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KU5cuury ridiuut'dm
Published Mondays and Thursdays.
tt". C. Conner, Editor and Publisher
Feed Wright, City Editor, Solicitor.
T. G. Kmi, Foreman
S. C. IAi;TRrM, Traveling Solicitor.
Twic-a-Teaik Plaindralei. per year, $1.50
Entered at the Tost Office iu Kosebnrg,
Ore., as second class mail matter.
Advertising Rates on Application.
J'rXE 23, 1902.
A car load of lambs was sold in
Chicago recently at S7.00 per hun
dred pounds, the highest price since
1892. -
The exodas to the mountains and
the coast will soon begin but every
body will return in time to take in
Roseborg's biff "district fair.
The -President has been thrown
down jn li Cuban reciprocity ques
tion, but he in not a man to give up
the right side of a contention easily.
A Njjw York oculist has 6tated that
Lis elegant juapsion in the best reai
denc;ectiou of the city was built
entirely by women patients who bad
worn dotted veils.
Y. K. Dunbar, of Goldendale,
Washington, broiher of Judge 1.
O. Danbar; df the Oregon Supreme
Court.: has been appointed Register
of the Vancouver, Wash, government
land office-, by. President Roosevelt.
President Roosevelt has received
as a gift from Cnban veterans the
Cuban nag which first floated beside
the American llae1 originally planted
in Cuba.. This was at Guantanamo.
June 12th., 1S0S, where the Ameri
can marines first landed.
Immediately after the state repnb
lican convention, the Sentinel made
the statement: "Ta-ta. T. T." And
the Sentiment then emressed still
, r i:,i
and elects a U. i senator it will be a
long farewell for the chief partr
wrecker and skulking deposed boss
who strck the knife in Mr. Furnish 's
back, says the Salem Sentinel.
The claim of Geer upon the senate
is his party loyalty. This he demon
strated by defeating the republican
candidate for governor. It is not
likely to impress the republican
members of the legislature with great
pertinence or weight The highest
honors of the campaign are not usual
ly selected for traitors in the camp.
The best way to fight catalogue
houses is to advertise your goods in
connection with your prices. They
can't lay goods down here as cheap as
you can sell them. Make this
plain to the people by your ads and
they wont send away for what they
want. They can always buy cheaper
here at home and St the same time
seevhi.t they are patting when they
buy it.
Jones of Arkansas, having beon
kicked out of the Senate by his con
stituents because while pretending
to lx an enemy of trusts, he was at
the head of one himself, farther ex
poses his I me character of a political
mountebank and hypocrite by voting
against the Nicaragua canal, after
having been pledged to it by the
Democratic party, of which he was
officially at the bead, and by his own
It is now proposed that if a special
session of the legislature should be
held., which is not at all likely, an ap
propriation be made for the Lewis
and Clark centennial. It would be
wiser to let the regular session do
- this for w e would have from $20,000
to "25,000 morein the treasury than
we would have if the special session
is held and we would be that mnch
better able to do the right thing by
th big exposition. Eugene Regis
There are distant rumblings of a
dark horse candidate for U. S. eenat
on: a ' i or u and toe impression
eeems to be that Mr. Corbett will
again enter the arena. Mr. Fulton
is already very much in the race.
A Pendleton paper intimates that
Mr. Furnish may take a hand in it.
Some bay Harvey Scott is not out of
it. Others declare that Binger Her
rmann is the real thing. Sfill others
aver that . B. Wilcox, the Portland
nrllmHu, will enter the race and
inake afight fcr (hesenatorship. And
there are others! Sentinel.
Governor Geer has Lit onto anoth
er flimsy excuse or demand for a
special legislation ee6sion, which,
however, will not be indorsed or even
tolerated by the pnblic, aa it is in
no sense ' an emergency or urgent
mutter. He 6afS; "If I con
clude to call an extra session
tbe proposition of an appro
priation for the Lewis and Clark Fair
will be one of the features of such a
call. This appropriation rshould be
entirely disconnected from the
many questions that will occupy the
regular Bsssion, and amounts almost t
a necessity, if the appropriation will
be secured, and lake it all in all,
I am inclined to think that the
reasons for an extra session de
cidedly outweight those lhat
Lave been urged against it, but as
I said, that is yet to be dotermined,
but whatever eeems to be to the best
interests of the state will finally
decide the matter." 1
Portlands big hue.
Six Blocks Burned Incurring
$400,000 toss.
Sixty-three Square Titles of Ter
ritory Burned. Latest from
Tracey and Merrill,
PoisTi.Axn. June 21. Sii.rtlv ltofot
11 o'clock tonight lire broke out in the
Wolff A-Zwicker Iron Works on
Water and East Madison s-trcets, and
bt-iore it as placed under control, lurn
ed over nearly tix acres' of territory and
destroyed property roughly ostinmied at
f 4tXl,0tH) iu value.
The lire had gained a tremendous
headway la-fore the alarm was uirncd
in. and when the lirt engines reached
the scene the plant wa- a niassot Haines.
tJreat slieets of tire leapel intti the air
two hundred feet hih, makiiij; the tcr-
ritorv a mile around as lijjit as day.
The lire next attacked the l'ast Mde
Lumber Company's mill and yar.l. Hie
inflammable material luri out a
though saturated with oil and iu halt an
hour the mill was nothing but rums.
Two spans of the Madir-ou Mi ivt bridge
iell in. and the- Portland City a Oregon
Kaihvay warehon-e was destroyed. 1 he
entir abson.v of wind aided hf lirei.sen
or the whole warehouse district on the
East Side would have burned. Insur
ance is light, as the rates in that vicini
ty are almost prohibitive.
At three o'clock Sunday morning, the
firemen hid the situation well in hand.
Chief Camplvll felt sure that the ett'ort
(hen ln-ing made to keep the Haines
away from the tanks of the -tan. lard Oil
Company would W sitece till. Tliis
was the pivot of danger, a spread of the
tiames Wing hardly possible at any
other point. The Troy Laundry, which
was thought to U-in great danger ear
lier in the nieht. was considered safe
as were the buildings ea.t of the South
ern Pacific track. The dosses are :
East Side Lumber Co.
Phoenix Iron Works .
. h..0Ct
. st),0i"'
. 7Vt00
. :;
. L'YtXU
. 2o. "00
. IV' CO
J 11 Johnston, shipyard
Portland City A Railroad Co
Madison street bridge
Citv of Portland roadways.
Standard Oil Company
Parlin, Oiendorff A Co. . . .
Torpedo saIo"n and hotel . .
. I'i.oOo
. 10.000
Peter Erauer saloon ...
Gus Erauer. saloon
.. 1.700
20.1 100
Big Fjrest Fire.
Iacoma. Wash.. June Manliii-'
timber of great commercial value, to the
amount of .Vni.o-.).. hi feet has bt-en burn
ed in fire districts along the line of the
Northern Pacific. Thistimber compris
es a splended iore.-t of lir and all readily
accessible lieeausv it grew within a mile
of the railroad. Two dav- a a these
giants of tlie ashingtoii wv.!- re.ire-i
themselves in an ahno-t mil. ken n..---.
coven ns sixtvtlirce siuare miles ot
territory : t xlav all that remains of them
are smouldei ing. blackened trunk
The value of ih - tiuiU'r desToyedi-
placet! at ril'MOoi.
Lester is now the threatened p.iiiit.
The forest on each side of the viilage;
in flames and an increase in tic velocity
of the wind woiil 1 likeiv doom t'.c town
Trail Now Worm Again.
Vavcovvi:!:. Wash., June l'l . A tele
phone messe was received hen- at
noontodayfr.ini La Center, statin;.'
that the convicts, Tracy and Merril were
seen about 10 o'clock this mornin j on a
hill east of I -a Center. The inessag-5 tat
ed that there i-noipiestons that tin' men
seen were the outlaws. Sheriff Marh
and osse,with tliebi'jodhoiid will leave
for the scene at once. It i-now certain
the convicts have lx-en in the woods lie
tween Salmon Creek Bridge and Pioneer
since Monday night. Ttiev were so n
in the timlier ea-t of the Martin place
yesterday by a farmer, and again early
this morning
King of Saxony Dead.
DKEfDE.v, Saxony, June l't. King Al
bert died at 8 :05 p. 111. King Alliert,
beeanse of his illne-, designated his
eldest brother, Prince liirorge. to la- his
representative in affair of state. The
King of Saxony had no children, conse
quently Prince George, his eldest broth
er, succeeds to the t.'.rono of Saxony.
Fourth ot July Railroad Rates.
"The Southern Pacific Company an
nounces the sale of reduced rates on
acoount of the Fourth of July. These
figures w 1. Ijased at fine and one
third fare for the round trip, making
four cents jier mile round trip passage
to and from stations in Oregon. Tickets
will be on sale July 3rd and 4th, and
will be goal for return up to and includ
ing the nth.
Celebrations will be held at the more
important points. Iical agent will
furnish all details on application.
W. E. Comas,
Jl General Passenger Agent.
Sealed bide will 13 received by the
County Clerk up to one o'clock July 2,
VM2, for building a rock road eight feet
wide and one foot thick, near the resi
dence of J. T. Spaugh, and also upon
the road leading from Koneliurg to I.' jok
ing Class; also bids: for a plank road
eight feet wide over the last na d road.
Specifications as to const nut ion and
material to accompany each bid. I'.oiiils
will be required in all cases.
j!2 .M. . Tiioticsox.
Comity Judge.
Smiths' Dandruff Pomade.
stopH itching tiialp upon one application
three to six removes all hiiidriitf ami
will stop falling hair. Pi ice "() e., Fin
ale by Marsters Drug Co. Mltf.
Bargains in Wheels.
TVe have in sttivk several second hand
bicycles which we will sell at very low
prices or trade for w-ood.
tf A. C. MAitarnisCo.
Chicago Merchants iU . Combine
Against Them.
t'nu Vi.o, -0. It is leported to
day that the plans for the formation of
an association of merchants for the pur
pose of protection against unreasonable
demands oi labor are Hearing completion
and within another week it is cxcctcd
to have every store owner of pi oinineiice
iu lhe city enlisted in the movement.
Tin1 demands made upon merchants
in the past, especially in the coine of
the recent strike of department store
w anon dri ers, are said to be the chief
force that has caused the business men
to get t "get her for mutual protection
Organized lal or threatens to retaliate
with a general Wott of all the stores
that niav Uvomo mcni tiers ot tin- new
Survey Will Follow the OIJ Coos
Bay W agon Road
Attorney C. A, Sholhrede had a dis
patch recently troin lorilaiul saying I no
pack train, to be used in connection
with the survevin par: v, would leave
Koschtirg for the bay June IStli. The
-Ul'VeV on ! !u' West sl.le oi me nay win
be finished the hist of the week nild
w iil then cio-s the bay at a point not
yet decided on. ctiroiito to Ho-obiirg.
The survey is to K run as near as prac
tical on the line of the old Coos i;av
vairoii read. Mar-'. tieid News."
Noncalla Items.
!-. L iah T!e :ii; . no MiUt-un
Went las! week tn l'u-je!ie, ;: a dele-
eate of V. .ic.illa Circl to the di-trh t
cotiv. ntioii of Woman of Woodcraft.
W eildin liell- are ringi:i- f"r .he
marri'ge of li, lb l'iwe'l. a most es
timable v.-niis: man of nr town, and
Mis: ih la-Lauman. These younj i-e
l.'.e have the .d wish ol all in their
jouriiev Wether throuli lite.
hil meet.llLls werelnea eliyattelld
ed. The eh Hue in time mai'.e by the
new law is eou:"uii: and many have not
Vet leariic-i to n:idelt.llii that the
- h ml v. ar now closes wit:i the third
Moll dev ill .lui.e. but peisisiiu prepiir-
i;;e t oeir rciii ;- aii.! a't.-ii'!mg ec!eil
meetiu-.-s .;t tl," old date.
The (ommunty was shekel and
anew t to near ol the -ii-Men tca'.li ot
itt'.e t'"r.'i'. sun ( f N.'than and Miry
Crow, of dvphtt.eria. The i.n .iiv oi l
not reai'.e tnat t!;e chii-t was
Usiv I!!, '.'.loll lie was lievoml the reach
of aid. Another eh;! l in tin- i.m.i.v is
verv u k with the same disease, but
!i.i-.-s are e:itert.;iiied f- r its i.v.iiprv.
Thre l as K'en h a the doctors ( all
tull-iiitlis in the valley I T some mrkf
but ji.ple don't realie that toiisilitm
ought very often to iv l'e ldyptheria.
If tihvsi.-ians Would Ik.- less reticent on
tills oihi.-ct I e-ijile m;'ht net I.e. it -oon-
i-r a we'd a" -.'uar l ti . ir children i ' -r.-caref'-il'y
!.):. thedang.'r of
i l.e W 1 Iter o! t!u J,:li s,,me ot tiie
ravage- this dread disease and thinks
t'.at t.v.-r cii'.tioii is vasliv K tter than
over c.-u:ide:i.e. I'mica.
Feel Items.
Hurrah i-r the 1'o.ith of July.
tot.! lin k to v;i ail. ti'.l we
Kver "he rea i- the l'l UMiii W v.x. li
they di'ti't they u..h't get the news.
Mr. ati l Mr-. Powell made a llvin
trip t" C-t.-ebiirj olio .lay la-t wtvk.
11. I., r.iiirel-. our road supervisor i-
ioini: s. , w..rk on the roads.
Kiihmrs says there will !e a we-Id in:;
ton. P.oys, L.,-t your tin cans ready.
Mr. and Mrs. C. I". W.osoii made a
l!y:;i' trip t-t the bur.' one day last week.
Mi;s l ull iahl. r. ..! Cosebur, i- i.--iiing
w ith Miss -a!!y and Viola White-si!.-.
Tiie sUiiiiiiLt face of Valadei- s,H11
on street oi Peel once inure: his smiles
are always welcome.
Ciley Mnith and sheriff Parrot I of
Ie tsebui, pa-.-ed through lu re 1 riday
enroute for the mountains.
Claud Livingston, while returning
home from the bur last Thursday had
a run away while ir"iiig around a grade
mi the Past rinU.i, Fortunately
there was 1 1 , damage done.
Wil li Com:.
Letter List.
Cemaiiiine uncalled for at the Cost
burg jtttstotlice.
Persons calling for these letters will
please state t he ihite on which they are
iidvertised. June hi Pmi':
Prown, Mis. I Iarvey, .las.
Crown, Mrs J Hartinan, A l
Ceiisoii, J F. Johnston, John
linxl'in, Miss Mary Johnson, C C
Carnes, Miss May Perkins, SS
CiHijier, Mrs II K Pjshburg tV Co
Imniie, V. Smith, I I)
Ioyle, Thomas Sewell, F M
Kccles, iefirge
The letters will U- charged for at the
rate of niic cent each.
Wm. A. Fkatkh, P. .M.
Catarrh of the Kidneys.
Kills tlousands of a-npl annually,
loth male and female. Take warning in
time. If you have pains in your back,
loin or groin, tired or worn out feeling,
depressed and dull apirits, which leads
to Cright's disease. S. I!' Catarrh
Cure, which removes the cause of all
kidney troubles. For sale by all drug
gists. Cook on Catarrh free. Address
Smith Pros., Fresno, Cal. For sale by
Marsters I rug Co.
Horses Wanted.
Mr. Shields, of Seattle, w ill Ih-at
P.arnards Stable on Saturday May 17
for the purMise of buying Ilral't horses,
weighing from Pint) to HHMI pounds;
parties, having such horses for sale are
requested to bring them ill on that date,
'm IV'
About Bees.
Do you want any honey from your
bees? If you do, do Hot hive thel'i ill
box or keg w hen you can get a good
patent H frame hive complete for only
l.7". For sections and bee supplies,
call on John V.. Johnson
Cox ,'wl Coseburg Ore
Mrs. Sin ii k , a post graduate of the
Northwes Conservatoiy of .1. miic, will
give music lessons either on the oman
'"' J'lano at her home two miles east of
j Coseburg. Also lessons in either china,
1 ..jl, paHb ll iniim ing, or crayon. 7-17p.
This Column Is Edited by our Mer
chants and Business People.
Brown Bread Fresh every day at Sie
vers Bakery.
Clocks, Clocks. Clocks, see lhe clocks,
at .1 . T. Bryan's
Now styles in (Jiieeii (jualily sIhk's
ami oxfords at Hint's.
Three loaves of bread for 10 cents at
(ialbreath's Itepot Bakery.
(lueeii (Quality shm-s are all titled with
last color owlets Hint s.
l he Twice-a-Week l'l aimu:ai.i:ii, all
the county news, $ Loll a year-
ireat le.lttclion in breatl tlnee loaves
for 10 icnis at iiillireal h's 1 leiHit Bakery.
A strong' iair (.Jiieen Quality and
Walk-Over sh.tes.nt Hint's.
See the Title (iuaraiih-e Loan Co.
or blue prints and tiling paters. tl.
Cash pai.l for butter and os at the
FniHjiia Bakery. Jennings and Freeman
Fruit drier ..rk is a Stccialiy of
SykeS Carroll, the up-to-date plumU-r
and repairers. tf
The l'mhiia Bakery in the ihw
Party building on North Jackson s(r,.t
is now o)tcii.
Berry ltoxes and crates, the new fold
ing boxes are t ho host , and are ready
for use ; see them at S. K. Sykes.
iet your ahs; racts ol til ie from J. It
Hamilton, lie has tl. only complete
set of abstract lfiks in the county, it
Try the new folding straw berry lxixt-,
tin1 handiest and chcatest lx.x to buy.
The ltest there is, at . K. Svkes.
l'Mi-ti 1 up-to-date harne-- oil
on tin market . 1 1 s.ile at Blo lgeti'.
ll.nness shop. jlo
sykes and Cai ,;re prepared to .!o
your plumbing and repairing' on short
notice all work up-to-date and guaran
tee,!, tf
For information concerning the tire
Con Fire Belle! .ss.s i.H . hi, write or
011.V.J. Buchanan, aeiit for I'.iuIa
coiinty.Kitoi.i t. Mar-tors Bldg. , Com
bun:. 'Oregon. If.
Weeklv F.N.ii iiiier. l.."-i. Weekly Call
1.ih. Wivklv tirecoiiiau l."-l. Weekly
Chronicle fl.-Vi, a war: leave voiir
ubscripiioii- at Cannons' l'-tok A Sta
tionery More.
For Abstract
oi Title, i-unmliiii to
be lull and cor
. t coics oi all rco.r.
te I
epoetin tl
title, call on Frank F. Alley ;
111 m the Vlark- f .la 1 1. 1 1 1 i-r- Ills
work I-giiiiraiitetsl corn-ct, ainl prices
are reas. .miMe.
I', s. T. We-t. h.iv ing a. cej tisl -evcral
old and reliable tire in-urance companies
a 110M prepared to do a fiiara! tire in-
s!ii.o.ce bc.-i:e . Insure with him. 1
lt:Iice at tiie Citv Hall. tl
.iyer4.t..l,!enlil pa-tn.e x.,'1" '''ul t "
1,1. near Mvrt'e Creek. St. a-k taken to';' ' " I.KON" v KU iil. K
pasture 0:1 verv reisonab!.; terms. F.n- j Bar:i;w.on. county ol sn-ic, -'.a.e .-! eh
1 . ,i-t : . m .. :.i . i. !!i!t Hi I.: '.!."iv l:.e 1 in ll.o "Se ho -I-. urn
.t:iie..i ni.ii.'.v m.-x y enner ai .'iy r-
tie t'r.-ck t.r CfM-hur. I 'rejon. Jvbi
st.,irii. .v ll.eliroeth h :iv, in.t r,-
eeivtsl :i rir In.i.l M .r ri 1 ieli M.cA.-rs i
K.ikes ana l lli'lers atl'l all kill. is ! ex-,
Iras, ll.iv carrier-, fork- and itiUie.
. ' - ' , ' , 1
lliree kili't- li.iv rope, lst liarve-tt-r
I'l'ii't en, plain a
ut Uid bread when
y.iii can 'jet the l sl 111 the country al
Seiver's r.akei v. ii; i- no imita -
ti.tii aiter ei-.-. bi-.t a receipt
.. our ov. n
w herever 1 1
is ai'prcciat
P Like
- P-lter":
t he h ad any pl.i.-e j
art i Ale . ii and j
S'.evers C.tkery. j
team- .v t heii'.w.'th . f ( l.ikl.iii''.. I
have received a car l".id i ir..n cladCush- J
ford wag "ii- wi:h outer U-aring bha k.
Fullv w. ts Cuggies. Hack
lhe ll.Uiiii'i-1 paint, tlie
e.-i M' i.. lints whtte
- st and ,-h
fill. o:',s. windows. i!.,r and shintgh
, ' . . . ,
":i a tint of the irregular surveys of
luahv t.f the .,w l.-hil's in the C. .-.-Imrg
laud til-trict it I- almost iiup...-i!i!e tf
locate sect l"h corners w it a cot.v of
. I . . ... I . I.' 11.... ,
1 1 .e i . . t-i iiiiiei, i - ii it- . r i .1 1 . k j . . .1 nrv .
Ab-tractt.r if tl::- citv. I.:;- a complete
-i t of tracings ,.j ;J! surveyed township-.
and w til luriiis.'i hole prints ot - ime,
show ing all vacant lute!.-.
Saved Prom an Awful Fate.
' said I h i l coii-nioplioii .'
writes Mr-. .. M. sd.iel.K "f ChamU-r-bnr-.
Pa.. I was so ..w after s
He lit I si i f severe sickne . cans,-! .
Hay lever an.l Asthma. t'-at few
thought I t o ild get w. il, but I learned
of the marvelous merit t.f Ir. Kinj'
New I'iscovery lor Coii-ninpl : . . i . e.s,-1 it.
and Wiis completely cured." F.-r !-
perate Thro-.t and l.nin Iii-ea--s it i
the safe.-t cure in the world, and i- in
fallible for Coughs, Cold- and Cronchial
Affei-tions. (ju;iranteisl iH.ttles ."iOe and
Trial l.ttle- fr-e at A. C. Mars
Bargains In Wheels.
We have in st-a k s.'veral second hand
bicycles which we will sell at verv low
prices or will trade for wtaal.
ti A. C. M ARsTKRs ,Si Co.
Notice for Sale of State Lands.
Notiiv is. hereby given that the Slate
Land Coard w iil receive sealed bids un
til June LM. at 1J m., for the sale of
the following dese rilx-d State Shool
Lands, ttew it :
Section :ti ainl Stiutli half of siftioii
Hi, township south, range 11 west of
Willamette meridian.
Section liiainl :til, township L'T south,
ran'e fi west of Willamette meridian.
Applcatioiis to imrchase must lie
made on regular blanks iu accordance
w ith the law for sale of school lands and
la' accompanied by cash or check for
one-lift h of the umotiiit bid. for certili
cate of pun -ha-B or if full payment is
made deed w ill issue.
The right to reject any and all bids is
Applications iindliids sh mid b - ad
dressed to M. I.. Chauilcrliii, Clerk of
the Coard, SaleinOreiron, and marked
"application and bid to purchase Slate
Lands.', M. L. Cn miii-:m.ix,
Clerk of the Hoard.
Hated this 5th day of June. l'.HIL'. j'.l
Sheriffs Sale.
In the :irctiit Court nl the Slate ol Ori'Ron,
for Iioiiglaa Coiintr.
C. V. Kisher, flnlnti ft'
Herman Wilson ami Mary Wilson, DelemUnts.
Notice Is hereby Klven.tbat by virtue of an
execution mid order of sale duly IssiksI out ol
and iiimer ine seal 01 me himivu cnlitled conn
In the above I'lililied cnuse. to ine tliireuil ami
tilled tlie filhtliiyol June, lam. upon a jiidR.
inenl reinlered ami nitcrcd in Ksid court 011 llie
i!Hlh day ol May, l'Jt'2 iu favor ol t.'. V Fisher,
itlniiiiiil. Hiid against lleniiaiiu Wilson and
Slury W ilson. di leii'lHiit-. ami aKHliet the here
lllHller un lit lolieil mill described allaelie.l t.r.o,.
eriy lur llie sum ol t-Z Willi interest llieieou
Hi the rati' ol ii per cent per milium Irom lhe 1st
day ')l KciU'iiiber, l'.il, ami lhe lurlher aiiin ol
f in IK) costs ami also the eosls ol nml upon this
will. Now liicrulo'u I will 011
Saturday, the Il'th day of July, P.HIJ,
at one o clock p in ol mid day, ul tlie citirl
hoiise Iron' door iu Itoseburc, IioiikIiis e iiiuty
Ori'itoii, sell at public miction, nil.j-M-i p,
ilemlillnll. lo llie biltlll'Sl bidder lor cash in
I111111I all 1 lie riubt, li Ie 11 ml inter. 's' llie saitl
d lem aula or. I lor ol hem bad on .be 4,1, day
ol,-cpl. i, P.KI .oriit.i.y liiim Ihen-alier In
and lo the follow iiik described real puna-rlv,
I.i-wll: 1 tie ,-asi nan 01 llie soulliweH tiuiirler
ol the south eist t mirier ol we 1 1, township i!C, S,
R 7 west, in DoiKlns county, Orei-nii tot-elher
with lhe teiiciiii'iiia iieri'illalmi'iitK nml
aciirleuaii is tliert.'iiulo bi'loic;lug or
11 ar,vwis iippeiliiiiiing to satlsty
i-uid execiiliou, order of sale, ju
Icrcsl, costhaml ai crueing cot-ts.
Kosi'burK, Oregon, June li. P.)'.
K. 1. 1'ARROTT,
Siberia ol J)jiljlas county, Oregon.
.Notice foe PuUicatiou.'
I'llitt-.l SlilUn Ijinil Ollice,
Kiischurir.Ort'Uiiu, Miijt 1, 1"02.
Nolicc is hi reliy kim ii UihI hi t-om-.l inucf
witti Hie irov isltiiiN of tlie "net nl Coii-nx ol
June ::, lK'.s, ciiiKU'.l "An "artier the shIi; ol
timlK-r IniiilH hi Hie kIiiIcr ol t-iililnrinii, (Jre'.'nn,
.Nnvii.ln. nnil HvhiiiKlnii Terriforv," as exleii'l
e. 1 to Hi I lhe 1'liliiir Ijlllil Slulrn liy hi I ol
AllltllM i, IS'1 '.
ol lll ltiiihlN, ctiiiiilv ol Mecusin, ftntc ol
Micliiniin. Iihm Hits luy lileil hi this ollli-e ! IK
sworn slatt'ineiil No. tor th purchase l
the s'. ol s1 ol mctiiiii No. , in lnwin-hip S".
j; S., im:e No. 1 w. Mini will oiler proof to
show llnil lhe IhihI miiith ix more yuIumI-Io lor
i Is linilicr or stiine limn lur i tu ai;.rii uliiinil pur
povi s, Hint In eshlhlisn his i-IiTiiii tiiviii.l iiin.l
lr. lete Hie Kirlsler uinl Hen ivi r ol Hii- olliec
Ht Kiisflnirii.Ort't.-o n I iiiirs.lny, tin-1 Ith tiny
ol A llu HBl . l'.iu.'. He lluiiKs ms witness, ;
Kiley Smith, II. K. Variiey ol KuKelniri!, Hreitun,
I .it I e KukIcs ol lVel, Drenoii, Frank Varm-v, of
Koseliinif, DteKim.
Any ami all persons claiming ii.lvi'1-. ly tin
above .lescriU-i) lanMs lire reiin "li'. to hie llit ir
i lalniH in lhl olliee on or h.-ioie saM lllli day
Of AOL-llst, l'A'.
M it J. T. HKllJiiKn. Ihtisf, r.
Notice for Publication.
I nile.l slates I.ioi'l o.h. ...
P.iisehinr. Or.-aon, May p., I.t.J.
Notice is liereltv iriven t tin t in i im.pliain e
Willi lhe pr. iitui ol ih.-aM t . 1 i hiikioh of
June a ls7s, eutillnl " An ai l lor Hie naif el
limla'r lands in tlie sit. of Ca'iiorn'ii, re
Rtm, Ne ail'i aii'l W ashiiu'imi .-in!.try. m
xt. U'leil In all lhe I'lO.'.ic l.a'nl slnl. i. a -I
ol Atisosl I, 1 '.'.
i:ari. iiAiii,
ol KoK'hllT. fittmly of liuiu'ns, s;n:, Qri i;.in
1:bh IhisiliiJ Isli ! ill this il!n e 1.1' sto.r:i s.ali
IIHIll Si. Jj;t', lur lhe pl.ll t.t ll.f 1-W', (,i
siM-llitll No. -s. lewll.hlp No J". s,,. h: r-tni(e Nit
:i est nml utl! oiler pr.nil In .how ihl tin ta':il
noiiKit is ui.Te riaiii.le lur its loniter or stune
thn luriuriculiiiral pulp s.-, uti-1 Ij i, h.h
hisclB'ui In ai. I tninl I- on- the h -i: - r i..l
r.tvflver ol lliis ofliee in t are dr K-m, ni
Fihlriv. Hie ."'.'i tiny ol A:: 1.1 1'-' He naine
a tti!iue. i l aries Y Kelly, Henry l.ayoo. s,
John keily an 1 Krai.k llu s, all ol k-tsehut:,
Any an. I all irf"rs.,ns rlalrnh'. 'i a'lvern ly t'. e
ni. jve Jescrib I are i, -Ue-u--l t.. ne ilieir
elahiis ill lhi itij(ce on or Iteler-? wai.l Z'.ivh ,lay
of Ai.Kilst, J!i. J. T. ltu:i...r-,
mUp l.e-is!ir.
Notice for Publication.
t'lille 1 Sln'.O I-Htl 1 ):ii f.
K s. I.iir. ori'tttli. M.iy li. 1 oj
Nuiiee h.-rei.y -vi -en tinl .11 t 'ic.pilsM'e
,i:n hf piw isli.'iin o! l.'.e ail el i .ui:r'-ss oi
June 1, ls. ei,:;i;e.l "An At I lor the t "l
T.mher I.aii.l. in it. S'.a'.es oi a.ii irn a :.
i;eii, Ne a.ta niel V astiinu'.t.ii Temle: y, ' as ex
i iitietl to B!l ih- l iJ.iie l.tL l s'.aun Ly a-: ot
AiiKUst i, laj:,
s VNFC1K!) -I.T! K
ol nrl.nj'.tiri, I'.i.ilitv tn Skt'l. s t:e el W ash
ui:teii. ha iNy in 11.:. t.;ln-e s,v..ra
.tateiiieni N.i. iT'i -tr II. pi.r- iias,- ol Ihf -W 4
..I ,s lieu No. s. lap. :U..iol. ol Irtll :e s .-.1
at' 1 v ill uitei psi! 10 uuv. i:,..t il.e .io.-i o''l
i iuor' a.nai-ie lis 101. r .-r :i,u:i
lor airiieitii.ira: ; 'i:;is.--. a: -1 to e.;a' r. . s
, !aim Is-fore tlic le-i:.s;. r an I ilei ,-. - er t.f u.i.
1. 11. 1 e at K':!'iifj:, i;. n. ..a 1,.y li.e 1--day
el sei lemo-r. 1J. ll-nc-i.-o-i:n'."'t;
J. .!.n slater. Mm. smith. 1 te.apl !.:. a:..
Etvlltiou BitXiLn, ail ol 11 o u
l 4i, .,,. 1
Any and a.i i-orwp. taoi.Ui a-l.vr-t'y
'! rita; I la u.i ate ie,';. :-! I" "
ol s.-i.i.i'j. J. r Uhl UuK.-,
Notice for Publication
; n:t-l e-.att Othie.
Ku-etiiirs, r- jea. Mar .
olife ! Li'fi-I.y ii.tell in . .e;.t..:a::t; I
ith l!:f IiliiVlti-liJ ul '. il,' ' ! oi I t.-..grc. e! i
June X Is"-, rnt.lo
Anal lor Ibr if
tn',.r iaua. in l!ie t'.att . ... I 'mm a 'ir .'.-n.
!Neaiiaai! l V asb ticlt.n u rr;:..ry, :i e-.t
, ,utcn... No . -3-r t.ase 1
' nl and t:.e - . M ;. t : mi .n N-,.t
1 .'.
j, ::1 ,i:i:i:, .11 ranif-.- s an 1 a. i or?
' rr lo t!ial lie. ial: 1 so :e!il :a m.r- a
ie . -r lit tiir, !.-r ai.-l :.'!ii t!.n1'-: s
I ai tt-.irp-tes,an'! u. 1 .ta.ish n. .alia.
'.sr..i !
n-fore the h. - an-l K-0- -r ie.
' at fctan-burs. Ore.'-'U. o- luurvla) ii.e i-tti !a)
1 .it s-;'ter:ilr. j.'j. il' T:au:e. .i ts-,
it s;.tr .j...... j. .,o:j: . r : ,1
1.1 el Buri.&Kioa,
c'.a.rr.::.2 j-1 .
: lo?
Ar.r atel aii ts-.-a
j .,.. j .1, .,-? .1
1 c.aisia la ibi
"' I '"" r. 1.-.-J.
.:,-l lo f il.t-.r
li ft. re -I i-:a tiar
J. T. BKil'-.y s.
KtK . r.
j .0
Notice for Pnblication.
f:u:o.l s:at'- ljia ! nt. e
Kt-set ur;. ir,--i f. May l.v.h.
Nutir i her 1. ii- i: trial :a c-e ; .i:
I . 1 1. .It t'"i-. ''' I .--I h- ! i:.i:--t ,'
I J-tae 3. .r.l t.f!" a . : f, : is.-.a..-...! 1 ::
!-r lja.l. in . i I a
, a-!a. an I Wao.e,.-t- :i i.-r-t
!;.. I I- CI. N
Ml ! lb. r.;,,i.e I
t:t t. I":.
, Kllv,. ..r . . j,
; t.a- ti. iir ;.:-! oi o, . .
i-: 'ti
: :;. r.t
1 !.!.. I' N.
' tai i " I ri...' a
, ati I- r a.r: !:..(
! ,;i;. , ,: A ,
! nt .-. i t cA : ..
I ' I s.-. II.,.; el R -s. f. .fv
s V
oel a'
. - t
J T. l.Kii
a. iv.' .ie-re
r'jc to tr. -
oi A'ir-et. lv
Notice for i'ublicatioii.
fNiiKI) sTATh s LvSt'OKl-o : .
K -a 1 1 ... ie- U"ii. Va '. 1 -'.
Settee i hi is i-j- li.vt n titat in oiuij i;
a-ith Ibv prxc, l'tntis of tl.e a-t ol o.tiresa ei
June ii. 1 -. rlilit.etl. "An ait !.T tti- nice!
timiT !an.l in lie- staitaof aiil :n a It.v .u.
Neva-la. i"d w a-!-.ts"i.'-i T, rrtMry, a"' !
e-1 to aii lhe r"ut.l:r Lan 1 slate. i a-t o! A';.--n:
i. LD.'.
ai r ndu: il t.i ash
ol Maib:i'M. i ouiiiy oi t., taie '. ii.-.. ti
ba. :Iils i'.ar li'.ei in i, . oit.e-- l,i ;:
llient N.I. -'t-s ,,r (l.e ! in, e! :.t
riK'4 el att :iou No. t.o.iei.:p s,.:!:. el
rane No. s weal, ami will ertt r to
tiial lhe ian.l aouiiiil ia laorv i .able l"i lis
timlterorslotiv tlian lor axra uioiral i-'im-m.
anJ lo cnabiisb ht ciaim lo Mil l in I b, lore
llie KvaiaU'r and Rweivrr ol tb. olfi,-e al Ko e-
burs. Oregon, on M .n lay. liie IK'i e.ay o! Auk
tist, 1V. lie uaniea a inn W. K. Jlnrr .
A. li. Croticia. Iarry orvt-Lway. A. tN . l"i.i:i.
t aiiias ailev. Or. itoti
Any an.l a:l 1-rs.tua .aiming lver.-!y lite
alKire desert l .1 ian.l. are ri :; -1 t.. b;- :h. lr
riaitns in this olio v ou er ts' m:" 1-tli jay
Ol Alr;l-t, l.C I. I KKlU,l.s.
Notice for Publication. .
l llitt-l states l1Btl ittice
.... , , 1 '; -'" " ; ,
N.ittc.' I. l,-ieb . i veil lhat in . i.rr.j.liaure
with Ibeprovisititis o trie act o( ensn'.. l
Jrj.r .1. a. . ct.t't'.-i - An act lor the sa.e of ton-
Nevada an.l w , sht:, ittnti Territory . as i, n.i
i-l b ail the Public Land slain by art ol AtiK
11 at 4, Is-.-i,
ol Ko.-liiinr. eetinly ol Iionuiaa. Hiiie el itre-
aon bus Una env Hied 111 linn olbi-e n;, orn
.taU'iiieiit Nn ut'.i. tor tbe ba.e ol the St1,
of s s'tion No. township No. 21, ratiee No. ,i
wtl. and ill ofler prool 10 bo thai the iand
MMtithl U more 'aiualllo lor its or stone
than for aunculliital purpuvs, ami 10 estati
lish his claim lo sal'l land is lme the Register
aud Ki eilver ol tins ollice at Uoscbiirc. liteoti.
on Kiitlay, llie Mb day of Auitnst. I '.Mi lie
namea aa 1 messes , l bailee K Kc'.ly, J.ilm
Kelly, Henry and tiiorgc Uali-mati
all ol Koel.ifK, 'rogon.
Any and til persons claiming alern-'.y the
alme drsi ribetl lunds are rvimvU'd !') tile I heir
cliiims ill thisolticeon or belore said Jdh day
ol Anirnat, l'X.'. I, T. BRil'tiKS
111 U'l' Keitlster.
Notice for Publication.
I siTti) Btaths LasnOrFit r.
Kieeburir, Uiei'iti. May ;.'!, li'i.
Notice Is hereby iti-n t tin t in coini.liniiee
Willi llie t'lovisieiia "I Ibc act of I oiniress of
June il. lsT, cnlillt tl 'An ael lur the sBi, ol
TimLa-r Lands In the Slates ol California, Ore
gon, Nevada, and W a.biiiirli.n Territory," n ex
tended hi all Ihe ruhlic Land Stales by act of
1 August, IV.'-',
ol Roseburi;. county ot llou jliis, Stale oli,et;on,
has Ibis liltl in this ollice his bworu stuteiueiit
No. il'os, lor llie pureha-wol tl.e X' .. S 1 , and
h' j SE'4 ol Seclioii Nu. XI town. hip 'it simlh
ot lainteH west W. M. and will oiler pr aif 10
bow tnat the Ian 1 t.iii;lit is mole valunblc lor
Its linilicr or slone tluui lor ntrricttlltiial .nr
p. is n slid 10 establish his claiui lo Mini laud
la'loie the llefislcr and KaeeUer ol this ollice
n I RoseburirOri'Kon, on Wednesday the 1 lib dnv
ol AllKUsI'. lie litnura as wiinesses: .1, 1,. j
I look, M in 11 b Sliupe. Onil H'ioL and t'.cii Me- I
Mullen all ol Kov. l.iirv. Orexon. I
Any ami ail persons cltiimiUK advetsely llie
alsoe (lesttiibetl lands me retiuestetl to nle their '
I'lnlins 111 Hob ollice on 01 belore said lull day I
Ol AllltUKt liD-. J. T. lilt Mtt.KS, j
jii KeuistiT
Notice for Publication.
LisoOiricK at UDsaaciiii, Opr., May iil, I'm.'.
Nollceia hereby given thai tint lollou ing
liauietl settlor has tiled notice ol lu r iuleiitinn
'1 wi
"'.Id ,riK,! w,ll Ik' made before Ibe Kegist.-r I
I B1"l Kccihcr. I'. . Land Ollice al llosebuig. !
1 or '. ,,, ,,11 August 1 1 I'M'. "' .
to make hunt prool In support 01 Df r claim nml
Oregon 011 August 1 1, l'.MJ. .
' MallY K. sM I I II. 1
on H K. No.J12, U: NW '.ISW1,, Sec. il. l p. '
9 S K li West ,
si'he n'uiiics llie loilowliig wltucssca lo prove
lu r continuous residence upon and cultivation I
ol siiid liiml vl.: John F. Smith nml W in. E.
: snillli, ol r.H kwav, Ore ; and Win. II. rinallorl
1 of Myrtle Creek, Ore.,aud Albert o.Wllus.ol
I DiUard, Ori'Koli. J.T. llHipogs, j
Is not to be compared to the run on T. K. Richardson's Music House at Cottage
on May 27th. Three instruments in three hours and one later in the day, making in all
for the afternoon four sales as follows: One Kimball Piano, one Singer Piano, one Need
ham Piano and one 6-Octave Kimball Organ. It is fortunate for us that we have already
on the way a lot of fine pianos to supply our prospective customers.
c-Our Second C r-loadrw
For this season will arrive iu
burg House is also enjoying a
and only three pianos left:
One fine Chickering,
One Fine
Our prices are such that the
Yon will fiinl the lrf-t luak.-s ;uu
Notice for Publication.
K't-eleirg. Or. on. Vtr r. 1-'. j
Net e -. : hert 1 v in compiia i
iib the proi '!!.. us ot trie art ollouei-j ol ',
l i::e " l'Ts. t-ni.iM-l "Ad at I for ILrfaje ol ;
! . r a:. ! :n tie- :a-.e of a.siom.a. nito:!, I
m -voa. ai. i na:urbiii ierriur, uriKa-i- .
1 1
v 1 ii a I Ifie pu ,..ic taun iu;.., t,,
;ol Aui-
.'I I. i-'.'J.
LI ( ISIJA U BK'iaK- 1
I B-.i
-..ii. r.iiu'r i.'-ii.-:' n:nl b 1
, n s'-.'.n. t.aj.:L.. in i.l.s! ;n l!at l:e n:a ni So. for Hie pMrvi.- o! li.e sl-4
I el - Ui.n Sni, wsitij -il toaifa. ranita - ,
I VS ::,! t",i offri j.s. t to how that Ifce tactj '
; i more f-.r its utnbt-r or alone 1
, lbn lor as-ri' ui'.urai ..iriie. aii'l to e-ia'j.i-b '
; !. r r.aiiii t-i i J .sri 1 L!tire thi: Kf.-.ilt:r aitd 1
1 '.i,rs.l, thn ila .Sv,.ls,..t-r,lj? U'l iihr I
I.-V .h-iii. inwi'Tni r'sru'.rr onrui, na 1
;,!, . m;c. .... J..:.f sia'.ef Wii -if--H.Ji. 1
rj s a:-r. !.! Ix-ciiar-l Bnxl, ail ol B it-
.ius:i.:i. a-hi:.j:oa. 1
At y a ri ail t- r.r. riai::iiu a -. r;y the i
atsoe u,-sf .-. ia-J art re.eie'vsl ti 3 ibt'ir 1
ia:tu. i;i tin. t.::.i-c on 1
t iorvai" Is'.ri iiaj o!
J. 1. LBILj-jES.
- niUrr. 1.-.
Notice for Publication.
I n.t.-! stiVlAti'luiiK-.
K4k-i -jtg Orri.ti. . I'.i.'.
; Sot;. .a :.n tlat a
w.tii tt.- Jir.oi-: n ttf '.boat; ni
Jute :., 1 ei.t.i.ei Aa a-1 lr !i
.hrr- ty ;-.hh list in m-;.!.. ,ce
lor gr-ss. of
ae ie t-i t.ra-
. l-rlateS m l he -..- o! (a.!!.,mia. Ore n.
( Nea.:i. an.l W a r,:..n T miof j ai cit-j-l-
"U.n iiic 1-UL.i' .aiel ta.' t. a.l el .v- .
i;.; 4 1-'J ! AMUS J KC HANA-V,
J':tN BAi t" . ol R.tseN'irt. 'otinty ..I Ismla . sla'e of On-con.
o! R.-v i.jri.t . ut, rv. .t a, sta'e n Ore- fca :.ii tlay ie-l In lfti ott- hit ora air
e n. i.a-t:o- lar i,,; .:, i,-v f.a a.tra No gv tor t.r Mrrha--. ol in Nurtfc-
: 'Tt.r.t N. ....... :..r ;t.e j'i- ha-,; ol tV'.si', r:arer . S fe' 4 . A rv--:ion No. W la loan-
at; ! s' . mi , .1 .-.-' ...:., i. ,o'i:ti.rmure i meal i n;P -N S' - ita. .! anre No. Wra: a:el w..l
ai.i'ui oit.r vn,ii i.. ho thai De '.mni o!; r irool to how :bai loe iatkJ ".rht : more
..;itt: i:-,.:e . ai :a' .e f,,: : :.;a'-r or .:..t.e vajuabie lor l; timber or tiorjf irtaa lor f..r asrticuil ira. vifp..-. aa 1 t.. es'.ai.ta cu.-1-inv. piine, ,nfl n ..4bch hi. c !ali. U
: t iaii:. ;. -a. 1 ia-c. . ore !ac 'er and ' ! " ;s MeT-ster anj K,:nr ol
Ri--e.-.'I :r:t e a: ll-e. u'trr. re.'a. on
sa'.'islar :ho -t:.i f a- o stjiiA'. Htf r.a.e
i . v. :'.i,t-.s,- I t-t' r Ha. !. la J M. V.afs- ef s tt
t i-v. N . M-n.n . o! w au i f ' raid,
t ' I '..-1 if. VI, e 'tl.
Ar.rai. Ia a i-,--r.. r.a::iei ilicsi-iT the
.. -so e s. Tit-t-1 -ati-i a- r-s, -:ts.e t to r. li.e:r
a - t-:i tt: Isles- 1 S"'.:i vlav s. r.trait-i-r.
: 1 T. tKI is.'ts.
J.'. k. .-..-r.
Xctice t"r Publication.
I l.l' -l -ta' !.:. 1 e.t,sr
K ! c Ml. i. 3. Ma l. .'
i'ii.-'t-r e.,e:i ti at ta e.'int.i au,e
ToV O't
iol l .i-inst ol
.n A t i.r ttit. .e o!
f in' - 1 :-.! in .: ol al.lortoi. y:e-
t a. S. ii-u u I ii..ition li mini, ito
;.-:.'!i,i :.' , i'.-!.. La. el -late ttr ao; ol
A :z on. 1-s;
MiiLitF TKOOis
"Mi it r.t: o. mtv ,,l siaju nif ol Wh-
nst 'r. i-r.i ti,i- .:v t e.1 a: li.i. oiT'.t e ii r
-.:n ttii. j,-;;i .Nit" i'TJ !or ttie v -.rrba-e ol
I ''.v. ; i.i:illi:ti;(i-i).m.igii:;..i
' .. .:. r::i.-, v ,t. ati-i ai.l o.irr pn't to thoai
la: t aiel a-eiii-M a .auir -a.ia-le lor
i.- .'.:i. -:-:. e i.,r iu-T.,u.:.;'ai pt-.n--
inii'i elali r. c.-r o.ait.i t. a;-l tan t lore
lie li.-.-.o..r. r an 1 Kt.einrof u.i. otHv-e al
t.e . ' ir-s. n.-e.iii, on 1 hnrs. lav. til" i-;h da ol
ttm:-r. ; ;. s'e t,a a. i,in
J.-' n s.a', r. W ti. ai;. ri v.'h. sar.f. -l s.a:r ar. l
l.e.tnarl nr.,.. a , oi Btir.ttic.on. W
1st l iil t..T.'3MX':i'.a( te
a'sif .lest iiUI are r-s.jeietl to fl.e
:l.t ir c'a:in in Uin tilth e nil .i.- ti'tt-rt" sai.J l-i h
ol s, j.;. lac J. T. HKIIm.ks
J-l Kejiter.
Notice for Publication.
I n:tts state Lati.l O
Ro-eonr. Orvcon. May Z7. 1C
. Sl ice i lien by RIViu I!. at la tVn.pitance
; ;;h tiie vr ivi-.otis ol lhe act o i'onsreaa ol
. J irc 1. lv.fti!:iirl"An ai t inr llie aa.e ol
t iimur lan.! la tbe slausi oH'aiitoruia, Oreftoti
: Ne. a.ta auJ W a.lutiitton Territory ' a extend -
: ! to a'l ttie t'JD.ic I. an-1 s'aki l-j aci ol Aat-
. Ul' I. 1.V!.
iiur'.oti. has l!u- .lav t.led in ihisoffice his sworn
itatement No i.'iT4. lor tlie purchase il lhe
Lots 1. '. 6. 7. s. and 11 ol section No. 6. town-
ship .il south, tacite s rt, and ill offer prool
to mow ine land aoncni is more valuable
! for tl timber an.l Hone than tor asrleuiiural
I , ,,.iMt ,, tlL,,.aim lo aat.1 land
j f,,, tn Reciatcnd Uaa-eivvrol tlii.i.rtiwat
, K,)s,.)lrK. or.,-011, nil Thnrsdav, the l'th dar ol
Septitnlter. l'.'i. He names as witnesses: John
sister. Sanlopl dialer, W iliiam Smith and Leon
ard Urooka, ail ol U'lrliuirton, Washincton.
Any and aii persons claii'uliiK adversely the
alsivc diM'ribe,l lauds are rv.tuststl ta Qie thru
claims in this ollice on or t-elore aai 1 i'Ui day ol
rept, 1AC J.T. BK1IK.K8.
J.'P Register.
Notice for Publication.
RoscburK Oregon, May. ill, l'.J2.
Notice Is hereby itivt n that in compliance
with the orovisions o! lhe ael of Congrvsa ol
June il. I.s s, entitled " All act lor the sale ol
limber lauds iti the StatcsoiCatifornia, Oregon,
Nevada and w-astiiUKton Territory," asexleud-
I to all tlie l'tiblie ljiud slates by act ol Au K
nst -I, lsl,
ol Roset.urK. cotiniy ol IbMiKias, slate ol Ore
It. tu. has tlay tiiist in Uiia oltiee. her swo-n
siali'ineiit No. .ti "11, lor tha piiivliaseof theS",
of sK'and NW'4ol SE'4 and Nh'.olSW'
section No. i.J, townshii iti ao.ltli, raue No. 3
West and w ill offer proof to show thai the
land sought is more valuable lor il. timla'r or
Mone than lor agricultural purposes, and to es
tablish her claim to siiid laud before the Regis
ter and Receiver ol this ofliee al Roseburg, Ore
gun, on Monday lhe J.'ud day ol septeliils-r,l'.si.'.
She names as witncsi-fsi Daniel Ciaift and
I'rsnk Hays, ol Rosehnnt, Oregon, and James 1".
lliichanan and H. W. Turllell ol Peel, Oreon.
Any iititl all person rlaimiug adversely Ihe
alaive den ritasi lamia are rettieate,l to tile
ihetrcla'ius in ihia office oil or belore saitl 'JJnd
dayolSitpt. ItaW. J. T. BRI .HKS.
Ji-'p Reelau.
Notice for Publication.
t'nitid suites Land Ollice,
Ros, long, Oreiion. M.iy b'., P.hi.
Noti'-e s hereby given that ill compliance
with the ppn. isions ol Ibu acl tj Congress of
lune il. Is,. s, entitled " An ni t lor Die sale ol
IiiiiUt lllll'ls til lhe Slatea ol California Oregon
Nevada mid W ashington Tcirilory," aa eMeml
ed to all the I'libl c I. slid stales by acl ol Aug
usl 4, livi'J,
el W ablmtii. 1 oiiiuy ol ll.iv tieid. S'ate ol W ia.,
has tins tlay bictl in Huh oitice his .wtiru state
liient No. Ji"-'. lor tbe parchaseol lhe Iol it and
sh1 , N 1 K", SW A of Section No. o, tow 11
shlp No, iiil south, ranire No. ! west, and will ol-
valuable fo
ultiin.l pin
said bind b.
let- protii in slioiv thai llie land sought is more
lor us itiuoer or stonu lllntl for agii
ur poses, an.l lo establish his claim lo
sain nimi la ioro ttie Kegtsier and Receiver ol
Ibis ollice- at Koseluirg, Oregon, on Saturday
H'e fdh .lay o SeplemlK.'r, li w. Ho names as
wilnesiHi's: W . II. Uoweu, A. E. Belch, John
lehnlierr and Harry lireeiiway all ol Camas
Valley, Oregon.
Any ami an persona claiming adversely lhe
above .les.-iila.'.l lauds are n..lUeste.l lo tile their
'uma in this oUlco ou or belore sal.l Ibth day ol
.Seit.miber, l'Ji). J, T.
about 10 days and our third car
good business:
people see it is to their advantage to patronize us.
the'Iie-t Tti-J Iiistrtimeiits at the
Notice for Publication.
. R-cban;. On-r-a. Uj i. IMi. j
NtJU'f i htrebjr f ira Itiai In couipcaoc
prorlion of tor act ol CcDfi-na ol
ane 1""t rnlitlrl "An acl lor
tte ' ol lu.ii.-r ,an4 In lt
7'- - ' - " s . s m .
v. ., Vicr, urtMt in miib-
inj-on iimry. at ni-iel to a.l lhe fut.-ie
Land 5ta;e by ai't ol A ig-it 4. w.t,
... . r H 4 N k II A Vs.
oiu( -ounr. cre.n-.T . i.uiai sia:e 01 urr- ;
" fni. cav t .vi in m: t lanro
t!. mt tii So. ;n. lor t.e p'irebAe ol lie b;,
s -,. S K'. H . S- SE f arc t ion So. 'X
loa nibif. So. '.T. raocc So. 4 ant, an-1 wi.i ol
ler ftrot.l to tr.o ; the lantl aouf bt la mor-
Tainabie lor r- hsi ber cr ue (ban lor Ajn-
cnitnral (,'jrts ae as 1 u etao!.h b:i e a.ra to
u.a .-u i rxittr? ia at-.ftrr an-1 Krr-e:er 01
tnit,-1-iv 11 o-...M tk-.i.,
ih sih rtliol lnu.l .
lar.l Cranr. Miliar C. Oiln. tari
ban. r-van.ey 1. Una of k.Jieonrj. treoa.
iy m.ii:. -nun. :aimiaf Uvtnt.f lite tlcr:lsstl iarj" are req'iealed to tie
their rlalira in mi. on or beiore aaid ixn
day ol A0('.:a: J. J.
tnlP Rerirxr.
Notice for Publication.
; ritTB tti LiOritt.
; s B'6-:nr. u-ecqn. May U. lSi
t:e . berebr Klen teat in run.phaar
I ",;b toe i-rte. :.!;r; ol act o( corrrrr of
' Jua N eg'it.e.1 "Aa act lor lie
'.i"1'" in ;:.e sa:- ol l a.l lorn la. Uf--ruii.
i "c 1 " a nun rrr.u,T, atrikD'i-
, e-1 I" a i u, ti4 $Ulc tf art ol (
ti.. i at lier,ur-:. revn, oo Mortar lhe
tiar el A-.iru-:, 1.. lie r.arx-. a- w::ue-
Bra UeM'i.ien. r"rar.k K aiiey. Ai'n
t a;..r!; Coaa. at.m. a i oJ Koaer-e-j. tr-s
Adt aoil a'. I peraotia o'.almitir a-!cre:T the
a. e-0ecn'ej .aa-1 are rt,ue-:t t. eie itietr
r'.a::rt in ih: oi.r - in cr U. l.-rr tbe jtn ef
A i.--sl. lA'J. J.T. tl Beta.'
Bii-f Ret.ner-
Notice for Publication.
K.aat a... Ot , A; r. It, lc
Not e-; f ter.'t-y it. rt a that is eoi--,ta,
.! ine rrovi:.i. of h art of lufsun!
i -inc t. -. enui'etl An a. : ..r vtic aa.e ol
osii. r .ar.t.t 1:1 tne tai. o: Ca..WtrutA. Urevoa
- a-la a::.l w ah n :t..n l.miorT. ' a, tem-l
-l:o ai tac pu c lajj iii aj act ol i-i'je,
MARl Is D. W lltFLEH.
. ot I'an.K aiT c-ntr ol iXKi av Sia ot
; Un.ou, hn thi- la r.ieJ in ia. oc b:
'" -Uien-eni So. ill, lor tbe t-urchaae ol
(h'-v K'a Mt'ou It'. IP At S , ranee Wt,
ml uiitr 'ri to aiioar mat tna '.at,4
vUt t n m-Te n!mi tor r.a ttuioer or alone
ll.ati lor acru u.lural purtatae. ant to dials
l-n h: riaim to aa. 1 iaM beiere tte Regitler
ut nnT.m": no o.-r -. ainfM, oriwn
OT sattintar. ibe l?Ia day ol July i He
"aaea aa siinesaea: ILaipb fe Kane; el Bri'la.
; e.i, Or-roa. K'lwarl i"ole. llenra K stlun.
Lalourv.l Faij, tre.. W . a. Ikxru, ol camaa
At'v an t ail
I persoa cioiicc aJve.-eir the
a oe- i.vnh-J laott'- are re:uett-,l u CI iheir
ti toi!.ton ot he'orv ul Lth Oay ol
. i . j
J. T. BairxiKa.
Rec later.
Notice for Publication.
T's'tid siTr l.aND Orrn .
k .slat a... lire , Mar i!. lu.
Nolice i hereby aivrn :bat ihe '(ni n.
named setter kas t ied BtMkv ol his Introtion
to inase r.oa. rrool in nptHrt o hi-r'a m ao.l
that said prtsif w.ii ly. maoe l-fiore Keeiater and
1 ReoeiTrr l . S Lano Oftee al R.-i..iirv Vreeon
cn Juir ft, l'A'. ir. 1
on H. E. No. !, f.-r ibr lots and j, see-, a. Tr.
rs.K.s Wi-il.
"". naniea the fouoaint arimeasea 10 prove his
cor.iinuotis resulenie u ism and cultivation ol
" 'and, ii..: . K. Chapman and Walter
siuKieiou. wi 1. jseotir. un-eon. and Alfred
s,t untie. 1-rrf.n.
"t-t'C j. 1. BhiLa.-js
' Kecisiee.
Abstract ol Title to Deeded Land.
Papers prepare..! for filing on Govern
ment Land.
Blue PeUits of Township Maps showing
all vacaut Lauds, One Iollar Each.
Plans and Estimates (or all Build
ings. Special designs for Office Fixtures
Otlico in Marks Build'mti. 'Phone 415.
CatatTli qiuckiy Tiulda to treL
taiZX If Lly' Croaju Ulm, which ia avre
ablv kromatio. It ia rnpi-s.i (i,w 11..
nostriia, cleanse and beaJa the whole nt
Uu orar which it diffnaea itMlf. DrugKto
ell the 60c aun; Triai size by mail 10
cenU. Test it axd jou are ture to continna
the treatment.
To aoconiniocUta taose who are partial
to the use of atouizers in applying liqutil
into the nasal passages for oK.irrWi tnm.
Sict, the propnotora prepare Cream Balm ia
liiyiid form, which will be known aa Ely1
Lkiuid Cream Halm. IVice Includitig Um
praying tube ia 73 cents. Drngi'th- ot bj
uiaiL The liquid form f mbodiej the med
-ciuai ijrouertios ot the aohd rarauoa,
Ely's Cream Balm
Cine Relitl at erica.
H rleansra, aooths and
heala the disease.! natm
braue. It cures Catarrh
ami drive away a Cold
7? c& rlr.'?
la llie Head tiu klr. It
IT ''"""r1.. "'! ' ITolecta the aleruh-..-
i: . "asla and Kuiell. Fuiiai.
S:f2r .?'' ": UnikSi.ta orb. mS 1 "
aj.. aHtoiutus, w wMW. bwv .vtl7 Tgbfc
- load is ordered. The Rose-
one large stock of Organs are all gone
Fine Coble.
Notice lor Publication.
RtMi-j. Orr-goa. May c. fL
Nootst U Iwrefcf .to taal itt comyt
tb j.TOTt.i..n. ol tre act lA Cvcfiem al
Jane J, l".a. entiled "AS a.1 lor ti a of
timurt ianOi in ln ot Ca .lo-nia. or
iuo, .fTi-n a -Ai m aaiaion 1 rrr-.urr.
on, ttu uc!-ltm Itrr.v
nirnsVnl to a.l toe Put.. Ln-1 (:: It
i of A jr ill . Li
n Burocf:"n. cocalT ol star.'. -a: of Mua-
t inr,,B. . 11.. da g,-lia lUatirtU l worm
.at t rot So. i for the win-iaol the Sort
' T- t -J .arter of tion So. . tonB p Jl 8-. oi
. a et ao.l mL.1 offer yrorA u. uav that
l-c aa4 -cri is mors. 14 Limber
"r atone thaa !.-r afrvrT);tiri prrxMea, ajxl 1
t-'al in biar.aica 10 ha:1 its I bef, n tbe Hec-
..sf-r aa-j ae: , er oi va: a9t at
: Oree n. nnTr,,it. ,1 m la.K j
i n-r. I H.-e-nii inu. lS -
ioh ti aler
i! am 'ttiia, suiont f. a:r an-1 Leooard
Brrf. a: of uar.iaf on. atir4fa.
A or an-1 aj! rr-i lU.n o ai v er: J t
above Cearriiietl Un-ta a.-e rrcjfvuai to t
ineir elaina m th:ioVeooor t.'or mii l'!M
Oaj !sept.,i3ii.
Yoncalla Real Estate
Timbe-r iarKlt k-a-d ar. I f.,r aale. liool lar
C'0 :n fara prapertr.
Wagons W
... - . V
Hacks and
r M RC U FflCTftN
ia 1 repare.1 to wait open old
and new castomers and friends
with a full and complet
stock of
------ G R O C E R I E S -
lllf 1 a .
ah irwri ana ot ice very wst
f quality. Teas aad coSes are
4 (pes-iaitiee. Yoor patronage
v M( Jarlann Cr D.,.V,.m
U-fcJ , m .-fc,f j
1900 Water Prool
Harness Oil lUarLfn;
Put un iii tl.e Consistencv .f vrvaaj. aud
ps-itivel-will not punior mold, tiive
the leather tirmnets'. yet make it vft
and pliable. Preserve the leather and
stitching irom inclenieut weather ar.d
ive tlie linnies;..! neat an.l riui!ie.l ajs Keaily makes oM harness
ltk new nnd -a ill make it last twicA aa
long by the use oi IW0 Hartiesj Oil. It
is aiso finally ed for boots and h.s.
Manilla. -tuml by J. W. MOTK. Kose
bury. Oresron. ()n sale at Plodgett's
Harni-s-i shop. 'jSp)
Riddle Pharmacy.
ft ''
I. B. RIDDLE, Prop.
-AX.L KKDa or
Freh rinirt nw4L-l..
- - ..ui.ivj, -
Toilet Articles. Pints, 3
Oils, Qlass, Sundries
Preecriptions promptly filled
by a competent dntgjri"t.
(.'or. Washington
and Main t-treets
Mrs. Bel.e Colliat
Roselmrs rieanins
ami Dvfin Worls
J AS. FKKGVmN, 1'rr.p
All Kinds of Clothing
Cleaned and Dyed. . .
Kerne Strt, ..iawite , Satisfaetioa
rresbyterittii vhuMi