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wbecrlptlon States.
Jet fear.
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tlx Eeathi .
fire Months.
DECEMBER 7. 1899.
Tbe foreign commerce of the conn try
this year, will exceed two billion dollars.
Tbe republican plurality ia KQasat
the laat election, was the largest for
eleven eare.
Oaeotthe nicest, cleaned, brightest,
end bewaiest tapera which couies to oar
Uole is tbe Forest Grove Times, by Col.
J. B. EdJr.
Admiral Dewey has enough trouble on
his taoda now without beiug held re
sponsible for tht utterances of bis fool
The bank deposit's in tbe United
Urates are morel baa two billion greater
than they were in lSDl. Professors of
calamity call this a "delusive simuUtion
of food timee.
A little OTvr thirty years ago Vice
President Hobarb entered Paterr-on, New
Jersey, with less tban $2 in his pockets.
Ha didn't know a mau in tlm town, but
raa witling to work at d be died a rich
wen. This is indeed a poor roan's coon
Tl e Review's long-cinded e liiorial oo
railroad aseeeementa is rei'ly (unoy.
Cbatlsy don't want u make a political
question of railroad assessments now
There are a whole lot of other q'ies:ioua
connected with county affairs that be
won't want made political questions
when the taxpayers come to understand
them, and they wdl get onto them, don't
yon tver doubt iu
N e give our nailers today tbe presi
dent's message ia full. Owing to tbs
many important qaes txme. uaw c mfront-'
. .. ... . . .. , . J
log ts nation thi is the tuo-t i.iiportant
state docon.ent that bas been promol
Kated since tbe days of the C vil wat and
the recoot ruction days wbi:h f iliowed.
We believe that a candid examination of
the meesage wilt convey the impression
.o all fair-minded men that the nieeeage
ia clear, s'roog, manly and pat.iric
Acitea by Canada May Benefit tbe
Oregon flinc.
New Vobk, Nov. 25. A special to
lleraU from Toronto says:
By an order in council, igml by tbe
lieutenant-governor of Ontario, Sir Oliver
M. Mowat, on tbe report of tbe cabinet,
aad especially of the crown lands com
missioner, the Hon. F. J. Davis, together
with a memorandum from tbe d rector of
saines, Archibald Blue, it is proposed to
tenew tbe negotiations opened with the
British government in April, 1S91, w bich
bid (or their object tbe concession of an
interest ia nickei ores of tbe nngrsnted
lands of tbe crown for imperial and na
tional oses, on such terms aa may be
mutually agreed upon."
The object of these negotiations is to
secure control of tbe nickel ore lands to
tbe British government, which could
thuajcontrol the production of nickel,
holding it is a monoply and using it only
for ita owa wax vessels. Toere are eaid
to be only f wo deposits of ukkel in tbs
world of commercial vaiue those in
Sew Caledonia, an island in the further
Farific, belonging to France, and in tbe
Sodbory district of Ontario.
The plan to control tbe Ontario ores
ia tbe interest of tbe BritL-b government
waa first suggested in 1891.
Tbe offer did not at tbsttime commend
Itself to the officials of tbe British ad-
mtvaltv lint tH .vijjtnf. m-1 is!. ) mm
since accumulated to prove tbe superior
ity of nickel steel over every kind of armor-
plate eagk-ests that poibly the
time may have now arrived when tbe
proposition made to the im ferial govern
. ment eight years ag might be hopefully
renewed. It remains to be seen, bow
ever, whether tbs eommissioneis of tbe
admiralty will accept tbe offer new made
by Ontario.
It seems ecarcely pioltaole that accept
ance would mean the placing of an em
bargo on tbe continued export to tbe
United States for naval purposes of -the
nickel prod net of the Canadian Copper
Company, wh'ch ia composed mainly of
TnilM Cl.v.n.nn T?i,.V tf Pl.u.l.iiil . n
VU UlU T " fill m V. VTKl . BIJU
ereral Ohio capitalists. This company
has op to now bad a practical monopoly
of the supply of nickel for American ar
mor. In the seven years I&-18'J8 tbe quan
tity of ore smelted and reduced in tbe
Sudbury district was 8i'l,852 tone, and
the estimated metallic conten e were 21),
705,000 pound of nickel and 31,570,500
pounds of copper.
At the selling price of mjul at the
furnaces, which is the form in which it
is exported to the refineries in tbe Unit
ed States, tbe total value of tbe nickel
product for tbe seven yeais was $3,294,
063, and of tbe copper f 1,302,805, or a
total of $L5,8(35. At the average sell
ing price ot tbe metali during tbe seven
years this would amount to IC,3JK3,760
fot nickel and $3J7d.GQ7 for copper, or a
total of H,372,307.
While tbe export of nickel plate will
doubtless be checked, perhaps altogether
topped, Sodbvry, under an arrangement
that may be made, continue to supply
refined nickel for Uncle Sam's ships.
A special dispatch to the Herald from
Washington says:
The United Sutcs will not be prevent;
ed from getting nickel, even if Great
Eritsio and France should attempt to
control tbe supply of nickel ore.
The principal deposits of this metal are
at Sudbur, Canada, and in New Cale
donia, a French island in the Pacific,
bnt nickel is being produced in Oregon
and in other parts of tbe United States,
If England and France should refute to
allow tbeir nickel to be sold to other na
tions, it would probably increase the
price io the United Stsfes, bnt would not
entirely bbut off the supply.
Council Meeting.
Tne commoo cuiucil of the city of
Uoeebarg, met in tbe recorder's office ou
Monday eyening, Dec. 4, 18l9. Present :
Mayor W. K. Willis, Ciuucilmeu F. P.
Browu, U. Wollenberg, V. J. La lart
G. W. Kru', U. G Sioeuin and F. W.
Woolley, Marshal F. W. Diihrd, Ke
cjrder D. S. West. Absant Council-
men Din. Fisher aitd 1. It -Sher'uUu.
Minutes of lr a iing were read and
approv I.
Mr. G. tt. Cml I nud Mrs. . C. Fliol
sppearml i-efoio the board in bjhU ol
UieLtdiPs' Aleut Culture club, asking
that the club b given permission to
sist ibe city to improve the Btreats from
the McClalieu boust to the railroad
depot. Their; request was referred to
the committee on city improvements.
l'rof. C. T. Whittleeey appeared before
tbe board asking tbe privilege of leasing
tbe council chamber room for a schoil
room. Tbo request was relet red to tbe
committee on ways and means with
power to net.
A i eq neat was made by Joe Laue's
Cabin No. 16, Native Sons of Oregon,
for Ibe privilege of Ip.uiug the council
chamber room for a lodge roim. The
request was referred to tbe commit
tee on ways and means, with power to
Tbe monthly rapurU of li e officers
were read and accepted and ordered
The bill of Pi;kiuK'.oo & Sua wis re
ferred to tbe committee un expenses and
The committee on judiciary rvporUn)
on tbe application of Dr. Iluuck for i-er-taiu
bicycle privileges on tidcwalk. It
is tbe opinion of tbe committee that Or
dioance No. 117 should remain as it was
enacted, prohibiting bicycle riding on
tbe walks. lieport approved.
'The fallowing bills were allowed :
S W VacZde. work oo ci'y ball. . 7 10
Roseburg Water Cj., water for
ie:.t, Oct aud Nou 150 10
Undoon Mills Lumber Cj. lum-
tor 78 90
Ctiurch'.l & Woolley, tuppiies. . . 12
D.xter Rice, a'toroey' few 10 CO
B Huntlev, utreet work 4 50
BFP-iga " " 16 50
R S Stone " " 5 00
Roseburg Electro Ligbt Co
ligh's tor November
li.nn t?ru. m I . n r i rnl
150 10
. 1 1 r
52 50
,,. Tl.,, . . . ,
F VS Dillard. salary and fsnitor.
Wollenberg Bros, two q ulia ..
D S West, recorder's salary
2 00
25 00
There being no further bueiows
meeting adjonrned.
D. S. Wkm,
City Rcoidei.
The farmers and wood cutter j are all
busy nowadays.
Early town grain i looking fine aud is
making a splendid growth for this time
of tbe year.
JMDert Clayton ana Ismuy ere now
residents of car burp, having moved
here from Coles Valley lately.
We are glad to welcome Mr. Mathews
and family to cur midst otce mote nd
nope iney wm not nave to break up
housekeeping fa suddenly again.
We understand that a misunderstand
ing was settled in a pogilij'.ic manner on
Msin St. on the 5tb. We haven't
learned wbetber it was according to
Queensbory roles or not. Seed os word
and we will be on hand next time, boys
W e are to have a Christmas tree and
box supper at tbe school bouse Saturday
erecing, Dec 23rd. We hope the pa
trona of tbe school will speak to Santa
Claos and have him leave a Urge load Of
presents for the French Settlement
S. A. Gurnty of Ret ton, . tasted
through here laet week on hie way to
air. r. iv. urcuu nas I e n enjoying
the delightful company of a large boil
nnder his right eye.
Tbey say that the wedding bells will
ring in Melrose ere long.
Ma. Go Slow
What Scrofula Is.
Scrofula ia a disease as old as sn i ju ty.
It bas been banded down for genera
hods sou is tne same toaay as in
early times. It is emphatically a di
sease of the blood, and the only way to
cure it is by purifying the blood
That is just what Hood's Sarsaparilla
does in every case where it is given
a faithful trial. It eradicates all impuri
ties from ibe blood, and cures the
sores, boils, pimples and all forms of
skin disease due to scrofula taints in
the blood. Hood's Sarsaparilla bas won
tbe grateful praise of vast numbers
of people by its grand and complete
cures. Don't allow scrofula to de
velop in yoor bl xd. Cure it at once by
taking Hood's Sarsaparilla.
A Marvelous Production.
ineatre goers have a grand operatic
treat in store for tbem when tbe greatest
of all comic opera successes "Wang" will
be presented for tbe first tims iu this
city at tbe Opera House Tuesday, Dec.
12th. Manager Strong has for years
tried to secure this big attraction and hss
at last succeeded in doing so. There is
no opera now before the public that con
tains more pretty music, solos, duets
and trios tbsn does "Wang." .They
have become so well known that they
have been played by all military bands
throughout the country and have gone so
far as to ba whistled by almost everyone
on tbe 6t reels.
Among tbe artists of the company are
such well known names as handsome
Minnie Kmmett, louise Moore, Bertba
Dale, Alice Gaillard, Mr. Msrtin Pache,
Charles Switkanl, Kirkland Calhoun,
Stanley Felch aud Robert Lett, tbe rival
of DnWolff Hopper, toeether with
young aud powerful choru, and the
compan) 's own orchestra.
This will mark th first appearance in
Com pa try.
of the famous Grau Ooem
Marion HackW, wt-o owns and oper-
je'esa valuablo placer mine three miles
south o Riddlt , was in town oa butinesa
Wednedoy. We were eorry to learn J
that Mr. Hackler is in very pocr health,
wh!ch will nemwimta hi selling bis
mining iiitercpln.
lilkton Notes.
Mrs. II. Vann bas goue to Cottage
Grove to spend a few days.
Beckley Bros, have been buying a
large numbrr cf stock to ship Ih s weok.
Arch McGuire was visitiog friends and
relative in tofo, last week.
Grandma Wells who baa been quite ill
(or some lime, we are sorry to note, is no
Ralph Carr, who haa been stopping
with bis aunts, tbe Mioses Well, has re
turned to his borne.
.Vr. If. Brown brought up a band of
hogs last week, aud sold them to Beckley
Quite a number of etudeula went beme
to spend Tbauksgiyiug, school being dis
missed for Thurr-day and Friday.
Sheriff Gage, i- charge of sn insane
man, pa-tvi! ih-tnth oo Tbnraday s
Mr. Ltape-, of Yoncalia, was doing
business in our town, a few days ago.
Mr. Herrick of Gardiner, passed
through here, cue day last week.
J. G. Lyons bas moved bis family into
tbe Cheever residence.
D. Wells made a business trip to Drain
last week.
A. Mattoon, of Drain, was in our midst
one day last week.
There bas been an increaso of about
ten scbclars in the Elktuu academy, laat
Rsv. Mnlkey 6 lied his regular appoint-
ment here, latt Sunday.
Wm 13 -m hard and C. . Newman tojk
two -wagons with ChiuamfeU Irom tbe
cani.ery, to Pram, rrhlay.
lletfrj livin Thompson and Fred
Jones wera over from Roseburg Satur
Ernest L. Goldatone the oculist, was in
Oakland on Tuesday and Wedneiday of
this week.
Mr. Wilbur Ross was in Yoncalia
Miss Maude Thompson of Coles Valley
is visiting friends in Oakland.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Woodruff of Rose
burg, are visiting relatives at this place.
Lee Armatrng of Lebanon, was in town
last week, leaving Sandsy for Roseburg,
Misses Vinnie Young and May Stearns
went to Eugene Wednesday to spend
Thanksgiving with friends
Mr. A. E. Smith went to Ro?eburg
Sunday to attend court.
Miss Grade Patterson eime over from
Roseburg Toedsy and ia visiting at the
home of G. B. Tiliotson.
Mrs. M. A. Stone, cf llalsey, Or., ac
companied by ber son, Charles Free-
land, bas beeo visiting relatives in Oak
Robert Medley, of the S. 1. Cj., spent
Sundavin Oaklaod.
Looking Ulass.
Summer bas her fragrant fioweis,
Beta and birds aad inuct voices ;
Bat in meiry winter hours
Most this heart ot mine rejoices.
Close b.tiie tbe glowing grate,
With some book of song or story,
Or wbtre tingling sleigh-bejls wait,
Tas'.eing life's transcendent glory.
The farmers say they tbiak winter Las
Rsv. Howard, of Eugene, delivered a
very interesting sermon here, Sunday
Not. 19.
Alfred Basbnell, of Ten Mile, waa do
ing busineaa here a lew days ago.
G. W. Morcia will have his new reel
deuce completed in a short time.
What; Haven't we, the great people
of Looking G '., got spirit enoogh to
haye a Christmas tree?
W. H. Ollivant weot to Roseburg
Tue-diy on business.
J. T. Goodman, our popular mercbsnt
dreeied about a thousand fioe turkeys,
Friday aoJ .Saturday. We hope Mr.
Goodman will do well with thsm.
Rev. Carter and wife, of Ten Mile,
Wire t siting friends here, .Saturday and
Pro'. Jas. A. Davis spjnt several dsys
last week, at Drsin.
8;Vdrl of our young people alteoded
the Ecbool entertainment at Flournoy
Valley, Nov. 2.
Frank Newland of OUsla, was io oar
valley, latt Sunday.
L. F. Denning, who is at present at
Msrabfield, will return home soon.
F. M. Stricklsnd made a businesi trip
to Rcseborg a few da s ago.
O. H. Buell was doiog business in
Rose burg on Monday.
Fraok Goodman has gone to Roseburg
to attend tie Roseburg acsdemy, this
Alfred and Oriille Aodrua are living
on their pUc on the Coaat Range at
J. T. Spaugb made a business trip to
Roseburg iaet Monday.
There are about 40 turkeys missing
from our valley this fall.
Chas. Spsugh attended church at Ten
Mile, lar-t Sunday.
Fred Miuard'a barn caught fire and
burned to the ground, labt Ffiday night
This will be a great loss to Mr. Minard.
How's This?
Wc ofler One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that eannot be
cored by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Props. Toledo. O.
U e the undersigned have known F. J,
Cheney for tbe Isst 15 veare, and believe
ntn poriectly honorable in all business
transactions and financially able o car
ry out any obligations made by tbeir
West A Truax, Wholesale Druggists,
Toledo, O.
WaMin, Kinnan & Marvin, Whole
sale Drungists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly, Hctiug directly upon tbe bl-rod and
mucous surface of the system. Price 75c
per hotne. Sold by all druggists. TJt.
monul free.
Have you seen the juinty maiden trip,
pir.g lightly MoDg" tbe street
With an old gray aooec-quM sticking
in her hat?
She ia neat and she is natty sod most
ravishingly sweet,
Willi that old p,rny grvwp-qniU sticking
in hat.
Cases Have Been Disposed of as fol
lows In the Cirtult Court.
A. Tbos Hirst vs Emma Nasburg,
partition ; D L Watson Atty for Plff, A
M Crawford Atty for Dott. Continued.
B. Tho. Hirst vs Earn-a NaBburg
partition ; D L WaUon Atty for Plff, A
M Crawford Atty for Daft. Continued.
C. H. Wollenberg vs Grant Levens
to recover money; J C Falleiton FW
Bensin Allys for Plff, Willis & Rice
Altys for Deft. Continued.
D. Julius Ambruui ys John Pres
chern to recover money : Brown A Tun-
tin, Attys for riff, F W Beueou and O P
Coshow Attys for Ddft. Coutinusd.
E. G G Warner tt al vs Chas Bru-
neaatt al action to try title; F W Ben
sn and Coabow A Sheridan, Altys for
Ptff, A M Crawford Atty for Deft. Dis
mis ed.
F. A C McCullock vs Frank Newlaud
eta!, tuit in partition; Bryon & Long
Attya for Plff, .Villis & Rica Altys for
Deft. Order cointiruiing report cf ref-
G. John L Air ier vs Ijabtlld Fiemh
etal coofiruitliii of sale; F YV B-non,
Atiy for Plff. CoLfirmed.
11. Geo Smith vs A S Ireland tt al
foreclosure of tuortige; J C Fullerton
Atty for Piff, A M Crawford Ally for
State Ltnd Board. Continued.
I. A F Brown vs Fannie II Hart it
confirmation of sale, Cosbov & Sheridan
Attvi for Plff. Wrongly on the docket
Ik. fcchoo! fund Commissi iners vd
James W Conn et al confirmation of sale
nnder mortgage ; A M Crawford Atty for
Plff. Confirmed.
L. School fund Commiceiocers ys
David McCollum et al, confirmatiju of
sale under mortgage; AM Crswfcrd Atty
for Plff. Confirmed
P. State Lind Board vs W F Brigg
confirmation of sale; A M Crawford Atty
for Tiff. Ciulirnicd
Q. Gcrttude E Rice vs l'bil G Rice
divorce for tri.l ; J C Fullerton Any for
Plff. Tes,in.-uy taken l J. 11. Sbupe
R. Sophia E. McKi mer vs. The
Southern Pacific Cj., mtiou for dam
ages; A. C. Wood xk an I J. E. Young
Attys. for Piff; teuton, Bronaugh
Miner and Willis & Rice, A'tvr. for
Deft. Ttialbyjurj. Judgment for Plff,
for Sot.O
S, T R Sheridan vs John P Duncan
et al, motion to confirm sale; C-jsLow
A Sheridan, Attys. for Plaintiff. Confir
No 1 G G Warner et al, vs Charles
Broneau. et a), action at law; F W
Bjason, Coshow &. leridn, for 1M1Y
J S Medley and A M Crawford,' Aij a
for Deft. Transferred to U. S. court
N 2 John C Hussey v R L Min
ard, et al, suit; Co;how St Sheridaa for
Piff., Willis & Kice for Deft. Continued.
No 3 F E Fremont vs John Sholts
writ of review. Dismissed.
No 4 Caro Bros, va II J Robbett
action a. law to recover money ; A M
Crawford for Pi.T. Settled and dia-
mia$el without c At. -
No 5 J F Barker vi Fred Alexander
actios at law to recover moner , F W
Benson for Piff. Settled and dismissed
without costs.
No 6 B B button vs Clark and Bak
er, action at law to recover money ; Cc
show Sheridan for Plff.. Willis & Rice
for Deft, Referred to J. II . Shape to
take testimony.
o K l Jsaoto vs Joy k oeu, ac
tion at law to recover money ; J C Ful
lerton for Plff. Settled and dismissed
without costs.
No S Rosa M Mulvaney and
Mulvaney rs Msgdalene Hardman, suit
to recover money ; William I. Vawter for
riff, W. M. Cclvie, Deft. Continued
No 10 AsLer Marks, Admr., vs. Jse
II Short, et al, action at law to (recover
money ; J C Fullerton for Piff. Settled
and dismiered without costs.
No 13 Jamea Richards vs N
Bridges end S I Thornton, action at law
to recover money; Coshow & Sheridan
for Plff., Byron & Long, for Deft. N
Bridges. Judgment aod order for sale of
attached props rty. .
No 15 Nathan Selig ra City of Myrtle
Creek, review; Coshow A Sheridan for
Plff. Order to correct error to return of
city recorder.
No 16 G Q Waruer, et al, vs Co
Bruneao, et al., suit in equity ; F W Ben
son and Coebow & Sheridan for I'ifla,,
Medley, Crawford, Woodcock and Hey
burn for Defts. Continued.
No 17 R L Sabin vs W G Patterson,
action to recover money; J C Fullertou
for Plff. Default aud judgmedt for Plff
for f422.50.
No IS E (i Young vs Geo E and
Lillie McDougftU, action at law to re
cover money; W F Benson for Piff.
Geo M Brown for Deft. Settled and
No. 19. Noondsy Mining Co va Chas
Bruneao suit in equity; F W Benson and
Coahow& Sheridan for Plff, Crawfjr I,
Medley and W oodceck for Defts. Con
No. 20. J M Young vs Frank Scbec
ker et al foreclosure ; Coshow A Sheridan
f Plff. Default and decree of joreclos
No 21 Amelia Deutschkey va. Ernest
Deutschkey, suit in equity; Byron A
Long for Plff, J C Fullerton for Deft.
Dismissed wi'hout costs.
No 22 May Stewart vs B F S ewart,
divorce; Byron & Long for Plff. Decree.
No 23 J II Wagenblaet vj Katberine
Wagenblast, divorce ; J A Buchanan for
Plff. Default. Referred to J. H. Sbupe
to take testimony.
No 24 JF Barker & Co vs F L Ash,
to recover money; F W Benson for Plff.
Continued for eervic-.
No 25 D M Oibourne & Co vs Divton
Williams and Arthur Williams, tore
cover money; Co-how A Sheridan for
P!ff. Default arid judgment for plaintiff
for 11)5.50 and 25 atty.'a fees.
Best Winter Route.
For sunshine, flowers, aod orangei,
take the Sunset Route via Los Angeles to
all points east. Tourist exclusion cars
and cbsircars to El Paso, Fort Worth,
Kansas City, Chicago, Cincinnati, Hous
ton, New Orleans and WaMbingtuti D. C.
For rates, guides, aud informnl ion, ad
drpos, O, II. Maukiiau, G. 1'. A ,
Portland, Or.
Southern Pacific's Eauious Fiver
Starts from SanFranclsco, De
cember 15.
The Sunset Limited, the Southern Pa
cific's famous train of tbo Sunset route,
will commence its service (r tho wiuter
on Friday, December 15th.
The achedule forth is year is considered
rather supo'ior to auy previous season,
affording as it will opportunity for favor
able view of points ot interest along tho
line, and makiug agreeable connections
at New Orleans with limited trains of
other lines to and from the imoortaut
center of tbe east.
The train will leave San Fiancisco at
5 p. in. tn Tuefdaia scd Fridays, pate-
inn, L is At geles about 7 o'clotk the fol
lowing morning, thus Kiting a daylight
view if the orauga belt of Southern Cali
fornia. Its cou'iciiou" at El Vt with through
ens of the Texas & Pacific for St. Loulsi
will pbvje California pabEenner j0 (hat
city from 10 to 12 hours ahejil of all oth
er lines. The trip from Houston to
New Orloau. th.Qugh tho interesting
plantations acd bayous of Sontbern
Louisiana,, will also be by daylight, and
the arrival in the Gulf City jast in time
to connect with the fist trains for Wash
ington New York, Cincinnati, Chicago,
aud other points. .
Tbe Sunset Limited equipment and
service isopto its well known high stand
ard. It ia worthy of remark that the dis
tance of 3900 miles from San Francisco to
Chicago is traveled by the Suneet Limit
ed in 114 hours, only 12 Lours longer
than by tbe fastest trains through Chit-ago,
a di Vance of 3300 miles. The Sm set
is au ideal winter route, tbe traveler not
being subjected to any of the circomforts
incident to iudement weather condi'ione
O tbe more northern co-inlrL.
Azalea Items. .
Pit uly ol tain aud mud.
Mr. Frrd Smith nod wile returned
borne troui Kid. He on the Ijral the other
A womau while walking up the D
creek tlooin s ipped and fell iff of a high
trettel and was serio'i-ly hurt.
Heniy Huotly was held up laat Wed
nes iay night wh 1 gvng to Riddle. Tbe
robber lol-J t im to hold op hia bands but
be refused ; at ibis the robbr fired fire
shots at b:m, the firs: shot bitting his
bat and knocking it off; then a revolver
was place t ir, bis face asd bo was search
ed. Tne robb-r g.t $2.73 and made bis
efcipe in the darkne-9.
The Ow l.
Wm. Sanderson, an esteemed pioneer
of Riddle, is in town today. He will
spend the winter with bis son, W. C , at
Ba don.
Cbss. Feikvrt of KiJJie, was in loan
on business before the land office officials
Wedneiday. He informs n that be bas
received a Urge wood coutract from Ibe
S. P. Co., acd wiil cut acd deliver the
wcd in Cjw iret-k canyon, six miies
north of Glendale.
The Udirs of the Christian church will
bold a Baztar at the Mark's building on
December loth and lO'.b, next. A large
number of useful and fancy articles are,
being prepared, which will be suitable
and nice lor Christmas presents for
children and friends. All articles will be
sold at nasonable rates.
Pierce's Cash Grocery.
Is the place (o go to get good
gooxis at reasonable price;
New, Fresh, Clean 6tock. Also
Floor, Feed and hay at lowest
W. V. Pierce,
Winchester, Ore.
In a railroad accident the other day a
nwn susUtned ten complete fractures of
the Iwncs of the limbs, three fractures of
the pelvis, ami a score of bruises, gashes
and sprains, and yet be is recovering. Men
ann women sometimes
withstand great physi
cal violence, but suc
cumb to 'the invisible
germs of consumption
so small that they
can be seen only under
a powerful microscope.
The starting point of
wuMimpuon is in ine
y stomach, w hich, when
deranged, makes bad
blood because diges
tion is not perfect and
p in bad blood the mi
crobes multiply and
flourish. Sooner or
Jater the lungs are at
tacked, and iu the weak
spots the germs begin
their deadly work of
tearing down the tis
sues. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Dis
covery stops the encroachments of con
sumption microti. It builds up and
fortifies the whole svstem bv aidincr the
stomach in its manv functions. It assists
in the proper assimilation of foot!. Thi
scientific remedy cures lingering coughs,
bronchitis bleeding at the lungs, and
every other symptom that eventually
leads to consumption. Dr. R. V. rierce,
of. Buffalo. N. V. who makes this won
derful medicine, gives free, fatherly ad-
vice io an wno write Him.
ken with .cvrr nain-i ia
my chrt,. and mw no wrak I cwild hanllv walk
about the hou,-' nav Mrs. O. K. Kerr, ot port
Uodlt. Wehntcr Co.. lown. "I tried several
physicians and they told me I had consumption,
but that I might 'brtuth it over' and perhaps live
a eood mnnv venrs. I heard of Dr. Pirrre-
Golden Medical Discovery and I thought I would
tryaomeofu. Before I had taken the first bottle
1 was very much letter: I took five bottles of it
nd have not yet had any return of the trouble.
I have also taken Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion and 'Pleasant Pellets ' with eooil results."
When the bowels are obstinate, take rr
Pierce's Pleasant Pellets. They don't gripe.
-M44 f50' YEARS'
Tradc Marks
Copyrights Ac.
qulclil? aarertam our opinion free whether an
Invention Is probably patentable. Communica
tions utrlcOrcouodentlal. Handbook on Pstenta
Bent free, olrient auenrr ror securtns Dalents.
I'litcnm taken thmuuh Munn A Co. receive
ip'nul notice, without cbunre. In tna
Scientific Jlfnerican.
A hitnilioniely llluntmtert weekly.
Lsrreet etr-
.......... ... n..r n. .ri...u ..u.,.i. m
Teriin, f 3 a
lewMl eaters.
vlUNN & Co.3eiB- New York
i.'iir niiininn, II. Boia uthii newMieaiera.
nrauca vmce, f.j r Bt, waaDiOKton, u, u
1 L rlt
V i
This Space is reserved
; Holiday ad. Keep your eye
it as it will be full of
Pleasant Surprises.
Has removed to tlie Sheridan Block,
fresh full Hue of
Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Satisfaction is his motto and his aim to please all. See
his window display of dishes given with Baking Powdei,
and convince yourself that they are the finest dishes in
town- You are respectfully invited to call around and see
him in his new quarters.
Roseburg Pharmacy
M. F. RAPP, Prescription Druggist.
Drngs, Toilet Article. I'atent Medi
cines, Cigars, Stationery, Toilet
Soape, Faiota and Oils.
The celebrated Magazine Cyclone Piite
Cameras. Triumph Cut Film Cameras.
Call and Examine them.
Should call and
of China Ware.
day trade. Anything you want at
China Novelties
Artiatic Celluloid Boiee aod pictare frames; beaut i fully decorated
China diabes ; fancy photograph albums of new designs ; handker
chiefs of finest Japanese silk ; fins wicker wars and useful orna-
meets ; doll carriages, dolls, and toys of every description. Differ
ent from anything erer bofore brought to Koeebarg. All new
goods at prices that suit yon.
Cor. Jackson and Douglas
Mrs. S. McConnell,
in the Home Bakery and will
nection wnn the bakerj'.
Everything will be new and
Give us a trial and
(teen, (...(. a Ce. ere Uereet.l; r.U..I.-l;ill.r.)
$13.50 1 If " f j
i - tTsns- j - - -.. in- mi ail n n
Ull I PI!!
' i
: i
He cow has a
see the magnificent display
A special line for the Holi
...MRS. fj. BOYD.
late of Eueene. has invested
overhaul everything in con
of the very best materials.
we will please you.
Cot thfe ao.
ovtaiMl eetid
mm, mm mrmt
ill hm Uitar I See mU TT1 ii I
am,irtil mm4 Imiellw tnuty 4drn,
anywhere eat or tbs Koeky Mauataiaa by
Steur.aa,niwawMa,s. Yoscaaei
amine It et your frewbt tea and IC fouad
perfectly saUifactory and Ike iiimmI etew ear
seal you iiwsi or beard of say an SXrwafra
less the tl.Ouaan t w i Ui onler.or t s. M aaS ftefctfet
THIS STOVE tS SIZE Ma. S. Ores Is 1 a tlx II
tachea, ToplaiSrtt
inrhec; made from seal sky spaa, extra hires Mure,
heary oovere. out centers, heayy Untnas ana niawa,
ntrkeled oeen abelf, alunualas Used otsb doors,
handnoBie slrkel plated oraeaKnts aad tnmminre.
eilra terse seep usee nwmlr, bandMirae lartre
ehaeaeal freieht aeeraeee aouulS M ftr eeerv 5dihn h.i
BeayyornaaKnledhafe. ItlT CMt lUIKtl kill.
sad ws furalh rSKS sn extra wood irraie.Biakiiur
Ita perfVet wood saraee, Wl 18141 S a SI MM Ml
tH'ArUTkk with ererr ttore. and auarantee safe
rlellTery to your nee rent railroad nMtton.
Winter term will begin Dec.
II, 1899.
Classical asd
Co t; bse.
Thorough praptrallon for College, lor
IVxchlnf, or lor buainea. Inttnictloa glrea
In Latin, (ireek, French, German, Mtemtioi,
Natoral ticleni-e. Uiston. fnaUab, ebocthaod, '
Tnrllliz, Penmanafalp, and H jjlen. Able
nunt, Io rates. For farther paitisnlar a
addreva the principal.
C. T. Whittlesxt, A. B.
Bosebnrfir. Or.
Besidenca, Cor. Donglas and Chad-
wick Sta., one block aboTo
Here is an opportunity to Ret
Firct-Class Photographs at
the very lowzst rates. All
sizes from 8X10 down to the
very smallest.
The Latest fad
Is a Call i or or Business Card
with your photo (stauip size
eight positions ia set of ICO.)
Set-100-neat cards with photo
name, business and address if
desired thereon, only 2L
The Wagon Gallery,
John H. Taylor,
Waon by side of Una P1,.-t,
bbop, jiou bireei. Jruotograpiier.
TRUSSES, 65c, L5 0 C?
itcntmt rateaa. Umm
mm cnMVQ T n, aaa wt
am ta ht tm KiMtni.
UtkliadlMtcMr U.K
M Trmmm. Uraxraw HI, m Inia
wratwi irut run 1.
npun, n vkMMt rapmra mt em ricM mr ten
Mr rmf
ntWr 1
Ud V1U Wmmm
wintM. wm tt
m ai Mta m m aw
will mturu four moiwtr.
mvrrt ro rttt vtvst catiloctc
a tt- ba Immm -J
w .... mmm itlji mmm w Viif tl
In tli fount; Court, for the Coo BtrefDosf
bu. Male of Orern .
In UM mailer ol tbe f Mate of Haldai Wfjaso.
To Wallace JirnaU. rruk Xnwtt, Stary
Waachenneuner, baraa Maget, WOl Kt,
AUve i. Brown. Beth Lae lUget, Harriet horn,
Rulna Hyt. MaUie Uagt. UieI UaTea,ieua
Bayea and Hattie H ts. Greeting:
la the same ol tne tate ot Owgan, voa I'm
hereby eiled and minued to appear ia t-
County Coort of the Mate of Orearoa, for too
Coonty of Doaglas. at the cotut 100m taeraof,
t Boaebar. in tbe County of fioaglaa, oa
Tumday, tne 2nd., day of January, A. D. 10.
at 10 clock, ia the forenoon of that dar, thea
and theieio ibow cmuse if any there be, why an
order of thia eon rt thouU not be made, anchor.
iantf and di recti a the adaiiaierrator, bemte
k. uine, to eeli the real property beionjrin io
aaid eaute, at private aale tor euh In hand ia
order to pay oft the lndebtednese against mid
estate, and to pay the costa and expense of ad
miaittiauon. cil real property is desenhed m
followf, lo-Kit: The iouih half of donaues
claim numbered 41 of WUliaaa L. Wuson asd
lie, being part of atetion U. ia towntbSn .-4,
8. B. , W. la ill. Mrr, in Dooitias Coonty. tate
of Omron. the said snath half of mii ciajm
rontaiuieg liijjf acres mora or h. 1 i ci u
toon is ionnded on the Teriaed peUiion of d
adminlurator. said neUliaa beins mow en nt
in nud court.
Witness, the Huti. Jam Leon. n,n mj m
Conoty Court, of the Stale ot Oregon, lor tae
County of boa eiaa. nila the aesl of said limn
aOized, I
this day of ovember, lou9.
AUcst: J. w. UitLiT, eier
Br r. A U cCau, depnty, -
UxrrxD ETitss,
LaJTa) flrru,
Ecseburg. Oregon, Sot. 2s, 183.
To whoa, it may concern:
Noti i. herrOT prti that the Oregon A Ce'.f
lornia Kajiroad Company has Lied in Lhis oiUcn
a of lands aitnated in tbe tow sab ins de
scribed below, and haa applied for a anient for
said lands; that the iiat is open to (he nubiie ka
inspeetion and a tony thereof by deseripuvw
lutxliTUiona, haa been posted in a eoareant
place in this ethce for the inspection of all nee.
sons Interested and to the pubiie generaUv:
booth of base line and Seat of Wuiam
tlte Meridian.
Tiif, m
South of base line ana West ei Willamette Xar.
Tn.Z, B.4.
Partof S' i Sec 3; part of W, Sec SL
5IL iii.8- i ST. Sec. Si
Tp & i.
ya-S Usees.
T S7, R 7.
thin the next iutIv .lave allwrin iw jmmm.
ot this notice, protesu or contests saajnet ism
claim of the Company toaay tract or eabdivv
ton i within an Jecuon or -part of aectioB. de
scribed in the list, oa the ground that the
is mora valuable for mineral than tarT'.cu.ii.
nrai purposes, will be recti red and noted ior re
port to tbe treneral Land ijfficn at WaaiuDxWa,
New and Improved Paucnger Epsiq
. ment, vis Sunset Roote
New Orleans Express (No. 10) sod F-
eific Express (No. 9) between SsaFrta
eisco and El Paso, have been equipped
with free reclining chair cars, fresa tmm
the shop and in erer? cooTenienee of ap
pointment eqnsl to tbe best in operation .
i-ch car is equipped with 53 recliniss
cbsirs, nine of which are in a separsts
aniokiog compsrtnteat. Both first and
second-class tickets axe accepted for pas
ease in these cars. These special con
veniences and the congenial climate
through which these trains pass will
doubtless make the Saneet Boole rerj
popular for travelers this winter.
Shows the state of your feelings snd tbe
state of your health as well. Impore
blood makes itself anparent in a naJa ami
sallitw complexion, pimples and skis
eruptions. If 70a are feeling weak and
worn ont and do not hare a health? ap
pearance. TOO Sbooid trv Ackfrr'n Rlmr!
Elixir. Itcures all blood diseases vha
cheap Sarsaparilla and so cal'ei purifiers
fail; knowing this, we sell ever bottle
00 a positive guarantee.
Roseburg Market.
Eggs 25c per dcx.
Butter Country 25e.
Poultry Chickens.
mixed, 12 50$
Pruuee Italiau
3 95; silver, extra
choice, 536 per lb.
Iteat 1042c.
Oate 25t?30c.
Mlllatuff Brau. S17: mi Idlinwn !
ahoris, $18.C0 ; chop. $16.00 per ton. ;
Hay TimothT 9tulll:
Oreiion wild hay, 6y7 per ton.
,O.Tf- '
l UOI ii(H IOC.
Potatoes 55 60 per sack.
For Infants and Children.
His KinJ Yea Hats AUajs E:':!sl
Signature of (tf
6 EVUOU. "E 1
ML t ui mmm
rw .
nvcarad. wa