The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, June 23, 1902, Image 4

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    f"My Young School Days.
jti """ I
1 tn tell tli ttory oi hot;e d;n so
41 long ago,
1(Vhen oft iiiasliiklifdi cW we weut to
tichixil ;
Vf$lbytl iu babbling brot'ks and e
tjYl fa &et -sim.
"nd .wo learned, to write aud evtdier
1t3u 14 nt 'ii'iniJod Uuv. uiul tW
a, i
t.pd.rli.it4 we At ore, '
-il eau har --tir Uu e fevt in tin-water
-i aae,
i;ftiirhrar thfrnlJ tinu s.l.liHj wlu-n
t, our lit tic pants we lore,
:WhUe-.'dia.-du;; clupuiuuks up '.he
tre" we played.
IKu reinetnlier all -the faivs .f those
"j?" fort virls atnl Kvs .
,J rtfliCTntirrairiTie"' teachers ami tlieir
C look,
1 jfeuieiuber all our KTrows. I reitieuilx-i'
an our joy?.
remember all the torn anil ra-gtil
;? book.
fcHielitne! we knew our letson.-. aud
sometimes we "didn't know."
JHE5"Srai--l Uwlilier on tlie
i ....
SfcuieiMK Ve fsvel - in rree" ami
ir diJu't get to fio
jtirf to play with sivrr Ky? elo?e by. lieat fnnn the fid
If box stove,"
;i feel the wind that- made the sehool-
bouse rack :
I leel the teaeherV frown, as the hazel
switch he hove.'
Hit 1 felt it plainer when it renehetl
?j my tack.
Siu the teaihrr "wasn't lookin '." ..m
rusty knivi-s we'd trade,
ajt.gether w ith a lot of other things :
Eielf lKiv was always richer from the
V swai's that he had made,
-.yYiTh ' la-ncils. knives and old bra
linger ritigv.
Te yfd tjt.. y alcli the teacher, aud
when lie didn't look,
HV tined to'fhrow nr "notes"1 acri-ss
; the way ;
YT use? to eat our apples bidden by the
f : friendly book.
Aiid we- used to Ik in Jiiisehit-f half the
V(a had to build the tires in that old
rwsty stove.
W 2'(f -earn water from thr
priug, '
y?4 had tm sweep the fliKir and tin
'seat'' we had to move,
Anij uit the teacher's M we :t.t t
ring. Oi taf younj- and happy school life, lm-v
-' T lore o think it o'er.
'And often do I seek to view the pat :
But wishes all are vain, I can never live
it more.
Yet the Juoui'rie in my soul will ever
O, that homely eountrv school house.
tho" its walls were mean and low,
And t.rruh its rf 'w felt Imth rain
and rays,
Y-t willJ love iliat fco. rvj , whrre-
-ver I may
Forth sweetness that it ptve my
young schrxil days.
1S9.I Ol.lVKH J.. M.MtK.
A Barmaid in A Little Home.
Two-hundred acres, two mile? from
Myrtle I4nt, Coos Comity. Ore.. l:X) ac
re oleT-.Jj 70 acre-?;- k1 tiinl-er: l"oa
tl on rail; j;u.n1 r.rc Lard: jrood hviis.
and barn and improvements :wi!l k-i-j
25dairj- cews.Convenim-nt river steam
boat and railroad facilitis- Tor X'rti'
nlarf?nqu!rerat this office i.r addro
f'iVrxCS.-M.vttle rohit, Oregon.
J 'Sheriffs' Sale:
InThCir.nii Coitrt Of The !Uitc f
0re?u,' For Jivlas County.
M arphy, Gj-iiyt i. Cu- a -t-oijxriitioi.
I'laintiflV I
-is 'irsfj 1 -:- 1
TIhj Meiiee Co., a cor-
puration. I'.T. Mcie I
and . J. Mctiee. '
tIefendiMits. i - ,
Vitice is lierebliavU thatf by', virtne
f n exei-ution anil oriler ol sale luic
issbe.1 out of the alove nojned Court and
oat&e on tlie 7th day of Jiim- I'.H'l'. nj-.n
a )ljrijt-iit and di-er.i ihiJr rtMidered
aua enteral in sun 1 1 onrt anil 1 cause on
tbedithdav of Mav. Itwi, in favor of t!.
alxv t naiu-l I'lainyiiT -mid aiinst ; be
aTdre named Iefeiidants, t'.r tlie sum .i
t'J-.Sj.S.'w-ith.interest-t hereon at the rate
of R liert-ut icf-a"nnum from the
da'f'-of ilav. li'Ct!. and tin.-.-jurtltw. rum
e-f ip5W attorney 'Wand the further
umi; tia.till Wht- rinrrf-
meuti. ow therefore l wiD. n.
at i o clock t.w.,-uajii.Liy at tin
Courf bouse -4 rout .door, in HiimHuiw.
Doujrtas rotfrftv. "Oregon, sell at public
Muciuni vj me tiii;iiesi niciui r, lor casli
in hand, all the'right, title and interest
the "id Defendants or. either of tlnun
had On the l!th dny-if Fr brftary. piOT,
ir atftny time tjereattnr, in or t- tin
following dewri'Kvl prchiises to-wit :
Th( northwest Uarter of the north
east uuarVer of i-t ion eieht in townshii
13 S E4 west of V M, in Douglas county.
ureyoti, together w ith all ami singular
the tCtiemenU. brO'litaoK-ut' aid ai-
liurt9dauces"ther'rniifo beloHgm:; or in
any"ie appertaining. and wiil apply
ine piioetMii1 wen - aje, nrt to ti.c
costjof wjth sale, atl m the-costs and
diebtlrseiuentit herein taxel at f i:t.ui,
nd tbe witn of $J,'.f)0 Att irnev fc's,
and to the payment of tlie sum of $l'." -33
due the Plaintiff with internet tli;v-
ou at" Hie tate nf per ceut per annum
Irontlie idtn.lay 01 .Mjy, V.rl, ami tin
veultl8 if anv t liere lie. uiv over to tin
taiikJMendants, their assigns or leal
repreMitativfiti it hjorxk-r ul said Court
iu iiid execution to me directed, com
manding me to sell the alxive de-crilx d
real"ropTfy in the manner provided bv
law A -' ' u '
Dated at Korbtrr7,'i1re;.. this '!ith dav
of Jane, 1WI2. K. .. I'arrott,
Slieriff of IkNihiK County, Oregon.
1 f or-Publ icat i on
I.iKB OFFICB at RostBCB.;, Okf.., May :!1, 1'jciJ.
Nolle it htnhJ kIvcti Unit ilie liillo.niii;
naoed eettlef haii lile.1 imtii-c of fair iiitiiiiiu
.to mike final pioof In sutrtu tier elim mi l
tbt raid inl will bv nia-lc iic.'on.- tlie Kfeister
and Eecefver, t". S Luml Office at Kiuburg.
urecou, Aum-t -it. '
f .- Vary k. cmitii.
n H. E. So sne, xU: SWJ; 8 tec. it, Tp.
2. b. K. t. West. '
BbeoaiiK-a tiie (Mlimfug witness- to urov'
tier con tin nous r-.'sMenue ujmhi ami Kiiliivatimi
f said bind vir.: Jolin isnriUi aiil'VVm: E.
Bmltlf, of Broi-kuaT. Ore , mul Ha.H. K nifor'l
of Myrtle Creek, Ore. tei Allx-rl ii W lii-, of
Dilianl. Oregon. r. Hi:iiies,
. ; , Rt-ijioter.
Notice for Publication.
- 'frviTeo'Srin: Lasn Of fi. ,
f Jt T kvw:r: "re.. May il. ls.'.
Kott iiebr-giv.'B that tfctv loowiiig
namef aAiicr ha f))t noiin- of l.i. lutniiii.i.
to make tinal imuu in aupporl of his claim, ami
that i-aid proof wil! be wade l.efore I'.i a isii r iitu!
ReceiTer' fc Jjuiil Ofliee at Kott-l.iirvr, ori-g..ii,
on July S-J'i u.. . .
on II. E. No MliOy fttAtJXo1n I lull , e(t, T;
i7S.,li. 3 West.
He uauien tbe fulloKiap witnoseK to prove lii.
conuuuoua retiileirf npon and cultivai ion ol
aid land, ir..: W". K. Cli'iman aad Wulu r
I'lnpletou, of ILwel.nnf. Onifon, and Aiired
!atbc and Isaac J) at hewn, of Glide. On g n.
Tlireliin- ():i!f;t f v 5
A o"J ill. i : J. I. .- i : '
twelve li. ir ti-.'-; "
SoldclL iv,.. .; ; !y t .1.1:.
MCS;i. ('ui.i.: V. :;
nil v.
.. .i.
! '
In-the Cir. Ci
Di-. -.-a L i' i'.Hii;'.;; iVi. ; .
C..sticw at: 1 ' !..-t '.'.:. '
Vs. ,
lh-Ml-v P. !
and I d v. :;rd 1 . 1 : I
i, ', . :
N'oii,-.- :. l . !.. . . '. ;
.il' an e. ; ' - '
issued !".!' ;a ! I.:, u . -above
er.t ;:'..-! f'. .
t l.-. : -.-. 1 . . : :
1 he .'nil KIV of .1 . 1 . :'
ment ;i 5 :
on the i iii il.i . i i -I
the ah.. a.- .. ,. ... ' .. ..
tin- above r,.!. .. i . .
t'..r the .,; o: :
t hereon r.t :h ;
mini fi"i-:u li.;' Ki 1 '!' ' ' '
the further -r.i;i -.' ;. :. .it
htrsi ini'i)l s ami :1.- v -' -
hiswii: :
or tnercto-'- t v .'T
SaturJaj , tto Uili u y '-i
it 1 o'clo - ; . .
ts.iui: in -u-ii o.; : t ... -
!a-".-.. '-.- - V .. ; : i'i.i U : :
riiiht. tiiii- i 1 ii.i- i r ;
det'eli.'..! :. i' i.-. .
iMst day : !..:. '.
thercalt- r. .:; ; . . : : !
ed pi-oj.criy -- '
That wuia M
Mintn.' 1 "isitict
eg-n, ki:0M 1 1 a
anii Liniri :.:rl
tut. i t'
iiov; I .i t:.
D-. '-'
... ,
alu-U'. I i: i : -s .: .;'
I'ott.'.-C. .:-..-,e. 1 !.. .
on a -t ;!. 1: -
h.Tthea.-i -i . s: ;
nin in :i t:. ;
feet : tl:.-..ce .-: -;,-;!;
si nt fieri v 47s . : tc .
tTs-U iUx: i ...
.'. i. ct t . t! - i-: -.
n.Ue-i in I'"?.-'.. -
ta'ttiiii-' ii'. e .1. v. .
t!:- ie'.. ' ! I :o -.
piirtv!:.".;i-i s : ' .. ...
any V i-e :.J r!.
i'o sati-fy s.i: : . .
inten-st. -;- t :u -
l.i: .1 at 1.. - .
.In lie. I'.-i'-'. . 1"
Sdier::": ' f i'
In The C:r,-ti; C - a' i:
rejion. l'..r ! ' .;; ...
II. W'oii. a. i.--: a? . iit
trator ..j the Part: r.-"
Itate of s. "L.i: I - a.
II. '..l!
i iai it :
Ell. 'etc t
t .
N icv ! - . .c.'c'
ul an exec i" ..
ollt of i j:. ;.:.i.-. ,
oil the O! i. .hi . :
j'.l I-.'lll.-I.T ;.: i;
eiiti-re i i:i -ai-i t
l'itti day . M .
a inori-..-.. ii; i.. .
rhiiiit ii! i
-' I- t.
: i i --I
! ;
J ef--i;.'a:.i - ai.-i --.a-.-i . .
lueir.i, i e ! i ! - :-- '
1 - !'-:' ' : '
interest t: cr.-. i a." I : r "
cent it :,:.:.;: ,! ::-:i:
Mar.-!:. :. ;. :"! to : '
"..ju.iu a' t- r:,i -.- : . - .
and 'iis a;-:.. - .'-, i.o.'
S.UPBf '.v. .
at two o'. ' -. k . 1 '..
Court h :': : .
a:.e:i..-i ;.. . !.;.
in l..i:-i. .. i " - - ' - :
v.I.i.-h t:.- - : ' !; ' .
thi-ia h a ..- '. : ' '.
or i 11 V i 1 1 1 1 1 i .. -I : ' .
foliow i;,r J.--.-: .:. ; i.. . .
V- z : a
south a:: t i .'(.. .a:.:..'- v
to seei .'! . ' . . .
l'i;. s-.-.-.:h. -,-a- ; -. - : :
ette M -i i i:...i, t ; ' .u i -7."i
ehait.s. -;. a a - t
tf.enc ' I-.;- .'.!'.!.' . :.
i llnitts. !! il "-a.
i'!.;iiia. J n-la : - '
2- iXi eh: i; -. 1b.'i..
s;.iiji:I i.::--. : .. .
lii- tra : i l t.-i .. ;. . i : .
an and v if.. ; l . a .
lay nf J i . i . a y. i ' . i
iiiiJ; is j-.-.-. r-l- ! i.i v -'-r
S7'i of lii.' K..-CO.'! " i -:-ronut
v. "i -.ion. -
N-.rth I t!. ; ;.:a . U ; . !-.. .
th3 lllea.lele f . - '
It dl.t I';. '.'l' eh.ii,. - V
t Ui-i-ll s.-i-'.i -a- " t i
ti'inli l,ti.f ;.i
ice ol y s;;i
in- 1 .is.! s tia.r-- r .
.1 i:"'t "d" tiie 1 ! ii.i- I.:.; ! I. ; i
tl' .1 I .e-.ia.'.- ..a-! i.:'. : .1 I i . .
Ais.i lite east I'., .a.t!.-- .'-,
and I'd 7 i.i -.- ': a l'i a
I and - "I s-i-ti-m .'-.;.; ."
liel es, jiiiii e. ijI" i,--.-. A :r s ,. i i. ,
20, Hie v.-i -t '.. ..f ;.. - a".
-.-i.ii 21, 1 .; ec m . !".., i :i - i
Hi-cf M.n 2 .si.i.1 a if; :.'a " , " : " -lots
: :; . : . a i - -7
:iinl tin- 11. if 1 1 1 east ' , ; .
u-t-sf '4 .i si-.-ti-ci i'2. 1 .:
tien-sy: alsn ceiT.-ihi ..,.t
n.i'a.-lfi..n I 'liiim N. . ..; lie,
in secti-ai- l'i . '11. "7 a ai 1' : , ..
f.i!Iovs. t-.-wi: : W-i.m-.y -z ;.: .
12. Li eliailis .....t !.
eiinier i( s:i;-l l..n:M;ai l'i : :
t lieii.-e i-as! :;7 :is ciiiih-. ti..-...-1.1.17
eliains, t !,.:,.-! v., -.-1 : -.
llieiiee -"itilii -'.5.17 i-Viia- 1 t'i 1
li.-'iiiniii-'. -a'aaa-. ; I'i'i :
the iicrtli'.V'-si '4 ..t tl.-- a
i-eti'.i 12 c.ililaia-aj i'.i ., . ; ..
north j ( the Mitri'iM-i ' , V
eni.taiiiiii SI a re- ; a!--. 1:.- ; .
'4 ii the Iinrtli.".-! 1 ; a : : a. )
tii hi l'i , i-'iat. lining .' .a re-, j
:dl -if liie jlliovo (li'seri'n'-i
pri-liii'-s 1 villi: : 1. 1 1 aia- r 1
1 ivviisiiiji 2ii M.uiii i.i r. :. .
Wilhiin.-lt.- Me. ji'iaia in I' . -! a
Oreifnii, atid i-ii!.faii.;!.o ;.. '.. ..
IDWt.rii; i,cr. -a t--v -tl.. r" -.. ... :
iiieiils, ln-r. liiiaiiieti: s ;,a l ..'
ees tliiT'-ili.tu l,-i-.i!(o.. , ; , ,
:i J .-!-! Mill i!i-'. alai y, ;J a aj i v ! J
rcr-l-j, s'lcli s.i!.-. li'-l. -', i' . -
III till- l-O-ts ill sle-il ai. i;
and distlntrsetnei,:. b i-au ; ,:- I
2H. secnd. 1.1 t!a- ) r -aa a' ... .- ; ,
t.iriley tei-.s- a 111 I 1 1 't- fa vip -u'. ' v '
ul If li,iil7.ii7-iiMo t he -.!-ti :. ' ; , :it 1 1 ii- 1 .1 ; 1 i 1 .. :
1111 iii frniii 1 la-:;! -t .la v 1 a ,1 , , ! . . , a
t In- over 1 ila-. ji 4111V 1 !:-: !.-. .v
said Iei' lidatit--, tl'i.-i." '
n-iiresetitai iv-s. .v . ,- -. -i
( '-.dirt, iu said e-- -al ; -a ' , a --eiillllil.-llii.iia.'
Ji,.- i., ,s. n,.-
scriU-.l real j.r. m- .1 in :! e 1,. ..,:.
VKIe.l I.v law.
H.lte.l this 'it!, ,.j .(a;,... . ;
!'.)'.: ; . .
."In-riff i.f linajia; Oe:iitv . 1.
. C'.
to write 1. 11 our c.ii!i.iorai .1 :, . r t - t ? ;
ply" fr Kil.-nt ; it o. v In- ..:-. i.--' .
Ue iiromptiy chlaiu l'. s.. :, : 1 ;- . r- a.i ' ' '
TIRE attorn, y ,-. j., ,i a K
or J.l.lo mid v.c ;.-etid an I f 1V1 fi r.''f.'i d F
FREE rejioit f-ii tut '-id! v. v --a.J
tho la-st lcirai ivii .- and ii-l.i.c. yiai oa.-g
glmiyua arc moiicfal, 'J rv ua. 2"
Paicitt Lawyopf;,
Opp. U.S. Patent OficcYaehli.siwa, D.C.
it iu:i.
:. tliril
. I. !
I i-n: o
Coi- '
i .1
.h :
! M:l
.1- -.1:1!
s . I ut
I ;.- I
- I;
'.I . 1 ' ' I
f ,-l
! I
.a: !
ia 1
-I 1
. 1- a ;.i i. ,
' a a . a Ihj.h
', . r .1 si. a.-i-l
ia sliijai h
i:- i-.i.-r 1 -11. 1
: . -a, ..,
i- r, la.jj. lie
" ai-
1 ',. , nail 1 VI
1 'v.-.M-r.- ,1 ,.
-i to a i. ; !.;,
1.: ' U) ol
1 11 ill.) s,
a .juration.
I . ..
( :"i'-,
lll s. 1 .!!.
iU cosaoiiauce
ul.- id
lii't ol
- i;ei: 1.
,.: I a
.'I I'K-.l l.l
. II.
ol 11
' . 1 a,t liH-e ill li.'
- V . o:- n .' No. in
ia..- J.'o. .1 V. : si. a:. 1 v, ill of.
111- in-i.i tiM-j.,i is more
To ).': thua lor n-ii-s---i
a. : aoii-li ait. 1 i.iiiii lo
1: -ii, r ia. I t: .---i-,. r id
I'-', i -' ai.on I a.-silay, liic
ii'.'-'. il'- a. '... s c t i'ni':
a 11. I I. Vt ml. -sales. I I,.
. .-on I .na ; t. ii.t-l of i;,,.---.
'' :
" '
?Z j..i i..."s, ly the
a l- ir.- r. .i.-.n d In liie tin ii I
a.l or ituioie aaid Uiti dav
,a i.iiv 1
u-'- l-'.J.
J.T. lioib'.Ks,-
"Notice foi I'ublioaiion.
Unile.l StatcH Ijud OHiii'.
'Kuncliiirfc, in'KOii April 1", I'.Hf.'.
.Xii'.M-e it n.'ivliy kivcii Hint in compliance
i i!liiln-.r.. ir-ioim of tlie art ol roiiKrea of
June:!, is,s, eniiileil-' An act for the Hale of
limU'i 1-iii'N lii IhrSiati' ol I ulifornia. UreKon,
, viiiin -iiid t limi;liiii IVmiory" a exteiidi-d
t'i h!I Hie i : i I 1 it: luinl tnlc.s by act of A uiiint 4,
i.i i li. i ii ii 1 . iMiuily ol 110111:1ml, Sliito of lire
I','.. .- this drty lilcd in litis iitlice his mvnru
I -1 .-1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 .No. ! il, inr tin) imiclinse of the
X 1 ,. I.I Si i linn No M, TllWIlhliip lh, Kolllll.ol
i i.-nu-i s wl . and ill oltcr proof to show that
i.ii- lioi.l vim;!, i iMinire valiialilu for ila timber
i it t. iti. - ilotti Inr Hitrii-nltural piiriiiiM M, and lo
i i .iitt.ith Inr. cltiini to siiid iHttd lieiore the Ki'K
j i : .1 nil. I ki-i-i-ivi r of this ollu-c at Koheburi:,
(ir -i;iiii, on Weilnesday the li.lli dayof July, liat.
II.- tut ,111's ll tt lllll-K .lolltl 'I lioitl, FlAllk
I H I nn ; ol I ii i-iHtiil, 'ri i!iiii, Rosi ,i o. liolt.
ol I'olev Vulli-y, Uli-ynll, William II. 1-OllR, of
1 ir i-:itiit, tlli-i;iill
A ii y iiud all i rsnli claiming aili'i-rm-iy l!iv
ainn ilr-criin d lamia an- reipunli-il to die tlieir
i liinu iu ihiMiihi-e ouir la-iore niii li'-tli day
l.i .inlv, l.H'.',
AJIp J T. BKIIii.h -',
Notice for Publication.
I nued Slate ljind Ofliee.
Rosebuttt, Oresou, May 2, I'.hl.
Notice it hcrri.y javei that In complla-jcc
ft ith ihe pr (vision of the act of CiiliKna of
l ine Is7s, entilied "An act f ir tho kale of
tiaim-r Un l In I!i" Stale" of t'alifornla, Oreon
S-h in and W avhiiuton Territory,'' aa citctid
el to nil llu-I'uliao l.atl t Slates bv act of AllR
list I, lv'.',
oi !'.i -.J.:i, county of 'Ihursloii, SI tie of WaahiriK
I.. ti. lias this .iay hid in Itus (. Hue ma mioro
-i.ii-i a i l No j !. ler tlie pup hanoot the NK
1 , of scctii.ti No l-t township Jl koiitli, rani h
. -i ai l i:l .; r prm.f lo stinw that the lmi
.'.:-.-:a is i inr, .i-iab'e or Us t:mlier or atone
tMHii Mi:i:i-i:ilnr.i! purimista and to estate
t :i iii. . itiiia to srtid lod tH'lure ihe Heitlsb-r
a:..l Kei-.-it r i.l Hits orln-e at Horn-htiig. Oregon,
,i . l!.i..-.ln.. the lllh dav ul A'lwll't, l'.H'i lie
a visa Witnesses: Juiiici. S. hn-thcli, Alex
h i '.:!-. 1 1 1 1 , h.K. kincart, Oukiand. Ilteiroii,
il vv. M ,',!. r. I In s. l: llouard KoM-burg. lire.
Any and nil i.ets"i:i eiaiuiiiiK Hdicisciy the
ai-.-i t .:c-ci iU-.l 'aa.lp an- rx-.iicsi(si to lile I heir
cii-.ns in eftii-e eu or betore aatd 1 II ti day of
.i,i:s I J. T. BRIlMit.
ci:p Rcgistrr.
Nuticc for Publication.
s"t n i I.imi un ii r.
im-Iiiiis, Mi) 21, 11.'.
v ivt-n Hint in ciitiif.i.ntli t-il-s
of III.- a. I .f 'illfr-k ol
lii. I - An All lor Hie wile ol
in tin- Sln:tl of Cat
Ncnl.aiid Wiifthiiialon leu
I l.i a, I the Public Ijoi.l Slates
. i.i n-t
I Jlll-I
. l.
e! A :K-1-: 4 ls.-.i.
t i.l Mi I., i HKStiM Kill
-. ' :f. :. r-nitiiv id U"ia;l". ?'atc nf I (n toll,
i : -t.-iy I... .": in it,i i-B.i i- hia smuiii ;ai -,
i..r l'.- puri liae of tbc Soiih
a- .T 'tl 1 . "f s- ctiiol No. J'., in tottn-b-p
l:.:ii!.-e No. t e.i and tt i.l !! r
: ' - :'u.: no- land s..ti'hl i mcr val-
,--:. a- :i i.r ione it an fur a'iit uil-
: -;: a:. ts!Bv;i;.i iiaim d.
!. i.-l I-'.-a- i;.c l;i-f;.stcr and kiii i-. cr ol
- 1. '-. i'. lili-pe'i, oi: Mm. day. Ihc
!a oi - !,;-r. Ia.. Ilenamik at ii-
ifomi- J Miami, llany K. M.lli-r,
: la; ici.l '.: iy llli'.i r. all Of Oakland,
; .i-i-l p. ti- oil i '.auitiiig ad. crs. iy the
. ' -t- - r:' 1 !aa-U .ire r-'iil- !.ist to li'.c t'lelr
. - a i.i ;!.; Kil n c i-a or t-orv iiid 1 tlb day ol
r 1 ; J. I . lllla, -,
i . R.)tiicr
Notice for .Publication.
I Si .1 U St tit s I.IS0 OfFM .
1: l av, un-.MD. Kay .'4. I ..'.
N-.l.. - .s i.. r-t.y ciM-ii tbat iu c.iuip'
. : ; .i.-ns ,,f me a-1 oi Coiin-! o(
: ;P" t- i-:a.i .-d -'An ai l b-r the aie ol
1 r l.c.-l' la tb. slaii s ol aHl:r'ila, Ole
. a.. N- n is ati-i W .t-iiiiv.on Tt rriinry. ' aaei-
. : I to aii tac l lil lb- Ijind slat.-s i.v Act ol
Va-t I. l-o.
11 tKRY K. Mll.l.KR.
-. iV-iit.:..!.! t-.ii:ty..l KoiiKia.. ;a'.e ol oretcun.
.a- .- Ca isl el lint o:!icc his iwoin it'e
Tin -.. N-. . . Mr l!ie pur. ha of tlie -sooth east
ia.. . 1 s-,1,,,11 ,,,. , in .wn-t.'.r. So.
. . -4 at:. t.i i. (. ,i. w a r an-1 ill ofl.-r proof
-. a i.,a ti;e i::-a. soaM is alcabic
: r i - i -. a- : -aaa- :i an fur -.i all iral I-or-:
- - :. a a i ?l iu.i-h las cloiin to ial-1 -an-l ls-i.-
i- - -a n a-! I'.-o a- r i.l ih otliieai
1: - . .-.ii- -a n'i ilom'a; li e lath day 1
-s .'. ..i . r. 1 c lit- iii-no 1 ttitne-- isn.
1 -a c: 1 r d 1. 1 !. r..ia. :h, v,:nt laj.or
.1. : i'.'i .'I a. r. ji!i ..f nakialld. llnyun
Ar. ,a a i -t-tiii. ciaiiiilu advi im-It l.'.e
.. ' v. : a i ' l;ia ! .ire 1. a"i.te. lo i.'.e ilitlr
i s .; :ais 1. 11 . .-a 01 1 ,..r- - id l'dii ar ol
- ; 1-.-. i J 1. IlHIiKiK-,'
Nuticc f ir Publicatiou.
I r.iuJ ,:.- Lin tOTi .-.
F..-.r.". (in-c!i. liar U. V.V1.
-. . iu--cby tiifti that :n c..rn,.;ifcnie
a r-'-'v;. .'- of trie a. -i ol C.rfrt-ss ol
..e ... .. tt.'.tivi ' o Act i. r the
. ' -. : :;. tl.c 'ate d ' '.ililomla. r-(-ii
n :.i. jn-l iVi.'ia (jt. n Territory,'' as exti nd
a - A ' a i- Pal. i.i- I.u 1 s:al.-4 b a. t of Aus--.
i ;s .
Ho.V AKIl U H.l.lAWS.
- a - y..i KiiicSuti-ol v
t . fi .. -i ai t a i utt.i h om tate
a - . . ..4 a.r t. ,-in-t. ,. II, e VV ' . st'4.
v. ! k . : .-.-ta-Ti .'.I, t . ins!. ij. No. .si
. .i rn:.- s w .tl; I -., li r? r f.riHi: t i h..w
a t d-h! i. autre ii'aa'.ie lor it
ta- r .a -n.' liis-.i ai;ri.--j'.l-iral fi lrno--.
It ' sti i, j c.ii a-l l-i sa.'l ianl N fore
rt r a l i'.-c i ,.-r .i oTtice at li.e-
a a.oa. t ii Sa-.uj.ty. Ibc 'ikl dajf of Au;' Ii-- :.s a.-- a- a r. a- hi) fun
, a - s..:i ,ntr.-. o! S-i.ttie, vt ashlnK:on, U in.
r ila . II..:. n, ol 'iiii a lie jr. Oregon
ia s- t:..,iM-- a li-iauii-' advci-elr the
.! r l-t liilare n tn.-t.d lo Lie
,:i a - in -. K.f ,.it:. c iii or ia-'r- labl Z.'A
;- ' f -at-t. l. J i. IHitiK.l
lai ;. K'Siitrr
Notice for Publication.
t'n. let slates Lan-I Office.
U.-h!:r tirron. Mar t, V.'.'i.
No. v is 1.- .a-ar i;.vc-.i that 111 Ciioi.iian'.e
wa 1 !i .-' -,.t.i li.oas of ti,.' a-t of (aTf'esa of
J a..- .. Is.-, rutins! 'An nt tor tSe aale ol
i.-i.i-. ! .a i. 111 '.h.- Mat.-a of Call ortiia.OriK.m,
Si- j'li an t Terltwy.' ' ai eileud--1
'.-1 ii . t-ic I'uahc l.a-j 1 r-iatr hjr act of Auit-
-I I. 1- -'.
1- la 1 a,a: 01 l(oiii.-ias, Ma'.c of tin--
-1 . 1...-a.- tav al.-l in itua o'tliv hia aaorn
- 1 a a . V. ' J I l..r the .urvbM- "f the NV'.
I--No. 1'. ?ic. ,isi., ao s.nth, rauc. I
j simul v,l: .,!!.-r i.r.s.l to alio that the ian.l
- .1 . laor,- a'aiah.e for ita iimla-r or stone
'ln-i r-.r nL''.nrM', t''iris-e. and t.i estb
a-i; losi initii 10 soi !an I Ui-forr tfi it.vsster
ate! 1: -. ,,. rr.f t'ai-..tii ni On-v-iin,
oa Ki-,,1 .. , ll.r l ,Ui !ar nf A nftl't. rr. II
:. 1 us wiin. si, Mannic M-iin', Nick
M . : i r .i f.-r.-r of Kie-t.iir. Oregon, and
Kt V.-K. a, ol rsiuc. Ore...
A. -, ia, I ii'.l j t-rsoli- cittiinitiK advers.-W Ihe
s! 01 il- o-riiM d laiida ar- risin.-sUsil to h Iheir
1 :,-.aas in itn. oilaa- 011 or I lore laid l.':h ilay
1.1 Aorast l-.v. ' J. T. KHIU'f S.
in-! Hiuiatcr.
Notice for Publication.
t'nit.- l s:iu- Ijind (i.tico
l'.ost hiir--, Orecoii, ilajr h. I'.siJ.
Noii.-.- is hereby Kiven Ibat in compliance
;v aa itn-pro-. asii.ns ol ihe ad of t: iinrrvM, of
laa.-IsTs, i iitit,td "An aet for the dale of
' l.m 's in in,, stalei of alifonila. Ore
,-in N.-i lelii i. I VV ash iii'i. in Territory, ' a r-
i-t..n .1 I., b 1 tiie l'u i.i i- Land Males I.v art ol
A a-a-t t. 1,vj.',
DiiNAI.II Ml t.KOfl
of liid.IV. loiiiiirof Doiitlaa sm'e of Oreton
a is lias -liiv tiled in this olhc- kttoru stale
a . 111 No (or the jmn-hasc of the fE'
a s. laion No. toivnstiin 4 aouili ranire
' -' etid oil'.-r .r.Nif to show that tho laud
- 1 nail is inoie valnnlile for ila timber or tone
tii. .11 lor iiK'n-aiiiural i.nrpoaea, and to eitalilish
si-. .na-, 10 laid hind Iwore the Kcgialcr and
1 1 1 cr ol Iht-olli'-e at KovliiirK, Oreron, on
ln -!y, 11, ,v of Auitnst lJiC. He
nam. a ns m ainc-ses: I liomas I an ton. Allien, t.eoive K. tjnltie, laac Laavvel',
a 1 01 oi.i-ia-, urccon.
Any mix lull .cisoiih clainii nir adversely tiio
Ha,,v- d.-sciihe.! ianda are rei'M-aliil to Hie
iiii-ir i 1 11 1 in s in mis oiln-e iu or I a-lore said l'.ith
-HIV o! Aia;il-t,l.'.f.
M I -! J. T. nRUJUHH.
Adiuinistrators Notice.
In liie 1 011 n ly i.'onrt of loti!!ai Cotintv,
Sane olorrKoti.
In tlie ciHltcr of Hie isHtale of I
W. W, VVa'kcr, deeaascd j
Notice is hcrcliy niven hy tlie nnderslcnerl
adniiniMratorol tho estate u( W. VV. VValkc r, iu.
censed, to the cri dilors of. mid all jiemoiiH liav -i'-.y:
cliiinn ia.'ainat tlie until deeoaned, lo
lie 10. wiili :h iiceeasary vonchera, within ai
tn.-atjis n'l.-r the iir vnhlication of lliii notice
to il,.- 11 lailiiislrHtor nt Dilianl, Uonulas conuly
.p-ii. 1
Iij:i; ol the ttrst 'iilictiini ia the Kth day o
M '-V.!"1-'- MmJAK WAI.KKR,
Notice for Publication.
t nilcd 81 nun Land Ofliee
KoM'biirK, Un nun, June U, J'.aij.
N'olK-o i loirehv given that In eninnliarjRe
tv itli the 1 rut isions of the net of Congrcsa ol
Inn.-a, isis, entitJed A ml Act for tho sale of
liniii. r lands in the fitMoa o( ( iililornin, OreKon,
Nciiln 11 ltd VV ash I union letriiory," aa txtead
i d l'i nil Ihe i'lllilic I.. Hid Stlli.cs hy act of Anit-tl-l
I, Is.'.'..',
..I i I aiaai-i Vuliiy, coll lily of DiHiiriiis, slate of
I a. 11, lais thi-- rtiiy lile.1 ill III Is ol lice Ida snorn
st il nt Nil '.; I (or Ihe un'liast- of the iKi.
ol s i-iain No. '.'ii In toivii.hii No. ) H, rane
"... s iM -t. and wil' oil.-r . rool lo hoiv that the
I.imi soai;lii I t-oi.. Milniihle for Its timtM-r or
-tone lluiii ot 11 i ciiltuirtl . lupous, and toes
t T . 1 1 .-! 1 hi-cln'iii to 1.1 I.l Ih'1'1 hefore Ihe. Reulii
i r mid rr oflhts oilicf. HI Itoa hn'rir, Ore
1 on, on 'I haiMlnr, HietHli day of iicloher. par.',
lie niiMi. as iliii.-scs: llnl-i lloren, VVilllain
i-. :s, Itii li nil l'ii-k-Hlid Jesse K irkeudiill all
ol 1 jim -a- iillcy. in iron.
.... . ,o.,,,i..K n ,i
ul. ie desfiU-rt IhiiiI-i art- rc.fHeated to
their el lima in this oil -c oil or before said
day ol Octolarc l'A'2. . J. T. fiKIIl'iKri.
.1 nil p. rsoiia i IhiiiiIiik adv-rn-iy the
desfiu-rt IhiiiI-i arv r ..nested to tllo
40 - ' , ; .s : . ' Rpl.trr.:
- NfttictTfnr -Publication.
I'nltcd Stale! I nnil Office,
Roscbii if, inaion. May 11, lw'.
Nollca i hereby iilvt-n Hint in cjint liun. c
with the t.nnisloin of the a.-l of Conaivsa of
June :l, la.N. elililled An Ai t fur the sale of
tlnilicr lull. la In the Klntcs of ('nlil.irlila, In.-gDii
Nevada and Vahhiiii;loli Tcrrilorv, " as :kI ml
eil to all Ihe Public Lund Statch by ni l of Ant
usll, lh'Ji,
NKI siiN hyl'IKK
of Health-, eoiiiilv of Kiiij;. WashitiRt..u,
haa thladay liled in this otli.-t Ins sn.nti stit.
u.eiit No. Jl.'-'i lor the piirchini. of tlie litc i
and it. Hl.'4 N'4l N t1 , SW uf section Vi. o.
loivnship M koiitii, thiikc n and will otter
prool to allow thai the land soilnht is more Mil
liable lor lis timlH-r or stone than for aiae-nlta-ral
pnrpiiM-s, and in establish lu.s claim to suid
land la-lore Hie Kceiaier and Ki-i civit ol this
olhi-e an Ros-biHiT, iip-mi, on Saturday, the
2ad day of Aicruat, l'H''. II.' naiin-s as wiiii.-m-s:
IIoh aid S 1 1 i I It ma . R. S. 1 1st i-r, ol Ki atl'c all
iiigtnn, W 111 M. l orlcr, Half lioi.-u, of 1111. in
Valley, Oii-Koil.
Any and all piTa nm claiiniii n lvi-r'. ly tan
alaivc den-ribcd Iniids nn- ri.'a'ifiti d 10 Itb
Ihelr clainii in thin oltii-i-or or In lore i-; I J '.l
Of Angina, I'.niJ. J. I . bill in.!
ml'li laj-id. r.
Notice for Publication.
I' Riled Stii'.n l.nsd linicf,
Rosi-bin .a 11.. .a , Apr. l.i. i. l.
Notice if I er-l.v cm n tl.'it in eon.piiaiirc
Willi the proM:oiis 01 iti.- n i
June .1, 17. entitled "An act tor
tlmlar lan1 in ttc tl s :il-,..
Nc.i'ta, and Wu-liiicton l.-rra-a .
ed to all fnbic Ijllld -lii'i s by ie
n. 1
aH . ii -
..I A-:
4, ln.l.
of InxoUVill'-. i ollli' ol I'., w as, S'.ntij ol (an
foil, hai llii.'lay I.i. -1 .:, l'..i. .,:a. . !i s , r i
ktali-ineut No. ''-jl. for lh'- p-iri hai- of tl.c s a -4
oi ec. tlou No. .14, ..v i:-i, ,p i. - d I hi
;l west and will ort.-r in -.1 ' '.-.. tl.i.t
Ihe la-id soiibi mjii r-vai ia)-..- aa i-.ii.n-b
r or uti-ne Itian ii-i a-r,. ii.t.-i.i t ai - s, :,a 1
to establish his . la. in I mid :-n I t -i : . - L.i-
H. at-stcrMUd Ki-c-n 1 1 ..t ..i; .-.- p.,-- nn,
On ii-.n, nn W.-ln.-.lay ti e 'a "I I i s
P....!. lie Mini I" u ltlli.--(.- VV. S. 1 :.ri,..;.i,
I. ut' er Pentiie. and Jolin vv ia'. -i N- i f l-ni'ii-ullr
on;:.iU, P. lli-ao .l.i i ol - an-.'. main.
Ally and a I in-r-in- . la ia.1 u : -r lylla
alatte deH'.il ci land arr rc.,.it-sl..l in hi-
their claiiiw in tl.l oU.c? on or t. on- nid -ir-1
dayof July,lJ.
A21p J. T. RIUIh.Ks. la .-!.',. r.
Notice for I'ublicali.-in.
t iab d -a.:. . I .'. 1 1 . ' i e
llo. t-.irrf ie- a .! M.J ', f--i
Notice it b. r-rby c.i.-n t-ait in :c. ai.
wilii the t-rov i.i-a;, i I Itf i..-t i .ai .r -.s
lu-ie J, ls: etoa r I - A ii i t lr the ! .d ta
b r la-da in ttie sla'.s o: c.-a n.,.i, y i
N. da iiid VV Ahi:u'i-:i T. r - i-r -. a- T- n
Id In ail tue l ut.)-e l.a id -i it. s i-. ... I ol An
ut I. I .(,
i.l'Sl V J. KKliM N.
of K"S4-l,i,r . '. at .-I I-, . !...a:.---:o . i
hps ilea .jar l.ii-d ,n la: iilTa h: '.- .::: ':
laeiit No, ia . l it tl.c ar. I.ts- . ( t , - N -V
oi ! N-i. 14. t-i us!-.p N-i .'- S-'t
ran- i ct and oil.; J.
h.n tli- ll'l l v-l.jl.l .-ior-- i . .-.kic .'
it tnilli r or slon.. ll,a-i !.,r a-ii p:
,(r. and in i-a'a-,.iia h-? i
ba'orrlti- Rt r an-1 !:-
it kiasi-i.iuc. i'r p. in. t. 1 a.,
of Aiinit, r.j. He tiaiia-. i
liardaL-f. liiwri' Hi'i-iuin.
Henry slrai lor, I.l ol Ku?r ' a
Anv an 1 ail --r..a ctai'ii:
a rive .Icwntasi mid arc r-s
e'aana In th.t .-!Ti' i on or la. :
I Uti-t
. . r oi i-ii .1' , v i
! y. ii. - .t I lay !
a':.. i J..!-,n j
il. arv s a -...a, i
(a- . 3. i
if adv. '. the j
te I a e in- .r i
r- -..i.ia. a j.-ll
Aurii-I 17.
i.i. Biviic.l.
lu ...
Notice for rublicatu-n.
I'll. tc-l rial. -s l-.n.l 0:1... .
I:.icbar;. i o c mi. Ma .7. ! .'
Notice is hereby ik m tn.-it :n - -aai! cc
uilhttve .f..v iio:n ol tbca-l t-i oi
Jntie :. l:s cn'ii i-l ".iri ... f r t -.'
t; mber latids in the ri. ol t m i; ai.i. i 'r.-' a
Nevada, and It rr. -ry, a- c '
cdtoa'llhe al.ii.- lat,.l.:a:.- t-r a : ! A -.-u:
, is.-,
.'i.jfN s! V.TKH
of Rnrlitip i.m .-.-miij .t simt. .a vv a k.
mlon, l.a thai day It.. -I .u In., oil . i .s ... - i
s'.aleini-l.t No be :!.. I- a ' . '. sr
ol,s-c!i.iTi 2ov.n-h.. -i -..a-.. : a..--N-.
ft. iii-lii l.-l'T t-. ; i ia-.iv rl.Kt !
Fotifhi (i mfru va'ain1- e a.r ii ti- r st. I
than lor aiii u'a.-'irii n-j. .s, i:: t.. s.
I.ncaa.i toiaaiiaad 11. r-- in-- l;-v r 1:1 '.
Rtu-iurnl ti-ii oi:.c al K.-.'.-i:. ii.-..ii in,
I h irvlay it H'.h dav o' i. r. '.. J It.
names n vi'.m-i V...-..i sraita. -iiii rt
s.alir. txotiard Hr.'Li ani J vtai.o . i.-.,,.,
a'.l of J-ii.r.inalori. u.
Any and .'. ; i-m li-n. a.- J
above d-i rirnd 'aa a.-v h-, .- .u-l t fl i:..-.r
claam ia tbiso:t..s. o i ..r ' .a 1 -:ii i
Hrldrmter. J I . UK!!.K-.
Jji h..:-r
Notice for I'ublicalion.
rnf.-t -: ui. : . .-.
K I nr,-. - t; M v. a ; ii her bv eii.ntlii; ;:i . .aa
with trie .r..i .s;-.r- . : ia.- :..' .-ii.....:
Jan. t is s ,-Tta.'..l. V..A-- -.-t'i. ..
limber iai ! in lt;e -:- t I a. a . . -n v.-a,
Ne a a. and U a-hir itoii i.ri-..;.. . :
fsllialltt.. j.aliic .iv-1 iUi.s i v.c,. ! A-,; ,.
4. 'A'.".
V it.l M s;n it
of P iriili2T--li. .iMii.ll ol sfcai: : a lj. -..
f inf ton. !o.s :ta-i i i. .: .n ta.-- ' --..-n
I I'aiem. lit No .'.::ir ihe i n-.-imse ..!.- N I-,
! ol s -l ien N s. i
i a. it. and u i.. oi. r l r-a l l.i ' ...i t :
aocc til ! n.on i is aloe i.-r it ;..-is. r at, 1 ia.r.i
than lor aErii-ii'iara. 1 -; - -a I '. .e- a i;-:,
Ci riann to asi-t i.rtd l-ioirthe 11. .!cr and
k. eiier of th.i .ni..-ar la . 1 '-. .-.-a. a
1 iiu-xlay the 1 h day ol s. (aeia . r. li
ntmt aa iitiiAM Jo. in r, sn:..rl s!a:, r
lonaid br..ka:i l K.e -aiva- il .-. - s . a.;
Har.ii.giof., VV a.hiat a-a
Anyaii lail irMia .-Inining i l,'.v 1.,.
at.O! e d.-T-. ia.i iin-lun 1. .j;i. : -I a t. .- ti;- i:
i-lalma in this :ti e on it t- 'i't- 1 -I 1 i. -ia
t CepteniU r, i. T. iKI . s,
Jtp il.iiiM
Notice for Publication.
t'MTfl. sr HI - I.IM. to I .1 i.
Com U .K.. . 'n-., !a ;:. 1 c.'.
Notiee ia Jie:str R.v. n that ill c unj-afilii-c
a ith the i-rovi-ona ot ih, n. n: t .-nr. o'
June -I. ls, jitttad "Ao :n 1 i.-r I!..- -a'c o'
Tunis-r linda iu tii.-siaivs ol t a.-.'..rii..i. ore
E'l--. Net a. la and V aslitn-i.,-! T, rr.a r-.' a. 10 all the I'nU c Laid su'.e fcv ir: n!
AiiKU-t 4, ia:M.
of Oconto, ronuiy of i' out... S'au.-ef W ;-. ..s;n
liaa Ihis .lay o.rf in this oi'i.-c his iw.-t n I'a'-s-no-nl
Nn. i.b., bir the pur. I. as. nl th s', N ' ,
and VV 1, sv it. ni c:iou .No. II .11;.
No. rs isnulo, of Ktnir .v a VV rsi. a'.d ta;l uia-r
Triad loshoit thai la-li-ail xiuit'il imu. -retain
ab e for ils tj r fc.-r or t one it un (..': ii a ' 'n: a
litirtiosra, and to cataiiiiiii hi .-jiiiii 1.. a l latel
I elm- Un Riyittrr and li-c-.-in-r 01 th 1:1
at Rrbuqt. Orcpon. on Mtuntty tlie l:th :
of lit. tn 1 r, l -a 'j. He iiatacs a it.i-s.s..
John I hom, of ..vciaiid, iiicl-.a. an I t'h.itl
1 horn, Lou.a J. VV ro 'un 1, and A.ueri
a.l of Kam-biir;. Oi.-at. 11.
Any and ail w-rsoni claiming adverc!T t.i-
aioe iliiartifasi ian.U a-,- icu. si.sit -o i.,c tlaar
ciatini in lhi oil e on 0,-is s.ii.1 1 ah ,
of Scitt iiitar l'.aj.'. J.T. Uatroia,
lii-IJi l-lesi-i-
Notice for Pt;llicatiou.
l"lli.lsUU-s IJIlld Olti.-e,
K.aM-l.tirv. On-ion, Apr. 7, I .J
ooucj ia uen a.y siren f at in i oinpaaaoe
nuii ine oiovisi ins 01 in. ;
'ongreaa of June ". lira, entitled
"An act for the sale ol lim cr iaa 1-in the
slates ol t ali forma. On iron . Neiu.'aanl vv.s!)
ItiKton leinlon. aa ea.endisl to ail the I'lih
llcj-a id SI -i a Or act ol A'lKdsi tih. Is.r.-,
of Imliilh, ronnty ol St. l.oiiis ,n eol Minn. . .
IR, ill! Una Oat hl.-.l In tlaa olliec Ills
alaleiniuii No. ilM. lor Hie nircliaae of the NK
Viofaeelion No. a-1, townshtpal south, ranire 1
itint and w ill oit--r im if 1.1 "hoiv I ha: the hind
MitiKhl ia irtore valiiithlc for ils tunti.-r or atoa.
than for a-ricnltiiral )urhis-s, ant 1-1 csta!.
liali li'a idaini to aaid land la"ore Ih K. lister
aud Receiver of this oTlct nt tto-.hti-. 1 inyon.
on inewiay. tlie sin .i.v 01 jaiv, pi'j. II.
naint-a aa witneaM-a: Alia rt Itolicnhan-li
I hotiiaa I a t ton, (,.-.. K. ijain.' ol Iti.ldi s
fret;on and 'fhomaa Fi. ltvtaoii of i.U-ndale
Any and all peotona eia'iniit udverv-!y tlie
alxive ileacrlbtsl Ianda mra roiieste. li li c
their ciamia in 1 Ilia mil c 011 or o -lor.- s-tid sth
day ol July. l'.-C. J. T. HKI IHtKS.
alilp licKitur.
Soeiety jMetings.
1 F. A A. il. Lou re 1 Lottie No. 1
1 Ilalda rewular ineetiiigti 011 ftoeoiiti
' an. I f nrll. ol ...ixlt
monlli. K. J. STftorn. W. M.
N. T. JkWKTr, Secretary.
AO. U. W. Iiosebnrif No. Iti.
Meets the Fecoud and fourth Mon
a .luva of lini-ti ntrinlli nt ? .'tl) .n
uujd . . w,.,. u . ,o, r. Ill 1
in tin) 1. 0. O. F. Hall. Memtiem in
i?ooil eUndinn ar invited to attend.
, II. T.!.s, M. W.
II. I.Knox Keeorder.
- D. .S Wkst, Financier.
BP. O. ELKS. ItofeltnrK Lodite No.
S'M. Hold rtv'iinr cniutntiniea-
lions at I. O. O. K. Hall on second
and fourth Tliurgjnya of each month.
All members requited to ai tend rccn
larlf and all visiting brothers are cordi
ally Invited to attend.
YV. II. Jamikhon, V.. K.
V. C. London, Secretary.
. N. G., meets at Armory lla.ll eveiy
' Tbarsday eyenmir, at 8 o'clock.
F. B. Hamlin, Ut.
EGUEE OP HONOR. Mystic Lodge
oy. ij. jmui nii ani 111 Jbrtro
iljy evenihrff) ol each month in Na-
tiv'n Hona Hall. Viaiting meinbera cor
hally mted tT Attend. -.-
M itn. Mi. kit "West, C. cf II.
E. II. Lennox, Ki-e.
fOF A. Court Douiilaa No. 32, for
est, rs of America. Meets every
Tuesday evening in Native Suns'
Hall. Visiting briiiitwrsalways welcome.
Ciias in. vis, C. li.
Aro. J. Krantz, K. P.
R. V. HoovkK, i'iiVHician. .
10. . F. Philetarian Inlue No. 8.
Meotg in O.I.J Fellows' Terniile, cor
ner J no n and Caea etreets, on
saturdwy evening of each week. Mem
hern nf tho order in t?ood etandinj are
invited to attend.
II.15.iilU.KTlE, N. (i.
N.T. .iKwn-r, Secretary.
Kof 1'. Alpha Lo.!e No. 47. Meet
every Wednesday, in I. O. 0. F. o - .-vi ... r i .... . i.
. . I .O I'. IU. 1.1C111UC1I ill
.od ai andiiig aro invited to attend.
0 V.. Ih.KaitTH, K K. 8.
KO.T. M. rri.tit tiuii Tent No. 15.
Holds its regular lii-view the
lir-l iind third I'ri'luv of each
month in the I. tl. (. I.alf. Visiting
1 1 :! t i- in -(.uidiii are invited to
atteiel. 1'. I . lTm:s..N . Com.
I.. K. lit.ou.tir, Ucturil Kw(t...
LII. Vf : ;;U(.I.K. No. 4:, Women ol
Wo lii.-rafi. Meetson iirdiu l third
1 !.:us, ol eatrli month at the Na
tive H-.ri, Hall. Vibitino; member" in
iuo'l Etnd;u( are invited toa'tond.
J. K r-AwvsMs, tiuardian Neighbor.
Vi.vsik Otev, Secy.
LA IilUS of the (i. A.R , Abraham Lin- ;
c-jlri f'.rc.'e N). mee'i at Native,
."s'ji.'e Hail i-t 2 o'dotc on tlie sec-
oi d and f c:r;ti Fridays c,I each rnontti.
L. T. M. KoteLorn Hive No. 11.!
1 1 a lb iu re'iiar review npi.n the
" pccond and lo'jrth I riday eve.
of l- :i nr;" t in the Native' Hall.!
i-ters of o'.her Hiven viaitirg in itie city '
are cordially invited lo attend oar re-,
viewe. j
I J8ik Kai-p, L. Com. j
I M vt i k K. Mt"HLUi5i, K. K. '
W. OK A. Myrtle Camp No. C33d.
Meets tlrsund th'rJ Vednedy
e tf-li rr-.m.tb it V.lit-A nn& lfa!l
K. M. IJkauu, V. 0.
Oeo. Diko.v, Clerk.
OF'. S. K jiebur Chapter No. 8.
Hcii.ii their reua'ar tnPeliD? on the
first and third Thursday in each
nnbth. Viniting ir.ea.ts-ri in good
!UnJit.j are ref-pect.'ully icvited to at
.cnd. V Ca; Lit CkAPD, V. M..
Mr.s. I.tcitte Cofiiaw, Seeritary.
ftVC!-:KAl!s. Kocetmr Fsehekah
I.oJk' No. -il. l.O. O. F., meeta in
t1 1 Fellows' Temple etry Taeeday
eveiiinit. Visiting eistere and brethren
i. to at'en-1.
I't t t I'.p. im v, N.
; li ia n i -ihkki v. Il . .
m.i AKTI VNS. Lini-n-.a as-;
II -- '';' N-i. I'1-"1 ii.ex-ts every itur-
" 'i-v .-..liii.i:. ai Native
-r H.til. i-i'.ir,-4 Arlis.-inn cordially
ia . it.--l t-i attend. " I
M i:-. M . . M. A. i
Mi - I', j;. Ihn v, S.i-n-tarv
amn N.i. A at the Odd
el'.owi' Ilaii. in Koeebor. every
zrsx and thiol everiing. Vieit
.nr r.eljtl.hori a'.wavs welcome.
Jr us T. Iino. C. C.
J. A. Eiciianas, C-.rrk.
H. Little, !
Orejnn. j
Professional Cards.
rnviri.N AM) jLKGEON.
K' sECl IUi Oksgon
Sfs-ia. atu-n:ioo r.rtn to Diaeaae ol ibe S
and Throat.
oS.-e-Ma o ?! .one desjr oa'sh ot Ct IjHa
V hnuc. Mi!a Mi.
Q V FISHEIt, il. D,
Physician, burgeon.
H.Ii. e over V. 0. 1.okbi no,
'Phone Main 591. Ohegox.
QK.iiKf). K. HOLCK,
Pliysciau cc Surgeon.
ijf2c Rj view Bid.
l'h .Dl', Main 31
p W H.VYXE?.
Bevletr B il'.Jing,
Teiepbonc No. 4.
Siioeuni a Hail RO;KB0KU ORE
A at. CRAwroao,
Attorney at Law,
Rooms 1 2, Jlaratera Bide, ROKBCBt, Ok
"Busineiabefore th V 3 Land 01Bc an
nuilug caaea a specialty.
Late Receiver C. 8. Land Ote.
fliislnca. before I'.S. Ijind Office and i'lubati
hu-int aa a apeciaiiy.
O.tice Abraham Building.
Wil' pracliw In all the Slate and Fedenal CourU
Ofliee In Marka' Ul.l., Roaehnn;, Oieton.
AHorney and Counsellor at Ijiw.
Mm tit; Law and Water Rights made
a fi.-i i.niy.
Sla.-ateifc HI.! ROstUC Rli, OREliON
troma 1 and 2
Tl, w Htiildiiur. ROSKBt" Rt ORKIMIN
Court Home
JA. P. ITCH AN AN, Notary Public,
Collections a Specialty.
lloom 3
Manttera tltiildliiji.
Attorney at Law.
Crtom 11.
TajlJf b Wilnott Block. ROUSBDRQ, Oftl.
McCtfrraicks are the Best..,
5. K. SYKES.
Drain Gardiner
:ini.' witli Monday,
rain to CVis Bay.
tin-fa re from Drain
J oOjajund?. Travelling ineii are allowed 75 jionnds haage when they
have ,'J fKjiinds or more. Ad exce-" hav". 3ct.-. er i-ouri-I, and no al
lowruuce Will he iirale for round trip. I'AILY TA'.K.
For firlh-r infortimiioii a"l.Irea
J. R. Sawyers,
- Proprietor, Drain, Oregon
The finest Rough and Dressed
Fine Cedar Fence
Posts, Wood, etc.
Fine Port Orford Cedar
Finishing Lumber.:
We want your orders for building
material. All orders promptly filled.
J. M. WVathrhv
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
Farm aud Timber Laud Bought and So'd
Taxes Paid for Xon-Residents. Timber
Estimates a Specialty. List your pioper
tv with us. Jt
New (Jhihese m Japenese gmn
A new and complete line of Chinese and Japanese
Novelties, Chiuaware, Silks and Lineus. All
gools are as represented. All are invited to call.
ji r.itj-r ltiiiVl'it.', nrt!i Jiicls..a Strttrt-
i SMOKE 44
New Rival" Cigar
iOur Makes--::,, JOc.,
M.iir.yaeture I
Mitchell Wagons
aisd a car load nfnnT anj 31itcbell liUSjics. Siums
of the famous . . ... . -
aud Rout! Wagons oil hand.
If you wish comfort, elegance and a
,; . , . ieasouable price, see us before buying
J. F. Barker & Co.
t a : i JA l C.
ThiaSe lajvinj; larm land- ..r villam
' i'rarrty, site tr exi-liiHe. iil
tl. wt-ll trerrtll awl it tlie tiew real
estate linn mi N.trtli Jai ksun Street
llval Estate- 1iiii;lit.- H1 r
rlianjntl rVir1!itern iiti-iiem.' Alsi
t i.)vcriniu-iit land IH-:tttl. t'riiL.-tTM
lwat tin Imnd. Kstitu.-xti-t ir
niTifd, ete.
O mm m m mm m
iu I; NAblibL,
Best Rcfcreuces.
? All WorlTGuaranteed.
i l-eifft? orders ni iI.dTlnllfti Honse
Painter, Paper Hanger
:' S IT . iJlii. .....
nnii nprnMtnr mf
Painting a Specialty
('till tut r leave orders t ('lnirehill
Uos Pin ;i;t;, oki-:;o.
Yoncalla Real Estate
..KH5K ; AMI 1 11 E 'NSI UANCE .
Tlmti.T lamia IrtafcsJ , mi loaaalit. tk-i K.r.
gnim in Ihtui prapvrly.
i ; a A. P, ApPLEUATE,
McCormick Binders,
McCormick Mowers
McCormick Rakes.
McCormick Grinders,
January 20. '02, we will charge f7.50 for
I'.ajr.'ae allowance with each full fare,
A. Burr
I. I Martin
MADE Near RTvaI.
t.-.; 1 i;i..som.
II.-i..!rkk K.k.,
tear IV-.a-.t
aaaaaaaa - - .
For a Prompt and First-class
Shave or Hair-cut. Compe
tent Workmen, Clean Tow.
eli. Tools always in shape.
Baths in Connection.
?hop cm Jackson St.
Homes from $250 to $5000
Write or 'Phone
Wm. IVT, Porter,
Real Estate Agent and Notary
Timber and Homestead Locator
Packer and Guide
Camas Valley, Oregou
.-a ail lea south .t nf Rt srl-ur
Is Absolutely PL'RE, and
will OUTWEAR all other
IfyttnrWal doator d.w nat rarrr it
write lo usan.l a w,u lh, J0U j
Portland, Oregon
I .'efe Go to ..
If FJ. 101 Ff