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    c. X
Three Large Shipments.
Published Monday and Tburvlay.
K. D. STBATKORA .iiul5sUcr J
w. c CONKER, Editor
I. 1- STRATFORD, J M;.t. and UciUK i
ntcrttloM Katte.
mi Mwntls
I , po ;
! w 1
jp 1
three Noaths
to tbe railroad for ehipmeut to smelters,
JUre w nnwiliitii? auniScii!, and and naturally carryback to the can. p
r'aioly reveaUibe irsndol pubhc senti-! mining supplies of every sort required
merit on tbe Philippine and expansion i therein, aggregating a large and profita
q'ireUon. Even those alio were tbe 1 ble trade, that wilt permanently bencGt
roost radically oppose,! to tbe adniinstra-! any com muni:? that can secure even a
lion's Philippic policy at fi rat are now j portion ol it. And since these mines
mauifestins the tine pa'riii.r . tierican ' that are taaii.Rvut pay ore are priori
FH, which rises above partisan pjc-jpa!Iy located in tbis county upon tbe
dice, and are reiving- to ihe support of tbe j water ebed cf the North I'mpqaa, bavins
covemmeot in iu eff-nt to vanquish a ; a down grade all toe way to Rnseburg,
Sjreijn loe and aainUin the. honor ol : and it i arnl bv W'vo. Tipton and
the Stars and Stripe. The following ' other reliable citizens, that a gocd grade
' from tbe Eugene Itr-iad Axe, a radical! lor wa.;.a road exists up the north
popoliat newspaper, whkb only recently j bank of the Umpijaa from Tioga, the
read an attack on tbe I'lainim-ai-ek for eastern end of the prefect county read,
its vigorous support of the adrninietra-; to the moat b of Steamboat creek, and
lion's war policy, ehows plainly the drift; thence up rid creek where etre-al
of public sentiment: "We have many ' quart mines have been located and are
young eaen in ibe country who would re- ; j0 the prccess of development, to a point
mwA . Ik.l. Mnnnlra'aMll trim meAsTM ....
"i'" w,u,,j -r
C IH;lin;a ilh-uil iiAcitatinn
since tbe war intt proceed and since
a i4.
many of car peopl are tber already en- tnbated, and ore and concentrates taken
during the perils of the war fom diaease ' from all of tbe mines on this side ol tbe
and death, and from which there can be rfJlatJ
no honorable relief except ihrocfb the "
complete triumph of oor arms. To fal- Therefore, a good wagon road to the
ter now is treasonable it matters not bow ; paint indicated would, at the least, di
i ie war started or wbo is to bUme for it. ' vert a goodly port ion of tbe Cottage
Tueonickwitisended the better. and,Grove trade to Koteburg, the natnral
tte thing to do to go to the reecoe of; .,...,.. , , ,
enr eoldiera and b'elf tl.em crush out at i wtlet to that country, and later on, all
i 'jrtb enemy. Ooid not an inde- thst trade would come tbis way with
:n!eT)t regiment of Oregonians be made careful management on tbe part of our
in SO dart and ofier their services? j m,n.
e believe tbe Kovernaient would accept i ., ... ,
il readme aad arm and e-jnip it accord-; 2ow, if this commamty deems this
icg'.j to its request." i worthy of an effort to obtain, that effort
o much lor Bro. Amis' constant read- j should be made atonce, and tbe first
isg of (be PiixcEALsa. , more ehoald be to send a competent en-
I gineer over the route to ascertain its
A subscriber wants to know why ! Practicability, cost cf construction, etc.,
Kothing morels heard ol Hie brilliant j and inasmuch as there are now two
achievements ol CjI. Fuuetoi.. Why, j wagon roads leading into the Cottage
n a WK la lavor ol u.e prewiu meiuou,
that's all. Capital Journal.
The above is a sample of the methods
employed by the copperhead prese to
prejudice the people against thr admin
ittration. As is well knoan by ile edi-
!. of tbe CapiUl Journal. Co . Funston !
.... , , , :
hbU Lis brave men have lorg aince been
re'ieved from service and are on their
ay borne to their native etate. How
ever a statement of facts wvohl not tend
to poison the public ntind, iencc niitrep
rveeatation ia resorted to l y the fakir
sheets. Illusions Ude but facta remain.
At tbe receut Cooper Union ouft-reuie j that route, at a reasonable ccet of con
of tbe Bryan democrats in New York j structiou, and if eo, there is no good rea-
citv, the meution of Agninaldo'a name !
was received wan tur uu tue
Bryanita democrats uf Nem Yoik city
cheering for Euiilio Aguinaldo, and
EaiL'io Aguinaldo also declaring to his
'uiotr rebels that tbe democratic party
in tbe United fetatre, is bis special ally,
the situation is toj p'ain to tie conceal, d
by soft words or declamatory phrases.
Aguinakio is for demccracy and democ
racy ia for AgoiiialJj. That is the pre
dicament into which Mr. Dryin has
hrooght tbe democratic party and h:m-
especially the democratic parly." i
aiHBaHBM '
The delegates to the natioutl trust
congress are exhibiting ex:elleot taste
and judgment in refne in to give their
views to tbe public notil they snail have
cludied tbe qoeeiioo they are about to
discos. If this rule were followed by
delegates to all other coogiesees we
sboald be spared a vast amount of mis
it formation. The trouble is that most
ol them discuss questions first and study
iheaa afterward.
Tbe New York Jouroal having pub--tsbed
last Monday the "only an-
-ihamfi i n lorviiaa T -ilH Dam-air I .m
World bad to come oat a few days later
with another "only authentic inter
view." These Dewey, interviews are be
coming tiresome. Telegram.
It would bi a great joke if Dewey, wbo
blew tbe Spanish fl et out of exis'eoce,
thereby blowing expinahn into the
1'hilippioes, for which gallaot service he
was raised to the high rank of admiral!
ihoolJ come home and declare himself
(gainst expansion ye, a great jke on
Dewey! Bit wili he do it? We hardly
think so. Eugene Krister.
Wben the reet of the world gels
through with the I'ari exposition it will
look as if it ha I been in a worse place
even than the Devil's island, unlets
France does the fcquare thing by Drey
foe. The world ia not going to stand
Ftnpidly by and aee au innocent man de-j
graded. Ex. .
" " j
The Ueview seems to have 'cun.eotr' i
,n its public school Gght. It is barely
pOEtibie that somebody euccei-del in
howiog theedi'or of that paper how
ridiculous he appeared.
Governor Geer has made mauy friends
ly bis independent actiou regarding ap--oiatments
to various stale positions.
It is a governor with opinions ol his
The House Furnisher,
Direct from Eastern factories, received in the last ten days.
Goods bought in large quantities mean low prices for the consum
er. That is our proposition.
No Wise Buyer.
Can possibly overlook our-Bargains. When we say Bargains vc
mean prices not duplicated by any firm. We can furnish your
house complete. The only store in Southern Oregon that carries
a complete line of House Furnishings. Scud us your orders we
can fill them. We solicit your correspondence.
,Koscburg Should Have a Wagon
i Road or Railroad to the Mines
i A Feasable Route.
To the Editor: Now tbat l'-alieiuia
j baa become An important mining cau.p
and it loc!c I principally in I) iulns
ccunty, where a Urge amount o( capital
lias been invested, many paying mines
have bseu ope&ed up, much labor 'em-
ployed, a fori of men aud teams
daily etr.i'loveJ in hauliue concentrates
auliarent to Ids aevral oavice mines in
. i j:.
"ap, " wmcu suppi. uuwuir
bmyt giJe of ,e ditricl ,DfJ tbt) prob.
i ability of a railroad, also at an early
date by moving in the matter,
we can obtain greater assistance
! from the mine owners than we could ex-
r , "w ., " , T
been eutered upon on the other side,
and eepfcially before their railroad en-
terprise baa been commenced.
One special point in favor of a road up
to tbis side of the ranee, is the fact that
being below tbe snow line, it can be
used tor travel all the year. A survey
for a wagou road will determine whether
j a narrow cage railroad is practicable over
ton existing why we also cannot have a
a railroad into Bohemia, and with the
completion of the Coos Bay A Row c org
road connecting with the coal Gelds of
Coos county.
Iron, ore and limestone being here in
abundance lor fluxing purposes, there is
every reason to expect that smelters
would be located here.
Upon a carefol estimate, with the
gracious assistant of some of the settlers
in that portion of the county, it" is be
lieved that (300 would pav costs of a
survey to determine the practability of
. 1
me enterprise.
Why not have the Uaard of Trade call
a special meeting of its members and
citizens generally at an early day, die
cuss the subject freely, and either de
cide to have a survey made at once, or
drop tbe enterprise aud let our neighbors
of Lane county continue to draw all the
profit of the Bohemia trade.
Locations Made In Bohemia and
Other District During the Year.
jeo W Crewe and M A Sly, quartz
claim, South Myrtle mining district,
known as A'xira mine, located Nov 15,
i G Davidf oa and .1 W Cook by B E
liawley, agent, quartz, Bohemia district,
be,ween Mystery and Minnehaha, locat
ed ept 5,
L L Hard qiarlz, Myrth Creek min
ing district, lwattd Dec 7J, 'I'S.
J B Hard quartz, Myr;!e Creek mining
district, Extension No 3, Mammsth min
ing claim located Dec 30, '07.
Fred M Brown by Will (J Brown at
toruey in fact, quartz., Exceleior mining
district known as tne Morgan mine, lo
cated Sept 14, "JS.
V A Dockhorn quartz, Cow Creek
mining district located Dee 31, "JH,
Mrs F A Dockhorn quartz, Cow Creek
mininir di-irict lecated Dec ."! .'!)S.
William lsyeos quartz, Cjw Creek
luiaiUK Jif rict located Dec 31, 'tis."
.S N Redtield quartz, Cow Creek min-
i"S district located Dec 21. '.IS
Joseph Ramsey quarlz. Cow Creek
mining district lecated Dec 31, 'US.
L I, llor.l water right. 10.000 inches
south fork uf east fork of the North
Uuipua located Jau 1, '9D.
Alf Walker quartz, Bohemia mining
district, three fourths of a mile south of
tLe Musick mine, known as the Last
chance locate I Jan 2, ')'.).
E W Lewis placer, Shively mining
district located Jau 10. 'W,
We Furnish
Your House
tiertio Carter plaivr, ?hively mining
kjigtrict kiinwu as the I inpqua located
Jan 10, 'int.
Ely Miller water r'.glit, out of I'-erry
creek tributary tf Lee creek in Myrtle
miniag dietnet.
Frank Jordan l y Cha. Cly agent,
quartz, Bihemia district, formerly locat
ed by Joe ii Currin, and Is joined on the
wesi by M!o u'luriz utiue located Feb
24, 'If.t.
Chus. Clay, quartz, Coheiuia district,
formerly located by John Currin, and
jsined on east by Djcia quartz mine, lo
cated Feb. 24.
T B Oliver, placet, Cow creek, located
March 11.
F Uabbert, placer, Myrtle Creek dis
trict, located March 13.
W P Willis placer, Myrtle Creek dis
trict, loc.ited March 15.
U Oilpatrick quartz, on tjuinea creek,
Known as Ross leuge, located March 27.
A U brownlee. Will Q Brown agent,
quartz, Exceleior district, known as
Alice l'lacer Lode, located April 5
John T Cardwell and Bert L'nun
quartz, Bohemia district, 34 mile south
of Musick mill, known as Eureka mine,
looted April 8.
S R Miller water location, 1000 inches
oat of Jshively creek, located April 22.
S R Miller water right. 1000 inches out
of Shively creek, located April 22.
Bertie W. (iilpatrick quartz on Quines
creek, known as Rots Ledge, located
April 24.
E B Walb quartz Butte district,
known as extension of Gray Hound min
ing claim, located April 27.
Ed M Camp placer Cow creek district,
located May 1.
Frank B Smith, George Wood, Frank
C Smith by F B Smith, attorney, and
John .tndcreon by Geo Wood, agent,
Cow creek district, 100 acres, located
May 1.
A E Meyers placer, 20 acres Myrtle
Creek district, located Msy 3.
C A Seblbrede placer, 20 acres Myrtle
Creek district, located May 3.
EL Tarrott placer, 20 acres Myrtle
Creek district, located May 3.
EW Tarrott placer, 20 arte Myrtle
Creek district, located May 5.
I F Kice quartz, 20 acres Cow creek
district, located May G.
R J Robertson quartz Olalla oistrict
located May 17.
Edward Doro pier quart Codes creek
district, lecated May 27.
W S Booth aud W D Wilcox quartz,
Green Mountain dietriit, known as Mu
sic mine, located May -J.
W D Wilcox and W ii Booth quartz,
Green Mountain ' trict, known as
Bright Stir, located June 1.
M Keir and A Jackson quartz, Ump
qua district, knowu as Old Hera Tunnel,
located June 3.
W II Ehane placer. 20 acres Bohemia
district, 13 miles soulhesst of Bohemia
post office, on Steamboat river, located
June 5.
J C Kiopfensteiu quart, Bohemia dis
trict, known as Great Falle, parallel with
what is known ns Key Claim on Grouse
mountain, on East slope, located June 7.
Noonday Mining Co., D B Murray,
supt., quartz, Bohemia district, east end
of Sarah claim, located Jons IV.
Gill Meadows and D B Murray by Al
fred Jonson quartz, Bohemia district
knonn as Big Buffalo, east side of Griz
zly divide and about mile from Noon
day mill, located Jane l'J.
Riverside Gold Mining Co., J W Cook,
president, water right, Bohemia dietric(
1200 incnes out ot ttoree rieaven creel
located June 21.
John J Guth piacer, 20 acres, CoiUe
creek district, located June 24.
C A Whale quartz, Bohemia district,
near Annie mine, known as Idella mine,
located June 20.
C B Brunoaa quarlz, Bohemia dietrict
adjoining the Helena on Ihe south , lo
cated June 20.
Solona Duncan quarlz Myrtle creek
district, located Juue 27.
C M Garrison placer, Myrtle creek
district, located July 8.
K J Jennings, water right, Bohemia
district, 75 inches out of Verde creek,
located July 10.
Geo H Tarbot quartz, Bohemia dis
trict, known as Gertie Mining Claim,
one mile south of Noonday mill, located
July 10.
P J Jennings quarlz, Bohemia district,
east extension of the Laurotte mining
claim, located July 11.
U J Jennings quartz, Bohemia district,
adjoins the Clara quartz claim on the
ssuth, located July 12.
It J Jennings quirlz, Bohemia dis
trict, adjoining tbe Lauretle on the
eouth, located July 12.
John Campbell, quartz situated on
Cupeland creek located July 10.
; S Batty quartz, Bohemia district
South of Argyle claim known as Eatella
near claim formerly known as Pay Rock
located July 2o.
I'AUankin quartz, lioheiuia dietrict
due east from White wau known as
Cuban S!ar mining claim located July
F A lUiikiu qtmrtz, Bohemia district
clai,u begins on foutli Bide of Bohemia
mountain n;ar Cuban ctar, known as
Liberty Minium claim located July 20.
Noonday Mining Co., by D B Murray
agent, quartz, Bohemia district, amend
ed location notice, near Maggie claim
for the purpose of correcting and making
more specific the boundaries made April
17, "J3. locate! July 28.
W W Oglesby, II G Pierson and J D
Kenny July 28 amended location Annie
The Chief Charm.
1: "fa J if
m Ji ...
Goods, all that is new aud up -
prices. Mail orders solicited.
Tis Delightful
Rambler Bicycle,
Because you know that it is the
They Sell at the Reasonable Price of
Acscluteev Pure
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
0 UK
lode Bohemia dis'.rict made Julr il, '.). I
J B McGee July 23 amended location (
Ltnnia lode, Bohemia dis'r'ct made
April 19, -2.
J B Metiee July am ended location
Alice lode Bohemia district, maJe April
27, '92.
E. F. 1'elerson and J F Miller by B C
Ward, July 2S, amended location Gray
Eagle lode, made July 17, ".M.
J B McGee, July 23, amended location
Mageie lode, Bohemia district made Jan
Noonday Miring Co, J M Taylor, II D
Hereon and J h Kennedy, July 23,
amended location Henry lode, Bohemia
district, made July 1, 'J0.
Nipper .Lumber O, by W K Nipper,
secrttarr, water right, 1500 inches from
Cow Creek, located July 2S.
W K Nipper and J R Hale, water
right, oOJ miners' inches frcm bnow
critk, located July ?J.
The Isabella Miding Co. August 1,
amended location mate by Chaa Cock,
March 12, V8,
Tbe Isabella Mining Co, bv A M
.Crawford, August 1, amended location .
Gold Standard tuiue. Cow creek district j
made by Cbas Cook, March 12, 13. j
Isabell Mining O., August 2, amen d- !
ed location Buck quart mine, made by j
Charity WenU, Juue H, '$'J. ;
C B Bruneau quai ic Bohemia district. I
on slope of triizly mountain, located;
Aug 2. j
Albert Hancock quart Bohemia di-- :
trict, adjoining Henry Clay quartz claim,
known has Hancock mine, located Aug-j
ust 2. :
Chas Clay uartx lohcmia d strict. n j
Crouch trail, 2'.- miles eout bwest ol Mu-
tick mine, known as the Henry Clay,!
located Aug..
The Isabella Miuing Co., August 3,
amended location of Uoosier mine, made
by Rachel Cook, Jane 12, ".'3.
Tbe Isabella Mining Co.. by A M
Crawford agent, amended location cf
Brown Bear quartz mine Cow creeU dis
trict, made by Silas Wentz, June 10, '93.
Oli Crews quartz Myrtle Creek dis
trict, tp 29 b, Kt W, known as Martha
Iienda ruine, locateJ Aug 3.
Calapooia-Bobemla Gold Mining
Milling Co., by B E liawley manager,
quartz, Bohemia district known as Eura
to on Horse Heaven creek, locate! Aug
The Isabella Mining Co, by A M
Crawford, attorney and agent, amended
location Black Bear quart claim Cow
creek district, made by Elenor Wen'z,
Jone It, '93.
G W Gage and J A Williams, placer,
40 acres on Bj ron creek Olalla district,
located Ang 15.
G S Batty quart Bohemia district,
near Argvle claim, formerly known as
Pay Hock, now known as Burt mine, lo
cated Aug 15.
Calipooia-BohemiaGoid Mining & Mill
ing Co., quarts, Bohemia district, near
Noonday mine, known as Dixie (jueen.
Calipooia-Bohemia Gold Mining &
Milling Co. mill site, Bohemia dia'rict,
7 JO feet long by 274 feet wide.
Horse Heaven creek adjoining Euralda
on the south ; also CJ0 miners inches of
t! vater of said creek; located August
l y K McMurpby, president.
il McMurpby quartz, Bohemia dietrict,
kuown as Fleetwood, located Dear Toad
Reck and adjoins Dixie iueeu on the
north ; located Aug. 10.
II W Tbompeou quartz, Bohemia dis
1400 ieet long by 00 fett wide, known as
Farrier, located near Horse Ileavtu
creek, abaut 000 feel west of it aud ad
joins the Euralda cn tha cast and the
Fleetwood on the west, located Au;. 10.
W II Shane and F Fisher quartz, Bo
hemia district, about one mile south of
Mt. Bohemia and southwest of Monter-
ica Kidge known as Black Diamoud,
located Aug 19.
R W Veatch and C II Van I'eiburg
quurtz, Bohemia district, near the Mark
Holmes cabin, 'known as 1'oicet Rauger,
located Aug. 22.
D T Awbrcy and J 11 Veatch quarlz,
Bohemia district, near Holmes' cabin,
known as Station Boy, located Aug. 22.
K W Veatch aud C II Van Perburg
quart., Bohemia district, adjoining
Monterica on the north, known aR Jack
ete' Nest, located Aug 24.
J II Veatch and V T Awbrey, quartz,
Bohemia district, adjoining Monica on
the eouth and White Swan on the north
known B3 Blind Gander, located Aug.
24. Grants Bafis Mining Journal.
of a Shirt Waist, is the charm of
Novelty. It will interest you to
know that our stock of waists is
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"snap" and style of our garments
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CO . rw VOW.
Tut Intrr Oceau talks right out in
meeting, and does not hesitate to call a
epa Je a sade, acd treason, treason. It
say: "Tana i no reason why the
Iniled States government thou Id not
assume jurisdiction over tbe conference
of rebel (-yiupathueM to be held in Chi
cago this month under tbe auspices of
Edwin Burritt Smith, and, we under-
stand, Henry Wade Rogers and J. Laur
tme Laublin. If treason ia preached
in the conference) the tiogleaders should
be promptly arrested. Thousands of the
beet young men of America are now
moving to tbe re-enforcement of their
brethren in tbm I'nilippines. Every
word ol sjmpalhv spoken for Aguinaldo
and his banditti will mean mischief for
these defenders of the Hag. Their lives
may be sicritictd as a result ot tbe
speeches which the Aguinaldoitea are
proposing to deliver at the Chicago con
ference. There is not the slightest rea
son why tho gentlemen who propose to
participate in tbis gathering should not
be treated as traitors are alaays treated
and always deserve to be treated. Why
discriminate among avowed enemies ot
thr government or among those who
give aid and coio foil to tbe enemy in
titr.c ( war. tf Cnt-y asiuuie tbe risk let
thrill ruller the ixmarquencee."
As a Democrat Sees it.
Ti.e .eis cf the Eight congreesioual
district of Missouri appear to have Lad
the bad ts;o l vote against an expan
sion candidate in overwhelming ouiu
Iters. Tt.e constitutional right of tbe
democratic party, in any congressional
district, especially Missouri, lo get on
the wrong side of a public question ii as
plain as their habit of doing so reems to
be inveterate.
Ths Hag which Iewey raised with the
hope that it might never come down is
to be bauled down by tho rebels through
the support and assistance of recreant
Americans. This is the program of
Aguinaldo and the "antis."
" Mrs. Sanders had
ten hemorrhages and
people here said she
would never be well
W. A. Samlers,' ICvj . of ttfrn. Mason Countv.
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-ia' 1
C ..... -.v.-
Will open its doors for the new school year on September
ii, 1S99.
The butldinpi have been Iboroughiy renovated and improved. Se apparatus added and
otber imprpvemcuts made lor tbe comfort and convenience of tbe students.
Good Boarding and Dormitory Advantages at the lowest possible rale.
Uniform State Normal School Course,
Complete Training School in connection wilh the Norma'. . where Scuiors are profestioually
trained under the supervision of a Critic Taacher, wbo will give his entire time to this work.
Graduates ot tbis school are 6iven a credit of Thirty Month s Teaching Experience, which
enables them to reach the Life Diploma In the quicke-t and most satisfactory manner.
Bead vour addrcs for complete catalogue to
President of the Faculty.
Cass Street Market
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
Hay, Grain and Flour.
'Phone Main 181. Props.
Triumph Prune Grader
For Grccu and dried Pruues.
Compact, Practical, Accurate.
Scud for circulars aud testimonials to
Pateutec aud Mauufacturer, Salcui, Oregon.
WauteJ : 50 men (or lumber yard,
skid road, logging aud saw mill work
Wanes 11.00, 1.75 and $2.00 Fer day.
Steady employment. Apply to Tbe
Booth-Kelly Lumber Co., Saginaw, Ore.
Bicycle Tires Repaired.
We are getting a tine vulcauizer and
will soon be prepared to mend all cuts
and gashes iu new and old tites. Our
vulcauuing will he fully guaranteed and
we can jmt your old tires in good Jiape.
T. K. Rich irphon.
Roscburg Bakery.
All kinds of Piea, Cakes,
aud Cookies.
Notice For Publication.
Cmtid irt atm la so Omrr,
Roaeburg, Oregon, July 2b, 1'J9.
Kotico la bcreby given that In compliance
with tbe protiiou o the act ot Congress ul
Juno 3, ll.S, entitled "An act (or lh- tale of
timber lands in the States of California, OrvguD,
Nevada and Waabinston Territory :"
Of brants F-, county of Joaephine, tate f
Oregon, has Ibis day filed in lliii ofTlce bi
worn statement So. M, lor the purehaae of tl
hK 11 of section So. Is, in towDnhio No. 'ii w.
. range No. 3 W, and will oiler proof lo abow that
I the land (ought ia more valuable for its timber
I or atone than for asncultnral purposes, and to
' establish bis claim to aid land before tb Rg
I ister and Receiver of tbis office at Rosebnrc.
uregon, on rnuav, tne -tnn aay or October,
He names as witnesses: William R. 5!pper,
Richard Miller, V iliiam Hammond and L. V.
Brown, all of brants Fan, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely tbe
above-deacribca lands are requested to file tbetr
claims in tbis orboc en or before said anh day
of October, IW!.
j-?Uop) Register.
Notice for Publication.
I'MTtu tti.tiv Laud Orricx,
Koaebnrg, Oregon, September 9. 1W9.
Xotice is herebr given that the folio iag
named settler has tiled notice of his Intention to
mase final proof in sunnortsf bis claim and
that said proof will be made before the Regbitrr
and Receiver, L. S. Land Office at Rosebsus,
Oregon, on October 27, lsV9, viz:
On hi- H. E. No. ol77, tor tbe luU j A 6, ate ),
lot 1, isee 16,Tp. r., 8. R. I.We-t. He name tlia
following itiieies to pnne hla eontlnnoua
residence upon and culmatton of, aald land
A. a. Smith. X, H. Rone, Z. Pelland, Herbert
II ant, ail of Oakland, Oregon.
(Ut) Reglsier.
Notice For Publication.
(IaoUlod Tract)
I'xiTgn Statx Laxn Omci
Roaetnrg. Oregon.
' pnmunce ot lnstmctlons from the Cum
missionerof tbe Oenerai Land Office, ntider au
thority Tested in him b Section iai. U.S. Rrr.
Stat., as amended by the act of Congrcas ap
pro. n reoruary Si, w wui proceed
to offer at bublit: iile on th lh Ha
of August, 15, at this office, Uk followlna
tract 01 uum to-wit: U1 i, s.-c. T. rt, a. K. 4
Act and all Demons elalmina advanelv tb
almve-de-nli lands are reciueated to ale their
claims in this office on or be lure tbe day above
designated for the commencement of said sale,
otherwise their rights will be forfeited.
juiy 13, LW.
J. H. BOOTH . Register.
Receiver. ynfip)
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holding Dooglaa CTanly warrants in
dorsed prior to and including March 4, present ttie same at the treasurer's
office at tbe Douglas County bank (or
payment, as interest will CMN thereon
after the date of this notice.
Dated tbis tbe 27th day of July,
at tbe City of Rosebnrg, Oregon.
Ouo. Vf. Dm kick,
Countv Treasurer, Dooglaa County. Or.
The Home Bakery
701 Oak Street, Opposite
Central Hotel.
Fresh Baked Bread Every Dmy
Boston Baked Beans,"
a specialt-.
Cmtbd stubs,
Ld Ormi,
Ron-burg, Oregon, Ausast 3 1E.,
To whom it may cvocsrn :
Nonce is hereby given tbat the Orctton at Cali
fornia Railroad Company has filed la this offle
a lj.t of lands situated in the townships de
scribed below, and has applied for a patent tor
said lands; that the lost is open P tbe public, for
inrpection ami a copy thereof by descripUs-aj
subdivuuons, has been posted In a court niaat
place ia ibis office for tbe inspection cf ait per
sons Interested and the public generally:
aouth oi base line aad West o( tbe ffffisa
ette Kertdian.
Tp36, Kt
Part oi V Sx a.
Tp iT.R 4.
SW i SW4, See. JL
Tp. J, R.7.
itbin the next sixty davs follow ina- the date
of this notice, p rotes is or contests against the
claim of the Comuany to any tract or subdivis
ion within any section or part of section, de
scribed in the list, on the ground that the seme
ia more valuable for mineral than fir earicult
ural purposes, will be received and noted for re
rx)rt to Ibe uencral Land office at Washington,
a td Oregon, for the County of Dougla.
ninia V. Carlisle, Flaiutia,)
IKirce B. Carlisle. Defendant.'
To Dorce B. t arlisle, above named duiendant.
Iu the name ot the Slate of Orecon, too are
hereby sximiuoned and tciiTired to appear ssni
answer the cominaiut tiled against v,.u (a ti
above-entitled court and cause within six
eeks from the date of th rirt pnbUcetion of
tbis Summons, and if yon fail to so appear and
answer as herein required for want thereof
plaintiff will apply to said court for the relict
demanded in hci complaint.
Tbe rchei demanded is a decree dissolving tho
marriage contract exisiini; between plauitiH
aud defendant, tbat plaintiff may resume her
former name, Emma M. Tabler, and for full re
lief. This summous is published once a week for
six successive weeks by outer of Honorable J.
W. Haimllou, judge of the aboe-entilled court,
made Augut iotb. l.', and published the tint
time Ausust 17,
Latcd August IT,
a 17 1 Attorney tor Plaintiff.
Notice for Publication.
I'xitko Statbs Land orrica
Rosebuis, Oregon, July 3s, ISO.
Notice is hereby given that ia compliance
niihtbo. provisions of the act of Congress ol
June 3rd, l!78, entitled "An act for tho sale lof
limber lands in the States of California, Orc
gou, Nevada and Washington Territory.
Ot Urants Pas,Counlyof Josephine. State of
Orcgou has thix day nird in this office his sworn
stalcment No. cA) for the purchase of the N. k.
of sk-elion Xo. IS, lit Township So. S2
kauKe So. 3 W. aud will offer proof to show
tbat the land sought is more valuable fur its Um
ber or stoue than lor agricultural purposes, and
to establish his claim to Nid land before the
Bei:iteraud Receiver of this office at Kosebura
Oregon, vu i'riday, the A'th day ot October
Hcnamcaas witnesses: John K. Hale, Rich
ard Miller, William Hammond, L. C Browu
all ol tiraiita fasa, Oregon. Any and all per
sons claiming adversely the above-described
lands arc requested to file their claims 111 this
oftice on or before said -'0th davof October, 1S30.
(irtHY) Bcgi;r.
Iludyaa is now sold at 50 cents per
parkage hy all dmttuista. rfndyan
J "u