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Southern Oregon's Leading Newspaper.
Vol. XXXI.
No. 28
That Is all Admiral Dewey Would
Have to Say.
. Scheme. Said to be the Work ot Antl
Bryan flen Vlewa ot Eastern
Party Leader.
PuaAOBLi'uu, April 6. Th second
and last orchestral concert in aid ol the
families of tbe soldiers and sailors who
were kilted in the Philippine islands was
given at the Academy ot Music this
evening. The overshowing feature, of
lha nn'DiiInn was the breeence ot Admiral
and Mrs. Dewey, who came trnn. Wa-h-
inirlon for the purpose of lending! their
oi, I i!.. ..! , ..rt V th' ir attendance.
The c rtcort nm an nuouaiifi.-d ancriw,
the liirue auditorinni tfiiJir tilled. Thu i
audieuco was iimd up almost etitir ly td
women. ;
At th IlelleviH Htl, alter thocou-j
C?rt, Admiral IVwey granted an in er-(
!...- tn imarl f h ill m-ii new tii nu- r moo. ;
n. ... Unt i., tecem. l,r...1!l''-''l-'l"--,!''"l'" Ki.umih City
ceive the reiiorlt-ie, t'Ut aill. d Mini he
bad nothing to Bay.
At ttiiH moment Mr. D.;wey joroed her
husband in the reception room, and nfler
introducing her, ho said: "Mra. Dewey
will talk," t which Hhe replied with u
smile: "The admiral ban a uiind of hie
own; he thinke for hiaieelf,"
"Are you correctly repotted to. be a
democrat?" the admiral waa waked) and
after a momeni'e hesitation he replied:
"Yes, I think I can anewer that. Yrs,
I am a democrat."
"If the republicans Dominate , McKio
' ley and the democrats nominate Bryan
for the presidency, would you ron inde
pendently?" "I won't answer that."
"The democratic convention at Harris
bnrg baa indorsed ltrjan for 'he prual
deocr," was auKfieeied by one repurlrr, to
which the admiral replied:
Pennsylvania utnally i repiiili:an
doean't i' ?"
Several qnealiona in jukk soct::ion
as to any cooftrence betwea'i him and
Orover Clevelaiid, Wdliam C. Whitney.
or any other'jjiuliticiil n-.en d p'omiiienco
were answered with the h.iiiio phrufv:
"I caniu hern to attend the concert." ,
Scheme to (Nominate Dewey the Work
, of Anti-Bryan flen.
New Youk, April 6. The Herald says:
Urh-fly stated, this ia the story of the
Dewey candidacy aa given to the Ilera'd
laat night, by a pro.ninent party leader,
who bas successfully manipulated etute
aod even National conventiona:
"The acbeiue to nominate Admiral
Dewey at the Kansas City cenvention
was carefully planned at a series of con
ferences beld principally in this city and
ia Washington. Arthur l Gorman, ac
knowledgedly one of the moat skillful
political managers iu the democratic
party, was asked to take charge of tbe
movement. Such conspicuous long-time
party leaders as William C. Whitney,
Daniel Lamoot. Kithard Olney, John K.
McLean and Edward M. Bheppard par
ticipated actively in tbe conferences.
"They canvassed tbe entire situation
until they became convinced that the
movement could he successfully carried
out. Admiral Dewey and all of his
(rienda denied the reports that the hero
of Manila Bay would run for Treatment
under any clrcnmstarcea. They pro
poked to spriDg the plan suddenly., not
long before the assembling of the Demo
cratic Nathmal Convention, aod on the
wave of enthuslaam which Dewey's an
nouncement was expected lo create, cal
culated ou sweeping aside all obstacles
and on making Dswey the party candi
date. "Admiral Dewey' announcement of '
his csodldscy at this time wss not too-'
temolatoil by the leaders In the move
ment. Thov regarded April ai too early,
That the announcement should he made
by Dowey now Is due to the persistent
re porta from Washington that Mr. and
Mra. Dewey would no abroad. This lat
ter announcement, declared by iho Ad
miral to have twen absolutely without
foundation, was regarded as an rffoit t
forestall and sidetrack the Dewey bo mi
"The exact wording of Admiral Dew
ey's statement was nnder discussion for
several weeks. It waa prepared with the
utmost care and a draft of the statement
waa sent to .he Admiral while he was on
his recent visit to St. Augustine, Fla.
"It was pointed out last night that
Democratic leaders nf the prominence ol
those mentioned wonld not hnvo con
sented to the publication of Ainiiriil
Dewey's statement at this lime unle-s
they knew the exaet 'Situation. They
are men to shrewd ami two experienced
in political manipulation to fo'to Admir
a! Dowey Into the position of a candidate
without a fair a.BUranra nf nirri'n.
"On the other hand,'1 the Herald's iu-
j "'-t adjert. "it wna -pec.t.d I hit
f aJW
of the. iilx'frt of t!l()
! Ilr
nf le:nvrHtiir Natituttl coiumtttea
I and thor Irjih-ra, vni.i into puaer In
! 'lie P.iyan ( m im i,:u , Viidd r. pndia'e
Admiral Dewc-v'a rend. ditrvr ami wu d
jad n-iif i' n e r.iniii) of .1. Hrvan.
'Thu plct-int Xa'i'jiinl committee, having
! Wen choteu at the CK"iro convention
lin:!i in.idti Hr.nll itt candidal) , will l'X-
con vent iuii. They aie llrvan'a friends.
Mauy chniiueH, it tiin pi '.ni il Ailmiral
Dewey's friend da not mincarry, will bo
made in Him new National copunlttee,
which will have great influence over tlm
work of the Kansas City convention and
which wili conduct the catupuiu that
will follow."
Kanaaa Ci y Fire.
Kakhas Citv, April 4. The mammoth
and superb Auditorium In which the
democratic convention was to have beeu
held on July 4, waa burned to the ground
by a Gre that started at 1 :10 p. m. Within
a few minotee after it caught tbe whole
structure, taking in a half block each
way on Thirteenth and Central streets,
was a maMoflNmm, and "0 minutes
after the first alarm waa turned In tho
the mammoth roof fell in with a crash,
throwing-showera of burniug embere in
every direction. It will he rebuilt.
Southern Pacific Meeting.
San Fkanumco, April 4. At the an
nual meeting of tho e'.uck holders of tint
Somhern Pacific Company todv.y the fol
lowing director were elected: C. P.
Huntington, II. K. llintirnjton, D. O.
Mills, Charles II. 'freed, John W, Mac
kay, Thomas II. Hubbard, John E.
Searles, John IS. Hatpin, John L, Probst,
August Jielnrint aod Edwin ilawl-y.
It was given out that 'Jo ptr tent of the
1200,000,000 stock was voted. It was
stated that the proposition ot declaring a
Brat dividend ou tho stock was oot dis
cussed. A statement of the gross earn
ings tor he first nine months of the pres
ent fiscal year was submitted. It was
said to show receipts averaging over (5,
000,000 for each month or a t tel of 4(i,
000,000 in round numbers. OHiceis of
tbe company will be elected at a later
meeting, to be beld lo New York.
Large Shipment of Locomotives.
Nkw YottK, April 5. The German
steamer Wilbelmlna, which 's about to
ssil from Philadelphia for Yokohama
and Vladivoatock, will carry one of the
largest shipments ot American machin
ery ever forwarded to tbe far East, being
no less than 0000 tons weight. The
principal part of the cargo will consist of
31 Baldwin locomotives for the Chineae
Eastern Railway
Tbe Carnegie Steel Company will for
ward sorae'liOOt) tons of steel rails for tbe
Formosa Kailroad and the Pouuoid Iron
Works will ship 400 odd tons of bridge
material for Japan.,
Is Mrs. Dewey glog to be Presides! ot
the United FtsUi? Telegrsm.
Nominated by the Republicans
in County Convention.
. .
The float En huslastlc and Harmon
ious Convention Ever Held in
the County.
KenatorA. C. Maratera. 1
Representatives A. It. Mat toon and
0. It. King.
rMiorilf !:. L. I'lirrnlt.
Clerk D. K. Miamhro. k.
AswBaor J. A St-r!tru.
Treumiter G. W. Dunmick.
Si:!n;ol .' up! F. H. Ibiiiim.
C'iumihionmf. M. D. Tin'mipitm, A.
E Nichoh.
irvevor Win HiiuV".
Cornii -r--Ir. J. C. Twi'chvll.
Tin- ie:iiiblii'an (MUntv oonveiilhni
C'i.i riui'l hi ihn courc )io;rti lai't Satnr
duV, ul 10:1") a. in., and vjb rulixltti
unli?i by K. l. Stra'f ird, chairmuti of
tlio couuty- ceiitr.l connnitte-. Mr,
Stratford adiln-fieod tlm C niveiitloii
briefly, iuatructirig Hie linlcgHtes retfirJ
iug their reiliio- i fair ceriific ntes, selec
tion ol central commlttoemen, precinct
nominations, and other preliminaries.
Hon. A. M. Crawford nominated W.
it. Clarke, of Millwood, tor temporary
chairman, eulogizing him as a pioneer
republican cf tho county, who had tu-cn
ev ir )yal to principle and trim to hit
convictlotiH. In taking the chair, Mr.
Clarke said: "Gentlemen of the con
vention, I thank you for the high honor
ctMibrred upon me, for I always deem It
an honor to preside over a republican
convention, large or small. 1 will not
attempt to make a speech, and only hope
and feel ensured that harmony will pre
vail throughout tho proceeding. Nomi
nations for secretary are in order."
Dr. F. W. Ilavnea nominated Ernest
1). Ulddle, A lliddh-, tor sectary, who
waa electv ' by ao-Un-nllon.
Atty.J. E. .Sawyers was nominated
for araiatant tiecrttarv by H. J. Itobinelt,
but declined from the t.tct that he wa"
not a d-divti'e. J. I. Ctiupmuti was then
lioiiiitiiited by S. C. Flint, ami tlcrled,
rp'u mot toil the chairiuitu appointed
I h f allowing cummitteej :
On Credentialn. A. G. Young, I!. E.
Lynter, W. V. Kent, II. W-cuMi.'rly and
John Hamlin.
On ruaolutioiiH. ,t. 11. K'liduiiire, A.
M. Crawford, J. A. litlchitnan, J. C.
Fullerton and IV, C Underwood,
Order of buairioas. J. T. itriilgun, C.
L. Franklin, J. 15. Kiddie, Win. Kamp
and II. Gallup.
On Permanent. Organization. K 1).
(Stratford, Simon Caro, M. O. Thompson,
M. D. Moore aod E T. Woodruff.
Upon motion of E. 1). Stratford, the
convention then adjourned until 1
o'clock to allow the committets time in
which to draft their reports.
ArTtKNlK)! BKS910K.
E. D. (Stratford chairman of the com
mittee on permanent organization
reported In favor of making
the temporary organization perma
nent, and ulso that A. F. (Stearns and J.
A. Black act as tellers. The report was
adopted and F. H. Holers was appointed
assistant secretary by the chairman of
tbe convention. '
Itev. J. H. Kkldmore, chairman ot the
committee on reaolutiona, presented aod
read tho resolutions in his usual elo
quent and forcible manner, and almost
every clause of the documeut was re
ceived with storms of applause, especial
ly that part retering to the election ot
senators by direct vote; eudorsmentof
the administration, aod reference to the
Second Oregon
Wjikmkas, There' it bat one great
political party before the voters ot this
ration today that from its blrtb bas been
sound and true to tbe nation, to the con
stitution, to national progreslon, to na
tlonal finance and to the whole people.
Therefore : We hereby declare rur un
shaken confidence in the. present admin
istration and the grand old republican
We congratulate the (Stale of Oregon
on the fact tht whet a ship of the
American Nsvy, freighted with tinman
life, waa In the most dastardly and In
human manner deetroyrd in a Spanish
harbor and scores of brave Americans
hurled Into eternity, her tons were tbe
first to respond lo the nation's call to
arms aod lo leave tbeir homes and loved
ones to follow the flag where dot? called.
We are proud ot the record of Douglas
County's sturdy sons who did tbeir full
absre In making a name for tbe 2nd Ore
gon Volunteers, which will be a house
hold word while the etato "exists. We
sure the returned soldiers (hat ths peo
ple will remember them for tholr coor
age and heroism. To tbe families, rela
Uvea, and fricndi of those w ho gave up'
their Uvea for the honor of the (lag, we
ext-nd our profoundest sympathy.
J!rnhril, That our nominees for
iiiembars (I the state legialaturo he
pledged to support no mi.n for Unit
St jtet Senator, who will not plu.lgo him-
f 'a do all i:i hii p iiver to have sub-nii"-d
to tlm p-i'ple, an iioiendiuetit fo
tho United States Constitution providing
lor the flection of l S. r-'enatnr by din r.t
vr.te if the pHj,lo.
Jflrerl, That the ItopnWIcnn party
ol D'iitnUin County hi in f.ivnr of the
ernctiiii'tit of whittle known as the pri
mary election law in order thut tho peo
ple may at tho primaries select tho men
ttiey doeoi ruoet suitable for nomination
(or the various. oIlkeH and l'us do away
with the interference of M'lt-Mnking poli
ticians and seit-coiiHtituted leaders.
WitaiiKAH, Aa Kepublicni wo are a
great part of the people and in favor of
all tbe people, therefore, be it
K( tolvcd, Ttiat we are in yor of aub
milting the iniuativo aud referendum to
a Vote of the people.
lirmlvtil, That we are In favor of a
graduat-d state income Isx.
Wukbeah, Eternal viuilaoce ia the
price of liberty, we, the Douglas County
Convention pledge ourselves to unceas
ing efforts to securo the success of the
ticket we today present lo tbe voters of
this County.
Respectfully Submitted
J. II. Hkidmork,
A. M. Ckawkjkd,
W. C. Undkiiwooij.
Oil 1)1. UK lll.HIM.KS.
Tim coimnittei xi ported uj follows:
S iiiui'ir.
Two Kuprx-mitui we.
School Super in tmidctd.
Twelve delegates to atate convention.
Twelve delegates to coogreeelonal con
vetition. Report adopted.
For State Senator Judge J. C. Fuller
loo nominated Hon. A. C. Maratera, eu
logizing him aud calling attentiou to the
fact that after many years of faithful and
valuable services rendered the republican
party by Mr. Maratera this waa the first
time he would consent to accepting uuy
recognition whatovor from his party.
Reference waa aleo made to bis able,
economical and butinens-like administia
lion of the municipal afl'alrt of this city
during his four years service as mayor,
he having proved himself a safe an emi
nently well qualified man to entruat the
interests ol our couuty in the Oregon sen
ate. Ilia nomination waa eecouded by
Hon. A. M. Crawford, Henry,
of Gardiner moving lo make it unanim
ous, mid he was declared the choice of
the convention for state senator amldat
the greatet enthusiasm. Upou motion
the follow iug committee was appointed
tooooduut Mr. Marsteri before the con
vention: Oeo. M. Brown, Dr. K. L.
Miller and E. D. (Stratford.
roa axj-aasxNTATivxs
Tbe following' osmse were presented:
(Continued on psg fj.
Held By Democrats, Pops and
Silver Republicans. .'
Little Enthusiasm Manifested, but
Nominees Came Cheerfully lip
to the Slaughter.
State Senator P. B. Deck), y
Ilepresentailves W, W. Wi n, Drx-
ter Itice.
Clerk J. F. (iazloy.
Sheriff J, L. Dew,jy.
Coramiaaloners J. M. '-' -uwr), A.
B. C. Wh;pi-le.
Asuecaor II. U. Gillct! .
Treannrrr K. II. Leno .
School Supt Louis Ca a; .
Surveyor O. F. T'lil.
Coroner Dr. E. V." IIimvi.
Tli i:n-at triple allai. j i 'i'.n i.jr
epulis avgregati-in met id u.. . oiiiiou in
tldi city Friday (an tiulurky day to he
gin with) and nt.wiitiatanding the prces
aimonncement that it u "moot har
moniotiH meeting," tliero waa eoiuu very
lively and int. -riming scenea enacted,
bordering at tunes on the dramatic or
der. Thi waa the condition In Un
democratic ai well as tlm populiat con
Vi'tition, tho free silver republican wing
being somewhat of nn exception on ac
count of ita limited number. The tuata
fliiht of thiv democrat wai over the
nomination of u candidate fur sheriff
and a lilitcr c iiitet nsued ll.oull i ut
side cf the convention hall, r'inlllng ia
a victory for the Komburg ring In turu
ing down the present incumhenw for re
uomioation, who, by V wy, is today
one of the very t irongest men in the
party in this county, but who baa been
too independent, coi.jtcinntious aid
economical io the administration, of his
ollicial duties duriug his term iu office to
receive any further indorsement, recog
nition or favo.-e .t ih t hands of the
ring. However, tho m xuy frieuda of ll.
L. Stephen?, Mood by hi n uobly lo ttie
laet, or until hf vi;h r,.,v from ttio en -JeKt,
many of openly t-xpie--a
tiiemfielvea ad unwilling to euppoit tiio
S'icreaaful cau-lidatM fo,- ihe nomination
owiur to tho iu inner in which tlm nun.
illation w.i.i l,r xt;it a'oui.
In th populist convention there was a
clash heiwci) tho fuMonist and imti
fufionirtt" bii, I tt nun very warm words
wero exchanged, ri-ultiii iu the Sutter
eleinont either declining to participate
further in the convention or retiring.
tub nx.MocuATit: i-onvi;stiox
convened in the opera. houot 10 o'clock
a. in. and organixed by electing B. W.
Strong, chairman J Ira Wimberly, secre
tary; E. W. Diller, OBwi.taur eecrelary;
the fol lowing committeea were appoint
ed: Crjdentials Frank Clorrell, H. L.
Engels, W. A. Webber, Douglai Waite,
II. B. Challenor.
Conference V. C. London, C. L.
Chenowelh, J. L. Boyle.
Order of Business and Permenent Or
ganizttlon G. W. Wonacott, O. T.
Nail, F. F. Wells.
Platform 0. II. Fisher, Peter Nelson,
We, tbe representatives of tbe demo
cratie, populist aud silver republican
parties, allied in one common organiza
tion, striving for a single purpose, under
the name of the union party, do submit
to the voters of Dmiglaa county the fol
lowing declaration of principle;
We re-aUlrra the cardinal plnnka of the
national democratic, populist and silver
republican platform nf 1890, emphasix
lug oor loyUlty to the cue of independ
ent Avaiicau bi-nielaliem which is based
upon the free -coinage of silver at the ra
tio of 16 tuL We believe tbe constant
falling away In-iLe prices cf the nroducts
of tbe farmi Is due lo the so-oalled
"sound money" hglnratlon whicn it cn
stSntJy decreaslag the volume of clroulat
(Cootinnsd en pace 4.)