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    Till: PLArN DEALER
raoiitw ;:j..:.r .1 Thursday.
. -.lor aad Puullther
Subscription Rates.
it Heaths .
- 1 00
rare Heath..
DECEMBER 11. 1899.
A fleet of thirty. five vessels has beeri
engaged to carry 123,000 tons of etruct
iat steel from Philadelphia to Australia.
The flow of Australian gold to tbis coun
try is likely to continue.
The Memphis Couimerciai-Appeal
says it will support Mr. Urrn if h- m
the nominee neat year, Itut k will feel
about as gtod over it as a man who
Steals a t id a hearse.
What a ti-e araiitinent h wotiM 1
it Harvey Scott could it- indt.eed to no
tpt a plare in MeKinteyV cabinet, no
toatter which !aee ail the 01 her rueiu
tjrrs could te dispell! with.
Tammany is out i r lin an uj will
probably claim th iiht J name the
candidate for vice-president. Bryan and
Tammany would make a pri f.y cotnbi
nation for populieis and silvtr republic
ana to support.
XL board appointed to look into the
improvementa o! Yquira Bay, have re
ported agaioBt funhtr expenditures
lookintr to the imprcvi mei.t of that har
bor. This wi:i probtbly be the end ot
the splendid work inaugurated by lion.
Singer Hermann, while he a as a mem
ber of congress.
The revenue nf C O. Big'&ws farm on
-TTiUisma creek. Josephne county,
amounts to between 14,0t:O and $15,000
pet year, llecol- vatea 7S0 acre, and
raised tbe past ye' 750 tons of bay,
about 2 JO, (XX) pounds of potatoes, be
sides grain ai:d utiMr product. Us
feeds 400 h-ad of cattie.
In an article in Thur?' isue of the
Pljusdkalek, in tenant to the inequality
of the assessment in l;S-reot coat. lies of
the state, caused by the repeal of tbe Uw
providing a tUte bjard of ion,
era stated tbat tbe reUu-tiun in the val
uation in Multnutuah county . $1,000
000. What we ihmld hav. eaul and
what we intended ts f. wa tint the
redaction was f 10,00.),0).
Crotchety enrmudg-wns may declare
that tbere are do poeirs to be found
along Ji Ve rocky, bnmiuocky highway,
but we knor' better. Just before
Thanksgiving, after we bad given np tbe
tdea at having turkey f Jt dinner, Mr.
nd lira Q. V. Short of Wilbu-, sent us
tbenices', fattest, jicieet, elali-fed tur
key that cauld bs fouad in Daaglas
county. Yee, we think life it worth liv
iog as long as there are eo many hice
people in tbe world.
The leading democratic paper c-f the
stats asserts that Gvyt rnor Geer sbonld
clear his skirts; that it it bis duty to the
people of Oregon. What has Gavernor
Geer done that be needi to clear bis
skirts? A few democratic papers have
attempted to make a tcanJal but it has
. been received bj outemptoosly by tbe
people tbat no explanation from tbe gov
ernor is necessa.y. A e rehead from
rolk county is given tbe credit or dis
credit, of claiming tbat be paid tbe gov
ernor f 1000 for tbe promise o! the posi
tion of warden of tbe penitentiary which
Governor Geer failed to fulfill when
elected. And because the governor
doea not Jlrtmbie and explain in ver
bose language, be is guiliy cf tbe vidian
ems charge. Oh well, this is politics and
One way to establish broad, democratic
-'principles. Tbe people of wbo?e welfare
the Herald is solicitous w ill only smile.
Pendleton Tribune.
Tbe Portland Dispatch, the leading
democrat paper in Oregon, has tbe fol
lowing to say about fusion : It is an
Bounced tbat tbe "free silver national re
publican committee ban decided to call
tbe national convention at the same time
and place aa tbe df cuocratic national
convention. The platform of the demo-
craU is to be endorsed if it declares in
lav or of free silver." If tie next nation
al dercicratic conveution is to be another
triple-beaded concern, and be dectated
t bv every faction in the country, tbe
result io Novenitr is eaeiiy to predict.
The opposition to Hurna-McKinleyistn
cannot be united on a three-It gged stool
with three platforms. Tbere is no use
to try tbis experiment agiin. Nor can
tbe democratic party bold its own nnity
wben it accepts and incorporates into its
platform principles repugnant and anti
democratic. Tbose w ho are opposed to
ilcKinleyism on but one isoe in 1003,
and that one, while important, by no
means tbe leading one st tbis time,
eboold stsy where tbey belong. The na
tional democratic convention should
adopt a platform to meet tbe present is
sues and nominate its candidates, and
appeal to tbe good recse cf tbe people to
sustain tbem. There is lo o-e i- giving
importance to every litle c.ijue or ring
as representatives of a iirty. Thee fre
bcoters represent the-nselves only and
bae no following. Those whom they
profers to Ied are end have long since
been ready to train under tbe democratic
banner. The tirre for eide-thows has
raised, t e it Palmers or Tom Watsons.
A year ago expert judges cstimsted
that 50,000 trous would be needed to
maui'aia order in Cuba. Hardly on- -fourth
of tbat number are tb -re row,
ana uenerai ijnard 00 J. 10 com
mand at Santiago, in his annual report
just iesued recommend that the num
ber in bis department be reduced tc
1,C00 two squadrons of cavalry and two
battalions of infantry. The announce
ment is also made that the general is in
favor of raising a regiment of Cubans,
with American field offiuere. These
fatts, compared with thederperate con
dition of Cuban affairs two jears ago in
tbe closing spasm of the Spanish regime
afford bopeful auguries ot itie speedy
an4 complete redemption ol that inland
from demoralization and misrule.
Decision of a Majority of the
Kentucky Election Board.
The Findings Are Also in Favor
the Rest of the Republican
Stale Ticket.
ritANKrour, Ky., Dec. 5. The state.
board of election touigtil gave out its
official findings that W. S. Taylor, for
governor, ai d the reel of the rest ot the
republican ticket, have l-een elected 011
thtt lace of tbe returns. Commissioners
Ellis and Piyorsigmd tbe uiaj rity re
port, in which they held tha , as a
board if cj vsere, they bavo to riht
to go behind the returns of the county
hoardii. tiiat their duties are purely min
isterial as can v assets, and that lb face
of the returns, as received by theoj fro.11
thecouolie-, shows the eh-ctioa of .he
republican state ticket. Aectwdinlv,
tbe rejHsrt say, certificate of elertnn
were ordered issued to each candidate
Commissioner j Etlis and" Pryor were
buy all day writing their opinion, and
it was dark before Mr. Ellin, who did
most of too writing, had finished hU
The politicians ot bjtij parlies depart
ed from Frankfort in great numbers dur
ing the day, aud the toan tonight is
pracliuUy deserted.
Frankfovt, Ky., Lec At a :45 this
morning tbe election certificate of Wil
liam S. Tylor as eigne d by the election
commissioners, aud he nas declared
govern or -elect of Kentucky.
Tbe official tiiurei of the vole, led
with tbe secretary of state, are : Taylor,
193,714; Goebel, lyl,33l ; Taylor a plural
ity, Tbe certilicMes as eo-n as signed,
were filed with tie secretary of slate,
and cmmUeious mil l irsued to tbe
elected men at ones by Governor Brad
ley. Resolutions of Condolence.
Oakland, Ore., De:. 10. 1&9,
To the Master Workman ctSie-a ai.d
Brothers of Home Lod- No. 24, A. O
U. W.
ve, your rommittee. appotuted to
draft resolutions on the death of Brother
Geo. T. liusse!:. Iv-g to report :
Tbat a chatter member of this lodgi
and past grand maUr of the Grand
Lsdge of Oregon, and one of the most ef
Sclent mem be: s of 00 r order, bas puesed
away to the great beyond.
Geo. T. Bassell a man of untiring en
ergy and ability, wboe life was devoted
to every good aoik for tbe advancement
of bis adopted town and the welfare of
tbe community.
EerHctd, Ttiat on the death of Broth
er Knsstll, tnit iodge has lost a cherished
and booored member, bis family a kind
and loving husband and father, ond tbe
community in which he lived a true and
npright citizen.
BetiAced, Tbat a copy of these resolu
tions be furnished the family of our de
ceased Brother, that a copy be given tbe
PLAUtOEAun and Beirew for publication
and that they be copied in tbe records ct
Home Lodge, No. 24. A. O. U. AV.
C. L. Cii.vowsTii,
Jon.x Caxabay.
A. F. Beowx.
School Report.
following m the reportof the Clover
creek cchoo! for the term ending D.c. 3.
Number of days taught 5$.
Number days attendance 497.
Number enrolled 13.
Number times tardy 23.
Average daily attendance 9.
No. dars absence, 03.
No. of visitors, 3. -
Tbose averaging 90 per cent and over
in tbe examination, ara Mamie Dixon,
Arthur Morgan,. Sadie Dixon, Myrtle
Dixon. thel Dixon and Nettie Mor
Ada L. Smith,
What Scrofula Is.
Scrofula is a disease as old as antiquity.
It has been banded down for genera
tions and is tbe same today as in
early times. It is emphatically a di
sease of the blood, and tbe only way to
cure it ia by purifying the blood.
Tbat is just wbst Hood's Saras parilla
does in every cat e it ia given
a faithful trial. It eradicates all impuri
ties from the blood, acd cores the
sores, boils, pimp'.es and all forms of
skin disease due to scrofula taints in
tbe blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla has won
tbe grateful praise of vast numbers
of people by its grand and complete
cures. Don't allow scrofula to de
velop in your bl jcd. Cure it at once by
taking Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Pleasant Party.
Clare Godfrey gave a party Thursday
evening to about . fifty of .bis young
friends. Tbe evening was enjoyably
spent with music, games, etc. Lunch
was served at 10:30 p. m. Tbe guests
left at about eleven o'clock, having
spent a very pleasant evening.
Tbe following were prtsent: Prof. C.
T. Whittlesey, Mis.e3 Graham, MaoMil
ler, Kate Fullerlon, Elbe Collins, Mollie
Norrufii, Minuie Huston, Kuth nud
SfielU Hamilton, Ora M jtc, Bertha Ej- j
te, Minnie (ilau ou, Lily .Stanton. Grace
binipe, turtle Basr, L'llian CriteMer, 1 ry
Helen, ha lie Hatfiald. Alice
HairhM. Minnio Khnn. l.Mi. .! I !
Sacrey, Grace an I Neita (Jood, Lena
Thornton, KJna Winston, Ellena Heed,
Myrtle Campbell, Silvia Stearns and
Flofcsie Shambrook. Messrs. Wulter
Tooley, Fred Winston, Bert Huntoo, Koy
Bellows, Julin Iiovd, John Toannerid,
J. W. .Stephens. Walter Liird, Milo At
ternary, Da-ijiht Brry. Charlie llirid
inan, Gori; Nortuan, Cnarlie Stratlcrd
and floury KkliiinNoii.
March's Battalion Encountered
Aguinaldo's Troops.
The Insurgent's Loss Was 70 Men
American Forces Occupy Bangued
Grant at Oranl.
Manila, Dec. 9, 0:15 p. iu. General
Gregorio del Pilar, commanding Aguio-
a'.dVs body-guard, was killed ly Major
Peyton March's battalion of tho Thirty
tLiid infant y in a tight 13 miles north
west of Cervantes, December 3, Accord
ing to reports which General Young ob
tained from tBi-ap-il Spanish prisoners at
Yigan. several datsago, Major Match
leu me coatr, wtiere tin was pursuing
Aguinaldo, and encountered General del
Pilar on a fortified trail. They fought
for four hours, during which time 70 Fil
ipinos were killed and aouudod The
Americviu loes wan one kiiioJ and sis
wounded. Tho Spaniards report that
Major March is still pursuing the insur
gents. DA Pilar was one of the leaders of the
present and of at, oilier Spanish revolu
tion. He was a mere youth, and was re
ported to have graduated at a European
university. Pro'estor Schurmsn met
him as a member of the first peace com
minion, aud rated him as remarkably
Tho Americans have occupied Ban
Rued. province of Abra.
General Grant's expedition Las vistied
Orani and several western towns, meet
ing small bands. Ue killod several of
the rebels and captured a quantity of
munitions ot war.
Diehop Henry Poller, of New York
has arrived here on a brief visit to study
the Philippines.
Mlctaf Locations.
DittuUs County.
P. Col well, placer claim, in
creek; located August 0, recorded
vember 24.
James H. Doty ct a!., quartz, on Cow
creek, first exteuskn north of the Will
Lough mining claim ; located Nov. 11,
recorded Nov. 2S.
Henry D. Laugblin br H. Leigbl,
agent, amended location of tbe Cracaer
Jack qiartx mine, ia Bohemia district,
located Nov. 4, recjtdeJ Nov. 29.
W. B. Gamble et a!., Detroit, quar's,
sitcaled on the easterly end of Jackass
mountain south of Ophir snd Battler
claims, Bohemia district ; boated Nov. 2,
recorded Dec. 2.
Henry D. Laujhliu, Corbett, quartz,
Bohemia district; located Nov. 11, re
corded De?. 2.
Henry D. Ltughiin, by Uerbert Leigh
aent, amended notice of Fi'zsimmoos,
q-iartz, run south 13SJ feet east to west
edge of discovery cat; located Nor. 11,
Dec. 2.
D. J. Gooer, GuldenJJnk, quartz, east
extension of the Golden Wonder. Bo
hemia district ; located Nov. 5, recorded
Dec. 4.
O. H. Taplin, Nucleus, quartz, laps
the Golden Lick GO fret and parallels
the Golden Wonder, Bohemia ; located
Nov. 5, recorded Dec, 4.
W. L. Cbspman, Alics May, quartz,
laps onto Nucleus and parallels tbe Con
tract, Bohemia; locate! Nov. 5, recorded
Dec. 4. Oregon Mining Journal.
A Marvelouc Production.
lueatre goers have a grand operatic
treat in store for them wben tbe greatest
of all comic opera successes "Wang" will
be presented for the first time in this
city at the Opera Houm Tuesday, Dec.
iui. .Manager Strong bas lor years
tried to secure this big attraction and bas
at last succeeded in doing so. There
no opera now before tbe public tbat con
tains more pretty music, solos, doe!
and trios than does "Wang." Tbey
have become so well known that they
have been played by all military bands
throughout tbe country and have gsne so
far as to be whistled by almost everyone
on tbe streets.
Amor.g the artitts of the company are
such well known names as handsome
Minnie Emmelt, Louise Moore, Berths
Dale, Alice Gaiilard, Mr. Martin Pache,
Charles Swickard, Kirkland Calhoun
Stanley Felch and Eobert Lett, the rival
of Deuolff Hopper, together with
young aud powerful chorus, and tbe
company's own orchestra.
Tbis will mark lbs first appearance iu
uoseburg of the famous Gran Opera
TLe city authorities ought to take act
ive measures to prevent tbe tramps from
herding 10 the city. Hardly a woek
pssees but that some house, either resi
dence or business, is entered and more
or lees preperty stolen. City Marshal
uiiitrd is doing all 111 uis power to pro
tect the property of our people, but no
one man can guard a citv of this size
both day ami nigbt. There was a time
a few yeas ago when times were bard
snd employment scare, wben we had
some sympathy for men who claimed to
be tramping in search of work, but dur
ing these flush times wben every news
paper in the land contains advertise
ments of men wanted for all kinds of
work nt good wai;es, an able-bodied
tramp ought to be put on a rockpile, as
soon es he strikes tbe town.
How's This?
We ofler One Hundred Dollars Ueward
for any case of Catarrh tbat cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Props. Toledo. O.
We the uudersigtied have known F. J.
Cheney for tho last 15 veare, and believe
inn- perlei tly honorable in nil business
transactions and financially able o car
any obligations made by their
et A TrllBX,
Wholesale UrUKltisls.
Toledo, O.
WaMini;, Kint;aii & Marvin, Wholc
!.! Dnu'KifitS, Toludo, Ohio.
Mall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, arting direi tly uporj tho bbiod and
iriu:oiis nurture ol the aystcm. JVice 75c
por Ixittlc. fcHd by alfdriivjrista. TJt.
monul i frf.
Iludyan cures
dresins arid ntft'it
all drnL'iafp.
sleeplessness, bad
sweats. Fifty cents
Ladysmith British Capture
Strong Boer Position.
The movement Was Made at Night,
and Was a Surpriso to the
London, Doc. 9. Tho war oflico to
night issued the following dispatch from
General Duller, dated at Frere camp,
December 9, afternoon :
"The following was receiytd frotnGeu-
traMMuto today: 'Let niubt I sent
General Hunter, with 500 Natal vo'un-
teers, under KoynHcn, and 100 of the
imperial light hurtle, under Kdwards, to
eurprise a gnu on a hill. The enterprise
was admirably carried out ond entirely
succesiiui, iuo lull being captured and a
six-inch gun and a howitzer being de
stroyed with gaucoiton. A maxim was
captured and brought to Ladysmith,
Our loss was one killed and Major Hem
derson, 01 tho firet battalion of the Ar
ty II highlunders, wounded. At the
Eauio tiuio tbat Colonel Knox seized the
hiil, one equadrou ot the Nineteenth
husxnrs rode around rep worth bill,
horning kraals and cutting the telegraph
line. Tbey bad uo casualties."
Bokr Ukad Laauku, Lidyetuitb,
Dec. 8. British troop3 made a scrlio be
tween 1 rnd 2 o'clock in the morning.
They era led op tbe ravine and sUrmed
ana cameo: Lombardakop, wb:cu was
hel I by the Boers, and on which were
placed a C'eosot gun aod a howitzer.
These guns wore destroyed with dyna-
uut. iuo itrpish raptured a MXm
gun and then retired.
Liiicers, bd'-eirsand guards uude a
sortie wet-lof Ltdjeruilh at daybreak,
under cover i f heavy artillery lire, which
the Boers i.:.ined brikly.
ish after ard. r tu:ned ta Ld mi.Hi.
Tbe Boer l"t-9 aie r nled to have
.been slight.
A S'rong burgher culninu bas crossed
iheTuelt nver, a: C jU-nao, ith the
olj'Ct of atarV:t g u.e IJii i-li Ejtcouit
Azalea Items.
Boys und girli, ( wish you ad a happy
A. U. Adams was teen on oir streets
last Sunday.
ilenry tluul.ey made a visit 10 Myrtle
Creek last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fauce'.t made a visit to
Myrtle Creek last Sanday.
E. B. Anderecn and N. A. Richards
visited Doe Flat las. Sunday.'
Ttie Djo Creek Wood & Lumber Co. is
doing a lushing business a; present.
Mr. Johu Jenkins of this place, made
a buMoesj trip to Uoseburg last Monday.
Subscribe for tbe Plaimjiuikk if jou
want fre--h news. abscrlptions taken
by -TheOr at this place. .
lbcre will ue grana ball at John
Smith's 00 ChrUtmas night. We wieh
them a happy Christmas and a good
Tue Owu
Drain News.
Frank ells, of Elk ton, was iu town
W. A. Terkius went to Saginaw ou
day's express, on business bent.
W F. Yoan, an employe of the S. I'
Co., at Roseburg, ia visiting bis wife in
this city.
Kv, and JUS..W. t. vion'ooUl be
gin a protracted meeting in cotts Valley
Dr. .Smith, ot Marshheld, came up
from Roecbnrg Tuesday and left on Wed
nesday'a elsgo for bis borne.
A. E.' Gardner, pastor of the Christian
church at tbis place, went to Eugene
Tuesday for a few days' visit.
Frank Kent and family returned
Wednesday from Isabel, Lane county,
where tbey spent tha pa-t summer acd
Mits Audrey Bridges returned to her
home ih Boseburg after a few days pleas
antly spent with relatives at tbis place,
J. si, asuam is in tne city on bis way
to Ashland, where he goes to assume his
duties as one of the S. P. operatois at
tbat place.
Mrs T. Winniford. of V'ilbur, arrived
here Saturday for a visit with ber dangh'
tor, Mrs. James Losley. She n turned
home yesterday.
Mrs. Frank Hambrick, of Cottage
Grove, who bas been a guest of ber sis
ter, Mrs. F. C. Counts, for the past few
days, returned to ber borne Tuesday
Beckley Bros., of Elkton, shipped five
carloads of hogs to San Francisco mar
ket the latter part of tho week. Pitzer
Beckley went with them So tbe city
Miss Yeva Baee.'. of Siasons, Calif., is
stopping a few days wi'.h Mr. aod Mm,
G. M. Baasett and Mia Maude Bassett.
She is ou her way for a visit to Willsm-
valley towns.
jlr. aod Mrs. . M. Moore returned
home Wednesday from their week's wed
ng tour. They will take up their resi
dence In the cottage north of the McAl
lister hotel, where they wilt he "at
home" to their m iny friends
ine .nanRsgiving bait ai the opera
house last Friday evening, given by F.
ff. Mires aud L. C. Applegnte, was truly
tbe event of the season, both in point of
attendance and social l-utures. ) lito a
numbj.- of young people from Cottage
Grove, i oncalla and Oakland were also
o attsndnnce.
A tiitt 1'li.if" rectaurant Ii.ih
opened on Cufs hlreet. opjmsite
(!ciot,nt ahit h may be had Ireth
terc, chicken, eteake, ns, lunches, and
befides meals et ell hours, regular meals
are ecrvtd. I.unihis and quiek meals
forrmlroHd pasetigiraa Fpeuially. For
that hungry feeling hn sure anil call at
Duffy V reslanrnnt, priees rensonable.
hiBepitMmiess, uii'liriiliolia. stomach
pain", heart trouble. Hiidvait enrps.
All ilrugirls, 50 ci'iits.
Deccmbir Weather.
The following data, covering a perkd
of 22 yeats, have been compiled from
Weather Bureau at Rosehurg, Oregon,
fcr the month of Decern her for 22 years.
Mean of normal temperature. 42 de
grees; the warmest month was that of
188G, with an average of 47; the coldest
month was that of 1894, with an average
of 37; ths' highest temperature was 66
on 1, 1883; the lowest temperature was
7 on 21, 1879; average date on which
first "killing" frost occurred in sutumn,
Oct. 14; average date on which last
killing" frost occurred
in spring. May
rrecipiiatton train and melted mow.)
ft . -
Average for the month, C20 inches;
average number of days with .01 of an
men or more, 18; the greatly monthly
precipitation was 12.02 inches in 1891
the least monthly precipation was 2 73
inches in 1878; the 'greatest amount of
precipitation recorded in any 24 consec
utlve hours was 2.80 inches on 4th,
1879; the greatest amount of snowfall
recorded in any 24 consecutive hours
(record extending to winter of 1884-85
only) was 7.5 inches on 20tb, 1898.
Average number of clear days. 3
partly cloudy days, 10; cloudy days, IS
ine prevailing windt have been from
the south; the highest velocity of the
wind wai 48 mtlea from the south and
southwest on 9tb, 1S98.
" " Weather Bureau.
Sheriff Gaga returoel from Salem- last
Joseph Robeiti
expects lo start for
Alaska 8300.
j. a. &awyera brought tn txtra ud
iron Bcotlsbirg, Friday.
Mr. Reed, of Gardiner, drove a large
nana ot bogs to Drain, last week.
ihe Muses bcbids went to Tinpot ser-
Uement to attend a dance, last weok.
Miss Jday l.oberts is visitio; her
aunts, the Misses Well, at present
M. M. Bicon, who bas been workioe
in the mill at Gardiner, bas returned to
bis home.
Tbe family of Fred Weatherly is visit
ing Cbas, Weatherly, they a ill remain at
bis borne until starting for California.
Mrs. liawiey, who has bsen staying
with ber mother, Mrs. Ira Wells, baa re
lume 1 to her home in Co' tig) Grove.
Amngemtctj have been made for a I
Christmas tree here, and tbere is no
doubt but what tbe plans will be success
fully carried out.
ins A. o. L . w. lodge will have an
installation of oSictrs, on the 27tb. day
OI JJac. A program i; lein arransed.
and all are invited tc attend.
Cbas. Clemens is slopping at the Elk
ton hotel, at present. Mr. Clemens bas
been suffering with a severe attack of
rheumatism, und is gjing to Bxeburg t
seek telief.
Bill Poster and DUtributor.
t f a.. a ..
uavioj Dill txiarJ la tbebeht iocationi
iu ion, l aj prepared to do all work in
mat line on short notice.
H. ti. Hot PIIOLDkK,
Roseburg, Oregon.
Pierce's Cash Grocery.
Is the place lo fro to get good
goods at reasonable prices;
ew, I resb, Clean stock. Also
Floor, Feed and Lay at lowest
I rices.
W. V.
WincLester, Or?.'
In a reiirrvhl acci!cnt the other daw a
man sustained ten complete fractures of
me ronesoi me imihs, three fractures of
the pelvis. anl a score of bruiser ra&riM
and sprains, and yet he is recovering. Men
ana women sometimes
withstand great physi
cal violence, out suc
cumb to the invisible
vv germs of
ACT so smal
A can be seei
small that they
seen only under
a powerful microscope.
The starting point of
consumption is in the
stomach, which, when
deranged, makes bad
blood because diges
tion ia nni rrff- on
m oaa Diooit the mi
crobes multiply and
flourish. Sooner or
later the lungs are at'
tacked, and in the weak
spots Uie germs begin
their deadly work of
tearing down the tis
sues. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dis
covery stops the encroachments of con
sumption microbes. It builds up and
fortifies the whole svstein bv aidinir th
stomach in its many functions. It assists
in tne proper assimilation of food. This
scientific remedy cures lingering coughs,
bronchitis, bleeding at the lungs, and
every toiler symptom that eventually
i i cwisuiimuou. UT. K. V. i"iparv.
of Buffalo. N. Y.. who
derful metlicine. gives free, fatherly ad-
ncc to all who write him. I
" Ist sprit ii I was taken with nvn. i-
niy chejt. and wu no weak 1 could har.Ilv walk
atx:t the house," rays Mm. G. K. Kerr, of tort
ItodKe. Webster Co.. Iowa. "I tried several
iciniis and they told me I had oonxumniinn
it that I luinlit brush it over and twrhnns liv
a rrood mny venra. I heard of i)r. rSerce's
vuiocn jmiicai iMftrorerv and I thought I would
try tonic of il. Before I had taken the first bottle
I wn irv much lrttrr- I Imk fiv hr.HI. nr.
and have not yet hni nv return of the trouble.
I have also tp.ken Dr. firrce's Favorite Prescrip-
i ixiicw w in irooa re&uitn
When the bowels are obstinate, tat,. r
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They don't gripe!
Tradc Marks
Copyrights Ac
Anrono nendlna a aketrh nrt dMortntinn ma
onl-kl njoertam our opinion free whether an
Invention l prohnblr pmcnmbln. uniraunlra.
tlonalrlctlreonalentlal. Ilandrxokon FalenU
sent free. Olilrat nsencr forurniir patent.
I'atonta taken tbniuuh Munn a. Co. recalra
tprrial nntUt, without chre. In tha
scientific jmicricatt.
A hanitaomelr llln-tratml weeklr. l.areest rlr-
ulailon (if anr iwleniiric l.nirn.l. 'I'srni. .i
vrr" oo tears c ' m mi
J 1 IU. a Is si si inn n-M - " .."tv
i'fen I flsTZ- II If tl J t llUhwi 71 i
I.".r..l2?rJI,"",h',L Bo'lhyll newsdealers.
MUNN &Co.3e'B. New York
is near at hand and
The Furniture Man,
.Has just what you need
What's the matter with a White Iron Bed
Christmas present. Also a nice White Curled
Mattress that you will -wonder how you got a
without after using one for a month.
, 1
I i
A Fine Oak Extension Table and a nice set of
Oak Chairs are sensible Christmas presents.
A nice Ladie's Desk or a Fine Oak Center
Table will fill the bill.
Our line of rockers is up-to-date aud we have
lots more coming in about a week. To see them is
to be convinced that we know what nice chairs are.
See our White Fur Rugs.
Moquetle and Smyrna Rugs.
I i
Call on us you will be
Roseburg, Oregon.
: -. : : i : i i
Has removed to the fcheridan Block,
fresh full Hue of
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Satisfaction is his motto and his aim to please all. See
window display of dishes given with Baking Powder,
""""" jii.ii i mey arc tae nnesc ensues in
town- You are resnectfullv invited tr pall firmm
him in his new quarters.
r -,
Roseburg Pharmacy
M. F. RAPP, Prescription Druggist.
DrngF, Toilet Articles. I'atent iledi-
ciuee, Cigars, Stationery, Toilet
Soape, I'siats snd Oils.
The celebrated Magazine Cyclone Pii'.;
Cameras. Triumph Cut Film Cameras.
Call and Examine them.
Should call and
of China Ware.
day trade. Anything you want at
China Novelties
Artistic Celluloid Boies and picture frames; beautifully decorated
u-f d'hea'' ,ancy Photograph albums ot new designs; handker
chiefs of finest Japanese silk; tine wicker ware and useful orna
ments ; doll carriages, dolls, and toys of every description. Differ
ent from anything ever before brought to Koeeburg. All new
goo-Is at prices tbat suit yoo.
Cor, Jackson and Douglas
Mrs. S. McConnell.
J.. si... it i .
1U -nome isaKery ana will
nection with the bakerv
Everything will be new and
Give us a trial and
$13.50 fct
0-r, S-Wck ar. Uar-rt,, raakK,-M,ur.) S K
. . Jl I I ' I
I '. E -n mm
Snhrik I iiBi
r. 1
x "a
for a
Also a good line of
t t
sure to find what
: is: v; : : :. . - .-
He now has a
see the magnificent display
A special line for the Holi
late of KlIfrpriA Viae itt vpct-f1
. -v-o
overhaul evervthine in con-
of the very best materials.
we will please you.
Cat thi m&
out aiKl nd
to u. and
will 9rnathlsarlaaulUtt. CmI 4 mm tA Un lo .n. Ud
nvwbeir nd or tha KmkT auuntalns, br
trrl C. O. S. , mm9i to uuiMlte Voinoii
amine tt at jour frvlxbt dp and if found
perfectly aatlinutory anl tk r,.n,i aim ar.
mla you e vernaw or heart olrva, (Mrtt arrat
trstt Ui4sl.i)UMsnt rwi-.
vhantMlfrrirhl avankirenahuutai
THIS STOVE IS SIZE No. 8. i'"" f i ill nl
liK-hrs; made rroni taxt mm traa. eitm larx aiwa!
nravr rovers, cut rrnten. hfarv Unlnn and eratni,
nlckrled ovrn neli, alumtnlna Uowl orrn doom,
bandsoma nk-kel plated ornantrnui and triraoiinin.
itraku.aFermlala aWmmrt. txrv
nerTornanind (JT COAl lURNCS Mist.
anawa furnkh lnliKan aitra wo'l ratv,tnkmi;
It a prrfW-t waad karaer. RC Kwl K A atlM
to jr.vir nearent rai I road station.
AR sTrt 0 C BU C K 4 CO? trTc.cic'oT.Ll
.iwiiiuniaiHMlMM aMHfaltoa. A.MrKr,
Winter term will begin Dec.
II, 1899.
Classical asd
Thorough preparation for College, lor
Teaching, or lor businea. Intrurtiou glrta .
tn Latin, Greek, French, Urmn, MaUmtia,
Naturml ricience, Hilton, nlih, aoonbaixi,
Tjpcwrittur, Penmanahip, aod Hyfien. Aaie
awlBtanm, low rate. For lunber parUcoiar a
aUlrew the principal.
C. T. Whittxebit, A. B.
Uoseburg. Or.
Residence, Cor. Douglas and Chad
wick Sts one block above
Conrt House.
Here is ao opportunity lo ret
First-Class Photographs at
tte very lowest rates,
sizes from 8X10 down to
Tery smallest
The Latest fad
Is a Calling or Basineas Card
with your photo (stamp size
eight positions in set of 100.)
Set-100-neat cards with photo
name, business and address if
desired thereon, only 2L
The Wagon Gallery.
John H. Taylor,
W'aon bjr aide o( Una Pl,.t.
Shop, Jackaan Street, x nOtOgTaplier.
TRUSSES, 65c, St.25 an I?
rtt mrjt
m rrroI rstoa, fm Itu akir I I
tb prtra ouM T Mn, u4 I a M
ia naii n,i. Tim, iiimmh itm w ih
4- omx mm4 mmti lo am wil M a brmi, mCM i. :
npiwri. vbitter npnn u laiv r mm! I; mimt msmi
loattar whm arBd tte bodj a Baa wtfc tarn
nptora, ht vbattar rmrtm at aa itsbt ar tmtt mtam,
aa4 will sca4 hv tnm (a yna wnk caa aadr
t.iMllna k la Mi pmlmA tl aaa Mlla town Km
rmmO awaallMi ctijiiMWmaM
will return your monty.
Mtrr cu ct mrtt pith AMte "a a
, lactadua laa b. I1I.M Ua Irmm 7 C
tm il ii il mmj tmm. mm mm fill tl
In the County Court, forth Covatrof Son
iaa. Mat ol Orison .
lathaiuiusr ol the estate ol Batdan WJbtS,
o waiiace Hjnatt. Frank
KmatL Karr
n ukucoci mer, araa
Virft, Will Vtaec,
Eoini Maret, Jiattie Maget, a tbel Hayea.iiua
BaveaandyatUe Hajea. GreeUa g:
lathe name ol the Mate ol Onsmt, Too are
hereby nid and mjaircd to appear la the
County Court ot tte tle ot Oreeoa, lor the
County of iAjadax. al the eoart nm theraaf,
t Bowbnrv. in Ute Cooatr e Doojrlaa. oa
,?f1-T, day ol January, A. D. 19U0.
at lt o vlock. ia the famm r ib.t 11..
Aiice i. ttroira. Beta Im k.m u.i t
aod thereto show cause if arty there be, why aa
viur. ui win uiouMi uoi oe male, au Lbor
tziii? and direetia? the administrator, beom
K. y uine, to seil the real property beJomrina t
laid ecute, at pri rate sale tor eaah ia hand ia
order to pay ott tbe iodebtedneas acaiaat (aid
exiat, and to pay the roils and expenses at ad
ra 1 m rlration. eai.l real property is described as
follows, to-wit: Tbe soot halt of dosauon
claim numbcied U of William I- Wilson asl
wife, being part ot Mctioa M. ia townahtpw,
"" U- Mt in Douz-laa Caantr. btate
of Omron, the said aonLh hail of said eifuai
eontamioe Koiaeres more or loa. Taja ci jt
tion is founded on the vented petition of m,i
atininitsstor. said petiUsn being: now m t.e
in raid court.
W unf, the Hon. Joe Lyons, jodse of tae
County Court, of the State of Vrmi, for tbe -County
of Kooglas. with tbe seal of said ljn .
this :3ia,, dsrr of Noremha',
AtU-st: J. t. Giiut, clerk ""v
By 7. A KcCau, deputy. "
rsn-BD grtTtes
Laso Ofticx, .
Eisebars, Oregon. Nor. 1RM.
To whou. it may eoncera:
Nolitv U hereby giTen that the Oregon A C"i
lorrua Ka:Iroad Company has SJed in this ernes
-'- of lands simaied ia tho townahipa tie.
iCTibed below, and has applied for a patent fur
said lands: that the list is open to the pobiie for
inspection and copy thereof by desenpUr
tubuivUiona, bas been posted in a coareiLeDt
place in thuofiice for the inspection of all aar
sons interested and to the public generailr:
Sutii oi baaa line and Eur of w.t'.m.
Iette Meridian.
Tp :v. K 1.
SW'.i See. it.
Suth of base line and nest of WUlaajetta Sfer.
P T.iSit If" 3; o! :l
Xx" V8 and b'i K4 Sec. i
IP J3. It t.
S'SW'Jtjec. S. ,
Tp57,R;. r -e-iSecSS.
f .fc!?" e DeXt xt toltowing thewhtt
of this notice, miimi i ik.i. .
claim of; the Company to any tract or aaKJ
ion within an section or pan of seeuaa, , no
scribed ia the list, on tbe ground tbat tho sane -is
more valuable for mineral than for arrtf a :t.
Its mor vaiual
mm, wiu oe recetreo and noted for ro
Oeoeral Land oscc i Waehiartoa. .
1. H. BOOTH,
New and Improved Ps&senger Epulij-
ment, via Sooset Rovtc
New Orleans Express (No. 103 and Pa.
cific Express (No. 9) Utweea San Fran
ciaco and El Paso, have been equipped
with free reclining chair cars, fresh from
the shop and in ererr convenience of an-
pointment equal to the best in operation.
Each car is equipped with 53 recfininz
chairs, nine of which are in a separate
smoking compartment. Both first and
second-class tickets are accepted for pas
sage in these cars. These special coo
vemences and the congenial climate
through which these trains pass will
doubtless mike tbe Sunset Route rerr
popular for travelers this winter.
Shows the state of your feelinsa and tha
state of your health as well. I TO TtTTefa
blood makes itself anoarent in a nau i
salbw complexion, pimples and akin
eruptions. If you are feeling weak and
worn oat and do not have a hahb an
pearance, von should trv Aeear'a mii
Elixir. It cures all blood difwaaoa arh.m
cheap Sarsaparilla and so called puritiere
fail; knowing this, we sell every bottle
on a positive guarantee.
Koaeburg Market.
Eggs 25c per dcs.
Butter Country I'Sv
Poultry Chickens.
mixed, $2 50tJ
Prunef Italian
3 ; silver, ettra
choice, 5(.("6 pr it,
t lieai uitri 42c.
Oat 25(.r30e.
Millelutf Bran. tl7: mi !.li;.u.. .
shorts, 18.00 ; chop, Slti.00 per ton.
flay Timothv ai.ll : elnr
Oreiton wild hay, $G7 pr ton.
Potatoes 55(i 80 per Wk. '
i oi Infants and Children.
Tha Kind Yoa Kara Ahsrsjs B:t
Signature of Tt