The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, May 17, 1900, Image 5

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    1 VvVAV.
Asa Perfect, Durable; Easy-run
ning Roadster the
is the leader that always leads.
The High Grade Clipper Chainless
the wheel that made the chainless
a success. Price $60.
A full line of Bicycle Sundries.
New wheels on installment plan.
Miss the Opportunity to see the Finest Line of
Samples for
Spring and Summer Suits
Ever brought to Roseburg. They will be dis
played iu the full length piece
MAY 19 AND 21
at the '
m c. I. K STORE.
New Goods Constantly Arriving. Step in. Glad to show theru
to you.
Jnst received onr spring line of
Men's and Boys' Suits.
A splendid line, it'll Jo you gooi to see them, whether you
want to purchase or not. They were roadie by Friend Bros. iV Co..
of Milwaukee, Wis., and are stilled the "Perfect iou Clothmsj" they J
fit as if yonr tailor had made them for you.
Oar stock of Spring Shapes in llon'B lists is now complete.
Wo are agents for the celebrated "CORDON HAT." They come in
all Shapes and Colors and are worth SIKH'.
Our stock of
Men's furnishing Goods
Was never letter or cheaper. Ia fact every department of our
buBineas is now 'a perfect shnpo. We e ury everything in heDry i
Goods, Fancy Goods, Notions and Gents' Fnriiihius ;Good Lines, t
also lioots, Shoes, Hats, anl Caps.
Our business is growing. Every month it. is larger, and why? ;
liacauso we rivo gool Goods and 1 attest Value--. No ruisrepresen- .
tatiou. Kverything as represented or money back.
Pllonc M,n ,X5 FISHER & BELLOWS, j
Cool west he tod frequent abowen.
For Urst class dentistry go to I)r,
Little of Oakland.
Call on Gaddis Bros, for buy tod out,
at the Bushey tarn. -
At Barkers: A carload of Champion
moweis, binder and iuapre.
O. A. Ohlsvn of Olalla, mado this of.
flee a pleasant cull WoJnesday.
The Morrow Ooasler brake on IU tal
ler bicycle la not an experiment.
Cam Cox who has been visiting friendt
jn this county will retorn to Humpler
Mr. aud Mi. Bcbuyler Ireland, of
Olalla, to J friends aod relative In
this city, Weduesday.
The Pi.Ai.smcALKR now Lm the uioet
complete Job department In Koseburg.
Call on us for Job work.
Phil Bcekley and lion Msdlsy of Oak
land were in l bis city yesterday ; Bob ha
discarded bis crutches aud la now using
a cane.
The whole world pays tribute to the
ruerila of McCnrinlck's toller beariog
binders, mowers and bay rakes. Hold
by H. K. Sykes.
Subscribe for tbn Pi.aindkalkk. Six
teen pages every weok' for only 2 per
annum. Many new names are being ad
ded to our list dully.
Tom Brown, ol this city, brother of
Dist. Att.Geo. M. Brown left on this
morning's local for Portland to take
passage on the Elder for Cape Nome.
Notwithstanding the prediction mat
the prune crop of this viciuity waul J tie
almoet a total failure, it Is now ex
pected that In tills county there will be
uuite a yield.
Churchill A Woolley have received a
notice from tb 8. 1'. Co, that their car of
those I.Aver Fly Wheel binders and
Chain Dilve mowers has pissed Ogden
and will arrive this week.
K. L. Fisher, who t one lime con.
ducted a laundry In this city, und
li now employed as fireman on the
.Shasta diviiio.i of tin) s. 1. Co., ws a
passenger ou till morning's local or
Sonie pple brag on their lar ltu.
ol cboup gixis ; Churchill V Woilley
Are pleased io point to a stu.k of the l that w ill fill any three stores
in their line in this city. A great many
people buy the teet.
.Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Crane of Los
Angeles, arrived on Tuesday's overland
far a vbit with Mr. aod Mrs. C. H.
JJriftol 'A Kdenbuwei, after which they
will make an extended tour of the east
ern aud southern states.
Ko.'i-burg hotels aru crowded with
men in o.uot ol laud investments
principally timb.r laiidu which aro in
great demand. Thon there is a sprink
ling of bomub'iyers, with not a fow ar
vals ou their ay to our miDing dis
tricts. Mr. David Fox our genial rovenue
man of Ashland was shaking hands with
Ins many friends in our city Wednesday.
Mr. Fox U a lalthful official Ind a geullo
man and is making a host of friends in
tliis part of the state. The Plaisibi.IK
acknowledges a pleasant call.
Ths S. P. pay car was a welcome visit
or to this city yesterday, but most all of
the boys are uoiu 'nlogof being paid
from two to .'our dollars short; it's all
right though boys, w k ie Undo Collie
didn't have enough to go clear around
this monlh; ba'll fix : next time.
Mr. and Mn. Goo Marsh in company
with Mr. and Mrs. M. 1C. Williams of
Looking duM were doing business In
our city lat Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs.
, Williams woro recently ol St. Paul Mlnu.
and are excellent people ; we would be
pleasod to see a host of eucli people lo
cate in this vicinity.
George Stewart, of Myrtle Point, ar
rived in town last evening by private
conveyance, accompanied by Hon. ioo.
M. Brown and Jugo Benson who have
been holding circuit court at Coquille
City. Mr. Stewart readily made up a
lead of passengers for his return trip.
He roports the roads muddy yet la many
places. We acknowledge a pleasant call
from our old friend.
We understand that in the near future
the greatest aggregation that has ever
been seen will appear in this city. The
press agent bos not yet arrived, but wo
understand that the advance manager Is
hero and making arrangements for the
appearanca of this great combinatl iu,
which will far echprfe any thing that has
ever faced an intelligent audience ou the
Pacific Coait. We understand that in
connection with the big show there will
also be one of the finest street parades
ever seen in this section of the country.
We do not know just how many animals
will be la the parade, but understand
they will creat a sensation.
Ride a Itambhir.
Be ready for harvest. Order Cham
plan extras at Parkers.
Hoy 8. Wilson of Portland, represent
ing the Omaha Packing Co., is in the
. Mrs. II, C. Slocum and her sister, Mrs.
'. L. Butler aro spending today in Oak
land. If you want a squirrel pohon that will
kill both coming and going, Call on A
C. Marsters&Co., lor it.
At Barkers: A complete line of road
wagons, top buggies and spring wagons.
Bee our stylos and get our prices.
H. K. Sykea has received three car
loads of goods in the past thirty days.
He is the largest shipper in his line in
Did you see that runaway, the buggy
wasn't hardly scratched. The reason?
Certuloly. It wua a Kacino, bought of
H. K.Bkos.
. DaQas. M. D member Board of
Pension Examiners. Office, Mar liters
building residing corner Douglas and
Jackson street.
Miss Itobey Bsker, of Cottage : rove
who has been visltlog her brother, Clair
Baker of tbis city for the past 3 weeks,
returned home this morning.
A. Morse, an invalid inmate of the
soldiers home hospital, left this morn
ing for a visit with friends and relatives
at Walla Walls, Washington.
Simon Caro, the popular and rustling
Oakland merchant, !s In town .oday
looking after business matters. We ac
koowledga a very pleasant call from Mr.
Frank K. (J or man. of the Weds, l'aro
oflice, says the drone In abee-hive is syn
onymous with o woman on a tandem
therefore he has just purchased a common
Baker & Hamilton hlcycle, of S. K.
It will bs noted thst U. S. Grant, Jr.,
of Calif jrnia, son of the gicat general,
who was an ardent freo silver exponent
in WW), is hack in lino with the republi
cans aod is numbered among the dele
gates at large from California.
A. l'filry and family, accompanied by
hia nephews Forrent and Klmt-r, arrived
St Hamburg t.'iii week from Chicago, and
have decided to locate permanently in
this vicinity. Mr. l'raley is an uncle of
S. C. lUrtrnni, who accompanied him in
a pleasant visit to this uilice Wednesday
Mr. Fraley expresses himsalf as being
very favorably impresiod wit'i this sec
tion of Oregon and rays thero is more
ground to the acre hero than any place
he ever saw. We welcome these estima
ble people to our county.
Attorney I. B. Uiddle, wife aud little
boy returned home lat Monday evening
for a brief visit with friends after which
Mr. Riddlo will again take up his official
duties under the direction of the itencra!
laud of lice commissioner. Bjh is look
ing hearty an I Mrs. Kiddle and little
son have both enjoyed goo-1 health while
sojourning In Idaho, Utah and other
sections oj the Northwest, where otlicial
business hss called Mr. Riddle during
the past two or three months.
11. J. Wilson, return! home this
n.ornlng from Cincinnati by way of Chi
cago. Mr. Wildun was an Oregon state
delegate to tho national true populist
convention, being one of the five dele
gates fro.u this state in attendance, al
most every state in the union being rep
resented. Mr. Wilson reports uenoral
satisfaction with lite result of the con
vention and a general tendency on the
part of populists throughout the Middle
West to throw ofT the i-hacklcs of demo
cracy and return to t lie rucied piim.iples
on which the party was foum'ed. Bryan
is losing iu popularity every day in the
Middle and Western Statts.
HENDF.USON At 1170 Ross street, Port
land, May 13, IV'OO, Mrs. Lola Hender
son ; aged 21 years and 8 months, of
corebro spinal meningitis. Oregonian.
May 10.
Mrs. HenderHon was formerly Miss
Lela Itjnnel of Wilbur and was married
to John Henderson of that place about
six years ngo, and she leaves two chil
dren. Mrs. Honderson spent the greater
part of her life in this county and has a
host of friends win remember her sweet,
genils disposition and many acts of kind
noes, and deepy regret her sad and un
timely death, and drop a tear of sym
pathy for ths bereaved family In their
tiunonsolablH sorrow.
"One by one the leaves are falling,
Fading, (ailing day by day,
And in silence, Heaven is calling
One by one, oar friends away."
The Fusion Candidate at Looking
Class. Rice, Ringmaster, Abra
ham, Clown.
The union parly held a meeting here at
3 o'clock p.m. Saturday. May 12, 1900,
at which a lot of speeches were mado of
a poor quality.
Dexter Rice was the first speaker. He
said be was sorry he was in such a poor
condition to spesk while at the head of
such a great party. He didn't say what
great party, but we suppoced he meant
the great-union party. He ssld he wss
in fsror of the legislature pasoing a law
prohibiting a person from catching flr-h
on his own property. But nevertheless
he was out here fishing for suckers, but
he made a complete failure tbis time.
He compared the trusts with the -San
Josa scalo and codlin moths, which are
found in our orchards. He said, bow
would you destroy them? Why, of
course yoa would get you a force pomp
and mix some wind and Paris green with
water and spray them with it. Well, he
said the way he would destroy the trusts
would be to spray the people with wind
and something else and sometimes
"water," but in about all cases some
thing "stronger" than water is tho best
for that purpose.
Albert Abraham was next to speak.
He said he was well loaded up when he
left Roeeburg, but had lost tils
load on the road nut Lere. He failed to
state what he was loaded with. We
just supposed it was cigars (?) He
might have explained a point or two, but
he talked so loud that we failed to catch
but few of his words. He also stated
something about the motto "In God we
trunt," on our coin. Their motto is "in
the office we trust."
J. L. Ddwcy said he wouldn't talk very
much as ho couldn't make a speech if he
wanted to. He said ids opponent, Eu
gene Parrott, was a friend of his, and
would make a good sheriff1 if elected.
J. F. Gszley was next to speak, and
he said ho had a soro throat and of
courso that bothpred him so couldn't
e-eak. How about iha VW? Ivi
K. II. Lenox was railed upun'next to
speak. He stattd lht he didn't he! si
though he conld make a Rpcch, hut
said ho was doing all in his p iwer fur
himself. He stated that Geo. Dimmick,
his opponent, was a friend of his and
filled the offica just as well as he would,
but nevertheless he would like to get
O. F. Thoil got up and eaid he wasn't
any speech maker cither, but was simply
on exhibition, aod then took his seat.
The speakers mado a point of stating
that they would not in any way make
their speeches personal or speak to the
disadvantage ot our reonblicsn candi
dates. They said that the republican
nomineea were gentlemon of dignity and
honesty, and as welt fitted to fill the of
fices as they were, and they were friends
of thorn all. These statements were well
and enthusiastically received by their
Osb Who Was Tiitiiu.
Joe Sykes has purchased a house and
lot of Mrs. Chas. Hadley.
Cbildreos' hats, caps, bonnets, in
pretty varieties at tho Novelty Store.
Joe Boyle the deputy assessor of Citn
yooville is shaking hands with Koseburg
friends today.
Examination for the non-commissioned
officers of Co. E, Four'h Regiment, O.
N. G., at the Armory tonight.
The census enumerators for K'ueborg,
West Roseburg, Deer Creek and Urtip-
qua precincts are : N. T. Jewett, Nath- j
an Fullerton, J. L. Stratford and Green
Mrs. J. C. Tsitchell, wife of Dr.
Twitchell, the republican candidate for
coroner left on the local this morning for
a taw raonthi' visit st her old home in
Remember May 26, l'JOO, Woodman's
campaign picnic, at Oakland, Oregou.
All candidates for office will be on hand
with a short talk. Basket dioiipr. Good
program. Everybody invited.
A. W. Martin and his brother, J. M.
Martin, arrived today from the McCIat
len mine in the Myrtle Creek district,
after a very successful clean up. Will is
displaying several fine nuggets.
II. G. Uousholder desires to announce
that he will formerly tpen Oak Grove
Park to the public Wednesday April '30.
Best hit: tele track in Southern Oregon
and other accomodations for the public
will le a I l.i I train time to time,
Mis Mahlo Van Uuien of tbis city re
reived this morning by express, three
more Belgian hares. This last shipment
cost her loO which shows that the yonng
lady will keep nothing but the fluent
stock ; she now has fi ve old bares and
shoot 50 youog ones.
Hon. R. A. Booth, republican candi
date for joint senator of Josephine,
Douglas and Lane counties, and Dr.
Wm. Knykendall, of F.ugene, will ad
dress the citizens of Draiu, on the poh'i
cat issues ot ths day, Saturday evening,
May 19th at 7:30 o'clock.
Cbalrmau Republican County Centra'
- To th Public.
Bslieving wecau do better by our n
troue and ourselves bv selling strictly fr
cash, we have decided to keep no boo ;
from May I. IHOO. Hoping this mny stri:
the convenience of those who wish s
deal with us, also at all times soliciting '
fair share of patronage we are
Kt-euectfally yours,
(u7.) Ga,bDis Bbo.