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far I Tlic case of S. Hamilton private prosa-
G. rutor, vi. V. Ilournov. . in tt Iticlt de-
Take a Notion
from our Notion and
Faucy Goods line which
is full 01 the new things
of this year's creation.
F. W. WooTuiy left Tuesday uitfht
I. i..:..r.ui I.;. .,.,.V,i- Mm
"V I Hiin idh " " " i i - - -' -
f IVrw. at Stillwater, Minn. He went fwmlnnt is charged with troaspassius up-
-V I i the Omat Northern Hallway and ex. I on plaintiff'! property Flournoy Val-
ik-H.-! Icy w ill 1 heard in Juslic
We beg to call your at
tention that oui new
Spring goods have arriv
ed. We are showing
beau'iful novelties in
mercerized Zephyr?,
Chambria Lawn, in all
the new spring colorings
and designs.
to fit our new Spring
line of Clothing which
has just arrived from our
eastern manufacturers.
pacta to be absent about thrci!
Being president of the local board of
trade he will ! an authority n
Onion's advantage white on thi trip
and carrios with him a number of views
!of its scenic beauties. He also took w ith
I him a oair of nieoly mounted (-hinos
I ' . . i.!..v. :il
V '. Oregon game birds. Mr. Woolloy will
be supplied with a number of Douglas
$) 1 county pamphlet as soon as they come
s I from tho prvss, and will make a judici
Ivioun distribution of them.
lice Bobinetl's I
court tomorrow at 10 o'clock p. in.
The V. 8. Separator will take out all
the cream in a few minutes. Why aot
pan in this day of improvement?
Hon. A. R. Mattoon, the Riddle mar
chat. t, u in town today transacting 1)0 si
nw. He savs the South Koiialas or-
an to the right, then you will come to our Shoe Department
where we are showing our new Spring line of Shoes, including our
"DOUGLAS SHOE," for which we are sole agents.
We can fit you in Hats and Caps as we have
all styles and sizes at the
The People's Store
rihoanants which will no doubt 1h tho
Hdiuiration of all who -ce ttiof-e splomlia iciaratMg are eager lor a spell oi tair
weather now in order to en-ible them to
finish spraying their on. liar J.i.
Don't fail to mo lr. Lowe at th
MeClellan House on th.; 20, 21 and 22
of March. He gjes to Sunday.
A little cliild of Mr. and Mrs. T. R.
Howard sustained a fracture of the right
shoulder Wednesday. Lr. Hoover at
tended the little sufferer and recovery
promises to be speedy.
Let Dr. Ixe relieve your head-achea
by removing the cause with a pair of
his superior glasses.
C. U. Dininny carne over from Wilbur
Tuesday evening to look after business
matters. He is conteuiplnting removing
here to reside in a few weeks.
I Told in Side Heads J
A Si-lenwd O'nVekt The Menelcy
tjiuirtet of Uueag'S was greeted by a
lai;;e au -iiencv at th M. K. church last
nijrht, and pave general satisfaction, the
juartei and impersonations by Eupene
Knox leiu? esjcially pleasing. Mr.
Kuox is far alove the average in his de
litigations of ivara ter and his readings,
while the singing was full of pathos and
melody, yet intermixed with jutt euoor,U
liumor to give variety to tl.e program.
The remark "urtwn the l-inginj: and
readings, lun.te by C.W. Menetey. on the
mbject of teiiipjrasue wvtt pertinent
su.d o the jmmii and were always listen-t-.l
to with marked attention. Alto
gvvhtr the cou-.liiuatioii givts a mosl
hikr-ting, instructive and highly en
joyable evening" cntcriaimr.eijt. The
JUnelcyV have co:.ven.el to remain
ai.t:-er day at tliis phve and w 111 give a
fecniul concert at the M. E. church to
night. If you fail to attend this concert
tonight you will miss the be-t entertain
ment that has been given in Roseburg
tlJs winter. Admission 15 and 25 cents.
ItnpEBCBt'; Ciuak Factory Roseburg
and Douglas eounty cigar smfkers as
well as our neighbors who enjoy an oc
casional good cigar w ill soon be given an
pportnniiy to smoke "geunine Havan
as" of home manufacture, as a first
class cigar factorv is to he established in
this cit v at once. The main room in the
Hendrick's brick near the depot former
lvo.cnr.ied bv Bavless & Starmer's
Rowborg Cave, has been leased by J. A
and lhomas Col-b, exvrienced cigar
makers, who will immediately begin the
n annfactnre oi cigars, which are guar
anteed to compare favorably with any of
the Oregon make of cigars. The Messrs
Cobb are genial, enterprising gentlemen
PTnerts in their line, and will no doubt
make a sncces of this new industry
Oiis city. '
Venison Case Dismissed. In the cae
of the State of Oregon vs. Henry Boren
anA 41 Cmnrh. of Camas Valley, who
.were arrested and held in Jnstce Robi
nt-tt'e court for the unlawful possession
of venison, was dismissed on motion of
of the District Attorcey Geo. M. Brown
fur the reaon thr.t the complaint d d
not state facts sufficient to constitute
cause of action, r the evidence, and
theconrt very promptly allowed the
motion, s'atini: that as ti e court under
stood the law, o:ie must have the s-
m of venison f-r ti e purpose
Pif.e, barter or ex -ha pe, whereadefen
lant w sitr.t.!v c!:ar.x-l with having
Tegison iu po s i'n.
' Fob Sale Fiftv tie a rts ' f Und
mile tVm wln-f.l l'.use, ci.urch and
rt ofiice, and 0 rods lr-m a grwery
itiwfum road. Three acres
cleared, with 5Mnii.e tcrs in bf-anng
IU awle aod 4 l-ar tr.-s. and c-cU graj
nrt r.lentv of Koud oak timber,
l'rice, Address,
m'JOtf O.W. A LULK-o.NV Cleveland, Or
'xIihhif.ii. At the county clerk's office
Tnevlav evcn'iiv.' Miles F. Beebe
Uichiisan, and Mis- Mae Bums t.f Yon
utla.Jiist.ire Rol.Hi.Ht ofiwiating. Tlie
rXAlNCFAi.tB cmgratulKU-s,
AUvio; Epitaph.
The following poem writteu by F.lbert
Border Hermann, son of Hon. Bitiger
Hermann, apjeared in the Wash
ington Times, Feb. 24th.
When I am summoned from this land,
And told that earthly life is spent,
wish my virtuous deeds t" stand
As one enduring monument.
Erect no scriptuied tomb of stone
To claim for mo a righteous life;
Far better I remain unknown,
Like those who fall in deadly triie.
For death itself I have no fear.
Tis for the acts 1 leave behind ;
That they grow brighter year by year
And perish with the close of time.
Aral, then, long after I am dead,
Oh, how much grander are my deed
Than marble slale so seldom read,
Forgotten and o'ergrown with weeds!
1 Of Local Interest.
Hkrk's a 1kr What is the difle r
ence between a newejiaper that is etern
ally, crowing - over its own exploits,
many of which are unknown to its read
ers, and the common, everyday blow-
Bcrx. In Hofeburg, March If, P.02,
to Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Mank, a daughter.
Mother and child are getting along nice-
JCvrse W anted An experienced nure
to attend sick lad v. Apply at this office.
An Expensive Case,'
The case of Geo. H. SteveDSon vs Otey
Boone, to replevin a colt was heard in
Just ice Robinett's court Wednesday be
fore the following jory: J. C. Aiken,
B. Byers, Wm Hodson, L. Schraeisser
E. C. Gaddis and L. D. Carle. The ani
mal in controversy is a "pinto" jony
purchased by. Mr. Boone of Mrs. Emma
Hervey, and the plaintiff alleges that
the colt really belonged to him. Fifteen
or more witnesses were called for Ix-th
the plaintiff and defendant and the case
was hotly contested t he cost of the pro.
ceedings exceeding many titnes the value
of the i-roperty in controversy.
jibt's verdict.
Wednesday evening at about 1 o'clock
the jury returned the following verdfct :
"We, the jnry. enpeiteied' P try the
above entitled action in eaid district,
county and state find for the plaintiff;
that he is the owner of and entitled to
the immediate possession of that certain
white and black spotted, eolt, described
in the complaint; that if poession there
of cannot 1 had that plaintiff have it s
valoe w hich we find to be f 20
L. D. Carle, Foreman.
2fo special damages were allowed for
the detention of the eolt by defendant
The Douglas County Prohibition
Convention was held at the courthouse
Wednesdav, March U. 1W2. W. A.
Wood was elected chairmau and W. E.
Good, secretary of the convention. The
following ticket was placed in the field:
Representatives Wm. Edmondson, Gar
diner, and Ira Wiml-erly, Drain; county
judge, E. M. Marsters. Rcseburg ; county
commissioner, oah t-ornutt, Kiddle;
clerk. E. V.'. Bryant, Roseburg; sheriff
L. A. Walker. Roseburg; assessor,
Mark Manson, K.selrg ; treasurer, B.
F. Scott. Riddle.
Here is conclusive- evidence that the
standard bred Whit- Ijingphana are the
greatest and Nt w iuter layers of any
other breed of chickens. Fn.m Febru
ary 1, t March 1. twenty-eight days,
mv 17 hens of thi breelj prodiu-e-1 just
thirty-three dozen and nine eggs. Eggs
for hatching fl. 50 for 15. Apply to.
T. B. Cannon, Koscburg, Ore.
Hie ca- f the City "i Roseburg vs.
W. B. 1'nge. i r vkdatioii of h city ordi
nance bv d"ing teaming and freight
hauling without, a license, was hcanl be.
fore Recorder West an-1 a jury Monday
afternoon. The jurymen were: W.I.
Watkins, Harvey Jones, Jas. Hildebnrn.
T. B. Cannon, A. O.Rose and Geo.
Perry. After hearing the testimony and
arguments the jury returned a verdict
of guilty and the recorder fixed the pen
alty at $18 and costs. It is eaid toe.
case will hi appealed to the circuit
On account oi the irregular survevs if
many Of the townships in the Rosvburg i almost im;o-sible to
lot-ate section corners without a cpv of
the Government survev. Frank E. Allev,
Abstractor of thi citv. has a complete
set ot trannjjs oi all surveye-1 t'wnIiis,
and w ill fiyrnisli blue prints of same,
showing all vacant lands.
Isaac Robi net t. father if Justice of
the Peace Robiuett, received a fall the
earlv part of the week siirLalnir. a
broken finger and a sprained . w rist.
The old gentleman is well advanced in
years but is enjoying good health. The
Pi.aim'e! kk was favored with' a l-l?ts-
ant call Tuedav. '
Bell Slater.
Snrine npeniDZ of street hats will be
shown Fridav and Saturday, March 21,
22. We have a full line of trimmed Su-
matrss. Manila, Continentals, Orientals
and Natwleon shares. A new and com
nlete line of Colombia sailors. Ladies
call and see them.
Real Estate Bargains.
Aericultsiral. Frnit. Mineral. Timber,
Stock and Colonv Lands in large and
email tracts. Residence and Business
Property for sale. Address.
P." 8. K. Bcick, Roeeburg Ore.
The best lavers for everr month in
the vear is generally eom-eled to tin the
Buff" and Width I-eghorns. Highest
scoring iinti ana v Into Leghorns at
the December poultry show, llff lor
si-t ting of 13, T1.00 apply to
L. G Mathews
al"p Box 524 R-eburg, Oregon
E. N. Smith, of Myrtle Point, a Coos
county timberiaud agent spent Tuesday
and Wednesday iu Riseburg and favor
ed The Plaisdkalkb with a pleasant
business call. He rejorts consilerable
business activitv in Coos county as well
as politics.
v e never had such an elaixrato at
sortnient of floor coverings to choose
from, and at prices marked down tf an
inducement figure. Its a very tempting
offering; over MJ paCerns to select from ;
cut. sewed and laid at verv reasonable
prices. Rice & Rice.
The eastern eop!e who have just ar
rived here, think our present stormy
weather is pretty tough but when they
real of the tcrnhle trtizaards w inch are
now raging throughout the east, they
are mighty glad they are here.
For Abstracts of JTitle, guaranteed to
lie full and corre1 copies of all records
effecting the title, call on Frank E. Alley
upstairs in the Marks building. His
work is guaranteed correct, and prices
are reasonable.
County Treasure G. W. Dimmick is in
receipt of a letter from Henry Whipple
late of Drain, who has been for the past
two years at his old home at Mystic
Conn. Mr. Whipple says that every
thing there is exactly as ho expecb-d to
find it, that the old river flows just as
it did w hen he was a bov. but at the
same time he has a longing in his heart
to return to old Oregon, Douglas county.
Mr. Whipple is now 80 years old and is
known throughout Douglas county as
one of the most honorable old re.-idents
of this county. We hoje ho may re
turn to Oregon.
Anr parties desiring to rent, buy or
sell real estate, city or country properly
will do well to call on or address H. M.
Martin. Office with Attorney lxuis
Barzee, opsite McClallen House, Rose
burg, Oregon. ''
Miss Kate Buick has returned from
Riverdale where she has been enjoying
a vacation, bhe has just receive! one oi
the Wells-Fargo Co's. medals given to
their employes on the semi-centennial of
the establishment of their express bnsi-
iie. It shows the various means of
transportation need 50 years ago. and
those of todav a comparison of whirh
hows the wonderful rrouess of this
strenuou age.
If von want first-class painting done
by a prartical painter, one tliat know?
l.'nw ami Joes ifood work onlr. call on
Jojm tieorge Caspari. Or leave orders
at Churchill A Woolley'e harware store
Mr. and Mrs. Gee. H. Churchill and
granddaughter. Miss Eflie Collins, ar
rived here Tuesday evening from Port
land and left Wednesday evening with
Mrs. Collins for Santa Paula. Calif.,
where they expect to reside indefinitely.
They sjent the day here with their eon,
F. H. Churchill and family.
Xow is the time to buy your garden
tool, spnding forks, rake, plows, liar
rows. Planet jr. garden tools etc of S. K.
G. O. Frotman, who ha? leen study
ing medicine at Junction City is visiting
friends and relative in this city. We
have no doubt that Mr. Trotzman will
make a most capable doctor as he has
had considerable exterienve.
Axes, we have them, not to grind,
that's leen done alreadv ; warranted to
chop wood without blacking the ex
Get them at Rh & Rice's.
B.F.Ramp leit Monday for Portland!
and other Talley towns to look after
business matters and attend the state
socialist conversion which was held in
Portland Tuesday.
We frame pictures to perfection.
You'll lie glad we done the job for you :
we know how. Bring vour picture, we
can do the rest.
Jake Whit iker. nhofr the past tour
vears ha lielJ a position in the S. P-
railroad yard at thj place, favored the with a cash sulevription
renewal Tuesday.
Don't miss Flint's ad in this issue;
you can Ikiv shoes there that will stand
the the tet of wear, and pay lesa than
Edgar E. I-ong. brether ef Atty. John
Long, has returned home from the Med-
ford Academy where he has two at
tending school during the winter.
Spray, spray, ,spray, with McBain's
jrijolir Compound, the best for fruit
trees and all kind of plants for sale by S.
K. Sykes.
D. P. Fisher received a fine pair of
Irish a"d spangled muff game fowls
from Chicago rei-ently. They are beau
ties and every inch game.
Timber filing jiapeni prepared by the
Title Guarantee A Loan Co. for 50v per
set. Call on them at the court house. :
Mrs. R. 0. Goff, of Coles Valley wit.
has lieen in the city for some time lwiug
treated for acute rheumatism, is rejtrt
ed no better. . '.
March 20, 21 and 22
Thursday, Friday, Saturday
The ladies of Roseburg and vicinity are cordially invited to attend our
Easter Opening of Spring Millinery comprising anything to wear in
the Millinery line for Spring. ENGLISH AND FRENCH WALK
ING HATS in exclusive styles You will not find these sho'.n else
in endless variety. New ready-to-wear HATS in the Neapolitan and
Napoleon shapes. An immense array of American and French Pattern
V, Hats of superior style and workmanship, surpassing all of our former
; .. . attempts in this line.
The very best resulta with a Tetaluma
Incubator. Churchill A Woolley pay
the freight.
A. F. Brown, of Oakland was a Rose
burg visiter Monday, Mr. Brown aid
wife have just returned from a visit to
Grand Millinery Owning, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday at Jot-epheone.
Ed Riddle, on Kidille's prominent
business men was in town todav. This
office received a pleasant ca'l.
Latest stvles in Waist Silk. New de
signs and colorings at Josephson's
Hildebrand's rpring opening Saturday
March 22. See their large ad i this is
suenote price mliH-tioiis.
See the Title Guarantee A Jyoan Co
for blue priuts and filing pers, tf.
Col Mathews, of Letauon and - Frank
Cummiiigv of Albany, wete iu Roeeburg
on business tlay
When you get a Sorosit shoe at cot,
ou get a bargain. ihe xacket.
A. t. Kent returned to this city yes
terday alter a few day's Tiait at Drain
and vicinitv.
Evervthiug tliai is new and oji-to-late
lit ewelrv at swftiao a.
leo. Mote, of Cottage Grive, arrived
iu this citv yesterday to visit relatives
and friends.
w that di-power for euunnug at
Churchill A Woolley .
Irs. Bnrge and s.n, of l-ua Angele,
;ire yiriting Mr. and Mrs. L Kohlhagen,
of this citv.
Cl's ks. Clo. ks. Clk, see the clocks
at J. T. I'.rvan s
Mr. and Mrs. Jese Clements." of Glen-
dale, have com to Roseburg to rei le.
Mrs. Jas. McOjiaid was rej-orted
seriously ill tliis mornina.
!k-e Hint's window for the new pring
st vice in footwear.
flarch 20, 21, 22
Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
S. S. Bolsinger was
Brock way Wednesday.
in town from
Quick Sales and Small Profits
Duriug our Bargain Sale, week commencing March the loth,
re sold 2 Pianos and 3 Orgaus. The sale will continue until
We still have a large stock to select from
Call or write for catalogue and prices
W. A. BURR & CO.
Emporium Bldg., Roseburg Oregon
Great Introductory Sale
We want to make the acquaintance of every consumeroi
Groceries in the city and we take this method of introducing
ourselves , ,
(iet your abstracts of title from J, D.
Hamilton. He has the only complete
set of abstract books in the county, tf ;
M. L. Moore, of this cjty is jq tha Wj:
jainettp yal'f j po bvi6n,e;8. t
20 lbs. Dry Granulated Sugar $i oo
25 lbs. Best Rolled Oats I oo
16 lbs. Best Rice i oo
3 pkgs. 5 minute Mush - 25
1 Wheatine 11
1 Malt Breakfast Food .. .. 13
1 " Creain of Wheat 18
1 " Pearline id
Ivory Soap, 3 bars for 25
Roral Savon Soap, 5 bars for 35
Borax Soap, burs for 25
Uncle Sara 1ar Soap, 3 bars for 25
Dwintrll, Wright Co.'s Roasted,
Java and Mocha Coffee 37
Dwinell, Wright Cc's Boston "
Blend Roasted Coffee 2?
j Royal Bakiug Powder, Jj lb can
14 ti j it It
Arbuckles Coffee
Liou Coffee
Xtra quality special roast Coffee
Postum Cereal
Grape Nut r
Walter Bakers Breakfast Cocoa
Best Spider Leg Tea 40
Best Gun Powder Tea ;o
j Good String Beans, per can .
East. Sugar Coru, per can 10
Best California Toinatoe, M M 11K
Slag Brand Oysters, is 10
u " " 2S IS
Best Pine Apple, per can 20
Best Yellow Peaches, pex can ... 15
A full and complete line of Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Gents Fur
nishing Goods, Hats, Etc., Etc., at prices that knocks 'em all out.
Goods Delivered Freo of Char qq, 'Phone 721
waTTirn p. nui i ait
a. ha
.U Ju .JU' Jl ii 1 n M U
flTI IR ll A Y MflRLH
It is u'-t lb e size of th's ad. that counts, but it is 4he irresistible power of the low prices we quote. We invite you to visit our store and we intend to make you welcome. If you do not come to buy, you are still expected and wanted
rv:i:t ous treatment will convince you that we are here to help and to please. We make our bow to our customers with the conviction that we shall suit one and all, because we have been able to collect an assortment of popular and
pleasing Spring and bummer troods, well adapted to tlie wants and requirements ot trie people ot mis community.
10 cent Lonsdale Bleached Muslin
7 cents
Saturday Only
Fancy Percales in 10 yard lengths
SO cents the price
L. L. Unbleached Muslin, 20 yards for
Saturday Only.
1500 yards New Torchon Laces, all widths, at
5 cents per yard,
Extra wide, heavy German Prints, 12 yards for
si. 00
Saturday Only.
New Dress Giughams, .
IQ cents per yard.
Burmah Wash Challies,
per yard, 6 cents
Lawn and Dimities,
5 cents, cents, 7 cents and up.
Fancy Prints, per yard
5 cents
White Goods,
5 cts., 654 cts-i 7JS cts., 8$ cts. and better
With pride and pleasure we call your attention to the most successful Trimmed Hat Department in this county Flowers and Spring are synonymous, and this season ident-
New table linens in White, Red and Ecru, at Fancy Cushion Covers, assorted patterns, at, An immense variety of fancy tuckings, yokings and trim- Dress goods and waist materials, Fancy Leno Cords 25c
inings, Fashion's newest fancies, at, Mercerized silk zephyers, the uew substitute for silk.
30c, 45c, 50c, 60c, 75c. 25 cents each. " POPULAR PRICES. 20c and 25c.
Mens' new golf shirts, at Mens' fancy half hose at, Mens' outiug flannel and muslin night robes, at, Mens' fine white hemstitched handkerchiefs,
50c, 75c, and $1.00. . 25 cents. 75c and $1.00. 3 for 2sc. 4
"- tc