The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, June 16, 1902, Image 4

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Brother of the Murdered
in Pursuit.
r tin- i''."'!"'-1'
.-isiliiti ii'.'iu
Ollies liilil!-:
eillcs'. ,1 1" i
Poktlvnp. Juno 1-1. On the train
which arrived last owniiiji from
Salem was Charles IVrivll of Ketio. Ne
vada, a brother oi ;u.ird Frank FerreU, j
Who a- murdered Ity the esci!''l I'uti- '
viols Traey and Merrill on M. unlay
morning last. Tn conversation with the j
Journal eorrPfMtndeiit on the subject of
1i;m brother's death and his own inten
tions, lie said :
"Yes, i.nor ua- my brother. 1
have just come from his efave. aii l 1
liave made nj n.y mind to lake the
trail of the devils who killed him and to
stav on it till cither I or thev are .lead, i Mr.
i , i. i .n .". .i,- It! Karnard-
it n.n; iiiu;n, c'li.ii'ii iinmnn
they lud only given liiin a chanee for
his life I wouldn't care so mueh, bttt
they shot him in the haek iike the tlirty
row. amis they are. and so help incti.l. 1
will never leave tl.eir tra. k till 1 meet
them find w lien we do meet oiue'"ly :s
roin to die," and Ferrell's square jaw
eame together with a sua" that showed
lie way in dead earnest.
had A VKi:si:ruKNT.
There is a iwvulittr thing ;tloiil i ds
business," said he. "You nrohablv
know that 1 am eonneeted with the pris
on at, Ken... Well, ad last Sunday
night when 1 was. hi wateh I felt .pieer.
I felt heavy and depressed as though
something was ;oiiig to happen. When
I weut home alter my wateh was over,
I could not fleep well, and I told my
wife.that 1 thought I eoiild see my
mother cry'uisi.1 I knew that soinethiu
was oiiii: to iiapjn.
"Well. I went to Inland to.-d an
turned i""r an hour or so. when 1 hear
a knock at the .l.-.r. Mv wue answers
it. and when 1 heard a lv's voice say
"SiiJii here."- I knew what a the mat
ter in a second, and was out of lied in
jump. When 1 uellt iuto the oihe:
room my win-was standing there will
a telegram in her hand, crying. She of
fered it me and 1 said. -Never mind
1 know what's the matter." lie lore I
looked at it 1 knew Frank wa- dead.
It's a .;Ue.-r thin isn't it'.'
'"I at once ot leave of absence, and
with my wife started for Salem. When
I pt t'" the prison and iotsnd out lnw
lH.r Frank was -lauditere.! without a
chanee for hi-life I could hae cried,
but it I can only tind them I'll make
them J-ay." and Chas. Ferrill's dark
eyes flashed in a way that lled ill for
the esoai-ed des-radoes.
"What curse will you pursue"'" m
the nextue-tion askevl him.
1.1'AN or itrsi it.
'As to that I hardly know. You
there are three others and myself in the
partr, ami w-e will probably work indi
jiideutly of the isse. My idea is that
the Wst thing to do is to get ahead oi
those fellows and t lie in wail f..rtliem.
In that way we will have the advantage
of them, and w hile I mean bn.-iness. 1
don't intend to throw my life away if I
can help it. We will strike in from
Hubbard tonight and try to head them
off if issible, but you can lt that ii
they are once located in the brush I wiil
go iu and light if I g" in alone."
At Hubbard Ferre'd left the train and
was joined by his friends on the plat
form of the depot, and in a few min
utes the little party were ..n the way t-
the ecene the cha-c. Ient on exacting
a terrible
Threshing Outfit for 5alv.
A "2 inch J. 1. Ta-o Separator and a
twelve horse t I'.lc: i. at en-ine will be
sm ild cheap. Apply to .1- W. Wiisos.
M2Sp. Caui.i-' Ya'dcv the.
Filthy Temples in India.
Sacred c.nvs n .K iiie Indian l. iu
ples. bin wor.-e yet is a K.dy that's pol
itttI by eo!is.;paii..i!. IViu'i permit ii.
I'leansc oitr svsicin with l'r. Kind's
New'e I'i'ds and aoid l.nield misery.
Thev 'jive livc'.v !i.r-. :l.t;e bowels.
piil die-tioii. mi.- appeii'.e. Only L'v
at A. Mar-ier- .b 'aj store.
Xotioc for Publication.
K .-la i R... li. anii. May -. I '.-.
I Nali. e i lit-icliy ;ivcii llnil in c.hhiiIihiicc
' Willi the ro isiuns ut tlie net of intiitri ss el
! Jan.' .!, Is'.s, ciititlc.l "An net for I lie Mile
j nuil-cr in ihc Slates m l'iiUl..rniH. tircitnii,
,i N.a:a!.l, mi. 1 V Hshilml.i'l l.-ri it.iry." ns cXU'inl
j el In li! (lie itiiMic lullil stales l.y H. I nl Ailitllsl
. 4, IS'.'J,
JAMKSS. SM'.I lll-N.
el A u" ill, enllll'.V e! Mll'lisnll, Slitle oi
liuluu::i, Ims lliis" .lay Uli-l ia II. is
' n!l.rf. i.iv m.mii vimcci, ut
1 I. II lltO l'lll. I'llv.
Notice for Publication.
K..:Kltillt.i, I lie.. May 21, l A'J.
Nnliiv R llflsliv Itiv.'li tilal ill r'llllplliilil'O
niilillie 'in isions of Ihc ael oi i'niin-s of
.liim.:. 1. niliil.'.l "An ai l I. ii Hie sale ol
'linili.'r I.hihIi in lh.'slnli s ol Calif.. rnia. ir.'
pi!', Nt' rt.ln a ll'l ash ill;'. I . in lei l itnt ,' a1- i'X In all Hie l' I. alal Slates l.y net of
August , IS'1'- '
nf II. '.Hi In. eilUII I ol Ol nllt.i stale.'! Wl'-l'.'Ill'ill
has llii .lay liled ill t!.i oil i. e lie kwnrll Mill
nii'iii Nn. 'ti'. l!ie i.iMi lius,. of tho s1 . NW 1
ol s.'i'llnll tl. H. Ill lnvhIiii
W evt, all.! n ill olli r
Society JVlefetings.
M. I finrcl 1. .
A,.-, ci . M. I aiircl b.nigii .oj. I.;. jJ
1 1 :;li!n ren'il'tr inrctinf? on tei 'iliit I rj
mid f urtli V.'i it en!.... e ol eat h i O
mouth. 1 '. i'i:')i i), W . ..I.
N. T. .t i:vki' i , Stcfetav.y.
- A
Morses Wanted
;.-! i-
1 . atl ,e. ill I"1 at
..ti Saturday May 17
.I ' !:!!" l'ra'.l lior-es.
i to li'.oo pounds :
ti. ii li.'ii for ::",( are
' t ia i'i i:: on I iiat date.
No s U
1 I in.l
1 slum
. till'llstl Ims elan 1 la SRI-1 llllol I" l.'l.' Ule ueo
i t , 'I I lo ' '! ' .' of Hi's nlti.v at li.wl.llri!. ,.n I, Hi" Mill .l..y ol Aimnsi l;mi.
II" naia 's as wilni'ssi's- A. I . s nil. . of Itiu oilH
W ash.. :-. I-. Km. nit, llaUUll'l. Or,-., II. V. Mil
ler no t Hies. Ii. II.hkI.i K.isi'liur.;. On-.
Auv ainl all in rs'iTiv i-iaiiiniist aiiv.'isely ilia
....''.! -. :.l ,-.1 iaii.isme i.'.ii.'st,-.l in lile their
e. I Ill ; hi.s elli. e .11 .'l In f. lie sai.l I nli -lay nf
A.uu-i I U.'. I. I. ItKllMJKS.
in ,:. K.'Kisler.
slnleia. Ill No. nn,! W i., SW' .,
Hie s, Sl., ol See- i -'(, stout h . el UhH'i'N.
h.,. 1 1 nit I lie i
li.iu S.i IJ. ill l.iu lisliin ,i :a s ol I. unite i., i,,,lt . o, m ilu lainl smuMil is nn ire vulu- 1 I'dll. tl illl'l.i'i: .in' li'.u"! iii ,i.
). V. W. l.n.!e .N... bi. 3
jlo'Ii. tie.' !-if and fouiili jlou-C:
I ,la .-oi b an" iii a! 7 e!l) p. in., i J
in tin 1. . . I'. Haii. :.!' in I Jj
in Douglas County.
The Rich Fields Uncovered Will
Rival Those of California or Texas
n. p.
Mi i i. '. i 1 i :
I.. .... !;
i,l v. lit ellrf I'lnel !.i stl.iw Ihat Ilie ..i-.. ,,.r ti ,.,IT nr si. me I hall lot' iil'i ieelt ill al
s,,ii':M is I. '..:.' almi'.le lor Us 1 1 m l-er in j ,ir.n-es, ill'. I In . slal'listi Ills i limn I . Mil.! la m I 1
' 'aaii iri i. nil iin.l I'lil (inses, iiii.I In . s- . ,.,,,. 1 1. tcr anl lea' ner ol lies oihee .
ti l is elaii.i la s:;i 1 Ian. I I" I Ha- Heels- . Kosel.llrK. H ..'.. Hi. on s.ililr-lav Hie l aii .lay I 1'.
f tills el!,,',' ;it'l.nri;, ,lie- I . sl,.,' 'i.'J. lie llllllles Us ullil.sH,
.lolill I li v.'.ali.l. uic-.'ii. ..nn t uarii"
Tiioin, l.onis I. W ini-ninii, unit Ailiii I relsnuin
all of Itosebui";, (iieK.m.
Alivall.lllll )..' elailinlli,' i'..l "is.-ly tii.
..i ... .. . I. ...... I.. ..I L.l. .i.,, t.... ii, -si. .1 lit lil l,,:i
s ii. il,,s .,:!,. e ,.ii ..r I., ime ii'l I .'.I. .tin ' and I'jUltl
of s'l'iiti'inlj.'r I'1"-'. J. I r.i'.iinos, i m,M'n't.. r I n ;-' If
"'o'l' lii'jsier. arl .,,,.( j,-. v, ..;,... I,,..-:
: . .. . ; ally invited tn isM v :.
Notice for Piil'licatiou. 1 w.
V. C. a-, - " n ..! y
i. ml.
M. V
Notice for Publication.
. Wi.M, ! i-tll e;..r.
iv o. r.i.Ks. i: ..,.!,. i
tilil..H l.! 1 I). . i . II. i
!, ,! ': v:s .-. I-.
. .1 .
..I'll cert'
:. ' iei.-t n y I
,.. io, . j
i o
i ,
1 :1
Sliet iiV's Sale.
n The t ' (.'"in 1 t M I ia1
Oi-eu'.'::. F.r I .'. , -mil .
I. W. .Hell be! ., as A. III. in- ,
t rat or of the Partnership 1
F.statc of . Ma: k- ai.d
II. Wo'.iei 1h rv. ;
Plait. iil'l. '
Clll'e.lsllC.'s 1. Ill'l tllli.'i'. I
Uns.'l.iii', Uret' ii, Air 7. l'.mi
Sotn'.1 is In leliV i:i. n i Inil in e. .in.i lam i' 1
u ith tin- (". isi.ias ..! (Ii.- n. I o!
, Julie .!. is.s, elll.ll.'l
... ..1 ...r On- sriic oi i a. -I .an is, n in.-'
1 1! IK. Or. j .,, califoram tn.-i-.n . Nei ail.1 XV1
il.'"s.l,...l I oiim-ss
I'M; 1' i SM11S I.imi On ICR.
1;..-, :.',im. Mi May .'I. I".'-'.
N :i . -s In u '. uiieii laat in i ..innli-in
w:i:i '.'i.L .m. i'i.'i;- of tin' a. I ol
-iiti:.- ;. is ,, mi:i, .l -An A. t i r
1 .Si':I'!h, Hilt ash ilmt, ill I 'tl lt i! . asi'M.'ll'l- ; i,.,rii..ri li ' s. i . ' 1 1 l '. I to all Hie I'lll
; el to all Ilie I'ii'i'm- i.all.l SUtes i'i act ol AIIK- . ,j "I, H, , ,v ,-( Aintnst 1 11. Is I.',
I list 1. .l'ii- I'll COI I..
I (iK.IU'.K .l.SVEAKNs. ' ,,f lia u'i, . .. m: "I st l...itts .t-cenf Mnuies...
1 1 1 i i.i '. ' h '. i ' 1 . .. 1 1 ii t y . 1 1 1. .ii it i .is Mate ..: n. i.nn, , ,i,n' in tins ..if., e lo u
! :;;is .tav M.-.1 .11. tins ..Tin-.- les X""o" i 'mtcwct-l N. vl-l mi ilie I'" r. 'MS. o, xk
' s ,.ie. ieii' N.. ." i..i :v I :r. Iihv; ol l!ie mni , ( ..,,,, j ii'i"t .a -.".III. :!
' West . .ia: a.v'.il seel.o.l S . J I" ll'.-'i'! V.K, ,,,, '. ..,,m t.,l In- Hill
J s ,,i . s,, j an. I .ill off. r 1'ia.ii In sli.nv i ,,,,,. , , f..r Us unii.'i or s:..n,
I 'I.:.: I. it- 1 Ml I s l!';!:l Is , Irtl'l.n.a l"i ii , . ( u.illiai l i:i.s.s. H'l i I" -!Hl
I ;
lil t and e:'.!'"!' :
U'.'J. upon a i
reitdeled alat !
caf.-e o:i II:
.1 ;
:.. r -I;:,
io il Co
!.cr, .
s c.
V I.e.
u ; :
4 "
SnerifiTs Sale.
In The Circuit t'ourt f The State H
tireiioii. For iMinlas County.
Murphy, ..rant .V Co., a 1
corporation, l'luint iff. j
Vs. . i
The Me ice Co., a ci-;
ljration. l'.T. Meioi-
and F. .1.
Iefei;.!ants. j
Notice is here'nv "iven that bv virtu.
of execution aud order of sale dulv
issueil .Hit ut the al-ve'ii;iiiie-l Court and
cattse on the 7tfi day vi June l'.ni. npoii
a jndUient and devree duly renden-.!
and entered in said C'turt and cause on
the liithday of May. lii'l', iu favorof 1 1 1
above named l'laintilT and against the
alwve named Iiefendants. for the sum of
fJoJJ, with interest ther.-on at the rate
of S jier cent jt annum from the l'ith
day of .May, If lJ, and tlie further sum
of 0" attorney fee and tin further
sum of fl:J...i costs and disburse
ments. Now therefore I wiil, on.
STtri:nAY, the l-rn way of Jfi.v.
at two n'lTiM-k p. m., of said day at the
Court house front door, in l!s-burr.
Donglas eount-. Orvn. sell at jiublic
amtioii 1o tiie highest bidder, for cash
in hand, all the rjeht, title and interest
the said Defendants or either f them
had on the I'.nh day of February. l'l.
or at any time thereafter, iu or to the
following descrilnil premises to-wit:
The northwest iUarter of the north
east quarter of section ei'.dit iu township
2"l S. K 4 west of W M, iu I lou'las county.
Oregon, together ith all and singular
the tenements, hcr.-ditameiits and ap
purtenances thereunto beloiisiin-r or iu
anywise tipiK-rtainiii. and will apply
the proceeds of such sale, iirst to tin
fostjof such sale, and to the costs and
disbursements herein taxed at fbl.i'iO,
aud the sum of f.J't.fK) Attorney fees,
and to the payment of the sum of
3: due the Plaintiff with int.-resi there
on at the rate of S -r cent per annum
from the Kih day of .M iy. I'.tnJ. and the
overplus if any t here 1m-, pay over to the
said JlefeiidantF. tiieir assigns or le"al
repr-s.'i:t:itiv s, a by order of said Court
iu said ext-rution to me directed, cm
niaudiii me to sell the aiiove descriiicd
real jiroperty in the manner provided by
law. .
I;ted at Il'isobar;.', He., this !ilhda
of June. IWJ. I'.. 1.. Pahhott,
sheriff of J)oii"ias County, rejiui.
Fucelie U. Il.taat. and
Haltie C. ilanati.
Oele'i lae.'.s.
Notice i- her.'by o:A,.;, ;,.o.
f an execution an 1 . i-.i- .- ..i stl;
out ..f the ab.c natue 1 t'
n thef'th day of .li:i;e.
jtld-tlnetll and dei'I.s' dlliv
entered in -.I'.l t'oe.rt and
llith day of M y. !''0- by ..ieclo-urc ol
a luortiaiie in favor of the above named
Plaiutii'l and against tin- : '' n an .1
liefen.iants and a '.inst the l'cr.-:!...ttet-tiieuti.ii.e.i
ani .'. m..rt; icct
i.roi-.rtv for the -tii:. . I i ' 'U 7a 7 w.:.i
interest l her.- u a; t i :
cent i-cr annum ii1 1 '
March. l'.'H". at..! ..r the c..r
s"all.(iil a; . .! t:ev !e. - and
aud .l.i-bltfs.'lliel''-. lloA tic ' nn o
"" i
S.vnitnW. oi:'. n.'. , .1 1 ; !'"''..
at twooVhu-k '. la. ! sc.! i ! :V ..t :!.-'
(.'.nr; l.oit-e tr.-nt d --r V- """?:
l'ou-ia-coti:';y. n. it . ' ' :a'
at.ctloii to In.' !.;.:cs :!.. ' 1
iu hand, a'i :i,e iil.5. t:t:- .!-' :.
which the said I .-!'..., : !. '
a in !.a i Ii.. .s-:. !: . A-l.. -
or ai aii v t ; me t :. ii.a'. .. .r .' ...
lii .wifiT de-cri'-i pre!'ie-. t :' :
iH-jimiini: at . a;:t 1 '"' a: -utii
and r.."-.' c'. am- w.-t i lb- crner
sections i'i. --. 1'T ..nd -s. in ' n-'M.
.. ou;h. ranje u. -. : :!..
.-tie Viet "-ciit, : .'' -
7." chains ihei.c- .n;!. b:.:;o . .i..;:;s;
tla-nee ea-t :.i'.' cnaia-. : i."' i.
haitis. i:..!tli sst., ,:,.jr, , -. .
haius. th.' - ".tli i.s'., .icjti'i - ea-t
'2KX chain-. ;,.cn. .
iraii.t line, t" l ;' ia
he tract of lau ! .- -nv.
aii and w ife t.. T. .1 . '
tv o 'i'!.-;;;:ir. I ... t',.e .!--'''l !"T
u liicii is r.- oi'i-si m
!7il ..f the Pec'i'd ..: i ' i- ! I .!
county. niiO'i:. t !.!.' - ::. :..
North rinppt.i '.!. .
tile meander- ' " ' I- -a '
a i.:nt la.oj , v.. -l ... ::.
tweeii s'-eti .t's :;: ..!. . ..: .
north to tin- ' i ' .:...:t--.. - :;:
iltil l's.! ;i Ti s. !i, .re I !' !e --. .. 'i'i i
"part ..i !. I - !...:.! i t'.n.
;i ..f i o-.'!" . i I". o i . I '...ii..;..
Also till" .'.:- i" "'I'.tIV '
and lot 7 of : -1 :" ! ':- '
i and s.--tioi. ." ..t.iajl.ti.J 1"
acres, more or Ai-. I t " --
111. lii,' ill,! '.. , tl:e s. ati es- '
sect ion I'i . ' '! ili'l'
section 1M . .ntaiail
!..t- -J ami :.-"' ti
7 and the io . 1 :. -a-esl
.a -ee;:-.. .
acres : als-. tl ..' -: : .'':. -.t!i"'. ! ::
Iionati"!-. I '!. ::i . ib-nrv I'
section- --' -7 i ': J- d'-s-'":' a
follows, t.-wlt : P. : : - a' .. '
li.4i chain- .r. a . .- - .ntt.w.-:
crtii r .'! said i ' ; " : 2
thence e.l-t "7. '!s el:: : -. ':.:.. Il'-M'-
-i. 17 cliains. ti ..'-: . i.ams
thellee solt'li I'd !7 ci: li.:- t ;' .- !
U'innin-. : '. i : J - i"
the ii..rth.-l ;. :"o ":...-;
s.vti"ii cat. i'i,:'. j Cats: '
north ! t la- - in .-;-! ;..-.': a '' '
containing V:l a :--: ..-. ti..- .::;:. -a-:
'., of the icr: In i-t 1 laudl"t 1 ..:'-.-ti'.n
I'I . c..:i!aiieo. .M .. r.'s. ii,. r. !'
ail oi :!.,- tie .i. - ril.i'! land- atet
j promises iwaj n: : i - in -..".an- in
town-nm '. .-.'..:. I: "i r.n - '
Wiiian.ette Me ii
(r.fion. and cntainint;
ins'.t.:;ii acr. s. t'.-e'ln i
liient-. InTedilam.-!!- a:
ces thereunto !..-ioi;ji:-a'p-!t:iininu'.
an-! ' il! :
cii-lsol slien su..'. Il'-'i, to the
of the l o-t- of S'icil s;l',.
and di-ictr.-.-nietit- !:. : in la... '
L'U. si'i-.-nd. t.i tic itiviii"!:! of .!
torill'V fees ;,1, In e paV
1 : no .-r : -a.iu- 1 ! a'l l,.r acrl. ll.illiai i-nrp "i-.
i , i: ! in . :'. lisli Lis . laiin in mi. I la'i.l iH-inir I
: i :. -Iti i.MiT H!l i le'l'i .1 . r nf Has olliee at lin" I
i :r -. (n. ,i! ..a V!"ioiv l!.. l-lii :' fs.'l' 1
j ,.... , J...I.V 11,' laic. i s s Cl.t'ss.'s' Creel I..
' i !; iii, it-'::, II .ill I' M.I!, r. Oram TaylofailJ.
' I. v M .. .i. e: l'a::'l. v ' t . " 1 1 1
V:: .in '. :o. 1, r-olls t l.ianmc K'l.Lrel in.-
.1 s, I iHii.ts ice i.siiesle. to liii'liieir !
as oil:. " en nr t'i""le tin" Mill 1.1. II
. ,l., ! I'":.'. I. I . I'.iai'.'ItS. !
Iv.'itisler. i
Ci i. K. 1 or l:TM Kl
N . t j . nie.-t - al ';'.
lliili-'!av eveniiij, a'
K. b. If
i:ii'.:!-:: of r:.'..':.
N... Pi. M :i.i .
1 1 M
i . P. O
;.m.-o. c
V'.'l V
1 u i'.' .1 li .
;,,'. Ci.
i o
listi Ills i-Ultll In s.ii.l Ian 1 I..-'..:.:
an. I K.s'.'ivcr nf this ..ti., :il U...
oil Til.'s.tny. Ilu' stii ol Ja
llttliit'fl as witnesses
lIlotilHs l.ioi'"!', I..'" K . '.a
Or.'Eoli nllj I lio. a- K l.iu-a
' ll. . . .
AUV linn an i'.'isi.i.s . - it i anils r.'i n sf'i i ii." una
II. i i'.'XlsllT
li'iii;. i ip i.'..n.
V. 1 o lie
II 1 1 .1 1 IL' 1 1
..i Kal ii s
I i.."1..Iki"'v .l l :
F. II 1.
.If) a.
Mi.s. '.:
! ii.
, o
, C)
The old days of Titusville and Oil City, where fortunes were made in
a niht will be completely outdone by the magnificent oil fields to be
uncovered and developed in Southern Oregon. THE UMl'QUA
VALLEY OIL COMPANY controls the cream of Southern Oregon
nil lands. If you want some of the first hundred thousand shares send
your orders to the Secretary of the Company, or through Wells, Fargo
and Cqx express.
Umpqua Valley Oil Co.
, Io
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Notiuo for Publication.
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Notice for Publication.
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u':t:''i is iii..-- vhiimliii'iitr it tiuiiM-r i nK. l.-m ... :,;' i-in..-, - . .-t' i r '.'s ". t.. .
a..!. .: j'.i.-:!-.!:n! e;r- ami to ,.r ,.,,n,. irra n .'. 'ii!-". a " I
!. , i.inl I ' -a,.l .aa-l U.'l.ire lite llei: ; t-tal":-1. lil 'a:'.. '' s. : : l i n :: 1 '....'.- t . . le -l:-,sn-i
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l.a i s i ii, -s
r,or .li)l-"0'l
s-etur.i.i eve: o,j
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iiv;:c i ' al't t. : .
,i, tarian la '! .
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: c.a I, .1 ..' .
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Is Absolutely PURE, anJ
u ill OUTWEAR all other
SIEVER'S BAKERY, Jlcksonrc. i
C Our Cream and Hoine-iiiade Iln-ad i a oyd or Utter
J than I'vcr and will ie 1 live ed to any pari oi the cjty.
f Lfeave or lers or jilione Main i'sj. J
5 J. SIEVERS, Proprietor
a' !
:..! we i
.r it :
s :i.a curry it
tt.l Vol gfl It
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!!. i
N. 1'. J:
Drain Gardiner
1 PortlanJ. Oregon
I.e..ll.:l'l K.n
u:i '.'. ;i...' ii. rn.i:-..:i. ..i.:i ;
' I :l'.t .. ! Kns. lure. :i i; ii. ; ,
. a:l :v :,"!l- i .im."s .. ti''rs"! It..' (
- :;:' :u-.s a.. , ! in -I tl tii iJic:r
iii -..;! .-.;..! o. .'.: -a. I 77 ''1 .
; - .1. i. l;i:i.'.K-.
ll- siist. r.
lie llalil.'s in --.s ...c, ii 1 elf. n-
I ,.i;n! I'l.'UMI 'l l l'i!"'.!. I!.'" l '
ii i,;.s:iiy, i.r.-if'.i w .'.;ia"i ii i- -!.
v : 'H. .:"-t"'.
AliS :iii 1 uo ;. t. ': ..'i'i: u : " :-
i. .a. e r:i" : 'k': :s a-, r. . ... .-i :.. tii- ::
.a.ul- III tin- o'!.. ,' "ii : ' ! '" '
,: J::if, 1 '....
.1 "1 Blille.l
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lor Publication.
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jl . . !'. l.rtl 111 latllli i.:i' '
s ... . : -.- a I ol .'.niitr ss ,.i .
i ' Aa Ai t for tlie '-.e o:
-:ai. s ,,; r.ii..ra'.. Oa c .ii .
i: Ii rr.tnrv, hs exi'inl- i J'
I..H..1 -I.-s .. ol A-.14 I t;
Notice for Publication.
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;. a-i ai ::::-.-.!.. . in- -w .r:i s:i.
i.'. a r I. ; :.'. !:.i "f ttis' l.o'.c -Va,
s:; - ! -. eti'in No. ''.
s . . ; ' i; , ra !. ... s '.li s I t, tl ' I Wl.l 0!l. T
!. l. at .:. "aa.! s.(;i'at i more ai
."it' ttiaii l'r aitia'.iilU'
!..,!. i ts . I iii;. I" s;.;
rni'l K.-ener i.f ia:-
I, mi ;;.irt'. tli"
II. tiaiu.-s -s itr.'si
r isb- r.c. .-st-aiiie v s!;.
iT. IU '' 1!"P 11, ni 'o.:-
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s .lis .Irti'ii.t.c a'li.'rs '!v la-:
l.,i: !s ,.re ic .neUfsl :u r.te
nt..'V i- ia a ' V -V . v ' la-'-!i
Ilie K c. is'. a ': '. a . '.
. a. '.s"s, en'-iiasl "Aa .ca :
t.,'r it:i i- tn la- sat'.-, .a i'
I Sni'smi'l s!aa-v..c. I err: l. .
i v 1 i.. a. I tn. Ca .; .. iui : -
,ri ' list 4, !-',
,, , AS HKI- .1 1. -ii .liN.
! i ot itii. ..!.'.. ri.ti'i:: ei i ;. . r -T--a . s : ' '. ' a.
it" : j..o. h- th: .! t.l- 1 ri it..- eili-e :
itciiif t S.i ..a,:ir '.i.s-1. .. .!
I 4 of s.,'t: Nn i.'. '...v a-a.i- - :.'.!-. :':
i) c: an'l w ni o:!-'r .r--c :,, s!. oi 't't 'a." .
"'li;ii'. I ". :.' . . . ... .e !i: :'.-'. c -T r '.
!l::i l i: H:ti. 'i.i'iaii i- - -!: 1 ' ' " lii c.aim 1-. s. ,ti-; i t'-t l" ' :: it- -'
mn-i ttv i .' er ol la., or. . Ui- t.'.'tf. " -on
Iiid-Uv. tin- l.'.'i .l-y... A a-i..:, 1
n''i".sii5 .n'.:it'"a' .liia.-s s s.,. :.. A
:i. In. !:'. !.. K. t n'lmt: ,..'..'.. " - .
II w M.I'.vr. ims i; H.i.m'n a '
An :nl I
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..I f-v.
I. F
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i -J
,n .: i ;
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i 9
Go to
f I i 1
Knr a l'r-i:ii ; t an l Firt-tlase
Shaw or Ha.r-i-nt. Cini
t.'".t Workiiien. I'ieAn Tow-r!-,
Tool" .ilnavnin phaf.
: i onil a'
Baths in Connection.
on Ja. kson St.
l'.ininei,cin with Moiwlay, January '', will charge $7.50 for
tlit-fare from I 'rain t Coos lay. Ilaage aiiowancc wi'.li each fail fare,
J 1-.iuils. Travfllin' n.rn arc aiiowel . ',') joun-Js -as;zp' !.fD thy
have :X) pjaii.l or luorc. Ai! tiiv-i haar, .:. p.-r iuu 1. anJ no al
lowanc ill lf in.i'le for roiin ! trij.. I'AJI.Y TA.K
For fiirth.-r information ii.!rw
J, R. Sawyers,
Proprietor, Praia, Ortrgoa
... i.r" r
' ' ', , '
:oc OOOOOC0000000003
I r
I '
... or !' n' tt. J '
.1. I. liKll-or -.
K- -:-t. r
a:-j. t. a
c.a a. - :
m: t
t d : '- -..-.' si."'. !
n . tli.s' t.n or la- -.t.- sji 'l
; '. J. I . li-..
Xoiicc U.-x Publication.-
railt l s ti'.-s 1ju1 ml. '.
K .m : a-.. ' 'r. tt.iii. Aj.r. 1''. t
a... . I erci.v i'.H tl ti'.At 1a ctmp.l.Ci
; : ..r 1 a.. a-...!.- .a tae it"i 1 ncji'it .a
,. :. : -7s ..;.;;''.o.l 'Ai; act ar tin- sR:j i.t
:."ii s iu ih ' --..iti- .. ti;i!..-!i,4.i:. "7 "ii.
.. ! a'l i Aiici st..i! : a- .:.'..l
. I'a '.. Iji:i 1 -i i" s a ' t ..I A".7 ;:
J.tV,'- 1 . i HANAN.
U..HS a.-, state ol ore
,. nr- ii.i-.lav i.. .1 :u tin- ,ct-e h:- rn
' ::' LI S-. '---': .or tbi ::"-- o: lh" s'
--. ::' :i e" '. -4 I' i.ieiet' .'7 -. nl
V'-i ani a;., .a'.'l I'-.-c. I" -!'"
.aa-! -laiit isja tr.' vaaia'-'iL I..r i:-tn:i-t
, -i 'i.ati a a i. jrii i 'anal j :.r;..s"s aii'l
.!'.h !,:..:!:.' to -art i:i'l l" '-:"
- . t : 'i-l I!-' .!. t i a . fa at I:.... ii'.r7.
: . -ii ..ti .s!ue-:- 'a.'- .t" ol Jiilv.
i . :.:.::--- ate . s. I 'lrln-n.
a c: i '. : : a . rt. 1 Jnl-li " Mt.-si-e' ol Inn. 11-
. i ;. -7 n !'. I'.eJ.- :. "i ....m-i-uik. l'r
Al,'. .. . a , i r-.i!l- i in ! ,.li7 -'"!'
iM ..i'i- :v'sl.l
Notice for Publication.
I'S 'Ili'Tl l'l .M' I ill' '
Knv-I.ure '".' a -'!: -
S'nt n' in:-! v ;. n "':'. la.'-:. I -a
nn ::c I r '. :: 'ii- of I J" '. : '.':.-
.I' i:.- :. l-:,i-::'..'..'."'l A'. '!. i"
liai'-.- iia-ts ;:. -.. .: ... i
.!' .ruil. : 7' a. S. a i.t ia I W. :.,:: " -a 1
1 1,.:'. , -is .- ;. a : . .. : : i- I a i 1 . . -'
, Io act ol A : 7 ' i s : I !-
' 1.111 l.i' I- 1IKN' '' K i il
1 ol I a '.:.. I, 1 ".tic . 7 I)" a 7 a- s'V-- ..: ' -. .
iia- t;, is ,m !. .. ! in t:.. .'Il -"fi :
I intli- No l..r la- (.a-!..- ..I i - N"
'.-:,:::::, . .n '. to
Nu. ... .- a a oi r.aniti - i'..-:i.ia
';.-.-.; a. -!.',.'.! :C 'a.,- i" '':; .s i r
: iia' iv-l.T i's no.!--' r -'-.:'-' i.ana - s,. ..
i 'i! I:
it3.'i I: References.
sJ .All Wo:k Ou.irauteed.
a.i.-:: Uof.Ss.-Y
C OGOOOOOC ooooo ooooo 0
!t.s I
! I - . -
7e J -.i,-
.:!: :: or n.
J. T. BKIl-.K-
.in.l .Mr. I
i,:-lit lai
' r an
R. .
Any kil l " I I- r- i
!..t.- .. s. rn.-l .a
i iun :- ,n ll'l- .:! . c
si'jii'i-. r. 1 "L
H. Little-
Professional Cards.
V. !!(i!VKi:,
i X
Oregon, j
The finest Rough and Dressed
Fine Cedar Fence
Posts, Wood, etc.
Fine Port Orford Cedar
Finishing Lumber
We want your orders for building
material. All orders promptly filled.
M. (i'lM'.Url.v
T. A. Ia;rv
I. L. Martin
Roseburg Real Estate Co.
I'arm and Timber Land Boueht and Sold
Notice for Publication.
l.KI OfFI'K IT KoaCBI Ra, Ol: K., M BV -1 . 1 'Jtri.
oiiec is lierct.y uivcn tliat lii.t loltnuhii;
na'ji.--l tsjlller li-h lil.-'l entire ot h r iiileutimi
tn xi.ati'j tiiibi .rM. in aUtM.rt of lu r .-laiin ami
iliai said iirtail ))iil Ijc nia.i.' ia".nie ihe K' jrisit r
nd K.ccivi-r, I. s. Ijinl Oil id- t 1:o-.-Iiii:k,
orexou, OIl AUKIlst II. 1 '.'.
nil TL T S MIS, U: N W In W J i, rec. Si, 1.
a, r. U. 0 West.
Mie nni's ilie Inii.nvins w u i.rnv.
her con liunnus r siti-.m-t i:h.ii ami ciitic-iinn
.if sulrt lainl viz: John K. hmitli nnl Win K
6in"li. of Hn. k miy. Op: , nnd Win. It. Ku -fieri
.l Slyrlle Crw I, Ore., ami aIi m . Willi-, ol
Dil.ari, 0r-7in. J. T. Iliaiait s,
jli K.-Kist.r.
I'I ilM.ol7.li7 illleti
t Sicr.-'iti til t i.e r.ii.
liiiii!l'r.ii!i t!i'Mjsi
I i.,r.'::is ,-. i.!;' v
;n tl..- :io'v;.:"
vt i : i i tie' t . . a . -:i
I ; i.'lil.-i.
i. r it . ::r. v. :-,
:i:.i.'.-. I i.e i r..-
:' tO-t-
al sjil..
..; ',: i.ii'i
a-nt i a' I lic't-U'11
c .i.t:n: iti u it h iii',"!i-i
. :' ;.i ner eenl i r :;n-
iav..:' March. 1'"'.' al: 1 I
Notice ff.r Publication.
Notice fur Publication.
Sol.. .' i..
I i itn ti.e pi.
l:i re
I ll.'.st states IjitlJ Oil '
s.a ,,ti, t ir. ,-":i May i, 1
a.'ll laat ill e..lilj.iinll. e Jimu .. I",
a el tli.- to t .l !olli:res- (.1 Tanl' rl.
l.t. tic I "A a a' t lor the of lim A"0. S
ht' .-, . ,.f i ;tii!.,rul'i. lr.sp.'li. : t-
..I'i. '.'-I l ''' s!ii!i'-i":i i
:.. a. 'la- I ul.': l-i u 1 -
t i. i
Notice :
ii :'. a t tie i
! lae .:. I-':
,':irii si
- I.iNfi in r r.
--n May t. : -
a. ',1.: ,ii -' :'. : aa
till' a' I ' " . ' -- "
n ri ; t'-r inc i.
n lie -;;. ol aal r i a. i'i.-
a tn an. I V .,.'i.!.- a.n .r:i:..rv, i.c-
ni.-l I-. all ta- I'lii.;;.- I jtii't , ...
torv. is len l- . Anpii'i i. i- a
si.'i at: "1 Anc- ! IUltRYK.MII.IEit.
a I fiak'.ati'l. i oiiii;, nf lin'.tias. s::t. ..; i ir--iii
..;- II,.,
;, :! i :
i li V:
1; -iioihtj tlKtOON
ii na to II.-r of the Sot
:.! 1.1pm.
St.. . ;,,' t.K.r loati of l"l I"H
M :
11 K, li'j A S !ia':. . '.
o! K 'stliiii-. i-.tin.'a. ..! Imau as. state of i M'i,'..n,
Ic- -als .lav lia.l .!'. t'a-offie; liis .s.vniii n.tte
l:.'.::t S.i. ill s lor tie .li.-hu-e of tic N W 1 4
,, -- N... 11 I'.uiiSttM. . -s s.H.111,
i t .'- '-l uti'l il. !! r in-l
tlie .iVl'!. ills, if tills tli"!'.- !s-. ..IV 1.. ilie
-;ii'l I 'I'l'inliiM-. tio ir assigns or Ic.mI
ri'iiic-i-ntittlvos. a- l.y .ir.i. r nl sat. I
Cntirt in sui t c"i uiioti f., in,- (ir, , It . 1.
coinliinnniiii; iia-! soil liie ;il .1.
scrii"'l rciil .roi-''t v in tic' 111:11 ner 1 -1 - -vi.lisi
l.v lau .
Ii.ttci tlii- 'Mil !i! ol .1 11.'', i-!!'-.'.
i:. I.. rtiiiM'ii,
Slu-rift 'tl Iioitjl i- C'-nu'v. Oit-kun.
Contest Notice.
ni'. '1 states I. nil OtTa e
i' trj. .. u;'.i,-.'.!ay
-! atlaiui' iai iii' ! n til'
has t n- .;- t -! 1:1 ties .,:'a . !, . ..:. -u e- j
rnei.l Nn - (nr IU- .i:r. hn.- "I tin- -ar.h a-t
lUarl. r is. : 4 . ,,1 sjt lanii Nn. -1. 1:1 I'sli:;. N... j
seulli nl I tan-. Sn.J W: .-. nl iii :! r in .1
tn s'l.'W tlml t.'.c iatl'l snllCM is i. nr" -s 1 1 ! .( ;
10 i lor I.s t'Uil- r or st.,n'.- tiniii for aiirn nil aa! ;-i.r-
!' t' Il " Isll.i s,Milll is more v-ii'iallie I'.I i - a III lllls.lliil'n II!Oi-ini in si . n in .1 -
.'-' nr'sii.tu- U.b'i l..r M-riCiilinral i.ur-I Lre llo-K.-itist. r au.l Kv.m r ! this ottavai
aa.l : . es'a'.'is a ni-cian.i t" sai-t 1-11.I I:..-, i'lin.'. or. .'ni: nn "lonCay He' 1 'Hi :.- of
-'..t ia- !!. '.-isii r an 1 H.x. r..T of tin oflaa-i j.i.i,.l-r, !'.' He nan. - itti."s i,.a.
at i:..-. ntii" . ri-o:i. u ILur-'lav, Ilie lllli'iay ! J. su-arns. t P--.5 I. I li. luon tn, i.iam
of An i-: I'',' II-names a- v.;i'inss.: John i on. i Hoy Mil r, '.'. ol Oak;u.l. Umoii
l.'l "? r 'i -or't. Han IUU, lienri .-.IlKl-'lon, j Any all.l a!'. t.nlifc .Ulm'.rJi IV'T-.'lj' 111.'
H--ITV s;-ai'o- .: ol f!."'. l-iiit. Ore on. I !wvt .les. riU-5 Imels ate p ijii. sicl to tile i.i ir
n i-.,-,.!:! trs,,ns t iHtinii.t: aiivci IT the c.iin in tni onu
.i, s, rii.l are n-n. -t.' I In lilc llu-ir J s. .iomU-r. I: .''.
. 'aai.s in lli.s otli-cnli "i lAlore sain i nn iay m in-
A n- i-t 1.' J. J l.BKIIn.1.1
' litgt uitil thir.l
i n it: - '
a : I : v
J. A Itf.MAN '.s. I" :
' T rv
r. ''.
on ..r la l P- -:! l-'itli '!a el
J. T. ItKlin.K.s,
Noticcfur Publicatiou.
I'llitvl btatej Lall.l
A nill'i. iciit emit.
in tliia crhce l.v
JOHN . Vi:.s'N"
coiit'latit, aait.s: ta. it..:ncsr,'a. t.':y
-t. rri.l.- March 1'.. 1'. IW Iii" -I.' , -V', .-' . i : H.lliii
sj-a ' s ra .K!4, -eel i'i:i :Lf. t'.w nl..t. -i -citii" 1 i atmi I.i:- i !ii - iay iii'il il lh:s oft ice l is. siv..rn
rant;.; - -I tv ' -1 . 1 1 -: i . til Nn i '. lor '.In jnn lia-e ol Hie r.'4
"JAMKS I-.KA-I.:Y. I .. i.s. eta. ii No s, t.i.'.ielnti .tl -nnlli. rantte Xu. h
cunt, stee, in lic'li il is all'aic'l that the iil iv . e.i. ant i.l oil. r iiroal In sltoiv tliat t!ic lain!
Jam B.-iisley lias ii.-cer e:lilislie..l li;s res.- ; .,,'ie!it u r.anc !!: lm il tltnla-r ninl clone
Hi'iii'i- on tlie iati l, ict in pnc. t .i or ail i.t -.1 i : !nui lur a'ir aiii'iral iirja'-. s, an-l In eslat.iisli
the aatiie, ali'l iarln-r liiat lie I as It'-.n ii' -.'.t'. 1 hi citiaa to -acl ianii l.vf-rc tlie I!t".:iflcr all. I
fruin tli iaii'i f'.i h i:ri'l m icre limn -. K. . .a . . r ot tills hi'ht nt ftnseliuiE, Oregon, on
iitnlitli- las' j ;cl m it'i iat l.-an- nl-nas. L"-e. 'arl i i !i a r-'ii: Iti'j Islii .lav f -.'(.leinlier, l'i' lie
tlial tie li Ii lly in a.icieii-'l tl:" int. -i; l:ml ' imnic i!:."S : W iiiiam Muilli.
ui.l aii' 1 al'senei fi.mi ti.- iaii'l ! n..' c.'i- Kater. 1 ..nanl III..-' hil! LM iilions i:rali,
lo liis crnpjoi mem :n tlai Ariay, Nu.y or Ma-.allor llarlin-lnii. V asiiinton.
rine or.K ol Hie (iiiffl stacs as a n;!.te s.,i , Any ui:. nl! i r-oii clnl:uii arturelj- tlie
ilier. o'li' -r, seaman or t larine .luring '.In v. ie ', al,:.. c .les.-rii.. 'I laens ap- r.'.ii l. .l to II their
with st;iin or an;.' ntner nai in m hi. ii j ciaiin-ia lln- olliee on or la-'fure -i'l Is'li lay of
tlie fin I. -.1 .stal's 'iiv l.c i in.'...'."'! ; ai'i t.a' la S. Men: Iter. 1'u. J. T. II RI U'tKs,
arc liercl.v iio'ilit ! ! Mje ur. p sj. acl aa l oil. r J2u Keister.
CM'lelice Inliciiii::: sai'l anc-'i'tii'a ai in oca.: k
a. In. on s-i ...!' .''- r '', a J a- lie i.."a:stei
iai'1 Ii f."V. r a', lit"- I ialc'1 -aia- lui-i 4)llj. e
iu I'.oscljinit,. ip-it'iti.
1 lie hti i'i enlil' ' tai'l liiivib'a in a nn,i r iifli.Iu
vit, i?:e.l May 1J, ; ' .'. r:i Imili iai ts v.hii'li
shniv I hat a I icr 'la. '! liiifll'"'' Has, tin. 1 i-eri ii .'
i-l llli- ln.ll.'i: I'all lint tie lnaoe, ll is her." y 1-
'iere'l aid ..i.-.'t.''l ;t!iil Mi.jii ii -aije I.e .,':.:n l..
!ne ami i.mi. r' H'i'iti.
I. 1. I!i;l Ic .KH, K.'itis'er.
iti J. II. nn'JlH,
Notice for Publication. j
I'lil'.i.l s'.atca I.aict OtI. -e, j
Kn-rlnirE. Or. -ami. May II. !.- (
Notice is helebv lthell tlitil 111 colli l.ilallt e j
with the l'mri-inns nl ihe ai a nf Cm, (-:. nl '
June 1T. entitlcl " An Aet ior the ' "I j
timber :boI- in the slat. -.( l aiiioruia, op it 'll
Neva la, aid Wa-lin ruhi Territory,' as ci. n.i
etl lo ail the Pnliiie l.iu 1 ,-:al'-i by act nl A as'- I
l;'ielnirir, in-eoii. May X, law.
No! i- is la rci.y i;;. en that in c iintliance
.vuli ine vn.i i-i.ins if tliea.t ol 'nni;r- ol
I'll:.' ::. laT eu'ili'-'l "Ati Act for the sale of
n niter iaini- in the -lal'-s of ' 'a'Ui.ruia, Orei;o i. i ust 4. I
t I N'.-iii'la. an. I Washiinttoti Tcrritnry," as cmeii.l- 1 HOW AUD W ll.LIAVS.
'. -I to aa the'- Ian. I -ta'..'-hy a. t of Anc ' of senttl.-, cmiicv of Kinc stale ( WHshini,M.i".
t list I, s'j', has this .lay lilt 'i in thi nlta-e hi nrn ktate-
i ji ni . si. m tii meul Nn. .1.1 lot tt.e nipna-e ni me c. re,
J. ill V St. 'll'l
n.ty ol -suitll, siatr oi ali-I i NK', ol ectioli No. ia. I ot liUni" N
Notice for Publication.
K.iskui i:... Ore., May 1x2
-.ntioe is hei'-oi i.''c:i Dial III :'iil.llBlie
wilti the -.o-vi-citi- ol the A.-t tl I'mittress of
June :;, li.s. .-ii:.lie.l, -'A u Ai l lor the snle of
limb. r lamia in '!' htates of C ii.if.irniu, Oi,
KOii, Nevada, utol W,vslinietim T. trilori , aa ex-ie:c1e-l
to ail tne 1'iibne lainl nana tc. Aet of
August 4, is--'''-
KKtMT- 1.. I.IIOH'.K
of 1'e'dne. .!'..iiity ol la.nt'las. .stute.if i.i;oii
lias tliin tiny liie.i in thl tfliee hi mvorn -i.-i'.'
men t No. 2.'i7 lor liii'tiir.'liase .tl Hie 'll,
S'i 'fi'l Keeli.iU No. A 'linshi. s nf U I
West anil will ntfer .na-f to slam that the lano
MiiiKht is inoie vaiiiaitle for iik Iniiher or st"ii.
than lor at:rieii!liiral ami to estal'iish
hi elailll lo sai l ialiil la-fore Ihe Keit.l.T ali.l
Keceiver ol lliia olh.-e at KoaelMi'i:. tiiciron, nn
Wedne-'lay, the IU .lay ol fc. i.tcinlM-r, l'Hr.'. He
nam -a s w l lll'isaei. : Waller t.roflk. Wm. Moore
tnl Maurice Moon, of Itoschnrir. re.f ami t.'el
estin liei-it'l"', of teniae, Oregon.
Axiaud all verMiiik clainiiiiK aflverK'ly the
Bbnve-rlcscriliexl latntK are re.inestert to (tie their
claims iu thia ofliuc ou or lefore aaij 10 day of
iia J. T. BRIDGES,
ft lUsliU
Notice for Publication.
Unite f Slie Lainl Olliee,
Contest Notice.
Cnilcil S.latcs I.ainl olhce
R'Jhl'hlirir, Oli !?nIl, .'.lav 1 l:j'
A suQiclciit cnntebl ulli'iavil jiavin hieu
liie.i ill Ihin ollii-e i,y
wai.i hk t:. i:rz.i;i.i.,
ei.iitedtoiit, ai-'Riiist the Innn. et. a'l enliy Nn.
'Jsol, ma.le March It), r.aa., lor .s1 , NW'i, N1.
sitji .Seetiou M. lo'.i nshii "'. uri'lj raiitte - iv.l.y !
(nnte-tee, ill which it is a'l.'ii. .1 :h,t lh. sni.l i
eniryiiiiin lias nevci csnii.nsu. n nis ii-hiiiein a
nu the lamt. au'l Dial he lm- imi i in .r.. t-t nr
Cultivate! I lie Sillic, aU'l II. t.l lie l,tia hi'CU nh-
seni Irn.-i the iaini fnr a neiitai oi sj itmnihs
last pnht, atnl tlial he In.s '.'.iinhv iii,;,ii,!i,ij. . i
the same: thai s:icl it.i',-. tt'.s. iic ;
the lainl i.oi .inc i.t . j
eineloyiiiolit ill Ihe Ann;. Na.y, n M.i:ii:i-;
:oilb Of tlie rillti.'l SiUttes - ji (tiivrtie s.M,j,.r (
olliccr, ficainen, or inui ine, .liiriin.' I In- inn ii ii ;
sj.niii. or iliirltnr any other war in -. 1 . ; -i i U...
I'liileil .Stah-s limy he cliltii-i !. s.ii.1 ;.,:l!is are
il lehy nntilkil lo lijan-ar, ii'sjioi..! ami nlli-r
evl'lem;e ronchititt ai-i a a. ii i a.i! ic in ti .-lm -ir
a. m, on setieiiil r 1-. lac. a. t-.r. il,.- li :-;si. (
and Keeiver nl Ihe riuie.i -int.-- I a'i.: oi!'.- in
ko-ehilrv, OP'Kon.
The saiil Cnlilcstalil hi:', in-, In a l-l 'i.-r i.l!!
(lavit, filed May l.t. I'i 'J. s. t (, ..n, t,,,.
i hieh ahow thut utter .1 'i 1 . 1 i ! -n . - p. i-oi,ni
service ol lliis l:olii ' cull liol h lnaili., it :,-
hereby onlep-d an l .in. ' !. . i tlmi s i h notice
be given by due ami iro.r nulCc ai ion I
J 'i B..ih..i:s. I!e;;isler. 1
Dill J. H. lljoTU, Hucelver,
Ko'cl.iit, ' ircoii. May J7, !'.'.
is Ina. l.y itivi iithal in coinpllatice
tiiilh ttie .r... islnlls ..I the cl ol ..nff ess ol
IJiiii'., p, ciilit;e'It An Ac l lor me sine oi
limber lacls in the slates ol ('a, norma, Oieoii,
Ni". a a, and Wa -hi Hi: I oil 'I eiiil'iry.' a - er tt'iid
! i-l ! i iili tie inil.ilc laud Hilte l.y acl of August
i I, '-...'.
j U II. 1. 1AM SMITH
; of It : i . litiftnii. coiinlyol skaitil alale of Wali-
i ia'.-t'li, h:.- il.i- .l 'v al.'.l in tlii- olliee hi nvmii
slut,.,,,, ni N'n i 77 lor the j.nichasc ot the N I'.J,
j of Sk i, an No s, i.,i. ieln, .11 miiiIIi, raliite s
v.i -t. ami uiil'oil'T jipa.f tn short idal the land
I sni'vlil is inoie vuliiiiiile fur its limla-r ami t-loii.'
; tliini fnr narii nltiital purposes and tn estalili.-h
his lann in said lainl hefnie the ileitialer and
i'.i;' ciVcr III tilts i.tllC'Ill llnH'lillli;, Ol'CL'KII, on
I '1 hn-vlay inc l-tii day of s. .l. iiiia i , He
i nainek as v.iliic-ses: .lohu slau r.Haiimril Slater.
lA-tiiard Hrnnksaiid hieullolla Itnatka, all (if
lair aiiL'ioii, W iishlliL'toh.
A ii y and nil i.erson-c'.nlliiiiii: adversely the
ah. tic described land are pMinate.l lo Ilie their
claims ill this olliee on or latfop- aai.l 1 s tli day
nl .September, It'U. J. T. HI'.IIXIIH,
Ji!p HeitiKter
s.n.111. rane a uesi. an-l w n niter io snow
lhat ti.e iiui'l omlIiI ia mure a,ualt!.' tor Its
nmlier or stnic than tor aricu.iiiral I " i r i
and lo establish hi. eitiiia tn sH,,i iHiel before
the ltci;iler and Kc.'.-lvei nf this othie at Kns.
Icirif. Ori'icon, on Salui'lay. ttie J id .lay of Auir
ui. I'a'i- He n.naies aa tA'tttii ss.-s: Kay s. Kisii
er, N'e' S,inr.', ot Seattle, ashinitinii, W in.
M. Porter. IU e Bnreu, oH'aina Val i. y. orevnu
Any and nil tiersiina claitiiin adiei-ely tin
ah.ive deserilH'.l lands are rc'iilcsl, .1 In tile
llieir eliiiins in thi" nrti'-e an nr i-eSip.' said 'i.v
day ol Auitusl. im.J. J.T. IIKIIa. I.s. .
lill.ip K.'Ststie.
Notice for Publication.
Tinted st..s l.a ll'l Ollce,
KnschiirK op'Si'ii, Mai '-', h'j.
Nolicc la herebv litven Ihut ill 4:.uiiiiiatn e
with the proviaious of Ihe act nl tanntii-ss i,
June !!, laTs. entitled ' An n l for inp snie of
liniia'r lantla iu the States ol "a 1 1 'or ni a. On eon,
Nevada and WashiiiKion lerritoiy, aa extend
ed to all Ihe I'llblie l.illl'l slates by act of Aug
ust 1, l -'.r.'.
of I'. pine, ciiiuly ol liriintlas, stale "of ure
sou, haa thiadrtv lile.1 in Ihia otllce Ina Kiioru
alateinent No. '.'i-l lor Ihe iiurchase of the NW i.
of aeetion No. 1-'. loiv.ish.p ::o snutli, ruin;.. I
west and will nller naf In shir Unit Ihe land
Miuixht ia more aluahle for Ha tiinh'-r or slnne
than Inr a-triciilniral pui jaises, ami In cth
lish fita claim tn said lalel belnre Ihe Iteitistcr
ami Kcc. iver nf lliis ..ihce at Kn-ebur, op-iroti,
on KreUy, the lath day ol Aiii;ii-i. I'in' lie
names bm wiliic-ws: Maurice Mumi , Nick
M.aire and 1'eter Mill, ol Kiischiirt;, Orexmi, ami
Kd McK , of repine, Oregon.
Any and a II K'rnn chiiiiiiiiK adversely ihe
above descrihtd lamia ar iuesh .1 to li e'thcii
cliiiniK iu llii olliee on or hen. re .aid l .th dav
ol Annual l:a. J. T. I'.KIIl l s.
Ill .) Ki'ilisler
Aihuiuistrators Notice.
In the County INrlrt of Dntc'lus INiUhty,
rilate of ir. Itnll.
Ill the mailer of Ihe estate of I
W . W. Wa'kcr. deceased
Nrilne is hen by Klicn by Ihe lllldep iijlled
adniliiisirolorol the e-!aieof W. W. Walker, do- I
ens. .1. to the cr. ililnrs all jieraona hav- I
ililt . biiuis laaillist the sai'l lie. eaaed, U exhibit
tin in. uiih ihc neces-ary v.hii hera, within aix I
months a'ti r ihe Iirst piililicalloii ol Ihia notice '
to tli" adiliililatralor at llillal'l llonlas coiiuty
Or. koii. ,
Hate ol Ihe first Iiuhlication ia tin- hlh day o1
MB,r.U-. tUCiAK WAl.KEK,
to write tor our cnnliilenliul letter before ap
p'yiiifr for patent ; it may lie worth uioucy.
VYe prompt iy obtain U. H. and Forciicu
nrl TRADE MARKS or return EN
TIRE altnrney'a lee. bend llifKlel, sketch
nr photo and we Mini on IMMEDIATE
FREE report on pul. lital.ility. we give
tho LHiat lepil Hcrvicu and advice, aud our
charges are moderate. Try U8.
Patent Lawyers,
Opp. U.S. Patent Office.Washington, D.C.
Notice for ru::is.i't:o;!.
itpsi;!, ,r , i !. : . : - - ; :.
N'.ti ' :- i: a 'a . a ta: . :. an. e
w.l.l tt:c J P.. -: a- o ' ' ii ' ' :.-:- .!
J niic ::. is; :.::' . a ' ' i .: : s , ,. , ,i
liint-.-r I in ' - . a i - . a ..:;. -. .:-.
L'-iii Ni". ii !.'. mi i ii e i ' i ' a - i . . a- . x
t iai- .1 t ii. . : . 1 it. ! - . : s t . ..."t ..f
A it'i-l I. is.'.',
li. .-. . .
of Kil'.ii. . . - --..' ' " a
has lii is .iiti- I :i ; .s - ..- a ,s . it . a .. - tii
meat No ii." ! ... . th" -r :,
nl 11. ai No .' .n.i:: :a ' m::'.:i .
e-t uti.l !!i .a . j : : t . ' ,.:. : t.. ,i;,l
s. nu!r. ! i.i . ' . a a ,'; t a . '. t a.t- r r si.-n,.
thai! Inr uri ..i i.a. ;. ".ri. s . a: a ; . ; ,.st.
his i .i. : in 1. 1 a l -tli t a : i! a s. ,- ;:.
K.a-encr nl i la- . a:, , i.t it 1 1 ei, ,,a
In. tie ; . ., a, ii oi a. a t 1. II-
linineii as nit:..- - i i'njn. In.i-.', A Hi rt
ileal. Ill in.jh. i.i K. '.,' 1 i.i.c !...-.. 'a ' .
H'l ol lo . lie. I IP t'o'l.
Any and n:i p r- n ii.t.oiiu- n a.i-.ii 'ae
aisoe ilistia-'l .n.i is .t r 7 a s'. ! t. I:!.'
their claims: in ttn- nilae on or t.i a r. m;.! l.".h
day of A'.it.s-.ito.
Mijp i i i;i.:ii..ks
i:. c.ster
Notice fur Publk ation.
I : I" . a. - : ..: '.:
Ri-. ', ;: . in li V..V
Nnli.'.e is iica I... V; l"i :...: ol ' a
Willi the p n. is on-o; t e . : . ' "'.:
Juii" J, l-.s, eia.'e I ' s ii ,.c; . . : a
I iinbcr l.iin.Is i:i lie sa.'of .a 1 .ii i ; u it
eon, Nevada ail'! VI' -el. .::!":: . a.'i.
lell'l' -1 In i. i I lit I'a'.a I .ail i s'.i es a
Allitus! 4, s 'J.
si i:i ii i:n u ii'iiM i i
ol I'-'ei, count .' i a i ' ' : 1 : i -
hits this t i V t.l.-d iti "11- "tta . :rs s .i ,
ment Nn. .' . no 111 ' I 11' i a- :
sA I, and NW'.ols.V, . I s e I..M N
low liship N'n -' . lit!: ' N". i V. ' -: .an!
II 1' priad I I'i'ii'l : lint 1 tl'1 l "l s..
al.lalili im PS ta:.' I "' " i : 1 ;'i
cultural pai s, ai"! to . -11 .. .! Lis '
said land I- a"'' iy !! -ia r nu I I., c
tins,, thee ut Pes. bar.', ii . tell, .ci In.''
I till dav nl Allkllst 1 ai.'. lie l: . .' - :.s
s .Imii'-s I'. I'i. b 111.1:1. I 1.. Vt .t.ics.
I'ardilc. nf fill. Ihctoa Jniil. s ...oei .
burv. Oteitiiu.
A ill and ai! . a- .a - c'a r.i,:i ; i..-e .
above desci ib."t .and- ar ri'.i i to
claims In till" ntHce on r beer,
nl Angusi, HJ 111
s, i 'J.
:...:i:i; .
s I I..
a l;,. se
el . t It'
.: Vlii tl
cat !:,t cai
Notice for I'ublication.
I'M It'll s l A I I
lee. 'in.', i
Notice is ticieb) tin ii il.
mil' 1 he PI. o ei" .s ni i I'.- i
June :;. s;s, . u: i
l ANI'iC'l ,a I .
lie.. .. .s, 1 -rj.
i . oiav-a.iii,
i i n ,r. ss oi
a ii' t tor tie- of
ll 111 iter lull' Is 1 11 the SI. it' s ,.! I mil,. I 111:. III. Knll,
Ni valin and .V iisliite.aoii I ."riimy, a er'en.t
isl io till Ihc I'ul'lii: I'lind siaics b .'t ol A ait
list I. Is'CJ,
.lullN I.. Iliil.l IS.
of M.-lp. . ('..inn v ' i I " I 'ias.asai'. ,.f m e...,,
has I h is .lav li l-.i in tins .atiee his ,.ri: Man
liient No. ; is, tor Uii iiicliase nf tin' S'v (
Nl-.'i. Ihc Nf. ni NU ' , ae I Inl on- .a .,
turn Nn. Is, Ton n-lnp -' sou l', li e. No.
In West, and will oil. r (e..'l to slim, thai tl..:
Iillld HUlithl is niore Vilal !.!. !..: lis timber cr
atone than for n.irieulu. : .! pin i lees, nudin
establisli his clnnn to ni.l a. a. I U for" the
K.-ltister and Koe.'lvcroi Oils o'Va e i.t- I. "si l.ui. ,
Oi CC.011, on 1 iii mIii . Ilie l-'tti aa;. . a .c - s ,
ltlli-'. lie lianics ns nilli. s-. .-: Cher.. :. II. .aa,
Jullll 1 ili'lil, Krnnk I! l.oa . . -i l "e i el ill 1 l'i -!!,
ami trunk incut:, m Mcii.isO or. ip-u
Any and all persotis claiiiinn,' a. tiers -iy I!:.
iKive-descrihcl lands are ii tiiestctl tn li'.e i a 1 1
' ainia in Hii" olliee nu or hi'iore aid l-ilh . 1 j
of AiiKUal I'JOl. J. i'. HKH .Hs.
lillp - K.Ki.l.i.
Taxes Paid for Non-Residents. Tinil
Pstxruates a Specialty. List your pioper-
tv with us.
V riSHKK. M. I).
x 'ivsR-ian,
(.liiie i.vit P. O.
'l ii- iio Main -V'l.
QK.iiK.o. K. H0UCK,
Physciau Surgeon.
tiff e Ki vo w s ,1
r.n i , Miin 3i
I'a lew H.n'.dmc,
r-i"; :ioae No. .
inl.i'f c; - lo
s..m an. s II aU
4 Jk
Attorney at Law,
H 1 Ji Mars'.era B J., ROSEBCEti. OK
iryBaMD. sat-etiire tht 0 S Uind Office and
miunie eaM' a upoctally.
Late Receive! V. 8. lml Office.
Hotfli'tl KU, Orkuo.i.
H'lxlue". belnre I'.S. ljnJ Office auJ Pmbala
btiines a iecialty.
OSicvs Al ra!:am Uiiildinx.
J 0. r ri.LK.K ION
i. li p.aeiice in all the Stale and federal tnm
Oilico In Mark' BMi., K.wuunt, Oregon.
Attiiriiey and Counsellor at Law.
Minine; l aw and Water Rights made
it niei laity,
wa.-aicra Kid ROhsBl'Rtt, OREGON
ui) 1 and i
-.evlcw HuiMtii.
ttoitrl If.iuso
Down stiiirs.
J A r.lTCHANAN, Notary 1'nblic.
Collections a Specialty.
Room s
Marners lliiildiin;.
Attorney at Law.
Roora ll,
or Si Wil-on Block. ROHKBCRO, Ou,
A new and complete line of Chinese and Japanese
iNoveiiies, .uiuaware, oiiks ana L,inens. All
gooils are as represented.. All are invited to call.
r.itcr Httilditii.', trth Jarkoa Mrvet -r-
THE.. i" ii yui viui
THE . . 1
Our Makes-r
incrii-aii IWautv
-i '.- Ji
ew Riva
Jane Reil.
POQ"n CUDOC lU-n.lrickf bik..
near LVjxt
Mitchell Wagons
Also a car load Hnim Mitfbcll Oiissifs. Snrres
of the famous . .
and Koad njLoii on Iiantl.
If you wish comfort, elegauce and a
reasonable price, see us before buying
J. F. Barker & Co.
Thi'so liaxins: farm lands ..r villa'?' i
iin.rty sale .r cxcliaiiee. will!
do vc! to call and w llnv now rcai I
ostatc linn mi North Jacks, ,n Strv,t ;
Uotil Katato liouht." sold or -x-'hani;ed
lor laastcrn prc.rty. Also
tioveriinu'iit land lot'attsi. Cruisers!
always- on hand. Ksli males fur
nishfd. etc , jiSi.
Painter, Paper Hanger
and Decorator .bl.
Sixn and Buggy
Painting a Specialty
Call on or leave orders at Churchill vt
Woollc-y'i -s
' KOSKUUKO, )RKti0J " v
Hc.l tifticv, McMiunville, lr. j.n
Amt.of insiiranc-:in force, 1 1 1 .fOO.tXX.'l.CO'
Net fain in one year, 2,ts.sV7.00
Saving it members 1 yr., Sttt.l.tiO
Nuinlier separate risks;", 22,3;0
Sttf A. J. Buchanan,
KotHibnrg, Oreou. Agt. for Douglas Cx
Homes from $250 to $5000
Writ or 'Phone
OTm. Iff, Porter, -
. - ..
Real Estate Agent 'and Notary.
Timber and Homestead Locator
Packer and Quids,
Camas Valley,