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ne Cheapest.
Burb Well ol Olalla, ia vuUiM ia tue
Dr. Little was over Iroui Oak'and
: . L 1
(3 .., i
T s
I V 1
V '.
Tines of Liiiens,
fx A are right and will
of viL-A multitude of good
vs in Collarettes, Fancy Skirts, Fas-
vvoveslc. beemg our lull assortment is the
riiod we know of that will convince you, that you
.luade a mistake, in not buying your goods from us
We are showiug an elegant line
of Holiday Novelties in Neck
wear, Fancy Shirts, Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs, Muf
flers, Fancy Suspenders, Etc., and speaking about prices,
we are not only as low, but lower than other firms, whose
boast may be that they sell cheap. Goods and prices talk
for us.
Our line of shoes is unsurpassed, we sell and recommend
the well known Douglas Shoes for men, which means ab
solutely the Best. Get into a pair of them and make j our
feet glad. Pay us a visit and we promise to show you
more and better values than you will find elsewhere.
I. ABRAHAM, Proprietor.
JANUARY 11, 1900.
came over irom Oak-
For first class ilentUlrr
LitUe of Oakland.
go to Dr
A line hoe of epray pomps at Church
ill & Wooliey'e.
Yoa caa g-t tbs host 50-Jent overalls , Wted-To purchase a good pantUr
at the Novelty Store. Try tlem. ' iskjn. Enquire at thie office.
c. ,.,.. ..L r... r- i i
cushion shoe, at Joeephaon'e.
Schoyler Ireland of Olalla, Jiaa bten
j Trice reduced oa Wiocbeflter rifles at
' J. A. Kintsva o.i t In mil... I
doing buBioeet in Uoeeburg this week, i ...... . .,,.,...
I day to build a house for W. L. Cobb at
special sale ol silk plasties lor oo, 4U, i tntt p'tce.
Mesdames Manlioix and Finch from
E. H. Pinkotoo
land yesterday.
Imxatm Iaman of Flourooy Valley, was i
doing bnsiueaa ia town lb first of the j 50 and ,o cenie per yard at josepuson a.
week. I Bond, the watchmaker sells spectacles
' Ladieailjoaar. looking for number j r"ces and can fit them cor-
one Tlces in knit underwear, call at the j rally.
NorltT Store. ' Yoa fioJ iast h,t yu w,nl in
The specific remedy for troubles of the j -. . Y- a I Joaepbson'.
Kl-l Ww. ntnmnch. liver. IS Hood I i""' ' v.
UIUVU) a,a'-j -j -
Eirsaparillt, the great blood poriSar.
When you come to Portland remem
ber and hatf your teath fixed ly Dr. M
W. Paris, KB.1," First St. (j24)
Cometock. were registered at the Mc
Clallen Tuesday.
Special sale of children's ecailet all-
j wool underwear for 35 cents per garment,
Dr. Isabel SeJgwick has now secured
After all others fail to give you satis
faction take your watch to J. T. Dryan
and be will make it run for you. (ol4J)
Take a "equint" as you pass by
Churchill & Woolley. See tbeir win
dow display of eilyer ware and Eastman
A fine $05 C. G. Conn, cornet model
solo alto born, burnished silver, gold
tipped, good as new. Only $25 at T. K.
If von. are tired and dull, can't get
and have no appetite, tate
w-fJm Kanunarilla. It enriches and
vitalizes the blood.
E. Wimberly came in on the local
Tuesday moraine from Greats Pass,
where be stopped off to visit his daughter
from his wy back from California,
The modern and most effective cure
lor coiistipalion and all liver troubles
tbefamooa little pills as De Witt's Little
Early Risers. , ,
A. C. Marsters & Co.
Mrs. L. E. Bailey, of Prohibition Park,
Staten Island, Kew York, willspeskon
next Sabbath, in Uie morning at the M.
E. church. South, and in the evening at
the 1- E. eburebv
Notice is hereby given that no more
eatertainmenls are allowed at Pine
Grove cborch without consent of tie
trottees. By order of the trustees.
January, 1, TJOO.
wuW?op a conga at any time, and will
2lt2wont cold in twelve hours, or
money refunded. . 25 eta. and 50 cts.
For eale at Rapp'a drag store.
offices and residence at the S. E. coner
of Cans and Main streers in the home of
Mr. Geo. II. Churchill.
A fine easy rocker is a py forever and
Strong has a late shipment that will
n.ake anyone joyous.
Lion. T. E. Sheridan, of ibis city, re
turned Tuesday from ao extended 'if it
at San Francicco. Cl.
G. II. Appleton, Justice of Fetce.
Clarksburg. X. J., eayi1, TteWitt'a Iitt:e uer coicmus or larseys can ie
Eirly Risers are the beet pills made lor uaicuea in a t eteiuuia lncuoa'.ur. t?ee
constipation. e ne no otbere." them at Churchill & Woolley V.
yaiciiy cure a.i aver ana uowei irouuies. i
A. U. Aiarjters & KjQ.
Sue doesn't indicate quality.
nf nwnterfeit and worthfeei salve offered
for DeWitt's Witch Haiel Salve. De
Witt's is the only original. An infallible
tore for piles and all akin diseases.
A. C. Marsters & Co.
Quite an excitement was caused yeeler
dsy morning about 10 o'clock by the
Violent ringing of the fire bell. The boys
quickly responded and dragged the hose
cart through tbe mod and slosh to the
(team laudry when they found tbe
alms was false.. There seems to hays
tea a alight blaz in some lace curtains
is tha aooth oart of town from wbicb
th e alarm started. '
- Yesterday afternoon, says the Astoria
yr Budget, a practical test was made of tbe
' sppsratns that is to bs nsed to get the
lightship off the rands at McKenzie
bead. It worked to the fullest satisfac
tion, and not only raised the reseel from
ber bed and pointed her oat to sea, but
took ber out -about 4) feet. If there
bad been a tug in waiting it would have
been possible to have taken her out to
sea then.
If yon overlook ns yoa have ruaJo
mistake. We are the people you are
looking for, we have tbem. Low prices
are at our store. Rkb & Rice.
House Furnishers.
Mrs. Sarah Clevenger of Grants Pass,
is viziting Willamette Vatley points in
the ioterebt of the Rebekah Assembly of
Oregon, el which she is president. She
passed .through on the local Tuesday
morning for Junction City, and will step
at Roeeburg on her return about Feb. 20.
sick headache, indigestion and constipa
tion. A delightful herb drink. Re
moves all eruptions of tbe skin, produc
ing a perfect complexion, or money re
funded. 25cts. and 50 cts. M. F. Rapp,
"Mrs. Bailey is greeted with large
audiences wherever rbe goes.' "Her
long experience renders ber much more
capable than ordinary public speakers
along temperance lines " "Oar bright
est expectations were mere than real
ized." Frees Report.
Another old pioneer of Djuglaa connty
gone. Mrs. Livics Lamnion, a zed 80,
died at her home in Shoestring valley,
I suddenly last Tuesday. Mrs. Lamnion
was one of the oldest settlers in Douglas
county, and was held in high esteem by
a large circle of acquaintances.
Jcst Received. A large line of string
instruments, violins, msndolins, guitars,
banjos, also a large stock oi smaller in
struments. Violins from tl up. Mando
lins from (7 np. Accordions $2 to $10.
Other instruments' in propertion. Great
value in these instruments. Bee them
at T. K. Richardson's .
Do you know a bargain when yoa eee
it? They' are looking you straight in
the eyes when yoa are in our store.
Rick & Rick.
Jno. F. Keiley went to Saginaw and
Roeeburg today in tbe interests of the
Booth-Kelly Lumber Co. Guard, En
Just bee it e money you could have
made if you had booght an incubator
last season. Talk with Churchill A
E. DaGas. M. D., member Board of
Pension Examiners. Office. Marsters
buildinc residing corner Djuclaa and
Jack jan stroet.
Zene Ditninick. one of OAiaai'a
prominent business men, was in town
today do'iwt business before the
commissioners court.
J. I. Bevry, Loganton, Ta., writes,
am willing tcake my oath tnat l was
cored of pneumonia entirely by the nse
of One Minute Congb Core afters doctors
failed. It also cared my children of
whooninc cooeh." Qukkly relieves and
coxes eoagbs. colds, croup, grippe and
throat and Inez troubles. Children all
like it. Mothers endorse it.
A. C. Marsters A Co
To the Ladies of Roseburg.
Nose like tho Uratlley k Me'caK boots
the Novelty Stoto
A big reduction iu lias t man Kodaks,
at Churchill & Woolley 's.
T. L. Brewer, and I. S. Weaver were
over from Myrllo Creex Friday.
Mrs. CUr Real came iu on the local
from Ashland yesterday mornfug.
The Cape Nome fever is spreading, ut
tbe present rate it nill become epidemic
by spring.
. G. Eubanks, a prominent citizen of
Oakland, was in the city Tuesday shak
ing hand with frietxls
Mr. II. W. K.iw l.tu.I, one or the editors
of the Guard of Eugune, ai interview
ing Roeeburg people Tuesday.
L. T. Thompson, one of the prominent
men ot CoKo Valley, waa in town Tues
day snd visitod at the Plainukalkr of
John Woo! men and Louis Holt ot
Eugene weie in the tity yesterday doiog
buSucfB bvfore the Uui'cd States land
Fred UarJ, lire man on the S. P. hat
bo?n visiting at his homo in Looking
Gl&es, came in yee'erJay to resume
Mr. Hsrry Black, an old soldier, died
in this city Thursday and was bnried in
the c?mettry at the Soldiers Home Sat
urday morning.
W. L. Cobb ol Dillard. ia getting ready
to start for Cape Xome in the early
spring. Wilt is a rustler and will get tbe
gold if it can be bad.
The Rebekah lcde f this city has
been invited to attend an installation
and barquet of the Rebekah' at Myrtle
Creek Saturday night. Tbe Wk9 will
go out Saturday night and return Sunday
Parents and younit people alike rs
entertaiued in the scientific metboda of
phvtical cultaro which will be illustrated
by the Swedish Movement Eoter'aic
ment to be given at tho Opera House
Friday evening.
The linemen are very busy wirlog the
citv for telephone service If the
business is as well represented
in other cities of like popolaliun
as Roseburg the main line will do an im
niense businesp.
W. M. Hodeon. of est Roseburg ic-
ceived a patent a few dys ag which
was issued ts htm from tbe United States
patent office at Washington, D. C, Jan.
19C0. It consists of a metal railroad
lie with ita adjustments and looks as
though it wonld be a aaccrfs.
One thing in particular that niay be
said about "At lay Coney Is'and
which cornea to the Opera House, Tues
day. Jan. loth, is that there hat never
been any No. 2 company Meaars.
Whiting & Willis, tbe managers, believe
that tbe great Wt stern public are as ap
preciative of the original New lot k pro
duction as any public can be and though
tempted many times thsy have refrained
from putting a western or No. 2 company
on the road.
Tbe Done! as Cointy bank bangs np a
neat sign to the effect that they are pro
tected by a policy in the Backers'
Mutual Casualtv Company. Tbis refers
to an insurance policy issued by the com
pany lo the bank, indemnifying it from
loss that may be caused by a burglary or
robbery cf the bank, and srenres lbs
bank sod its patrons from the danger of
that score. The Company issoicg the
nolicv uava tbe lore occasioned and in
As a special inducement to cash customersiS
we will give
$25 each month
to the one holding the lucky number.
All amounts settled within 30 days will
be considered as cash. Each purchase en
titles you to one number. Our reputa
tation for selling the best goods for the
lowest prices is owing to the fact that we
buy for cash and in large quanties, which
enables us to maintain the same low figures.
301 and 303 Jackson St.
Roseburg, Oregon.
-G9 -
' -
God la All lo All.
God nils all apace with life and light,
And bia blessings ever fall ;
There is no room for sin or blight.
For He is AU-iu All.
God is Principle divine and sure,
Beyond His vigil none can rove,
Man, His image and retl-dion pure,
Ia eternal as His love.
Reflecting Him ws catcb the gleams
Of His love and light divine,
And turn from mortal thoughts
To Spirit's holy shrine.
Ia sacred realms of Truth we dwell,
Where Love exists and reignt;
And no baman tongue or pen can teil
Tbe joy that Spirit brioi.
In God we have oar being rife,
And in Him we live and move.
He guide ns to eternal life.
And surrounds us with His love.
A LIOS Habxkss,
Roseburg, Oregon
KNIGHT-SANDERS. At the residence
ol Mrs. L. C. Williams in West Rose
burg, Jan. 2, 1900, Ralph M. Knight,
and Miss Loa Sanders, Rev- K. M
Marsters, officiating.
STRUXK-XORTHCP. At the home of
J. A. Hanson in Edenbower at
o'clock Wednesday afternoon, Mr.
Looey D. Strank, of Fisher, Clarke
county. Wash., and Miss Harriet R.
Xorthop, Rev. G. R. Arnold, officiat
Announcement That Interests Many
Dr. Darrln, the Eminent Special
ist, to Visit Roseburg Again.
At Gay Coney Island.
addition to this money protection the
Jafct arrived at Strong's Furniture I Company has sn efficient detective ser-
Store, a late shipment ot bae rooters, yct i,ich fa t once put on tbe track o(
a ciiminal who interfere) with any bank
holding a policy in thia company, and
brineiuz the burglar or robber to bay
Yoa are earnestly and cordially invit
ed to attend an illustrated lecture to be
given in the Christian cborch of Friday
atternojo, Jan. 12th at 2:20 p. ru , by
Mrs. J. V. Layne, of Portland, under the
auspices of the Hreenic Department of
the Viayi Co., Subject: "The Xer
Tons System. "
call and see them tbey are worth looking
at and will not last long.
Mr. and Mrs. John UaH. of Myrtle
Creek, are visiting friends in Med ford
Mr. Hall is an extensive fruit grower of
Douglas county. Medford Mail.
R. S. Sheridan ol Roeeburg, chairman
of the democratic state central commit
tee, was in Eugene on legal business to
day. We acknowledge a pleasant call.
Eugene Guard.
Mr. Jake Richey ot Hardsciabble, ia in
tbe city on business and made a call at
tbe pLAiSDXALia office. I nele Jake is
one of tbe prominent republican wheel
horses of North Douglas.
One of tbe musical treats in store for
those who attend the Swedish Move
ment Entertainment will be a trio with
Mr. M. O. Warner celloist, Mrs. Apple
hoff Dianoist. and Mr. Applehoff violin
are sold on a positive guarantee. Cares
heart-barn, raising of tbe food, distress
after eating or any form of dyspepsia.
One little tablet gives immediate relie
25 cts. and 50 cts. For sale at M. F
Rapp's drug store.
"I am indebted to One Minute Cough
Cure for mr health and life. It cured
me ot lunz tronble following grippe
Thousands owe tbeir lives to the prompt
action of tbis never failing remedy. It
cures coughs, colds, croup, bronchitis,
pneumonia, grippe and throat and lung
troubles. Its early use prevents con
soniDtion. It is the only harmless rem
edy that gives immediate results.
A. C. Marsters & Co
and trial regardless of the time or effort
required. Ponuhmeut is sure to over
take any persons who attacks the bank
in the way ol burglary or robbery. The
rmtrons of the bank can readily see tbe
great merit ol such protection.
Swedish Movement Entertainment.
Fclloaingis tbe program to oe given
Eriday evening, in the Opera House:
Overture, "Crown Trioce" Barnard
lluartet, "Tbe Miller's Sons," Zollner,
Mesdames Ai pelhoff, Flint, alker,
Class drill in Swedish movements.
Vocal solo, cello obligato, "Goodbye
Sweet Dav." Kate Vannab. Mrs. L A
Walker and violoncello M. O. Warner.
Trio, Selected, Jadassohn. Piano,
Mrs. F. H. Appelhoff, violin, F. II. Ap-
pelboff, violoncello, M. O. Warner.
Fancy step and figure marching.
Twenty young girls in costume.
Oaartet. "Thoa Lovely Star," Otto
Medley, "National Air," Beyer.
Tableaux, "All Here," "Pyramid,"
'Cradle." "Evening Prayer," "Gocd
Admittance, adults 2 ceuts, children
15 cents.
The offering at Opera House Tneeday,
January 16, will be that masterpiece of
farce comedy, "At Gay Coney Island."
Tbis play deserves special mention if
f jr no otber reason than that it is always
e'ean and polite, while being exemtiat-
ingly fanny. Those who bavj already
seen it, will scarcely recognize it in its
new dress. It baa been almost entirely
re-written by tbe author, and ioitead of
two comedians carrying almost all tbe
harden of fun-making, tbe fun has been
so increased that every member of tbe
large company has hia or ber abare. In
other words, it is no longer a aiugle or
double "alar" comedy. Tbis results, as
it must, in a much more even perform
ance than baa heretofore been given of it
Built for tbe sole purpose ot creating
laughter it baa always served its purpose
well, but it would seem from reports so
far receixed ot tbe company, it bas, as an
entirety, very much tbs beet lot ot fun
makers, singers, dancers and specialists
ever seen in it.
Besides the introduction of an entirely ! sexual power
While averse to drawing the attention
of oar readers to any advertisement
which partake of a medical character, we
feel more than justified fn overriding
this objection with respect lo tbe an
nouncement ia this ieeae of the coming
viwil ot Dr. Darrin.
Tbis fir-famed phvsician of Portland,
who has achieved tuch a great reputa
tion throughout the coafct and Northwest,
has bee a prevailed upon by urgent re
qoeets ot many in this vicinity, to visit
as again i a they could not afford by their
time and boainesa to consult him at his
offica n Portland. Tbe doctor has at
last consented to visit this city to aecom-
da'e tbe sick and afflicted, and will hart
his office at the McClallen House, Jan.
In Fall 13h TfwMA within iT la
consult the doctor will find it to tbeir ad
vantage to consult him while here and
dating the first part ofhisauy, as many
require more that, one .treatment by
He tomes lo ns laden with testimonials
from Douglas county and tbe whole
Northwest and the authentic report orr
some ot bis cores seem nothing short of
miracles. So many thousands are al
ready acquainted with bia mode ot treat
ment, it seems nnnecessari to state that
he uses little medicine in the majority ei
cases, and perfects bis cures by the
wonderful powers of electricity.
There are few iila to which the human
flesh is heir which cannot be relieved
and generally cared by Dr. Damn's elec
tro magnetic treatment and cases that
resisted tbe efforts of ordinary physi
cians have yielded to hia pow
er. These cases embrace almost every
kind of diseases, and, as said before, no
man, woman or child need despair of re
lief and cure while Dr. Darrin offers his
invaluable services.
Unlike ether physicians who hare be
come eminent in their profession, the
doctor's charges are moderate and rea
sonable, according to circumstancee and
ability to pay, and h3 will n-t undertake
any case which he rannct cure or bene
fit. Consultation is free to all. Should
there be cases that are incurable oe will
immediately discover them on consulta
tion, thus saving bis patients further ex
penditure of tun.? or money wbicn iney
might otherwise squander.
Dr. Darrin makes a specialty ot all di
seases of the ear, eye, nose and tnroat
catarrh and deafness, and all netvone
chronic and private diseases, sveb as loss
of manhood, blood taints, syphilis, gleet,
! gonorrhoea, stricture, spermatorrhoea
I seminal weakness and loss of desire or
in either men or women
Good Service, Good Goods, and Good Prices
During the Holidays?
Have us call twice or three times a week for your
orders, if you are within the city limits.
Drop us a postal card or 'Phone 201.
Call in and see our Fancy Decorated
Havilaiid China and other China Ware.
J. F. BARKER & 00.
Real Estate Bought and Sold
Farms, large and small, to Rent,
Stock Ranees. Timber Lands and Mining Properties.
Prune and Hop Lands of best quality, in choice locations,
in quantities to suit intending purcnasers, at reasonaDie
prices and easy terms. Inquire of
new lot ot laugh inspiration, special at
tention bas ben paid to the music. The
operatie finale to the first set, done by
tweoty-two trained voices, w ooe of the
features of lbs performance.
Prices, children 25 ; flat and gallery
50 , laised seals 75.
F, B. Tbirkield, Health Inspector of
Qhicago, says, "Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
cannot be recommended too bigblv. it
cured me of severe dyspepsia." It di
gests what yoa eat and cares indigestion,
heartburn ana all lorms ot dyspepsia.
A. C. Marsters & Lo.
All peculiar female troubles, leucorrhowi
displacements, etc., are confidentially
and successfully treated. Most cases can
be treated at borne alter one visit to tne
doctor's office.
Offic hoars from 10 a. m. to a p. m
Kveninim 7 to S. Sunders. 10 a. m. to
d. m. The worthy poor will be treated
free according to bia time honored cos
torn, from 10 to 11 a. m. daily.
Circulars and question blanks sent
lre. Inquiries answered. All business
relations with Dr. Darrin sre strictly con
tidenliali Catarrh treated for a
month. Belts and batteries furnished
when neceary. Dr. Darrin will treat
free, except medicines, any case be had
on former visits.
Dealer in
Flour, Feed, Groceries, and Country
Highest price lor Country Produce.
Roseburg, -
Administrator's Sale
of Real
What Scrofula Is.
While January is Here.
Tbe opportunities for economical
buying are most plentiful. It is tbe
general inference that most reason
able prices always rale tbe J angary
eelling, and there will be no di&sap
pointment to yoa ia tbis 6tock.
never lesson ia oar efforts, and
ujj values are splendid ones and
eKtH5op of the aggressive cam
paiguV. re proposes for 1900.
Keeping inHoucb with ns buying
herein any month, is practising the
beet known economy.
A Cluster of Specials.
That line np with January needs
tho kind that return yoa jast a little
more than money's worth. The
chances are that you'll pay higher
prices, snd yet secure no better qual-
AVe ' ities, for these are exceptionally good.
Jan-! They'll keep yoa coming and tbats'
why we crowd tbe January selling
full of such interest.
One third off Jackets.
One third off Far Collarette.
One third off two linea of shirts.
One third off Mackintoshes.
Scrofula ia a disease as lid as antiquity.
It lias been handed down tor genera
tions and is the same today as in
curly times. It is emphatically a di-
Buaeo of the bloodand the only way to
cure it is by puiifyiog the blood.
That is jtiat what Hood's Sarsaparilla
does in every case where it is giveo
a faithful trial. It eradicates all impuri
ties from the blood, and cures tbe
sores, boils, pimples and all forms of
skin disease due to scrofula taints in
tbe blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla has won
the grateful praise ot vast n timbers
of people by its grand and complete
cures. Don't allow scrofula to de
velop in your bl jod. Cure it at once by
taking llood'a Sarsaparilla.
There's Assured Safety;
Tbe elimination of every "chance"
in results that particularly appeals to
rlnthini? bnvers at this store, Janu
- O ar
ary always makes tbe prices jubt
little keener tbe valueB more pro
nounced, but you always get the kind
iir, w. nrnnri T,nHABR. Sealed bids to furnhib GO tiers of oak,
Ul b r- gnJ 2Q Uerg o ulJ fif 2l) iDCU wood u be
ing the requireu styie anu 4 J dlivered at the achool house in Rose
V-- X-.n rt,W9
Wood Wanted.
features. There's extra good pick-
I ing just now for the clothing buyers.
burg on or before September 1, 1900, will
bo received by the undersigned until 12
o'clock noon of February 1, 1900. A
bond conditioned to the faithful perform
ance of the contract to furnish said wood
must accompany each bid. The board
reserves tbe right to reject all bid.-
By order board of directors, Diet. No.
4, Itoeebnrg, Oregon, January 0, 1000.
Clara Dillakd,
flrhonl Clerk.
We have a small assortment of these
goods left, and rather thau keep pip
over, we will' dispose of them at ( J
They are all of the latest styles and A
makes see them.
Warners Rust Proof Corsets,
Kalauiaon Corset Compauy,
McCall Bazar Tatterus,
Gordon Hats and
Salem Woolen Mills Tailor
In tlii- Count v Court of State t( Orvroo ia uJ
lor Doustu Couoit.
In tbe matter ol tae iate oi i"vuiiu iiiu.
Notice ia hereby given that the umk'nifiiol
a1iniiiwtrtiriUi ill annexed, ol th Kmale
ol Deliada Hi'.l. k-eeaed, pursuant to aa order
nt ibe above entitled Court ma-W and enten-d
in tbe Journal thereof, ol date January -Tia, .v.
D. 10. wiUproeeed t- sell on and after the
l th day of FebniarT. DUO, at private sale lor
cash in hand, on the preraiiea hereinaj ter in tbe
notice deevribed, in one bodv ot in tcparate par
cels aa mar be for the best interests oi mid a
tate, tbe following described real property, to
rn it:
Becinning at a pott caatn w esioi quarter
aeebon poat between Sections 7 and &. and Irom
which a pine tree 36 inches in diameter, ma'ked
C. s B. T.. bean North 14 derreea. West 7i linka.
distant thence North a a Chains to a 1"' 1
3) 00 Chains South ol Sonlhweet corner of F. It.
Hill s donation claim, thence Went iisa Chains
to Morthewat corner of the land now owned by
a. IV fkttinmr. thenca South 7 Chains to south
east ooraer of same land, thence West
Chains to the Southwest corner of same land,
and the East boondar ol the C Buntoa dona
tion claim, thence Booth IS Chains to the Son tn-
mrwr nl i w tiantincr donation
claim, thence East alons: the tioutn boa nd ary of
the same, 11.14 Chains to place of beginning
containing 70.M acres, more or less, excepting
therefrom the w Ubux cemetery, a.o exeepung
therefrom one half acre for family burying
'.n . ..
Alltving id wcuon in iwDuipj,c.n.
Went, in Douglas County. Oregon.
Also the lollowtng descnoea premises lo-wic:
IVwinnins: at the Southeast corner ot the K.
Bun ton donation claim, thence Wen along the
South boundary ol said claim, mains to me
middle of the Connty road, thence along the
same South 3s1 degree. est 30 Chains to a
white oak tree 3n inches in diameter, inenee
Chains, thence
uns. tuence
ter of Main
oiieet ot frilbur -OCnains, thence along the
land now owned by S. K. Counts, Sunn 6a de
crees. Eat 14 Chains to West boundary ol
land now owned b J. A Uanwn, thence Sorih
.! degrees, East 1 Chains to tbe Northwest cor
ner, thence booth w) degrees. Kat 1 S-i Chains
to his Northeast corner, tnenoe Scnth : de
grees. West 4 Chains to his outheast corner aud
a creek, thence up said creek bi' , decree. East
U Chains to the East boundary of the W. Jenk
ins donation claim, thence North 10.A Chains,
thenoe Nona ii degrees. Kat 7.J5 Chains,
thence North V t decrees. Kt S.7S Chains to
the North boundary of J. Kuykcndall donation
claim, ;iheuce WesllJO Chains, to place ot bo
ginning, containing -Vi-t acres J
All in Hectlon 7, Townshi , R. . We!.
Also a lot in the town of Wilbur, joining E. II
OtUnser land on the North. hvt by ao iet iu
sie, all In Douglas Count., Oregon.
lated this 6ih day ol January A. D., 1AV, at
Kojeouty, urcgou.
AdmiuiKtrat'ur, with will annexed. Estate ot
Delioda Hill, Deceased. jMfi
The sufferer from
wheeanir. piping.
the throat. When
when tbero it a
w u lie ra, trevn im iin ,u via. i .'i .
Suth If, degreea. West 3.40 Chaii
South degrees. East 1.40 Chair
South i.11- degrees. W est along ceutei
trouble sm.
times lasts only n few minute aad nt.
hangs on for many days. There SsanlyatM
cafe thing to do, and that ia take Ackart
English Remedy for Tnroat aad LantjTna
bles. Jatt what thbs medkeine acconpfiah
ia shown by the following letter from Mr. J.
II. Andrews, a prominent resident of Spring
field, Ohio, who writes :
ir. . Il-joher f Co.. Xtr IVi- ;
"Gentlemen. It arTorvli mc a great pleasar
to assure you that 1 have received both im
mediate and permanent relief from throat,
bronchial and asthmatic troubles by nsinx
Acker's English Remedy, taken strictly ac
cording to directions- It Is a blessing to
Sold at!se. toe- and 51 abottle. tacwaBSMfswraarC
States and Canada ; ana ia la. ,. L.
.!. K ySa r otaausned attar bwyix. wasm taw)
feotlie to jowr aratusl ana ga yw awaj
Be orue r abort fwanmin. .
W. it aoOHJt 4t CU. Pnrne, .Vo Jsr. )
For sale by M. F. Rapp,
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hara Always Bought
Bears the
-t of Orvsiu f r inlas county.
Nora 11 din I'laiuuit, i
vs. fm in t-iiuty ior
Fletcher Helm, Defendant.) a divorce.
To rVtchcr Helm, the above warned de
fendant: In the name of the StaU of Oregon, voa ar
hercbr reoiiircd tn iiai and answer the
comvlti. I tiled against tou in the above aa
tiiled tuit oil or before the first day of th
next regular term oi tho above entitled court
lowit :
Moidsv Mn:h ith. WO. And U jou fail
lo appear or ansucr aid complaint, withia
raid time, for want there-it plaintiff will amdy
to the court for t!ic reluf dcuiandcal in aer
complaint a lolUws:
tor a dii rcc of divorce dissolving the boada
ot matrimony existing between nlai
dcteudem, aiul lor such other relief
court may appvar oiuitable
Thi Summon i published by order ol Hon.,
J. W. lianiiltoti, jnoee o! said court, which or-
derl dated January 6, W, ami the time pre-
scribed in said order for tho publication ot torn
summons is once a week lor lii weeks arereed
ing ire flit oat oi aid tern nt court, aad I
dsv ot the fint publication of this summons
JaunatT C, 1UM.
M7.) Attorney lor KM "TV
ilaiatilT ami
as to tba
.awawBhBjaWawav- au . .