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Three Large Shipments.
Published Monday .nJThntwi;. j
Publisher j
Editor j
Msr. and Solicitor
tVnc Year
,411 Months
(km Months
l mi j
. i
SErTEMBEK 28, t&W.
It w a notable fact that those tbe
'-kart intereated in public echool matters .
vilwaysbave tbe most grievances to nr.
Tlii applies to tbe K-jeeburg Keview,
.v1mm proprieton are not ilruii ol Ibe
school and never wen known to even
'rUit tbe ecbool.
Will tbe Roseburg Review now kindly
Miwodoceone of Ht yellow jiurnal iu
tirviewe with Admiral Dewey, published
1 eoroe time ago, lor comparison with tbe
ftUremeota of tbe admiral, eince biere
tura borne. . A comparison woold con
oemn yeilow journalism aad copper,
beadism. As tbe I'LuxutiLwa au
fiooDced faeretoiore, Admiral Dewey ie
ot aa "ana."
lib areTa reader will iodine to tbe
..Uea tbat.bix John Bull U imp'inR on
"little Own Tank the lac i, however,
Jihn Bull is only demanding that En
gliahmea, who bare fettled in ih Sootb
African republic, bafl t-e ctiutlo.1 to tbe
right of suffrajra under prop r eonditiots.
Tbe goTerna.eut of 0-ni Paul keep
English reaidenta in Ibtir territory in
perpetual alianebip.
"We bare no rieht te enslave tbe Fili
pinos." aaya Mr. Brtae. Thiaii purely
Bryaoeeque. t only shall we not en
slave tbe Filipino, but we eball endow
tbetn with all tb liberty we ooreelves
pouseea ; which is ten ihuwa'il tiroes
mora lroerty than ihey evr could
achieve and maintain far themselves.
Bryaa is a mere child of rhetoric, and
Us rhetoric is always . the negati-m of
common sense.
Tbe great Dewey has at last returned
aafily to his native country and troe to
- Lis characteristic wisdom and good
' judgement, tbe dispaiches all annoonce
' that the admiral gives Oct no intimation
that be favors backlog down or with
drawing from the Philips iarf, a ia de
mafided by tbe "aunties". Tuii tends
. to confirm tbe ntter falsity of tbe yeilow
journal interviews and is small consola
tion to tbe copperhead press. Tbe ad-
aural also has a very poor opinion
Aguinaldo and says be is a were tool
and that bis abili'y and shrewdness bas
been greatly overestiuas'ed. These
statements of Dewey and Lis real posi
tion ob tbe ftiiUpfAot question will no
. dosbt drive to lunacy Atkinson,
" Brysn and the editor of tbe Koseburg
Keriew the laet prop bas been knocked
fram nnder-tbeir auti-iuiieraliet argu
es ent, and they are left alone in their
advocacy of copperhead ism.
We wonder what the intelligent and
enterprising citizens of that cultured and
refined iiule city of Myrtle Point with
ttt magnificent 114,000 two and one-half
story brick public school building and it
frre modern chnrcbee, thinks of tbe dirty
iosolts and slurs cat at them from time
tt time by the Boeeborg llsview io it,
contemptible fight agaiuat Prof. Traver
principal of tbe Koseburg public school
and the school boaid, wherein tbe Ke
viesrhas rejieatedly insinuated that Myr
tle Point, the reputed boms of Prof'
Traver, is tbe most isolated, back-woods
town in the state and is populated with a
tuoet inferior and ignorant class of peo
ple. Tbe fact of tbe matter ia that Mj r
tis point ia no more tbe home of Prof.
Traver than it is ol the illiterate, pigmy
of the Keriew, be having spent out two
ieariat that place during which lime
he very crrditibly and successfully filled
the position of principal of tbe public
choals aod dec U of d the profi-r of tbe
ecbool board to serve a third year in or
der to accept a lite portion in
this city. Previous to earning to
Myrtle Poin Prof. Tr.yer held the
pomition of prircial of the public
scboo's at Beaverior, oetr Pvitsnd,
thrsa ye jib, acd tti peop'e of fiat p'ace
sill speak i i the highest t-rms of tt e
professor's WJik. A li tie correspond-tnoewitbD.-.
K. A. Ler, chsirman of
tbe Myrtle Poiut school board, ardby
the way, a leading democrat of that
city, o any of the business men 'or citi
zens of that town, as will as lion. J. II.
Barklow, of liaodon, then the populist
counl7 sc'nool aoperiuten lent, will read
. . ... .
try convinces j most hkepticai, if any
there be. ihaMVof. Traver is a scholar,
an np-to-date wnd eminently successful
educator and a perfect gentleman, while
oa the other hand bis assailant, the edi-
tor ot the Review, is alow, illiterate,
despicable creature with tt.echaraterof
a Filipino a blackguard by instinct and
a prevaricator from choice.
Wanted: 50 men for lumber yard,
skid road, logging and saw mill work,
'agea 11.50, 1 1.75 and f 2.00 per day.
Steady employment. Apply to The
Booth Kelly I.nmlier Co., Saginaw, Ore,
The House Furnisher,
Direct from Eastern factories, received iu the last ten days.
Goods bought in large quantities mean low prices for the consum
er. That is our proposition.
No Wise Buyer.
Can possibly overlook our Bargains. When we say Bargains we
mean prices not duplicated by any firm. We can furnish jour
house complete. The only store iu Southern Oregon that carries
a complete line of House Furnishings. Send us j our orders wc
can fill them. We solicit your correspondence.
Some Interesting Fact. Concerninj
Works Pertinent
UoMimM., Or , Sept. 27, lbiW.
Jh. Fisher, editor of the Kuvicw, in
bis ifmic of September 23, in an article
emitted "AbouX the l'ublic School,"
comes kU. ra tbe city of K-Mebur, and
Douglas county and in eubtUuce, iu a
pitiful, whiuiug maucer b-ga the good
people of i bv:ity and county net to tbiuk,
as appearance bo clearly indicate, that
he is a viritable, cousumuiate ass and
then immediately iu the same ankle
8ays,"now yuu ipud i tuple juat listtu
while 1 bray," and rearing aloft bis
bead and laying back his ears breaks
forth evuorously in such a tremeudout
effort that it was euougb to make bis
brother jicka&ea gieen with envy ; and
while Cbarlitt'e frieodi lcok down in
shame and m rticatiou the general
public hoi Is its sides and roars w ith
laughter ml the ridiculous position in
which Charlie apiearv.
A si i gut reference to the atticle re
ferred to, which we ak tbe public to
carefully re-read, will fully corroborate
and make plain tbe facte above stated.
In the first place Charlie's statement is
a paradox, or a fiat contradiction. If be
does not believe in "boeeism" haw does
it happen that be sets himself np as gen
eral dictator and boss of the city of Boee
burf? Wbo put Charley in this posi
tion? Tbe people did not do i. Was it
not self-impjeed? How does Cbsrlie
know wbo were tin be?t teachers in
this school? Is he in a better position
to make Ibis discovery tbsn tbe school
board or tbe patrons of tbe school, or
Professor Traver? Is he more .intelli
gent than Mr. Woolley? More wise
than Mr. Coehow, or a better business
man than Mr. I irker, and more keen
sighted tl an tbe whole board? (Us be
more educated brains than Professor
Traver? Talk of importing brains from
Myrtle Point '. Shades of night ! Where
did Charley come from? Charley, who
dictates to tbis city and tries lo run tbe
whole business! He came from over
bard-by tbe coast range of mountains
in tbe red clay bills, which produces
nothing but stunted cak grubs, and oc
casionally such ao ignoramus cs be.
We are sure be never was far from
home nntil he went to rote, tbe editors
and tbe press association, and then be
wished be bad never gone. Wbo made
this msn dictator to Koseburg? Ciood
people, what do you say?
In the second place tbe Review tries to
quiet tbe justly insulted and outraifed
people and school board by insinuating
thai be is not fighting them, but Traver
But the people know better. Tbe Re
view cannot fight Traver under the cir
cumstances without fighting the school
board, tbe public school and tbe city of
Koseburg. Besides giving vent to bis
own spleen , Fisher tries to strike a sym
pathetic cord in tbe hearts of tbe friends
of those estimable ladies, Mrs. E. E.
Richards, Mrs. O. C. Brown, Miss Madge
Stark and Miss Cora Sneil and thereby
carry fayor for tbe Review. "ow the
facte are, tl at while we du not U3etion
tbe ability, but have everything to say
in favor of .these ladies whom we kno
personally to be excellent in qualifica
tions, culture and refinement, yet there
was but ooe of them wbo made applica
tion to be retained iu the school for the
present year.
In the article in tjuestion Fisner re
fers to E. D. Stratford as "Marster's
candidate for on; of the directors," that,
"Traver expressed the greatest satis
faction over the defeat of Mars'.tr's can
didate," and "after making a special and
successful figbt against the editor of the
Plaikueai kr behind his back, secures
tbe friendship acdsupiwt of bis paper,"
Now we beg leave to inform the pub
lic tbst E. D. Stratford, editor of the
FLAi.vuKALtu positively never was any
body's candidate for office in anyway
whatever in connection with the schools
ofRoseburg; tbst no one ever wanted
bim to run, unless it was Fieher in tbe
hopes that be might be defeated as
Stratford a: that time ws not a proper
ty holder and could not bold the ollice if
elected, and, therefore, bad not tbe
slightest intention of being a candi
date. Wh t bas Charley Fisher ever done
for the city that be thould be its dicta
tor and boss? A ief?rence t bis work
in the past in connection with the Re-
' -it i - if ii
view win ne specially interesting as wen
as conclusive oa this point.
One of the earlier pet schemes ot this
denizen of the bick wood was tbe loca
tion o! the woollen mills at Roseburg.
Well, in whs did it result? Immediate
ly following this our effervescent friend
; became terribly excited over the location
j q g fruit cannery in our midst, some of
; i,,, editorial on the subject were simply
j,tupendous. What has become of the
j cannery? Charlie has been building
tjje (j, u,v rai)road for the last ten
yearBi Kvery few months this erratic
L,iiiorMieiu,iv hoha ua and assures the
gooj peopie ,,attbe road is just about
i completed and the good people may sit
J dow n and enjoy tbemselves. Where is
the Coos liay R. K.?
The last stupenduous success or
blunder of Charlie was the entertain
ment of the editors for which he has
been so soundly abiming the city. We
"Ve Furnish
Your House
feel that it is nothing mere than fair
and just to the peoi4- of our city Inat tbe
general public know tbefac's in the mat
ter. At the soiicitalioj of the friends of
the Review. Mr. Fisher was given a
prominent place ou the committee of eu
tertainmeut ly the chamber of com
merce. The city expected Charlie to do
something and I'lmrl e expected to do
somethiug carry off all the honors for
himself and the Keyiew. After a very
light and uiiiwifcct arrangement to give
lbs editors oue iuel, Charlie hied him
self away ith j y to ceremouiously coo
duct these genial people to our city and
introduce them to our people, leayiug
the committee and the eople to do the
work and pay tno hill, ami failed to no
tify them in liiuo to make decent prep
arations to receive I ho editors. In ad
dition to this Fisher, by communication
informed the committee, that lie had ar
ranged with the press association for
Usxeburg to furnish two meals' and al
though the coiumittiM remonstrated
Fisher, iu his dictatorial style insisted
that it must be done. Whereupon the
committee and people a'leoluiely refuted
to d j any thing. W re the people to
blame? No. Was the committee to
blame? No.
And still this donkey insists in layiug
the blame all on the people and seeks,
by continually publishing all articles
which chance to meet bis eye from other
sources condemning our city for its lack
of hospitality to make us leel what we
bave lost by not acceeding to bis de
mand. He bas constantly fought through
the columns of the Review, most every
enterprise that was for tLe upbuilding of
tbe city and community. The Soldiers'
Horns from its tcception until completed
and in full ruaning order was tbe object
of bis displeasure. He bas viciously
attacked tbe state militia times mi bout
number. Tbe K. P. li. R. Co. bas been
the special object of his scurniious at
tacks and now this demagogue, premedi
tated ly with malice aforethought and
without any provocation whatever, ex
cept thai those in authority will not ac
ceed to his silly demands as boss acd ac
cept his dictation as to tbe selection of
teachers, has begun an outrageous attack
with all tbe power of his little soul anJ
brain, on tbe public schools of our city
ts it possible that we have reached the
point undci all the cin-urnsttucej above
mentioned, where we a ill allow this
Bantaja rooster to diet tie to us in any
way whatever, especially in such giave
matters as those which bave to do with
our my scuoois. i unnn not, it so we
bad better cover ou. heads witb a cloak
of shame uud eini&rate at once.
A CmzkJi.
A Talk With Dewey.
When questioned tbe other day in
New York relative to the Filipinos Ad
miral Dewey said :
"Do I think the Filipino are fit lor
I self-government? Well, ns; not just now
itiey are a very queer peopic-a very
queer mixture. Many of them are quite
civilized and good people, but 1 do not
Ibiok tbey are fit for self-government just
yet. Hit when 1 say that, I must add
at the same time, that it is my candid
opinion that tbey are more fitted for it
than the Cubans, that tbey are a belter
people than the Cubaos in every way.
do wish, however, that the whole busi
ness was settled, aud I think that after a
little the Filipinos w ill take kindly to
I', was suggested to the admiral that
the democratic slate had been settled
with Admiral Dewey for the presidency
andtieneral Wheeler for tbe vice-presi
"Well," said the admiral, "we would
make a p:etty tuess of it. General
Wheeler, of course, bas bad some train
ing in the political school, but then he is
a Wes'.-IVinter. I had forgotten tbat
lie would want to ruu everything as be
would a regiment, and, of course, would
make a splendid mess of it. You canuot
run a government as you would a regi
"Well, admiral, suggested the re
porter, it would not be such a change
from the ship Olympia to the ship of
"Yea," said the admiral, "it would be
a very great chaLge. I am not a politi
cian, I am a sail jr. My training has
been all that way. I am at borne on
board my ship. I know my business, or
at least should know it, aud I do not
want to mix up in the affairs of govern
ment. I am perfectly satisfied to live
snd die a eiujple sailor who tries to do
hie duty. I atu nut a politician. I can
uot make a Seec!i even. I wish 1 could
but 1 have to be content with ray lot."
.Speaking of Aguinaldj the admiral
said: "I know him pretty well. In
fact, me mere great friends, aud are for
thatmbiter of fact, but be bas not tbe
brains. There are people lehiud him,
some f them lawyers and able fellows,
who make a tool of Aguiualdo. Here,
by tho way, is a caue which he present
ed to me," aud the admiral produced a
iliiik black stick, carved, and resemb
! Ir'8l)
, e!"p-
ling oak more than anything
Ut-turued Volunteer What's an ap
propriate gift from a soldier to bis tweet
heart? Jeweler I should think a powder box
about thn right thing.
a iacL
1 hat at Currier
the best goods
Call around and
our prices are
teed. Just received
Cor. Jackson and Oak.
:::: v v:
To ail sick and discouraged Peo
ple in mind, body or estate.
No matter what your ailment
or how long you have been
ailing. Greeting, Health and
There are thousands ol peo pie all over tho world who are sick and
Utterly discouraged because mediciuu bus failed to cure them. They are
drawing out lives of torture, having come to the conclusion that there is
no hope for them.
But there is hope. There is a positive cure for cvtry form of dieeaee,
even those commouiy called incurable, as Diaheli?, Brights disease, Con
sumption and Caucer.
That there is an immense power iu the mind for the core of the sick
is a truth, which is daily growing stronger to the consciousues of all think
ing people. Take for instance "Christian Jicieuce." It is more thau a
.urn ,
fa.l it it a reJiaaiverv in nart of an
active aud wouderlul, but etill imperfectly uudeiatood Foice in Nature.
Still Christiau Scieuco las no claim to be called a ccieuce (anl it tn.y
be questioned whether its founder, who is raid lo have ma le a million of
dollars out oi it, has justifiable claims to lie a considered consistent fol
lower of the lowly Nazarine) yet it canuot be denied, that Mary FMdy is an
Idealist and has found that miud coutrols matter, and euros are being
made, which lo all but the initiated, eeeui almost miraculoue.
These cures, perhaps all cures, are effected by changing the vibrations
iu a patients uiiud. The presence ofa doctor, w hoiu we have bscn accac
tomed lo iniht will ofien change theee vibrations aud supplaut fear with
hope. Ilopv is allied to the will. Tue will takes its rue out of hope. As
soou a. the ihialious are changed from doiiM and f-ar to boe, lbs wi!
begins lo gather lorce and anwl i'.wrlf. When our treatment, mental aud
Rio-chemical, s'.nkes eq'iare!y into the centres ol !iscafcd violation acd
the patieut begin at ouce to recover.
I claim to have found the nixans by which Mental '.not Christian)
.Scier.ce coming in lo the aid of a mild and rationa' tbera.ienlics t largely
Bi. -Chemical or life chemical; can cure the most serious forms of disease
either of min i er lody. Even those troubles of Oiganic character, affect
ing Brain, lung, heart, stomach, iivrr. kidney, or ex organs, and I pro
pose lo prove this to the satisfaction of ilia atllicted who may call upon me.
I wiil give references and examination. To those who canuot come but
who write me, enclosing stamp I'll : end free advice. My permanent
P.O. address is Box $25, Portland, Oregon. I tball remain for a week,
possibly ten da. sat the McClallerj Hous?, but come at ones if you want
t know wnat ailj you, and what yoa must do to get well.
John B. Pilkington. M. D.
I -
v. x.x x.x xrx x x
Dem ocratic Hymo.
Hurrah for Aguinaldo.
That champion stanch and stout,
And may the Yankee army
Be quickiy driven out !
Hurrah for Aguinaldo,
A hero of tbe world,
And may our .ouutry'e bauuer
Disgracefully be furled !
Hurrah for Aguiualdo,
And bis brave loyal males.
And may they knock the stutliu
Out of these United States!
Hurrah for Aguinaldo.
That sou cf liberty :
Est every faithful Brjauite
Hail him with thr.'e limts three!
Uairah for Aguioaldo,
The new tJeorge Washington ;
He is the greatest thing ou earth,
Except Sixteen to One!
Hurrah for Aguiualdo,
May be find new recruit.
Djwa with the Yankee army
Of murderers and brutes!
My Last Wail of Voc.
vl'leaee see Review of Sept. -5.)
Dear teachers, pupils, ecbool director,
citizens, Hon. A. C. Marsterr, Judge E.
D. Stratford, The Publish
ing Co., and every one else in tho city of
Roseburg :
My very dearest people. Allow me,
dear people, to whisper to your ear that
a schemiug monster has, while yon wore
sleeping, forced his way mto your midst
as the bead of the public schools. IVar
school board, your eyes are closed, awak
en to your danger. Dear school teach
ers, by all the love I bear jou, you are
in danger. Little children, ftudy all
you can until you are complied to ilr
from the presence of the monster to the
safe arms of your lovely homes Dear
children, I weep as I thing of jour cruel
fate. Dear - Mr. Yareters you thought
you were safe, but your fondest hopes
have been ruined. Djn't you know it?
Poor, dear Mr. Stratford, your political
career was destroyed by the monster. I
moan when I think cf your fate. Djar
teachers who ret-ined frou tha public
schools, you dil not resign, it was the
Great and Terrible that did it. We
weep for you all we can. With the man
tle of shame upon my fair cheek I weep
fully admit that 1 bave been deceived by
the Terrible. I thought to hang upon
bis arm and lie in his shadow (or safety.
I n -!ed for one poor boon. That was re
f i .d. "I bad gone up stairs to Mr.
Coahow, who se?iued to bo Travr's
cboicj above all, and urged him lo stand
for the place, which ho consented to do."
Dear oeople, I was a sucker then, I weep
over my folly. The "eye that never
Bleeps" was taken in. I6ar pacpl.', let
us draw very near together unto :ue.
My Eye is now open, and I prouiisu you
it shall never again be put to sleep. 1
want revenge. I must havo it. I am
furious. Help me to get it. Dear lad
ies of Roburg, I am lor the intereet of
the public school, forgive tue for taunting
you because you did not feed tbe visiting
editors. I should not have done that.
That was a bi mistake. But it does
seem that by working ou that fatal .Sun
day, you couH have fed the editors, and
the honor of our fair city have been pre
eerved all unto my own credit. Dear
school board, I ought to be elected sup
erintendent of the public schools. I bava
no experience, no papers, no qualifica
tion!! except that I am a good bops. If I
am not elected, I shall appoint myself,
because the interests cf the tchool de
mand an all wise hea l at this critical
time. Dear people, I am lovingly for
you, please he for me,
Yours wi'h tears,
C-i:! t:i:iiATi:n If-Eitmr Fimrn, A. S. S.
s Grocery you can get V
for the least money.
d convince yourself that $z
right; satisfaction guaran-
a fresh line of
Wm. Currier. &
: v.v: :v.s':
old thousands of years old ever
x.x aa;va X
At the risk of being sinJ-bged by
our citizens, ws suggest tbat the school
board qu'elly request Prof. Traver to re
sign as principal of tbe Roseburg public
scboclj and then appoint as bis successor
that learned gentleman Pi of. Djnkey
Fisher formsrly cf not Myrtle Point, but
the red clay bills of tbe remote Coast
Ringe. Ha is said to have graduated
froai the Sqjiw Uu'cb "deeUrick
ekule" with high honors, having success'
fully passed a very diihcult examination
in wbicii were included the following
practical questious:
Wbo struck billy Patterson?
Wbo wrote "After tbe Ball?"
What ia the heaven ordained ratio?
Wbere was Moses when the light
went out?
Will Weary Willie Cryan slump
Keutuckey foH'Oebel?
What was the name of the author of
"A Hot Time in tbe Old Town?"
DtGnc tbe difference, if any, between
a jackass and tbo editor of tbe Roseburg
If a hen and a half lays an egg and a
half in a day and a half, bow many eggs
would six bens lay in six day.
Is the ieison who wrote "The Man
Witb a Hoe," properly speaking, a poet
or a boet, and in what manner does
poesy differ from hoeey?
By all means appoint this man, Prof
Donkey Fisher, to succeed Prof. L. R.
Traver as principal of lbs Koseburg
public schools.
Today's Market
PourLAi, 17 ept. Eggs Oregou
18 cents iter doz.
Butter Best dairy, -"..
creamery, IDwoOc per roll.
-oc i
Poultry Chickens, mixed, '-'.50' 3.50
Prunes Italian "(331..; silver, extra
choice, 4 !' -1 1 per lb.
Wheat-Walla Walla 5 c o-c; Val
ley 00; bluestcm CI.
Oats hite JJirtjoi choice gray
4. -IJc per bushel.
Millstull Bran, 15: middlings
shorts, tl0.50; chop, 110.50 per ton.
Hay Timothy Sy 10: clover, $' S
Oregon wild bay, $5.'7 per Ion.
Woo! Valley, 10crfl2c: Eastern Ore
gon. Se 12, Mohair, 2G( ;50.
Potatoes Oregon Burbanks, 75"' SQ Chiles, 1.50f I. 75; new 11:00
1.'5 per sack.
Was It
Doctors are often wrong. .
Tlie local doctor is an overworked indi
vidual, lie hurries from a case of scar
letina to a case of dialjetes and from that
to the amputation of a leg. lie must act
quickly sometimes hurriedly. It is not
strange that .he makes ail occasional mis
take. But mistakes are dangerous and
bhould l)c avoided.
Mrs. (1. K. Kerr, of Tort Dodge, Iowa,
recently had sonic exprrlctiee. She say.:
" I.nt priiiR I was taken with seeere pain tn
my clir-l. ami mi so weak 1 coulil hnrtlly walk
about the houe. I tried several physicians ami
thrvlobl me I lintl cousiimptton. Before I had
tuk'cn the fiit bottle of lr. Tierce's f.olilen
Medical Discover-. I was very nuR-h lietter. I
took five bottles of it and bave not yet had any
return ol me trouble. ji
Was it consumption? rf
Frobablv not.
Thf! " h'Mcii Medical Ii-covcrv " has
liccii said to cure consumption. It suie
)y and infallibly cures all bronchial and
throat troubles' It strengthens weak
lungsand cures lingering coughs. It isa
healer and builder of tissue. It cleanses
and enriches the blood -regulates the
heart action puts the whole body in
tune with nature.
Mrs. Kerr's trouble was probably bron
chial. It was painful dangerous if let
run dangerous in the hands of an in
competent doctor. Don't take a local
doctor's word for everything. Write to
Dr. Hcrce. Tell him your symptoms,
l'or over thirty years he has been chief
consulting physician at the Invalids'
Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo,
N. Y. Consultation with him will cost
you nothiii;;.
I cuj I
Heic is tin odd bureau
with a 24 x 30 French bevel
mirror for $15.00. Have oth
ers ranging iu price from $8.
up and all of them guarauteed
brand new.
Just received a line
uainuoo 000k cases, music
racks, Easels foot stools, etc.
that aie pretty and cheap.
w 4 w
Sec our o;c solid oak diner
if you can beat it will make
you a present ot it. Have
other hardwood caue scat
diners at S5 and oxxts.
'u-ur' ' - "... ..E
Bicycles at
Reduced Prices.
Send for Descriptions.
Wc have a few wheels ou hand which we
have used for renting during the summer
all 99 Models, High grade, in first class
condition, and fitted with G. & J., and
Dunlop Detachable tires. Wishing to
clear our floor for the coming season we
-ii . .
win ciose tnese wneels out at a
low figure.
1c W
Cass Street Market
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
Hay, Grain and Flour.
'Phone Main 181.
- Triumph Prune Grader
For Green and dried Primes.
Compact, Practical, Accurate.
Scud for circulars aud testimonials to
Patentee and Manufacturer, Salem, Oregon.
The Semi-Weekly Pi.ain
DKALKR aud The Week
ly Oregoniau, both one
year $2.00
The Semi-Weekly Pi.aix
UKALKR aud the Sunday
S. F. Bulletin 32 pages
both one year $2.00
Two papers for the price of
All three papers oncyear
for". $3.00
TsYAn too wo
uyr Vommn
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
sovi auwe sewwa co. , nfw yo.
Iron beds to suit all comers
rauging in price from 4.25
Our line of Carpets and
Wall Paper can't be beat thev
j are fresh and new and up-to-?lidate
in styles.
We sell new goods, not old
goods for new and guarantee
them as wc represent them.
Remember our motto
"Honest values and good
...B. W.
Can be combined iu the same pair of
Shoes, if correctly fitted. Wc arc prepared
to show the most complete line of Shoes
ever shown in our store, having succeeded
in reaching the best and largest Shoe Fac
tories in the east. We should like to have
a chance to make you acquainted with our
stock aud prices as we feel assured that both
will please you.
Fruit Graders,
ll lia- Uvu iinirvcraiul is tlic ItM
imuliino t.n tlio market. It w'tmratt
tli.'truit without 1rtii?iiur.riiiaf.hin.. it
anl with great r.nulity. " liniiirv vf
Wilbur, Oivg..
S'.cepleBones. mcUmholia, stomacb
pains, heart troubles. HuJyau
All Jiuitgists, 30 ceuts.
Roseburg Bakery.
All kinds of Pics, Cake,
and Cookies.
j Notice For Publication.
j I'XITBD faTATIl ld om a,
I K.iwbunr, Orrcon. July 26. 19.
Nottee is lirn by rItcb Uiat In compliance
ith tbe troviiloii ( the mi l nl
June 3, 178, Dtitltl "An act fur the taXrof
llibcrlanlf in theetate nt California, Oresvo.
Neraila aud WanbiDton Territory:"
of Grant Pa-, county of Jow-phine, Kale ttt
Oregon, baa this day Sled in thia office hi
worn malement So. 1, lor tbe ru rebate of the
sE of section No. 1 in township No. a ,
rantre No. 3 W, and will oiler pniof to itxrw that
the land sought la more valuable for Its timber
or alone than for agricultural punxnea. and to
flablUh his claim lorald land before tbe Reg
ister and RecciT of thin office at Rotebvrc
Oregon, ou fri-lar, the Mh day of October,
He names a wilucsacs: William R. Kit
mcnara .iim-r, miam Hammond and
itrown, an 01 oranu raas. Oregon.
Any and all uersona ciaimiuz ailvrivl ih
alxnelciirribcd laud are rciuesled lo ffle their
claims in tbis orhec ou or before said 3hb dar
ot October, 1CM. '
(J27tl.ii.) Keglater.
Notice. tfor Publication.
IMrao !-iat ljid orrica,
Koseburg, Oregon, September 9. low.
Notice is hereby git en that the loUowing
named geltlcrbas lik-d notice of bis intention to
maae final t"iof in suvo-Ttof bb claim and
that aid proui ill be made before. Ibe KrciaiT
and Receiver, f. s. Land Office at Koseborg.
Oregon, on October JT, 1W. vU:
On hi H K. ho. 6737, for the lota : 6. !sec J, A
Jot I, Sec K, Tk h 6. R. I. West, He names the
folk-wing ,ituc-je to muv his coutlntwua
residence upon and cultivation of. Mid land
A. a. i-mith, X, H. Roue. Z. FeUand, HerberS
Bunt all of Oakland, Oregon.
llt) aegtater.
Notice For Publication.
l" Iran STai v Lax o Orrics.
. , , Rowburg. Oregon. ,-pi. K. tuff.
.ice b aeiebr given Laai the MIowIdc
named sr-ttier baa fild arfit of hi i,nii.
to make SuaJ proof in aupvvrt of bia claim, ami
that said proof will be made before Ibe
aud Kcc
L-cefver, C.B. Laud office at Boar ha n, W-
on Oct. JO, 1k. i:
on his H. E. Mo. , for tbe Lot I.
sjcctiou 39, Township 29 8., K- ft West, W. M. H
name tbe following aitacsKs to prore her
ti noons rcsi'lenee cpon and cultivation of said "
land, ru: f. M. Goodman. W. M. afoorr. J. E.
Noah. J. C. Vt Ucy, all of t aaias Valley, Ore-8"-
The Home Bakery
701 Oak Street, Opposite
Central Hotel.
Fresh Baked Bread Every Day
"Boston Baked Beans."
a specialty.
CxtTiD Srtir..
Lakd Om c.
Kowburg. Oregon, AngiMt 3, Ve.
To whom it may concern:
Notice i hereby fnca that tbe Oregon A Caii
lornia Rajlroad Com pans bas lied ia lata ofnew
a 1.1 of lands iutaied in tbe townships de
scribed below, and haa applied for palrnt tor
said lands; that (he list ia opea to tbe public for
inspection and a copy thereof by dewripU-o
subdivisions, has been posted ia eonveaiea
place in this office for tbe inpctioa of all per
sona Interested and the public (eoerally:
scuih of base Uac aud Wot of tbo WiUaas
ettc Meridian.
TpSS, K3.
l'art of V Sec tL
T 17 , R . "
iiW SV 'i, Set. 11.
Tp.3. B.7.
,. sec. tl.
Within tbe ne-t sixty days foiiewias tbe data
of ibis notice, protests or Cvatests acalnet tbe
claim of titt Company to say tract or labdl ia
lou within sn .cUfo or part of sretKra. de
scribed ia the hM, i- the (round that tno same
is more valuable for mineral l&au f. acTictiK
urml urpces, will bo received and noted for ie
port to lac Onuerai laud office at W asbingtoov.
J. T.
T5 THK URCC1T t'Ot'KT Of !' 4Tr
of Oregon, for the t'ouarv of Dow it
EmmaM.Carllc. l'laiaul.i Us-
vs. J
Dorve B. Carlisle. lvfcadauLi
To Dorce B. Carlisle, alove a .
In the name of the Slat. J,l"L
hereby suuiiuoaed aud ieV YT' .
answet b- compiaiut aiij red ?J
bovMM.HU.Tleouxt k!B ,h
necks from the dt- -1 r cause within sis
rheuSond.1. " PobUcaUoo of
anwcr" kemf? ' WJ-mJ
tilaiinti (Twill -Muir kVT ai.C UHTPOI
and cfcndwar t ciistina; betweea plainUfl
fwrnCTnailT ;th,t l;'la"ff "T resume her
jornieT naate tmiM Tabicr, and for JuU re-
iJw,Jmolw vabUshe.1 once a week ht
w h -f1"-' w,ecks y order of Honorable J.
m.lo .Uton'u,l81' ' 0,9 boe-eutitlcd court,
Um. ?jASJ "J
T a'led August 17, lsTO.
' Attorney for FlaiuUff.
Notice lor Publication.
Rose burg, Orcron, July 26, law.
Xoticv U hereby given that in compliance
with the provisions of the act ot Conarcsa of
June tot, lisS, entitled "An act for the sale lot
timber lands in the States of California, Ore
gou, Nevada and .Va.hitigton Territory.
Of t.ranta Ps, County of Joethiue, State ot
Oregon has tbis day lilcd in this office his sworn
statement No. 6SH for the purchase or tho N. b.
I 1,1 "c,lon So- IN lu Township So. m
Kause No.:t W.and will oiler pnwf to show
that the laud sought is more valuable for its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural nirvoais, and
to establish hi claim to said land before thw
Register and Kecvivcrof this office at Roseburs
Jrewn, ou Friday, the Ath day of October
He nsmc-aas witnesses: John K. Hale. Kka
rd Miller, WilUa.u Hammond, iTc. Browa
all 01 brants l'w, Oregon. Anv aud all per
sous elaliu;us adversely the abo e-dcserilid
lands arc roiucsted to hie th. ir ..l.i... .,.-
oOice on or before said -Vlh davof tetober. 1S!X
Notice for Publication.
Koseburg, Oregou, Sept. 21, l&sj.
Notice is hereby itivcn that the rbllowiuc
uaned senior has Hied notice of his inientlou
io make iiuai proof in support of his elalui. and
Droof 1:
mat iu proof will be made before Ibe Register
. 3,
and KeeeiriT L. S. land OOice at Kiweburg..
crcsuu, ou .u . o,
Mn 11 V . i . y
No. lor tha SE
See. A T. Jtf, d. R. i W. Mo naiues tho follow i
w itnesses lo proehiscoutiuuoas residenro no-"
on and cultivation ol taiu laud. John
Whitlow. M. M. W hltlow. J. L. Watsvu, H. L.
uglcs,sil ot f'esl, Or-gon
(!--ip) J. T. RalDtilS.
Wanted . 5J meu (or lumber ygrit,'.
ekiJ road, luiio aud saw mi)) work
AVauea $1.50, $1.75 and" $2.00 Fr day.
Steady employ ruent. Apply to Th-
- ootlt-Kellt Lutnbfr Co., Jsnjituw,
m : I.