The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, May 14, 1900, Image 6

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    Oakand News.
(Krom the Owl.)
J. C. IJtwtit, of Priver valley, Bold
about "j head of mutton sheep t I'.. U.
Youcr i: Co., Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. .'.A. Cochran of l.apans
port, Indiana, are visiting their eon,
rrofesor Cochran, of the Oakland public
Wallace l'reyer nnil A. 1. Ilowdeu, of
Kellogg, have gone to Myrtle Point
where they especr to buy at least 200
IT. F. Mire?, a prominent Train
joaiiiC man of only -I summers, has lieen
noaiinited ecliool superintendent C
Wheeler county.
C. J. teams and Will Ilatutnitt went
to Portland Tuesday evening, iu charge
of threa cars of eheep for E. (.1. Young &
Sunday evening tua Owl family were
entertained at the beautiful home of Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Vail near Old Oakland.
Mr. Vail has re!iau hare and all kinds
of poultry. (The UeUian hare is a new
breed of poultry to us, Pro. Vernon.
C. Koss King, oi Yoneaila, republican
caadidats for representative was in town
yesterday ruorciug. He is a youug man
whose integrity and business methods
are Eotiiuestijued. Ke wi'l be a valua
ble public servant. Vote for hiui at the
June election.
liepubiiean candidate:, Ueorga Biui-mk-k,
E. L. Parrott aud Dave Sham
brook, were in town Monday morning.
Vote for not only' one, but cast your
ballot for the trio, irrespective of party,
thee gct:t!e:uea will serve the count
faithfully. Mr. Diuiaiuk, is the present
caanty treasurer, aud uo ot;e can or has
attempt-?-! to criticise his olHcial acts.
Messrs. Shauibrooli and Parrot are well
and favorably know n an I their ability to
perform the duties of cierl; and Biieriirof
Douglas county i:. a highly creditable
tnacner is not ij'iestior.ed.
Prof. F. P. Hamlin of Koseburg. was
in town this morning. He is the repub
lican nominee, utid we believe, the
choice of I'ouglas couutv, irrespective of
party lices, fjr school euperintendent.
He is among the best instructors in the
state and one oi the Second Oregon Vol
unteers, whose reeiuieut won everlasting
fame in the Philipina campaign. Prove
by your vote that you-almire ability
and heroism combined.
i This coming froui the hrne of the
fusion nominee for state eeoator is sig
nitioent: "Hun. A. C. Maraters was iu town for
a few hours WeknesJ.iy. As a success
ful business man and mayor of Koee
burg he has proven to the public that be
can ably rnuuage his own affairs and
uide the destinies of a city to a large
extent as chief municipal executive.
Mr. Marsters is in favor of any and all
laws that will lessen the taxes of the pub
lic in general. He is not a man of many
words but 13 very conservative, and will
$3 much more for the people tba'n be
promises. He is careful in the manage
ment of his private affairs aud promises
the public faithf-u service if elected
cenat-jr from this district."
New Railroad In Uilllam.
Arlington. May 10. A party of 10
men, under the direction of J. Q. Jamie
eon, the well-known railroad d'il engi
neer, commenced yesterday to make the
survey for a railroad, which is tu begin
ntthis place and run south through
Gilliam county by wy of Olex and Con
don. Beyond these points no information
Can be gained as to the route or dentin -
tiou of this proposed lailroad, fo- the en
gineers are as reticent as Mich men usu
ally are. The engineers begau tbeir sur
vey just west of the O. R. & N. Com
pany's depot, and ran south through tho
west part of town, passing uear tho
Schoolhousc. They hayo established
tbeir camp on ibo Condon stage road,
five miles south of this place. Their
vouchers for supplies are made out -to
tho Oregon Southern Railway Company
which is nil that is known here as to the
name and organization of the company.
The route the engineers have selected
oilers uo serious topographical difficul
ties to tho construction of a railroad and
passing through one ol the best farming
and eto.k regions of Eastern Oregon
make it reasonably certain that tho road
will be built in the near future.
State News.
Eleven Indian boys were sent from the
Agency last week to Carlisle, Pa., to at
tend the Indian school at that place.--Klamath
Yamhill Connty Reporter: Tim name
"fusion" having acquired an unfragrant
memory, several of the counties in which
the democrats and fusion populists have
united on tickets call their meetings
"citizens' convention?," and their hand
iwork "citizens' ticket.'' It will require
mora tnuu a mere chatigu cf tiame to
ruako ihe ticket palatable to the voters
ol O.-egoo who believe in each p.irty
ttatidiug or falling upon its own platform .
Tho board of director cf tho .Salem
ChamatT of Commerce held u meeting
Thin adav for tho purpoo "of making ar
rangements for mieting the requirements
outlined by Adj. Gen. Gautecbein, to
secure the annual encampment of the
Oregon National Guard in July. It ia
necessary to make provisions to furnish
free water, fuel, electric lights, flag pole,
lumber for floors, hopitat tents, head
quarters tents and aioks, straw
soldiers' beds, scavenger service, etc.
A finance committee was appointed
yesterday to raise funds, consisting of
W. G. Westacott, J. Frank Hughes, F.
W. Meoslofl'. F. P. Talkington and J. L,
Lambrith, and there is no doubt that
all airingementa will be made in due
time ago thai the encampment will be
held at the fair grounds.
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Italian Prune Crop Failure.
Forecast Official EJaard A. lieala, of
Portland, lias prepared a circular to be
sent . t j prune-growsrs throughout Ore
gon. I', is the purpose to fiud out as
correctly as possible the reason for the
tnreatened taiiura ot ILie Italian prune
crop. 3uie have asserted ttiat it is due
to cold weatner; others declare the frosts
to be responsible; while many say that
soil ingredients have something to do
with it.
The circular will be beitt to every
prune-grower whose name can be ob
tained, and it is expected that valuable
information will be secured. Franked
envelopes which require no postage
et tmps are enclosed for reply.
(ilasa Factory,
The Salem Cbarotjer of Commerce is in
receipt of a letter from A. Dement, ,f
the 'Jon verse Wiudoa' Guns Aaociaiiou
of Converse, Indiana, inquiring if there
ii a suitable location for a window glass
factory at that point, and asking what iu
duceraenU the people of Halem could
Otier toaard eecuring such a factory.
Secretary Thieisun replied aHsuriug the
iiBS'jci'.i'ju that if condition Mere natur
ally suited to tuch a plant, the people
would Da ljju l ready and willing to give
the enterprise very substantial asiistance
ml encouragement.
Republican Meetings.
Tiie candidates upon the republican
ticket will address the people of Douglas
county as follows :
May 3, Thursday, 2 p. m., Roguess school
May 4, Frida) , 7 p. m., Cointtock.
" 0, Saturday, 1 p. o., Yci.calla.
" 5, Saturday. 7 :'M p. m., Urain.
" 7, Monday, 7:30 p. m., Myrtle
May 8, Tuesday 1 :30 p. m., tialesville.
" 8. Tuesday 7:30 p. ru., Glendale.
" 10, Thursday 1 p. in., Millwood.
" 10 Thursday, 7:30 p. in., Coles
May 11, Friday 1 :00 p.m., Cleveland.
" 11, Friday 7:30 p. m., French
My 14, Monday 7:30 p. in., Looking
May 15, Tuesday 1 :30 p. in., Ten Mile.
" 15, Tuesday 7 :30 p. ru., Olella.
" 10, Wednesday 2 p. .in., Camas
" 17, Thursday 1 :30 p. in., Brock way.
" 17, Thursday 7:30 p. m., Civil
May 18, Friday 1 ;30 p, iu.f Watson
school house.
May 18, Friday 7:30 p. w Blakely
school hotifee.
May 10, Saturday 1:30 p.m. Oak Creek
school house.
May VJ, Saturday 7 :30 p. in., Willis
school h(ju-e
William Beeaon, a brakeman on the
Carvallia & Eastern ruilroa 1, was killed
at Albany Thursday evening by fallog
from a box car while the traiu ira in
A Boston jwlkeman, who had held his
j ib fur many yearn, died a few days ago,
leaving a toug fortune of $53,000 in cash.
It is reported of him that every day he
took an hour oil to go ai d .ut ' nd
liain;-' hit gold. O i eait'i ! I ved
notii ii.g else, and whuu heatn .elui the
t,ord"-i of the Itiver Sly a at U-i, h-j . i.
c vi-rel lhat his treasure wan'l nrrei)t
in inn realm of darkness; it was some
thing tla he needed.
Miss Bessie Gray arrived at this place
from Myrtle l'oint last week to join her
mother aod eistere, who apeut the past
winter in Itotebur in order to avail
hemtelyea ol our pleodli public achool
Squirrel and
Gopher Poison.
(I'm iiir '1 Ih.iiI)
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tloll i t)n0 ITI littl'I BIl'l
rnii Ii m i
Poison. I
"i: i nr.
''! n nl J:iKettml 1. !iik
limi nl
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oil. Doctor says, try it He ,
miht as well tell me to melt i
lard or butter and try to take '
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will upset the stomach. But
you can take rrii'k cr cream,
I so you can take
I Scott's Emulsion
It is like cream; but will
9 feed and nourish when cream
will not. Babies and chil
is drzn will thrive and grow
v at on it when their ordinary
f food does not nourish them.
p Persons have been Known to gain
pa pound a day when (akintf an
f ounce of Scott' Emulsion. It geb?
f the digestive machinery in working J
f order to that the ordinary food iff
V mnft M .M Am. -,1.1m W
6 SCOTTABOWNE. Chmj, York,
The I'rioce of Wales once rode and
won a horse race. This event took place
ia Irelsnd, Dearly forty years ao. The
horse's Dame was Uiip-o, sod the dis
tance tun a mile and a half. To the
spectators the jockey was known at
dipt Melville." I Ii- colore on this on.
nbii;n were all white, uuree was the
l'rince's own horse. He determined to
ride himself, and, if possible, to win.
This he did, though there were several
experienced joekets rldirix against him.
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