The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, December 12, 1901, Image 4

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IS it-fiitreM to .u u" w
ainl newcutmiersanil friends
with t full '-and complete
stock of i ; ..
All fresh and of the very best
quality. Teas aad coffees are
specialties. Your patronage
solicited. . -. t : -
Roseburf a
For a Prompt and First-claw
.Shave or Hair-cut, Compe
..' tent Workmen, Clean Tow
els, Tools always in shape.
Baths in Connection.
SI top on JackBon St.
Alwiract of Title to Deeded Land.
Facra preareil for tiling on Govern
ment Land.
Blue P-ints of Township Maps showing
all -oaoant Lands, One Dollar Each.
Plans and Estimates for all BuilJ-
7 i"g. -
5pecial designs for Office Fixtures
Ofbee in Marks Building. 'Phone 415.
arker s
Red Clover.
Orchard Grass,
LIcsquic or .
Velvet Grass,
Vetch Seed.
H e been ee'ablished by the SOUTH
EKS PACIFIC between all parts tv
and its great number of famous ret-or"!
by which tbe ezpeose of a trip is re
duced to a very low and seasonable
, rate. For exam pie :
From all parts of Calif aria
Tattle resorts in the Shasta region, Lak
Taboe and rarronndlngs, Yoermiie, tlx
Big Trees, tbe Kings River Country.
From San Joaquin aod Sacramento Val
ley points
To tbe Monterey Bay Coast.
From the Han Joaquin Valley, Arizm:
and New Mexico
To the Seashore in Southern Ca'i'ornL
and tbe resorts of Northern California.
Forfait information,- inquire of L B.
MOORE, agent of the
Southern Pacific,
Southern Paciilc Co. ,
Train leave Roseburg lor Portlaud and way
station at IliOaa -m. and 11:45 p. m.; ; . s
Go to .
AT -;.
t '. a. I Le. Portland - U.I 8:IDM
S so r.M L. - Roseourg Lt. fllOSr.
li:55 A. a. j Ar. - Ashland - Ar (lMttr.
n:10 r. U: I Ar. - AcraneDto-' r.1
7 45 . m. Ar. San Francisco Ar. I 8 4o a. i
4:V a m 1 sr Ogdea . ari 7:00 a n
haoaag'ar Desver ax i 9:16 p a
"i:2h a m I ar Kan-aCily ar ; a d
' a a I ar. v CPicago ar J0 p a
a:"! i- w I ar
f u p ar
' H) n'
a n .ar
7.-OI a u t ar-
fc.yi p m ; ar
" a tn I ar
U.10 p m j ar "
I Am A' Kelca
o .-AS a a
t El Ham
f- Fori Worth
City of Heziod
UouUiu '
N-r Orlmna
W anhlMffton
Ue York
M p r
: a D
11. i a ip
7wa a
60 p B-
42 a a
12:19 p a
- Hullinau d1 Tourliit car on both tiajun
hlroui iSaTmento toOgden and Kl faiio,
and ton'im rani to hicKO. hi. Loul. tie
Urlcauaaiui 4abiuxua. r
' voiK-tiii ai Oan Fratiulano with aercra
. Wmlii liuf for Honolulu. Japan, C'hin
' rbtiippiuua. Cvnlral aud rtouUi America.
m-.-1. B.
- Of addreaa
Muore, acent, at Ko?burg ttatioi
, . K. Pi . 1 ent
Notice for Publication.
fnlicd tiuau n Land Uftiw.
Koliiir), rt-K.n. ov. 21, IMJ1.
' Notii la hm-hy Klven that tbe following
) Uiui d M-iturliar lilvd Kotloeof hia inu-utl
t make hpa prHf lnapportof ilia da m. mir
tltat aaid proil will be ma te bt-fore the R-Ki-
ler and Receiver. H. land (! at Koaebaig.
Orcxon, on Jinuary 4. Hot, m: - ,
' Jot-Ki n c. I)i k ,
on H. K. No. ! s the lot ttec. Xp. 2U
, H- 1'imei th folktv ina; witnenaeti to prove hit
I nntniiioi nwidrnce uuu aid euliiroiioii of
Kal I land, vlr.: Augut ntwltxhe, of I iliani;
4raoM; tirlili-ion Maihi wu. ol Kosbuix. Orraoii:
"It-r 8. Him-, oi UowburK, oniton: "or Kh.a,
. ml i"ai, OreRun. i. T, BKIiMis,
. Keci.ier. . ;
to write for oar conndenliiii letter before ap-
niTiiia; lor paieni; it mar or worm money.
We promptly obtain U. b. and Foreign
anrl JTRAOE MARKS orretura EN
TIRE aiuirntiy a fee. tK-nrl modrl.nketch
or rboioand wa aend aa IMMEDIATE
FREE report on patentability. VVe rive
tbe beat lenl aerrice and advice, and our
elms are moderaic -Try u , j '
SVIFT ,&, CO., ,
Patent Lawyer,'
Opp. U.S. Patent Dffice.Washingf on, O.C.
Notice for Publication.
Koxaaraii, Ore., Oct. 1'jol.
Notice i brrehy Riven thai in usmpllaBO.
with tbe (iravialnna of Uie Art of tu;rn at
Juni- I, ir,riuille-t, "Au Act for tki aala Of
Umlw r lalida In the Blattw of, Ore
nn. Nvatla. and Waithiliaton TerriUwv." aa--x.
tended to all tbe public laud alatua by art of
AuguKt 4, IK'.ri,
Of Cleveland, o-unty of ItouKlax, nlmtc of Ore
con ha ihi dav Hied in this office hvriworn
Uitemi nt iio. Wvl, for the pun uaw- ol the ne1
of M-citoa b. towaxrilri ? aoutb, rauKo it awtt,
ahd will otfVr piwol to aliow taat Ul laad
MHight in more valuable for il timber or atoue
tliKU fir agricultural purpurea, ami toealabliah
berrVatc l'i land bHrm uie Ri-aieter aud
Soceivar oi Ititoorliot u? Kair, OraKoa.-On
Friday, tin; )C tay oi -lniar--lie namea
aa wiiiii'e: l,hail i , Kd. Von IVaal,
John llaekii of riei4Ail,Orrson. Xart Bett
er, ol Kiwi'iin:, iifitra; ' V l-
Anv any ll xtk'Ii clnlmiim advcrwlr tbe
at tie-dt'Mvi ifil Umla are icjiunUsl lu HI" their
clim in thi other ou or bt-ioie yu lt day ol
vila - . . J..X. BHIlHtK, ...
Notice for Publication:
rsiTHl fl Al.FS l.ANHOKKU K.
Ko-Kli: lli.llmull, lix.'i, I'-!.
Strtli-e la hereiiy pirii iliat In eotnp lanro
with ihe pro laKiun of the act of ConRifaa of
June :;. Inh. entitled "An ai t for the le ol
timber laiidk in the Stati a nf ( a llurtua trvoi
Nevada, aiul N aalnntlon lerriiory," as t vu nl
e 1 1.- all tbe public land statts by a.l ol Aiujuxl
4, IKK,
of Roerbunr, county el ltoiiEla, Male
ol Orcson. has this d hlud tn th
Aaucw - his. MUS sUtclHtnl 0. 1311
irihe punhaxe ol me N ' , w ; M,.'4, 01
Section No. 1J, lu townahlp o. K h ol Kanei
No 7 and ill ofler proof to show that the
land aoucht la n'ore aiuatile for lis limlxror
alone than hir agricultural I'liriaxtuK. and to cv
tabliah his claim l4 mid land )if-e the Kela-
leraud Rivaerol thia omx: at Koxebura, Ore
eon. on Frldav, the 14ih dKV ol Peexiary, t
He uaiiieaas ailucawa; UeorKC Batcniau. Kob
ert McCull.wn, Albert Willi. Alia Smith, all of
Ruaebun. Oresou.
Anv and all person rlairelnr advers'lr the
above-described lands are requoled l tile their
rlaims in this office on or before said 14th day of
February, 191. i. J. BH.iih.ks,
d.Sp Riftiler.
Notice for Publication. -
Rnsrbutv. Oregon, Nov, IK r'l.
' Notice ia hereby aiven that In eomplusure
with tbe previsions of tlie act ol ceuitrvM ol
June a. anutled "An act for tbe saia ol
Imber lands in the states of ailloni'a, Onjin.
Nevada aud Wash in if ton Tertiiory." as eiiend
cd lo all the Public Land t-tales by act ol
August 4. l9-
of Aahlaud. couotv of Jackson, Hale of Oregon,
ttas Uits dsy Died IB UimoSic bla aswam. aaia
ment No. 197, for the pnrchane of the Nt1,
ana NV Bi'of sertioo No. 14, tow a hip 36 .-.
ranee, west and wil. ofler proof la show mat
tbelaad aouifbt U more valuable tor its tlmlu t
or alone thau forwrtcnlmral purposes, and to
caiablish his claim to said land before the Ret:
J ter and Receiver el this office at Row-bur.',
Or -(on, on Tuesday, tbe day' of Janua:;,
111 He names a witnesses: Cbarlea Tbom
John Thorn, Edward Von feaal, John Becici
all of 4'icreisnd, Orefroa. ;
any and ail peraoaa ciaimlns adversely il.,
above dewriLl lands are reinested to tif
their cta-an in this office oa or before said lib. a
day ol January, lii
P21p J. T. BRIlXiEo, Fetrisler.
Notice for Publication.
Kixflmtf. Orencni. Oct. 2. M'l.
Notii-e is hereby given that in compliance
with the provision of the act of t'onajrv ol
June :;. 1, entitled "An ai t lor tbe sl ol
limber laud in Ihe stales of California, Oresron.
Nevada and Va."hiui;Un Territory," aiteilcnd
et to all Ihe Public Land stales by act of Aug
nst 4, 1XU,
of Rieebunt, county ol P HiKlas. state of Ore
Eon. has tiiisday hied in tnia office bvr swon
tale ment No. LbhO, for the purchase of the Ml1,
of section No a. tosmabip ti south, of s
We-t.and will offer prswf lo show that Ihe
land sourbt is more valuable for iu limlr c
tone than for agricultural purposes, aod to es
tablish her elai m to said rand before the hccis
terand Revet ver of Ibis office at Koix-burn, ore
goo. on Monday, the athciay of Jauuai), 1U.
She nanien as witnese: Joe Bloeber.en, Vr.r
Sisurler. Nsi Wrlsaaud Reialwlt atilr. all of
8asebtirg. oson.
Any and all person elsiminr avdveracly the
above-descr bed lauds are requeued , lo file
tlieircla'DM in Uiisoaee on or before said Mb
day of January, lii. . JT. BRI LH.rj,
op. . .- Register.
.Notice for Publication.
Roaebiirr.Ore.,Oit. 8. 11.
Notice la hereby given that in compliance
wilb the proviiona ! the act of Congress ol
June A lt7. entitled "An act lor the sale of tim
ber land in the BuUce of California. Oregon.
Nevada and Washington Territoty," as extend
rd loail the Public Land eutea by act of August
4, laW.
of Camas valley, county of Douglas, State of
rvgon ba tbisoay hied In thiso&ce bis sworu
statement So. 1H64, for tbe purchaaeol the lots
, 6 and 7ol Section No. 6. Township .4) south,
range No. west, and will oSer proof to show
that tbe land sought Is more valuable .for lu
timber or stone than lor agricultural purposes,
nd to establish bis eiairn lo said land before
the Register and Receiver of thi offioi at Ro-p-bnrg,
Oregon, on Friday, the l.itn day til
Oeeember. IfiY. He . tuunee as wltnasms;
N.Smith, Me Endioott, William Endicott
and John Break all of Myrtle rVurt O-gon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely Ihe
above described landa are reoueated to file
'belr claims in this office on or bcioresaid Lub
Jay of lexxnlR, Uul.
0l9p. J.T. BRID4JE8.
, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Rosaat'ave Oregon. OtbaiUO.XfL
Nnliee ia hereby gives that lu 'touipinbcr
with the provision of the art -of Congreae of
lune , 1H, entitled "An act for tbe sale of
limber lands in toe Plate ol California, Ore
gon, Nevada and Washington Territory," aa ex
tended to all the Public Laud Stales by act of
Of Roseburg, rouniy of D ug.a, hute of One
na, baa abi day filed ber sworn statement
So. INm f r the purchase ol the , of b 'i of
Section No 10 Towuship 30 bouth, of Range 9
et, and will off proof to show that tbe
land sought is more valuable lor its timber or
.tune than lor agricui'.ural purposes an4 to es
tablish ber claim to .aid land before the Resrts
ler and Receiver of this office at Koacf.urg, ore.
Ton, on Tueaday, the 17 day of .iecember. IVfll.
.he names a witnesaes: John W. Moore,
A alter E, Ho jver. of Roseburg, Oregon, E. N.
'nittb, of Mjrtie Point, Orvhun, J. F. Given,
t Roseburg Ongon.
Any and all pcraons claiming adrenvly ifi
diove-descnbe.1 lands . re requested to file their
laims tn this o (Dee on or before ald t'si da of
tccember. 19UL ; . J. 1. BRI 1X5 EU, .
olip ' ' ' Regtster.'
Notice for Publication '
Kot-Khl'KU, OUKJ.O.N, Oct. 12, lOl
Notice i hereby atvcu .thai In compliant t
-tth the provif ions of tbe act or fViurress of
line a. !;. entitled "An act for the sale of
imtier lauds In the Mata of California, On-ron
evada and Wasfcingum Te'ritory," as extend
ed to all the Public Land feiatea by act ol Aug
BS14.1W2, .'
. Of Roseburg. Count of Uongias.BUteofOie
en, has lliis day filed In this office bis sworn
tatement No. l-6t, for the purchaieof tbe EU
KM. HK4 andbaU SU),) aJ4ioB U. 6,
fowntblp Ws-uth, ol Kanr. a west, and will
Iter proof to show that the land sought lsniore
valuable for lu limber or .'on. tbau for agri
eulinral purpose aud to establish his clahn to
aid land be'nre the Register and Receiver ol
th Bodice at Roeebiirg, Oregon, on Tueailay, the
JUh day of D,ceinber l'JUL He names as wit
nesses: T J. Rrown, Geo. Hinsdale, J F. t.iv
ausof Roseburg Oregon, Ubertt Croux,- of
a-naa Valley, On gon.
Any and all tierMins claiming adversely the
above described lands am requested to file
their rlaima-fn this once on or be lore aid'4th
day of December, 1W1. . .
' oUp J, T, BRI OoES,
i . t : i , .,- . . v . Register.
Notice for Publication r
Rohiulku, Ore , Nov. J4, l'JUl.
Notice la hereby given that in compliance
with Ihe provisions of I be act of Congress of
June t, 1H7S, entitled An act for the sale of
ti Mtcr landa in the taiw of California, Oreeon
Nevaila and Wash! isr ton Trri"-r," as expnr
e-l to all the publ c land states by act of Aukuat
4, U2, , ' ,
of Big Rapids, county ol il, costs, stale of Michl-
gaa Pa this say Bled la tbia office bis eaprn
siateasettt No. La, lor U pu chaae of the!'
of the ol Uectioti Ho. I, lowtislpp .'2.7 bonh.
of Raogaiit West, and will i-Be prooL lo .how
that th laud souiibl is more valuable lor its
Ttbe4WMon tnan for agricuttwal pnrvoses,
aad toaahlib hi I aim ut atd ignd before
Ihe Register and hscelier of this offl"e Rose.
hurt, Un iwn,iiu 1 u ly, th. fist day oi .Jan
uary M'l. He nsines aa witntsses: Riley
Aiulth.'H a. Varwer, Lafe r l.g.ia and F.auk
Varey, all of Koaebirg, tiv.
Any an't-all p'tums elaimii g adverselv Ihe
anove-la r-rfd ansl'. are reqm-sted lo file their
claims in Hi sollii- on oi bciurc tad 21st day of
J - 1. BkiiMsa, ',
nlhp Ri-gisler.
Notice of Final Settlement,
i Nolioe Is here' v given that
: oayol January, lWi. at m o clock a. i
day, the anal report Of (Jeorgc R. Riddle, !
nnniftniior oi me etuiMoi John t alclnus, ji
censJ-d, 'Will be beard pffnre Hie Cosutv. f'ourt
' ol tti'H'att-of Oreg'tn lor tbe County oi 'liai.
I AH persons having in torvst in said " sue
an- brebv required to apM-ar at sa'd lime and
; ,.! toAboW.caiiserti anvlbwr havt, tiytfald
tJrt-1 account ihoolj not t aJlciwinl - v v
nJi U, D. THOMfrHJ.V,
Society faceting.
LU. T. M. Ruseboxg llive No. U
Holds its regular reviews jpob tbe
aeoond and fourtlLVednefday ee.
of each month in the Native Pons' Hall.
Sisters of other Hives visiting io tbe city
are cordially invited to attend onr re
views. '
Fannik Mokkib L. Com.
DaibikC. Andehbon, R. h.
0 0. F-l'bileUrian Lodse No. 8.
Meets in Odd Fellows' Temple, cor
ner Jackson and Case streets, on
Sstnrda? trveoiOx ol acb-weet. llenf
bers of the order in fcood statidiDS are
invited to attend, ,
Q. W. rnKky", 8cretary. ' "
P. O. ELKS. Roeebarg Lodge No.
32ti. Holds regular cotomunica-
ruou at H O.- U. F. llall on second
and fourth Thursdays ol each montb.
All meaiburs retneeted to attood reg-
larly and all tTieitiuK Urothers are aordi-
ally invited to attend.
W. 11. jAMlaBON, I.. K.
V. C. Losdoii, Secretary,
Camo No. 126. Meets at tbe Odd
Fellow 8" Hall, io Roeeborg, every
ret and tbird Monday evening. Visit
ing neighbors always welcome. -
F. 8. GODFREY C. C. '
- J. I.Eccuahaji, Clerk. .:. . .
. 8. Roseburg Chapter No. 8.
Holds their regular meeting on tbe
first and tbird Thursdays in each
nonlb. Visiting) members in good
lUndiDg are reepectfaUy invited to at
nd. . - Clara Bast, W. Mm
Mrs. Libbii CoeMow, Secretary.
0EBEKA.H8.' Roseburg
Lodiw No. 41. l.O. O.F.
meets in
Odd Fellows' Temple every Tuesday
evening. Visiting siBlers and brethren
invited t attend.
- Inks Mrklli, N. G.
AinTA Bradford, R. 8.
& A. Ms Laurel Lodge No. 13.
ilds reeular meetings on second
fast ,
and ( nrtb Wednesdays of each
month. I. WoLLUiBKRO, W, M.
. N. T.J, rtt. Secretary.
ATIVE SONS.-oeLaneV Cabin No.
lf, .Native rjone of Oreifon, meet
oa tbe first and tbird - Mondays of
each month. .Visiting brethren always
welcome. P.- M. Matthrws,, Preaideot.
Hahrv Suftrji, heeretary.
of 1. Alpha Lodge No. 47.
every Wednesday, in I. O. O
Hall e. 7:30 p. tn. Member
good st avnding are invited to attend.
il. T. McClau.e, C.
Frsb Joussjk, K- R. 8.
W. Oj? A. Myrtle Camp No. 6330.
Meets brat aod tbird iednretlays
each moutb at Native Hons' Hall.
Dan FieRKRi . C.
Gko. Byron, Clerk.
LILAC CIRCLE. No. 4, Women ol
Woodcraft. Meets on firntaad tbird
Tbnrsdavs of each montb at tbe Na
tive bans, UalL Visiting members in
ood standing are invited to stteod.
Hattik Mow, Guardian Neighbor. '
LfeTa 8acst, ecy
OF A. Court Dooglaa No. 33, For
esters oi America. Jleets every
.Tneeday eveoiog in Native Sons'
flail. Visiting brother always welcome.
W. i. Moohi. O. R.
Will Ccaa-jta, K. t?.
E. V. Uooyta, Pbvsician.
AO. TJ. W. Roeebnrg Lodge No. 16.
Meet tbe eecood and to art h Moo
, days of each month at 7 JO p. no.,
in. tbe 1. O. O. F. Hall. Member io
good standing are invited to attend.
H. r. McClalliw, M. W. .
- F.-W. Roach, Recorder.
- D. .8 Wax, Financier.
EG REE OF PONOR. Mystic lxdge
No. 13. Maete 2nd and 4th Thurs
day evvuibrfs ot each month io Na
tive Sons' Hall. Visiting members cot
dially led to attetid
Mas. Pent Balbh, C. of H.
E. IL LKRNoXfBec. -
N. G , meets at Armory Hall eveiy
Thursday evening, at 8 o'clock.
F. B. Uamltw, Capt.
ADIKS of ihe G. A. R, Abraham Uo-
colo Circle No. 2, meet, at Natiye
Sod's Hall at 2 o'clock trf tbe sec
ond and fourth Fiidavaof eav:b montb.
"I-.ea.d- ' -.
Absolutely PURE, and
will OUTWEAR all other
' TTyonr local dealer doe not carry ft
write lo nsaud we will ace that you get it
W. P. fuller fi Co.
Portland. Oregon
-TATvE' THE----
Shortest, . Quickest
and Best Route to
' and ull Coos Bay Points. ..,
Leave Koet-barg every morning al 0
o'clock, arrive at Myrtle Point, 8 p. in.
-Lave Myrtle Point at 6 a. in., arrive
in Roseburg at 8 p. to. every day.
j'.-Sheriffs Sale.
oi urogon, lor, juoiigias county.
W .UTiu ' ' 1 ,.
talatlf, , :r
N r . I S
W.t. Roberts '
', . JJefentlant.
! Notioe is hetcbv given: That tiv virtue of an
execution aitd onlerof sale duly Issued out-of
and ujider the wnt of the above entitled couri
in the almve entitled canaa, lo me dulv directed
ana dated the 7th day of December 1WU. upon a
judgment ienderel and entered in said court on
the 7th dayol June, 1W1, In favor of Wm. Irwin,
plaint: IT gud acolnst W. L. Roberts, defendent,
ami acxtiiHl I he hereinafter mentioned and de
scribed altai hr I property for the sum of lU
with Interest thereon at ihe rate of 8 per rem
per annum from Ihe 11th day of May, ltsjl, and
the further sum off '", costs and disbursements
aud also the cot of and upon this writ, 1 did
ou die 9i h day of December, 1901, duly levy up.
on the follow Ins described real property, lo wit:
The undivided one ninth inlereu in' and to
the following realroperty. Lot No. II in hlfcck
No. .. K. R. Addiii m to Kim-bur, Ommn.
Also Lot ho. i, lu block No A) in city of Best
but, J)ooir1acMinty, Oregon.
' Now therefore by virtue of laid execution
an l order of sale, 1 will ou :
Saturday he llttidayof Jannary, 190
at one o uloek p. m. of said dar, at the omul
house front door, In Kos-burg. Douglas roun'.y.
Oregon, vn pneiic aocilon, mbjecl Pv, re
demption, to the hi.linrt bidder for cash In hand
ad ilie riKt't, Ulu; turd Interest the i,Pn
d.nt li'olon the 11 ih day of May. ISuLor.t any
time thereafter iu and to the above described
r..i proir-rty or any pan thereof, to atlsfy ld
execution, order ol salt", interest, cost and C
rruing wm.
v iated( Koaobanr.'uregefu Deo, l4 v -f
"' - f. LTr'AltftTT, -
bhwlll of UuuglM ouuntv, Uregoa',
Answer . to Questions , Frequently
Asked by Homeseekcra.
, People in tbe east and ,' south are al
ways sskiog all aorta of qaestioo regard
ing Oregon. These questions are oft
times too redicoloua to batakeo serious
ly or aoawered intelligently. Below is a
list reoeived this week by one of our citi
tens, which we priut because of tbe fact
tbat there are several, new ones and
someone who may receive thi paper io
tbe east may want to add them to tbeir
long list of inquiry. There are some
of the questions, however, which are
neb aa any prospective locator would
want to know and these we will endeav
or o answer.. Here ia tbe list :
"Is the climate mild?" . Answer:
Tee. There in probably not a country
nywber. with a more even temperature
than here. Tbe climate ia Southern
Oregon is a very agreeable medium be
(.ween tbe extreme wet and fog of north
ern Oregon and Washington and ihe
warm, ory cutueie oi Uwltlornia. Here
t&e weetuer is neither too hot nor too
cold ; or neither too dry nor to j wet
just right for all purposes.
'Vb.t abjol Ihe winter; is it long or
short!" Answer: We in reality have
Oi winter as tbe term ii understood
ia tbe east. Fiom the middle of Novem
ber to April we have frxjoeot showers
of rain from one to two days each week,
with warm sunshine between and some
frost at night. Rarely ever any toow in
tbe valley. Unprotected water piie
are rarely ever frozen.
."Are the sntnmeM very warm?"
Answer: Yes. Sometimes tbe tempera
ture reaches 1U0 in tbe shade, but there
is never any prostrations from beat. Tbe
atmosphere is so dry never humid dar
ing warm weather aa it is in tbe east
that no inconvenience is experienced
and all woik progresses at the same
pace it doee with tbe thermometer al 70
The nights are always cool.
"What would it coet to build a small,
comfortable home?" Ansae: A. five
or sis loom cottage can be built for from
1400 to 1700. Price would depeud large
ly upon a pereoa's idea of comfort. A
dwelling which will serve all purposes
aud be comfortable so far aa ample pro
tection from tbe weather is concerned
can be built lor even leas than figures
given above.
"What are tbe wagea for a Chinaman
servant, a cowboy, a shepherd, a cook,
servants and workmen?'' Answer:
Few people here employ Chinamen
iNjrveut. are ta iu known quantity io
moat Southern Oregon families. The
wages of a good farm baud range from
f !8 to 130 per moutb and be don't usual
ly care very much whether be bawds
cattle, ttacks alfalfa or sprats trait tree.
Tbe wages of a hire-! gtrt are from f 2 50
to ft per we k. In most ftiuthern Ore
goo homes the hired girl ia tbe whole
thing cook, general housekeeper, wash
erwoman, servant, and companion
sometimes, to fact she ia it from celiar
to garret.
"What is the price of a cow, borwe.
sbeep, male, pig, poultry?" Answer
Cows are worth from 13) to 170 ; horses,
from 3o to 1125; sheep, from 2 50 lo
13.50 per bead ; males, a boat tbe same
aS borses; boo, from H to 15 p ban
diedweigbt; tbickeat from tofJO
per doxi. ; larkeys 10 ceiita per puuud ;
ducks, 3 per dozen , geese, $5 per dozei .
"What ia tbe price uf raeaU, a bag of
floor, a bag oi potttoee, of bread?"
Answer: Meat retails at any of tbe
markets at from 8 to 15 cents a pound; a
60 pound "bag" ol fljur is worth 85 ceo is
a "0a" ol potatoue 100 pouu J is
worth from a cent to a cent and a half a
pound; a ioaf of bread will cost a bve-cet-t
nickel. Vou tau boy six loaves for
five Lickels.
"How srs cattle sold? Do tbe people
boy on the farm ?" Answer : Cattle
are sold almost any old way at from 3 50
to $4.50 per hundredweight; Povple do
not boy os the' farm, but city buyers bay
kso tbe farmers who Have raised Cattle
on tbe farm.
"Do the grazing cattle sell ewsily?"
Answer: Yea. OiUiuj. s tbe bav. rs are
old, but this M not general, as
Ortgon C4f ie a . prime article always.
The buyer wnb tbe largest sack always
hip the tougeat train loads of cattle.
"How many sbeep can a shepherd
keep?" Aiawer: Ou the
Larrlaira n. n .(! KMi..l i. lAu! tn A. JVI
7 " vv"
"liow mauy oowecanacowboy hee?''
Answe' : Depends alt 'gather un what
be is doioar with I ho inn. DfttimBa I... w
cosbova en keep one cow very saiiafac-
torily, then again aud ander differrnt
condition 100 cows cao be kept lwudcd
(or tlie home taucb bvone cowixiy. Ttien
again tbe namber of cows a vowbov cao
keep ; depends upon the dietinciness
olibe brands. As a osual thing be will
keep all be can and keep himself out of
the penitentiary.
"it ttoseburg a consequent lown, end
ran I Had the nsoesMtiee for mv living
cud nothing too expensive?" Answer:
Yes, air. Koseborg Is of more conse
quence than any of ihe other Southern
Oregon towns. Roseburg is a town ol 3000
people Every hue of business ia repre
sented here. -Yoncsn boy anything yoc
need to live ol from a cram brie needle
to a threshing machine. All hoosebold
DtHseilLs are very reasonable in price
cheaper in fact than in muet coast towns.
Piicee do nut yaiy much from thoee of
eastern tow ne, except in caeeeof local pro
duction, where we are undoubtedly
"Are tbe sheep subject to disease ; do
t bey all die off at once?" Answer; No.
There is no disease here peculiar to sheep
except scab, and this succumbs very
redially to treatment. They die off at
once when tbe batcher decides he need
one for the block, or tbey get caaght in
a barbed wire fence and these are
sometimes frr tbe block.
' Can I find in Roseburg . the agricul
tural implement necessary on a farm,
and are tbey expensive?" Agricultural
implements, however, can be bought in
Roseburg from one or all ol three i'esl
en and, at prices at low aa, tbey ctn te
taught for elsewhere.
Douglas County's chief Industries are
(mil growing, slock ahd poultry raising,
l-unueiing and farming. . It ia adametl
t the rreemery and diary aa well a, all
kinds of n.anufscluring. Farms and
raucbeieCan be bought at very reasonable
prices an leruie, some government aud
Minberland of a desirable nature but
coi ai. ten b'e diitanoe Irom the railroad
can be. fouod yol in tuts Cuuutv.
IraDaiatioo front Med lord Mail, revised
a id guaranteed reliable. -
Cburohilloi Woolley
tbe store, tbat
baa the beat goods,
Note. Items under this head will he phanred
lor at the rateof Ac per lice for each Insertion,
(Willi 10 per cent off where notice stands with
out change lor thirty day or longer), excepting
all notice of "foMUon Wanted' "Employ-
wm nantco - ami "Help wanted, which
will be Inserted race or cHAaas.
I have tbe Excelsior which is a
large, red berry and very early. I have
shipped tbe first crate of Oregon berries
to tbe Portland market for tbe last two
tears. My first crate last spring sold for
,'J 00. Tbey are what would be called
everbearing:, as I pick berriee off of tbem
almost every montb in the year. I ship-
ltd a crate to Portland tbe first of Oct
ober and there is at least ten gallons ou
my vines now just tninK ol one ripe
strawberries almost every day in tbe
year, and tben say yoa wont put out a
patch of your own. I also La vtf tbe Hood
River which ia a large, red, sweet berry
and a good shipper, frlces on cars a
Lhilard; ".50, $1.50: 500. 12.00; 1,000
$3.00 L. S. Cook,
U Dillard.Uregon.
character and good reputation . acb
I state (one in lute county required) to re
preeeut and advertise old eetablisDed
kn.lnu. knm. l mnlt.t tin. ...... I
standing. Salarly $14.00 weeklv wilb
expense) additional, all payable in cash
eacli Wednesday direct from bead
utlicea. Horse and carriages furnished,
when neceeeary. References Endows
self-add reeeed stamped eavelope. Man
ager, 310 Caxton Ruilding, Chicago.
812 Jl-
TJOR SALE, CHEAP-120 acres ol
im proved land, 20 acrvs ol good
garden land, 3 acres of bearing orchard
balance good pasture. Ten miles south
west of Roseburg on Myrtle Point stage
road. Call on W. B. Johnston, Brock
way. Ore., or addrees Ash by Kicbarda
Uranta Paea, Ore. nnlOJ.
rjlRESSPASS NOTICE. Notice is here-
I, .Iran lli.l . .1 w .n Irtn n d
bunting or otberwiee trrsspaaeiug npon
"Riveredale Farm,"'Corry Eatate," will
be prosecuted, Chas. T. Corry.
TTTANTED Agents lorell our excel
lent pa'olicalions. Meet litra'
'erme. Write for particulars. Addrea
Enterprise Publisbiog Co., Box 403,
Roseburg, Ore.
Foa RgST 134 acres of land, 25 actrs
tillable on Deer Creek, 7 tvilre Irom
Roeeborg. Inquire of John Haualu),
Kowbuig, Ore. If.
Improved farnu, slock ranches, f rail
and mm l try tract, timber lands and city
property, including five . brick . stores
For aJe by D. t. fcl. Buick,
Jll. Roseburg, Oregon.
For Sale Cheap.
Musical slot macbioj Pucks, Detroit,
ai d Black Cate. W. Duvlk.
dJ5 Wewt End Hotel,
A'exandiis, La.
In Ihe Circuit Court of
the blate ol Oregon,
for Douglas cunty
f Don
ci U, Br
men I 1
t-laiulijr i
Minerva Bmeol ' I
Jsriendant f
To Minerva Beuicnt, Uie above named de fen
dant: In tbe name of the Male of Oregon, you are
hereby required lo apivar and answer the com
plaint of plaintiff bled la th) aioir rntltl-d
court on ut bclore Monday Uie l th dai ul Jan
ry. ltj. or plajntirl will apply l ll won
lor (he relief iirsyed lor in Ihe ta'd com
plaint Uvwit: That tbe tnajrlare rentracl now
custlng between platnlift n t defendant I
dtaaohed and thai p aintlit hare Ihe care and
enstodeof the tnimir child of said mama to
wn: Harry Bement, and tbal p:airit:d tare a
decree lte court thai he is the owner of 'he
leal property In bis eompiaiot aWserlbed lo-wii
Tbe Sorihea! Uart rol sertin 14 in towr ship
21 touib, raoce 4 w-st. in Douglas county. Ore
gon, and that plaintiff have judgment lor her
Costs and disbaraenscnia In the suit incurred.
This summon is published by order of Hon
1. . tiamilliti. indgeol (aid conrt, aoade on
the 19tbdayo' Novcrabrr. iAl.anl entered ul
record In ihe Journal of sa d conrt.
Tbe first publication ol this summons Is of
date Thursday. November ilst. l'.Jl, and Ihe
last pubucat.on tbcreof, J hnn!ay. January 2nd
Plaintiff Attorney.
Official Directory.
- ranamai.
Theodore Roosevelt
Jobs Hay
Secretary of tate
....becieiary of Treaaiuy
Merrclary of W ar
Lyman 1. Gage..
Ellhu Root
E. A. Hitchcock
John U. Lung
James w lUon .
C. K. tftnllh
Melville W. Fuller....
John H. Mllchtil t
Joseph 6unoa i "
Secretary cf Interior
Secretary of Navy
.evcretary ' Agriculiuie
Puat Majtcr tneial
Chief Justice
I". -. Senators
stst or oscuot.
i Thoa. H Tongue
at. a. Moody
' r- Uuubar
Cvmgrewman 1st liat
lort rest own ind
. oivernot'try ol S ale
JMate Ti-sa rcr
C. R Moore
J. It. Ackerman "
P. K. Blarkbjrn.
C. K. Wolveitonj
R. S. Bi-an 5
r. A. Moore
M.L Cliamberla n
0. B. Bellinger...
Soelh Honer-.
D. M. Dunne
lobn HaU. .......
Hupl PuMIC Inslnieltna
8 ate 1'rlnler
Attorney tienenU
Supreme Judg
.Clerk iiuie Land Board.
Co. tisl Judge
r. 8. Marshal
. ". Collector InL Her
0. 8. UlsL Altoracy
sconn judicial distbict.
. fla
mil ton Judge
Brown Prosecuting Attorney
o. a lann orrica, aoagacae
J. H. Booth. Receiver
J. T. Bridges. ...,.. Kcgisler
R. A.
Booth Joint Hcnator Douglas, Lane
and Josephine.
Brlggs Joint Repreavntative Douglas
and Jackson.
Douglas copier r
4.C. Manlcr
Dexter Rice
A. K. Mat loon I
O. R. Sham brook.
E. L. I'arrott
0. W. Uimmick
M D Thompson
r. B. Hamlin...
H. B. Oillctte
W. F. BrigK.
1. C. Twiichvll....
A. Abraham .
J. C. Yonng, t
4. E. Nicboia, I
Trea trer
Courty Jndge
School Superintendent
.U. 8. Rcrcrve lu Bankruptcy
D. a.
I'hoa. Gibson
soinn or D
g. U Miller, M. D., President
J. C. Twilchell, M. D., BecroUry.
K. DuUaa, M. D., Treasurer.
In the matter ol Ihe estate of
Emtllne Davis
To W D. Pavis. (J. W. Dart, Mr. W. M. CorT-
man, Mrs. C A. emytb, Mis. u. v. Maldox,
Julia Hilhmn, C (.( r Hilbron, and the un
known bcirs If any there be of said Luillinu
Oavl. dceeaeil, greeting?
n the nameol the t:e Of uremn. lou are
hereby cite I and r(Ulred to appe r n the
County Court of the iibm of Urugon, for the
County of Douglas, iu the court room thxteof,
at Ro eharg, in ti- County of Douglaa, ou Mon
day the 6 111 dat of January, l'JOi, al 1 o'clot k in
the loren'XJn of that day.- then and there lo
show caum If any there p i why an order should
not be madeetipowering ano iiconaing ritrer
Beckley.admlnlsirator ol the estate of Kmllioe
bai Is. deceas d. tc sell al privae sale the fol
lowing described real proiierty to-wit: The
Hjof the H1, of the donation land claim of
Asonh Well and Clanlssa Wells, his wife, be
ing re-llllcate No. bit. in township No i l bouts
of Range No. 7 west ol Willamette Meridian in
Dougla rountv, Otvgon.
Thiscllatlnn 1 made oy order ot the Hon.
M. P. Thompson Judge ol the tlounty Couit ol
the Bute ol Oregon, for the County of Doug!,
with the Seal of aaid Court affixed Ihlst'.th nay
of December, A. V . 19ol.
IftgAL D. R. SHAM BROOK. Clerk
Dj J. E.bAW j;tK4Devuiy. '
Oil in Douglas' County,
The Rich Fields - Uncovered Will
Rival Those of California or Texas
The old days of Titusville and Oil City, where fortunes were made in
a night will be completely outdone by the magnificent oil fields to be
uncovered and developed in Southern Oregon. THE UMI'OUA
VALLEY OIL COMPANY controls the cream of. Southern Oregon
oil lands. If you want some of the first hundred thousand shares send
your orders to the Secretary of the Company, or through Wells, Fargo
and Co, express.
Umpqua Valley Oil Co.
Sheriff's Sale.
In lle Cln.'ull Court of the bUle ul Oregon
for Iwmglaa County.
William K well administrator
of this estate of Thomas Coats.
W Ff. Coat and Annie Coat.
hi Uc,
Not U els hereby given. That b
by virtue ol an
jir lsuel oot of
Ihe above named Court and eaue on the io
day of November, 1'ajl, iiM,n a ;',lgement and
at-cix-v uu. j reuierei ami entrrcu l u aam court j
uiu uu uie tnu M ; fi august, lll, lu
favor of Ihm above uam-d plaintiff and against
the above named defendauta for the suns of
t.l cost and disbunemenla, now therelore i I
win oa
Saturday tbe 21'b day of December, I JOl,
sloneo of said day at the court
bouse fnml door, In koaeburg, Doogla county.
Oregon, aril t public auction to tbe high-at
bidder, for essn in band, all tbe right, title aud ;
Interest w bl b U.e said d-.-irndaiilaor either of ;
Uie in bad on the Ltu day of August, ixd. or at
any time tn-reiler In or lo the kiliowlug Uis- j
unbei premiMrs, to wil, '
Beciuninx at a point fourteen chains nortn
and seven chain and fifty lints weM from the '
touibeast corner ol secticn it in lp z o, K W , ,
nd running thence south twenty chaiua.
to. nee ea'. seven chains and bfty .Inks. lienor
soutn twenty chstns: Ihvwe east tnmy-aix
chains and tweaty-five link- thence north
lorty chains and thence west orty-Uiree chain i
and seventy five links to tbe place of beginning '
tn tbedtnctof land subwt to sal al Ku'
berg, Oregon, con tain lug va acre. A .so lot,
ac, two. lour aud five and Ihe north ball of'
the aoutfiwest quarter l section t. tp H d, K 7
wear;,, f the Willamette meridian, containing.
IrTTj -!- more or !. (iluated in Doug las l
county. Oregon, and wnl a;.ply Ihe proceeds of
Mh sle to the p ment to the defendant.
W. H. Coats, of the balance remaining of trie i
am of en.., alter deducting therefrom 'he'
anionnt of tbe cnats a disburwasenta in Ihl i
uit. including ttie cua'a nd expenses of such i
ie. that lite rt maibder id the prts.x'ed of ut-n '
ale. II any there be. sball be psoo lo he plain- J
lal-il at aVna'burg. Oregon thi Ivh iay of
November l4- E l.PAKRrTT.
binff of Doogla County, Oregon.
in ir,r irr-uit our& oi in ?iatc oi orxon Ul i
.n.l tn. l.Mi, .. imfir. '
J.O. Plaintiff
Ije l D. loir. DefendanL I
To lewis 0. lie !'- namol defendant:
In liie name of the Mate of Ongon yoa are
h, rvby require.! to apyar and a' swer Ihe com
plaint 0W against yoa in tbe above entitled
susr court on or before Monday the iTto
day ot January. I-".'. aad tf you fail' o so ap
pear and answer said tompla.nt, pla;oti? will
taxr lodrmen: acainat vou fur the sum of rx-
t sjv snd lai'lir buudmlihs doilars wilb io J
trrest Uirreon at per cent per annum from
Savemlwr a. 11 and the costs and dtsberse-o-nu
ot sa:d action. And will apply lo the
court lor an order of aaie o' Ihe following de
scribed iv: prrrty heretofore atla.hr4 in
said action to-wit: at the NK corner of thai certain
parcel of land n.nvryed by Henry oaiea aod
It I.Jo. n Rt on 'ar.uary li. 1T, fruca
Iberx-e snoi b 10 degree, east 'l0 feet, thence
suu'ii ti TJW U mlnriu-". west aw le. I more
or les io midd.ent w r t ree, theooe wrvh.r
ly in center I leer I rerk lis) re I lo In
Center : lierr Or-.-k. thence north V d'trxra
L aJ fc l lo rla--e of sr siim.
a Ijoiuinr 'he ti of kUMeburg. ItnurUs county 1 m
or r-n This .ummons i. parKisac) !v order ' xt
ft J. Msniilton jodgeid above eat tied court
ma-lc at rtmv-i on toe Ub d.y of December,
11. Inefiisi pubUrwUin lherf la of date,
leeem'i-r ih. 1'. aud the last rob.NraOoo
thereoi a 111 ol 1ate January !. !!. making
the lull pvrioil oi six sn ki as provided br Isa.
1. f. H1.LEKTON.
fdLin'ia s attorney.
In Ihe Circuit Court ol the State o Oregon
for lugis couuty.
Owsj A. lanno, )
Plain Uff, 1
Lulu I. Fanao, j
tVfendaol. j
To Lola 1. Kan no. Use aiove named defend
In the name of the S'.ale of Oreaon. von are
hereby suniUMinnl and rv-inlmt to appear and
answer the complaint filed araical von la the
arove enutled court ami cause within a.x
weeks from the dateof the Aru puUicattoo of
1biaa:immoiis. aod if ynu fail to appear and
an.wer a be rein rvjnired. for want thereof,
planiirl wilt apply lo said court forth, reiiel
il.-man.b-i iu his complaint, which ia for a de
rive from aad -eoart diMolvmg Ih. marriage
contrac ex. sting b tween piaintirT and defend
ant, and f- rsnch other and further relief as to
the court may ceo meet wttn equity and good
Thi. .nmmont is published oore a week for
six successive weeks in Ihe Bosehurg Piain
dea'er. a semi-weekly rrwspaner vnbnsbed at
Koaeburg. Dougla loanty, Oregon, by ord r ol
Hon. M. l. Thompson. Cnunlv Judge of Song
Ins county. Oregon, ma-le November fth. l'1,
I he bisl publication of thi summons ia on tbe
llthdayof Novemhwr, 111.
Datol at R-wcburg, Oregon, thi 6th day of
November, lSol.
Attorney ior Plaintiff.
In the Circuit Court ol the elite of Oregon
lor D.xiicla County.
Kl la Carter. 1
Plaintiff j
v ,
L-U.Carlcr, i
Defendant, J
To t II Carter. atve named defendant.
In Ihe name of Ihe atate of Oregon, r..n are
hereby re.imred to appear and answer the rom
plainl Sltil axalnst you in the above rnutl d
suit on or before Kainplay, DiTeniN-r tn,
and If you fall so lo appear and answer lor want
thereof the plaintiff w ill apply to Ihe court for
the relief demanded ia Ihe complaint, a sue
cincl statement of whicb la, thai the bonds of
Bialrimony existing between pIslnlifT and do
feudatil b. dissolved and for the custody of Ihe
minor children of plaintiff aud defendant and
such further roll. I as may be euahle.
1 his summons is published om-e a week .for
six suenpaaive week, by order of Hon.
J. W. Hamilton, Judge of the above entitled
court, which order l dated November li. ln,
and Ihe "ale ol the first publication of thi su ra
nt f n Is November 14, lwi.
nHp Atlorucy for PUintiff
In the Circuit Court of tbe State oi Oregon in
and for IVunlaa County.
Nvliietilrd, plain till,
A. N. ti'nt, defendant, .
To A. N. Uird the above named defendant-
In the name of the8tate of uiegiin, you are
hviviij miiin- in apiH-ar ami answer me com.
plaiut of plaiiilift hied aitsilisl vou In ih..
above entitled court and cause, on or before
Monday the Joth day of January, lstH. And if
you fall to o ppcr and auwer the said com
plaint, plaintiff will biidIv lo the crairt In. th.
relief ifcma- ded In said complaint, to-wit:
That the marriage contract now existing be
tween plaintii) and defendant be dissolved nd
that plaintiff have and recover from deiendatit
her cost and diaburwments in her said aim in.
Ctirr d. Thi summons I published by onler ol
lion. J. W. Hamilton Judgu of alore cniiiie,!
court made in chamber on the 2 trd day of Nov
ember, l'.'l. The rlist publication oi tlila sum
mons is of date, November 2. Issit and the last
publication hereof will be Monday, January l.i
a, making the full period of six week pro
vided by law.
PlaintirT Atlorucy,
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given that the underlined.
administsalor ot the estate of R. S. Applegate,
deceed, has Hied his linl account a such ad
minlstraUir, in Ibe County court of Donglaa
county, Hlale of Oregon, and thai said court ba
set Monday, the lnth dav of December, l'AH, at
IU -I'chK'k a, ut., of said day, at the court house
lu Rnsebunr. lhuigla county, Stale of Oregon,
a Ihe lime and place for hearing objection
theieioaud for Ibe final setllumeut of aaid cs
laiu. UaU-d this Ulh day of November, 1901.
Administrator ot the eatale of B, tt, Applegate,
DtwcaaoO. Ut
Drain Gardiner
WI.STEU SCHEDULE htage leavee Drain Undayg, Wedneadays
ft.Ml Fri lays, auJ arrire ia Marghfield Ui- J1 owu.g day. Leavee MarsL
tieM M-di-lay:, Wer3iieIay and Friday aa-i arrive, in Drain the following
day. (ioJ CMVtred con veyainx-s. FARE fJ-30, including 50 pfundg of
Utrgkve. c " . - .
For furlLer iuforiuaLiou aMreae " (
J. H Sawyers,
Proprietor, Drain, Onryjii
' "a
The finest Rough and Dressed
Fine Cedar Fence
Posts, Wood, etc.
Fine Port Orford Cedar
Finishing Lumber.:
We want your orders for building
material. All orders promptly filled.
1 -,
i "
Cor. Oak and Eoee Streets.
Phone Main SI.
t"" ' '...-" I' "SK
IIS' lit 1 1 51 8I1B
E. C. CASE, Proprielor
Best Rigs and Teams in the City.
Transient Stock Given Special Attention
Call and see me. 'Phone 601.
My barn has lately been enlarged and I have added several
new rigs, and am better prepared than ever to
tuimau you
fa n n
The BorBngtoo tiOet oSce ia Portland ia a renUOlo
Bnrean cf Information lor travelers a place where
tbey can lean, what it will cost to read, ANY point is
America or Europe, tow icog the trip wul take, and
bat there is to see on the way
If you are figuring cn aa eastern tnp. drcp ia and
Cet full information, or. if you preier. write me aboot it
Omaha. Chicago, Kansas City. SL Louis and
II man s il l i l .lawasswissBsaaaa
Notice for Publication.
i "k1 Wr1on- lH-eembcr.4. l.I.
..thVh.ll 1,rby i'u Uat tn ".mpliance
J , s?- i',Pn ?' ,he M Congress of
I n,rtt"iin PnVh1'"J " fr the sale of
e.1 7h;;,. .7..V" . ... . . " extend.
OI lr. TI MW.I..I . .
r--i:---: -imns. stale oi treoai, I
ha hidy tilct iu thuorhce hi orn state-!
SST " Purch, f ,he otlm. !
ei. otter mH.1 U, ,h"w ,C
ai.kii V k, . . piirpirsja?, aatl to
ilrisn winrT B,: George BUan
elalm. ,ikl. . 1 o o ni tneir I
Kebralr. Ir " 00 ' bt'"" 1 "n " !
d n J-T- BR'nuiE." I
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Administrator's Sale.
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lh.uty of Kosebiirg. iHmgla couuty. Oregon
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. , , - . CHAMDUCR.
Liver, FeeJ and hIs fi&lzt
C. P. Bajlxajld, Prop.
Saddle Hordes, Sialic Jkad
Double Rij5 at all bourg
TransicBt Stock gven
very best of care
Rates always reasonable
gooa turn-outs.
A. C Shildos, General Agest.
Third and Surk St. PcxtUnd. Ore.
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las si Us ot Oregon.
la the matter of tbe nut of,
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klla!th Uarrlon.
To Martha C. Lova. BetMopl Roberta. illlam
5'"- Ar,hur i.reen. JI. D t.reen, ttatv K.
wtdiaiua. JaiuaaC. Simrwrn. Alice Lerrns aret
Warner Keunnty. bir al law of K.isabel.
U am son, ttecvoaed. and to a.1 oiaer persona tat.
crested in said estate, greeting:
la the name ol the Stat, of Oregon. Yoa ar.
ben-by ciie-t and reonirrd to appear in lb
CiMiuty Court of the State oi Oregon, fr Ihe
tunniy of Dntgla. al the court tvrnis themsf.
ai owburg iu iheCounlvof IHMig'.a n lb
'Tixmret, i-An. at loocioc in tfea
mrenoon of that J., then aud there to show
cause, if any you have, wbv au order of Ihe wssa
ryJ property belonging t said eIie. ue
crtoed af billows. Uiwit. Lot No. I in Block
No , aud lil So t' in Bi.H-k Noi 3 (lot ad
rn.i iu Kdaburti. UvuK.asCouaiy. OreevMs
should not be ma te autrtorniug H. J ViilMn.
the ailministrator of the said esiate. to aril sai j
,..,-1... iu ine iwnu, against ire sai-t
estate and the expense in the setUemcni ot tbe
WMiiea the lion. M D. Thompson, Jndge of
netountvCo-rtof Dugla county. Sia.e of
H.TrnhW.1U "eelof ihe said court alBxed
this l,,ib day of November 1AH,
gALl 1. K. SHAM BROOK. Clerk. .
gi-st publication of this notice be tug Nowat-
Kxecutrix Notice.
. Notice t hereby given that tn. nmlersigaej
were on Ihe Jud dav ol November. !'! bv tn.
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by required to pnut them witn th pro tier
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thla notice b. th. iiii.1hmI.ii.i . . .
Ihe ortiee ol A. St. t raw lord, in
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