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Southern Oregon's Leading Newspaper.
Vol.. XXXI.
Canada Will Repeal Law Aimed
at American Miners.
The Sultan of Turkey Must Settle at
Once for Outrage on Amer.
lean fllaslonarles.
Wakuinuion, Aril 15. Orders have
been glveu to turn the transports Tartar
and Westminister over to lliu owners,
tliu government having 11 " longer need
lor ttieir service.
Mining Liw Repealed.
New Yi'HK , April IS. A Montreal diit-luti-lt
: Hon. Smith .Cnrtn. Minis
ter of t in-t in tho Rrltirdt Cutmuhia
Cabtnt I . Hi.ooiincec that ihn alien labor
law which w;n pHfi-il liv tin; llrifiuli
Columbia Legialvnrii at itf Uirl senior
to exclude Ai'ii-ru' in ininera (rum t lie
Atliu District, will lu repealed at lite
July scs-iou of the Legislature.
To allow Ami -ricana to work placer
tnints in the, meantime tho government
hat duui led r grant (" mtnt-te certill
catea tu ciiiiiiiiif!i incorporated under
the law a d Uritteti Columbia As the
cxpeniu uf ir.cororalion it small, the
American holding claims or drciding to
do so, can fallow out their inclinations
with little mom trouble tliau Itritieh aub
jecte. Alter the law la repealed all will
be on the same looting.
Middle- ioader for Dewey.
Kanmah Cm-. Mo., April IK. Carl
Crown uddreaaed the Middle-road Popu-
liala thla morning, and created coopier
nation among the Wharton Barker adher
ents by advo:atiiii Dewey lor the head
of the ticket and Darker or Donnelly (or
vice president.
'With each a ticket, said lie, 'wo
will atand nuuiu show of ku.ckiog out
both tickets dominated by the money
power and headed by McKihley and
I'.ryau." Alter deciding to elect 25 del-
galea to the Cincinnati convention re
cess was taken.
Sultan Muat Hay I'p.
NkwYoiik, April 18. A apecial die
ialcl to the Tribune Irorn Washington
The Fnitad States charge d'adalra at
Constantinople will bo directed to Inform
the Sultan that this government insists
upon the payment without further delay
of, $100,000 Indemnity lor outrages on
American missionaries and the dael ruct
ion of property. I'uless prompt action
b taken on the Sultan'a part thla antid.
pates uu ultimatum thitt the debt may be
discharged before resort is made to dras
tic measure.
Mark Hanna Will Not Direct the Re.
publican Campaign Thla Year.
Skw York, April 17. A special to the
Herald from Washington aaya: It la
very generally understood by leading
Republican politicians that Senator Han
na wilt not I hi chairman ol the Repobli
can National Committee during the com
ing campaign. There la no one whom
the President or the party leader would
have morn cuiilhiunce in than Senator
tlanna, but tbonatool hie health la such
that be doea not led equal to aasumlug
tho reapouilbility (or the uiatiegeuiant ol
the campaign.
t'irtt Aseiaiant Poetuiaater-GHue,ral
Heath hua not resigned to devote litm-lf
to the work ( tht National Republican
CoiiiiniHte, uu has leen (tatod. Mr.
Heatn has no pieayut intention of 'u
signing. What he may do after the
campaign opens Is a matter about which
lie will not talk at preaent.
Mr. ilnatb is Urn one moit talked of as
(Senator Henna's auureaaor, Represent
h'1' 0 Dick, ol Ohio, who la at present
Hooretary of the National committee, '8
also t okea ol lor tbe place.
A l ew facta About the "Puerto
Ouirnjre." Other News.
WAMiiNun.N, I). C . April 11, HUM.
So B'l ) ban bfi-ii made about the
so-called " J'uerto Rico outrage" that vie
will eeo what la proponed. That island
Is a i) flaring Irotn the duvaKtaiing hurri
cane that destroyed crops and home and
left ll mostly doHtituie, Tena of
thonsanda would starve only that we are
Bonding thnin food to keep them alive.
Thoy have no money to pay taxes, to
make roada or to support schools and
maintain local government. Top inten
tion was to give them free trade, an the
president recommended, but prevented
by the necxraity (or meeting tbece ei
peunes. The lat angar and tobacco
crops have been bought and arc held for
the tninW who will prcfU by (rco trade s
tbiV bo'igbt aubject to the full terifT.
The htnell taritr of 10 prr ceni tu tu- col
lected together with all that hun been
collected eiiu we owuh.I ihe ihlarid la to
be returned as a fu:id to mv ixpiTiPH
for two years at moat, uij'il thuy cm
rnim critp.i nnd (ice ir.idj uriv rornu '
Hooner li tlm lyUn'l ov--rii in n! th.i'l
fMMli'iiiifi tu entiihliMhfd. (?oiu:refi'i in
ucting lairly an I kind'y by I'm-rl i Kiel
but tho tiii"tH wont Mvcn cnri'iem. tu htiv-
one tii'Vfntii of the tHii.T deiiucted ir..i,i
th piirchaH.i prii'c, that deducted the
iwling tin ill'. This Ih w hut denx'crai-y i
tryini: to make capital out of.
Congre has recently pid a tWgu
compliment to CuminiNeioner llermunu
by ordering the re-putillcation of bin in-
tereating iiook on (lie lAiuicana I'urchaeo,
that was published 1ft year. The mo
lion Introduced in he Ioin by Mr.
Jone, of Washington, was (nvorably re
ported by Plutt vl Connecticut and
paeaed without dissent.
The country will greet with approba
tion tbe decision of the Senate agaios'
tbe admiaaion of W, A. Clark, as senator
from Montana. Tbe uo of monev in
senatorial elections will hereafter is
solidly "set down on" by tho Senate.
At the same time there ia much person
al g od feeling toward Mr. Clark; the
senators who refuse him admission will
uot regret to see htm legally returned In
the near future.
There ia tacit agreement that no River
aud Harbor bill shall pan at this term
but the Oregon delegation feel the need
to have tbe improvements at the mouth
of the Columbia kept in order and ex
tended to preserve what has so greatly
aided navigation. On Tueeday. April
10, Senator Mcliride and Representative
Moody appeared before the River aud
Harbor Committee of tho House, of
which Mr. Tongue ia a member, whon
Mr. McRride addreaHed tho committee
ae to the importance of the proponed
amendment to the sundry civil bill, to
appropriate K'.oOO.OOO for the Columbia
River work. It may not be possible to
get that amount cow, but they hope for
something substantial.
The new financial act has already mot
with a most remarkable response from
all parts of the nation. It provides for
national ban at with only half the amount
capital tefoie required, and on the bonds
to be deposited notes for the full amount
are to be lamed . This will encourase
the establishing of natioual banka where
they could not organize before, will great
ly increase circulation and facilitate
business. Already there are hundreds
of applications for charters. Thia will
uive confidence In republican policy.
When it comes to practlcul business
sense, the republican party I as shown
it always.
Dewey returned from the Philippines
as near a popular idol as humanity often
gets. Tbe people were ready to do him
honor and endowed him with their un
mitigated delight ; also with a home here
In Washington. When he deeded that
home away even to his wife, aud she to
bia sou, aa an afterthought small aa the
ait was it iet Liiu dowu to common
place. All reeeuted that he ahould be
willing to alienate their sift. So popular
ity loll Dewey aa suddenly aa be had
won it. lie recovered somewhat when
be declared that he knew nothluu of
politics and had no deaire to bo inci
dent. Since he bad an ovation at the
aoutli he imagines be can command ad
miration and votes lor anything be mav
wish. Tbe announcement that be will
run lor president caues regret, for the
people do not like toiee tbeir bero fall lo
be merely a politician. 8. A, O,
Dead Left Lnburicd On the Held
Where They fell.
Strike Ended at Cornell
dlctments In Kentucky.
Maxkri', April 17. Colonel Dalgety's
caaualtiea since tie bat been beeieged at
Wepener have been HO killed and 100
wounded. The Hcer losnee are reported
to have Leon considerably heavier. Aft
er the nigbt st'.tick on April l'J, the dead
wore left on the field. herc they ptiil ile
There ia a cunflict t opinion amuu
the leaders. Some want to t.aok t:a:.n,
while othern rei'.ieo lei do m. Desultory
cannon lirins; iin l "anipini:" conlinu-.
Tho '.' ii'' i jii in lifirit', which alarir.8
:h' Ji.rt", who are now o;i both sides cl
tU; liver, n: :! might be cat off if ihe
Mrimu weic to become Hooded.
Five l!oer K'ino are believed to b-r ills- i
Boers Calling For Help.
Cai-k Town
April is. The Hcer gov-
ernrnetin nru circulating the following
matiifcHto h 'ii one: Afrikanders thiouihout
Cape Colony:
"We feel that our fato aud the fate of
the whole of Afrikaudom is at Blake, and
we appeal to you to etand and tight
shoulder to ahoulder with in
fan -
not, you may not, alio' the tyrant to
extinguiah forever your finest traits of
character as a nation.
"With you on our side tho issuecannot
be doubtf"!. We must conijuer. iod
grant that love of your country and your
liberty and the noble virtues cf men
truly free may induce you to join u in
the hour of onr supreme struggle. ''
The Strikers Permit Work.
Choiox LaMuno, N. Y.f April IS.
Work wan resumed today at Cornell dam.
The strikers made no opposition. None
of the men at work were strikers. As
the men were ueaeinblmg at tbe works
two compauifH of troops made a .lemon-
atratiou on the hill to convince ti e strik-
era that the soldiers are ready for an
works '
Deaths From Piajue.
Simla, April I. Tho deatiia from
plague throughout India during the patt
week aggregate upwards of 4,000.
English Farl, Nevada Uirl.
Iaxdon, April IS. The ounouncemeLt
thia morning ot the wedding ol Earl
Russell to Mollie Cook at Reno, Nev.,
created a Bensation as Ihe earl, according
to English law, is still legally married to
the first Countess of Russell, now per
forming at a music ball. ,
Indictments In Kentucky.
Fkaskfoht, Ky April IS. Tbe grand
jury has teporled iudictments against
Caleb Powers, John Powers, Chae. Fin
ley, Wharton Golden aud W. H. Coulton
as acceusories, and against Henry F..
Youtsey, Berrv Howard, Jim Howard,
Harland Whittaker and Dick Coomba,
charging them with the willful murder
ct Governor Goebel.
' An Editor in Luck.
Sr. Lot ia, Mo., April IS The Post
dispatch today ey : Harry B. Wendell,
city editor ef the Globe Democrat, aud a
sister of M re. Adam Weiat, learned to
day that they are heirs to a fortune feti
estimate ! at 10.0.0,1,00.
Kentuckey Governorship.
Wasuixuton, April 10. The supreme
court tod jy set A pi il "0 a i the date for
bearing the Kentucksy governorship
Defendant Hxonerated of the Charge
of Making; False Affidavit.
Aliiasv, Ona., -pril 17, KM).
Never before in (lie hiitory of Oregon
tin there been audi a i urn for timber
land. Thia in general and is not confined
to the big railroads and syndicates oper
ating here, but Includes private citizens.
The trial of H. G. McKinley here for
auboruution of perjury has brought oat
iliii luct iii a atrikinu manner, 81 well as
the mod ii operandum resorted to to Be
cure big trade by the syndicates. Tbe
tc-u'.imony hboacd it to bo this:
Men aro secured to file tbeir claims,
morftiy men without any means, tbe ex
ponces are paid entirely by the agent of
the syndicate, who receives $1C0 for bis
commission, and when the property is
proved up on a mortgage ia given cover
ing the entire expanse which amounts t?
about t"09, including the $2.50 an acre
that in paid the government. The claim
ant doep not advance a cent. The prop
erty though it in hit name, and he can
Ki-il it to any one or can turn it over to
tho -yndfcata with a alight advance for
bii trouble and the mortjjan will be dia
chred. Thi" of course ia the object of
tbe whole business, aa tho syndicate is
niter tho timber land. Thie is the pro
ram in a tmt.theil. It is a r jundabout
way but isidTVetive as carried out by the
j locators in tho choico of claimants, etc.
In tho meantime tho Northern Pacific
is following cloo 'behind nll?r thia same
land in lieu cfsouae worthless deeert land
eleewhere. If tbe syudidate dossn't get
it the Northern Pacific will, there's
I rub. What's the odds.
In making th a.Tidavi. when filing
j upon the land the claimant e wears that
j he has been upon the land and knows it,
, etc. Tn charge again't 'McKinley is
I that he aeenrea ruen ti make the affi-
davit who did not tea the land at all. In
this case Whitney, the claimant, ewore
that he had never been upon the land
though familiar with the location, and
that he did not know tbe contents cf the
Affidavit when read to him, claiming Hint
McKinley attended to everything, bat
McKinley and Tarpley, his assistant
swore that he was told before hand that
be must see tl.e Und.
Aa the case was evident' v going against
j the st-ite tne deputy district attorney
j last evening asked for an adjournment
until thia morning to get another witnei-s
from Roseburg, which was gran!ed.
At 9 o'clock thia foreuoon the tee ti
mony of Walter Hoon, of Roeeburg, who
arrived on the morning train, was taken
j on behalf cf the ttato, but it proved to be
! entirelv iu iavor nf the. d.fn.lant nddin-
I strength to the defense. The court held
j that there wns no probable cause under
i the testimony of the defendant having
I tried to secure tho making of a false af
fidavit and therefore discharged the de
fendant. It ia an interesting fact that tbe prose
cution wero unable to ascertain the syn
dicate for whom Mr. McKinley is work
ing, though considerable of an effort was
made in that line.
Tbe other case in which W. J. Drink
ard and Harry Barr figured as the set
tlers were upon motion of tho district at
torney dismissed. McKinley Las locate 1
57 claims in this county, and of these
all are being contested by the Northern
Pacific but nine. That company is after
tbe whole (hooting match and mor too
If they can secure ii, and take so much
interest in tbe matter that they had a
special man on hand at this examination.
Albany Iemocrat.
Gen. riontenegro Surrendered.
Manila, April 17. General Montene
gro, who with General Macabuloo has
been trying to re-orrfinizj the Filipino
army, discouraged by tho impossibility
of making the men ataud against the
Americans, has surrendered, Macabulon
sick heudaehe, indigestion and constipa
tion. A delightful herb . drink. Re
moves all eruptions of the skin, produc
ing a perfect complexion, or money ie
funded. 25cts. and 60 eta. , M, F. Rapp,
druggist. . ,
Lord Roberts Places Culler, War
ren and Others In Bad Light
All the Papers Comment at Length
Upon the Disclosures Praise
London. April 18. Lord rtoberla' crit
icism ot Bailer, Warren and Thornvcrof:
is the continued topic of interest. The
afternoon papers praise Lord Rort
for bis frankness. Some maintain that'
there is nothing left for Boiler to do but
to resign. The St. James Gazette, refer-
ring to Rul!er'8 report, md: "Never in
the history of armies d I it happen that
generals scribbled thei confesaiouB of
fault arid dsh-ct. cf the w.,Iees deaths tf
men and dneredit to t . fllg ja tQ,),t
Tue Globe declares : -.V more pitiable
record of indecieion in pun and confusion
in execution we have seldom read." and
adds that what little reputation Duller
had luft has been scatfprefl tn iha
In a long editorial the Daily New
speaks cf the ' somewhat appalling lan
guage" of the dispatch, and i;o8 on to
Bay: Upon tbe whole, these dispatches
are diequieting and disheartening in do
ordinary degree. Following immediate
ly upon the recall of General Gatacre,
tney muicate a widespread feeling of ua-
easiues and anxiety."
The Standard, which ia supposed to be
in the confidence of tbe government,
"It is scarcely likely that the publica
tion of Lord Roberts' dispatch is with
out a purpose. It irresistibly euygesta
whether it ia not to he followed by fur
ther important changes in tbe South
African commands. Painful as fcuch
measures may be, there must b no hes
itation iv carrying them out, if they are
rtqmreJ in ths public iuieres'."
The Daily Telegraph compliments
Lord Roberts upon "not hesitating,
where great national interest are at
stake, to wound private susceptibili
tiea." The Daily Chronicle confesses to "a
feeling seeming like consternation when
reading the extraordinary passage" of
the dispatch.
The Times says : 1 ,
"Lord Roberts' severe condemnation is
justidedonly too clearly by the official
narsjsives of what took place. The story
is painful, Lot it is wrll for the nation
and for the army that it should be told
clearly and aimply, w ithout concelment
or exaggeration.
"It ia not the least of the great services
Lord Roberts is now rendering the
country that be eposes with judicial im
partiality and wise, wholesome severity.
errors and omissions in hiuh niartir
which have cost ns so very much."
Whether the government baa any
special purpose or not in publishing the
dispatch, the way in which it has been
received will make it most difficult tore
tain the censured commanders in active
(lot a 10-foot Panther.
Lorr.uiK Gkove, Or., April 13. tjuite
a seuBation was created here by Felix
Cunen aud Dave Mosby bringing in a
large pauther, which measured about 10
feat. Tne "varmint" had killed a eheep
on Ld Joi.ea' (arm, seven miles from
here, near a trail on which chiidren
passed to and from school. The sheen
was seen by tht children, partly eaten
lip. The panther ran when lie heard tbe
children coming but aa aa they
paed it carried the eheep l!00 yard.
The best dogd wr nou aaauible d.
and in tive minute had the beant treed,
lie was shot twice through tha dy, and
aa be (ell a rlog grabbed him l, the
lb rout.
The pauihei held tbdog by it pws.
but was too nick to hurt lb dog. and
was shot in the head. Iu all, about Vi
shots were tired. Some young tmnlora
lent their assistance by running iu the
opposite direction. , . .