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-Missouri Mlddle-Roaders Adopt a
Now Nime for Their Party.
Kansas Crrr, Mo., April 18. The
Jliddle-of-tbe-Roed Populists, at their
mesa cooTention tody, effected a perme
Beat atata organisation and adopted a
ew name the rrogresalye People's
' party. The name will be presented to
Hi National convention tor ratification.
The platform demand legislation on
lines demanded in the Omaha platform,
orgea the redaction of state and count?
salaries to correspond with the prices
paid tor prodacU, denounces both the
old parties for failure to enact initiative
and refeiendum legislation, for the pro
tection of corporate interests and for leg
Illation for the protection of National
banks ; condems W. J. Bryan and John
Rockefeller for their alleged connection
with trusts, and especially censures the
Democratic state administration because
of its "disree-r 1 of the paramount inter
eats of the pe !e."
A oil state oket, headed by Richard
Tboma, of 6 ..oe County, for Governor
was named, C iptain W. C. Aldridge,
farmer of California, Mo., who was tbe
favorite candidate for Governor, declin
ins the nomination. The convention se
lected 23 delegates to the Cincinnati
convention and 16 presidential electors
The delegates to the Cincinnati conven
tion were instructed to vote first and last
for Wharton Barker for President and
Ignatius Donnelly for Vice-President
Carl Brown, in a speech, advocated bead
ing the ticket with Admiral Dewey.
Oregon Notes.
Five deer were seen in Jackson's field,
a little north of the city limits of Aih
land, yesterday. Tiding.
M r. Joe Hutchinson, of this city,
been appointed state organizer tor
barber's onion. Albany Democrat.
A Umatilla County farmer has sold
three bogs wboee aggregate weight was
1 120, and for which be leceived fCl.GO.
W. II. Brar went to Mehama jester
day, where be was called by toe sick
lies of his daughter, Mrs. Wright. Sa
lem Statesman.
Tbe Vale Herald reports that a buyer
in Malheur county is in quest of a train
load of cattle, and tbal he is paviog $20.
, 50 for yearlings, $27.50 for 2-year-olds
and $32 for cowq and calves.
The 7-year-old daughter of J. U. Wurs
ter, of Lebanon, is suffering from badly
lacrrated thumbs and fingers, as a rejult
of picking tbe cap of a dynamite cart
: ridge. 8be narrowly escaped tbe lues of
her eyesight.
G. C. Millett, of Junction, has sold a
large qoaotity of balm' timber on his
place to a paper mill. It brings bini 50
cents per 1000, and will net bim a con
- deferable sum from heretofore unproduc
tive property.
A sknuk ranch is an enterprise to be
started In Jackson county. Tbe Ashland
' Tidings says a citizen of that town baa
iuaugurated it, and has sent $200 to be
gin with. Tbey are aa fertile as rabbits
and their skins are worth $1.50 each.
A carlcad of flax seed baa just been re
ceived by tbe farmers io tbe vicinity of
Eugene, which they will pioceed to sow
and tben sell tbe production at 90c. pir
bushel, contract price, to tbe company in
Portland, who furnishes them the seed,
to be paid for after haryeeting. Farm
er. . J. T. Gear, but, during the past week
made a tour tbiougb Western and South
ern Oregon, looking up a favorable open
ing to engage either in the bankiig or
butter and cheese business. There are
very good openings in these liuesof hui
neesin that section, and Mr. Gear lias
ample capital and the experience Jo
equip him successfully in operating eiih-
er of these enterprises. He is this week
looking over tbe Coos Bay tection of Ore
gon, in Itbe near vicinity of the ocean
beach. Puyallup Itdependeot.
Here is something remarkable, mi
editor has gone wrong. B. F. MrLn)- .-
- lin, ex-publisher of tbe ShKridai Sim,
has left for "green fields and rv4
new," Bays the Transcript, kidot;iniit
and taking witb him the lti ,.,r-.ld
daughter of Geo. J. S.ieaey, of Dalit...
The people of Dallas are very indignitnt
V as the girl is motherless, of good char
ecter, industrious and obedient, beinn
her father's housekeeper. Telegrams
have been sent out asking for hi arrest
and the return of tbe girl to her
H I 'I,
rtoisoned in Connecticut
' y eating sample pills left
' v by a distributing agent.
. )vj others. For instance, the
t; of sample! of highly flavored
sacco Into oar dooryards to
oar , boys into con
For these and other evidsoce
oi u . .atiso ws are duly thsnkf ol.
We pride ourselves ou the fact that wc
Qfl I ft Win 2 C'1L C? havc tlie largest, Cheapest and Best line of
01111 L YV I2LOi Shirt VV??sts ever shown in this city. Prices
from 50 cts to $2.50.
In this department we show a very hand
some mercurized Sateen Skirt, which cannot
Underwear. be told frm siik an colors at $3.50.
Cheaper ones but good ones atjM.25, $2.00
and $2.50. , .
5uiTirner A complete line of Covert, Ducks, White
Pique Skirts in plain and appliqued designs
OKirtS. varying P"ce from 50c to $2.25.
-. 1 - Are.all the rage for swell summer dresses.
SIIK r'OUlaruSWe have a line itf the new gray lavendar
and purple shades which are trade winners.
Texas Populist Repeated Speech
Two Years Ago.
James H. Uavis, of Texas, tbe populist
cyclone" whose biennial rainiS'rstioiiB
to the disgruntled and discontented ele
ments on the Pacific Coast have become
matters of political history, spoke for two
hours last Wednesday io the Assembly
Hall of the Chamber of Commerce to
about 3iW People. Mr. uavis. epwcu j
almost a repetition of tliose be made in ;
Oregon io May. 1890, and 1S98; and con-j Tlie,r intents will be sown upon tbe
sieted mainly in arraignment of class , Kvee of Irl. soldiers,
against class. Some of bis appeals to j Nebraska bank deposits have in
class prejudice were clothed in a certain i 3.000,0(W within a year. That
. ..... I. .. state may inn alter demagogue but it
rude eloquence, for which the populism; . ot den lh)a Ju pr08perity j-tea
speelbinder is famous. i up to Ks ablican success. 1
About one-third of tbe audience was In New England the abandoned farms
composed of women, most of whom, no
doubt, were present to hear a brief talk
which vas given on women's suffrage by
Miss Morrow.Tof Chicago, but who also
remained and listened attentively to the
"Cyclone's" heart-to-heart talk with
Mr. Davie is a prolest-iooal, rather
than an amateur, .Populist, and it ia
easy to believe that bis cowboy hoot
sud negligee shirt are worn for effect in
stead of comfort.
He arraigned class against Hi, and
related how many thousands of people
were homeless. -The' majority of the j
American people have no homw," Iw !
. I, , ... . I
continued, "and most of them have no ;
hopes of a home. Corporations and
trusts owo lan 1 enough in this country ,
to cover an area as Ure as nine avera
American siates.
roe last nan ot Mr. uavis' epftvn wan
on tbe subject of expansion. Among I
other thing lie said : "The two greatest ;
Christian nations of the world are n-
in vr .miliar tr,lh,-lir, nnn .
" ... . ; '
is crushing a republic already farmed,
and the other is preventing a republic !
from being formed." Telegram.
Killed in a Runaway.
A. S. Moon, aged about 7j ye, n !
old and highly respected pioneer of th i
Hogue Biver Valley, waB thrown from a San Fiuxiih o. April .10. The trans
wagon load of lumber, in a runaway at I p.irt Tartar, whicl, arrived 8aturday af-
Gold H11, Wednesday. The aeui dnt oe
curred about 11 a. m. and his d-atli oc
curred at 2 o'clock a. m. Ttmrsday
morning. The funeral takes place at
Gold Hill today. Knquirer, Medford.
Mrs. Dewey's Candidacy.
Chicago Kreuino Journal.
Judge Har.en, of Meeker, Colo., oucn a
brother-in-law of Mrs. Dewey, savs:
"If tbe people do not desire to pUce
tbe destiny of this country in fin hands
of a woman, it is imst to let the Admiral
remain where he is."
Probably tbe Judgs has ten in a po
sition to learn something ui Mrs. Dewey's
disposition sod can tell whether slit or
tbe Adinlrl would psu the bridge of
IbeHbip of State sud which one ould
atteod to coaling the fnmto.
lUilLll -
Qeneral News. i
I Tbe exDosition will tloubtliM u tha
biggest thing in Paris this yiar, but the
size of the hotel fills will push it pretty
Nearly 25,000 British officers and
a ldiers have been put out of action by
tbe Boers a number almost equal to tbe
I entire fighting strength of the Boer
A thousand packets of shamrock feed,
the gift of a resident of Cork to the Duke
' I I. . . .
"'- " urBU lu -":.
ate being planted with nut tns, and the
worked-out ground i found to furnish
nourishment enough to cause the walnut
butternut and chestnut to tloarisli abund
antly. Statistic of consumptive sanitariums
in Germany show tlia' UO'.j iter rent of
tbe inmate were atiln to work fit) first
. year alter tb cure, 00 per cent aftr to
years, 45 tr cunt ulcer three and 35 per
cent after four years.
The great Glenn ranch of 75,009 acres,
in the heart of the Hacramento Valley,
j Cel., is to be subdivided into small farms
. and sold. Before the recent develop
ment ot bonanza wheat farms io the Da
kolas this tilenu ranch was the large"!
wu,:in "thli,'m"" the
... ,. ... , ,
Morn than 200 charters have already
twi!n apleil rf fur hnk), of 2.5,0)0
capital in towns of 300J pepulatioo. and
Comptroller Pawe thinks the total will
? "V ta 500 before of the month
inn appuca'ions come mostly iroro ait-
ratultural towns in the middle West,
14 wa leading,
ToH folloaiiu from the Globe-Demo
crat is Hvident ttiat the editor of that p
per has confuted our Angora goaU with
famous Angora CStSOf tile Kast, he
.eays: Oat fauirisrs ui Linco'n cmirity,
t)ftj ,mve otlUin(lJ tllB conwnt f ,ll0
iMist olIi:e deparrrneiit to the chris erdnit
ui their pot olfii-e tiy the name of An
vora. Trie first postmaster of Angora
b :ars tlin surnmne of loin, '
Hold in Luzon.
ternooo from Manila, wna released from
quarantine today. The Turlsr t rouitht
, ad"kes from th l'hilippines up to
.March ij. One of the ri"rt from Ma
nila is that William Oduu, who is spoken
of as a miner ' largx expiiriunce, has in
tuned lrui a prospecting trip on the
distant cosst of Vigan. IIm showed rich
specimen of gold, and declared that he
bail located a ledge of quarts its rich as
anything in Colorado. o California. He
is organizing a company of ex-soldiers,
and wilt go into the mountain dUtrictsi I
Vigan to aet lire c'aiuia In an iuti rfiew
iu the Manila Freedom, ''dun says
"Never before did I see such indication
of mineral wealth. I have traveled from
the Klondike to Koiith Africa, and I aiu
convinced that there la n jt a much rich
er mineral conn'ry in ths worlJ thau (
the Island of Luzon."
Saved Her Life
"About two miles from Vassar, Mich.,
where I keep a drug store, liven Mr. T. M.
Broil. Mic wan very
sick and hopeless
villi ...Htin,.,!..n
I wutched her caw (y
witn interest niter i.
she began taking V
Acker's Knglish 7
Iteinoly tor Con
sumption, Imvuum'
1 hud heard so
much nlxiiit
its wonderful
cures. Well,
sir, ixrhap
y o ii will
doubt it, hut
with mr own
eyes I suw this woiuun cet well and strong
on that remedy. Jn a very short tinio the
rough stopped, her lungs were healed up,
lheorenei went away, and she hegnn tak
ing on Mesh. Hie licix ir uiu: ' .Mr. tlullaru.
1 owe my lire to Acker s hug I Mi lU-medy.
ft is a certain cure.' In Mrs. BruttV
lic'KhlxitlKMMl her reoovcry hat fxtajiionnj
much roiiiinent. us you tan easily undes.
Htcnd. H,-r cuMr wastine where every hculy
thought il w!H olilv ii ouestiou of u little
while until she would die. 1 fuel it a duty
ax a druggist to write this letUT, so that there
need le no more deaths from consumption."
(Signed) E. A. Bullahd, Voasar, Mich
Hold at 25c., oOc. and $1 a bottle, throughout
the United Htatea and Canada ; and in Eng
land, nt la. 2d.. 2s. 3d., it. Od. If you are not
hatLslied after buying, return tbe bottle to
yourdnifrgiKt, and get your money bock.
V'r authorize the nbore cunrtudet.
W. IL IV.. Proprietor,, AfW Tor.
For sale by M. F. Rapp,
Try a box of Chocolate
Creams and I'ons BonS
--m PROM THE .
and you will understand
why our CANDY is so
popular. S. CARROLL.
Go to
Barber Shop
For a prompt and first
class shave or haircut.
Baths in connection.
418 Jackson St.
yy r. wiXiUs,
Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Will prsttlas la atl ths sonrts of Iks State. Of
Irs la Marstors Baildlng, leaUa soaaty, Or.
Roomi 1 and 2
Rrirlsw BullillOR.
Attorney at Law,
Office In Court House
Willi Dint, Atry. KOsIBCBO, OBtUON.
Court Houm
Dowu Stairs.
Witt pisollee In ull tlio Htato and Kislsral Courts
Olfloo In Maiks' BUf ., Kuscburg, Urvion.
RosKiawi, Obkoox.
Room 3 & 4, Taylor & Wilson Block.
Attorney and Counsellor at Low .
Mining Law and Water Rights' made
a specialty.
John if. snurE,
Builncu before C.H. land Ortlne.uJ I'
onioo Ahrabam Itmiding.
Attorney at Law,
ooms 1 it t. Manors Bid ., ROHBBDBO, UE
S9 BusIiimm befnra lh. ft a .
mniius earn . stwola w. "
Late Reoelvsr D. a. Land Oflee.
JA. BUCHANAN, Notary 1'obllc.
Collections a Specialty.
Room 3
Marslvrs Bullain.
Ortlcf iu llbrslium Ty 1
ins. ovur I'lMiiiUlcv ivuscuurg, KJT.
Y w IfAYNES, '
Review Uulldtnir.
tulspbous No, i.
Physcian & Surgeon.
OOioa P i oititv hki.
I'lioiu-, Mlu UI
Hpetilsl attrnilud iilvun to Dlwaava of iUv Xo.s
anil Tbrvsl.
om. -Vlsln 8t., uuu door south of City 1111
mono, Main 'HI.
Notice Tor Publication.
Onitku Hiatkh I.4MO On e.
KdwI.uii, Uii'i,d, K,-brury li, VaO.
Mrlth t Iim iintt-l.l.xi. ,.f .... ...
Juno a. I,, i riiltlcU 'Ad set for the siuof ilm-
Im.p tti Ihn Ul.l. ..i j.ti i f ...
Nuvads, slid W aichlUKluii 1'errllory."
f) Wn.liburn Connlv nf li.vilolil. mi.i ,( u i..
e .imlii, Ii. till. Uy lili d In ihi. ,.nl. l.i., li.l UU'. I... II... r .....
111 IH.-CUOII .no. a, III ImMi.tilp Stt. '.'4 soulli
1 ........... I.-., .... ui iftM
llml Ills Isml wiiiKlJt I11 iiuirit valiuLIu fur U
"I'M nr.l. BIIU ! I 0 l.T nriMif li
. ,T . B':i""ill IMirpciM-.,
sii.l liivulslillali lila claim 10 .al.l im,J lK,ir,
II10 KcKl'lor and K.-ceivi-r 01 Hilsuftlce st K.ut
burK, Orrsmi, on l rl1y tlio J7 day ot A.rll,
of I'ortliiuil, (ir.Kn, ''. ImWulf, of WooiIIbuY.
U'aalihiifl.,,1 SV.fl.. 1 A t a ... ... . '
Im'oiihIii. VrHiik W. Iitlitr ..l Aki.t-...i t.
Anv anil all m.nifina rlalmtnw .:i... t.. .1...
ku.bhiu ICII ,lllt, IU 1
ulaliiistii ollke 011 or tiuiurv aM
Notice for Publication.
""7 "-,"i v,...,,, rvuruary ii, j ji p ,.
" . . ' S'" iiisv iu .ouiiiualu'o
With tliuprok laloua of Ilm ail of Cuiikku of
u, i' u. jt 11 avi lor wiu aais OI lliu
bsr lauds In 1U0 Hlstra of California, OroKon
Ikl.t'HilM Mll.l 11 lit ll.rl.iti rt'.. 1 . . . ' I
L' I .11 . U I . .t ..n.x. . . .. I. '..
of Ua.liburn. County of llaylluld. Hiats of to Is-
I..III.I ,1 It.lM (lll ,Ibi III..4 In ,1.1. ...1... I.,
.............. w.uw ,(, ,ula uiui-e uia pyorn
i.wihviii i.. n.n, mr in puruiia. 01 tuu iionb
niKt igiiarti r of .Swllon No IU, In Townablu Ns
2a Holllll llaUKa No. II W.-.t .,,,1111... .'
to mow thai t tiu land auuslil la mors yaluali'a
for ls llsilH-r or alniio lhau fur axrioultural niir-
iii. litf anil In iImI.1UI. I, l l.ib. ... i.i t.. .
t - - . . , i iM i w .aiu I a ii ii LMt-
Uossbunr, Orou.uu Krlday, tUU7ltt day of
A u r 1 1 1 l .rUu.
Waabbiirn, Vla. Mlohsoi N. Olalad, of Wsl
bum. Wit j Jamrj t). Turnay.of lortlau(J, Oru.
ion; Fraii k W. bolter, of A.Llaud, Wis.
An sad sll irtons claiming adrsrst ly tlio
.wt.iiiwiiuw iauua are niiitaia to nui iimir
cL,l.m,,,. tllt uIUooob or beforsaaldWlb uny
Of.Aartl, J'A. J. T. BKlDOk-a),