The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, May 10, 1900, Image 6

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South ilyrtle Creek.
Oar three faw mills ore doing tin
bue-iness new.
Some of our young rports visited Days
Creek on a vke.
Mrs. Sellers is visiting Mrs. Miles of
!Mr:5e, who is ery i!'..
Tl.u friuers are nil etuiles over the
proj ects of their crops.
Our school is progressing finely uuder
the management of I'rcf. Kice.
Mrs. J. A. Mi'Doua'J ia visiting her
daughter Mrs. Ethel T-'rtemnu.
t'oue of our way-up folka forgot to
keep the fourth rorninautluK'ut.
The ptop'.e of this place think the
Plain dkalek creatly improved ly the
chnae of ita form.
Our I. S. S. is moving along; smoothly
with Mrs. J. A. McDonald eupe.intenJ
en?. Tha jo-in people are waking prepare
tious to decorate the craves of our fallen
One ol our most respected citizatie
Mr. A. Cuaney. died May ti. He leaveB
a wi.'e and several childrju. They have
our sympathy.
Lv the wav. we Lave been accused o,
being in sympathy with the union peo
p!e, and e take this occasion to say that
we arc not ted never can be a democrat,
believing in the grand principles of the
republican party and fuily endorsing the
present administration
An usually heavy electric storm passed
ovr tLia valley on the evening of May
2nd, aeeompaiiiid t y hail the sir.3 of
marble';. It lasted two hours and did
rauc'u damage to inrdenH and fruit. In
places the fruit lr. es were stripped of
their leave3 a e
' tin voiini? fruit.
The anion can
idatt,'e, who Fpoke at
Woodf jrd'.s hall in Glendale !at week
were: Albeit Abraham. Dexter
Kice, . I. F. Oazley huJ E. II. Lennox.
The bail was crowded, many ladiea were
present. The speakers made a point of
eta'.isi that they would not in any wav
make their speeches personal or speak
to the disparagement of our republican
candidates. They said that the republi
can nominees were gentleman of dignity
and boneety and us well fitted to Cll the
offices as they were, and that tbey were
personal friends of tbeoi ali. These
statements were well received by their
audience. And in the epeathe9 that fol
lowed we never ncce regretted one al
legiance to the "tried and true" princi
ples set forth in our republican platform.
But we did experience a panir of regret
that four tuch capable, intelligent and
honest men should be on tlm wrong side
of the argument. Tney ought to be re
publicans. The uieeol social gathering of the sea
son was an all day party givn Ly Mrs.
V. II. Iiediield at her beautiful borne at
iilenmont on Thursday, the 5tb ult.
The large parlors were handsomely dec
orated with ferns, wild eyrin.i end roses.
- The amusement far the numerous guests
prefeut ws limiting and some line work
was executed. At 1 o'clock p. m. un
, elegant dinner was served such as Mrs.
Iiediield is so capable of preparing, and
to which tiie hdies o'id ample justice
Mr. II. A. Woodford was the only gentle
man present. He displayed much gal
lantry in "lining the quilting of the la
diea and was the "rote among thorns"
pasting through the trying ordeal as on
ly such a "'tried and triin republican"
could do. The host, W. H. Kedfield was
very attentive in ploaing the orchard
and eeerued very glad to make bis escape
after dinner, and as lie left the room
there was a look ol perplexity on his face
and we imagined be was wondering bat
excuse Drigbatn Young bad for wading
seventy wives. The invited'guests were:
Mra. II. A. Woodford, Mrs. Lola Elliff,
Mrs. A. Marshall, Mrs. Adelia liedfield,
Mrs. Nettie Levens. Mrs. Allie Levees,
Mrs. K. Hocura, Mrs. Sarah lioyd, Mrs.
Annie Penny, Mm. VioU Nail, Mrs Vi
olet Lady, Mrs. U. M. ElliiT, Mrs. Lva
I'lotner, Mra. O. 1". Kobrer, Mrs, Kftie
Dougherty, Mrs. Will Smith, Mrs. Mary
.Wood, Mrs. .Mamie liorerts, Mrs. Jv.
Corder, Mrs. I. A. Dewey, Mra F. A.
Dockhorn, Mrs. F. V.. Miller, Mrs. J. K.
Shea, Mrs. A. P. Langr.berg and Mise
Jennie IiobertH.' An an entertainer Mrs.
Redfield i as no BUrior. j
MoLl.ifc. j
Looking (llass.
Sunshine an 1 row-n .
The Italian prum-s n renly damiged
here, this year.
Walter Wright, U Ursiou. was in our
mi Nt a few days ago. '
Mr. and Mrs. Cuss. Crange'd Lavs
xa jjtA Into our city again, after an ab-
eenra af several months wont at me
Grout sawmill.
J. AV. Morgan was viewing the splits
of Hoseburg, Saturday.
J. T. Spatigh made a business trip to
Uosoburg ou Saturday.
Wild t-trawlierriea are very scarce la
this vicinity t hi feasoii. r
E ldio Churchill, of Ten Mile, atteuded
the dance Friday night.
Koss Harton, of California, is visiting
his grandfather, N. L. tirimes.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Ollivant nmdo u
business trip to Uoseburg, on Friday.
Mrs. Ida I.eatherwood, of Calapoola.
is here visiting relatives and friends.
The dreaded dincaso lagrippe has got
its grin ou most every one in cur
Mrs. I.. A. Keut, of Dillard, was the
gucrtofMr. aud Mr. W. II. Ollivant
this week.
Mr. J. L. Dewey, candidate for
sberilT, was looking after bis interests
here, last Friday.
All who wish good lumber should give
K. D. Grout a call, as bo has a first class
lot of all kinds of lumber.
"A hot time ia the old town last
night" was the cry after the grand ball
hers, last Fndav ntitht. A good all
around time is reported.
Jeff Williams, enr new road supervisor,
has commenced improving onr roada.
We hope he will have llieui in first olass
condition iu the near future.
The baseball game between the P.eston
and Looking ( llaes teams, which should
have taken place hero Friday, May 4,
had to be postponed on account of the
Utnuor has it that cue of mi r demo
cratic friends is eoing to run for roid
supervisor ou au independent ticket. Of
course thia mav be 'hd l rot er fours for
him too take, that U if he wants the of
tice to any great extent.
Schiller D. Hermann, member of the
board of commissioners of the Southern
Oresron District Agricultural Society, is
endeavoring to bring the dintrict fair to
this county and ia in receipt of letters
from the president and other members of
the board expressing a willingness to
hold the fair iu -this county thia year if
the people will offer proper encourage
ment. Mart hut-M is deemed the most
suitable place for holding the fair, and
Mr. Hermann is advised that the people
of that place will see that the race track,
grounds, pavillion, etc., wiifboput in
first class shape if the fair ia to be held
ther. Theso fairs, if properly conduct
ed 'and have the hearty co operation of
the people of the community in which
they are field, are a great factor in the
diiVel .ptnent and improvement of the
various agricultural and other conditions
and every Inrmer und stockman in the
county should ieud their assistance ia
securing the fair to be held in this coun
ty and in making it a Euceest. My.tle
Point Enterprise.
School Report.
Keport of the Kucklea school for the
moi;th ending May 4 l'.H)0.
Ko. days taug'H I'.), No. of days attend'
ant e 213, No. of days absent 24, No,
times tardv 1, total number enrolled 14,
Na. of visitors 4.
Those whose average in the monthly
examinations was 00 and above,, are as
follows :
a Diviuon, Gr. tba Jorgeue, 17, Josie
Lounds, Elmer Isaacs, Leslie Robert
and Jesse Bounds.
li Division, Minnie Jurgens, Lelia
Hounds and Lola llervey.
Those neither absent nor tardy during
the month are; Jesse, Jorie and Lela
Baurids, Gretha aud Minnie Jurgens,
Ella Catching, Dasoie Isaacs and Leslie
Koberts. Deportment and interest very
good. Mvba E. CAMI',
All the saw mills on the Santiam are
being oeratei to their fullest capacity
nowadays. I'r.isperous times always
make a demand for building material.
Salem Statesmsn.
A. T. Ainbro, form'l d VhiicmIIm
Lot row edit, r of tlie h ! Ar.ns, is
v ry low at Sta'tle wiili pn iimonia.
''r. A morose has many friends ).rn who
will be glad to t-mr f hit speedy recov-i-ry.
Solicitors for the acreage for the beet
sugar factory Lave been appointed and
are now at work, teiW the Newberg Gra
phic. The succesa or failurs of the un
dertaking is now largely iu the bands ol
the farmers. If they want to secure a
good thing when it is offer d to them,
now is their opportunity.
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