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DECEMBER 14. 185)3
firyaa will prepare himself for nest
year's campaign by talking against
ealUopt for two or three week in Cali
fornia. It it claimed cine prosperity track
the country the (rodders of Hlrtr aiess
uree thirtr fonr inchw around l?r it
hand. The revenues of the United Srate for
Koveoober exceeded the expenditures
16.000,000. RepuUiimn tUMoee ineth
ads of running the country are euccesa
In!, whether too like tbera or nut.
The tobacco trust ha raised the price
of plug four centa a pound. If you don't
like it yon can offer a resolution do-j
honnciDg the trusts, hot a better' plan
'-would be to chew long-green or masticate
lata tobacco.
The prica of quicksilver ia op again.
There are plenty of nndevelued mine
in Soothern Ore-row, in D-siitras and
Lena counties. Enough quicksilver in
the hills out there to supply the aorld'e
A etna ml. Statesoian.
The one candle-power editor of
lbs Review, insists that the editor of this
paper sometime, somewhere was a pop.
Well that's all rixbt. Charley. Wise
Buen change their winds, loots never do.
Yoor beet friend have uo hopes that
yon wilt ever change your mi: d.
.Sow the Pbilirri'" isind will be fiv
es a forernmeD' '"deftvipg its just pow
ers from the confer. t of the governed."
It was first neceeswrv to have the wild
inhabitants come to order thai we may
cava a clear idea as o ht kind of a
government tbe natives wi'l consent to.
It is at idle b-iast tc sy th t-
America j
is the storebons of the w-rld. The
Csar Las bsea picking up horses ia our
markets, muta are etiil nei. g shipped to
the Tianrvaal country snd a later con
signment to S-ioth Atrici is a shipment
of 300 American wajr na w. ch will be
seed in haolicg British supplies.
Bryan has invented (00.000 of bis
profits in U. S. government bonds. If
on could gain access .to these partial la r
bonds he won', I, of conrse, find plainly
written acmes the back of each one of
tharo in red ink a record of gUr. Bryan's
williogDeea to accept psyment of both
priocipaJ and intereet io any kind of old
dollars tbt may be aboot as good as
Utxlcan dollars.
Mr. Bamoel Gompers, president of the
American Federation of Ll-or mads an
iAteresting statement before the indas
.trial commission laet wek, in view of
the talk about trut legislation at the
cosaing aeeston of congress, lie sid
that the organisttioa tie repreaented aid
sot desire any legislation agaion trosta,
bersose it waa nut certain at thia time
whether Uiey were tnetk-ul or injarioos
te the wage-earoer of the ou- try.
"2Soma of our old-time popuKet ciiizena
w!io need to begin teaeiug the iold
dragon in the tuoraiog. and eo-l the day
by Mepping on the tentacle of the octo
pus el plutocracy, bare show a slgcs this
year of a desire to ecoow productive
members of the oooiuanity. A notable
example is Ira Wakefield, the populist
Nestor of Jackson county, whi is said to
tte preparing to pat op a sawmill in that
Wakefield waa a middle-of-tbe-roader
last election and repreeeots that faction
el the party bow as i's organizer in Ore
gon. His salary frjaj thetgold standsrd
republican managers ought to explain
bis Coaucial advancement, lie ia cer
tainly an example of g M atindatd proe
pity." The above nncailI ftr ao 1 a'.aoderous
attack on one of the oiost hnnorab'e ciii
sns of Jackson county is taken from the
columns of the Eueeburg Review. It
bows cooclosively Low the democrats
krvs tbeir popoKs: brt-thren. Ashland
A Washington corresix-ndent of the
Eogene Register lias the following to say
in regard to Hon. Binger Hermann:
"We looked in Vudy upon lbs commis
sioner r( the general land office and
toand him the s&tiie genial, generous
bearted Bingr Hermann ai of old. He
grinds out a big grist of public business
tjsch day and seems to thrive upon it,
aVd ia always ready to d? a kind t iro for
his Oregon friends whenever calied
IUre:ly a-.naaing t n way t'te Pop
papers are Houi dering aiound between
the devil and tbe deep sea, on tbe
prosperity question. Take last Monday's
issue of the Review as an illustration.
Tbe first thing o i iis editorial page was a
frantic appeal to the voters to get to
gether in regon, fn as it were, to
Save tbe country from otter ruiu at -the
bands of the gold oluarcby, which, it
claims, is opprawipg the people, and
grinding tbe fau of the poor. In tin
same coluoio thin pi-er 'toasts that ita
business daring Hie present yer has
beeo the bet io its history, and that its
collections have t-eeu I'O per cent better
than ever before. In the same tiaper ap
pears s statement t tbe condition of the
First National Bitik, of Koeeburg, ehow
iug that the people of l)-uKl(s county
hsve on depoeit in that bank alone,
more than $300,030. Aud yet. those
whining, beily-acbiog hypocrites, prate
aboot the oppression of tbe people by
the trusts and tbe money power, and in- j
sist that tbe voters must "fuee," and go, contract. The court holds that the in
baek t Peoooyerietu and crankism in struction como'ainfd ot was error, and
rder that we may tiave rotkI limes in j the cane is rpyenied and remanded for a
Oregon. new trial.
He Denies the Plummer Receipt in
Strong Language Says He
Would Make It Stronger
It He Knew How.
Tue folloninn article, wiiicli appeared
in lat week's inut- of the Scoot, iub-
liliM iu Union county, Governor (Jeer's
ulil Iti ine, i lit to .alisfy the bluck-guaida
who h-ve I t-en demaDiliu that li jret
ioti pit, in r r 1 l tha alleged Pi urn
rjjer reoeip s:
Salem, Oregon, Deo. 5, lf'JJ.
W. 11. McComas, Eq
Union, Oregon.
My lr St: Yoor nrgi-ut nquet,
hi a rweut i-ue uf lbs Scout, for a word
Iron u.e regarding the alleged "leciipt,"
for the sale cf an office, under tlii ad
uiiiiHrUjo, lias reached roi, and, coat
ing as it do.r-, frjrn ivy iioylioo.l home,
aiier-i my frieuds are uot t-early limited
by poll ical lines, has persuaded tu to
change .my uiiad and do wli&t pulilic
men Cannot ami need not often do that
is take notice of calumnies that lew (
them ever escape..
Allow me, therefor, to ray there is uo
Unrig atmtevtr, iu tlie'rottsipi" you re
fer to. Tt.eio u not lor the very good
re&toii thai thtie id no eoch teeeijt nor
ever was. In o:her words, 1 aiu not a
tltiik fool, and a as never before accused
of being one. No man has in bis pos
seeeiau, nor ever tied an agreement to
appoint him to ai y kind of ollice any
kind -of consideration, signed by tue
What a man, who boaaliogly advertises
himself a a successful briber, may do iu
the wkv vl torgery, I do do not koow.
That belos to a epeies of dirty politics
Ua I hive been a streamer to, and hive
no time for now.
Most disappoiuted oflice m-ekers are
houorable men, who understand the dif
ficulties of the appointing iwwer, but
there is uuth"u:g to prevent lbs ljweet
cla- of men (rooi applying, alo. and it
iatbe duy of tlioje io pjwor, to te?p
thetu out litis has eea d ine, hence
the bogus receipt and vigorous eqaeal.
If iheuiau who fiaes his on place in
the public ef;iuialLu b parading him
self a a b-iWr in order to inj ira the
man alio protected Ui public st-rvke by
keeping hiiu i ut. we in Hie olfi then
the public miubt, well c-xitvtnd.
Bit a ietft"cUy honett and ct.uine-'ent
,a .snpermwn tent o: me
The written agreement to 'which you
ref.r, is a UbrlcUion mch cinmoy
e- etrncii on that it bears its rrfu'.a'.ion
from every ioit of c-jusiJeratioa. To
heliere such a thing true would impeach
my intelligence quit as much as my
integrity. In 'he first pUce, il a man
would sign suth an agreement and ac
cept a sum of money, he would very
naturallv so ahead and make the ap
X j man cm b-? fouad whose iugenuiiy
could aaign a reson why a dishonest
governor should not jimp at the chance
to appMn j Jt such a man as the ooe
ooder consideration, specially if there
was a sum of money to be made by it.
There would bo the peciniary profit the
rirprint' no of the transaction, and the
ww . i-r f
nrswervingloyaltv of and constiut in
ststance by him that the governor was
the mot admirable man to be found in
the state.
I had the opportunity to exchange the
appointment for debt that I owe
but refused, and instead appointed an
honest man, wham everybody knows it
ti3 poor to Lave paid a dollar for the of
fice, i- he bad been disposed. In doirg
this I supposed I bad d jae a creJ itable
thing, and if I have a supporter ia the
aiat mho thinks I should bavs done
otherwise, I confess be has a right to be
disappointed. If there u inch a paper
in existence, as the 'one mentioned, it i
aa huut and malicioas a forrerr as war
ever uttered. I would nee stronger lan
guage if I knew bow.
If there is a man in the eUte of Oregon
who believes that I have been knave
enough to sell my ambition, my a It-res
pect and the good name of myself and
children, and stupid enoogb to eigu my
name to a bill of sals, snd fool enough,
having signed the contract and received
lbs money, to not make the appoint
ment, as the only weans 6f covering op
such a transaction or idiot enough to re
turn the money without getting back the
bUlofeale, tbe lines are not written
for him, for bis opinion is wholly w itti
out value. I do not expect '.he poliiica
support of those who differ from me on
nnlitical oaesiions. but I do crave and
prize above all things else, the respec
and esteem of all datens of my fellow
eitizsna. I have been Veiy careful as to
the fitness of every turn appointed to of'
tk-e and r this administration, but
trust I am not 1 1 be held reej-oosirile for
some I bsve kept out.
I am giving direct attention to every
detail of the duties of tbe high oibc Io
which I have been elected, snd I do not
believe any just complaint c in be found
anywhere. I have do other public am
bition than to give the people of Oregon
a clean snd successful business admioii
(ration, ably aided as I have been by my
aasociates, and I am glad to 8-e that, as
a role, even tue democratic paper., in
eluding your own, have beeu disposed,
not only io this matter, but io all
others, to be impartial and courteous.
You may give this letter whatever pub-
llicity yoa see fit.
Sincerely your old friend,
The supreme court has banded down
the following decision in tbe case oi
Asron Rose, plaintiff and respondent vs.
Hymau Wollenoe.g, dWendent and ap
pelant, appeal from Douglas county,
Hon.J. C. Fullerton jadne; reversed
and remanded for new trial. Opinion
J bv Aiwociate Jnetice K. S. Bi?an. Plaint
iff and defendant in necau.0 sureties
on tbe otlicial bond t f V. L. Arrington,
treasurer of Douglas county. Arrington
defaulted in tbe sum of $22,t"J0, which
urn the sureties wert? compelld to pay
in equal part. 1'iaiutitf brought Ibis
action to recover f 4 ,003."), alleciog that
at the time of the execution of tl.e Ixn.l
i' was agreed that plaintiff should be
liable lor oi--tbird, and defendaut for
lao-ttiifds of tbe bond. l)efei!ait
deiiicil toe contract and tbe trial reeult
e.i in a ju lument for the plaintiff fur the
amo'int trayed for when defendant ap
taUd. the court having iottrue'ed the
j'iry tliat, aitbout an express contract,
au uoderstaridinz lietween the enreiirs
t tbe etfect tha: plaintiff siionld he
liable for oue-third of the bond only,
W,UM m autfi.'ient proof cf a i im
Kentucky Has a Republican Gov
ernor In Office.
His Aim Will Be to Secure Repeal of
the Present Election Law
of the State.
Fkankfokt, Ky Dec. 12. William t.
Taylor waa inaugurated as governor to- j
day. The crowd was much smaller than
iu past yean, due to a December Mir.-
iii J. The inaugural ceremonies were
simple. Hetiring Governor Bradley, in1
his speech, said that he hoped that the
Goebel election.'iaw, which had brought
so much turmoil to the state, would be
wiped frum the staUte books. Gover
nor EUct I'ajl-jr, in his inaugural ad
drets, raid:
"Tbe verdict rendered hy the people
abt November waa a mandate of tbe
people in favor of civil liberty ; it was s
riuiuph of tbe people over a merciless,
remorseless, partisan machine, erected
to enelave .tiem."
Ho said cue f ll.e chief aims of his
administration would be to secure tha
r.-peal of the election law. The demo
cratic candidates tor state olucea today
bepai serving notices of contests against
the republican candidates who received
certiticstes of election.
Action by the Two Wings of tbe Party
in Jackson County.
Valley (Ashland) IiacorJ.
Pursuant to a call aiguad by J. S. Mc
Cain, fusionist, and Grant Kawliogs,
midroader, a largo and enthusiastic con
ference meeting was held in Med'ord
betwetmbe two wiugs of the party. A
committee on resolutions was e'ected,
consisting oi two from each of the party,
which brought in the following report :
Resolved, That we, your cjamittse
oa resolutions, indorse the Omaha and
St. L-uis p'atforrcs, recommend straight
peepla's party sciion and oppose faeion
or anion in any wsy with either ihe
democratic or republican parties, and we
recommend that all populists regardless
ot former did-rccces get together in their
respective precincts and organize clubs,
This was adopted unanimously sod
forever puts sn end to fusion iem snd
mdrodivm, and makes a united popu
lism founded on the grand principles of
national platforms, with a plan ot or
ganizalioa whose basic principle is the
initiative and referendum and impsra-
slive mandate. It puts sn end to the
tricks cf dirty poaliclans. Tbe wire
puller, the boodler and the office-seeker
a re laid on tbe shelf. Every voter gjs a
chanci at m axing nominations and
shaping the party policy. No more
"platforms to get in on." o more
tricksters to get in on them. Tbe plat
forms will be mads from' principle as
seea by the great common people and
not from expediency by a few shysters
Tbe office will seek the man.
There will be conventions which will
simply ratify tbe action ot Ihe dabs, and
take such steps ss are necessary to com
ply with the election laws.
What Scrofula Is.
Scrofula is a disease as old as antiquity,
It has been bandM down for genera
tions and is tiie .-a me today aa in
early time. It ii emphatically a di
sease of tbe blood.'and the only way to
care it is by purifying the blood
That is just wbst Hood's Saresparilla
does in every esse where it is given
s faithful trial. It eradicates sll imparl
lies from th blood, sod cures tbe
sores, boils, pimples snd all forms of
skin disease due to scrofula taints in
tbe blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla has won
tbe grateful praise of vast numbers
of people by its grand and complete
cares. Don't allow scrofula to de
velop in your bl cd. Cure it at once by
taking Hood's Sarsaparilla.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Care.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props. Toledo, O.
We tbe undersigned have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 vears, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions snd financially able o car
ry oat any obligations made by their
Westd Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
Welding, Kionan & Maryin, Whole
sale Draggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Care is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon tbe blmd and
m neons surface oi the system. J'rice 75c
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. TJt.
monialj free.
Hudyan cures
dreams and nrgbt
all druggists.
sweats. Fifty
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice ii hereby given to all parlies
holding Douglas county warrants in
dorsed prior to snd including March 14,
1899, to present tbe same at the treasurer's
office at the court housa for payment,
as interest will cease thereon after tbe
date of this notice.
Dated this tbe 14th day of Decern! er,
18V9, at the City of Rosebarg, Oregon.
Gi. W. Dim MitK,
Couutv Treasurer, Douglas County, Or
The Ladies' Cook Book.
The Experience Cook Bwk wliich ibis
oitiue is publishing for the Ladiea' Aid
(Society of tiie M. K. Gnurcb, will, we
hope, tie cut in a few ila). It is no
em-ill j )h for a country office to print and
hind un edition of 500 copies of a 140
I age book an I at the same time publish
a semi-weekly newspaper like tbe I'lai.v
ijealkk. But the work will soon be
done aud it will be as nice and neat a
job as could ba turned out anywhere.
Io Kentucky tho republicans have
been allowed to sent the candidates
they electe-l a monlli ag.
This Time
On the
J Geo. flcthuen Attscked Twelve Thou
sand Boers on flondsy, but Found
Their Position Too Strong.
Loxodn, Doc. 13. Ths war office re
ceive! the following diepitch from Gen
eral Methuen, dated Tueediy, December
"Our artillery 'helled a very strong
position held by the enemy tn a long
high kopjo, from 4 until dunk Sunday.
It rained Inrd last night. The High
land brigade attacked at daybreak on
Monday the south end ot the kopje.
The attack was properly limed, but
failed. The guards were ordered to pro
tect the Highlanders' right and mar,
cavalry and mounted inftntry, with a
howitzer artillery b.tttery. We attscked
the ene uy on the left and tbe guards on
the dgat, were supported by field artil
lery and howiizer artillery. They
shelled the position from daybreak snd
at 1 :15 1 1 ent the Gordons to tbe en
trenchment until dusk, tbe position ex
tendin?, including Ihe kopj", for a die
tanci of six miles to Modder river. To
day 1 am holJicg my position and en
trenching myself. I bad Io face at least
12,000 men. Our loss was great.
Obangk Kivkk. Cap Colony, Dec. 13.
Three haodiel and t a eoty British
wounded, including 27 offcers, bare ar
rived here frjoi ModJ r river.
Cases Have Been Disposed of as fol
lows in tbe Cirtult Court.
Na 11 Euiui i M Carlisle V Djrcs
B Carlisle, divor:-; J A Bi:haoaa fur
I'lfl. Continual.
No 27 WT Kmery vs V S Djrland,
to recover money ; J A Buchanan lor
Pld A M Craaf wd and C S Jackson for
Djft. Jadgmiol for Plff. 154.61.
Nj2S Charles M Close va Gs. W
RidJle, et al, foreclosure ; Milton Smith
and I B Riddle for Piff, Cothow & Sheri
dan for Defts, G W and Helen Riddle
Continued for set vice.
No 29 Francis Freeman vs lea F Rice,
aduir, Est A Rose, Dec'd; Geo il Brown
and Geo M Crown and Coshnw & Sheri
dan for Plff. Willis & R-ce lor Dt ft
Judgment fir Piff., 307.
Nj 30 Jcha Cocklereass vs Mary
CocklereaM, divjree; Byron & Long for
PUT. Continued for service.
No 32 Mrs HA McClata vs Fo:CO
Bart, action to nearer money ; J A Ba
chanan for rQ. Continued fjr service,
No 34 Wm Irwin vs R C Roberts, to
recover money' C L Hamilton for 1H
Default and judgment for piaiaiiiT for
1339.40 and f 15 Altys. fees.
No 37 W A Niirtoa vs C E Boxue
M D, damsges; J A Bocbanan for Plff,
I B Riddle lor Deft. Jcdgment for Plff.
No 3'J John briber rs Cbas J Ander
son, damsges; Willis & Rice f -r Pin.
Coehow & Sheridan for Deft. Judgment
for riff., 200.
No 40 Lizzie McLaughlin vs U
McLaughlin and Martha McLaughlin
maintenance ; Frank G Miceili and J A
Buchanan for Plff, Byron & Long for
Defts. Dismissed.
No 41 Mrs M Joeephson vs E L Lilt
re!!, to recover money ; Coehow A Sheri
dan for Plff. Dismissed without cost.
No 43 Chuicbill & Wcolley vs E L
Littrell, to recover money; Coehow A
Sheridan for Plff. Dismissed without
No 44 O U Oblsen, it alj vs. Fletcher
& Patterson; J A Bocbanan and C S
Jackson for Plff, Byron & Long tor Defts.
Judgment for Plff., (100.
No 45. Cbas Bennett vs Eddie Rib
ertsoD, Geo Bluerock and J P Reming
ton, action on note; AM Crawford acd
C S Jack ecu tor Plff. Judgment for Ih't.
No 47 T J Williams vs J E Williams
to recover property; Willis & Rice for
Plff. J. C. Fullertoa and Geo. M.
Brown for Deft. Judgment for defend,
No 50 Lit D U tjailbaug vs South
ern Pacific R R Co, damages ; C ti Jack
son, A M Crswford snd F G Miceili fcr
Piff. Continued for term.
No 51 Jas Richards vs L J scd L C
Perdue, foreclosure ; Cosbow A Sheridan
forP.ff. Decree.
No 53 Douglas County Bank vs Josie
Curvillioo, action on note; J A Buchanan
for Plff. Jadgmentby default.
No 54 Z L Dimmick va E J Page.
Admr Est Archy Adams, forclosare ; J C
Tallerton for riff. Continued.
No 56 State of Oregon va James Jen
nings, malicioas iojary to personal prop,
er" ; Geo M Brown, Diet Ally. Plead
c i i y.
Mrs. EJ .Siogleton went to Graai's
1'jbs yesterday for a visit.
A. II. Black, one of the leading mer
chants of Myrtle Point was in tbe city
John Weaver one of tbe most prom
inent fruit growers of South Douglas
was attending to business matters in
Roeeburg Tuesday.
F. S. Weatherly one oi Klktoti's prom
inent citizens, was in tbe city yesterday.
Mrs. II. Kslph of 'Ashland ia visiting
at the home of her sister, Mrs. D. S. K.
Mies Jeannie Buick accompanied by
he- lit tlo niece, eva buick, left yettei
dy (or U-tddi'-.g OA, where they expect
to r ci d ti e winter.
A tirst ciuts restaurant has been
np.nned on C.'Pfl stieet, opposite the
depot, at ahich way be bad fresh oye
tern, chicken, bleaks, stews, lunches, and
tieeidee meals at all hours, regulsr meals
aie Hetved. Lunches and quick meala
for railroud paBsetig rs a specialty. For
that hungry feeling bo Hire and call nt
Duffy's reNlaiuant, prices rcaeonable.
About Two-thousand Spanish Pris
oners Released
riac Arthur Hss Captured Mablnl,
Ablest of Insurgents, Founder of
Their Government.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 1J. Gener
al Otis had some stirring neB to report
today from Manila, his advices going to
show that the insurgents are, as he pre"
dieted a few days sgo, at the end of tbeir
resources, from a military point of view,
and are running away before tbe tapid
advsuce of tbe American troops at all
pointr. Ilia cablegrams were as fal
lows :
''Manila. Fifty men ot the navy and
50 men of the srmy transported by tbe
navy, took Laoga on the 10th inat. Gen
eral Young, with his staff, followed the
next day. Ha report i that Howe, with
he Pennsylvania battalion of theTbirty-
foa-th infantry, followed by a portion of
the Tbirty-tbiid icfsntiy, passed north
to INdding, east ot I.aogi. Marsb'a bat
talion of tbe Thirty-fourth, was at Cevao
province of Lepinto, on the 7tb iost.
The Third cavalry was along the coaat
and in the mountains pursuing tbe ene
'Yoanj stalei that his extreme north
ern force patsed over the mountains,
driving ths insurgents, under General
Tino, who was badly wooudtd, killing
50 and wou&ding many. He made large
captures ot rifles and property, with ail
Insurgent transportation and released all
tbe Spat, tab prisoners in that section to
the somber of about 2000. Oor casual
ties were two wounded. Our troops are
pursuing the remnant of Tino'a com
"Marsh's baltalioj re;orU from Cay
ao, Lspinto province, on the 7th iost.,
that be bas destroyed Agniaaldo's body
guard, killed General Greggrio Pilar, re
ceived the surrender of General Concep
don and staff, kilhd sod wounded 51
insnrgeots, released 575 Sp.nitb prison
ers, including 150 friars, aid captured
considerable property. His loss was two
kil.ed and nine wounds I. My informa
tion ia that Aguinatdo bas disguised bis
individuality, abandoned his troops snd
it biding in ths province of Beogue'."
Otis second dispatch is as follows :
"Manila. Admiral Wa'son iufuras
me that tbe province of Cayo surrend
ered unc:ndit:oaslly to Captain McCalla,
of tbe Newark, on the 11th iost. All
arms were surrendered. Msjor Bitcbel-
der is 90 miles south of Appsrri, sod tbe
co uam a nd is in good condition. Tbe
nsvy will tike supplies to Batcbelder
Tbe surrender doubtless includes the
provinces ot Isabella.
"General Bate, at Zamboang-, it
ports affairs there as satisfactory.
Nearly all rifles have been sunendered
MacArthnr, at Bayomboag, 'e ports that
be holds as a prieouer tf wtr, Msbini,
the ablest ot the insargenta and founder
of the late government."
Pierce's Cash Grocery.
la tbe place to go Io get good
goods at reasonable prices
New, Fresh, Clean stock. Alao
Floor, Feed and bay at lowet
W. V. Pierce,
Winchester, Ore.
In a railroad accident the other day a
man sustained ten complete fractures of
the bones of the limbs, three fractures of
the pelvis, and a score of bruises, gashes
ana sprains, ana yet ne is recovering. Men
ami women sometimes
withstand great physi
cal violence, but sue
curnb to the invisible
genna of consumption
so small that they
can be seen only under
a powerfnl microscope.
The starting; point of
consumption is in the
stomach, which, when
deranged, makes bad
blood because diges
tion is not perfect-and
in bad blood the mi
crobes multiply and
flourish. Sooner or
later the lungs are at
tacked, and in the weak
spots the germs begin
their deadly work of
tearing down the tis
sues. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dis
covery stops the encroachments of con
sumption microbes. It builds up and
fortifies the whole system by aiding the
stomach in its many functions. It assists
iu the proper assimilation of food. This
scientific remedy cures lingering coughs,
bronchitis, bleeding at the lungs, and
every other symptom that eventually
leads to consumption. Dr. R. V. Pierce,
of Buffalo, N. ., who makes this won
derful medicine, gives free, fatherly ad
vice to all who write htm.
" Lat priug I was taken with nevtre paina ia
my chrM. and am m weak I coiilit hardly walk
atibut the horn,"' nay Mr. G. K. Kerr, of Fort
Dodge. Webster Co. Iowa. "1 tried aeveral
phy:ciaii ami thry told ntc I had consumption,
but thai I might ' brtah. it over ' and perhaps live
rood many veara, I heard of l)r. Pierce'
Golden Medicaf Discovenr and I thought I would
try some of it. Before I had taken the first bottle
X was very much better; t took five bottle of it
and have not yet had anv return of the trouble,
I have also taken Dr. Pie'rce'a Favorite Prescrip
tion and 'Pleasant relicts' with good results."
When the bowels Rre obstinate, take Dr.
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They don't gripe.
Trade Marks
CopvmoHTa Ac.
Anyone senrttn asketrh and description may
qulckl ascertain our opinion free whether ao
invention Is prohably patentable. Communlca
linns strictly conodetitiHl. Handbook on Fat-uta
sent free. Oldest asaney for securing patents.
I'ntenla taken throuvb Muna A Co. recelTS
iprrial nutlet, without charge, la til
Scientific Hmericam
A Imndsomely lllnstratad weeklf. Tjiraest etr.
ulntion of any solwllBc journal. 'J'erms, 13 a
ynnr: lour months, IL child by all newsdealer.
mliNN & Co.3e' New York
liraiich Oflk-o, ICS F Bt, WasbiUHtun, X). C.
Taj a
w, n kt 1
is near at hand and
The Furniture Man,
.Has just what
What's the matter with
Christinas present. Also
a Mattress that you will wonder how you got a long
without after using one for
A Fine Oak Extension
Oak Chairs are sensible Christmas presents.
A nice Ladie's Desk
T 1.1 :il 11 s ;ii
j-iiuic wm un ixie uin.
!j Our line of rockers is
lots uiore coining in about
to be convinced that we know what nice chairs are.
Sec our White Fur Rugs. Also a good lne of
Moquette and Smyrna Rugs.
Call on us you will be.
Roseburg, Oregon.
Has removed to the Sheridan Block.
fresh full Hue of
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Satisfaction is his motto
his window display of dishes
and convince yourself that they are the finest dishes " in
town- You are respectfully
him in his new quarters.
M. F. RAPP, Prescription Druggist.
Drnga, Toilet Articles, l'atent Medi
cine, Cigars, Stationery, Toilet
Soape, Paints and Oils.
The celebrated Magazine Cyclone Pi its
Cameras. Triumph Cut F'ilm Cameras.
Call and Examine them.
Should call and
of China Ware.
day trade. Anything you want at
China Novelties
Artistic Celluloid Boxes and picture frames ; beautifully decorated
China dishes ; fancy photograph albums of new designs; handker
chiefs of finest Japanese silk ; fine wicker were sad oeeful orna
ments ; doll carriages, dolls, and toys of every description. Differ
ent from anything ever before brought to Koseborg. All new
gocxls at prices tbat suit yoo.
Cor. Jackson and Douglas Sts., ROSEBURG, OR.
Mrs. S. McConnell, late of Eugene, has invested
in the Home Bakery and will overhaul everything in con
nection with the bakery.
Everything will be new and of the very best materials.
Give us a trial and we will please you.
$13.50 V '"j !
f J r .... ....... A W 11
.. v - t N. a -i saa a a.
4Min, BMbsjcii
ace. are taereatalT reUaBle.Iltar.)
$ 4
you need.
a White Iron Bed for a
: t
a nice White Curled Hair
a month.
Table and a nice set of
or a Fine Oak Center
up-to-date and we have
a week. To see them is
sure to find what you
He now has a
and his aim to please all. See
given with Baking Powder,
invited to call around and see
see the magnificent display
A special line for the Holi
...MRS. N. BOYD.
Cttt thl ML
to o and w
w ill swod thMsMr vmm etw ms,
IsiirMlrCwsJaaasl Wst Csjsk 8sa to
anv 4drrat
wn tauna, by
tuiTwber a of tk Kocky Mow
WnK99-tmmimmm.imimA'am You cava x
untn W at your frlrM tipo4 sukI If fouad
psrf tMUy sjUa5fm?tor b4 Ut i Ms si lsr
tm yoa vrrfmw or havrd of psayth frriirM safvM
less the 11.00 at wHiioniar.arais.Ma hUl
fkaienirmirtil aTaraeas aboutai.oo (oramry MaU
THIS STOVE IS SUE Ne. a. to Ttallall
. laches. Topis aMttf
tncbaa; mao from aval ,1 aa. extra larva fluea,
beaTT eoTera, out center, heavy lituaaa and srat
nickeled otfn shair. alamlalaa Uaed OTea door.
baadsooMt alrkal plated ornaaseata and trtnuniaya.
lira awe eer p aaea mil nr. aannsorae larva
MTTorasawteiltaM. ItST CSl IUtCI Mttf,
ana we lumbfe sua aa extra woon sratenaxine
It a aerfrt weed baraer. S lesTS A ailU
tH'iU.eras with eerr store, and KMaraate safe
detlrerr to your nearest railroad station.
MBNial IMfmlHi aisiwa Ire, ea aaetteallea. aldress
Roseburg AcasI
Winter term will begin Dec.
ii, 1899.
Nob mil, Classical asd Bviisu
Thorough preparation for College, tr-' -TjachlDf,
or lor bnatoeaa. Inatrnctioa f'vea
in Latin, Greek, French, German, afatemalic ,
Natoral tscleace, Hlatory,' Fncliah., Soorlhaa i.
TypewrlUnc, Fenmanalilp, and Uygieae. At .a
ssistanu, ksr ratea. for farther partieuia s
add res tbe principal.
C. T. Whittlesey, A. B.
Bosebarar. Or.
Residence, Cor. Douglas aad Chad-
wick ota., one block above
Court House.
Here is so opportunity to get
First-Class Photographs at,
tie very lowest rates. Ail
sizes from 8X10 down to tbe
very smallest.
The Latest fad
Is a Callicp or Business CaxJ
with your photo (statu p sire
eight positions ia sec of ISO.)
Set-lOO-neat cards with pbcto
name, business and address if
desired thereon, only $2.
The Wagon Gallery,
John H. Taylor,
Waaon bjr aide of Uua ptirktri(r---,l,--.
Shop, Jackson Street. nOlOgrapcer.
Administrator's Notice.
anderaigaed has been by th Consty fm
of DougJas County, Mute of Oresjoo, ap " V
Um admiaiacrator of (be eatai oi UakULU t t
son, deeeaseo. Ail peraons bavins; e'ix.
againat said estate arw hereby required to pres
ent tbe same, duly veribed, to Lba andenifcni
at Kiddle. Doaslaa Coaaty, Oraroo. witbia six
moo lbs from tbe date of thia aoties. .
baled this 2dUi day of October. lJt.
Gioa.E K- Qcnnr,
AdDiniatrator of the estate ! HoJdah Wuaoo,
Deceaaed. AM7
Notice of Final Settlement.
aoderstcned, admintstratilx of tae csiaie
Joseph Oilers, deceaaed. baa filed her ooai
account as racb alminlstnirix la the Couair
Court of Dona-las County. -laie of Oreyon, an
that said Coart has set Toeaday, the 2nd. day
of JfJiaary, lStiO, at the hoar of IS e'eioek a. bl of
saia aay u in conn noose ia aoaeoore. ikxiz.
saa eooniy. fciate oi uregon. aa tbe taA and
plaee for the eooaidt ration of aaid iBtlamnst
and for hearing; objection thereto, aad fear
use nnai aeiuemeni oi aaia eauue
Sated this Zria day of oveat cer, V&i.
Jf aax J. Causal.
Administratrix of tbe estate of JoaeobCei-
len .deceaaed. (B.SC. )
Notice for Publication.
Coiled States Laa4Cffie
BoaebBrg. Or.. Sovember 7. iff.
Hotice ia hereby riven that the follow i e
named settler has filed notice of his inteaixxa
to maae nnai proof in support of hiaeiauaa, aad
that said proof will be matte before tbe husz-t
and Beceim, Cnited State Land Oo at
Koeeburg, Orrgow, oe Deeemser 15,
On H. E. So ml tot the Lot J. 5rC.
St!, Section 32 T. 2 Sooth. B. & Via, r
nasae the foUowina; arttntasra to pterc hi
con tinooua residence npoa end enlurauon it
mid land, tu: Jones tiouga, Adnie tioegti. cf
Oakland. Oregon; John Hogaa, of Wilbur, Ore
goo; Henry Kee of Oakland, Oregon.
i. x. ssunrja,
(uSt;) Jtaciater.
Roaebuig. Oregoa, Kot. a, &'.').
To whoa. It may concern:
Notice is hereby siren that tbe Oregon & CV1
icrnia Eaiiroad Company baa Sled in UJs o-
a I Ut of lands ai naiad la the teeaabi-n i
tenbed below, and has applied for a pateat U
said lands; that the liat ja opea to the pebt.e tor
inspection and a copy thereof by deacriiu;
aabdletSHna, has been postnt la a eoaTesieat
place in thia omce for the iaspectkaa of all pca
sons Interested and to the pobiie itaewir
booth of baae line and East of Vi jl&o
stte ateridiaa.
Tp, RL
aooih ot base line and West et WiBaaaeUs Xer.
Tp., B.4.
Part of SK Sec J; part of TT See. a.
Tp 24. R a.
SE'i 6 i r See. X and S", SKi Sec S3l
wlibin the next sixty days foUovlnaT the 4asa
of this notice, protests or eonbasta aaainst tr.
claim of the Company to any tract or sulfctivt
ion within aa sectioa or part of aectioB, ee
scribed In tbe list, oa the ground that the sarae
is more valuable for auneral than for arrico s
u ai panose, will be receircd and noted tor ro
portie the General Land Office at Waahiagtoa
(aU0) BeeelrtT
ew and Improved Pasaeager Eju.'q
ment, via 5anset Roete.
Sew Orleans Expreas (No. 10) and Fa
cifie Express CNo, 9) betweeo SaaFraa
Cisco snd El Paso, bsve beeo equipped
with, tree reclining chair cars, fresh from
the shop and in every convenience ot ap
pointment equal to tbe beet ia operation.
Each car is equipped with 53 raclialsz
chairs, nine of which are ia a separate
smoking compartment. Both first and
second-class tickets are accepted for pas
ease ia these cars. These special coa
veniences and the congenial elim&la
through which these trains pass wCl
doubtless make tbe Sunset Route very
popular for travelers thia winter.
Shows the state of your feelings and
state of your health as well. Imptxra
blood makes iiselfapparenl ia a pale sad
saltaw complexion, pimples and si la
eruptions. If yoa are feeling wuak and
worn out and do not have a haltbv ap
pearance, you should try Acker's Blood
Elixir. It cores all blood diseases wber
cheap Sarsaparilla and so called puririers
fail ; knowing this, we sell every botiia
on a positive guarantee.
Roseburg Market
Eggs 25c psr do.
Butter Country 25c.
Poultry Chickens,
mixed, $2.50(3
Prunes Italian 35; silver, extra
choice, 5(g6 per lb.
Wheat 40(942c.
Oats 25 30c.
MillstuiT Bran, $17; miJdlinga $23;
shir's, $18 00; chop, $16.00 per ton. ;
liaj Timothy $9(11 ; clover, $73
Or-iron wild hay, $67 per Ion.
Woo' 13dUt5c.
Potatoes SSfiT- tiO per sack.
Bill Poster and Distributor.
Having bill board in tbe beet locations
in town, I am prepared to do all o k ia
tbat line un short notice.
H. G. HocoiroLDSB,
a -Vr-r
For Infants and CMldrtn.
Ths Kind Yea Hats A!3ji l:zp
Bears the stir .TT
Signature of t&ttjti'
t '