The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, January 20, 1902, Image 1

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In busy seasons brings
you yonr share of trade;
Is a very important factor in
Loaiiifcbs. j.i'cor t rintiof re
flects r,(j cicl.'l a" 1 ft rrww
advertising1 m dull sea
bods brings yon your share, and also .
Ibat of the merchant who "can't af-;
ord" to advertise.
f business hoasj. Let as do yonr Job
J 1'rintiDff we frnarantee it to be in
every war RatihfH,rv
Published on Mondays and Thursdays Established 1868.
J - " - - w
No. 6
m t . .
! sad
t jackets; - . ,
4 SHOES and
4 . r at a price you cin-
; not equal in any
4L - .city..
ties, :
in fact everything
in the store at a
price you will
know is right and
quality good.
Events of
few Days.
the Past
Cream of the Dispatches Dished
Up in Condensed horm for
the Busy Reader.
I Children's Rubbers 15 cts. per pr. 4
1 Wollenberg Bros.
Open until 8 o'clock. I y
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year
is the wish of B. Wi STRONG, the Fur
niture man, and in line with our wishes
we have a few special bargains to offer
fori5da's. TO CLOSE OUT a lot of
remnants of Wall Paper for 5 and 10 cts.
per double roll to make room for new
stock that will arrive later.
Several loU of Brussels and Ingrain Car
pet remnants, containing from 5 to 15
yds. that we will sell at special bargains.
A few odd chairs that are as good as any
we have, only in broken sets, at special values. Kemember the place.
Bring Us Your
Albany baa voted an eUbt-mill tax to
boild a new school house.
Goal burning engines ars cow ranoins
ont of Ashland as Ur north as Rosebarg.
The Duke of Manchester his finally
compromised his breach of promise suit
witli Portia Knight, ihs Salem, girl.
The Duke piiJ her $5,000 and ;costs in
the case for a clear receipt.
Ireland continues to hold the Euro
pean record f.r low percentage of crimes.
Tbe Irish laugh and the Ii-h joke are
great safety valves tor impulses whicn
are often dangerous aben represee.l.
Although the diame'er of the earth
baa been roughly known for many years
it has only lately been aenrately ascer
tained, after 30 jetrs' labor and a cost
of 1300,000. It it 7926 miles at tbe equa
tor and 78". 9 from pole to pole.
W. H ScL'oeder's store at Arago Cjos
Co. in which the poetoffice was located
was destroyed by fire last Tuesday morn
ing. The Gre originated io an empty
wing of the building and is thought to
bave been of incendiary origin. The
loss is estimeted at 13,000, of wLich 2,-
000 was covered by in nrancr.
The Fan-American exposition treas
ury is bankrupt after bein bolstered op
t y oational grafts and almost every other
oli way. It was a colossal affair, though
r,d baa been a great thin for tbe Uui
ted States and particularly Oregon.
Wbat is tbe odds whether tbe medals
a e delivered or not. Tbe honor bus
ueen given.
alter almost a year of acin! operations
in the field, af'er expending $19,000 in
cash, to say nothing of th-i time nJ en
sit contributed freely by directors and
those closely interested, the Shasta 0n
IidaW oil well on tow creek dm
Bella Vis'a is abandoned and the hoot
for oil in Sbat-ta county, for tbe present
at least, has absolutely lapsed. Tbe wrll
is down 1000 feet bat it is rendered
worthless by a string of tools packed in
the sand near the bot'om which for f mr
months bave resisted all efforts to get
them out. They could be moved but
not raised. Tbe directors have good rea
son to believe that oil is not far to
the bottom of the wall, but that 50 foot
obstruction of hardened steel, weighing
0,000 pounds, bars tbe way for the drill.
Don't Forget to Read This.
HexicanXity' Destroyed by an'Earthr
quake. Six Hundred Killed.
Want; Fair Postponed.
Laredo, Tex.,ri7.A telegram fronfthe'City of Mex
ico says'a telegramhasreached that city ''announcing that
the City'of Chilpaningo, in the Stateof Guerrero suffered
severely'from yesterday Vearthquake shock " and that 600
people were killed. No details.
The shock of the earthquake last evening was felt by all
cities and'towns of the republic. In the CityJbfjMexicojthe
earthquake was felt at 5:17 p. m. The first'movement was
very sharp. It was followed by a gentler oscillatory move
ment, north northeast to south southwest,the" duration
being 55 seconds. Beyond a few cracks in buildings no
damagewasdone in Mexico City.
foBTLAHO, Jan. 17. Jack vade, un
der sentence of death to be faaug Friday.
January 31, together with Dalton, has
Wade made his confession la tbe pres
ence of Clarence K Veasie, attorney for
Daltoo, and J bn Logan, bis own att jt
ney,wbo was present byjreqoeat of Mr.
Veaxia. Mr. Grees, tbe day watch,' at
tbe jail, was also standing by when Vea-
sie took Wade's statement and secured
his signature. Later be asked to
TepreeenUtive of The Evening relegrr m
aid to him made a more complete coi -
Washington, Jan.'i 7. TheJJmanagers'of St. Louis ex- fswion, giving deuiu of bow me shot
. ... ' ..... .. . I baDDened to be fired.
uoMiiuu, w uc usiu iu uuuui mviuumuauiwv, Both men seem bsopv. Wade becaow
will ask Congress for authority to postpone the'exposition the strain of tbe secret u off bis mind
till iri nne vPlatpr than the nronosed 'date ' IThev as- ,nd D-lton to protrsd tba ha
' J r ti e i I told tha troth aid did not firs lbs shot
sert that it will be impossible to fully arrange for the open- which killed Morrow, iney wer both
ino- nf the fair in too 'the date set. willing to talk regarding tbe crime, Dal-
I tin mrtrwk f raw! V thsn asr Kfnr at.
SURVEY COMPLETED. iboogb after going over tome of lbs ds
tails bs remarked that enough bad beeo
Cottage Grove, Jan. 17. The surveyor.the.Cottage aid
Qrove Bohemia railroad has been completedand instruc
tions from the headquarters in New York'is expected in a
ew days, meanwhile the local committee which was ap
pointed by the citizens to assist in securingythe 'right of
. . i . i nr-j J T 1 .
way are lnausinousiy ai woik. cuuc5uayauoui noun
Messrs Burkholder, Phillips, Veatch and . Bristow of the
committee, accompanied by Mr. Morphy, the representa
tive of the company left town to look over the line and in
terview the property owners along the line in regard to the
The Day g
starts -yf
Thone 163
U . V. a. I r
When tg-,
.you . )f&xi SfftitsJ
Have a ) I
: i Mocha. COFFEE JTa-
with your breakfast. It has a flavor that's all
iia own you don't get it in any other brand.
t ' Sole Agents,
; Roseburg, Oregon
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Fancy Groceries
Guaranteed fresh
and wholesome
and sold at prices
. . as low as the lowest.
All kinds of fruit
and Country:
Produce Bought
and Sold.
Our fall and winwr goods bave arrirsd
and you will find here tbe larcrst and
most complete line of dress goods, ooting
flannels, fascinators, underwear, hosiery.
blankets, curtains, cloaks, capee, etc.
Also Bock ii ib am It. Hecbt, boots snd
shoes, robber goods, oil clothing, over
coats, snd a line of men and bo?s' cloth
ing tbst cannot be beat. We also
carry miners' supplies snd a fresh and
comDlets stock of groceries.
Come snd let us show yon our Urge
assortment and gtve yon prices. Oor
aim is to givs yon good v aloes and treat
you right. Give os a trial.
A. K. MATTO.S UO.. JKICldie. ur,
We are also a cents for tbe Oliver
Chilled plows and rx'ras. (n4tf)
Ashland OU Note.
After an interval of two or three weeks
tbe Southern Oregon 0:1 Co, resumed its
drilling operations on tbs Alfred place.
one and one-half miles east of town, Wed
neday mornioz.witb a fnll fores of wo'k
mn. The drill is now at tbe 16C0 foot
level, and it is tbe determination of tbe
Com pan v to continue woik until sea lev
el is reached, toe indications continue
to be most favorable and those corape-
! tent to iodee. who have seen tbe black
sbals through which the drill is passing
are saturnine as to tbe ultimate results
Don't be jollied into buying out of
date shoesat $2.98, when you can
get a snappy, up-to-date shoe for
When a man is sick and can only work
half the time he is practically half a man.
It requires his whole physical energy to
do half a
1 man's work.
We have no old shop-worn goods, but we have the greatest
line of Ladies and Gentlemen s shoes that ever hit the town
Ask to see the "PedallS" a Lady's Shoe
Hints to Housewives.
Half the battle in good cooking, is to have good
fresh Groceries, and to get them promptly
wrhen t ou order them
for gw goods and good service.
If you
If you
If you
If you
If, you
If you
want to buy a farm '
want furnished rooms
want to buy a house
want to rent a house
want to build a house
want to move a' house
In eenecal the weak run down
condition yrbich cuts the strength
and energy in half is due to dis-
ot tbe stomach ana other
organs of digestion and nutrition.
You could not expect a hail
starved man to work more
than half tbe time. The
condition of the man
with weak stomach is
that of the half starved
man. He is weak
through lack of nutrition.
Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery
cures diseases of the
stomach and other or
gans of digestion and
nutrition. It enables
the perfect nutrition
of the body and so re
stores the strength.
I had stomach troub
le from birth, write
Mr. wlllts braman.-ol
WanhinirtonvillK. Or-
Pall im tPknna M t8 an Co., N. If.. "nd mlffrH
"f with it more or leas a I grew up.
At the asre 01 as I was broken
down with dyspepsia. Mysufler-
ing was terrible. Could not eat
without dintrexs. Could only eat
few certain thing and was not
able to work half the time. K
ery thii" tried only cave me
temporal v reuei. Riywiiennany
persuaded me to try Ur. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery and
'Pleasant Pellets.' I took six
bottles of 'Golden Medical Dis
covery and two vials of Doctor
Pierce's pleasant Pellets. I then
felt so well that I stopped taking
medicine. Several months have
aaaed and I can do the hardest
that is set before me and en;
Says : He fired the Shot .that
- Killed Morrow.
. -i , .
Prince Henry's Early Visit to Ameri
ca Discussed byT President
'' and Cabinet.
This is tbe confession, transcribed by
Mr. Yea lie, read to Wade and then tim
ed by bim, after the attorneys bad heard
him UaU bis story.
tbs cosrtasiox.
"I bavs known all along that there
was no cbaoos lor me, and I bave want
ed to see Dalton (punished too. because
be Rave us both sway. But I bave
thought it over and cooclided it is right
for me to tell ihs truth. I fired tbs shot
bat I did it acdJeutiUy. I did not want
to kill Morrow nor anybody, and wonlJ
right of way. The committee realizes the importance of se- Lot have done it iotentiosaiiy, even to
th ritrht nf wav as soon as nossihle in order triat myself. I hope this will save Dal-
6 to""- ; . I ton. I a .a foing ibis because it is right
no time may oe lost in starting active wor on me roaa as Uod not because I am afraid to die. I
cami as the coinDanv is ready. Every thintr is workine h1'1 itniot u it for me.
, - v ..-i:.- .1- j ...:ti l t..-si- "AllUUue. JACK. WAT)E."
nicely ana in an proDaoiniy tnc ruau win uc compieiea oe-
. . 1 11 j -t. . :r - . 1 ......
Ore tne next, 12 monms iuhuuuuu. n is Kiaiiiyuig to Wasbixotok. Jan. 17.-Tbe time o
see the committee take such an interest in the matter thatrbeCaWcet meeting today was largely
afTai'rc anrl rt n occupied in the diecusskM of the formal'
and do some rustnug. me oonemia rauroaa means more ihe visit of Prince Henry oi Prnasia. it
p the desire of the prvident to show the every honor be6tting bim as a
1 01 tbe rojal blood, and as Um
i isooal n-preeota'ive and kinsman of
German Emperor. Eut at tbe same
time the programme is to be as staple aa
possible. The programme as agreed
opon is as follows
Upoo the arrival of Prince Henry in
New York be w'll be met by a rquedroo
under tbe command of Bear-admiral
to this section of the country than any other one thing.
New York, Dec. 17. Feeling between England and
Germany has been bitter for many months, dispite the ap
oarent efforts of their rulers to impress the people with a
show of friendship. The growing breach has recently
been greatly widened by the utterances of Count von
Bulow the German Chancellor, and Joseph Chamberlain, Evans, and SsUooai salutes of 21 guns
British Colonial Secretary. Incidents and circumstances
of the war in South Africa are the brunt of the controversy
which, aided by outrageous caricatures in the German
press, might bring about complications of a far-reaching
- sT?- w 9,f . r
ajbvwuupxuu - turner surocery
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WWe handle Albany Crean-jry Bctt.r.
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ry. Work will be neatly and
promptly done. Watch for our
Wagon or call 'Phone 791.
gj W. A. EVERITT, Proprietor.
will be fired by both tbe warships and bv
tbe sbote batteries .J
Meeting of Stockholders.
Tbs annual meeting of tbe etock-bwld-
ers of the Bcotn-Kelley Lumber Co. was
held in tbe company's office FrUsv. Tba
Tt. ;ppms that even Emperor William has at last been stockholders met io tbe forenoon at 10
e 1 rt.nin enmnitliv iv! tli tri snirif nf TiJc eiiUfc o'clock and were together all day
since he has just announced that he will not attend tha
coronation of King Edward nor the memorial exercises in
honor of his grandmother, the late Queen Victoria.
discnssiog tbe bosinsee affaire of the cor
Tbe old buard of disrectors as follows
was re-elected : John F. end Geo. H .
Kelly, R. A. and J. H. Booth, G. X.
Weodtlog, A. J. Hrchtman and P. U.
Back. Tbe directors met and retained
tbe old officers who are: John F. Kelly
president; F. H. Back, vice president;
It is understood that very impDriant
matters ars beln taken nnder consider
ation by tbe company at this meeting
but Hon. It. A. Booth, when seen this
afternoon, stated that nothing could be
Riven oat to the public at present.
Eagene Guard.
For Typewriter.
If. In the past yoa bavs had trouble
with your typewriter ribbons, send a
cample order to E. L. King, No. SIS San
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yoa can't get a better ribbon for seventy
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for any machine. E. L. Kino,
Pacifies Osast Genersl Agent
213 Sansome St.. San Francisco. N18
If you don't know PAT
cLl oa or addrsa , , ,
F F. fatten rSrr
kind of work, can eat anything
that is set before me and enjoy
it. I am it years old and this
ia the first time I have ever
been well."
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure coa-
London. Jan. 17. General Kitchener has forwarded a
letter of the acting president of the Boer Republic, Schalk-1 J. B. Booth, scretry
bueer. to Lord Salisbury of the British cabinet,
protesting against the British treatment of Boer women.
General Kitchener met tne proiesr Dy an oner to give
all Boer women in British lines safe convoy, to the Boer
army or any place within the Boer lines. . ,
London, Jan. 17. President Kruger has made an offer
to treat with Great Britain in behalf of the Boers. He
agrees to waive all claims lor inaepenaence tor boutn
African Republics.
Vienna, Jan. 17. Alexander, king of Servia, has com
menced divorce proceedings against his wife, Queen Draga.
It is alleged that the queen has been unfaithful to her
marriaee vows. Four co-respondents are named with
whom it is charged she has been unduly intimate.
London, Jan. 17. Lord Roseberry refuses to accept
the tender of the leadership of the Liberal party in the
House of Lords.
Washington, Jan. 16. Prince Henry of the reigning
house of Germany will not be the guest of the German em
bassy while here on his visit to the United States.
Washington, Jan. 17. lhe senate committee on
Commerce has made a favorable report on Fry's ship sub
sidy bill.
Constantinople, Jan. 10. Montenegro Has made a
demand on Tuikey for an indemnity for the murder of a
servant of the Turkish royal harem. Russia stands back
of Montenegro in her demands.
City Trersurer's Notice.
Notice ia;hersby given to all parties
hoMintf eity warrants Indorsed prior to
and including Jan. 1, 1SW, to present the
same at the treasurer's office, In !tbe city
ball, for payment, as Interest will cease
thereon af ter tbe date of tbis notice.
Dated tbis 9tn day of January, 1902,
at Roseburg, Ore
Haby 0. Sloccx,
City Treasurer
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Marslera Pro biore.
iiuiunnni i r.-v.
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nan. Contains no la-
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Ulvrn Kalief at oac.
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Bonsai ot Tut. and HnuIU Larga 8ow, Sn evnta ai
f '53) O
.. Kodaks .
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Xmas Gifts
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Clearance Sale Begins
We name such prices on Ladies and Misses Jackets and:
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S them very rapidly. This is our full stock in our Myrtle,
ureek store. aine reduction applies to wuac may oe
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Jiie ort Caie, bardlv enoi:i:li to monti-'ii. on! v 1 tkis!i. was. . ,f V now $? 50 ,
riie 36 Caje, 1 cloth caix, sploi.did vulttv. wiw i 50 uuw 1-t.lM)
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Piae 36 Caie, 1 cloth cape, spleiulid value, was 2.00 now $1.S." j
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M CHI IH ri-roL- nramh:
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wii?isia nr nj man; 1 nw bum, i.ceau "J Mil,
onviu&ivva warraaav
lttt,lW lMk.