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Friday and Saturday, Sept. 29 and 30.
You are invited to call and inspect our new line of trimmed Fall Hats
A comparison with any other line, will bring out plainly the reasons,
why you should not miss this showing.
The Bohemia (liners at War in the
Circuit Court.
iiiitcrtainment tonight.
We Are Also Showing Attractive bargains in
BLANKETS, COMFORTS, Etc. Our low prices keep us busy.
Are you getting your share of these bargains? Come in and see us
before making jour purchases, we promise to show you better values
than the widest search will reveal.
Here are all the kinds that are good. . Here is no kind that is not
good. Volumes would say no more. It pays to trade at
The People's Store.
THE PLAINDEALER.j -tchauk.r wiis pelade
. ev ivcr 1 invo 4uu 11 u urui .vi
StriKMBKK 2S. 1891'.
Jirgaina ia bicycles at Marelera.
". B-lJ for bargains and your watch re-pairio-.
C. K. Weslenbeieer of Youi-alla, was a
Koeeburg vibilor Wedneeday.
ladies') to trade for
this office. A good
I A good bicycle
j wood. Apply at
; bargain. j
I A few wheela need for renting during'
i tbe eo turner, for ea!e very cheap t
j Marstere
Uirain lierwond and
. HaJy.n cure, aleeplessne. J . MuIwoojf doiog hotioen
l'p-to-!ato jewelry at J.T. Bryan'.
lioad, the watchmaker, does engrav
ing. Allof tbtt Koeeburg bop pickers have
returned home.
For nret-class dentistry go lo lr.
Utile of Oakland.
! Municipal election Monday. An mi-
eventful election is promised.
Charles, of r, beK"
city yeeteroey.
dreams and night sweats.
fruitgrowers are paying aa bigh as
To exchange lor wood, a gooJ nJ 1 20 cents a bos for picking prunes in the
band White sewing machine. Apply at j ViiUmctc Talley.
tbie office. j MiM jjjjy Badger, a graduate of tbe
Kicking h'aias'jet. b ery eye, weak Ceotrtl v;Ute Koraiti K)WJ at Uraio, is
new, noises in bead. Hndyan cures. J in (lie city mjtiug f, vaie.
All druggists, 50 cent. j Fmtle complainU. pale, sallow cow-
WanUd, girl to do kitchen work 10 the j piexione headaches, nervous dvspeieja.
country. Wages 12 per month. Ad- jHodyan corw. All druggists, 50 cent.
dresM)o93,Ro6ebun5,Or. j G. V. Davie and family, who have
When yoa come to Portland remem-, heea re8ij-int, in living Glass valley
ber and have your teeth fixed by Dr. M. j took tLeir jeparture Tuesday, for East-
W. Davis, 1631- First fct. ii- ! ern O.-econ points. I horse to trade for wood or grain. Eo-
The denee smoke is an indication that Dr. Irabel Sedcewink oi PortUml. who ! quire at the PuusiwaLU office. (da24)
tbe forest rangers are having something j wiil uke charg8 ol Dr. Myr Brown'8
to interest them in the way of subdumg j pract j, a DOm located at tbe McClallen
fires. j House. Office hours, 1 to 5 p. m. ,
E. DaGas. M. D., member Board of j D. i. Sbambrook and family have re
Pentioa Examiners. Office. M are t era j turnet, noni8 from tbb hambrook hop
buHding residing corner Main and Casa ; yT(Jj Bd Mias Flossie again occupies
street. j her case in this office, having greatly
The family of L. 15. Moore, the new j enjoyei her three week's outing.
X T .nnt. arrived in UilS City irom
Eoeeburg, Wednesday. GranU
uiorinj tlieir
the I stock of good lo 4 ak!aut Monday.
Of ail the horrid wilting weather, that
which comes in September is the witti
est. Pale, emaciated, thin, weak men and
women. 1 lady an cure. All iniggh-t,
50 cent.
Heartburn, coaled liugue, bad breath,
constipation, lladran cures. All drui;
gilts, 50 cents.
For your w tehee, clucks and jewelry
go to Kryan. His riee will please you
and his work is Gret class.
Fos Sale. A nood milk cow. A good
H)b rl Martin, Charles Uerk, U. T.
Martin, 11. James and II. D. Tellt
have each separately and apart institut
ed suit against, the Noonday Mining
Company, a corporation, Charles M.
Collier, C ti. Warner and 1. D.Mur
ray, to recover iu eaih case, damages in
the sum of (5,050, or a total of (25,150.
The complaints, each, in brief, allege
that Chas. M. Collier procured the
plaintiff j arrest on iuforuiation signed j
and sworn to him ihorglug them with
hindering him and by Jforce preventing i
him from surveying a claim in tle
Bohemia mining district, by a duly
authorize! ollicer ol tbe U. S. court and
the plaiutitla were urraigned on taiJ
charge at Eugene, before a U. S. com
missioner for the District of Oregon;
that t'ie other def-uJin'8 herein aud
C. M. Collier contriving and imlici xiely
intending to injme the plaiutilT, con
"pired aud coufrrated togethtrr aud
maliciously and without prjhab'e tause
t rocuted plaintiff to be arrested therfor.
That on Augu3t 1-', 1SW, the plaintifTa
were cxaminrd before V. .S. Coimuitson
er J. J. Waltou, for the supposed crime,
wbofouud Ihetn not guilty.
Thai for the of dvfeuEo in this
prosecution tLe pUintill'i peiii money
in employing attorneys iu their de
fense, also were compelled to loss
time in leaving their homes, and in trav
eling to Eugene and for payment for
lodging?, etc., each ol the plaint iff a were
damaged iu the sum of (50.
That plaiutills io ot! erwiso iojurtd
aud dtin'Rged ou aiLxuiit if their in
jured fee'irgs, ueutal eutlV ring, anguish
and humiliation in the further uiu ol
fV00 each, or a total of (l',L'At.
Alt jrtieyi A. C. oo Icoik and J. S.
Medley ate retaiutd t y (he drli-nm-.
This ia probably the outcniiie of Hit)
suit begau by ('. M. Coliier against t'tias.
Bruneau, P. J. Jeuuiu4. I. J. Jeuuiogs
1 and .lames J. .l-unias, a fe days ago,
for the sum of !0,oS0,dauiage. tJoard.
Program for I lie eiititaitiiuiit ti )e
giyeu I'V the W. C T. U. ai iIik Uptii'
Church Tlmrailay evening, (Sect. M:
Opening soiii:. i.oiigiegation.
loug by ttie children, "We Art Coin
ing." Children' harvest Lome work, Mrj.
U.K. Ferguson.
Music, select! d, male quartette.
Hecitaliou, Cussie Ferguson.
Music, selected.
Heading, Amata ISmith, "The Nine
teenth Century Queen."
Address of welcome, Virgil fchupe.
The Pansies (eo'o), Stanley Carpy.
Cluing addrees, Orin Hill.
Kefreebmente will hi served. An ad
mittance of 10 cents will be charged.
All are cordially invited.
Looking tilass.
Prof. Jae. Dvia vieil-d the count?
seat, Saturday.
I. IL. Howard has gue to Dillard
to pick prunes fvr a while.
Some of our farmers -ave already
commenced soainrf the ir fall grain.
Mr. Palmer is contempt iliiig moving
to the Willamette vallej. next wrek.
Ksv. W. M. Haoip'oo delivere.1 a very
interesting eermao here, Uf-t Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. McCoy have
moved to lloeeburg to reeide for a while.
Frank (Joodaiau left on the first of
lion. J. W. Conu aud lauiily have re- this week, lor Oios count v on busines.
Mr. and Mr. ). II. Burll have gone
! to Oak Creek to v'eit irauds aud rela
Dr. Cbeadle has a new remedv for the
; extraction of teeth. No cocaine oreu-
Icaioeis need. Patients with heart or
turned home from Eastern Oregon, .Mr
jConn being couiCtrtly improved in
Pneumonia, la grippe, combs, colds
croup and whooping cough readily yield
to One Minute Cough Cure. I'se this
remedy iu tiiuo aod eave a doctor' bill
or tbe undertaker's.
J.-V. Cusick ieft Sunday for Doswell Jiu s troubles cjn nse it without anv bad
Springs, in Douglas county, wuere aire. , aftr 1,
Coaick is stopping for tbe benefit of ber i
health. Albany Herald. j
Engineer S. B. Fres was in Ashland j
veaterdav from Uoceburg. at lormeriy
ran oot of this place as fireman lor En
giceer McCarthy. Tidings, Ashland. j
Miss Kate Duick, mansger of the . !
C. and Wells Fargo A Co's cfficei at j
toowourg, .w.a - '-"T"" I after eaUog or any form of dyspepsia
Upper Sola Spnngs.-Asbland Tid- w immediate relief
For Bale at M. F
Wanted : 50 men . for lumber yard,
skid road, logging and saw mill work.
Wagea $1.50, (1.75 and (.'.00 per day.
Steady employment, pply to the
Booth-Kelly Lumber Co., Saginaw, Or.
are Bold on a positive guarantee. Cures
heart-barn, raising of tbe food, distress
Wednesday was tbe birthday anni
versary of Mies Silvia Stearns of tbe
pLiisxjtALta force, on which date she
became tbe happy recipient of a nice
fold watcb and chaio.
Attorney Dexter Lice and wife have re-1 community
. a I . I Kav .a.l.ll.O inn, in
lUroVU UUUJO HVUi kUVH t. vuu.u rvH.
northern California points, and have be
come happily domiciled in tne neat teei
deooe of Dr. J. W. strange on Lane
31r. Geo. Uaynes, of Brockway, uuite
sland holder and stock owner, called at
this office today accompanied byilr.
Ilildeburn, and paid for tbe Plaikdeal
ki one year in advance. Come again
Don't think yoa can cure that Blight
attack cf Dyspepsia by dieting, or that it
will care Itself. Kodol Dyspepsia Core
wija cure if; it "digests what you eat"
and reeVores the digestive organs to
liealtb. A. C. M.VRSTEKS & CO.
liv. and Mrs. E. A. Koss euterUioed
wbout a dozen of their friends at dinner
Fiidav evening. The host contribnt'd
25 cts. and 50 eta.
Kapp's drag store.
Married, at the Lome of Mr. and Mrs.
Dave Allison, on Pine street, Wednes
day evening, Mr. Fred Jones and Mies
iMarv Scbneurstein, both of Ibis
The bride and groom left
for Oaklaud Ibis moroiug where they
will make their future home.
By reason of having some operations to
make that cannot be neglected, Dr. Pilk
ington finds himsolf compelled to remain
another week or ten days, bat not longer
than Oct. 5th. AH sufferers from any
form of chronic trouble and especially
any disease of eye, ear, catarrh or lung
trouble will be given free examinations.
References given. Office at McClallen
With much pleasure, that it was, the
good people of Koeeburg received the
news that Uev. li. R. Arnold, who was
pastor of the M. E. Church of this city
last year was returned to tbe same place
and relation for tbe ensuing year. Dur
ing tbe past year Uev. Arnold has en
deared himself to the people of bis own
to the pleasure of the evening by reading i church and congregation and aa well to
several sketches of negro life in dialect, ! the people of the city in general. Tbe
year was a very prosperous one indeed,
the church taking advanced ground
r-"ol which be is a tnsster. Tidings, Ash
sick headache, indigestion and constipa-
linn. A delizbtful herb drink.
moves all eruptions of the skin, produc
ing perfect complexion, or money re
funded. 25cts. and 50 cts. M. F. Rapp,
along all lines. Tbe church, Sabbath
school and league are ia a prosperous
Re- i condition and the outlook for the pres
ent year is bright indeed and it is with
gladness that we join Mr. Arnold's
many friends ia exteuding a hearty
welcome to his place among as.
Mrs. L. L. Burlenbbaw, wife of Attor
ney BurUuisbuw of Myrtle l'oiot, is in
town accompanied by ber mother, Mrs.
Gray, ana family. The latter wiil spend
tbe winter in this city io order to lake
advantage of our excellent public school
C. F. Cat heart, ex-alifrilTuf this coun
ty, but now represer.U'.ive of a Port
land wholeak iiouee. is iu town locking i
alter business and shakiug bands aitb
bis many old friends. The Plaivuealkk
was favored with a Uriel, but enjoyable
visit during which time Frank and ye
editor recalled many pleasant memories
of by -gone days when we were bcLojI
matee. Miss 1-aura E. Jones of tbe Drain
Watchman, stopped off at this place
Wednesday for a brief vhii with her sis
ter, Mrs. Conner, on her return home
from an enjoyable visit at Urania Pass.
She is accompanied by Mrs. Ira Tomp
kins of ( ranis Pass, who will be a guest
of Miss Jojes at Drain, after t'jeir visit
in Ibis city is concluded.
A delegation of Odd Fellows consisting
of twelve of our leading citizens slatted
for Gardiner one week ago laet Tuesday,
and eo well were they treated by tbe
good people of the city by the sea, that
they prolonged their visit, not returning
until yesterday. Tne boys report a pool
time, and like everyone who visits these
bospitsblu people and their beautiful
town sing their praise in the highest
terms. n the arrival of the delegation
a sumptuous banquet was spread in the
1. 0. O. F. building, indicating tbat they
did not la.l among loes, but were so
journing among friends. An excursion
to the beach, a visit to the lighthouse,
life saying elation and a trip to sea on
the tug Hunter, were some of the fea
tures of tbe entertainment. The I.O.
O. O. F. lodge, as everything else, at
Gardiner, is in a prosperous condition
and the boys were loathe to exchange
the pare invigorating sea air for "the
smoky, duety heated atmoephere of the
Geo. KoLibaeii, of Uoseburg. was at
tending to businee s malt rs lu-ic a few
days since.
G. W. lUvii and family iii leave for
Eastern Oregon next Monday. We
wish them success.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Z. Hut nuns were
visiting frieode and relatives at Koee
burg, several days latt week.
J. 11. Shupe, one of Koeeburg energet
ic citizens, was looking afier business
matters in our valley U?i Monday.
Am num.
At the residincs of her grandparent,
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Powel1, near Ump
qua Ferry, Monday, Sept. 18, 1899, little
Grade Madalene, iufaut daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Jasper Shook of Green Valley.
Physicians wera cjl'ed and eyerytbing
possible done to save the little one's life,
but the was called to her Heavenly
home after three days of lufferiug at the
sge of five months snd two days. Al
though she had been but a short time
with us, she was the idol of the family
acJ loved by all who knew ber.
Precious darling, she has left as,
lft us, yes, forever more ;
Hut we hope fo meet our loved oce
Oo that bright and happy shore.
Lonely the house and sad the hours,
Since our dear one has gone ;
But oh 1 A brighter home than ours.
Iu heaven is now her own.
Parents Will Find
Sr At our store Everything in School wear
for boys and girls. We make a specialty
of wear resisting Shoes and Clothing
for the young people. We are exclu
j: sive agents for the Celebrated
Black Cat Stockings
tor Boys and Girls. The prices, as us
ual are as low as they can be made on
high grade goods. Remember we have
everything in school wear forBo ys and
Girls. Parents give us acall.
3oi-33 Jackson St.
Card of Thanks.
Roseburg Academy
Will reopen Sept. n, 1899.
Classical anu
I'mihji a FtHHt, Or., j
Sept, -5, I
desire to express our heart telt ics,
thanks to the entire commuuity for their i History
kindness during our recent bereavement
in the loss of our little darling.
Mk. ami Mai. Jam.s Shook,
Mli. AMI Ml. HlKAM PonaiL.
The Motion Denied.
i'retiiiraliuu for college a'specially.
Thorough iuhtructioa in Mathemat-
Latio, Greek, trench, Uertuau,
LWIisb, Natural Sciences
aud Dookkeepiuj;.
The school will re-open at
The Marks LhiLr-iM
ou Jackson fc't., Roseburg, Urn in the
rooms roruierly occupied by JpJge
llamiltou. I'ersous interested please
call ou or address (be principal.
(J. T. WiunxtsET.
Iloeebunr. Or.
Oflice at Mrs. Whitney's, opposit
lourl lloute.
Family Groceries.
My stock of Staple aud Fancy Gro
ceries is kept fresh ;ind new, and is com
plete, Fresh Vegetables. Tropical and
common fruits constantly nit hand. Large
stock of plain and fancy glass ware going
at ccst to make room for new goods.
Cream Puff 16 oz. Daking Powders
for 25c. Produce taken in exchange for
More than a week ago the Plainoal
ku uoted the hearing of a motion before
Judge HatLillon lor the dissolution ol s
temporary ioinnclion in tbe case ( Ki it
Warner et al. vi. Cliaa. Lruurau and j
Jennings Ures. Some seeks ao aj
temporary order was made restraining
the Jrnninic Bros , who have povegeioo
of the Helena or Dadger mine in Bo
hemia from working the mine, and ibis
order (bey sought to have revoked.
Jndge Hamilton, after having the mat
ter under advisement for a week, denies
the motion to dissolve the injunction, j
which will have tbe effect oft log the
property up untu uie nnai otpoH'ion el , i Lereby aucouoce myeeII B candidate i
tbe suit wnicn decides we ownerabi,.. i for election to the office of citv record-
....MRS. N. BOYD.
For City Treasurer.
1 hereby announce myself a candidate '
for re-election to tbe office of city treae-
urer at tne elect ion to be held oo Oct.!'
2nd, m. tiroai E t iRi v.
For City Recorder.
f er, at the election to be he'd on October
2nd, 13W. D. S. Vt.
Strayed from lvoae'a pasture ou .-ep
(ember IVth, one black t bred Jersey
cow, described aa fol'ows: Diaik, near
ly all over, a little red or brown aioog
tbe back, short straight horn, low,
heavy set. 4 years old. Either has a
calf or about tube fresh. Information i 2nd, 1.
leading to her recovery or return to 15. i
W.StrooR, owner, wilt be liberally re-j For City Recorder,
warded. j 1 hereby aunuunce myself a candidate
(or the omce of city recorder, subject to
For City Marshal.
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for re-election to the office of tity mar
shal at the election to be held on Oct.
F. W. Dillauo.
Every dollar purchase entitles you
to H gUfbb.
A sttvfl as much iu pro-
. at - 4-
dollar you oyu-.
It liAAn a lonir RnmniAr nlav. a nil
. nnWiftn fin AVArv ii
now there s a wmter of work ahead- fQI big tbinKB auywhere as you will
fehcool time and tbat boy needs uavo oU the little thiags here your
clothes. Let us do the worrying. : 6avings would aruouut to Hometbing;
We've everything be wears- Clothes, nickle and dimM are the
-,. .. u foundation upon which by lorlunes
aihoea, Hats and I urnibLings. Send . JotTmiiclat bh well start tbe
auiis measureuiente, or better btill, 6tructare today by layiDg in a supply
ibriDg (be boy to the etoro aud we ' of UNDEUWEAlt, Mens, ladies, of
uarao(?e satisfacLioD. ! childreus, none better, none cheaper,
Oregon Industrial Exposition.
Ou acoouut of the Oregon Industrial
position to be held at Portland
bept.l'Slh to Oct. 2Sth. IS:'. inclutive.
Special round trip tickets to Portland
and re'.uro, ioc'jdini( '2 almiesions to
the lair, will be oo Bile a', this station
ou Wedneeday of each week beginning
WedaesJay s.p!. "J7th and ending
Wednesday Oct. -Mb at rato c f 11.10.
Limit t days after da'e of sale.
On Oct. l':h a special exc jreiou (rain
will leave Ashland fjr Portland at 6
o'clock a. iu. Special tickets aie on
sale for this train at talc of fVA round
trip, Irom ICoicburg to Portland. At
tached to each ticket is a a rebate draft
for ft, Do which will bu refunded to the
original holder on preteulatien at Koee
burg etalioa oo date of return, making
net rile of 17.00 for the round trip.
Passengers w ill be relume I on regular
Hot. Em'cs,
Ai nt t P. Company
Koteburg, Ore.
Oakland Letter Ut.
Hcmaiuiug uncalled for in tbe Oaklaud
poetollice. Persons calling for the let
ters will please state the date ou which
they were advertised, Sept. 23, 1893.
Aldrich, N.
Acoets, Wm.
Acusta, Mrs. Lucind
Brown, Mm. Dora
McDermott, John
Powell, James
Peiffer, Albert J.
Fitzpatric, Jno.
Dalan, J. J.
CovcP, Chas.
Covell, V.
Custer, Wm.
Gardner, Ljdii C. i2)
Hathaway, Mre. Jcnni.'.
Johnson, Mm. Kitio
Kanville, MifS Minuie (2)
The letters will be charged (or at tbe
rate ol one tent each,
koaeburg Academy Removes.
100 Men Wanted
To cut aod handle H. tt. ki-ouiotive
wood aod work in the limber. Wage
fl 50 per day. lliRbest price paid for
woodcutting. Good timber nl a long
job. Entuire at the cjmpsny's office at
Doe creek spar or by letter to
Gto. W. Kiuulb,
Wood iV Lo tuber Co., Kiddle, Or.
the decision of tbe voters of the city of
Hoseourg at the election to be held on
Oclol-er 2, lS'.M. J. T. 1x.n
Roseburg Pharmacy
M. F. RAPP, Prescription Druggist.
Drug, Toilet Articles. Patent Medi
cines. Cigars, Stationery. Toilet
Soaps, Taints iud Oils.
photographic Supplied
The celebrated Magazine Cyclone Plate
Cameras. Triumph Cut Film Cameras.
Call and Examine them. -
Pianos and Organs.
Mow's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Keward
for any case of Catarrh that rannot be
cored by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props. Toledo. O.
We the undersigned have known F. J.
f.i - f i. - i..i ie I i.i:
Allelic tui UIQ IMOb Ivl Tni, 1UU UWiQlQ j
him erlectly honorable in all business i
(rausactious aud financially able to car-!
ry out auy obligations made by their j
flrm. . .... ... - ! w be leieived up lo uoon Sejt. 2S,
estA Iruax, Wholesale Druggists, j or e reQt o lbe L)cwgls county
Tol',l.0, ... . .... . jfair grounds for a period of one year,
W aiding, Kinnan A Marrin, LIe-dati roul tKU ,. ,sW. V,Mlll n.
sale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. L lh rizht to re,t anv and .11
Best bargains on earth. Deal pianos
in the worH the Chickering. See one
tine 7 octave piano case organ. Prices
on all our go-jis to suit the times. Our
price are the lowest for the same grade
of goods ever oQercd io Douglas county.
We are also agents for (ho great Filers
piano house at IVtlaod Or. Call and
eiamine our new large slock acd he
prices aod terms.
T. K.,
Koeeburg, Or.
Scaled Bid
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internal-
i bids.
1 w aii-t i n (T a1ipMfl nitrtn tm Isliwvl ai nl '
mucous surface of the svstem. Trice 75c paaliculara ii .,nire of H .
per bottle, bold by all druggists. Test, ler, secretary.
tuonialj free.
W. Mil-
There is one Utile maxim
That now I will name,
Light Workand Oood Salary.
1 aui increaiiug my business and wish
Which may bring what is belter lo employ 10 mure gentlemen and six
Than riebea or fame. ' more lady ansietanU o i gool salary
Than riches or fame
All those who will heed it
Oood appetite find,
Strong neryes, rosy cheeks,
And vigor ol mind.
It will banish dyspepsia,
Kbeumalics and gout,
That Tired Feeling comjuer,
Drive scrofula out
And here is the maxim
Its wisdom is sure
Take Hood's Ssrsaparilla
And keep your blood pure
I Call on or address
Mas C.J. Akmitaok.
j Kosebnrg, Or.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Hare Always Bought
Established ia lin.)
The leading varieties of thorough
bred fowls.
Eggs from the finest strains sent
on short notice. Send for Cata
logue. Address
Forest firnvp. Or. J. M. GARRISON.
J. F.
At -
& CO
nuiii WMR
Bears the
If we began now to tell you about one of our new Capes and Fur Collarettes
each day, next spring wonld still find us describing them. Thats a bare
hint of the variety you'll find here, as a hint on prices you know our repu
tation is, not to be undersold.
The aUi'iiilam-e ul the i 8cbuiy Acad
emy is iucrcaping ro rapidly that il has
been urcessary lur the u liool to r-eek
larger quarters. UolUis have been se
cured al llic rear of the Baplint Church,
where u is expected the school will re
main for Ihe rest cf the school year at
least, Mr. Whittlesey intends to re
move his lauiily here soon.
If you see a man
jj Loosing his Purse
You would surely tell hint about it without
waiting for an introduction. We see you
loosing money every day by not buying from
us and must tell you at once, for our prices
are lower than any store here aud the
counters are groaning beneath the weight of
bargains offered.
Horses for Sale.
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good work and saddle haves. Some tine
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cah or approved nolefl.
L. JoKF.a.
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A Mother's Plain Words
I suppose you will be astonished w hen 1 tell you that six years ago I waa
in a most dangerous condition with bronchitis and lung trouble, because yoa
can see how well and strong 1 am now. The attack at that time caused terrible
pain in my chest and lungs 1 could hardly move, audio stoop caused intense suf
tenng. Someone auvtscu Ack
er's English Remedy, and I
thought 1 would try it, although
1 confess that down in my heart
I had little faith in iu The
i;rst bottle gave great relief,
and the second bottle niailc me
the healthy woman I am today.
My hustwnd's lungs arc weak
also, and he cured himself with
the same grand old remedy.
Our boy and girl have both
been saved by it from death .
by croup. " I know this is so, for '
when they were attacked in the
night I had a bottle in the closet,
mid by acting quickly that fatal
malady was easily overcome,
Wc always give it to the children
when they have a cough or cold,
and wc would not be without it
for anything. My sister will
tell you also, if you ask her. that
it is a medicine that can always
W. depended upon for nil the ,
troublesof the breaming organs.
1 tell all our neighbors about
Acker's Englit-h Remedy whenever I get a chance, and there arc plenty of peo
ple around Mechanicsvlllc, N. Y whete I live, who would noinore think of go
ing to bed at night without a bottle of it in the house than they would of leaving
their doors wide open. As I look at it. parents arc criminally responsible when
they iillow their children to die under their very eyes with croup, because here
is a certain remedy that will conquer tho terrible monster every time."
(Signed) Mks. I loyo FowtEX.
ArVer's KnifHsh RemiJv i sold bv alt JriiRuists unJer a poH;ive gurant
tlmt vonr monev will 'e refunded in case of failure. .--.c, . and $1 a botUo ia
t'nitvd Stales and canaiU. In Knglaml, ii. -d., j. jd., and s. id.
Wc au!l.rizc !!r ;,iwi.M.t' t . II", . HOOKER & CO., Proprietors, St. York,
fW sale by M. F. Ran, Dmt'.ist.