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We are redoubling our efforts to make the PEOPLE'S STORK
the most popular place for bargain seekers to make their head
quartersas our Fall and "Winter goods have arrived and we are
selling them at a very low" margin. "
3.11 d we are selling
get them elsewhere.
" Our Fall and Winter Stock of Clothing are now in and one of
the latest and most lip-to-date, and if you will step in and give
us a call you will be convinced that we have the most complete
- and up-to-date line in the cit', and you will see that we can sell
you cheaper then you can get them elsewhere.
.We arc ;uso
agents for .
The People's Store
4 vt
Told in Side Heads
. X.N N N..VN.
L.1TK TkI.K.JS Al'il'.C SEWS, l.SKKKD. A
fittiuis !llatratio:i of tli crnol irony of
fat mas preeea'ttd ia our lasi issue, Be
in eluiu'y Jhp-Uted iui-i tie paper
aid iiule e'i f. ou tvpa conpjsition,
Eh'rt "brief p've" r:icl whs provided
to tiil oat air c ' i'u 1 lis. led, "Lite tel
egraphic rmr ." La liine t'ie llne eal
ptinric iiiio wai'i furai-1 a'-i.iut t;e
for.)in-a when lie o j-wrrd after tbe
paper can fram ths press that bis "late
telegraphic" plate m ittir announced.
"No Ciiildrtsn tber? -n jw Wure house
has cone for tbs first tiaie i'i many ad
niinieUaao:i",'' a btereolived item o(
tbe period of President McKmley'a first
adoaiaietr.itioa. we etojd silently bv
with a eavage scowl and ciincbed fiats
the foreman t'nJ ap n ns and remark
ed, "Tliat is the most prolans eilence I
have ever wituessed." '
Sew Chikch Bcilpisg. Tne Free
Metbodiet denomination of Wust Roee
bnrg are i-nting forh an effort to erec'
a new cLorcU ia part of towu 24x30
feet. A. J. Belloas Ins kind! donated
a YA SOxl'.O feet, on which t) erect the
clinrcb and many ciiizsns vf Kjebn,-g
have enbscribed hoera'.ly to he new
bniidir.g fun 1. The church is lo be
loctod on a t-o.u-r ;ot at the first Tarn of
tbe road this Ride of tae Soldiers' II jme
and it is a very prs'ty and cod
vulenl eitt. It is hopad to have the
c!ia:ch cjrapletf d aod dedicated tome
time is May. It-is is ft commendable
undertaking and we are glad to learn
that its success is assured.
Twestv-Six Xkw Sibscriekus. Since
onr last isdo" S. O. Bi'trom, oar basi
ling traveling solicitor ha? ent in tbe
paiiies of twenty-six rtrw subscribers lo
the Semi-Wie!? Plaixdhalkb from
O .ilia an 1 Ctmas Valley and announces
tint it will rei'iiratae greater portion of
the present week to complete hie canvas
of that eec:ion of the county. He finds
the Pi.AisDSAi.KK irrowins rapidly in pop
ular iavor iu that prt of Ui- co inty from
tbe fact that it ia aUajs reliable and
gives ti e cream of all tbe local and gen
eral DfcWB.
Ckkan Wktkd Tiie T. S. T.iwneend
Creamery Cn. a 44 Stxnd st., Portia nd
will pav highest innrtet price for cream.
Will sell vou Sparator8,ond take
yuur cream in payuteat. . . 031iL
5 u
n .
n :
o .
Only a few left, new and
stylish goods, will be
closed out at just what
they cost. ;It's your own
fault if you don't let ,us
save money for you
- ." tTn JPT U JT Mm. i
i S 5TQR
Our Fall Millinery Stock of Street and
Walking shapes are the most up-to-date
styles that has ever been in the city before,
'25 to 50 per cent, cheaper than you can
them from
L. Douglas Shoes
' Fins Nkw Bi ildiso. At a meeting of
the directors oi '.he Douglas County
Bank laat week it was decided to erect a
new bank bnildiog on tbe corner of Oak
and Jackson street, in the spring 40x102
feet to cost about $15,000. This building
will give Eosebnrg another solid brick
block will replace the only wooden
struct nre left in a prominent business
Largk Land Dkl. Last Saturday E.
J Frasier sold 0 acres of the Teal
'-t (arm in Linn couaty to tbe Wei too
Brorhep, from Ohio, for (22,500. He
soltMbe Ja. E. Holt farm two mile
north of Cobnrt, to Amoa Wilkins, 200
acrei for f,000 Eagene Guard.
Ark You Golmj to Spbav ? If bo one
Li Tie. A car load j'it received at tbe
C-anvoovillfl . and Myrtle Creek Floor
MUla. df!6
WILKON. In Glend.le. Jan. 8, 19U2, to
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Wilson, a ton.
BOOTH. In Rosebor. Jan. 17. 1902 to
Mr. aod Mr. J. Henry Booth, a
FLINT LADY. In Grants Paw at the
South Methodist paroonage, 8atorday
afternoon, Jan. 11, 1902, Chas Flint
and Miw Violet R. Lady, both of
Glendale, Kev. H. N. Roeeer officiat
ing. Tbe bappy couple departed oa tl e
evening train for Glendale. where tley
will make their borne. Observer.
Jan. 15, 1902, W. H. Batman and Misa
Bortha Nichuls, Rev. G. L. Lobell of
ficiating Tbe bride wae a popular yonng Lane
county school teacrter and tbe g'oom is
from Roseborg, being comparative'y a
new comer in our midet.
CHADWICK. At Glendale, Jan. 14,
1901, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
GRAY. At Myrtle Creek, Jan. 11,1902.
Wm. Gray, of consumption, aged 57
Deceased waa a resident of Oakedale,
Wash., but bad been with bis niece,
Mrs. G.W. Crews, at Mrtle Creek for
some ti.oe pae hoping the change
would prove beneficial. He leave a
wife and seven children. The remains
were shipped to hi former home at Oak
dale for interment. He carried a policy
in the New York Life losurauce
company for $5000.
and Monarch
Shirts .
I Of Local Interest. S
Hon. C. A. Sh!trede, formerly o'
Roaeburg, but late of Skagway, Alaska,
has decided to locate in Portland for the
practice of law. He bas established of-
cee at No. 722, Chamber of Commerce
Building, where he ill he glad to meet
Southern Oregon friends when in tbe
city. Mr. Seblbrede it an able attorney,
as held several prominent positions of
trust in this state aud Alaska and bas
long bean prominently identified with
Southern Oregon politics. While we re
gret that Mr. Sehlbrede and familv did
not decide to relocate in our city, we join
w th tbeir many friends in wishing them
appinees and prosperity in tbeir new
On account of the irregular surveys ol
any of tbe townsbiDS in the Kocet'Um
land district, t is almost impossible to
k-cate sction corners wiiLoot a copy of
tbe Government survey. Frank E. Al
ley, A be tractor of this city, bas a com
plete ret o tracings of all surveyed town
ships, and will Inrui-h blue prints cf
same, chowing ail vacant laLds,
W. A. J. Mtyes, a prosperous farmer
li near Kiddie, writes as follows regard.
ing the rucoearful raisiog of corn in tbii
unty iu the, last ieaoe of the Pacific
Homex'.ead pobitshed at Salem: The
first thing iu order to grow corn is to got
good land, and the second is to plow it
def p and then barrow. Then have food
eeadcorn. Plant from 2 to 3 inches deep
ad when tbe com ia well up, begin
lowing and boeing. Oae should ose
their ocn ja lgmant about plociog corn."
We make a specialty of selling from
factory. Sve monv by our system.
We iil maintain faed qnarrers for wall
oaptr throughout 19ji. We will have
I14 largest stock aod can make prices
with any firm. Rice A Rice.
A lady living j ret east of Corvatlia bas
demonstrated that there is money in
raising geese. Laet year she raised a
I rand of 23. Tbey wore plucked four
times, yielding 20 pounds of feathers,
and the?e brought 75 cents per psund. or
I5 for the lot. Tb-i birds were killed
and sold in the market yesterday, rtiey
weighed 234 pounds net and brought B
rents per pound, or $21.06. Here ia a
profit of 136.06 00 2j geese, or 1 1.33 on
each gooes. Gaietta.
We will open op next week a fine line
of new trunk aod valises direct from
tbe factory. We sell these below any
other dealer. 26 iuch trunks, while sale
lasts, $2.50. lelescoots of all aizm.
Kice St Rice.
H. 8. French, tbe Pacific Postal line
man, returned home Friday from Seattle,
after an abseqes of eight months. T.
Wbeaton, Heory Worthington, Harry
Snider and Walter McDowell returned
with him. They have been building and
repairing lines between that city aod tbe
British Columbia line.
Any parties desiring lo rent, bnv or
sell teal estate, city or country property
wui ao well to call on or address: H. M.
Martin. Office with Attorney Iouis Bar-
stse, opposite McUlallen House, Rose-
burg, Oregon.
Johnnie Wallace pased through Ibis
city tbis morning returning to his borne
a' Cottage Grove, from a three months
stay in Northern California. F. L. Wool
ey and J. W, Baker who have been in
be same vicinity will return to Cottage
Grove tonight.
When you are in want of a Cook atove.
bteel range, Heating atovo, or any thing
in me line 01 naruware. Tinware ale
go to 8. K. By kes aud get bis prices anc
you will go no farther.
Jacksonville Times: A n amber of
tbe residents of Jacksonville, Med lord
and other towns of tbe valley will go to
Roseburg the lalter part of tbis month,
lor tbe purpose of becoming members of
tbe B. P. O. of Elks.
All work done by the Title Guarantee
& Loan Co., J. D. Hamilton, manager,
is guaranteed absolutely correct. Ab
stracts of titles are worthless unless
properly made.
Aaron Wilson, who recently severed
bis relations with tbe Coquille Bulletin,
is hi Roseburg on bis way to Grants Pass
where be goes to look after business mat
ters. He reports the small pox scare as
abating in Coos county.
Carpets and mattings, oil cloth and
Isnolium. We have in a'muet all color
Our special patterns ol 3 pLr can't be
beat. Boy your window shades and
beds of ns. Ktce k Rice.
Geo. Scott, one of the enterprisiog
farmers of Melrose, was transacting bnai
neas in Roseburg Saturday. He favored
tbe Plaimdsalkr with a pleasaot call
and carried away a subscription receipt
to Jan. 1903. , ;
Orchardists ol South Douglas will
want lime for spraying their orchards.
It can tw bad at prices to suit purchaser
at tbe Myrtle Creek and Caojonvllle
flour mills. - diiA
1 R. B. Dixon, ol Dixouville, spent Son-I
day t Wilbur,
' The Village Pair-on" aims bub aud
aims true to its Work. It certainly con
tains all the elements of success. Tor
sympathies are strongly portrayed lint
tbe plar bas a btirn moral tone, that
should commend it to the most sensitive
theatre goer. The play bas been
sealed with approval stamped upon it by
noto press and puMic and contains in
tense beait interest aud ihe atory is
good and pure, leaving a lasting and de
cidedly fsrorable Impression every whns
presented.. Tbe mounting is new atd
beautiful, and is a picturesque produc
tion away from tbe conventional, and
thoroughly refreshing throughout. Thr
company will be fouod a moat capable
oue in every respect, each meuitier being
especially selected for bis or bsr part.
"The Village Parson" will be seen at
tbe Roseburg theatre. Thursday, Jan. 23
Prices are 35, 50 and 76 cents. ..
Hon. James Hemeoway, one of Lane
county's popular representatives and one
of toe leading merchants of CottagH
Grove, ia in attendance at circuit court,
a witness in tbe Brookbart case. Mr
Hemenwav favored tbe Plawdbalsr
with a pleasaot call today and we note
from bis expressions that he is an ardent
admirer of Hsu. Chas. Fulton and is op
posed to the re-nomiiiatioa of Governor
Geer probably a good criterion as to
Lane county's position on tbe senatorial
and governorship questions.
From now until the . 1st of February,
everyone having a dotm cabinet photos
made at the Sunbeam Pboto Parlors will
b presents with tbeir pboto handsome
ly framed iu a beautifully embossed pbc
to fiame with glass, easel, back and
banger. J27
The new officers of Lilac Circle
Women of Woodcraft, were installed
Thursday evening as follows: Mrs.
Sarab Dimmick, P G N ; Jas. E. Sawyers
GN;Mrs. Amanda Tuffi, Ady; Mrs.
Minnie Otey, clerk ;Mr. Alice Fickle,
banker; Mrs. Mary Sbupe, M; Mies
Maude Woodruff A ; Mrs. Mollis Lobr
C G ; Mrs. Minard I 8 ; Mrs. Emma
Age, 0 6; Mrs. Renfro, trustee; Mrs.
Mamie Houck, musician.
Don't complain about bad bread when
vou can get tbe beat that waa ever made
delivered to your boose free. Leave or
ders at Seivers Bakery or 'Phone Msin
Tbe prevaricators ontinue lo be al
lowed to run at large. One at a hotel
this morning was telling that there were
three or four hundred guests at tbe Mc-
Clellan House, Roswburg, right slon r.
Albany Democrat. While the above is a
little extravagant, it is an assured fact
Roeburg's new hotel bas wit boat doubt,
larger number of gaeets daily than
any hotel between Portland aod Sacra
mento. Siroond-s Cross Cut 8tws will do more
work with leas exerlioo and hold their
cutting edge longer than anv other
Brand. Boy them from 8 kL 81 kes.
Fred Wright, a'ter a two years absence
California, the greater prcioa of
which time was spent in San Erancisco,
returned to bis Rieeburg home Bator-
day eveoing. Fred holds old D jag! as in
igher esteem thaa ever before, since bis
sojourn in tbe far-tamed golden gate
state and says that Oregjo is a better
state in evary respect.
In nearly alt lion Suoob will live
pecial bargains lor 15 dava to mat
room for new goods that will commence
o arrive Jan. 15.
Alva Brood id ge, arrived here from
Reno, Nv., the Utter part of last week
for a visit with Will- Uildebrand. Alva's
father is conuecUd with the mercantile
firm of Hildebraod A Bmpdidgs at Rsnr,
ibo were formerly well known and pros-
p roos basinees men in Ibis ciiv.
Griffith's Bakery, tear Ihe depot, make
specialty ofWeddiog and IMidat
cake. Tbey also keen a choice line ul
Dr. . C. Unro or, Puil Beck ley, W.
C. Underwood, Zopber Agee and Roy
Stearns came over from Oakland Thnrs-
ay evening to attend a meeting of
Union Eocampment No. 9, 1. 0. 0. F.
the latter three beiog initialed into the
mytteries of lb order.
I will willingly esch wixa anv Si mood
Cross Cut saw not satisfactory to narr.
if the fault is in the saw. Sold only by
. K. tykes.
G. A. Trent, D. J. Byrne and W. M.
Moore, of Roeebflrg, W. A. Wreno, of
Medford, aod E. C. Newell, ol Daoamuir
were attending tbe sessions of the D. B.
of R. E. at Sao Francisco last week
J. D. Hamilton bas the 00 1 v eomnlt
set of abstract books In tbe county. See at tue uourt House, when yon want
abstracts ol title.
J. S. H ant, a well known and highly
esteemed- pioneer ciiiceo of tbe Oakland
vicinity, was transacting basinees in
Roseborg Friday and made the Puis
DiiLKR a pleasant call.
Tbe "Pedalia" the classic shoe for
women, is the latest at Flints tboe store,
see that patent pocket for the laces I u
winner. m
Mrs. P. Long's farewell dance Friday
evening waa e source ol pleasure for the
many people who eojoy the merry whirls
of tbe waits aod two step. Cottage Grove
Why boil and barn oat yoar eyes pre
paring spray when vou can nt Dunnea
Solid Spray already cooked at Churchill
& Woolley.
David R. Fox, deputy revenue inspec
tor is ia town oa official business. Mr.
Fox bas many friends here who with tbe
Plaimdialib are always glad to greet
Tbe U. 8. Cream Separator stands
way op in trout. II you milk cows for
profit see Churchill & Woolley about
The Plaikdxalkr respectfully asks all
of iU subscribers to read the advertise
ments in this, and every Issue. There
is a good deal of information in tbem
Yoacaatetl2 photo stamna and 1
nice phots button (Unique) at laylor's
tent tor zo cents, antll after tbe holidays
Brake men O. R. Bash .'and W W
Young have been transferred ti tbe
Roeebarg-Portlend runs on No. IS and
16. Tbeir residence will be Portland.
Try a package of Red Albumen to oat
in your cnicaea isea it win make yoar
Deps lay unarcnui woolley tell it.
Mrs. M. II. Flack wss celled to Rose
borg Monday, recelylng word that her
husband, Conductor Flock, was ill with
pneumonia. A shland Town Talk .
A Mckage of Oleen-Eesy vgiveo to
every purchaser of Stranskey . enameled
ware sold by Churchill A Woolley.
G. A. Trent, a prominent B. R. T. man
was down from Roseburg Tuesday look
ing after the interests of the order. Ash
lsnd Tidings.
Tbe best paints are not sold cheap
Sherwin A Williams make tbe beet
Churchill os Woolley sell it. .
Darwin Brlatow tbe Cottage Groys
banker and merchant is ia attendance et
circuit court at a witness in the Brojk
hart case.
Oats tor tale, at Kruta & Nealand's.
Hou. J. T. Bridges, register of the D.
8". Lnd office in this elty, went to Port-
una nuraay, where be attended ihe
semiannual ceremonial meeting of tbe
Mystic Sbilne. which was held in tbe
Masonic Temple in that city Saturday
evening and thirty-6 vs candidates initi
aled. At the conclusion of the ceremon
ies a sumptuous banquet was served, at
which 400 member! feasted and made
Dr.J. Curtis Snook, dentist, will be
in Oakland lor a lew days commencing
Monday, Jan. 20. tf. -
Tbe Racket Store is displaying a bsau
tilul due of chinaware which will be
given away to the patrons of the store
free with purchases, a ticket being giv
en away with each purchase entitling
tbe 1 urchaeer to a selection from tbe
prizes in the amount of tbe tickets bold.
8ee ad on our first page.
Gentlemen. Edwin Clsno shoes, new
style, now ready for your inapeclioo
riiola Shoe Store.
At a special school meeting bold ia
this city Saturday afternoon, an eight
mill tax was yoted with which fo cor-
ducl a nine months' school. Tbe efforts
of our people to maintain a good public
school is highly commendable.
Bargains t Stroog's Furniture store In
all paper, camels and odd dlnina
chairs lor 15 days.
Miss Myrtle Dixon, of Clover Creek,
went to Drain Friday, where she will
yisit with her cousins, Mayme and Dol
lie Dixon, who are atodenta of tbe Nor
mal. You can get -4 photo stamps for
cents at Taylor's pboto tent, until after
tbe holidays only. dl9
Miss Mabel Van Boron went to Port
land yesterday, where she expects to re
main about lour moutba, to farther com
plete bet musical education.
Preferred stock of canned goods, bigb
eet grade goods on market. JblroseA
J. W.Spalding, C. D. Drain, H. P.
Brookbart, G. W. Sanders aod J 1.0. Tay
lor ol Drain, arrived last evening to at
tend circuit court.
Stranekcy four cost enameled ware
guaranteed for b year a Coorchill it
AltirneyJ. 8. Medley, ol CUtage
Grove is in attendance at circuit court.
eing interested in some proceeding lo
corns op at tbis term of court.
Mrs. AI Vealch aod little daughter,
Dorothy, went to Cottage Grove Sooday
where tbey will visit with relatives and
Nice fresh bread, assorted cakes, aod
pastries of all kiods, at Griffith's Bakery.
U. ChorcbUl, who baa spent tbe past
few days wilb hie daughter, Mrs. C. B.
Baker, returned to Leooa Sunday.
Special sale ea bign cat Ladle shoes.
Harry M. iioldca.
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Cobb, J. D. Agee,
and H. R. Hurry were Wilbur visitors
at tbe county seat Friday.
Northern Spy end SpiUsnberg apples
at II. Mai ks and Co.
II. J. Wilsoe, the enterprising real
estate dealer, la down from Caoyooville
atteadiog circuit court.
' Over-gaiters, teggine and mbber Iqw
s . price at Flint's.
Hen. J. O. Booth, of Grants Pats, is
transacting business ia Roseborg and
greeting old frieode.
Prof. A. H. Malksy, ol tbe Elk too
Academy, made Roseborg a brief baei-
ness visit Satorday.
Mr. O. U. Starr, of Yoocalia, arrived
here lart evening and returned borne
ihi morning.
Dr. J. Cortia Snook, dentist, went to
Oakland tbie morning oa proftsatottal
L. M. Perkins end and T. E. Bledsoe,
of Lona, were coanty seat visitora .Sat
Mrs. feenie Scott, ol Riddle, visited
rlend sad relatives at Creseell last
Atty. I. B. Riddle, of Riddle, ia in at
tendance at circuit court.
Umpqwa Valley Oil 0. Jubilant Over
Prospects at Drilling Plant.
G. W. Crews, a prominent Myrtle
Creek aerct aut, spent Satorday in Roee-
borg transacting basinees. Ue gave not
tbe very encouraging news that on Fri
day evening at the depth of 60 feet lbs
big drill ol the Dmpqoa Valley Oil Com
pany on the White place near Myrtl
Creek struck a seepage of petroleum , tbe
sand pomp bringing op from one pint to
quart of oil every time it made a trip.
Tbe big drill had been poonding away
through blue oil shale. Tbis ia jost as
the company's geologist. Prof. J. A.
Siogisy said that it wonld be fonnd.
President M. McCoy and Secretary H. L.
Manners are quite jubilant and state that
there i more demand lor tbe atock. r I
the company than ever before and if tbe
demand keeps op and more seepages are
struck tbe stock will sorely advance ia
Special Notice..
Dr.J. G. Goble, tbe optician will visit
Glendale Tuesday an! Wednesday Jan
nary 21 and 23. Canvonville,' Thursday
and Friday 23 and 24. Riddle, Sator
day 25. Myrtle Creek Monday, Tues
day and Wednesday, 27. 28, and 29,
Oakland, three days, 30, 31 and I.
Those wishing to consult him about
tbeir eyes or wishing glasses fittedihoald
call 00 him at tbe hotel. AH work
guaranteed. Prices reasonable. Con
saltation tree. J. Q. Gobuc
For Sale Cheap
Musical slot msrhi tee Pucks, Detroit
and Black Gats. W. Doyli,
dl vVeet End Hotel,
Alexandria, La.
Drylnu preparations imply devel
op dry catarrn; Uiey ory p u v.j-w"-i
vhioh -.!tnr in th membrane and decom
pose, causing a far more serious trouble than
iiKAMin.nrfnrm of catarrh. Avoid all dry
ing inhalants, fumes, smokes and snuffs
and use that which cleanses, soothes and
ti. ti. rv..m TUlm ia snch a remedy
and will cure catarrh or cold in the head
eaaily and pleasantly. A trial size w ill be
mailed for 10 cents. All druggists sell the
r.n iri.nmthrs.66WarrnSt.,fi.x.
The Balm cures without pain, does not
irritate of cause eneeang. It spreads itaeU
over an irritated and angry surface, reliev
ing immediately the painful inflammation.
With Ely's Cream Balm yoa are armed
against Vul Catarrh and Hav Fa.T. .
Will Arrive
Next Week
Mo-i an-lKangee. Cutlery on-l Carpets
c iui e.'.w. nenronrn anit lor f 14.00.
auiauiag 01 in ia low priced Sale.
Notice for Publication.
v. ,"' Or-woa. Iecem Wr. a. lvU
wttA Mm froTtmooa of lite art tat Cooireaa Jf
' "T tDt; ' tw ntm of UWlkmita. Orecoa. 1
Keraila. mad n aililnvtna Tn.M. - n 1
u.t o-ei "-
rf IUad.enantTOlJcwrpbiBe, state ot
SnlS UU e'raa el the 8S ol tW
aaasej-aisjw el iSPu in uu cfeSTlarw tttaa swhrsi
Raute wel. and will mBm mni i
UM Ua4 aoOKtlt la Bora rmlllmkls Inr Iu Hata
or uoe thaa tar ssTicaltaral purpomts. as a
aatslUa hta claia to aajd lamt briore lha BMr-
uwraiMi Krerirer ol thta ofllc at bwbwi.
pfeson. onT bandar Ihe lath day of Miaai.
uvi. Me Danies aa wltat ia: tieonre Bum!
Albert Willie Boh HnlLrvh mmA TVm "
all ol Roaeburg. Ororoo.
Any and all nrraoas eialmina- mdrvrmrr
aboTtMlea-nb-d laads an nnmmuA to ale Um4t
rlalma la thla oOtot oa or be lor- mfcl lJth dmj of
w- a. i. tutiutiBa,
d'P Ersnawr.
Administrator's Sale of Heal
NnUca is hen br rlrea. tbmt 4rtM aI aa
rier aiie by tba Cotiaty Court ol Oooflaa
roootr. flat ol Oretroo, In tba matter ol Um
eataie oi Ellzabrta tumott, liri anl. oa the
14lh day ol IVcrmhrT, bOV. and entered la ta
reoopia at aaid enarl oa aaM day, directta;. ao-
w onienns bm, Um an4enlcad ma
minlntrator oi aald eatala, to Kll at liber pab
lie or private a.l aa pmritled by law. tha real
prorjortr beioorinc lo Um aald wilt, to tbe
btihrat bidihrr lot raaa In hand, for the parpnae
ol paring off lbs claimi aralnM Um amid estate
and ibe capunm ol ad tiniMration. Tbem fore
by Tinne ol aaJU order I will oa aaa attes
Wednesday the 26th day ol February. XB,
1 p.m pmaFed to at 41 at pritate sale to the ktob
eat bldtler lor oaafc. la baad. trto follow! n de-L-rlhed
real propvtT.heJoturins to the aioreaaJd
a.ui. to-wit: U4 No. 1 ia bioek No. SB. and
Lot Ko. 12 la block No. a. (lot and barn on It)
all In the city ta Hoacbnn. Dooclaa CoontT.
Orrson .
Vmu at Bwbunr, Oraroa . Ibb) fth day ol
Deoeatber. A. 1. 19HI. H J. WILrtOS.
Aittntnistrakar ( tho catata oi KlUahath Ganl.
(OB, Qwxwi
ron which
Groceries and
GlasQwaro a a a
fa 65 hfflW
L m$Mt
- IlL.lJ H. ' i '
llfTfl m
Good bargains in Dress Goods of all de
scriptions Also a few of the 50 per cent
discount Collarettes left. Largest and best
assorted stock of tGeneral Merchandise in
Douglas County at
111 m in si
Each and every article here priced are special value and
many are below actual cost. Small lots, broken sets. of
chairs. Many patterns which we shall not carry again.
T J f I r' in 1. 2, 3 and 4 roll lota to pattern
VVe3.lI HatinerS rnlar r .now 5 and 10 rta. .
TT11 1 ttFWl;5 redouble roll. Oil borders and
ceHirsr. an lw ar 5 rent per mil. Special price on oar entire line of Wall -
Papw. We will receive in February, the larset shipment of Wall Pap- "
ererer stiippel in Rosebarg. All frefh and direct from factory if yow
fail to w ns for Wall Papers, t-ki mips an opportunity of seeing tbe very .
latest Eastern productions. We are highly elated in securing so nice a .
line at price which ancure as of an immense paper basinees. Window
Shades m low as 25 rta. each, all lines, only a few at this price, they're
refrnlar 45 rts. Shades. Stne specials in Carpets, in fact, we have some
specials in every line we carry. Cotne in and see what we have set aside
for this Special Sale. Matting as low as 15 cents per yard.
One-naif CarWravl of Trunks. Valie and Telescopes, direct from
factory. SPECIAL 39 da v, this 2-inch Trunk, onlv $2 50, it
fUs in Portland lor 12.75. We lead all competitors on r ranks
mjt.l V . 1 ; " .K nn r... ,v.:. j i . i.
iocloded ia UU sale. Cook Uwe No
Best knives aifel forks, 50 cents. Get
Oar Creaai and Home-made Bread is as cood or better
than ever ami will he delive el to any part ol the city.
Leave orders or 'phone Main 165.
T CITTT!TTTr"TJC2 T.nn..'n4n.
W a aJa.a
-TC ? a. 4. TU! Tl.i C - V
'9 iiievjrcaicM iiiin umi uvu 1
p Happened is Our January Clear- S
A m a- a s " V
ance ana Kemnani oaie now on
Remnants of everything from the finest
silks to the cheapest muslins at your own
Jackets and Capes at less than wholesale
On Ladies Furs the wholesale cost cuts no
figure with us. THEY MUST GO.
We will not carry any Winter Goods over
if prices will move them.
Bargains in Every
I Finher & Bellows
in line and
January 23:
p res ens
The Village
Thrilling in Climax,
Powerful in Action,
Intense Heart Interest
All Special Scenery -
A story ss sweet as the
fragrance of roses.
35 50 75 cents.
aaaaii A a wMa atiiWa' m
A A a