The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, April 19, 1900, Image 6

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    Riddle Notes.
l'elephci-.e wiies are tiring put P he
tweeu litre and l'ar;yon ville.
Farmeis uie very bu?y getting their
ecru grouud leady for piuuticg.
Mr. W'onacolt iroin 'ali(ornia is the
guet of his brUhe. Hon. t.. W. Woua
cott at the Nickl. Mine. ,
ibe many fiiends tf Mrs. House Kid
dle, who has Ut'cu unite sick, are pleased
to learn of her speedy recovery. ,
The Kiddles school meeting held the
l-lt'.i wu8 quite well attended. Mr. John
.l inis received 23 otes cut of a total of
'j and the ladies went home with smiles
on their faces.
Patrons of our public school ou all sides
seem to think Mr. McQueen is teaching
a gocd school. This is shown by the
hiriK? number of pupils now attending,
the number being over seventy.
Mr nnd Mrs. Chsdwick are iu town
hat bejetit they can obtain
frnm treatment by Dr. Parrim Mr
Chadwick already reports his eyes much
better as a result thereof.
Calapooia Jottings.
This beautilul eunshine makes our
farmers rejoice.
The prospects were never better for
good crop both grain and fruit.
i;. i't. ma Stevens of Tvee. is the
JliOS . . .j . - -
i;aest'ci the Howard sisters this week.
Mrs. T. McNabb ot this place, is visit
iug her daughter, Mrs. Gillette, of Kose-
Edward Ellison and John liichards
I ,- l,..,.rf nr California. We
will syyii
don't know what their guld will say.
CUas. Me veiiS oi Tyee, lias of late been
luakin his viiton Calapooia oftener
than at Wilbur. What's the attraction,
The young ladies of Calapooia wil give
a box'i-upper Friday niht, April 27th.
Every young aud oli man are cordially
invited to attend. IWt forget your
On the lt:h the youn,' people of C'ala
poi.ia paid old Tyco au Kaster visit.
The voung uien were loaded with etgs
and p.etty girls tc. r'trotj lo the beautiful
summit, that gra. i 'A bald peak of
Tyee to view thb ticajtjful scenery of
Oregon and the mysteries widen no man
can solve. Those present, were : Mieses
Emma Stevens, Msggiss H6ward, Olla
Stevens, .nua Richards, Ada Richards,
Flora Howard, Hatty Howard, Mrs.
Wood. Messrs. Eddie Ellison, Chas.
Stevens, Ira Beidler, John Richards,
Will Stevens Chas. Beidler. Fred Beid
ler, I'.. L. Richards, H. L. MeNabb.
Mrs. J. L. Wiiichell is visiting her psr-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Miser at Starv
out. '
Mrs. Maggi Scott spent several days
this week at Saginaw visiting her sister
Mrs. J. M. Trimble. Sne returned Sun
day evening.
.lee Clemei.ts and family of the
Douglas mine moved to this place yeeter-
day and wi!).omipy the refidence of U.
li. Ellin" for the summer.
T. W. Hillings of the Pouglas mine,
moved to Cilendale tcdsy and will occupy
the cottage cf O. F. Robrer, until lie
completes his new residence.
J. L. lewey, who has spent ten days
with his family at the Douglas mine,
came to Gleudale yesterday. Mr. Dewey
has been quite ill with the grip, Put is
now some better, we are pleased to say.
lr. P. A. Harris has been dangerously
ill but is now much better. Fof some
w reeks past the doctor has been kept busy
dsy and night in 'attendance upon the,
sick and was ' completely exbaukted be
fore he realized hie condition. Dr-
Twitchell attended him and we hope he
may soon be able to attend his patient
who are needing his services badly.
Dr. J. C. Tw itchell, a promineut Rose
burg physician, who Is one of our stand
ard bearers, having been nominated for
rnroner. eoent Tuesday at Ulendale.
The doctor was called to this place pro
fessionally, and had some time !o spare
in which to exchange views with repub
lican friends. The doctor will till the
office of coroner capably, and will get a
baudsouie endorsement in South Dou
Smith DmiclttB republicans are ae'.l
pleased with the ticket nominated by cur
party at Rofebu g. II e nominee icr
county clerk, efpecially, will receive a
rousii.g maj rity in South Douglas. Our
loul citizens will reward the brave sol
dier, w ho, regardless of 'he peril of travel
by land and tea, ami a residence in a
tropical climate, and the greater danger
of faciei: a savage foe, lelt home and
friends to serve cur country in her hour
nlnpt.l nd vallianllv carried the old
flat' on to victory. Is there an American
citizen with true love of country who w ill
fail in ifiva him the commendation of
their entlorsement at the polls? We
think there will not bp many.
. Mollie.
Tho careful Cowtoionttom Service, Thn Storling Values, Tho l'rivilo, U, KchBiir Morchnmlih. ami
many oilier convenience, are lunUnj? our storo popiir. Wo wtuit jour Confidence, Wocim only (fet
it ly ileservin it. Sow tlooiK Low Trices and courteous trcnimnt nre onr at tract ioiif.
New ami excellent showings iu:
Driver Valley.
Robert Hunt went to Oakland Mon
davi 1
.1. C. Quant leturcwd home Irom Ruse
burg Sunday.
Mis. Rubitfcon oi Oaklamlis vioitintf
her daughter, Mrs. U.K. Hunt.
Mrs. Wm. Hogaii of tirangeviile, Ida
ho, and MitsKdna Harvey of English
St-ttlrmei.t, were the guests of Mrs. J. C.
iuani Wednesday. Mrs. Hogau'a form
er horue was iu Rfglieh Settlement,
where rhe has been visiting friends and
relatives for some time. rhe intends to
return to Idaho soon.
M the home oi Mr. and Mis. Thomas
Hauna, April Vi, a birthday paity was
given in honor of their daughter, Mies
Maggie, who received m-ny beiutiful
presents ainon which were: Oold
watch and chain, glove and handerchief
ease, manicure set, gold brooch ai.d
beautiful llowers. In the early evening
the guests were entertained with cards,
crokinole and minic. A song by Miss
ra ij'iaut wa especially enjoyed. At
m.iii.n .deiant aupter was 6erved to
all dii ample justice. The dining
r.n.i, was then cleared and the remaind
dai.ciuK. At
cr ui tic c 1 -
Iat hour the gueBts departed all hav
ing had a deiighUul time au l wishing
Mi.. M.i- nmiiv haMy returns of the
i... Ti-tu ,,ri.aiit were: Sirs. ni
Hogau, Mr. Thus. Hauna, 1'Iihuh li ck
er Kdua Harvey, Blanch andOra Quant,
Kttie Grout, Nellie Reed, Alma and
Hauna. Kob-rt Harvey .Sruel
S;i,iti..Jiwley Hogan, Alva WVe, f
Devore, Harry L ...lerwoo.1,
Qiant, Roy tlutctun-J'.. l r-"k iire.-. ,
Walter Mosier, Fred, 1 Jameo and Robert
Hauna d.o.x.w;
A. Andrews aod bride have been in
town op a visit to relatives and friends.
Aug.' Ssgaberd is aain holding the
reins for the stage company for a short
The crciuet players are in poesessiou
of a new set of mallets and balls, and
the games progress with new vigor.
Mrs. Belle Bawyers has been in town
several days, at the. bedside of her
mother, who has been so very feeble for
several months.
Raster Sunday was the frst of the
season, and it is to he rey""eJ that
could be no Kaster tl.
A Conservative Resume of Crop Con.
ditions to Date Result of the
Frost Qsnerally.
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wife, Patience Hentley. Iatd at Oak.
land, Oregon, March 83. 1000.
Jo!, i, I,
' ai 't e I e-
h.. i done
Tiiu week
ve-y lit'l
Fruit bids fair
I Squirrel
Squirrel and
Gopher Poison
C lr par .1 Wluiil)
2 ti- H't ami rliennet Ucnu-dy
ycl dlrivt ret I It r I he lUntriic
lion i ( tl o (iretiarti mi'l
l rnlit h let.
11 Gopher
P. (
oison. ?
i: inr
ffft i -!y ii. i l KlNrnml utriK-'
limi (
A. C. MARSTERS i& CO., Druggists,
Zena, Polk county, 1'. F. Clark The
frost appear! to have done no damage
The Client prospect for finit of all kinds
ever eeen here. Crops look well.
Spring grain all sown, except on very
wet land, hammer follow about all
plowed. Hops 12 Inche high. Pastures
extra good. Wool clip will bo extra
Irvintf, I-ane county, J. W "Wheeler.
Continued rains during the weea have
BU'pt-U'led all farm operations. Full
grain needs sunshine; the lower blade
r turninir vellow. hotina-sown grain is
looking excellent.., Clierrias aie setting
well on ihu trei. anil tne inuicatpjtis f
that the fruit crop was not injured iiy the
late frott.
Oakland, Douglas r '
Hunt. The three sharp fr..
ginning ofU"1! eelt e-nj '
no oerious damage to liuii.
was quite rainy siiJ
farming has been done.
to be a full rup.
Melrote. Douulas courtly, Kd W. 1M
len. Tb showery weather during thn
last weak was b:'tttnc:al tl) all growing
croDB. Hd.) a'" prcgresiing nicely, be
in? from i wo to three feet in height
strawberries are set and will soon rices
f westbsr is waim. Vegetable art
growine rapidly. Many potatoes are be
ing planted.
Cleveland, Douglas county, li. T.
Woodruff. The week bas been unfavor
able for farm work, because oi too much
moisture. Apple are iu bloom. Prunes
are set and promises an abundant crop.
Frost has don- br'llittle harm bere.
itrawberries are blooming. All vegeta
tion is about one month earlier than
neual. Wheat, oats and baney are do
ing exceptionally well. Very esrly I
sown winter wheat shows some effect of
too much moisture. Stock U doing
Kfjby, Josephine county, E. F, Moir
pner The . hard freeze of the silt, Hit
and lUth did immense damage to the
fruit intert't-U.
. tOl.lMIIIA KIVliK VAl.l.KV.
Hood Uivtr, Wasco county, Harbison
P.rcs. The valley was visited by sting.
ing frosts Monday and Tuesday mornings
but the damage done ws slight. Wji.
ler apples are unhurt. Early appl-s,
peaches, pears and prunes were consid
erably thinned, but they will wake a
good crop if not Injatvd further. Early
strawberry bloom was killed, whicb will
put the crop back about two weeks.
Biglow, Sherman. Co A. V. I'nderaood,
Fine weather since the 8tn. frost on
nights of 7tb and 8th killed considerable
fruit. Gniu growing nicely. Lste
spring grsin coming up well. Ksnge
grass good. A few farmers still seeding.
A nice rain lust week.
Haines, Il.ker county, .1. K. Either.
Farm work H proaren-iiu finely au l II
aboil' three werks eaiher than last year.
Most of Uie Hiring wheat is fowu. We
liave had some ri" thit week. ' Winter
wheat is looking line.
JnniiirM. Malheur county, .1. A. tiiise-
ujnir Diups t-1 no tuont'i i' advance
of tne usual season. me lavoruoie
spring baa allowed farmers lo push their rsUCn'.ITm OlOCK.
woik, and the prospects, were never
brighter for h large yield.. Fruit is com
ing into bliom. o ilHiimge irom
FlJW'Alll) A. 1!eai.b,
Fection Director, Portland Or.
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