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The Peoples Store
Always the Cheapest.
No Shelf worn stuff at our store. Everything bright, new and
clean. Remember when you buy a suit of clothes, hat or necktie at
our store you get absolutely the BEST and LATEST in STYLE
which puts you in line with well dressed men. Excellent values in
5uihwck-l Douglas.
n m, ins,
I i 1
Shoes for everybody at prices which always please. If you will
visit our store we will treat you fairly and will convince you of
our ability to save you money and that
The Peoples Store,
I. ABRAHAM, Proprietor.
For tirst-cUss dentistry
Little ot Oakland.
go to Dr.
OCTOBER ?6. im
Bond lor bargain! and your watch re
D. F. Higcinbotham was in thecitJ
Hilton Olivant, of Looking Glass ii in
the city today.
Dr. C. . Loomifl, of Eugene, was in
the city, yesterday.
John P. Patera, of Camas Valley, wasi
! a city visitor yesterday.
Mr. C. ft. M.rllav mrent In Oakland
! wis morning ior a suoit visit.
B. Jennings, of Cottage Grore. sa j at lolrMt pricea ,nd c, fit tjM.m
I the city yesterday. j iiiy.
Hndyan is now eold at 50 cents i9r cBlcen gre ,m0Ting it0
package by all droxRisU. Get Hndyan. new quarter. h lhtt conrthou8e
To exchange for wood, a good second ! today.
uauu nuiw nnwi uiBkuuiv 11- 1
this office. -
yesterday, v
A. Fen km, of Myrtle Creek,
the city yesterday.
bade for
A good
'wood. Apply at this office
Fitnples, eruptions, sweat bands and j bargain,
lee are cored by Hndyan. All druggists j Miss Mary Medley returned Thursday
50 cents. j rrMn a j8;t at Portland and Oakland.
C. H. Churchill of Millwcii, was look- j Tidings.
ing rfter bosinen interests ii Rooburg,
Mies E. G. Hendricks, of Koseburg, is
visiting Portland, a guest of the Perkins.
Portland Telegram.
Miss Lutie Sacry, accompanied by ber
cousin, Mies Edna Mackey, came in
from Harris burg, Tuesday.
Wanted, girl to do kitchen work in the
country. Wages (12 per month. Ad
dress, box 93, Eoseburg, Or.
When you come to Portland remem
ber. wad bare your teeth fixed by Dr. M.
W? Davis. 163' First St. (j24)
E. DuGas. M. D., member Board of
Pension Examiners. Office. Marsters
building residing corner Main and Cass
"One good turn deserves another."
Those who have been cured by Hood's
Sarsaparilla are glad to tell others about
Three and a half inches of rain fall, in
as many days last week, showing an on
osual precipiiaUon for this season of the
J. II. Booth, receiver of ttie Bosebnrg
land office, arrived down today, and will
visa Booth-Kelly Co. interests. Eugene
Mrs. C. A. behlbrede has gone to Sa
lem, where she expects li meet the
Jo who t'41 arrive in Oregon in a
sly' ' .pse on&sii.
Jar. Cloak informs ns that bis ton and
'daughters, who are attending school at
Salem, are doing nicely and are well
pleased with the outlook for the school
will stop a cough at any time, and will
cure the worst cold in twelve hours, or
money refunded. 25 eta. and 50 eta.
For sale at Espp'a drug store.
- Don't think yon can cure that slight
attack cf Dyspepsia by dieting, or that it
will cure itselL Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
will cure if; it "digests what you eat"
and restores the digestive organs to
health. A. C. MARSTERS & CO.
Mrs. Whittlesey, wile of Vial. C. T.
Whittlesey of the Koseburg Academy,
and family, accompanied by Miss Maude
MacMiUer, will arrive in this city this
evening from Portland. The family
take op their residence in the Tolles
cottage on the corner oi jacasoo acu ;
Lane streets. Miss Maude MacMiller ';
Bond, the watchmaker, doec engrav
ing. Dr. Hoover visited Portland this
Mrs. Miry aith of Oakland is visit
ing in Galena.
Mrs. Snow Willis has returned home
from a visit at Portland.
All coiutimnicatiuim relating to Miy
ueuaituiKtit ' of the pulilievioii or
buaintfiof thu I'i.ainmkii.kk. tiouM he j trip
adi!-.' jod to the Pi.aindkalku 1'ul. lull
ing Coipi ruy, nod not to miy individual
connected with tho pajier.
J. Dinning ot Looking Ulns. i visit
lug lolatives on Cios Kay.
Henry J. Booth of Koseburg, was here
ovor last night. Eugene Guard.
The Peoples Store, 1. Abraham pro
prietor, has change of ad in this inane.
See it?
We desiro to call special attention to
the announcement of the Racket Wore,
ou another pae.
Arthur Ki!er, nf Oakland, lm m-ccit-ed
the position of nititit ojHirator (or the
itoutlierii 1'acitic iif this i-ily.
Keren t phippiDK retwrts from Coos
Bay pluw a wouderlul increase in travel
by steamer between that point and
other coast cities.
Clyde Caddis, of Uutwlmrtf, was in
Corvallis today, (lie guest of JVh'Mor
and M re. Horner, atCauttiorn bill.
Carvallis Mite, October l&th.
W llbur risk Brock, euix-riiiteudeut of
circulation of the Orrgouian and Charles
Kiniiler, traveiiug at'tnt af the Evening
Telegram, were pe want callers at this
office on Tuesday.
State Supef ittfiiitaiiT Ackpruian, Presi
dents W. T. Van .V-oy of AkhUnd Nor
mal and John B. Walker, of the Drain
Normal, wore in Crants l'.iss Ust week,
attending teachcrH ip-iiiutc.
Marriage lioentes i:.Vi; lu-rn Kranted
tlie (o'll.jHiog ptr-inn s i'iv ti:ir last is
soe: George IVh1 ami Lucv F. Ap
pleite, H. A. Uilm.o and Mary E.
Pierce, Walter D. Butler and M,auda
D. ll trs and W, P. Wouacoti and Jea
sie i'luitrr.
Onr reporter, who viaiiwl foii'liwet-t
DoilX'ii" I tat wi-ek, liaa Huh to i:iy his
lie', i.etee.tlie P. :.ition ai;eut at
this p'sre, went to San Franc's co, last
night, t attend a nuetici: of the Order
of Trleirau'ietj to he in cession at that
J . K. Medley from est t ork, spent H y M u Ks,r sH be tl)8edt fc
Sunday with his family in Oakland. - t . , , ,
i teu davs. It is to to hoped that the
Mr. and Mrs. P. B. Beckley of Oak- n .x offirt wo,k w, inefi,.;,,, t0
land, will spend the winter in Portland. , hig whIch L hftB Dot ,aIIy .
Mark Munson and Sister Lydia are at-1 overeJ s:nm bi's ritirn to Roseburf.
tsndingS.S. conventions at Eugocetndj C(ias. E. Comstock assistant Grand
W. P. Heydon, of Clerelaod, as jolly
as ever, wss a caller at this office this
Dr. S. M. Hamby, formerly of this
city, is now located at 83J Market street
San Francisco.
Racking headaches, bleary eyee, weak
ness, noises in head. Hudysn cures.'
All druggists, 30 cents.
3. W. Wagner of Drain came in yes
terday on business and retained oj the
late train this morning.
Mrs. S. Henderson of Koseburg, wss
the guest of Mrs. D. W. Stone last week.
She returned Saturday. Tidings.
Fob Sale. A gcxl milk cow. A good
horse to trade for wood or grain. En
quire at tbe Plaixd&aler office. (da24)
Mr. . tJ. Coats, one cf the old settleis
of county, now of Wilbur,' is doing busi
ness in town today and made this office
a pleasant visit.
Mr. 3. Booerts of Elkton, was in tbe
city Tuesday visiting bis daughter and
returned to Drain on his way borne
Wednesday morning.
' Mrs. Emma Howard aniijher son Dee
from Ten Mile were in the city several
days last week visiting friends snd at
tending to business.
CspC S. S. Mathers, special agent of
thegeneral land office, came np from
BoseburK yoftefday and today left for
Lakeyiew via Ager. Tidings.3
Tbe dwelling bouse on the farm of J
U. Short, on tbe North Umpqua, burned
Monday night. Loss about $1000. The
building was insured for $S0O ia the
Norwich Union.
Dr. Isabel Sedgetrick oj Portland, who
will take charge ot Dr. Myra Brown's
practice, is now located at tbe new resi
dence of F. II. Churchill, corner of Cass
and Kane streets. Office hoars, 1 to5 p.
ev. S. A. Douglas is in Eotgene this
week attending the council of the church
in reasion there for tbe purpa w of or
daining Rev. Smoot. Prof. C. T. Whit
tlesey will fill tbe Baptist pulpi t in this
city Sunday.
The Ladies Aid Society of the M. E.
Church will give a dime social at tbe
borne of Mrs. O. F. Godfrey, on Thurs
day evening, October 26th. A cordial
iovitation is extended to all and a .pleas
ant evening is assured.
A call at Winchester yeaterda rescu
ed in tbe additioo of the names if sever-
ta accent a position in tbe acad
.ii. al orominent Dersone to our aubai:riDtiun
Tonngladj. and comes well recommend- Ilrt- The development of the watr
ed We join In extending the family power at that place wUl be a great help
and MissMacMilW a hearty welcome, to Douglas county a- well as to Wjn-
to our city.
Pale, emaciated, tbin, weak men and
women. Hndyan curt?. All drug ,,
53 cents.
W. V. Pierce bas a nice, new, clean
up-to-dats stock of groceries at Win
chester. Byron Sattoa of Millwood, was in the
city yeeterday and made this cffiri a
Mrs. DP. Smith returned to her borne
in PorJrnd yesterday foio a v:mc with
friends in this city.
F. F. Hook and wde, ot Koeeiicrg, are
visiting Portland, and are registered at
the Perkins. Portland Telegram
After all others fail to give you talis-
faction take your watch to J. T. Bi ran
and be will rnrke it rua for you. (olid)
The forty-first annual association of
tbe Congregational churches of Oregon,
is in convention at Eugene, with a larga
attendance and interesting program.
Dr. J. W. Strange will bs at Myrtle
Creek from October 27 to November 2,1
felly prepared to do such denUl work as
may be desired by b' patients at that
A. K. Mattoou, of LookiDg (la, was
in town jesterday and was a p'easant
caller at the i.ifije. Mr.
Maltosn is one of this paper'' eiannb
Pneumonia, ia grippe, coughs, colds
croup and whooping cough readily yield
to One Minute Cough Cure. Use this
remedy in time and save a doctor's bill
or the undertaker's.
John Giles, Wm. Page and Geo. Mul
len, of Myrtle Point, were in Marshfield
last week on their way borne from Cape
Nome, Alaska. They speak highly of
that mining district, and Intend going
back in the spring. Coos Bay News,
October 24.
Charles Winters, of Jacksonville, Ore.,
one of the pioneer settlers of Jackson
county, died a few days since, at Talent,
where be bad gone visiticg. Mr. Win
tera for several years has bad his mono
ment finished and erected in bis lot io
tbe cemetery at Jacksonville, where his
remains were taken and interred.
Mrs. C. L. Weetenheiser, uf Yoncalla,
Diuglas county, has been visiting her
son, Fred, siuce Friday, at Caathorn
hall, returning borne today, bbe is
greatly pleased with our institution and
departs feeling that no other eclioil in
the state affords such opportunities for
education as the agricultural cofe,e
Corvallis Mite, October 25.
On Tuesday two persons giving their
names as Chas. Gonnon and Al Ogwell
were arretted at Eagene on suspicion of
being the persons w ho held up and shot
Hiram Shook at Comstock. The parties
were brought to Koseburg by City Mar
shal Diliard, but a thorough investiga
tion by tbe officers hera convinced them
that the suspected parties were not the
guilty ones and they w era diecbarged.
jiatt'r of the United Artisans, is in this
city oetiib!7 for tbe purpose of organ
win m a eem'Jy of Uoi'ed Ar;irans.
This order whi.e only four years old
ranks high among the -older beoificiaiy
orders. l-eeiu? the Ar. isms' plan was
built light. With the past experience
of other 1'ke orders as a crit.risn, th:s
orde-has been, established on revised
and mora thoroughly improved pti iciple
in fact it has tjn s arted rght, hence
i;s lipid growth and popularity. There
t re already many Artisans in this city
A sjort visit to southwest DonglaH re
veals to ns uiore fully the prosperous
condition of the cu"iit. At Ten Mile we
found Mr. M. Ollivant repitiiing and
otherwise beautifying his premise. By
lh way, Mr. Ollivant in one of the pros
pi runs husincs men of the county.
Kev. Hampton is building a nice rt-si-deuce
on bis ranch. If any one thinks
for a moment that Ten Mile valley w ill
not paoduce potatoes prodigious in size
and excellent in quality, the' should
call at the home of Mrs. Emma Howard
and she will speedily convince them on
that point, as the growth of spuda on
her farm during this season wan simply
In the Looking Glass valley we found
the farmers happy as well as prosperous.
Mr. C. U. Spaugh with his traction en
gine attached to a grain chopper had
chopped over 200 bnshels of grain in the
forenoon and several wagon loads of
grain arrived during the noon hour to be
ground during the afternoon. Mr.
Spaugh is running his mill on Saturday
of each week and his venture is proving
quite an industry and meeting a long
felt want in the community.
We were kindly received and elegantly
entertained at the home of Mr. George
Marsh. This is one of the cicest homes of
the Looking Glass valley. advise
persons of the county or state who may
be interested in tree or fruit culture to
visit Mr. Marsh and Bte wt.t wondenul
and satisfactory results t o i . n-curing io
this line. Tbe class of clrinl Iruit from
his orchard this Mason is certainly . ex
cellent and his orchard in splendid con
dition, and within a fewj ears this will
be one of the best orchards in the coun
ty. Truly this section of the country is a
favored one and iu people thrifty and
Parents Will Find 3
At our store Everything in School wear 3
for boys and girls. We make a specialty
of wear resisting Shoes and Clothing 2
fr the young people. We are exclu- zS
g: sive agents for the Celebrated zS
g Black Cat Stockings
S ior Boys and Girls. The prices, as us
g ual are as low as they can be made on
z bigh grade goods. Remember we have
everything in school wear farBo ys and
Girls. Parents give us acall.
301-303 Jackson St.
Winchester Items.
who it U lnpci will co-operate with Mr. j gher, Saturday
John McKay, our ei lion bote made a
bufeinms trip to Koeeburg Thu tday.
J.T. Uuou, Wioch.sier'n capitalist,
went to Couiaiock uu Friday's Ic-al.
, Mrs. W. 11. Keliey ot Myrtle Cittk,
ls visicg he daughter, Mr?. K. i'orl!.
Archie Dowtll of Koeehurg ia visiliog
his cousins, Kslph nd Vernon Virson.
Mies Bc.-sitj Powe't baa re
torr.ed from aa extendi d yuit ui Myi !e
Mrssni. .Dduibietun. U-hey, DeWiltt
and Wayne Gi'lam weie at the Huh
Miss.badie Piikiogtpn of Itoeaburg,
was vistting her sister, Mrs. John Galla-
Roseburg Academy
Vill reopen Sept. ii
Xobmal, Classical ad
, 1S99.
liio.-c.utli Tr(arUiQ for Collece, tiir
T.-n:litug, ui lr bniDcan. Id.Uui ihmi sivtn
In Latin. Urwk, t rentb, Oi-rmn, MnUrmaticj.
Natural ejc-..-u-. Hiur, rneliib. Kburthau'l.
Typenr:liui(. ."eiiir.aiiht. au't liytleue. Able
siiuais, low raun. for lurtbir ji-articatan,
.IJri tbe i ritiuai,
Koseliurg. Or.
Kebideuce, (Jur. Jackson aud Lane
Saved Nearly $46.
Comu ok in he organization of an as
sembly i 1 thii city on a gcod, solid, firm
br 'iness-i'ke foundation. An interest
iug social wi:l be given 'o prospective
members next week, exact date and
place to b9 announced hter.
Hop Notes.
Hans C. Walberg purchased of John
sou &. English ot bilvertoo, 86 bales
prime hops at 9 cjnts; also57 bales at
10 cents of Satber Eros. The latter lot
was strictly choice, and tbe price paid
represents the highest market value.
K. S. Armes oi Woodbnrn sold 75
bales at S cents toFabcrA Neis, of Al
bs iy.
Another saU uf Clackamas county
hops was made Monday. Mr. Baker, of
Wileonville, sold to Henry Weiohard of
Portland, 12,000 pounds at 10 cent).
Tbe hops wilt be used in making beer
in Portland.
Washington crowers will hold their
bops for a better price and an organiza
tion bas bsen perfected with that pomt
in yie.
Wm. Crown & Co., receive! a consign
ment of hops from Wheatland last night
via Pomona, consisting of 'Zi bales. Sa
lem Journal.
ralmer Aires today received, returns
from 30 ba!w of Fuggle hops that he
shipped ou consignment to Milwaukee,
Wis. They were sold en October 12th
for IS,', cents per ponnJ, being 21 days
enioate. Ibis nets Mr. Ayres 10 cents.
Late bops, which are always two or three
cecta higher, on the date these sold
would btiuj only S to 10 cents in Eugene
Something is wronj somewhere. Guard,
Oct. 23.
We wonld like to hear from a't ye com
da plumes throughout the sphere of the
1'lmndeaixk's ielm.
Faming ts receiving considerable al
t. ition at present. Many of the farm
eis have already b;en eeedicg.
We sincerely bote that the reported
negro laborers shall fail to arrive, to the
entire tatisfaction of tbe wboie community.
The pLAiKDkiLta's hustling business ;
manager. Mr. feu at ford, was over here!
Wednesday acd secured four new sub-1
scribers. !
The Georgia In vevtment Cu'r. boom
was washed out by tl. rtcent high
water. It pieeeutcd tjoite a view in
going oyer the dam.
Mrs. John Gallagher, little Kulh I'ow-
ell.'Mark Turpin and Baby McKay
among Winchester's tick, but all
convalescing at present.
What Mr. Samuel Forbis says of tbe
machine we sold him:
O'.ex, (itlliim Co.. Ore., S t V2,
Jjearn. Koebuck A Co.. Chumu, 111.
L4r Sirs : We are very mjch p-eastd
with our Burdick Sewing Machine that
we got of you. It dta i:s work ;rfcct,
r inaeasyaod we lh'uk it is a beauty.
Our Sewing Maxbioe cost us just 1SM7
alie- ibe freight was paid, a eayi-g to us
oi $15.53.
Yootj Kespectfu.Iy,
We wiM send this time machine to
a.iy reader of tbe Plaisdlalkb, who can
examine it at tbe freight depot, and :f
found salisfaclory, pay the freight aj,ent
$15.50 and freight charges. No doubt.
Mr. Samuel Forbis will be willing 10
show Lis machine to any intending pur
chaser. We will mail tree our Sewirjg Machiue
catalogue io aiy reader of this paper on
St.Xt-S, KofcMilCK & Co.
CJiicago, 111.
IRoseburg Pharmacy
M. F. RAPP, Prescription Druggist.
Drngs, Toilet Articles, Patent llodi- -
cue, .Cigars, Stationery, Toilet
Soaps, Paints arid Oils.
ptoppiiic papplie..
The celebrated Magazine Cyclone Plate
Cameras. Triumph Cut Film Cameras.
Call and Examine them.
(Establishetl in 1VT7.1
The leading varieties of thorough- f
bred fowls.
Eggs from the finest strains sent
on short notice. Send for Cata- $
logue. Address
Forest Grove, Or. J. M. GARRISON. S
Albany Hcstoffice Robbed.
Aijja.vv, Oct. Si. Ii was learned this
morniog that the Albany postoffice had
beeo entered by burglars and the vault
j rilled. It was cui lentiy the work of
I profenional men. The thieves entered
under an adjoining huitdiog and dug a
are tunnel under the posicflic) building, re
are moved a portion cf lh foundation of tbe
1 vault and cut a hole in the ateel floor of
It seems that at last the long hoped i luo T,a,l 0lcn Kv ,u sieves access
for manufacturing eaUblusbmenta wi'l j to u'e ftof.ce fouds. ihr work bad
be boilt, and Winchester's water powtr ; JuUy going on for several
ilixjd. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Be .0. eeKB.
Kt, of ;.,;. ar l.r n,t .,ihini , ne actual amouni usen is not Known.
interested will soon arrive. They pre- regjstereJ were r;Bed,
m h.,ii,t in .(l.tiiinn t., . .aw mill hat their contents cannot now te atcer-
1 .
sash and door factory , a Hour mill a
box faetory aud shingle mill. There is
plenty of labor and material here or ad
jacent! for all purposes, and we would
not adyise anyone seeking employment
to come here, eiuce the market is well
aw A..v
Remember !
We keep only the best yarnf-. We j
are headquarters ou Yarns. We keep j
Thoee Yarns w ith the Golden Fleece J
ticket on every hank contain half again j
as many yards to the pound or hank as :
any oJ-rand. Tlwality the bet :
and iC Jjal tett the fast black.
YARNfi are first quality aud uuccjualed
U Saxony, Knitting and Zephyrs.
rt J f " Will buy you a Cor
Tj I . LLIJ i. J get proof against
rust. The name is WARNER'S RUST
PROOF ask to see them. There are
more than one style. The only corset
guaranteed to us absolutely rust-proof
We carry a large line of corEeta in sever
Hosiery Bargains
Paiiish misgivings. Just on the edge
of cold weather we provide great values
for jou in Ladies' and Children's wool
ot cott! hosiery. Iwiortcrs announce
a material advance. That makes our
present jicrforiiiaiicu almost eccentric.
SjK-nd ten minutes linking at the differ
ent offerings here. You'll do more than
look even though your purse be lean
almoi are riing caught now in large
Ooits a rise in lha liver last week
the first this fall.
W. G. Grabbe is Lauliug fish for
Thompson and Franklin.
The foil- hone stags now comes down
one day and back the next.
A l.ttlo stranger rccenUy arrived at the
hom- of William. Sagabsrd.
Lela A irews will b- gu next Monday
morniag cirryiu? ths hTBeback mail.
G. L. Dorland, a chiropodist, wts em
plovcdin theputau tof bi3 proieision
here bt week.
M. D. Thompson wsia town Jlon
day, nU-idiag to visit Teilcoos onbD&i
nees but trrne I back on accou it nf the
threatening weather.
We Uarn th ,t Jesse Uaer la'o of tb'
eectioa. wcaso uafortnnate eB to nave
his thumb cut off by an ax recently
while employed -near Ga diner.
Walter Duller' recently visited his old
home and his vi?il was most brief. II
was qiite anxious to rcuiru to Drain, ul
ao to his homo in the north. Walter is
to take Mrs. Ii. ba:k with him thi
time i'i the person of Miss Manna Sel
era. Tho yo.iiia couplo are most excel
lent in every ritcpect. and we extend to
them our best wmbea tor long lilo, happi
ncss and unfailing prosperity.
Every dollar purchase entitles the customer to a guess on Gold watch given away
Also PUAMDini! DIMnCDO Mnmrno
uimitu luii, iiiUWLl.o,
tained. It is believed the lcia is abouj
Tbe robbeiy was ducovered yesterday
morning, but the Hsto!hee officials did
not disclcie the fact antit this morning
No clew as yet.
j How'5 This?
I . 1 .1 .. V . - U ..... 1 V. I V . "J . 1 W 0 . H.I U
The price ol fall ibinook salmou, fur any caee of Catarrh that ran not be
steelheads aud suveraiues has teacceii U-ured tv llall a CatarTh Cure
the highest figure ever offers I 011 Ibe j K. J. CUESEY & CO., Props. Toledo, O.
Columbia; 4 cents a pound, and l"s ; W the ua lei signed have known F. J,
cents ia leing paid for dog salmon. ! Cheney for the laet 15 vears. and t!ieve
.. j hicr perfei tly honorable in all bnsineeB
transactions aud Gnancially able to car
ry out any obligations made by their
' a
opened on Cass street, opposite
deKt, at which may be had fresh
r eMail rant baa been !
, West & Irnax, Wholesale Uruggists,
v, i Toledo, O.
ar. ohi. kn .lla InnrhM an.t muiui;, Miiuaii .uajyiu,
' 1 r m 1
besides meals at all hoars, regular meals Mle "W"". iuleuo un,-
a served. Lunches and onick meals i . ii wwn "ii-i. BWn lorv
a " 1M ...llHH .flHUtl T tllu.H II.A S I . .. M.
, I 4j. HttlUK .atiVTV.nt iipni ai-tsi hiiv
lorraiiroaa seengfrsa ejeciaiiy. tor mucon8 .urfac of the svrtem. Trie
that hungry feeling be sure and call at ; per Ixitile. Sld tv all druggists Tent
Duffy's restaurant, prices re-tsonabir. j moninij Irew.
tor Sale A goc-d, gentle milch cow
I wiil bo frehh alwut the first of February
! Call on or address C. J. Va.vZjls.
j Roseburg, Or.
A first-class grar.d stjnare piano for !
cheap. Enquire of W. r. Beojamtu
405 Washinwton st'iet. (rCtfsf;
slf you see a man
Losing his Rurse
You would surely tell him about it without
waiting for an introduction. We sec j-ou
loosing money every day by not buying from
us and must tell you at once, forour prices
are lower than any store here and the
counters are groaning beneath, the weight of
bargains offered.
J. F.
At- -
Acetylene Gas. 1
I't independent of gas and electric
igbtacorporations and own your own
iighting plant. Tbe National generator
does not have to becaied for oftener
than once in 15 days. It is positively
fate and is recommended by all insur
ant e boards. We lii;ht residences,
cburchee. stores, factories and towns 40
per cheaper than other systems with
double tbe illnmina'ion. To responsible
parties will ship machines on thirty
day's trial. Send for free booklet on
acetylene gas. We want good agents.
National Acstylknk Gas Co.,
(U't2) Buffalo, N. Y.
To Our Friends.
Myself and family deire to express oar
fin-ero thacks to the G. A. R. and many
friends who rendered such valuable as
sistance during tbe last illness and at tbe
funeral of our iate huVoand ai d father.
Their kindness aud avsua.tby will ever
be gratefully rememljercd
Ma?. II. J. Walsh,
U-ecburit, Or., 0". 21, lOa.
Iwo l.m.d ol wood cbopt-era a :d 0
teams. HUhti; rriw. tit; r'.&s trm-
b.-r. steady work.
Camtekli. & Alexander.
Coajtock, Oregon.
Do You Cough?
" I I T:ed to be like everybody else.
Whrn I ca'igMcold.1 just let it alone, think
ing nwoiua
cure itself in
a few davs ;
of course the
a:id spitting
of mucus
lasted sev
eral weeks,
bat after a
while the
would sub
side I al
ways no
ticed, how
ever, that
esch-cold was worse than theone before. Ify
throat seemed to get weaker, and the least
change in the weather started tbe coufrhing
arain. The last coM was the moet severe of
all. I was really frightened. Cough drops
and home treatment tlid no pood. A friend
told me about Acker's English Remedy. I
rot a bottle, and you never saw the hke of
the way it acted. Before the bottle was iron
I was well. My throat fc!t aastronz and weU
as could he. tince then I have had no more
trouble. I think Acker's English Remedy so
j strengthens the delicate lining of the throat
1 that it easily resists tbe changes in tempera
I turcanditbuildsuptheconstitationaaweU."
(Signed) Cabris Schwab.
I 251 Gold St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
I Sold at C.V., 50c. and $1 a bottle, throughout
1 the United States and Canada ; and in Ens-
land, at Is. 2d.. 2s. 3d., 4s. tVl. If yon are not
satbhed after buying, return the bottle to
your drugst-t, and get your money back.
- He avtkarize the ttbon gnaimht.
W. U. HOOXER & CO., fruprietorj. j, t
For sah by M. F. Rapp,
At th home ot the bride's
father, Mr. Isaac Coy and Miss Susie
Carey, both o( Myrtle Creek, Douglas
county, Oregon, Rev. Alexander B. Mott,
pastor M. K. church, officiating.
At tbe residence of E, M. Marsters, in
West Roseburg, Wednesday afternoon,
Oct. 25, 18:)'J. If. A. Wilson and Mary E.
Pierce of Cleveland. Douglas county,
Oregon, Rev. E. M. Marslors officiating.
5 Big Surprises in
Men's and Boy's Clothing, Shoes, Fall and
Winter Goods, Skirts, Jackets, Mackintoshes
Furs, Men's and Women's Furnishing
Goods, Table Linens, Guilts, Blankets. Ex
amine our goods and prices, and convince
yourself that you can save money by making
your purchases at the C. I. K. STORE.
ONLY S2.75!
out. atvi (M-nd Vt u. iat
TmirkMM4 krs;t, r num-
Wrof iticiw rtmwdWsly usnt .
mm4 n. and w wtll srnd thin i
MBTiMiijaTi'rwMtiiuua 1
tiATH CAPt T tprf., t
1'a .!., ul'jril to fumiMtiun. 1
Vnart,fitmtnf n try ti on
at our nfttvMfiprr' of- ;
flifami If found psrtro'y I
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fier mw tar ferar4 sT, j
psty th exproM J
f.aernrletS2,73, )
aid rtprwu eir5f, j
average t-i tn ;
M rvrt for r i ' ,
l.atw tut lot. this 1
FOR FALL ) net '
W.WTEf!, ntMV j
a An etiia R..
k-a all v 1 fcdri m M.
aMlr KHI
Trrrl4k. B liwhn l-!. w tu;l rff. l-t-moa urtT
rpc . itrafull. Iwt ! ton Mo Ntlar. Iu.
fill' inmimHl with aIO l ' t'r r.
1-lnimf.l with throm anil ftllnr itll . rosr
M kr,Mi clulh bIUtl nmnilil. 1 ! U
HlNhruttllnntwl iil rauaUo rlla
lrcr lhn Uonhlr h-ir1r. Wrlw rlrl rauln.
&Sni, KMka ci. an ia.wa.aij oUU-Hat.i
I 1
i v r a
: j 1 . v.
too .Men Wanted
To tut i:d lir.i'd'e H. l, "vnnoiive
wool and hoiW in thi t"'".iber. Wnges
$1 i0 ir !:. Kie'soKt ! ;ce Ki.! for
wco.! ctittit.j. ttv:il tlttil.fT r.d x lulls!
jo. Emi'lir" . tl.c cfnjMiny ' .-dWe at
Doj crcfrt yynr ir ty Vttpr t
Uko. Y. KlDliLK,
Wt i o: .i !!. r Ck, Kiddle, Or.
; Hill loster and Distribalor.
' l!..viiii: Wtrd in tUl"t, 'ovations
I in imi , I am iff )vied in tjto ail ok in
tli.ti hue i u slier: notice.
If, Ol. Hoi MUM lKU.
Koseburg. Oregon.
Achieveuieiits tit Avluiirnl lk-wey." f!te worul
Krvatet naval hero. Bv Mural llnistt fi.
life-lonir Irientt anil aitmiivr nf t!u nation s
idol. Bidden atnl lt b.Mk : iivt-r ,Vi i't!.'s. !
8x10 Indu: in'urlv U' paa-n biltnia iU'ivfa-
lions. Only $1 '. Kiitirmnim ilemdiiJ. Bi i
"ommiwiou'K. Ontiit lns. t'liance of a life
Din. Wriie iiiiak. Th liouunion rniiirny
lit floor t'ns ion UM'.rtikrijo.
Tor Infants and Children.
The Kind Ycu Have Always Bought
Bears tiio
Signature, of