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We are redoubling our efforts to mate the PEOPLE'S STORE
the most popular place for bargain seekers to make their head
quarters, as our Fall and Winter goods have arrived and we are
selling them at a very low margin. ' - - -
ami we are selling
get them elsewhere.
Out Fall and Winter Stock of Clothing are now in and one of
the latest and most up-to-date, and if you will step in and give
us a call you will be convinced that we have the most complete
and Tip-to-date line in the city, arid you will see that we can sell
you cheaper then. you can get them elsewhere.
We are also .sole
agents for
$ ThA Pennine Stnr- h2S2l
rc t 1 t . a.
T. Soitt and wife, of, were in
Kieeturij Saturday od tlieir ratarn borne
irons h vieit to D-in. Mr. Scott favored
tbis office wish a pUepent burinee call
and rep t d T. R. William?, who was
so terribly i"j '.r-d at the Leona mill
last week a appirentlr rapidly recover
ing from his rvve.e ijny. At the time
of the!. t the tlictne rr marked that
ttinre was oalv one rbaoce in a thousand
iir hia recovery but be ie a plucky fellow
and evidently di-ea not believe io giving
npfcr Each a little thing as having a
tick ao inch r qnre to pierce his , chest
asd penetrate both fangs. Hit recov
ery would be tiothUig less than a mira
cle. Any partie desiring to rent, bay or
pell real estate, city or country property
will do well to call on or address H. II.
Martin. Olfice with Attorney Loai" Bar
xe, opposite McCia.len Horwe, Raee
barg, O e ju. j9.
lion. C A. Setlbrede, who has spent
the pa?t few weeks here, returned to
alem Sit irday, to j lin his family. Mr.
Sihlbrede lnu decided to resume the
practice of 1st, altboah 'aiufecided as to
where be will 'ocaU. The family ha
many friends here wbo woald be glad to
welcome their re'ara to Boseborg.
When you sre io want of a Cook Etove,
Bteel range, He.tiiig ctore, or any thing
intbebnecf Hardware, Tinware etc,
go to 8. . Sy t-e and get bis prices asd
3 on w go no farther. .
..Freiierick Ward, the farcon Bbakee
peareaa sctorwill skip Albany becaoss
iftiss to overs l.ctife, bet will play at
Eoeeborg, a mr-ch src&ner town, because
it has one. Al tuny IVmocraU Bce
borg has a population of 3 000 enterpris
irg pcop'e. A! bar; claims 3,149. Fur
ther eotiimfot nnoeceseary.
All work rlono by the Title Guarantee
A ijOia Co., J D. 'Hamilton, manager,
i Karanteed abtolnu-ly correct. Ab
stracts of titles are worthless nnlees
proper! v made.
On Wednesday's ronb-boond passen
ger ws the fi"t of the rew chair cars
which to oj.rrede the old day
coacltt on this rad. Tteee cars with
tb-ir reclini-c chairs aid modern appli
ance for fctat, licit and ventilation are
model- of esse ar d elegance. Each car
bas a section for smokers.
Xic f'-eh bread, aeored-cke, and
pastries 01 all kiods, at GriffiL'e Bakery.
Anniversary Sale.,
n -
0 -
o ,
We call your particular attention this
week to a magnificent line ofOutirJg
Flannels at prices that will "move 'em
out lively.". Its a quick turn on very
close margins to satisfy a lively de
jiiand. . There is some, money in it for
ust and tr good deal more for customers."
andjfieuds who are 'quick to appreci
values. .These prices. will
"move 'cm out lively:"
; 4
CtS., CtS., ail I2a CI!. yutiu
,are now 1 () ccpts Sharp red tic-' 7
tions'in Flannelettes, , jQ .cts.4' i j cts., .
I22 cts., '15 cts. Ladies Outing.Fhmr
ucl Night Gowns, very much under
price: 65 cts., $ and $1.25.
5 5T0R
Our Fall Millinery Stock of Street and
Walking shapes are the most up-to-date
styles that has ever been in the city before,
25 to 50 per cent, cheaper thau you can
them from
L. Douglas Shoes
The Qneen of Hayfi, the. big musical
comedy wt.ich opens at the Opera House
Wednesday Jan. 15, is vastly different
from anv similar style of attraction that
will be seen here this season. It num
bers 50 of the best colored entertainers
in America, each one of them popular in
their res pec tire lines. - Unlike most
farce comedies, the Qneen oi Hayti has a
plot sufficiently intricate to admit of
many surprise. A number of bigh class
vaudeville siicialties are introduced and
workf d in so nicely that 70a think tbey
are a part of the real plot. The action of
the comedy takes place on the Isle of
Hayti, during the war with the French
in ISM, and the eccentric types of char
acters found there are pictured. The
action ie quick, the dialogue and situa
tion amusing throughout and the con
et 1 action is excellent. The company
presenting the play is one of the strong
eat colored organizations traveling.
Simond.s Cross Cut 8ws will do more
work with lees exertion and hold their
cutting edge longer than anv other
Braud. Buy them from 8. K. By ess.
A new coneepondent at Camas Valley
is added to onr competent list of news
gatherers this week. We want news
items from every precinct in the county
and are willing fo at least partially com
pensate correspondents for their trouble.
Don't com) I tin about bad bread when
von cn get tne best that was ever made
delivered ti your boose free. Leave or
ders at Sei vers Bakery or 'Phone Main
Dr. Lather Hamilton, wbo bas been
takinr charge of Dr. Honck'a office and
practice is this city durint the latter 'a
Absence, returned to Portland this morn
ing to re enter the Good Samaritan
Say, eteel ranges of the Standard kind
are above reproach. Rice & Rice are
selling them like hot cakes. Only $35
for a six-bole with high closet.
It is interesting to see the new comer
from the east dressed for aero weather in
this mild tiirrate. It takes bim some
time to realise that be is in s country
kissed by the Japan current.
In nearly all lines Strong will give
special bargains lor 15 days to make
room for new goods that will commence
to arrive Jan. 15.
B. F. Shambrook, of the Cudaby Pack
ing Co.. of Portland, is in the city today
calling upon numerous customers and
vtftitiog friends and relatives.
Yon can set 12 photo stamps and 1
nice phota button (Unique) at latlor's
tent lor 25 cents, nntil alter tb e holidays
: O
cts.,. 7)6
- V i
and Monarch
The Queen of Hayti, the attraction at
the opera bouse Wednetday Jan. 15 this
week is said to be one ol the largest and
best colored organizations traveling. It
is a musical comedy, and vastly different
from any other colored aggregation. Tb
iece really contains a well defined plot
and tells an interesting story while ol
ouree songs, dances, and the customary
i versions cbarac!erietic of the so-called
mneKl fares are freely intervperced
There are 30 people employed in its it.-
terprotation including eotb well known
and pleasantly renumbered artists as
TbeGioudjs," "Sberrsh Quartette,"
Frank Kirk 'The Musical Ttamp,"
beJoggler end hoop wb'rler, whose
boop rolling is a srleLdid exhibition of
skill, and the control be has over hoops
is wonderful, "The Gillams," and a score
f ethers second only to thoee of the ac
complished. Tbeee merry people of the
South offer an entertainment that is
unique in its character.
Griffith's Bakery, near the depot .make
specialty of Wedding and Holiday
cakes. They also keep a choice line of
confectionery. .
G. G. Warner , of Cottage Grove, was
in this city the latter part ol the week.
Mr. Warner baa been interested in the
Bohemia mines for several years and
bas great faith in the future develop
ment of that section. He says the lack
of railroad facilities from Cottage Grove
to the miner are, at present, the nly
drawback, Lot tte protrects for tbe
early ccmpUtion of the piopified road
ia very flattering.
I will willingly exchinje any Simond'
Cross Cot saw not satisfactory to neer,
if the fault is in the saw. Sold only by
K. bykes. - r
Geo Dement returned Io Myrtle Creek
yesterday. He taid the trestle whkb
caused tbe wreck Thursday was a rot'en
flair. He bas been.viailing hia .laughter
here wbo is receiving medical treat
ment. Eugene Register.
J. D. Hamilton has the only complets
set of abetract books in the county, bee
fcim at tbe Court Uowe, when you want
abstracts of title.
Dr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Houck returned
borne Friday eveniag. Tbs Dr. 1
pent tbe past three months in tbs poet
graduate medical iretoitioDS of Stw
York, and Mis Hv.otk met bim on bis re
turn at Portland.
Tbe "Pedalis" the classic sboe for
women, la the latest at f Jtots shoe store.
that pateLt pocket for tbe laces Its
City Recorder D. 8. West is in receipt
of a letter from Dr. J. W. Strgcge, of
Coquille City, and formerly of this city
which be states there ars 15 cases
of small-pox in tbat city, and over 200
in Mtrshfield.
Tbe beet riming cbair in the coon try
for $1.00 We defy any one to tonal it
for tbe price, bole agents. Rice A Rice.
Tie walkers and tbe seaeoi'a migrators
in general are causing considerable an
noyancs to tbe rfficers and train bands.
New rules are strict and railway men do
not deal leniently with tbe weary Willies
Special clean op sale at Rice & Rice,
the bouse furnishers. You can get wall
papet-of them almost for tbe asking
Mrs. Charlotte Easton went to Oakland
today for a brief visit aitb friends. ' She
was accompanied by Mrs. Harden, of
California, wbo baa been ber guest for
some time past.
uenuetnen, cowin uiapp snoes, new
styles, now ready for your inspection
flints bboeetore. . . t
Tbe list of claims allowed at tbe Janu
ary t?rm of county court will bo found
on tbs last page of tbe Plaisdkalkb, to
gether with other interesting reading and
good live ads.
Bargains st Strong's Furniture store in
wall paper, carpets and odd dining
chairs lor ia days.
Tbe Boolb, Kelley Lumber Co., will
please accept tbebanks of the Plaih
dxalkb for a beautiful large Calendar
for tbe year 1902. It ia a gem of art.'
You can get 24 photo stamps for 25
cents at lay lor's photo tent, until after
the holidays only. dl9
Mrs. G. W. Short returned to Wilbur
this morning after a pleasant visit with
Mrs. Geo. M. Brown, Mrs. F. B. Ham'
lin and other friends here.
. Preferred stock of canned goods, high
set grade goods on market. Krueedt
Miss Lucy E. Hay, one of Douglas
county's well. known educators, returned
to Oakland Saturday, after a few days
visit with Roseburg friends
Northern Spy and Spitzenberg apples
at U. Marks and Co.
It seem a great many people cannot
tell tbs difference between a severs case
of chicken-pox and a mild form of small
pox. 'T was ever tbna.
Red albumen will make bens lay
Churchill & Woollev sell it.
Prof. J. E. Patterson was in ' from
Brock way Saturday, '
FsBOiaicK Wards Compamt. It Isn't
-ftn twn at Roeeburg's dimensions
is afforded an opportunity pf seeing sncb
an excellent and bigh class theatrical
oompany and one with such a wide
reputation as the Frederick Warde Com
pany, which at 1I10 Roseburg
theater Saturday evening In '-The
Mountebank." lbs company's stars,
Frederick Wards . and Miss Trescott,
have a national reputation whil all
other members of tbs large company are
artists in their leepectiva roles. A well
filled and enthusiastic bouse greeted J
tbs company, which before tbs play bad
fairly begun, by repeated encores
brought Mr. Wards before the footlights
in response and in s neat speech he ex
pressed his hearty appreciation of tbs
cordial reception. Tbs play w all that is
claimed for it, permitting s display of tbs
ability and talent of the able cast of
characters. All those who wsrs fortun
ate enough to attend this entertainment
returned to their homes feeling that they
had received their money's worth.
"Manns" bone mills to rrlnd creen
Done Oh archill & Woolley sell them.
Smallpox m Coos Dr. E. Mingus,
health officer of MarsbfielU, reports that
there baa been 250 cases ot smallpox at
that place, with one death out of that
number. It bas been noticeable that
the disease bas attacked those mora
readily who wers not or did not show
signs of recent successful vaccination.
It attacks all ages, bnt tbs majority of
cases bavs occurred in children, this
beiog due to the fact that no quarantine
measures bare been instituted bv tbe
city authorities to control tbe disease,
and some of them having tbs eruption
on tbsir bodies while upoa tbs street.
Tbe services of a physician were not r
quired in a large n amber of case on ac
count ot lbs mildness of the attacks.
Tbs schools and churches of tbs county
towns bavs all been closed nntil tbe
abatement of the disease. Myrtle Point
Special sale on high cut ladles shoes.
Harry M. Holden.
8. C. Bertram, tbe Plajxdialm's
bostling representative, is at present in
terviewing onr many frienda in tbe
western part of tbe county and adding
the names of new-comers to onr sub
acription list, He has some no clubbing
propositions to present to prospective
subscribers and those wbo wish to re
new their subscriptions. You cannot af
ford to miss taking tbe twke-a-week
Plaindbalss daring tbs coming year,
It is one of boat barn Oregon's v. ry beet
local papers and is growing more po polar
every day. Anv favors shown onr good
looking and gentlemanly solicitor will be
duly appreciated.
Limo and cement at very low nrices al
Maraters' urag More.
J. u. tumiuoo u tbs proad possessor
ol e'fine white Flymoath Rock cockerel
a gift from a Portland friend. If you are
interested in fine cbtcbeoe and need any
information inquire ot almost any of
tbose Court House fellows, with posaibly
tbe exceptions of Deputy Clerk Sawyers
Hs expects to take op tbs work latter on
however, as a matter of "household
Se Salt nans opto data line of watches
aau jcweiery.
. r. tngiebart and family, late ar-
ri vale here from Minnesota, made this
office a pleasant call ' Saturday. Mr.
toglehart expresses - biaeeU.. as .being
well pleased with oar foootry and ell
ate and will read lbs Plaimdsals re-
ularij io eaeiet bim in txeoming bettr
a qaa eUd with our evenly and prop
Silver novelties of ail designs al
B. Fenton, proprietor of tbe Roseburg-
Myrtle Point stage lios is In this city.
He reports pretty bed roads again
this winter god says tbe Douglas coooty
end of tbe road as usual, ie in a worse
condition than tbe Coos county end,
which leceivee some substantial im
provement each yesr.
Oats for sals, st Krnse 4 Newland'e.
In a j tice trial at Gold Beech but
week, tbe property under litigation was
an old weab-tob and a clothes wringer
valued at 3. Tbe costs of tbe soil wss
$15, sacb party paying tbsir own costs.
Tbs Plaintiff won lbs suit and carried
his property borne.
P. H. Dailey, county school sonerin-
tendent of Jackson coooty, was a Roes-
borg visitor Saturday. Mr. Dailey is s
graduate of tbe Central Oregoo Normal
school at Drain and aa old Urns friend
and schoolmate of Depoty Clerk J. E.
Cbxam Wasted. Tbe T. 8. Townsend
Creamery Co. at 44 Second at., Portia nd
will pay highest market price for cream.
Will aell yon Cream Separatbrsnd take
your cream in payment. 031U.
One of lbs pack horses on tbe Myrtle
Point-Roeebarg route went over tbe
grade near Remote, Wednesday night
and was killed by tbs falL Tbe mail
sacks wsrs recovered.
Tbs Douglas county farmer bas gotten
onto tbe diversified style of farming and
tbs result is a marked Loprovement in
bis circumstances. .
Quite a number of onr readers . bavs
called tbs pest wssk to renew tb ir
subscription end taks advantage of oar
clubbing rates.
Hon. A. R. Mat toon, tbs Riddls mer
chant, passed through Roseburg on Sat -
urday's train for a brief .visit to Salem
and Portland.
D. W. CjIIIs, of tbe Soldiers Home.
left this morning for Wilapangb Harbor,
Wash., where bs will spend sboot two
Tbs boms of Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
Pronsr at Riddle was made happy last
week by the arrival ot a prstty little ba
by girl.
Archis Leonard retarned to Portland
lrst nigbt, after a short visit with bis
parents, Mr. snd Mrs, F. G. - Leonard
Rev. C M. Ree, who is conducting
revival meetings with good success at
Edenbower, spent today in Oakland.
Earl Lander, ol Roseburg is temporsr
lly taking tbs place ot B. F. Scott, a
telegraph operat at Riddle.
Missea Regina and Maude Rut left
on last night's oysrlsnd for a month's
visit with Portland friends.
Orin Richardson left this morning for
Portland where be will remain for about
two mootbl. j
Lee M inkier Is seriously ill at Grants
Pass with hsmorrhsgsof the longs.
Jno. UetfUld mads this office a pleas
ant call Friday.
Good Progress Being Hade in Drilling
In an interview with President M. Mo
Coy of tbs Umpqoa Valley Od Oompany
wbo bas just returned from Myrtls
Crek, where tbs company's drilling
plant Is doing splendid work, Mr. Mc
Coy expressed himeelf as bwing bigbly
pleased with lbs progress made thus far
although tbe drill is st present In very
bard rock.. Everything ts op-to-date
about tbe plant , and is working vsry
satisfactorily. A report ' was circulated
about town that tbs dilll bad already
teppsd a seepage of petroleum, and when
Mr. McCoy wag asked about ft be would
nsiiber deny or confirm tb report, bat
said tbsy wsrs not dsep enough yet
to Ulk about such thiogs, bat bs wors a
pleased smile which showed bs was well
sstieflsd. Mr. McCoy sneaks in terms ot
bigh praise of Mr. Henry tbe company's
driller, and of tbs' encouragement given
the enterprise by tbs good people of
Myrtls Creek.
An Interesting; Case.
Justice Robinette's court is occupied
with a case this afternoon which ts creat
ing more than ordinary interest about
town, Tbe case Is entitled, Tbe State of
Oregon vs Dr. E. V. Hoover, mayor ot
tbs city; F.W. Dillard, dty marshal;
B. t . rate, street commiasiooer snd
Cbas. Nasi, defendants. Complaint was
filed by Jaa. Fletcher, grocer, wbo with
others allege tbat defendants are guilty
of tbs crims of injuring a high
way In tbs city of Roseburg.
Tbs case is tbs outgrowth of tbe order
of tbe council last weak for the removal
of a crosswalk leading from Jasper Wilk
ins' restaurant to tbs railroad platform.
Mr. Wilkiss asked permission ot tbs
council to place tbe crosswalk there and
taking it as assured that his request
would bs granted, bailt tbs walk be lore
the council met to eoosidar tbe matter,
with tbe result before stated. Wilkina,
Fletcher and others, after this walk was
torn up, improved soother old crosswalk
nearby, with tbe consent of tbe chair
man of tbe street improvement commhV
tee ss they claim, whereupon Mayor Dr.
Hoover, ordered this and still another
crossing torn up bv the marshal
and street , commiasiooer wbo obeyed
bis order, . resulting ia Lbs above
action at law, O. P. Cos bow and
Cbas. Hamilton, appearing for defend
ants and Hon. Dexter Rice lor tbe stale.
Many witnesses are being sxamlasd and
we case is a preav oouy contested one
and is still ia pi ogress ss ws go to press.
Tbe Allegany Etktoa Wagow Road
ids uoonty (voart has appropriated
$1000 to be expended on tbe Allegany
bikton wsgoa road, and this makes toe
building of tbe road an assured feet.
With tbe ISOO now raised by so beer ip
Uqn, flHUU is now available and with
thU quite a start can bs mads.
Tbe Douglas county court has now ac
cepted lbs survey of that part of tbe
road which lies ia Douglas .coooty, asd
baa declared it a county road. Of coarse
.bat doesn't open it lur wagon travel.
bot no doubt tbe money seceasAry will
be forthcoming in doe time.
II this new roots is as much ol sa im-
P'ovement over tbe throe others as it is
represented to bey we may yet see tbs
day a beo one t aa syt in aitd ontof Coos
U tbe wit m with some degree oi
fort. Maialifteld Mail.
A winter trie so bontbera California
and Anxooa via tbe famooe Shasta
route i one never to be forgot tea. - Re
newed acquaintance with this section
wilt ever develop fresh nointe of ia teres t
and added eoarcee of enjoyment naJer
its sunny skies, in ths variety of Inter-
sU and added industries, ia tte prolific
vegetation sad among its number lees re
sorts mountain, shore, vails anH
Two trains leave Portland daily, morn-
tog and evening for California. Tbeee
trains are equipped with the most im
proved pst'ern of standard and tourist
sleepiog cars, and the low rates place tbe
Hp In reach of ell.
For Hlostrated guides, of California and
Ariaona winter resorts, address '
R. B. Muxes. '
Gen, Pass. Agent, Portland, Or.
Probate Order.
In the matter of tbe esute of Harrison
Allen, deceased, the administrator J. D.
Hamilton, was granted aa order to sell
certain real property to pay the debts of
said estate.
Pitaer Becklev, as administrator of tbe
estate of Emiline Davis, deceased was
given sa ordsr to sell at private sals reel
property belooging to said estate.
J A Bocnansn has been appointed as
guardian ad litem of the estate of Julian
and Casper Hilbroa, minors.
' For Typewriter.
If, in tbe past yon , bavs bsd trouble
with your typewriter ribbons, send a
sample order to E. L. King, No. 213 San
some Street, Sea Francisco, and see if
yon can't get a better ribbon tor seven ty
flre cents than you bavs been paying s
dollar for. f 7 per dosen any color snd
lor any machine. E. L. Kino,
- -r .Pacifies Coast General Agent.
218 Sansome 81., San Francisco. N18
- City Trersurer's Notice.
t f ....
Notice iSiiere by gtreo to all parties
holding city warrants Indorsed prior to
snd Including Jan. 1, 1S9D, to present the
same at the treasurer's office, in fthe city
L. - 1 1 J 1 , .
uau, lor pajioeDi, as interest win cease
tbsreon si tsr tbe date ot this notice. -
Dated this 810. day of January. 1902.
at Koeeonrg, ure.
- u . -. HabBT C 8LOCOM,
r . . , r 4: ... City Treasurer.
Rica & Rice, Hildebrand, Fisher A Bl
lows Co. and ths Q ieen of Hayti Com
pany bars new ads in this issue. .
Articles oi incorporation bay been
Si ll a 1 . . . . -
mea in tne county erg's oalcs by the
Schmidt v Hote end Investment Co.,
Ches. Schmidt, Mlonis Schmidt and
wm. Bcnmtai, Incorporators. Capital
smce jj.iw, with principal place ot
oosioees st Rasebarg, Ore. Tbe
Schmidn are lessees ot the new brick
Mouianso noiei and tbs company just
incorporate cas elected the following
oraoeri; u. bcbmldt, president: M
8chinidt, vice-president; Wm. Schmidt,
scrUrv and treasuitf,
. . rf .-'i:: . ...
Told in Side Heads
Norm Docolas Erasmus. At the
last meeting of tbs city fathers of Drain,
Messrs. Pert ins A Bledsoe sacared tbe
right to erect poles , and string electric
lighting wires throughout tbe city, and
to supply all who may desire tbe easse
with electric tight. Tbe firm asm yd
proposes to pat is, ia their sawmill at
Leona, a dynamo with mH riant volt
force to famish tbe dty with electricity
(or lighting and power purposes, sad la
teed to commence the work to tbe and
outlined, at an early date. Tbe matter
bas been careful ly ceaeide red , end it has
been found that tbe proposition ia not
only leesible, bot wiQ also provessoares
of mutual profit to tbs trmrisnas mea ol
tbe city, as well as to tbe firm who will
apply onr dtisens with cheep and first
class services ia tbe lighting line. . Drain
ie making another important step toward
the eccompllsbmsat of ber ntare grwat
aeew Draia Nonpareil.
1 Xer Vest Favobaelb Cows est. Tkis
ie lbs kind of advertising Ross berg Is
gwtiag since tbe rarest aetica si the
dty council in rsMsg the city Qeeaea.
It ie not a kind tbat wSl tend ta tedoce
new enterprises ar tsrvwston te loser
here, bat the town may already be big
enough to salt tbe eoescil.eTea U U Is'at
as large sad important as noose of tb
r st of ns wonld like In see it. Tb Myr
tle Point Enterprise asyt: Tbe city
cvaecil of Rosebarg ha agmia Increased
tbecity lkaassot frrwliisss Iiwsms, aad
tbe taxes ars 33K par cent higher than
last rear. Aa sxborbiuat bjosass dose
not tea 1 to promote or advance a dty
bat will retard its grswtk to a fines! Jsa
able silent. n
Laege Sals or Fecit Texxs. J. L.
Casebssr, of South Dsss Creek, pieced e
order with W. E. Hoover ffetardey for
1000 trait trees apples aad pears, aad
tbsy will be est oat on bis farm and wiD
prove a very profitable soaree of rsveaae
la a few year. No better aslectioa of
fruit trees mold bavs beea sands aad ws
ars pleased to sse cttteono of this cooaty
engaging so extensively ia this prt Sta
ble industry. Mr. H. WoUsaberg ot
Roseburg, also placed a large order tor
trait trees with Mr. Hoover last week
which will be set oat est bis fin fans at
Riddle, known at lb Corn u It place.
Din Not Feast on Ye mob. la Jwr-
tic Robtoett's eoart ftetarday aflBraooa
was hsaid tbe cat of lb 8tass vs. rVer
Hansen, wbo was arrsctsd by Depoty
(iams and Forestry Wardea K. O. Hod-
Hodson on a charge ef unlawfully having
deer in bis roes teniae, Tbe state' was
represented by Altaraevs John Long aad
Louis Barsec aad tb defendant by Geo.
Byron. A jury composed of B. 8. Kicb-
ola, A. W. Martin, W. J. Leader, 8. W.
VanZile, J. O. Oomstock and Alii
Hooser brought ia a verdict ef not
guilty and tb defendant we aeoordingiy
No Saloons roa Ashland At tbe
first meeting of tbe new dty council lor
tbe new yesr et Ashland Tbarsday even
ing tbe qneetion of licensing saloons tor
tbs coming year ia tbat dty was lost by
a vote ot four to two aad la consequence
Ashland remains a "dry" towa. A fran
chise tor street car system lor Ashland
is being considered end tbs salary of tbs
marshal wss raked from HOfjto 950 per
month, snd Swster' commissioner I ram
60 to $75 a montb, the dty owning Its
own water system. A sswsrag system
is to be provided tor tbe towa.
January 15.
Return Engagement of the big colored
Comedy .
"I Oil I
New Songs.
New Dances. v ; !
. Band Concert at 12 o'clock noon.
PRICES: 35, go) and 73 ctnts.
Good bargains in Dress Goods of all de
scriptions Also a few of the 50 per cent
discount Collarettes left. Largest and best
assorted stock of General Merchandise in
Douglas County at 5
Our Cream and Home-111 a it? Bread is as tood or better
than ever and will be delive'ed v any part of the dty.
ieave orders or 'phone Main J60.
T. SIKVKHS. Pronriato2
Co The Greatest Thing That Ever
S HappenetJ is Our
ance and Jemnant 5ale now.on
Remnants of everything from the finest .
silks to the cheapest muslins at your own '
price. . '
Jackets and CajXS at less than wholesale ,
cost. .
On Ladies Furs the wholesale cost cuts no
figure with us. TiEY MUST GO.
We will not carry at7 Winter Goods over
if prices will move th em.
Bargain S in Every
Fisher &iBellow',5f
, Notice for Publication.
NrM U kSJ!?"-
Jaa S, 1. autlad, -Aa art lor tAwa!at
m tea, la tte f&ata. W IdSSot
fvea,aae WaabtnctM Twrttorr -1.
eat , lau.
j3,rtu1. al el MaMaoauk, Stala ot
wmvm, mmm Qi oay tB tbis oOk kl.
) oa
tte HI4 o( lctxm Xv n umoMhip XI mtk
; -- w. w thwiu, nr iis
nwari UaB lor airricalraral rarenca,
tte laslner anS EcMnrotUuttSntt w
, Unm, aa W4aadaT. tte ibtk dn.l
raoraary, l. " '
T1 ; atoCiHonch, Thmntk Hovarrl. of Eo
aa rw Wwm V ti I a e . i
r. ' w rTaruaaan, srnroai.
aaoW acanriiwd laala af raqamtvd to Sle
Ul.!OIBc tefara aai4 J&U
aaj at r ternary, lsuL.
"F i.T- BEHXiES.
Notice for Publication.
., . . Kcbo, Or.,. Not. 1,1JL
Mtk Ik. MMiriMU Ik. .
4raeS,I.XeouUl Aa act for tk al ol
" ,muioniia, urraoo.
ed to all tba public laad stair by act ol Aogiut
ol Mi Rantda. coubit Mmom. suite ol Mlchl
taa tea late day ImxI la ikia oBX kit awon
utmaant Wo. bt. tot tte tarckan of tb &
" 1 . wii i o .4 eiHiia.
of RaatcSWnt. and will oSr proot to akow
tkailko landaiMigktls aaorv valaabio tor lu
"""" wMnripicuiwna pnrtwaea.
aad to wUbUsk kuclain to mm Uud tefnr
tte RojrUteraad Beoel-arof thuodlr at Rom.
burs, Ortwua.oeTtenlay, tte tlat day ol iao
"T, 0A Ba earns aa wiuom: RUey
8mflll.H. a, Variiy, Lata E:. aad rraak
army, all of Honour, Ura.
. . i . , . ...
"7 cairaiDi aararmy In.
clalraa ta this olltue aa ot buion m4 El day ol
. " i. t. Bwneaa,
1S aUtitart
Administrator's Saje of Real
Motlo U bwby slra, that by virite of an
(filer ra. by the County Court of lii(U.
conaty, Hutc of Orecon. In thr K.t'r of ih.
cstata ot Elliabvtk turrlmm. rtt-rt'.wri, oa tba
Ulb day of IVorinbrr, 1k.i1. ami ethrrwit la th
nworiUoi utld mart oa aald dav. difn-ilnir
thor1lB and orierlna , the niHtrtiind att
nlnlntrauir of Mid nuie, to aril ai vtitwr tub
Uo or irlvaa aa orartdrd by law, Uia ival
Broporty brlooirlns to tte Hkl, tn iho
btfhrrt Mdder lor eah la hand, fur tte pnrpow
of yarlnc oC tte claim acmliui th. m. muta
and u xpeaM of ad inlntratloa. Tterefor
by Irtoa ol said ordvr I will oa aad at lr
8aerda tbe 25th day of Jan nary. 1902,
1 p.m proeorrt to -ell al prlralv mif to tte hlxh.
t bidder lor raab ta hand, the followtn; d.
crllwd real property oelunKlna t the arormaltl
UMslo-wlt: Lot No. 1 In block No, a, and
Lot No. U In block No. s (lot and barn only)
all ta tte olty ol Kowbarg, Dvugla Coonu.
Dated atBowbarc.Orrgoo.thtslMh dty oi
Deoeaber, A. D, LyOl. H. J. WlUKo.
Adalalatrataial U aatata of KlUabatk dairf-
January Clear- 5
- tfte.2T - 2"
Notice for Publication!
i mrPusD omci.' "
iVV7 hereby girra tteA ta raauiun
wit h tte praaiatoa al ate ac al cWrvaTw
Jnrw a, 1TI. raluW -Am art Yae I" "J
tiai hrr laixU ia tte Mmtrtot CaHtaniia. Omnlv
Seaala aad Watnrtoa TerritorV aaenZIl!
etoatte fabUcTaad bSTby'
, , , JOCK Blows, --;..-
of Eawrbarr. eoaacy ol DiV, asa o tw
iro. a a taja day filed tatai VieaViaw
Heaseat So. 1U, lor m. parc&ue 5 tbiwv
laad aouxht l. atnre vaioabie for it timber w
tar Wewlwrai pirrpUad lej
r." KetTw of thi. omoe al Ubmr?Z
Jpa.oa XaeadaT. theistbdayot Xarck.
U1U. Roten HeCauock aad Ikiai
Howard, all of Boaebnrfr.OPBjo
2rrhed laada are resimted rv lie
Jhrtra'm in ih oSke ae 7terer amM
dayol Marck. Mia. i. T. SJtl JmTS.
Notice for Publication.
cxited statis laud orncs.
!to4tre a terror winen tkal la rrialLiira
Jan (.buX eati tied -An art for tteaMW
-r '' in tte tatea of CllornoVeaoe.
ifl! "f Wnto Temioty7 ai cnawt
altiiif Lmj su" h " :
n!Tn ia lhUt hu, rwor, nau.
?T. L 2 . reaaiio ol the SVj of can
NSof SeetloB No. , township si ooth.l3
weal, and will offer proof show thi
tteUodanuKbiiaBoreTaln.Mofor in tJwrtwr
or,"h.a tor acrlraltorml parpwea. aad
euabllak bia calai tn aud laa4beMwtaC
later and KecelTer of tki. oafraTaT RbSra.
r.rT?wJl0"Tllun,rty dey al rkraar.
Haaiae.awt Bea: feeVr BwWaaaa
all ol Roaeburc. Unvno.
Any and aii peraon elaiafnr adrwrarlT the
J,mto Jiueated 9 n their
uaj ta ini otto oa or beiore aald Vfl h day ol
February J. T. BEirxiW
Notice for Publication.
KoeaacBM, Oaauo.'c, Deo. , Ml.
Notice la brreby cireo that la eoaipUanca
with ta proeiaion ol tte act ol Oagrea al
June. Io;, enured "Aa act lor tte a al
timber land tn the Seataa of CaUfornia, Oravoa
Nevaila and W ufctnctoa Terrllory," aa extaod
d to all tte PabUr Laad State bj act ol Aaa
uat 4, t,
Of Rneebunc, Couniy of Dnnlaa. titaie ef Or
t n, baa this day filed In tat ooe hn wor
talement No. ls for tte purcaaae of tk
K4 ol SH hi. of secUoo No. . M, Ttern
Mr ruih. ol Ranee 4 Wiat, aae will
oiler pro.-f to ahow that the land erathl laaaora
valuable ftw tU tlber or won than for agri
cultural purpoMa and tocetablMk hia clUta ta
Midland before tbe Rcci.ier and Receivef el
thlaufflceat R.weborc. (raroo, on Saturday,
tte Ltk day of Mxrrh lt H aaaM a wlv
nowiL'ii: charity Erobrw. Jame an ell l'o,
U a Pi e. and Tkoaia lte,o( Roacbanc. ioq
la County, ttnnron. ,
Any and all pereona clalauns adrrraely ttej
above dwcrlbx4 lnt are requested to flla
their claim In Ihiaofilcaoa or beior mid loan
da of Marco, Wi. .
ia . J.T.&rTeis,
Ket liter.
Oeeiguisrs, Irggiof tad rtbbsr lo
pt-tcai a Ft iat a. , ;