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he Peoples Store;
Always the Cheapest.
ia -- -- . 1 - -- - ---
No Shelf worn stuff at our store. Everything bright, new and
clean. Remember when you buy a suit of clothes, hat or necktie at
our store you get absolutely the BEST and LATEST in STYLE
which puts you in line with well dressed men. Excellent values in
m m hi
visit our store we will
our ability to save you money and that
The Peoples Store,
I. ABRAHAM, Proprietor.
DECEMBER 7. 1899.
J. T. Gj was a business caller at
(Lis office Toesday.
If. W. H. Devore, of Cauyonvilla,
Fecial S:iher)in, of Oakland, wan io j Bond, the watchmaker eeiU specUcles
the t it yenterday, attending to bnsi-1 at lowest prices and can fit tliem cor
new. ... . jrectly.
A go xl bicycle (ladies') to trade fori HeivWhea, sal'.owneefl, falling sensa
wood. Apply at this office. A good j lions, liver troubles. Hudjan caret,
bargain. j All druggists, 50 cent.
To exchange tor wood, good second ) . DuQas. M. D., member Board of
ban J White eewiiig machine.
Apply at
bieefbee. j
C. B. Freseell took permanent charge
of lite EL B. Station, as agent at Glen
dale la-t Tuesday.
A good black kid glove can be iound at
tbe Novelty Store for (1.50. It will pay
yoa to try our kid gloves.
' Kervousneos, weakness, exhausted
Ferrous vitality, rheumatism. Hudrsn
ceres. All druggists, 50 cents.
When you come to Portland remem
ber and have your teoth fixed by Dr. M.
W. Davis. 163,' First Su
After all others fail to give you eaiis
faction take your watch to J. T. Bryan
and be will make it run for you. (nl4d)
A fine $05 C. G. Conn, cornet model
Sclo alto born, burnished eilrer, gold
tipped, good as new. Only $25 st T. K.
We re In receipt of a letter from Bev.
Edward iPngb, ordering the address of
hie psper changed from Danville, 111 , to
Uciiob, InJ.
"TwoLeads are better than one." If
tbe'one you have is dull and heavy you
teed Hood's Sareaparilia. It will give
yoa prompt relieL
Tbe Ladies' Aid Society of the M. E.
Church have for Bale carpet rags sewed
sod wound. Call on Mrs. O. F. God
frey or Mrs. A. C Mara! ers.
French Settlement will give a pound
social at the school bouse cn Friday eve
ning, Dec. 15, 1899. Tbe proceeds to be
donated to Mrs. J M. Bee sc. Every
bed; invited.
lira. R. Charchill, Berlin, Vu, says,
"Our baby was covered with running
eons. DeWiU's Witch Hazel Salve
cored ber." A specific .'or piles and
ekin diseases. Beware of worthier!
counterfeits. A. C. Marsters & Co.
' ill stop a cough at any time, and will
aire tbe work cC3rra twelve hoars, or
money refunded. 25 cU. and 50 eta.
For sale at Eapp'a drug store.
Mrs. 27. Bsyd received a letter Monday
evening from her daughter, Mrs. C. B.
Cannon, announcing ber safe arrival at
KoJitk, Alaska. She had a yery pleas
ant voyage and is well pleased with ber
new home.
"1 Lad dyspepsia fifty-eeven years and
never found permanent relief till I need
Eodol Dyspepsia Cure. Now I am wel
snd feel like a new man," writes S. J.
netting, Murray, Neb. It is the bee
dleeatant known. Cures all forms of in
digestion. Physicians everywhere pre
en oe it. A. C. Marsters & Co.
New students are coming to tbe Rose
t or- Academy every week. Tbe facili
ties for a higher edocalhn are all right
ia this school And students are availing
themselves of the opportunity thus of
fered The attendance is almost three
times as large as when tbe eebcol
Bring ine something from that very pretty
assortment of -,Vk
Bohemian Ware
at the Novelty'Store. That's what Mothers,
Sisters and Sweethearts are saying. They
know too that we can save old Santa a good
bit on his numerous presents. Any of tie
following are good suggestions for presents.
Beautiful Dress Paterns,
Best Kid Gloves,
Pretty Dressing Sacqoet,
Capes and Far Collaretts,
Silk Hose Support,
Ice Wool Fssucata
Silk and Wool Mlttaa?,
Initial and Silk Handkerchiefs, Shoes
tit) Mens' Suit, Lidies'
treat you fairly and" will convince
C. W. Crosby, of Riddles, u in the
city yesterday.
For first class dcntistrr ( ti lr
Little of Oakland.
D. Jackson, the uuDBtniih, ii sick and
coc Coed to bis borne.
For fine ehoej ask fos- Dr. A
cushion sboe, at JosephsanV.
Reed's t
Special sale of silk plushes for So, 10, ;
! sand nnl as rvna Mil nt T AnKinn e
.v,., r. .
Pension Examiners.
Office. Manters
building residing corner
Jackson a'-reet.
Douglas end
Dr. Isabel Sidgmick has now eecared
of&ccs and cesiJeuci at the S. K. corner
of Cisa and Main streets in the hone of
Mr. Geo. U. Caurcbill.
J. B. Clark, rejria. III., says, "Sur
geoni wanted to oirate on me for piles,
but I cured them with D Witt's Witch
litzel Salve." It is infallible for piles
and skin diseases. Bsware of counter
feits. A. C. Markers & Co.
Sheriff Stephens assisted by Deputy
Sheriff Wells, took the prisoners who
were convicted and sentenced to the
penitentiary and reform school, to Salem
If too ever lock os you h ave made
mistake. We are the people you are
looking for, we have tbem. Low prices
are at onr store. Bice & Bice.
House Furnishers.
Mrs. Comstock has sold the Home
Bakery to Mrs. Connel of Eugene, and
will eo East in the near future. Mr?.
I Comstock did well in ber
j was much in need of rest.
i Mr. J. Sheer. Sedalia, Mo., aaved his
j child s ufe by One Minnte Cough Core.
Doctors bad given her op to die with
croc p. It's an infallible cure for coughs,
colds, grippe, pneumonia, bronchitis and
throat and lung trouble. Relieves at
Once. A. C. Marsters & Co.
Ia a lecal in the last issue of the
Plautdealek, reference was made to
Mr. Tunnicliff ss agent of the Wells,
Fargo exprets ofBce, at this place. This
was a mistake, as Miss Boick is tbe
agent and not Mr. Taonicliff.
It takes bnt a minute to overcome
tickling in the throat and to stop a
eocgh by the use of One Minute Cough
Cure. This remedy quickly cures al!
forms of throat and long troublee.
Harmless and pleasant to take. It pre
vents consumption. A famous specific
for grippe and its after effects. A. C.
Marsters & Co.
sick headache, indigestion and constipa
tion. A delightful herb drink. Re
moves all eruptions of tbe skin, prodnc
ing a perfect complexion, or money re
funded. 25cts. and 50 cts. M. F. Rapp,
A Portland lady passed through Bose-
burg on the local, yesterday morning,
having in her possession a small branch
which she hkd broken from au orange
tree a few days before, at Red Bluff,
Cal. Tbe branch was loaded with nine
luge, well matured, ripe oranges.
Jist Eeckived. A large line of string
instrument, violins, mandoline, guitars,
baojos, aleo a large stock of smaller in
struments. Violins from $1 up. Mando
lins from $7 np. Accordions (2 to $10.
Other instruments in propsrtion. Great
value in these instruments. See them
at T. K.' Richardson's.
Umbrellas and Mackintoshes,
Purser, Lance Assortment,
Rhinestone Combe,
Glove, Necktie snd Handkerchief Boxes
Dolls, Tea Sets and Toys,
Perfumes and Toilet Articles,
Fancy Shoes,
for all feet,
A rice line of epray pumps a. C'b arch
ill & Woolley'e
Price reduced on Winchester rides at
Churchill & Wco.lejV.
Special sale of children's tea let ail
wool underwear for 35 cents per garment,
at Joseph eon's.
T. K. Rtchardao'u mafic home fold
to Judge J
W. Hamilton a fine Chicker-
Snit Vmain am fatea? ifavi t
.u, , V-JS-
Female complaint, pale, sallow coin-
plexions, headaches, nervons dyspepsia.
Hudjaa cures. All druggists.
Either chickens or turkeys can be
hatched in a Fetelutna Iocabator. See
them at Churchill & Wco'lryV.
Do you know a barcio wlirn you tee
it? Tbey are looking you tra:gbt in
the eves when yen are in our store,
Ivict & Rick.
Just see li e money ten could have
made if you hi J boudit an in cat a tor
last reason. Talk with Churchill
D-sWitt's Littls Early Risers purify
the Mood, clean the liver, invigorate
tbe system. Famous little pi'la f r con
stipation and liver troubles. A. C
Marsters & Co.
Mie Ant.ii E. Ciauni j. Tyre, Mich.,
says, "I suffered a longtime fromd.vs-j
pppbia ; loet fietli and became tery reak
Kodol Lryfpepsia Core con pletcly cured
cnc." It dig-s's what you eat and cures
all forma of stomach (rouble. It never
fails to give immediite relief in the
worst cases. A. C. Markers fc Co.
"I was neirly Jj with dyspepsia,
tried dolors, visited mi neral springs,
and grew worse. I used Kodol Dvsyep
sia Care. That cured me. " It digests
what you eat. Cares indigestion, sour
stomach, heartburn and all forms o
dyspepais. A. C. Mar iters A Cx
are sold on a positive guarantee. Cures
heart burn, raising of the food, distreesf
after eating cr any form cf dyspepsia..
One little ta'jlef ciyes immediate relie
25 cts. and 50 cts. For sale at M. F
Rapp's drugstore.
State Senator G. W. l'at'erton of
Washington county, who has been on a
trip through Jacks )n and ; Josephine
coanties, stopped Rose burg yes
terday to visit the ?lxixijxales editor.
Senator Patterson who is an enthusiastic
supporter of Hon. Binger Hermann for
U. S. Senator, sys that hs finds the
sentisent in favor of Mr. Hermann very
pronounced in all parts oi tbe state.
Mr. G. P. G ester and family passed
through Roseburg yesterday evening on
the local going to Grants Pass to take
permanent charge of tbe S. I. station at
that place. Railroad men are mncb
pleased with the change as it ii quits a
promotion. Mr. Geeter began his rail
road career as warehouseman at Rose
burg in 1837, later was made agent at
Oakland, Or., after which be was sever
al years train dispatcher at Portland,
but for five years past has been chief
clerk at East Portland. Mr. Gester ia
prominently connected with the order of
R. B. Telegraphers.
We beg to call special attention ta the
large display ad of T. K. Richardson's,
which appears on our fourth page. Mr.
Bichardson, we believe, has the only
clock" of musical instruments in Bose-
burg, at least the only complete stock of
first class instruments. He has also
built up a reputation for honesty and
fair dealing, which extends all ove
Southern Oregon. The Blickensderfer
typewriter, wnicli be advertises, is a
marvel for simplicity, utility and cheap
ness, being sold for f35 and $50. Per
sons interested in bis line cf goods, will
do well to call end examine bis stock.
A Half Dollar in your
hand is worth saving.
Guess on Gold Watch
with every Dollar
Men's Hats or Neckwear,
Ladies' Dog Collar Belts,
Men's Fancy Dress Shirts,
Boys snd Mens Sweaters,
Jewelry tbat wo can guarantee, and at very
Reasonable Prices,
K. of P. Sjclal Session.
On last eveuiug Alpha Lodcu K. of P
held a session at iluiir bc.ll iu
honor of Sir Knight Stanley Kiddtr,
who expects to litate soou fur Manila
where he enters the U. S. postal service
to which lio ns appointed a short timo
The hill was comfort ibly rilled with
the member.1 of the lodo and I'.ieir fami
lies and a of invited goests.
program consisted of vocal nod instru
mental auHic wfti rendered, after which
lunch was served and an hour was
spent in conversation, cards and a kpd
eral social mix-up. A very pleasant
time was had.
Mr. Kidder is very papular in Bose
burg, both socially and in a btisinese
way and whiie his dhndi are g'nd of his
el!-mtritcd recognition, yet they ae
sorry to have him iro away. We wish
Mm ev ry succe s ia his now Held cf la
bor. Mis. Abucr Riddle is in the city visit
ing friende.
A big reduction iu Eastman Kodaks,
at ChurcMil k WoollcjV.
Tho new sidewalk in front of Rice &
Rice is a decided improve root.
George Churchill of Cleveland, was
doing business in the city Wednesday.
Tired limbs, achicg joints and pains in
muscls. Hudyai cure?. All druggists,
59 cents.
Hon. Henry Bxth made a shoit basi
nets trip to Gran's Pass Monday, return
ing Tuesday.
Ladies, if you a e So king (or white or
colured luffrita silk, you'll God a nice line
here. Novelty Store.
Wollenlrt rg Bros, are taking (ho p.e-
cau'ion to attach door and witido shut-
ter to ho biik end of their store build
The rHU of the Monogram for tbe
bent fit of tbe Catholic Sunday School
class, was won by No. 41. the locky
holder beicg U. J. Gaoler. .
Lee Arrsblrcng, formerly of Oakland,
but now ei g.'gid ia the milling business
at Lebanon, is iu tbe city on business
and called on tbe I'lainoeales.
. MituMaili.; Bliinof Cleveland, was
in town Tuesday and maJe tbe Flals
ds au.ii a pltjjfdrj rail. ML-s Blaio has
been slopping at Oakland for rotno licce.
where - he ha' been taking spciat lieions
in, mu'"c.
The article io lust Monda' i-c-qj cf
this paier, in regard to tlio any Lij:ory
cf the county, is crealii g conti.lirable in
tercut among ihe old sett'ers. Among
those to call at tli id office wilti siget
tiousaal reatioiicanves was J. V. Mjss
man, au Indian war veteran, no an iu
mate cf the Sildisrs Horn, who cilled
Tuesday. Mr. Mosjinan settled ia Doug
las ountr, wei .if Drain iu 1S51. U
was eryael duriuK year in carrying
the miil betaeoa lOncalU aqJ Sits-
barg iu 1 afierward iu other iiti o( the
Uaipqaa Vallry. Mr. M .";r.nn U st ia
terejtin.talter cn tha i arly bis ry ol
Douglas C3ur.!y.
II do. B. S. "ague, forecast vtficial and
section director of th weather bureau,
at Portland, who is weil known to tbe
people of O egjn, has been Irans'creJ
temporarily to Cbicig), and Geo. N.
Salisbury, fjrmerly located at Ssattle,
will take his place during his absence.
For eleven years Mr. Psgao has teen in
charge of tbe work io Portland, aad dur
ing tbat time tbe station at Portland has
grown to be ona of tbe rooit importont in
the United Slates. Forecasts are issued
only at Washington City, Chicago, San
Francisco and Portland, which shows
tbe importance of the station.
BUCKNEB. At Gardiner, Nov. 19,
1SJ9, to Rev. and Mrr. U. 11. Buckner,
a daughter.
Qrau's Opera Co.
In these days w ben tbe majority o(
theatre-goers want something realty fun
ny, "Wang," which sppears here at the
Opera House, Tuesday, Drc. 12:h, fills
the bill. It has caught th people al!
over tbe Iarg4 cities of the laud and be
came a uxiure iu .e lorn lor over
three years. The scenics effects are first-
clasj, tbe costumes handsome. The
singing and dancing are of a high order
There is plenty of clean fon and a lot of
pr.tty girls with goad voices and nimble
teet. Among the people of tbe cast
worthy of notice Bhould be mentioned
Miss Louise Moore, who has been
tempted by tto manager of tbe
Wang" company to give up her star
ring tour and become a feature of this
attraction. .Miss LTJise .Moore easily
bears tbe distinction of t eing the meet
graceful, refined and fascinaliog young
woman who ever donned men's apparel
Another great feature of this great a.
traction is the presence of Mr. linbirt
Lett, who as" Wau?" tbe King lieaent
of Siatn, has received as uiuuh attention
in tbe large citioj of the East as would a
high-class tar. Miss Moore and Mr.
Lett are an unusually strong n.tir to find
in any one company. Another strong
feature of this o.-ganlzition will bs tli9
trick elephant, which is one quarter of
tho opera. The presentation will be ose
of the most elaborate ever seen 10 thin
city. This is tbe only organisation trav
eling iu America today who has the cote
right to present "Wang."
To Whom Ii May Concern.
I am desirous of having tbo address of
W. II. Brown (mail carrier) formerly
ol Myrtle Point, Oregon, recently of
Wolf Creek, Oregon. The person for
warding this information to lock box 102
Myrtle Point, Oro., will be n warded.
A first-class restaurant bus been
opened on Cues street, opposite tho
depot, ot which may be had fresh oyt
turp, chicken, steaks, stewx, lunches, and
besides meals at all hours, regular meals
ate served. Lunches and quick meals
for railroad passengers a specially. For
tbat hungry feeling bn sure and call at
Duffy's restaurant, prices reasonable.
Bill Poster and Distributor.
Having bill board in tbe best locations
in town, I am prepared to do all woik in
that line uu short notice.
Rosebnrg, Oregon.
1 1
Commencing with November
cash purchase,
to the person holding the lucky number. The
take place on Jan. ist, 1900.
Our prices
a k a k
Lames' ana Men s rurnisnings,
Are right, as are those in our other departments, and inspec-.
tion will convince you that w emean what we say. Mail ord
ers promptly filled. Send for samples.
301 and 303 Jackson St.
Bisimgnisimd Testimony
No secret society in the world stands higher in noble aims and charitable
accomplishments than the Knights of Pythias. That order is doing great good.
ana one or us nnesi institu
tions is the Ohio Pythian
Home, at Sprinsrficld, Ohio.
which is ably presided over
by Superintendent Lc Fcvre
and his wife. Mrs. Cal lio I.
Le Fevre, the matron. The
tatter has recently written a
letter, which will command
widespread attention because
of the prominence of the
writer. It is as follows:
'Messrs. W. H. Hooker &
Co., New York: Last year I
used Acker's English Remedy
at the su;r!iestion of a f nend.
for a serious, long-standing
throat di&iculty and extreme
ly bard cough. Had used
many well-spoken ot prepara
tions without relief. I can
honestly say that Acker's
fcuRlisa Kcmcdy removed the
difheu'ty and stopped the
or use more tnaa three bot-
ties, and at least one-half of the last is still on hand. I also consulted phy
sicians with no permanent results." (Signed) Calue I. Lb Fevke.
The friend to whom Mrs. Le Fcvre
Enelish Remedv is Mrs. W. B. Chilton,
Transfer Co., of Troy. Ohio, where this remedy has accomplished many other
cures in Throat and Lung Troubles. Ia conversation with an acquaintance
Mrs. Lc Fevre also said: "If you will call on Mr. W. If. Schauss, a prominent
china and art merchant of SpfingScid, Ohio, you will find that he, too. has bad
cny amount of experience witn Ackers tnghsn Remedy ia bis family, and
thinks they cannot keep house without it."
Acker Eogluii Remedy wild by ! dn!(rif its under a pnutire guarantee
that vour money will be refunded in cue ol failure, ate, joe. and a bottle ia
Vmted State snd Canada. Ia tacjmi is. 4., m. jd and 4. 6d.
U c athtrat tkc atxtce gxarenne. N". U. UOQKUi A OJn Ptnidon, Xtw York.
For sale by M. K. Rapp, Druggist.
Mrs. S M. Connel, of Eugene, has
moved Io Boseburg, and will engage in
the bakery businers at tbe c'.d Home
Bakery stanJ. Wo call attention to her
ad tn this issue, ted wish her success.
How To
Gain Flesh
Persons have been known to
gain a pound a day by taking
an ounce of SCOTTS EMUL
SION. It is stranfic, but it often
Somehow the ounce produces
the pound ; it seems to start the
digestive machinery going prop
erly, so that the patient is able
to digest and absorb his ordinary
rood, which he could not do be
fore, and that is the way the gain
is made.
A . certain amount of flesh is i
necessary for health; if you have
not got it you can get it by
ftcoirs pnmsioa
You will find it fust as uicful in summer
as in winter, and if you arc thriving upon
it don't stop because the wtathtr b warm.
50c. and St-oo, all druggist.
SCOTT & BOWNE. Chemists, New York.
I 01 IB;
That is whyjour business has more than
thribbled inthe past year. We started
with the belief that a pleased customer
would be our best advertisement and
such has proved to be the case.
lllliLlRpitl), 1 1
Agents for the Salem Woolen Mills Tailor Made
Clothing aud McCalls Patterns.
oo In Cash
" Given Away.
a chance at the $50.00 prize, which
b m
. .. . ,
refers as bavin? suggested Ackers
wife of tbe vresident of the Ttot
rnl'.ed States Land Office.
RutBKi au. Or. Nov.
To whom it mar concern:
Notice i h-reliT kivcu that I he Oftoa and
California Kailrd Co. fcaa filed In thisoflke a
tint oi lands titualcd in tbe township described
t low, and ha applied lor a pa lent for raid
land: that the list 1 onen to the nablic for in-
iwviioo ana a ropy uwrew cy aoer.ptiTe aao-
OtTttions, haa l posted in conrenient
place in tali on-.rc, fur ine inspection, cf all
persons iniemtil and the cenermlly:
wumvi mpc imvaau nest o tiuiajnc&ie
T 3S, K 1.
Part of Kj sc 3, and part cf W'j St. 11.
Tl. Kl
SF.'i Stsev.i
NWi.!EBcSt. T ir, K 3.
Lou 1 and i Sec 1.
TJT, Ri.
I 1". M.
L.t 1,3 and 1, ix-c TJ.
rsi. Ki
XW'SW'i.SfC 1.
I Jj, K i
Tart of Sec. a, and part ol fE' . Svc. r.
T i, R .
IxU 5, sk'C 1.".
T , R ,
St4 MV), Sec. IT.
I A K t,
Alt of !. 1.3,5.7,9, 11, li, ! 17, U, Si, 25,
r. a, 51, St and i'.
Within the lies I tlxtT davk fotlowing the date
o( litis notice, ptott-iorron(c$i againM the
claim of tlie vniaiiv Io any tract or subdivis
ion withtn aur section or part of
seribo.1 tn ihe lit, on the gnmnd that the same
is ciore valuable for mineral than for agricul
tural puqiews, will be received and noted lor
revort to the General Ijind Office at Wafthing
tou. D. C.
n."JH0 Receiver.
"One Minute Cngh Cure is tbe best
remedy I ever used for coughs and colds.
It is uneq-iall-d for whooping cough.
Children all l:ke it," writes II. N. Wil
liams, lientrjville, Ind. Never fails.
It if the only harmless remedy that
gives immediate results. Cures coughs,
colds, hoarsenets, croup, pneumonia,
bronchitis acd all tbroat and lung trou
ble. I's rarlv us prevents consump
tion. A. C. Maistere & Co.
ist, we will give with each $i.oo
. .
Millinery, Boots, Shoes and Hats
1 iW B N
si m -v II ia i B I
Roseburg:, Oregon. 3?
Sauk, November 21, 1859.
Io accordance with tbo provisions of an
set entitled 'An set submitting to tbe
electors of tbe Htate of Oregon at tbe gen
eral election to be beld on tbe first Mon
day io June, 1000, tbe pending proposed
constitutional amendments," approved
Feoruai v 18, 1639, 1, T. T. Getr. Gover
nor of tbe State of Oregon, do tereby
Cause tbe icl'owinc prorxd amenJ-
mcLta to tbe constitution of tbe Bute of
Oregon, ss certified to bj tbe Secrelair
of State, to bs fpub'ished for fire correc-
ntive weeks in "Tje Roiebors Tl.ux-," a nevspepcr published in tbe
Second Judicial D.str'ct cf tbe State of
Done at tbe Capitol,
-fat at Salem, Oregon, this
ltt4L) tfjenty-first day of Nov-
ember. A. D. 1899.
By tbe Governor: Governor.
F. I. Dt .NBis,
Secretary of State.
Be it resolved tv tbe Senate, ibe
House concurring, Tbat tbe follow ice
amendment to tbe Constitution of t!
State of Oregon be and is hereby pro
"Tbat Section 10 oi Article XI of tbe
Constitution of the State of Oregon be
and tbe sam$ s hereby abrogated acd in
lien thereof Section 10 of Article XI shall
be as follows:
"Section 10. No count j, city, ton
school district or other municipal corpo
ration shall be -ollowed to become iu
debted in any tcanner or for any purposs
to an amount including present existing
indebtedness in the aggregate exceeding
five per cent am on tbe value of tb tax
able property therein to be ascertained
by the last assessment for State aod
County taxes previous to tbe incuriiog
of such indebtedness.
"Adopted by tbe Senate Jan. SO, 1SV3.
C. W. Fcltox.
Tresident cf the Snai.
"Concurred In by tbe llouse Feb. 2,
'.V. P. Kkady,
Speaker cf the House.
"Adopted 'j the Senate Jan 51, 1S95.
Joetru Slmon,
President of tbe Senate.
"Concurred in by the House Feb. 4,
Chas. B. Mookes,
Speaker of the House.
Be it resolved by the Senate, the
House concurring: Tbat the following
amendment to the constitution of tbe
Siate of Oregon, in lieu of Section Ten
of Article Seven (7) be and tbe same is
hereby proposed, to wit :
"Section 10.
"The Legislative Assembly may pro
vide for tbe election of Supreme and Cir
cuit Judges in distinct classes, one of
which classes shall consist of five Jus
tices of tbe Supreme Court, who shall
not perform circuit duty; aod the other
class shall c insist of as many Circuit
Judges as m.iy be deemed L-eceesary
who (ball bold full terms without allot
ment, and who shall take the same oath
as the Supreme Judee.
"The Legislative Assembly may create
as many Ciicuits as may bs necessary.
"Adopted by the Senate Feb. 15 1S93.
C. W. Fi-ltox,
. President cf tbe Senate.
''Concurred in by the House Feb. 13,
W. P. KkabY, - ;
Speaker cf the House.
"Adopbd by tbe eenate Jan. 31.1S95.
President of the Senate.
"Concurred in by tbe Hon?e Feb. 6,
CllAS. li iiCDKSd,
Speaker ol the Hoi'se."
Resolved by tbe House, lb S-n:iie
coticurrinn: That the folio icg mupi-.l-merit
to the Cous;iiutioi ol th SHlt t
Oregon be and lierehy is Moiiwit:
"That the Constitution b h hiuUvI I t
Adding Article 1'J a follow, Ui-wi :
Abti'-lk mx
"Section 1. The nectNMry of
landit (or ib rut.ftnutioii id n s- rv. ir t
storags bat-ins for the pnr)Hwe id irr
or Lr rights of wav tr the c-u struction
of canals, ditches, rluoies vt ipoe to
vey water to the place ol use for any nee
ful, beoehVUI, or neceseurt purpose, r
for drainage or (or ilraioHiu cf
mines or the workiuga there
of, by means of toads, railroad,
tramway, cuts, tunnuln, ehatt, b'dstiug
works, dump or otbtr necessary means
to their complete development or any
tbernse necessary to tbe ce tuple el
we will give
drawing will
the State cr prt-servaii w of the health of
its inhahitaut, I, hereby declared to be
a public u and subject to the) regula
tion and control of the State.
"Section 2.. The ruht to appropriate .
the unappropriated waters of any natural
stream to beneficial uses shall never be
"Section 3. The use of all waters no
sppropriaie.1 for eale, renal or distribu
tion, goof aJl wt,.rj originally appro
priated for private ose, bnt which, after
eocb appropriation, has heretofore been
or may hereafter be avid, rented or dis
tributed, is hereby declared to be a pan-'
ire us aca sat ject io tbe regulation sad
control of fie State in Ihe manner pre
scribed by law. Bet tbo right to wo
and appropriate soeh waters shall bo
sutjsct to seen pruviaionj of law for tbe
taking of private property for public or
private use as provided in Section 18, Ar
ticle I, of the Cuoatitniioa of tbo fitate of
"Section 4. Tee rfgbt to collect tx
os or compemntioa fcr the BS3 of wstor
sappded to sny ciunty, city; town or
water district or iabalitanU thereof, it a
fratchis, and caico: be exercised sx
cept by authoii y oi and in a manner
presented Ly law.
;A.!op,i by tbe House Feb. 15, 1SJ3.
(S gned March 7, 1833.)
W. P. KlADT.
Speaker oi tho Eoneo.
"Adcp c d by tbe Senate Feb. 17, 1833
(Sgred March 28, 1S93.)
O. W.Fci.TOjr,
President of the Senate.
"Adopted by the House Feb. 6. 1895.
CllAS. B. Moobes,
Speaker of the House.
"Com-urrrd in by the Senate Feb. 13,
Joesru Simos,
PesiJ-wt of tbe Senate.
Propin an tmendment to the Cjo-
siitoiion of the Suiw of Oregjo by re
pealing Sciion 25 of Article 1.
R:vi by the House, the Ssaata
cjocuiring: That Section 35, of Article
1 cf '.he Constitution be and breby ia
"Adopttd by tbe Hocse Jan. 11, 1395.
W. P. KxaDT. "
Speaker cf tbe Hons.
"Concurred in by tbe Senate Jan. 39
C. T. Fcuo.
President ol the Senate.
"Adopted by tbe Hou e Jan. 30, ISS5.
Chas. B. Moores,
Speaker of the Honee. -"C
nrr-d ic by lt Senate Feb. 13,
J.fcrn Sotox,
' Prfsid nt f tbe Senate.'
Be i; reso.ved bv ihi Srnate, tho
Houe concuiripg: lhit tbe following
amendment to ihe Constitution ol tho
S'ate oi Oregon bj snd t hereby pro
"The elective frauchia i:i this State
shall not hereafter be wobitdied to any
citizen on account of sex.
"Adopted b. th Si.t Fh. 6. ISO.
Jossru Sim k,
rreeidei-t of the Sttate.
"Adoptt d i y tbe House Feb ti. JSUo.
Cms. B. Mooais,
Speaker tt tbe Ho we.
"Adopted bv ti e Senate Jan. 31, 1S09.
T. C. T-iYLoa.
1'iteideiit of tbe Sotirte,
"Ad pe t y tbe H-JJ3- Jon. 31, 1899.
K. V.Cabtex.
S.e.kf r f the llouje."
S Ta E m ti ttEGON, Otfioe of Secrw
u y - ..e. 1, F.I. DUNBAR, Sec
retary ui S a.w of the ?Uie of Oregon,
an tCut Jia cf the Seal of said State,
do hereby certily bat t bvs compared
tl I r- cetdin copy ut Senate Joint
UeB. lutkjti No. 4. 1 1 the Leialativo
Assembly of 1S'.)3, "Muuirupal Indebt
idnes.H An emtireni ;" Senate Joint
Keeom'i t N -. 13 of tLe Legislative
Awem !! ISs3. "Judiciary Amend
uiei i ;" ! ' RiMu'ntk'ii No. 10
i t lb.- t.-Kt'lAw Assembly of 1893,
' Aiiit-ixliueiit;" llou-e Joint
Uesolicou N i. - I the 1-etrIa.Mve As--r-il
y i t ISl3. 'Kexali:ig Ameud-tirf-i.t
;" .m i S -ii.,!. Joint Keeo utk-U
. . 7 i tin- U'.i.-Ia'ive Asem'ly of
lS"f, l-li StitiVuco Amoiutmeiil,"
wi h mi. in ii c-ijocs now mi til in ibis
. UK-.' uit th.l l!i siaio is a orreA
tr.:nitt'i ihervtrom aud the whole
hereunto 6t my Hand
un i attixeii neieto toe
s. al of the State of
' Or gop.
iKme at the Capiio', st Sab ro, Oregon,
thu Tuiid .i vt November, A. D., 1?99.
f ecretarr cf State