The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, April 12, 1900, Image 3

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Precinct Officers.
New Spring: Goods
The Mild Winter lias brought forth an Karly Spring and we
arc now prepared to show you an elegant line of
in Grey, Castor, Mode and the New 1'oulc Plaids. We also
have a very swell line of Silks, Mouseilliuc De Soic, lite.
Come in and look them over.
Our Millinery Department
Will be quite a treat this Season as we have enlarged
this Department and have secured the services of an
Up-to-Datc Millliuer direct from the city.
In Gent's Furnishings
Wc still continue to lead and have received all the striking
No cities direct from the Manufacturer.
i mm
I. ABRAHAM, Proprietor.
A tare ful analysis of our
Drugs and Chemicals
Will prove them to be of
Full Standard
Strength and Purity.
Our Stock is unexcelled in Quality and our
Medicines arc absolutely reliable.
l Accuracy V
$ 1'rwHcriptioDH cum- I inr)-icf C 2
2 pound! Day and JN itftit ' &"-"
5 now 0-
Flake, Oats,
4 - -
Aw; i 7
iO: S
Cass Street Market
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
F. S. Godfrey,
Phone Main 353. Prop.
The Byron Horse.
'!. i'.y none i;n owned by J. It.
l'ix ni;i ui ikt tii'i seasonal Wilbur
Wi ilmr- hu iiik' Tliiir.- I iy of each week.
At R Hflnru Fri-J.t y urn I Saturday i.nd
tho rem dnder of the time at the liomo
of the owner on the North Umrqua.
terms ren'Oinhle.
Cape Nome Direct.
Pacilic Const and Empire Steamship
Co'h 12 firat class ateumers will eail from
I'ortlnnil urn) Tat'oma between April It
and June 1st. Guarantee to lam! pass
engers mul lri-L-bt on the beach at Cape
No in A. Each full ticket allows 150
pon u da baggage free. Applv immediate
ly fur reservations.
Joll.V F. GlVANS, Agent,
Roseburg, Or.
Notice to Stockholders.
Aiuiuul uiet-tir k i f the Douglas County
BtiHdtn and Loan .Woi iation,
Rost.m Hi;, Or., April 2, 1900.
Stock Holders re hereby notified that
the Hnnual meelirg of the stockholders
ot tho Douglas Count v Building and Loan
Association, of Kane bur;;, Oregon, will he
held nt tl.n Fireman's room in City Hall
iu th city of Roseburg, Douglas county,
on Wednesday April IS, l'JOO, nt 7 :'M v.
m. of Biiid day for the purpose of electing
seven directors, hij.I thr-e auditor0, lot
the transaction of such other business :n
niny legally come beforn mild meet in-j;.
Jolts II. Suite,
How To
Gain Flesh
Persons have been known to
gain a pound a day by taking
an ounce of SCOTT'S EMUL
SION. It is strange, but it often
Somehow the ounce produces
the pound t it seems to start the
digestive machinery going prop
erly, so that the patient is able
to digest and absorb his ordinary
food, which he could not do be
fore, and that is the way the gain
is made.
A certain amount of flesh is
necessary for health $ if you have
net got it you can get it by
peon's paision
You will find it just as useful In summer
as in winter, and If you are thrtvingtipon
It cWt stop because the weather is warm.
yx. tmi $1.00, ll dfitgrfUu.
tOOTT 09 WHE, Chtmlm, Ntw York.
T. 'i. 1) limey went to Portland Th-'h-diy.
Won. S jI Abraham went to fortltn l
Tut'B lay.
Simon Caro wan over from Oakland
Hon. T. It. Sheridan is in Portland on
Mr. K. J. Stroud is vin'tin in Port
land this week.
It n fuaed by some that the fro3t last
night nipped Home of the fruit.
I). K. Vernon, editor of tin; Oakland
Owl, wai (loinj but-ineH in tlir; city Mon
day. Mrs. W, II. JamitPon and eonr. Liw
rence end Harry, aro yieitinc in Port
land. Mrp. Ilridgen and aunti'r, .Tiis Aud
rey, caui9 in from a vltiit at Drain Mon
day evening.
Fruit in uuinjuied here. There wire
two Iiht froatB, which did no harm.
Ivoeenare in bloom. ,
r.ryan'a failure and the absence of so
many politicians from town, makes the
city seem very quiet.
Mrs, Geo. Houtk, in company with ber
mother Mrs. E. Y. Moore, have gone to
Portland for a short visit,
Kev. J. A. Townsend and I. Iton edict
cf this city attended the I'resbytery' at
(iranta Pups last Wednesday.
II ih Excellency Governor Ger, pasted
through Tue-:day rooming on hit way
nortli from a visit in California.
.Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Fisher cf .the Re
view, went to Portland Tuesday and will
visit other points north whil n sent.
lion. J. C. Fuller;. ,n went north Tues
day morning to attend ttm f '.publican
Co t-rrroiia! ai.d Sti'.te Convention.
F. A. Tczier, who h.i'i t;ten vitiitint;
CiosKt.,1 Curry counticH in connection
with t,i.fin.8 interests, returned Mon
diy. Mi-i i M::nd Kramer of (irant.i Pass, is
visiting in this city. Mies Kramer Las
hrfen attending a medical college at Port
land. Soineiliing new again in Ciinrchill A
Woolle's in the new Panorama I'.ast
man Kodak the very latent in photography.
O. P.. Upright, of Tucoma, who ia rep
resenting the N. P. railroad iu its land
department, ia in the ci'y and made this
olliee u pleasant yitit.
E. A. Pout and family, formerly of the
McCIallen hotel of this city, have moved
to Portland. The best wishes of their
many friends go with them.
E. Morgau of Looking Glass made this
office a pleasant business visit last Tues
day. Mr. Morgan was on his way to
Mayville, Oregon, for a two month's
HoushoMer lias wheels to fell and
trade. If ou have anything to trade
brinj; it iu and feo him and he will treat
you light. -Little yellow corner, oppo
site posit dice.
lr. F. W. has caught the
epirit of improvement, and is moving
bis eottaco from the hill at thu east end
of Lane street to the. corner cf Kose and
Pontius Mrccte.
All the business men of thccitr who
have bill t j put and dodgers to distrib
ute, remembei- tbut there are l-o li
censed bill posters in town. Unless they
see cue or other they must p.iy tlu hue.
A. A. Matthews, an aged pioneer of
ttiia county, died at his home at Helton
Sunday. He was at one time assess ;r of
this couuty, and quiio prominent in poli
tics, lie leaves a widow and a ttrown
Orange Mattoon and family have re
turned lo Elkton. It is reported that
Mr. Mattoon will handle the stage this
summer between Elkton and Scottmhurg.
Well, it don't look natural down that
way without Pete.
Mr. A'.lio Ilouser called at the Pi.ais
pkalk.u oflUe Tuesday and subscribed for
the reliable news-medium of Kos Mug.
There is a glowing impression that .i you
want news that can be depended on you
must look in the to find it.
It pays to tell the truth.
Eev. G. K. Arnold, pastor of the M. E.
Church in this city, 'who lias oceu visit
ing in California for the pat t AO weeks,
returned Saturday inoruing. Unfortu
nately Rev. Arnold w seized with an
attack of lagrippe about the time of his
departure and was quite indisposed dur
ing his entire visit. We trust he may
Boon fully recover.
The Southern Pacific has issued a new
time card to go into effect on the Kith, at The nortn-bonnd local will
then reach here at 9:U5 a. m.; the north
bound overland at 11:15 p. in. ; (he south
bound local at 5:20 p. m., am! the souTi
liound overland at 4 ;8,"i a. iu. All paxa
enger trains will atop fieri :i minute,
the aame a at present.
Wo omitted to anno ni ce thorepobii
c.n uorniii'TH for precinct officers fn our
last ieuu for thn Itoei org district:
Prof. II, J, R jbinetto wan nomiuatsd for
jusiice of the p ' ace, arid Clay Slocutn for
constable, lirjtti ar exceptionally well
qulifled ir.eii for thH portions and will
be elected beond a finale doubt.
The- (lemoc ratii; nominees ares For
justice, E.G. Mi.::ii; constable, Sara
A. M. Crawford, of Roeeburg, chair
man. Umpqua J. W. Wright.
Eoehurg S. C. Flint.
West Rosebnrg ). S. K. Puick,
Deer Creek S. C. Partrum.
Canyonville Jno. E. I)ve.
Wilbur E. E.Lalitie.
Kiddle W. L, NicholR.
Looking Glass I. P. Howard.
Myrtle Creek Ed win Weaver.
Cow Creek Grant Levcns.
Glendale O. S. Goodr.ow.
Camas Valley O. If. Allison.
O.'alla O. H.Flor.k.
Calapooia J. A. Underwood.
Oakland A. F. Stearn..
Yoncalla A. W. Lamb.
Comstoek F. M. Stewart.
Civil Bend J, A. Ejgers.
Pas J Creek Dr. C. K. Wn .
Gardiner Dr. Alex Pattn-oi .
East Umpnua II. Parke .
Coles Valley V.'. W. S .
Elkton A. B. Haines.
Kellogg A. S. Peters.
Millwood J. L. Churc! il.
Scott9burg II. Weath
Perdue D. W. Hmki .
Lake B. F. Wiikca.;
M ' Scott L T. B!ak. !.
Death of Airs. Elizzbsth Hermann.
Mrs.l-:iizabeth If.Tmann, mother of
Hon. Binder Hermann, Commissioner'
of tha ( Jeneral Laud Office, died at the
old Hermann homestead on the South
Fork of t lie Cjquille river, six miles
from Myrtle Point, at 4 :30 o'clock a. m.
April 2nd, U)0O, aged 79 years, 1 month
and 1 day.
Deceased was born i:i Tredegar, Mon
mothshire, South Walts, England, Marca
1st, 1821, and came to the United States
ia 1S37 with her father, David Hopkins,
who built the first iron furnace in the
United States near Cumberland, Md.
Was married to Dr. iienrv Hermann in
1S40 and came to Coos county with a
colony from Baltimore in May, 1859,
where she resided on the o'd homestead
until her death. She was the mother of
nine children, these surviving tier being
Bingei and T. M. Hermann, of Wsh
ington, D. C. C. M., F. P. and K. W.
Hermann and Mrs. E. Bender, of My rtle
Point, and Mrs. J. W. Baker, of Phoenix
The remaius wert h.teired on the old
homestead place April 4th, at 2 o'clock
p. tn. the funeral t-etvices being von
ducted by the Rev. Thcs. Barkiow, a
large concourse cf pioneers ai d friends
from various parts ot the couuty bein in.
attendance to pay the last tribute of re
spect to her who for forty years had teen
a lesident of this vaoey and at had
answered the great summons which is
the common lot of al'. "!nH a loying
mother, a kind n ijihbjr, full of years
departed from u pi.uv among ns. the
pain of parving n .t ho much beta cs that
of those s'm left h.'hitol Myrtle Pcint
Collins Gets Off Easy.
Harry C. Collins, formeily of Ashland,
who was arrested at Junction City, Lane
County, January 2ord, charged with ob
taining $25 in money under false pre
tenses fro.n I. C. Hamilton cf Medford,
and who was alsj wanted in Ashland,
Grants Pats. Harrisbnrg and Marshfield
for the same offense, had bis case before
the circuit court at Jacksonville, Satur
day. At his preliminary hearing before
Judge Stewart, iu Medford, January 24,
he was held under $300 bonds, and has
since then been eotiliued in the county
jail, where he lias been reported as ser
iously ill with inflammatory rheumatism.
On Saturday he withdrew his previous
plea of "not guiliy" uad pleaded guilty,
and was sentenced ty Judge IIuna to
one year's impiisoiiment.
Letter List
Remaining uue.i led for iu
burg in Htolliee :
Bunch, Mre. Eva M.
Ferkitoii, Mrs. Dolou
Leighman, Mrs. Mary
ihe Rue-
Adoll Lindrus
Marion. Frar
Wool F
Persona callinn for these 1
please Mate tt, dato oi wh'
advertised, April 0, lKO
The letters will be
rate of one cent eac'