e."
Notice is bervl y given lbs! in citr.ipiiance 1
with Ihe provisions of the act of Cpgreas ol
June 3, ls. enlitbsl -Au Ai I for ll e sa e of '
Titahcr Lan-ls in the Slates of ' aiilo n'a. Ore-i
g-in, Ncvads anj Via.hinion Ti rrtteiy,'" as es- '
tcndetl to all tn l",il.!ic lo-l s:a:e by -t ol
August 4, w.-,
Counlv of Sss;t. S I
of nurl.ncbwi. coun.v of Sa.p,. ate of
IngUin. has this tay liie.1 iu tuts Lis isi-m
s-atemcnt No. .'iTV for the purchase, 4 ineen
of s,;iion No. s. iwp. 31 south ol ra ite s it
an-t a ill off. r rnsul pistiow that tbeitnd i
ia r.iort vniuabie lorits or itoite tliau i
lor ag.lculiurai purrses ao-1 to t-stabli.h his:
eiaiin lasiore th-.i kintister an-1 Receiver of thi j
olhce at Rnseliunc.Oregi n.on 1 burM'ay tb is'h j
dav of scplcmrsir. I'AC lie nj.ii.vs a aimcs-ses: .
John slater ttm.Muita, Unnsnl :roo and!
R Tenuous Brooks, ad ol Uur.ington Ma.bin;. !
bm ;'
Any an I ad pe-snns clalinirs alivr-e:y the
alavve tiescntiej lands are ns(tiis:i.. to ti tbei; ;
riaiiua In this ofbec oa or l .' ai I 1Mb ly 1
oln.-pt.Wti - J. T. HKIIHjKS, j
J.'D Register. I
Notice for Publica'.iou.
H issm r-.. tre . May 2f. l A'J
Notb-e is hereby given that in eociplisuce
with the provisions o' tho Act oi -'on?ress of
June S, Is.h. cni t.el - An Aet lor Ihe sale of
timber lands in llie S'a'.es ol I a.llornia. Ore
gon, Kevsi'a, ami U'asbl-igion T rri'ory,' as ex-
iraiiri fi a-i i.iv y o i' 'au ss.- u ail oi
August 4, is.'., "
UtiNi Is I. GKOR'iK.
of rerrfue. Cnniiiy s.f ia-iiclas. suiteof litv-gnn
has this day tile-l in this blss vorn state
ment No. T-T, lor the purchase of ll e S'jVtti,,
N'i hW '.'.ill Ss lion N-i 1, Totv nsli p JO i. of I. i
Misl a:i. will oiler proof uisbow tlial the ls:ul
sought is more valuat-le for I's t.uilcr or si-. tie
than for agricultural pu -pesos, and lorstaoiish
his claim Pi snM I.ntl lM-fue Cie Hisslsti'r ami
Rv-eeiver of Hits uflii-e al Row-burg, Otc-ou, on
Wedne. lay, the Id da of oepu-uilar. l'si. lie
nsu-.i-s s witnsv.; Wallert ronit. win. M norl
and Msurke Miaip-. of Ros-biirg, Ore , and Ccl
estin llel-lppc, of r-er-lue, (Iregoti.
Ar rand J I i-rson ciaiimug alvvrsely the
aboveli-scriled lau-ls an? rrsii,ui M tile i Iteir j
i laiina in in e.-1'uiee o.i or i-eioic "a ui is nay oi
Septeinlar, I'.Wi.
Jip . i. T BRIIXifCst,
Notice fvir Publication.
I'mti-d tale l.i-d (llll. e,
Rns.'lililV, Oregon., til V I. Itsr.
Notice is lit-rel-y given that In coiupliani-
with the prov i-ions oi t..e acl oi l'oiires of
June S, s.s. entitle. I " V ;i a t for the sale of
timber lands In tbe Stnl.r.f Califonua.t i:r.nti
Nevada .and ash i to; ton li-rrltory "as extend
ed to all the public land states by set of August
4, lOTi
-s I ISC . Ml K. K'ul. It
of llo.cbnrg. iiuinlv of lioiigias. n- of lln--goil.
has lib-it in this nllieo ids - worn strtle-
iiiciil No. "; i,.r lln- i.un liii-e of the V.
of sh-. No. I In tou 11 s ii 1 1. No. -i. sou t Ii, K 'j tvcsi
aud will oiler proof toshow that I hi laud sought
Is more valualile for lis timber or stone tlum
for agricultural purposes, and to rslablish Ins
claim before the llctistcr aud Red iter oi thi
olfice of Kosaburg.Oieifon. f
on Friday the ill h duy of OetoU-r, l'.'J. lie
naiiies as' w llne-ses : John V. i ov. Miitlu-w 1 i
Wilson, of r.itselnirg. ire , 1 in lit T ivlor ol i ink. I
land. Ore. and l'n-d llolcoinb oi i.lulc, Oregon- J
Any and all s-rsotis cImiuiIii uilicrsclv I he j
almve ilesi-rila-'l Ihii.Ii are n-ijiti ste.1 to tilej
tlieireliiiuis Iu Ibis ollice on o"- beiore said ilth :
dav of OctoU-r, Itsri J T. I RIIh.KS, 1
Jyllp Register.
Notice for Publication.
I'liiti-d stnt. s 1 ii i.l I illii c.
Ilivsi-I.iu, ttrt-itmi, Jinn- ''i, hS'J
Notice Is harel-y flvcn that In cutniillanca
srllh the trtivt-i"iis of the si t f t'oiiBrcsa of
June::. ISIS., entitled "An a-t fur the ssln of
timber lands In t l.c .isti-. - .f r 'ali'-. rtiia. tiiei;oti
Nevada. and it Asliinvtuii 'territory," asexiuiid
d to all the pill. lie land states ty'itct uf August
A1.V1N" I,. Win Hi,
of ll.isi-liiir-. I'littnl y of li'iirl-i. sfiilt- of (lri
frui) , litis tin.-, ilny lit'-'l in tins oilii c hi. sorti
stsii ini-nt No .-.;!. for t In- iiiin-tia c oi t lie W'3
tt "4- -SI- i - "4. ' i 1 4 "I st-l'lnll .Ml.
hi In in'ii-tiii :i soiiili ol rune I wist
and will oiler proof toshow I hat th ilati-l s itiRht
Is more valualile for Its tlmls-r ot' stone than
for aiiriciillural pnrisiscs. an-l to -stald'sh Ills
r Is r.n la-tore the kexlater slid tlec.-iver ol this
oline ol Koseuiirg.ureuoii,
on rrldiiv. tin- litli dm of rii lnlar, I'si'. ilTi
niimi-s as w ltn'-ssc : Krtd Y. I'lti k, .linnts i
r'i-ri:iisoi. Thomas ,1. rVrifiison. .Iulm liiilu ll alt
o'llosi'liurif. ( inuoii.
Any au-l hII a rsons i-lniiiiiiiK rilM-t -i lv tin
nliovc di-MTil'i'd Inn-Is are rvqm-.trd to nii
theiri liitnis In this ofliee on or la fori- mihI I.1I1
day ol Octnlicr, J. T. ttlil l . KS,
Jyliji , ilt-nisu-r.
Notice for Publication.
I'nited Slatesi Land Olico
Uosebutg, Ore May 17, V.W.
Notice i.-t hereby given that In compli
ance with tin-provisions of the net "f
Congress of June 3, 1K7H, entitled "An
Act for the aulo (,f Timber Jimls in the
States of California, Oregon, Nevada
and Washington Territory" as extended
to all the J'ulilic Land States by act rif
August 4, 1H'.l, i
of Oakland, County of Ilotiglas, State rd
Oregon h?e thin day filud in. this odce
his pwiirn stutciiien't No, L'lso, for the
purchase of the SL'.of si'i-tioii Tl, Tp.
L'U Eolith, range '1 west and will offer
proof to show that the land nought is
more valuable for its tiniU-r or ftono
than lT itgri-iil!iir:il pttr)rfi-s, sn-l t
establish his claim to said land lie.'ore
t. e Ki-gister and Keceiver r.f thiii ollii-e
at iloM-linrg, Oregon, on Wednesday the
.ii'i nay oi ."-epteinlier I'.Hii'. ii. names
aH witnesses: Kor Ste.irit.-4, Oscar Kd
wards, Phil Jlccklcv anil liny Miller
all of Oakland, Oregon.
Any any all ikthohh cla ming adverse
ly the above desr-rilx-vl lands are) request
t-l to tile their claims in this ofliee on or
Injfore said "rd dav of Septeuila-r,
in-'ir J. T. JinilMJKS, L.-Mster.
Notice for Publication.
I'nited s-atia Un-l OBJcc,
Roseimrr, rr-gon, Ai.g 6, Ije.
Xotlee i her. by uiveti that tn tomplianee
wmi toe pr-iTisioits c.l the- a l of Congresa of
Ititio :i. is,.-, entitli d -An a-jt for the sale of
tlfuwr Isu ls Iu the St&u-s id California, Oregon,
Nevalaand W nliiii(.-iin Territory." as exu-nd-i--l
t ail th'.- 1'ubno lJlld riialea by act of AiiJ-if-1
I l-'JJ.
of t:-hi!r, county of Douglas, Bute of Ore-oo
lias lliis day flbsl In this office her sworn state
ment No. iiiisij. f.,r tte purchs&e ,, the pK'i Mi
'...I'.KPi 'S'!,'rt'; ol sertlon No. 21
loanship No 8. range No. 9 west
and will olTer priof toshow tual the land sought
is ciore vaiiiabls for its Umber or S'.nne tlusn
for agricultural purposes, aud to establish hc-r
claim loss 1-1 lsn-1 beiore Z I. f'iuuilcs C a Com
niitmier, at nakiati-1 or too, oa Thurslay.
tne - ird Jay ol iscober. i4j.'. She names as
wi:n--se : Ida C Oiles, John H-nran, John
lluruiii, K-fain Boolmr. al ol Roaetmig. unTton.
Any and stl pe sons claiming a1rerly the
alsive itesi rlht l lands a-w re-io'sel lo Oie the r t!iiiiiii. :os nftsli.rr-s.i l jird ilay
j of i '. Ic
J. T.
.11 .
Notice foi PubIic2':ion.
Cn'ted S'tales In 1 Oulce,
RvMeb-jrg, Oregon Jcne i, 1WJ.
N'''.lce is hesebr riven mat in coBiuliariee
; with the provisions of the act ol Cougresa of
Jone 3. is. entitled An act lor the saie of
I ii:ab?r ln i in the States of California Orccon.
) Ntva.1 and VVailnnglon reniiors' uexteDded
i lo a.i Uic public iaud states by act ff. Annual 4,
i li'-f-i.
( jiUIN '. BK.VXETT.
of Seattle, roomy of King, stabs of Washington,
( Lis li uv ti,-l in liitscfli-e bis is-nn stt
1 ment No. Tsj. fr ibe p-ireias. id tee 8' Nw 'i
aud I'-l." 3 and 4 of src-.c'm N 1 Tp. JJ, Is west
j and ill offer proof tostosi ;y at it.elai.d songtt
is nvire i aiuai.le b.r its timber or s4.te than
for a-ir-ii-.ural pi;itsses, and to establish ha
e.aita ts!ore the hestistcr a.-i-J Receiver of Ih.s
oic cf Roseburg. Oregon.
Moo-tay. tuc iub itey at Orutur. 10 Ite
uam.- as sitnisss: Laurirnc- huu rsrrwr. ii.
- S!u.ditie,ts-nle. ta?h.. W ui. II. I-octeT.
' " v aiws. vires.
nf am a:i claiming a-lvrrw iy
above-leicritA-d lands are reuesle.1 to Blc their
:a;m in inn on or ueiore sat-l u:a day
ol '!.. :'.j.
JJIp J. T. BRirViK-t,
Notice lor Publication.
Cnitcd S:a'i- Lan I OfBos,
! fteetinr. Oregon. May r..
I Notice is hereby gives Uiat ia compliance
; with the provisions of tne act ot ('.ingress of
, Junv S, lTs, ruirlssl " act for ibe saie oi
; limber lands iu tbe Stst.s of Calio-nia. Ore
1 ton, Neva-la au-l trashingtoa Territory." a
esieu. lei bi aU Ibe lubiu: Lan-1 exiles by as-l
! of Au;n: 4, IsVi
of Bur'.lrigl.Kl. rsaiuir of rsaci-.sta-.ersf Wash
i in cum, 4: as this day tied in this ofiio- his sworn
.''.event So.:-:s lor i:ie puiebass-of ihe Nortii
i .-si j arterof s-u.,n No. a. township it ol
rsi.r-s ei so l mill ,.. r proof Ui snow that
. Ui-. ;at.1 orlJt is mere va.uable f.w its timber
I or stone than agm-uiturai p-ifrsjw-s. arid ts
esib'i.u mseiaim n-saJ.l jm I t:i.rr le Rrg
' is:, r and Kesrivitiil Hits tflirs. at R'sseburg
.-zrf..n, on Ihu-viif, the iKth day ol -s.-pieia-.
l-r. IaiJ. Hf BtstisiisitrKSMs: lohn ;ater.
.wtoism Smith. ol-Jr. r'er and LAuard
; 1; ''.'is. all id Eur sng:-. Washmiton.
Any and ail ss.:, urii ii( Ivrrs.Ir ihe
. aUive ties. bxasls ace ivsiir.:el to '.
t i.eir eUia-.s in this orhee on or t-elore said 1XU
li'j i. T. BRifs-sEi. R-sr.ster.
Notice for Publication.
l oitisl Sutes Land Otf.-e.
Re?mrg. Or.-eoo. !ay -f7. l'XL
Notice is fccteby gnen Cal in oup:auice
w.lh the pririis.Mi. of tne art o CVmjrvs ol
Jnse a, l-s, cnti'.lfi -An act f r VUe saie cf
.i3s.r lands tat tie Slates of Cal.lornta, dregon
Nevada asd vtahiugPn Temrorv" a e-jeo.l-
1 1 f-J ic 1-su 1 ,s;l;s l.j act of Aug.
US' 4. I'J.
.4 Burlinj'.on. ewntv of sait. site f . ash
tng'xin. has this day liied la hisssn-ra
s?ieneol No. 'i'-u. for the piirrha f Ibe
I,t. I VI, 7. a, an I II ol Se, tion No 4. town-s-ii:
Jl sini-.h, large s!,s-i si loCcr prrv.f
l. sIm.w tiiat the land soogul is more valua'jie
fonts tiu'r and stone than Si agrv nltural
.:ir.-osea. and toeslaLi: a bisclaim lo sa.1 laa-t
b lore the Rnrisierainl Rs-ef vest of this office at
hoseburg. nr-g ib. isn Tiiursiay, the .:a day uf
S.cttvii1s-r, I-iL lie nsfvesas wiinessa-s. Joha
siivr, Ssuf.r1 fslstr. taiiiiaas Smtta and Leon
ard in.s ... all of Muriingion, stiliiti.'vn.
j Any a-i-l a.i persons etaitnir-g avtversely list
, .roftce'ou t.rl d oi
I " ' ,
J. T. Bril L"itS.
fp RegisWT.
Notice for Publication
t Bit. d SIMM lnd Office.
R.velKirg, Ore fnn, Jnly. il. I sil
Nrtlra is bere;-v given test io. cniiiauca)
I with tte -rvvis!..t. ...f the act of eu,rrss el
;" Jnne .t. entitle-? " n aci fr.r the raie of
! tiinU-r la-.ols in ihe S atos. f Caliiorti'.a.l'regoa
; Nevada and IV ashingt.-u Territory," asextend
' ed to all the public laud states by act of August
j , bs-'i
i of Vyr'.le Creek', rouniv of Housias. stale cf
tln-i'iin, has this day tiled in this olhce bis
snori staiemeat No .s the purchase of llie
N ',. s-s iion j4. township ?s south ranee 4
an-l will offer proof toshow that the land sought
is more valuable for its timber or stone than
for acrlruitural purposes, and to establish hia
claim before toe Register and Receiver of Uua
ciliie of Ruseburg , Oregon.
j on WednrsJay the lith
Isy of October, lt:
11 names as wilnesaes: Rail Ohcic. ol is.
isnd, timron, Ira Miles. II. nil an Vrn'jtte, lioth
ol Mi-tte Cn-ck. Oreou,and Louis tutnlachcr,
of K.laitd.Otoon.
Any and ail persons claiming adversely the
alsivc de-s-n lel lands an re-iucsled lo r.l their
claims in this office on or Uiore said 1Mb day
oi October, lji.
atp Resistcr.
SasOl CutflrTh rjtiickiy yielus to treat,
mailt by Elj'a Cream Jialm, which ia ar;re
al-ly aronitie. It is rtrceis-eJ tlirougb Uit
Doairils, eJeansca ami heala tb wbola tni
facoover which it diffiia a itself, rmpgiat
aell tiie tOo. aixa; Trial aiza lj mail id
cents. Tact it and jon. are iuto to ooutiitoa
Vit treatment.
To acconiniodabj ( o6 vfao aro partial
to tiro use of atotuLsera in ariiying lupi-Ji
into tha nasal poasagea for tuf.irrfial u rv
Ihtt, tbo propnetora rrerara Cream lialtu io
iiqtud form, which will I ksora aa EyJ
Ijviuid Cream Balm. Trica taciudinj; tbe
gprtiyinij tuba ia "3 cauls. DntRtrisU ot bj
uiaii Tha liiinij fornt rmborlitu tha mad
"tittl lirT'lierUest rat th r. r-arathsv
Oil s in
W9T sj-sa
o The old davs of Titusvillc aud Oil Citv. where fortunes vro iii i.'.s i,, $
5 a night will be completely outdoue by the maguitxent oil f.vh'.s ta le
8 uncovered and developed in Southern Oregou. TIIK I'MPOTJA
8 VALLKY OIL COMPANY controls the cream of '.Southern Oxe-on
8 oil lauds. If you want sonic of the first hundred tho-jjand sl iucs send
3 . your orders to the Secretary of the Company, or through Wells, liarsjo
o aud C, express.
Umpqua 7alle,;
th St t
Society Meetings.
F. & A. M. Lnurel IyxJ l i.
11 Aia roifUlur mBelinif" tO r;otui
ami nrlb WednMilaTi id Cb
month. K.' J. c jrolii, W. M.
N.T.Jios R.'crrtniy.
AO. u.
I days
W. Itoeebiirz ItiK-J No. 10.
ita the recood and ourfli Mon
days of enVri month at 7:30 p. tn ,
In th I. O. O. F. 1111. Members in
rood atandinif rs invited to attend.
11. r. MtCbAL'.Jcx, M. W.
E. II. Ltxox Iiecorder. "
D. .8 Wrist, rioaocitr.
P. O. ELK: R fcbt!rgLod8No.
Hold r;i!;ir c.'t:iuiuci::
tions at . tj. O. F. Hall on aecood
and fourth Thar Jays cf each moDti.-.
All meuiVf-ra re'jues'.ed to attend rtzu
lurlr and all yiaiimj: brothers are cordi
ally invited to attend.
W. If. Jahikhost, K. K.
V. C. Lo.Kkos, fe-:retary.
N. G., mcetn at Armory ilailcviry
. ThrirfHiay eV'-mri, at 8 o'clock.
I'. ll. llAMua, Capt.
EGUEK OF I'ONOU. My- :icl-
:. Iu. Mta L'nu and 4iti ll.n.--rhor
eyeuiks of eat-h ic.omh in ICa-
tive Kor.i' Ha'l. Vi-ltinz ti:i-re Ciir
'bally ia-tt'eij to a'teorl.
MKi. Vti.IT V.'iU T. C. of H.
K. II. Lttxxor. lisv.
OF A. C-inrl 1) iu',x No. 22. I"tT-
reters of Aceric. Meets every
TiieerJay evecire in Nati -joc-i'
Hall. Viaiting brorherr-aiwaye gi-lcici
Vu tin n?r, C. It.
Acq. J. Kka.vtz. K. '.
E. V. Ilovta, Phrkiiti.
O. t. F. 1'hiVtari-in Lo.l,'e No. 3.
Meet in Odd Folio' Trnip., cor
ner Jack eon and I'aas s':ei ip, cs
Sattirdav evening of earb iti. Hem
bers ol tho order in srol an.!:&g ar-;
invite J to atltreJ.
ILIl.tMLXurre, X. i.
N.T. Jarrr, S-rcret,try.
of I. Altha L-xVe So. 47. Me"
txttj WestnessiiJ, id I. O. O. F.
Hal! 7:3.) i. m. IJeti'.ers in
good an-liog ar iovite-1 to at:esc!.
(i. V. K 1MB MX, C. C.
C. K. I.OREKTU, K- K. .
lY'dei ti-jn Tent No. i".
its regular lU-iiewr! t'sie;
first an i third FrMar. ,f each !
mouth ia the I. .. O. hall. Visi'.in
lsi?i:il-r in gins! stan!ir.i ar invito I t'j
attr-inJ. F. F. I'.iTTiai-oN, Or.u.
K. E. I'.l lUirrr, iU-ord Kri';r.
ILAC CII'.CLE. No. -tr. V.-.en r,!
Wo alcrif'.. M4t 0 i'rt sr. -!,:- i
TLorsdiiv ol each m-jbiii ar t..e N4-
t!y8oo, H:i. VwiLr c;-: -r :r.
go-yi eisn lmj are invirxS 10 a't: -.
J. E. SAwraavs, tiaardian "e:iwior.
MlXSIB OTEi', Sr-r.
iDIsIS ol the G. A.E., Abrthatn Lin
coln Uirt iA o. 2. ueeti at NtiT
sni4lali at 'J o'clock on f e--
oa l a-l f'jorJh Krulsgs of cacfi m&s'S.
O. T. ii. rsaseburK HiT X
HoiJs IU TPZ.At isr's' r.ji-
skooiI an I;r!:i Inir rr.
of ea;-h m-Kith in th Ns.ier fy.i.' Li::.
Sifter nf otlicr Hires v:.jiir j in if.c citr
are oniiallj invij u aiu-u I oar ru
Tlewe. Jt-Wis K vrp. L. C-t.
Mai ire F.. McClsUjln, II K.
W. OK A. Mjrt Ca-oji X .. i3i.
iJeetd first t.J tier i W.-:t -J ,v
a .irl. mS.! H -1 V.lir. S. . !.'l
K. M. i:tti;t, V. c. '
ilta. Evans, C!?rs
E. Ii.jeliur- Chapter Xo.
llsslda tlie.r rek-i-ar nu.-;;r. im
lir?t a;i J ll;T-.! TLnri t?T in rs'.
non'.h VL?i:ic4 tr.trt ia tsx 1
lUndirf; tr" wier::'ul, invi;l to at
.end. Mua. Calub l-t.vtn. V. JI.,
Uaa. LiBaia CsjsiUow, Seert'.ary.
lVa Xo. il. l.O. O. F.. m-ets v.
0 1 1 Fellows. Trrc i et . rv Ta-J s v
eteiine. YwUinc aiiters ncJ b'etliret;
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Real Estate Ajent and Notary
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Packer and Guide
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Paintres, Paper Hangers
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