The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, April 09, 1900, Image 3

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To whom it may concern : Notice is
New Spring Goods
The Mild Winter lias brought fortlran Karly Spring and we
are now prepared to show you an elegant line of
in Grey, Castor, Mode and the New Foule Plaids,
have a very swell line of Silks, Mouscilline Dc
Come in and look tbem over.
have enlarged
services of an
Our Millinery Department
Will be quite a treat this Season as we
this Department and have secured the
Up-to-Datc Millliner direct from the city.
In Gent's Furnishings
all the striking
We still continue to, lead and have received
Novelties direct from the Manufacturer.
I. ABRAHAM, Proprietor.
A cnrcful analysis of our
Drugs and Chemicals
Will prove them to be of
Full Standard
Strength and Purity.
Our Stock is unexcelled in Quality and
Medicines are absolutely reliable.
Hoards and Pickets.
I c:iu furnish snlit boat' Is and picket-
on short noticH on my plaoe 12 miles west
of Cleveland and I respectfully solicit
orderfl for the panie.
ii(nj:itr Hkydo.v.
Purity f
I Accuracy
titty good tirnbermen, wages J per
dav. Fifty general laborers, watjes $l.o0
per day.
Cami'iiell & Alexandkk,
Comstock, Oregon.
Proscriptions com
pounded Day and Might iwa M,.a..
Snow Fljikt'.
Cass Street Market
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
F. 5. Godfrey,
'Phone Alain 353. Prop.
utarilc liiiii
Caro Bros, a Oakland
Offer for sale the following goods at cost
as they are over stocked in tbem :
Mackintoshes, collarettes, capes, dres
skirts and a large assortment of gents
and boys' rubber clothing.
Attention, Please I
The Uoseburg Exchange Hook Store
can mve von reasonable rales on doiu
new and second hand books. Alao au
thorized cgent f ir the S. F. Call.
A. H. Sk KK80X,
Op. poet office, Koseburg, Or.
The Byron Morse.
The Byion b:rte now ono.I by J. U
Dixon will m-ke tUi toison at Wilbur
Wednedav and Tiuiradny of each week
At Koseburg Friday am) Saturday and
the remainder of the time at the home
of the owner on the North Umpqua
terms reasonable.
Clyde Wodson and Lloyd Wise were
in the city Thursday.
Dr. and Mrs. A. L. Kent of Portland,
are visiting in the city.
H. L. McNabb of Stephens was in the
city the latter part of last week.
Mr. and Mm. 'A. L, Dlrnmick, wers in
the city Thursday from Oakland.
Mrs. Dr. Little of Oakland visited her
sister, Mrt. M Fickle, Thursday.
Arthur, Harve and Paul Mahoney of
Oakland, were in the city Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Chenoweth were
visiting friends in KoHeburg lata week.
Mr. and Mrs. Hobcrt Ling came over
from Voncalla Thursday to bear Bryan's
K. A. Cooper, of Elkton paid into this
office, Saturday, one year's subscription
in advance. .
U. F. Billings returned Tuesday
from a short visit at Koseburg. Ash
land Tidings.
J. Hal Beckley ot Portland came in on
the local Thursday and returned to Eu
gene Friday.
Miisea Dolly, Mamie and Mertie and
Del mar Dixon ot Deer Creek were in the
city Thursday and Friday.
Misses Joanna Hogau and Maude
Thompson, of Oakland, visited frienda
in Koseburg Friday and Saturday.
Mrs. Bert Brown, of Wilbur, made the
I'LAiNDKALEit a pleasant call Friday
She was accompanied by Mrs. Dr.
Wru. Wise, of Drain, paid thia office a
pleopant business call Saturday, and left
some irooii nonesi eosa coin in our
Alva lse. A uncalla, who was m-
j him! it few weeks ago be falling from
horse, is now able to be around on
S. Kail of Canronville called at this
office Friday, and became a regular sub
scriber for the reliable Southern Oregon
Jesse Clements, W. II. RedQeld, and
O. F. Kohrer of the south end
of the county, attended the democratic
ccnveniion Friday.
Ed Sherwood cf Myrtle Point, Cooe
County, was an Ashland arrival, Tues
day, and left yesterday morning for
Klamath Falls. Aehland Tidings.
P. A. Scott of Cleveland, called at the
Pain UKALEB office Friday in company
with his brother, W. W. Scott. Mr. I
A. Scott becomes a subscriber for the
A sheepman of Rushville, Neb., has
been buying up all of tbe dogs that be
could find for a car load shipment to
Dawsou City. He haB found any amount
of the animals and he has averaged
nrice for them of $3 a head. He should
call on Koseburg.
are sold ou a positive guarantee. Lures
heart burn, raising of the food, distress
alter eating or any form of dyspepsia
On" little tutilec gives immediate relici
25 cte. and 50 i ts. For sale at 51. F.
Uapp's drug store.
New subscriptions are rolling in for
the reliable Plaindkalkk, since Billy
Bryan uiude his nialislactory speech.
Mott of our new subscribers are from the
south pail of the county, where fusion
haa heretofore claimed everything.
How i that?
hereby given thai I will no longer be re
sponsible for any debts contracted by my
wife, Patience Bentley. Datrd at Oak
land, Oregon, March 22, 1900.
22 B. F. Bjentlkt
A first-class restaurant baa been
opened on Cass street, opposite tbe
neot, at which may be had fresh oys
ter, chicken, steaks, stewa, lunches, and
besides meals at all hours, regular meals
are served. Lunches and quick mals
for railroad passengers a specialty. For
that hungry feeliDg be sore and call at
Duffy s restaurant, prices reasonable.
Plans Wanted.
Plans for enlarging the school houe in
tbe city of Koseburg by the addition of
four rooms and remodeling the stairway
ill be received by the undersigned oh-
til noon of April 5, 1000. Tbe plans
must be accompanied with the probable
cost of building according to eucb plans.
By order board of directors school dis
trict No. 4, Donglas county, Oregon.
Claba Dillabd,
School Clerk.
Cape Nome Direct.
Pacific Coast and Empire Steamship
Co'a 12 firet class steamers will sail from
Portland and Tacoma between Apri'. lit
and June 1st.' Guarantee to land pass
engers and freight on tbe i. 'hch at Cipe
Nome. Each full tickp allows 159
pounds baggage free. An! irrjtuetliate
ly for reservations.
John F. Giv .vs. Agent,
K'!-ebu2, Or.
Ten dollars, $12,$15 and $16 all in good
condition, these prices are good for IS
days. We want to make room for our
large stock of new wheels, Imperials and
Clevelande, which we will s?ll this sea
son at prices from $25 to $50. Just think -
of a wheel like the Imperial for $25.
They don't need any recomoiendation,
tbey recommend themselves. We sold
54 last season, and tbey are all yiving
good satisfaction.
T, K. Richardson,
Rot ebnrg, Or.
Now is the Time.
To look out for your 1900 bicycle, and
aa we are having our first lot of wheels
come in a car lot with tbe other agents,
these fine Imperials ana Clevelands will
arrive in a few days; any one purchasing
one or two wheels out of this first lot we
will give a discount of $2, just the saviag
of freight. Regular prices on these
wheels are $28 to $40.
T. K. Richarpso.v,
KoBeburg, Ore.
Notice to Stockholders.
A Brutal Assault.
How To
Gain Flesh
Persons have been known to
cain a pound a day by taking
tn ounce of SCOTT'S EMUL
SION. It is strance, but it often
Somehow the ounce produces
the pound t it seems to start the
digestive machinery going prop
erly, so that the patient is able
to digest and absorb his ordinary
food, which he could not do be
fore, and that is the way the gain
i; made.
A certain amount of ilesrt is
necessary for health ; if you have
rot cot it you can get it by
ffiOH'S pmislon
You will find it just as useful in summer
as in winter, and if you are thriving upon
It don't stop because the weather is warm,
yx. oJ i .oo, all drufguti.
MTT EOWRB, CfcUa, Ntw Vara,
The- hobos, who are now flocking
northward, are givirjgmucu trouble at the
vaiioun points alougtiiuliue ot tbe railway
where they make their stopping places.
Yesterday morning, a tig burly one, who
had all tbo characteristics of the con
firmed voluntary tramp, who gave the
uitme of Ed Hart, brutally assaulted a
fellow uegro "louiist," bitting hira on
the head with a rock and knocking the
colored brother eenpebss. Tbe scene of
theaneault was one of the camps near
the S. P. stockyard. Urt was anested
on complaint of the negro, Win. l.jwis,
by nuui, takeu before Judge lierry and
tilled $25 or 12 dvys iu the city jail.
The city maithal is bavins ronsldeia-
blu trouble i'b Ihefe touiioia nowadays.
It u peara that moot cf tt em hvj a little
money, and some of them fair turns in
I Hoir r oae8H'.in. ami work is the last
thing they think of wmilin.
Til" rai; trainmen have been
much annoyed l.v ttieiu oi late, i p on
f a Si.k lus contractors uavo oeeu
huut mis und advertising for nieu to cut
wo. d m $2.25 aud cun't yet iheui yet
thee hobos pas along Work being dia-
tih (ul to theu.
It WAS reported tui-moruin that there
are over lou ot mesa uooos now ou iu
lino between Ashland end Dunsmuir,
bound mrih after a pleasant winter tea
ou among the flower aid tunshioe of
1 California. Tidings.
Anniuil meeting f the Douglas County
Building and Loan Association,
Koskuibu, Ore., April 2, 1900.
Stockholder are hereby iiotined that
the annual tueetii g of the stockholders
ot the Iouglaa Canity Building and Loan
Aesociation.of lNseburg, Oregon, will be
held at tt.e Fireman's room in City Hall
in tbe city of Kotteburi:, Douglas . ounty,
on Wednesday April IS, 1000, at 7:30 p.
m. of eaid day for the purpose of electing
seven directors, and three auditor', for
the transaction of such other business aa
may legally come beforn said meet in 4.
JoiIS It. Slll'PE,
There is more Catarrh in thia sectioa
of the country than all other diseases
put together, and until the latt few
years was supposed to be incurable.
For a great many years doctors pro
nounced it a local d.sease, and prescribed
local remedies, and by constantly failing
to cure with local treatment, pronounced
it Incurable. Science lias proveu calatrb
to be a constitutional disease, and there
fore requires cousiitutioual treatment.
Hull's Catarrh Cure. luui'fuctured by
F. J. Cheney it Co., Toledo. Ohio, is the
only constitutionol cure onjthe market.
It ia taken internally in docea from 10
drops to a teaspountul. It acts Uirccily
on the b'ood uu I mucous surfaces of the
system. Tbey oiler one hin.dred do. lard
lor aoy caee it to cur.-. Snd for
circulars and testimonial. Addr.-f -t,
Sold 'y l'riit'gisis, 7"c.
Hall's Fa mil? IV I r ibe I si.
will stop a cough at any time, and will
cure tbe worst cold in twelve hours, or
money refunded. 25 eta. and 90 cti.
lorsale at Rapp'a drug store.