The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, July 24, 1899, Image 3

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My Big Summer stock is now complete. There's brightness of
' summer reflected iu every department of my store now. All
the different stocks have their complement of fine new mer
chandise fresh from the looms and workrooms of American
and foreign manufacturers. The display is worthy attention
for the pleasure there is in looking at pretty things and for the
money-savjng there is in buying of me.
Elincr Wimberly and tra (Vd "petit
Sunday in Oakland.
Mlns l,ona 11 abseil viitd friend ut
Hiiswrl! Spriu; yesterday.
EI Weekly uud Fin Mast, of Myrtle j i)f '.
I'.iluf. in Uii-i r!tv SatunlHV. j. , .
i'orlland Hurjer Cast?.
There an- fw ne ileveriipiifut in
iLb IVjrilunl mu-lwr mystery i lurthor
evidence (if any In pottauce Ir-inf (urn.l
ogtttoflt M.Diii-i', (lis (lend yi I'm lov-r.
and ttirt (iilic-t nr.1 f'Dp!iHHid i.i joking
vtf Ut tliij -tmrder. Tuev ate
o deed was nut committed in
atteinplluu acriuiua! auauit, while a
letter found vu the person of tht prison
er proves tit it thi young w.uu w.ts
Don't forget the next timeyou are down town to
come in and see the many new styles we are
showing. Our Prices will make you happy and
the fit make your feet feel glad.
The famous . L. DOUGLAS shoe for Men,
Exclusive Agency.
- in
....I Have for Inspection....
Elegant up-to-date Silk waists. Percale waists of the latest
patteras-AU kiudf-rrf wash dress goods at extremely low
prices. In Children's Men's and Boys suits you will find the
best assortment ever brought to this town.
The People's Store.
I. ABRAHAfl, Prop.
ir.e Oirg.iu oli)i,t-'i i i uili bu mil-
lerd .iut Auk. ili. fo it is announced.
MrP. J. r. BriJ'ca Hiid sou cut to
r. . . . . j t . . ....
urain yet iiTiiny on a vmi iiu relative?. ; oeeniy in iok WHO nim
; In ret band. uf h-w arrived ut tliis ' McDaniel says lie abd Mimi Fiuli met
pla.-o Saturday , from Coo county, for ! ' yuunjf on bieyles as i hey were
Geo. KolbrtiH'is remruin tmvarl Mils rl'ct, a home or
Mr?. M. Fickle returned homo fiom
Chkiaud, Inst evenltip, where aim ha
bo?i visiting rtldHvHR. -
liobrri D. Harvey if Oakland, 8H-nt
Saturday In Hui cit y, the kivI t if hfs
eist.-r, M r. M ry 8t-arns.
Miss Ksthcr Colin. e. !w has been a
gu.-t l MiB.-i Y-ra (ijol, returned to
her li'nn c ut 8aUiu Saturday.
Mr. and Mis. Allie HoO'cr cam over
from OakUod last night.
companied by Mil's A$to IWcklt-y.
N-i-ei'v kiKiwj no law." It Is a
j U it Xs?rt tbv tlj-xl mint be
kf (in?, uiul Moil's SAraitpirilia does
Mrs. F. U. Iljm':n ln gone lo bau
Fmiitisoo lo join h. r licfcb.u.d, L'.cnt.
UiuiHa cf Co B. in i';tmp t the Presi
dio. Mr. and Mi. I. W.Crctbv.of Riddle,
wire in MtMford V r br'uf t'ty with
iiuincrons fritadi tbi-i wc'k. Mi'dford
The manager o! Ibe Southern Oregon
Di-iiic! Fair Fcriety. cf thin f iiy, hae
oar tb.iciK for ciuipliu.eut.ny season
Mi . I. u e Marte'.lJB and Mre. C. L.
1VLT Hi. 189a.
Mr.G. A. Crbb of Dillard m In
Iowa jeelerJar
1uh Ujliby DUUru, oliogeu, le vib
itiog iter cooeso. Miss Clart DUlar J, lo
this city.
Drive down Ibe nails io joar eiJewlk
nil receive the b!eebintt of your ' friends
od strangers alike.
Headaches, eallonoess, falling eeuta
tioue, liter trouble, llodyaa curee.
All uraggu, ouceuie. . ;
VVhen you comelo ForUand renieui- i
W UIU U't JUI v 7 fw ... ,t l,- ir..
Up-to dato jeaelry at J. T. Bryan's.
Bond, the wstchmsker, does rrsrav
ni. For Hrst class den'Jetrr go t ) lit.
Little cf Oakland.
W. IaTk. 163i First tt.
Ksad change ol ad- Novelty Store.
Bond for bargaius and your w a'.ch re
Dr. Cbeadle, dentist, at Dr. Stracge's
old eland.
Chorcbiil & AVoolley report big oalee
oo their Flaco Lever binder tbls ; ear
The place lu buy buggies, Lacks and
wagon, ftvarns A Cbenoweth. Oakland.
Bond, tbe-nalcluuaker bells eptcUcles coosttpaiiorj. Fadvan eore
at lowt prices and ran Bt them ,cr- U''1". W cent.
( , Beet and cheat pett watctes cn e-arlh
! for Ibe moner and snarantced at J. T.
Pimple, eruption, sweaty hands and
t ... 1 l. IT.. I . -! J... . I .
iiormpiuirMUT ii j'iuu. .ii
were tilling in
j;Uft i.f Mrs
Etelmsu'e kodaks and jdnt! :r p!i-ii
at Churchill A TToolIey '.
Lateft.styles lu ladiaa atd geuis je!
ry lu ail grades at J. T. Urrsn 's
Heartburn, coated tongue, bad breath,
All dru4-
cToLo:-From .f, .reenjoyicg.
Ctei. ie!h o! Oik!
the c ty -lurdiy,
2. Uice.
Jui'ge IliaiiltciU a Distiict Attorney
jG.M.BroAu a:e tt Ttddj ooi.d acting
the regular terui nl circuit coart for Lin
cia c-iun'y .
A yr:'fit'V oi osi ti(.;u are camp
ing ia tl:e viriulty cf Tioga, nj iricg
their s iruoTT cu'irg aud ff icg cn
troul aud gi te. .
Frai.s Kirig, acistaat station tignl at
Mc.'.fcird. piste 1 thrtogi ibis lity, 6uo
d,ir, n. re'nru fjo-o 4 vi-a ;J bts
the nii(ht in question, and that if thm'n
parties cinbl b.. found hi o ni l Ktinfy
! the police that be and tl.e uiu' itred
girl laft Cyciu Prk to(etlir.
Tout McDaniel dots nut yet realize ibe
terril.le imsltinn in whicU be m placed i
evidenced in his askiu u ytt rday if be
could not be released on l,ai! . Accord
ing in llioe who have litn followii g up
the details, the main points m this
peculiar murder case ara involved io the
They were ac- j deepest mystery.
lit. and Mis. Taitchell, of Koeebarg
were guests of Mr. aud Mre. Filch at or
about the time (heir daughter was so
mysteriously murdered Ust week, io re
gird to nbiuh the Telegram eaye:
"Mrs. J.PiaU and Dr. J, C. Twiichell
were o'her important wimestes exam
ined. Dr. TwitchelJ, who was an inti
mate frieo) oi lbs family, described
Clara' movements in detail ontil the
urns sh? left borne. Clara and her
ister were to cu'ertaiu the doctor
while hsr motLer and Mrs. Twitchell
Tislted liver town. Afur i upper C'ara
Mid . she wa Koing over to tea her
ir-eed. Tt result is alnadr known.
The doctor was tho flret to identify
the body and be is certain be di not
see ibe ooJy uolii after o'cl.ji k Thurs
day rooming- F.vtn then be dui not say
who the girl was to any one present, yet
McDaniels bad already been arrested
and declared the body of C ara bad
been found. The day after Ciira was i
fouud lo be missing Mrs. Fitch and the
doctor called at the place where Mo
Dinlel worked to see what be would tay
about Clara.Ss td Utt.i's friend as
ths two together. Mrs. Mr.e eerued
very reluctant to talk about McDaniel
andflaliy eall be was la bed et!y tb
night before."
We Are Now Offering
fnAfC I .11 I! -C fT r r-T. y-.. ......
aim iiii uucb oi DUvuir,rv LrU'JJJS, iit greatly
duced prices. Call and get our prices on these goods, and you
may then see that we mean what we say. The
complete, and there is a large .assortment to
See these goods. : -
tines are still
choose from.
Kep your ye cn c n;ndoe
ere looking lor targi' Rii-.i
Houee For nit hers.
A no line uf men',
aud KtiS hats ia tb
colors at Joeephscn't
Bkliona beadiiche, yeiiow Kkii..iated
tocgue, feverel lips. lic.!an cire.
J All druggists, 50 cent.
mn kt &!tiigc Grove .
l)r. Rinfou if Portli-i
t:.r.-.l th's
I asset!
ti'y Fri!av, eurouto to
?o ecj v vitt with his
v ryr,r:. t n numW r.vH rJ ' - " ' ! For your wtch(, oixka aisJjesflrv
at'e TU flaeet li.a plated cop,.r g0 10 Htya. ,lig p.ices .ill rleU yj,
Sag reaidia, corner Maia and Ca 7 " '
Silver aervice to be preeeated to i b ak, -frut gror of Myrtle Ck, na, in
W fiarshin bv aUte of Waahin.ttoa1 J. ' ' j cwn Friday, I after bu.ine, m,.t-
-ri,l-,h;,.tRj, firtwwpnce io yocents. teTt. lU Snlorined cs tb.twbi.eb.s
Mica Silvia Bteanu, of ths Plalnslu.- prone crop i'l be small, it will be of ex
kb torce. eniived a rjieaeant visit wi'h
m -
ts ia tedor:
Bt b( c a. d j dagbter, Mrs. Daniel GiStf?.
i W. T. IVujetit Lro t up 250 l.od of
hf s for lie j. KolLagt'n, iss; rek. The
bcits i to diiven to Ko elturg the firat of
the wc-. Mynie Puiut Euterpri.
W. Kse stHrrtd lit Koe. bu-g lcea
d. :!.'ic-o,I intending tj apesd a
jooii'.ii witli He u.ale the
ilei.t Ked." C fj-ulie Fo!-
will be era exbibUioo at Spokane for five !
days. - '.."' . 1
J. II. WhiteeU ol Kobertt Creek, was
ia town Saturday and made thia office a
pleasant visit. He reports the binder
all busy in bis section of the county." ?
M. F. Barker, an old-time California
prospector, is ia town, registered at the
Esmond from the Calapooia mining dia
triet ia Dooglaa coouty, this state. Tele
gram. ;
T. F. Fiabex and II. A. Tompkins, tao
prominent citiseoe of the Olaila precinct,
were In town Saturday looking after
bnaineaa matters. This office was far
orad with a pleasant visit. ' '
Dr. Cbeadle baa a sew remedy for the
extraction of teeth. No cocaine or co
caine ia need. Patients - with heart or
lung troubles co nee it without any bad
aftereffect. ! (jl7)
Jodga 11, L. Benson returned to Klam
ath Tuesday, accompanied by bis broth
er, F. W. Banaon, and family of Rose
bars, who will spend a abort vacation at
Spring creek. Ashknd Tidings.
Geo. W. Howard, lira. Clara . How
ard, Mrs. Lacy . Way and Mr. Albert
Hope ara bar today froja Enow, Klam
ath county, making proof on timber
land entries before the U. 8. Land
Dr. M. VT. Davis, the old reliable dan
tiet, lormsrly of this city now located in
Portland, made oof town a professional
visit nut week and reports that be was
much gratified with the large amoant of
work reserved for bim. He has many
friends and patrons ia this county who
, , l . i Tf- :i, - !
are aiways giaa in see aim. ae wui vis
it as agaia ia a professional capacity In
U. 6. tXHhmiseiotiM Oryil Dodge, ac
companied by bis daughter, Miss Daisy,
arrived in this city last Thursday morn
ing from Myrtle Point, ' and are the
guests of Mr. Dodge's brother and wife,
Mr. and Mre. Cbas. Dodge and Miss Alta
Dodge. The commissioner is looking
after business before ths U. S. land office
in this city and attending to other baai
nees matters. Mr. Dodge recently com
piled and published a pioneer history of
Coos and Carry counties, which was very
stereeting and creditable work and Las
.. . . . . . .1.;
auamea ror lis auiuor quie a repuiauon
as a competent, reliable historian. We
acknowledge a moat pltasaot visit from
Mr.' Dodge and bis estimable daughters, the riam Jeues of the Pacific coatt
friends at Wilbur Sunday
Another very interesting dlscriptive
latter from Alaska written by Editor
E. D. Stratford will be found on our
first page.
Edward F. Goen, of Yoncalla with
Hon. W. W. Wilson and John Weeten
beieer are in the city today doing hard
ness before the U 6. Land office.
Bad Isles and son. Story, left for Oak
land and other interior points of the
state, Monday. The change was made
necessary on account of Bad's health
which baa oeen poor of late. We hope;
of climate will prove beneficial to him.
Myrtle Pcint Enterprise.
Don't think yoa can core that slight
attack cf Dyspepsia by dieting, or that it
will care itself. Kodol Dyspepsia Care
wax cure if; it "digests what yoa eat"
and restores the digestive organs to
Stearns 4. Chenowelh at Oakland have
now on band hardware of all kinds par
chased before the raise and will sell at
lees than former prices while in stock.
Also baggies, hacks and wagons o to 10
lees than can be Docght elsewhere.
Warranted aewing machine, (20. Best
six hole 0 inch even Steele range wltb
high closet and reservoir, (40. Carload
of choice cedar shingles.
Judge Sehlbrede, wbo is interested in
a promising Pins Creek claim with E. It
Bennett and Mrs. Lockwood of Dyea,
received information that Judge Irving
bad rendered a decision giving them
possession of their property. This claim
was worked last year, there being aboat ;
(1,000 taken oat, bat daring the absence
of the party ia charge last winter, a
stranger appeared and drove bis stakes
thus tying up the property. Tbe Jade!
was well pleased over tbe news. Sksg
way, Atlin Budget. ; i
Evangelist and Mrs, E. A. Boss ar
rived in this city last Thursday eveoiDg,
and on Saturday morning went out to
Dillard, where they will enjoy a pleasant
visit with friends and where tb evange
list will take a much needed rest, devot
ing his time to banting and fishing. He
will deliver two sermons at the M. E.
church io this city, earl; iu August, so
be informed the Plmndkalkb in a visit
to this office Friday. Evangelist Roe? is
301-303 Jackson St.
Aiken's and Thornton's (Joats
have arrived aud cn be fiutil at O.e
Sheridan place, south of lon. and are
ready far delivery to patties until Aa
gnn. (jlO.)
Wood Wanted at This Office.
No ii Ihe tine fr nbcnbers ho
ara in srretrs, or new S'JK-ecribers, to pay
their satscrlplion ia wood. We want
wood at this offl ;e, wood of all deter i p-
iii c, oak, ftr. pine, tierweod, cordwood, 1
tine wom), block, tnr.g it along while ihe j
roads are gjod. f
riotto c )
My flotto Is
An Eojoyable Occasion.
Pea'.rd bids aiil be received bv the sec- i
retary of the Second Agricultural Soci
ety, f jr the exclusive privilgn of con
d a reetarant at ibe pavillion and
a saloon at tbe race coarse a tbe coming
Sever! young tneo, 0,, last Friday I ir-,rtra Aofi- tf ,0 bepl- 3 1i!8J
evening, mere so fortune at to r.c tve j , erfors w&B,il 8 tUcd PrT,,e "ni 9
aninvlUiion from the mnuhfii ft ts-1 P'T w tae secretary
...Quality and Price...
AnjUhing from a side of bacon or a sack
of beans, the finest table delicacies.
Coffee-ifHhje of my specialties. I also
carry a fine line of Dishes, Crockery, and
Trade Checks As a special induce
ment, I am giving Trade Checks to all
cash purchasers, redeemable iu c2o
amounts. Beautiful lot of prizes given to
holder of checks. Entirely free.
Orders by mail or 'phone promptly at
tended to.
....MRS. N. BOYD.
eel lent quality.
We have the on-y expiiienced :phjl
steter and carpet man in Koeebmg. Up
holstery moik and farciiare repaired.
Carpstalayed or sewed to order. Fami
tare packed for ebippinz. Rice A- Rice,
House Fcrcitc.rj.
Mrs. Ida Belts, former Ir cf Grants
Pass and Geld Hill, passed through
Grants Paes on Mordjr incrnicir Lt
Gold Hill. She info.ii. us the has
leased theG.ld Hill hotel and wilt tke
charge of it at once. Mining Joamal.
Pneamonia, la grippe, rocghe, co!d.-,
croop and whocping coagh readily yield
to One Mina'.e t'-oagb Core. Use this
reaedy in time and save a doctor's bill
or tbe Undertaker .
Ihoe. Wilson, tbe genial .and rustling
Cany on villa merchant, accompanied by
bij wife, arrived st this place Saturday
evening, on their return borne from The
Dalles and Portland, where they had
been on a visit, combining busice-e with
As tbe season for wheels is about ball
gone we bare seme good bargains to
oiler in new and second band wheels:
One Victor, (15; one Stormer, (IS; one
Rambler, (17; one lady's Hartford, (IS.
Special discount on Vi Imperial".
T. K. RlCHiiDBO.V.
Did yea know that Churchill &. Wool
le 7 carried the largest and finest stork
ot Winchester riSes and shot guns carried
outeide cf Portland which tbey sell at
.Chicago prices and eavo their numerous
customers freight and express charges .
Mrs. Chas. Dodge went to Myrtle
Point Friday morning, having received a
telegram announcing that her father, C.
E. G. Dieia, was dangerously ill. Mr.
Dietz is an honored pioneer of Coos
county. Saturday's Myrtle Point Enter
prise says ''Mr. Die' z has been danger
oubIv ill for the pl week, but bis con
ditiou is better to-lay."
Geo. Frattr, of the Cracker Jack mine,
has been spending a few days iu town.
He accompanied his mother. Mre. W. A.
Frater, and sister, Mrs. Ireland, to their
homes iu this city, froai the mine?,
where they bad been eujoying a pleasant
visit. George reports lhat the work of
putting the mine iu shape for a lively
and encceesful winter's run is progress
Yes, Boys feel better, more
dignified, more contented,
when they are well dressed.
This stock to which we have
The quality of our Ladies'
Shoes is the highest at the
; price, uur saies ana prices
i in this line are marvelous.
tlv t(fA new niitnVprc
can outfit the little man to!Calland examine our $1.50
his entire satisfaction. . And
the Price? Well this0 store
charges nothing extra for
style. You know that.
and $2.00 Shoes, also, our
Boys and Girls durable shoes
j all new goods.
The kind that will stand
the stubble and grit of the
harvest field. You know we
don't charge any more for
good quality than some for a
poorer grade. Try a pair
from these new goods. Re
member we sew all rips and
make all reasonable demands
good in our shoe line.
Hip on a
S. B. lUriiuu:i aal if c r i j j; iog
an i-utiGg 1'or. Uif j:d. Or4 of Mr.
llfimji ii'i tiiie hordes J-ist laid down
and iiid at that p'acv recon'.'v Myrtle
Point Enterprise'.
Ciri Master, a y jung basiues i man ol
Cottonwood, Calif., is enjoy iog a pleas
ant vieit with his brother, Berobsrd
Munter, and the Wollenberg Bros., abo
are alo relatives.
TLe Edeaboier Sunday bebool will
give an ue cream tocial teat Friday
eveoiue, Ju!y-Sib, in Stepbeua store
buil Lug near ito railroad fr the lne
Cv of t'.ie Suuiiay tcliool All are in
vited. J.C. liani, a prpfrjus farmer re
siding near Oiklani, was a pleasant
caller at this cuicetoJay, while looking
aflr hueinet waiters in this city. He
male hiois-elf solid fjr ibe Pl2dealeb
to this tiuie in 1WX).
Mrs. Chas. Clements has gouo lo jiin
her husband t Goldtfndale, Wah. She
was UudereJ a farewell psr.y at the
Lone of Hoo. atd Mis. A. M. Crawford
laetTh'iriday evening by the ladici ol
tht Eptecopal CLatcb.
Mrs. Campbell, cf Eugene, arrived at
this ilace, SaturJay, for a pleasant visit
itb the family of her brahtr-io law, J.
H. Whitsett, of Roberta Greek. She is
in pxr health aad hopea to le benefit-
ted by a changi of climate, sctnea and
Laat Thursday while A. C. Hoxie,
Tboe. Arthur and A. T. Thompson were
enrouta to the latter's mine, oa Lee
creek, their wagon fell off a grade and
down rolled an embankment. All escaped
inj.iry except Mr. noxie, who was quite
seveilv braised.
Iu hia uddrew Ul'ore the Ashland
Cbautaquua tbe Ke. cam Jones is
qaoted with deiiverin tbe folio-. tug hot
shots: "After faith, have knaattdge,
not tho kiud that my populist friend af
feet so much ; they may get to heaen,
but not to Washington ; that ain't on the
celestial road anyway. Scholars today
are educated above their work : they
often gt to college toa soon and stsy too
long. It is poor eoonoaiy to put a (3000
education on a 10 cent boy one of tbose
who go around holding up one end of a
cigarette. Take him oat la tho back
yard and kill him. It wouldn't bo mur
der murder is taking human life, and
such a thing is not buuian life, and such
a thing is not human, for it has no sense.
Patience i needed. Worry and fretting
kills more people than bard work. Tbe
woman ho nags and jis all tbe time
can make hell out of a home. It I had
euch a thing for a wife, and she ehool
run away wih some other feller,
might pojeibly ask the neighbors where
it i. b it I wouldn't go after it." Sara
Jones lett hi audience with tho feeling
that tbey had received many thoughts
that would stick through life, and bd
many former ideas reinforced so that
tbey will remain through life.
Barklow, Marjn Stage Co.
Private conveyance frutu Rosebarg to
itb boats and trains, ' Co-
li'.tt City and Rose burg Mondays,
WtrdoesJ) aud Fridays. Goo- rigs
ann teams. Best of accomodations.
For prices aud particular call on or ad
dress, W. PTTE0 ,
Corner Grocer, Roieburg, Oregon.
w- ....
r-n ie .oue c oo. to j m tnent in a i
"bay-ride." the detlina'i n t,f tli- parly !
U-iug tbe borne of Mies Eva Lu c, sit-,
a'.ed oa Pier crek i-ihtor teu -niles j
eal oi town. IU start was made -'wot co,uilia Cii) via Myrtle Point
o o clock p. m. ana r. being a cot), bright . ir j
ui'X'DiigQt eveolng tbe ride was a ruott
pleasaut and enjoyable one. Nediees
to say a very cordial reception was ten
dered tbe company st tbe Lane I oa e
hre a few bourn were p!ea.aotlt
whiled away, games, sx'ial cjuvurjj aui '
splendid refreshments being among the ;
tea. ares of the evening. Ltte in tnei
evening the party returned to town more i
tbaa delighted with the pleasure tbe '
evening afforded, Tnos in attendance j
were :
Mr. and Mrs. b. U. Line, Mrs. K. L.
Muler, Mrs. Cbas. Zigler, Misses Mabel
VaaBuren, LIuie and Roee Parrotl, Lu-j
la Willis, Dr. Myra Brown, Maud aad
Rjgina Bast, Minnie Suerii.n, Ka'e f
Bikk, Frankie Hiwell, Lacy huntoi, I
Zilia Zigler, Bill Carry, Abbtj Parrxf,
Ivy Vai Buren, Winnie Biiaer, Jennie
Baick, Eva Line, Elsie Canuon. Meeers.
Douglas Waile, CjI Suntou, Taol Zig
ler, Stell Zigler. Dan Laogeaberg, Harry
Stiplstoa, R. M. Djnabae, S. Josephson,
Dr. S. M. H lui by, James Sc:tt Nathan
Fuller too, Eugene Parro't, Ribert Lane,
Lee Harriegton.
If, V. Mam,
Roseburg Pharmacy
Notice to Ex-Soldiers and Sailors.
Our sale of Remnants, Summer Goods, Shirt Waists and Summer Hats, still goes
on while thev last. Visit our Show Windows.
Notice to Horsemen.
The directors ol the Second Southern
0.regon District Agricultural Society have
authorized me lo state to the public that
a bpecial purse will be offered for Doug
las county horses only, at tbe coming
I dir.
(a'JOdO H.W-MiU-tK,
$1.50 Per Day Salary.
A few energetic la-lien and gentlemen
wanted to canvaes. Above salary guar
anteed. Call 011 or address
Mils, 0. J. Armitagk,
( Roeebnrg, Or,
Headquarters Reuo Post No. ?3, Dept.
of Or. G. A. R.
To all ez-soldters, sailors and marines,
federal and confederate, Mezican and
Indian war veterans, greeting :
Information ts at band Ibat tbe "nd
Oregon Vol. Infty. bas arrived at San
FranciECO, aud will toon be mattered
oat and returned to Roeebnrg.
We believe their noble and distin
guished service entitles them ts a warm
and fitting reception at oar bands.
Therefore, in tbs nam? of Reno Poet, I
would kindly ask all ex-eoldirs, sailors
and marines, both of the blue and ths
gray, and alt Mexican and Indian war
veterans, lo join wltb Reno Post, in
forming a guard of honor to meet Co. B,
2nd Or., at tbe train and escort them to
some place in Roeebnrg, to be hereafter
selected. Hold yourselves ia rJioes
at tbe boom of tbe cannon.
Meet and form guard at G. A. R. ball
and march to train.
E . D. Howill, P. C. Reno Poet.
Last Thursday Mrs. Ida Davie, one of
Douglas county's most proficient teach-
erf, closed a very eaccessiul term ot
school in the Ricbey district in tbe north
ern part ol the county, Mrs. Davis cer
tainly merits tbe praise given her for tbe
way she bas so successfully accomplished
her work and we were informed by the
school board and many of (he school
patrons that they would consider them
selves fortunate In (scaring Mrs. Da vis
for tbe ensuing school year. The morn
ing program consisted of songe, recita
tions, dialogues, etc, while the dinner
a magnificent one, was thoroughly dis
eased in the leafy grove near the school
Tbe afternoon was taken up iu ad
dresses and recitations, Among those
who deserve special mention in assisting
the scLool in tbe entertainment are;
Muses Edith Lowe, Bertha Estes, Mollie
Larkins and Mr. Parker, all showing
marked ability and some evincing extra
ordinary talent. This however did not
detract from the high estimation pUced
upon the exercises by the pupils of the
school, which were excellent, aud ia fact
we beard persons wno were capably
judges in each affairs remarking lhat tbe
state normal at Pra;n would have to look
well to her laurels.
This was a day of unalloyed pleasure
aad while the ciowd ia attendance was
large it would have been much larger
but for the fact that this is the busy sea
son of the year, ,
One WhoWasTiibrs,
Look out for our grand clubbing prop
osition with the Weekly Oregonian.
1 Both papers for tbe price of one (3.00
There ia une little maxim
Ttiat no I mill name,
Whkh may bring what ia better
Than riches or faue.
All those who will heed it
Good appetite fiud,
t- rong nrrytt, ro-y cheeks,
And vigor ol mind,
f 1 will ban Ub dyspepsia,
Rheumatics and gout.
That Tired Feeling conquer,
Drive tcrofula out.
And here Is tbe maxim
Ite wUdow is sure
Take Hood's Sareapaiilla
And keep your blood pare.
Mow's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that ran not be
cared by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY fc CO., Props. Toledo. O.
Ve the uniorsiuel have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 veare, and believe
him perfectly honorable in ail business
transactions and financially able to car
ry out any obligations made by their
Weetdc Traax, .Wholesale Druggist?,
Toledo, O.
W aiding, Kiouan x Marvin, Whole
sale Drnggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Care is taken internal
ly, acting directly upon tbe blood and
mucous surface of tbe system. Price 75c
per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Test,
M. ,F. RAPP, Prescription
Drugs, Toilet Artide, l:.-r,t Meii;
cines, Ogr, Suiicroery.,-.
Suapf, Psietft iad Oils.
photographic fSnppIieg...
The celebrated Magazine Cyclone Plate
Cameras. Triumph Cut Film Cameras.
Call aud Examibe them.
111 IBS....
1 Established in 1S77)
The leading varieties of thorough
bred fowls.
Eggs from the finest strains . sent J -on
short notice. Send for Cata
logue. Address
Forest Grove, Or. J. M. GARRISON.
II makes no difference how bad the
wound if yoa ase DeWitl's Witcb Hazel
Salve; it will q iWkly heal and leave no
J. F.
At -
& CO.
Fur Over Fifty Yeait.
an Ou aha Wiii-Taixo Baasov. iln
"tuflow'i Soottuog Hrrap baa been uatd tor
erer flit yean by millions of mothara tar Uiair
chilJren while tecUiiug, with perfect tucceaa,
It MWlbea tbe child, o!tna tbe soma, allays all
patn.turea vrinl colic, and U the beat remedy
for Diarrbuea. Ii pluanuit to tb last. Sold by
draggiita in .tott part ot tbe world. Twenty
Sv oenta a bottte. Ita value is Incalculable
Be aura and ak for Mrs. Winalow's Soothing
Byrap, and taks no other kiud.
is the verdict of every
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Unequaled Mechanical Construction is the secret of Rambler Populari
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great G. & J. Clincher Tires.
A. C. Marsters & Co., Agents