The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, July 24, 1899, Image 2

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Closing out Sale!!!
Wc are closing; out our entire stock for CA5M
Now is the time to BUY. Read Prices.
quirrel i Gopher Poison
.Metis' Heavy Hoots, wonu $2,00
Shoes' " $1.60 to $3.0J,
Ladies' Heavy " " 11.50 ..
" Fine " " t.60tot3.00..
lioys Suits worth 13,00 to 15.00
Mens' Pants at almost half prices,
(-r fl 6 t
f r fi 00 lo2mi
f-ir 1,00 to $2.00
.1 M2.t);to 3.60
. I'r .1,'.
. . I'M' 1.00
3 Ladies' Vests (or Summer went
25 yds. ol Calico, t
Mens' and Boys samnier IUt it Disi-ount.
: TLree pwkanes 81b. Hold Prop Washini? Po l r
Tea Dais Laundry Koft,
Four cans Tomatoes. .'
Three cans K. C. Baking Powder
Seven 2 ft. pkor. Smoking Toberco
And Effcctaal
traction !
. 1
:: I
Dishes, Tin and Agatewme at almost your own price?.
Buy now before tbe stork is picked over. i:rj Uiii-u ii.
.l .V-
TlSirtwfiBM mit 111 iriiftiiiiii ii-mill iaam?
r o.llll llUllIlLU. IU mini!., UUI ULilL HllL uiiiiumnvi mm imt nunmui... g--
:" i S' r-i , . . 2figgsSiRl - J-t-
i .
Squirrel and - (
Gopher Poison,
Tti.-li.t t.t :bnfat it-.-me.l, .., : $A . ' v..'c -V ' ' . . - i, ., ,
ri t!..vncrct lor the-(lc-nt rue- ' .-!T; U.-',""?: '"'Z - - ? '
my store will be sold at Cost but for Caeb Only.
la rtt
. : l!I lit. r- 5
" "' This ct;t repvescuis aur'leadcr in Iron' and Hnameled Bedsteads, the Best Bed
"" Head offered by any concern iu .the state for the. price 54 25. Our line of Bedsteads
arc complete. Common Bedsteads for S1.S9. ' Better ones for Hard wood
as cheap in proportion.
. r ' : " TI19 House Furnlsliers.
I'ttbliivbvd Mon.tHT mi.nh
C. f FOR'' .
,: -w. c. CONKER
,'i. 1 1- STtl ATFORD,
: . ! ,tub;.er
!)atCTlplton Kh-h.
1 o.-i
vl as an A. P. A.
-:..t ,
M!k lixcna istli'l i;d i i
proionged stay w viJci.o' t-.t i.e
coacoctinj; som Kuci: t Hur
Following th ei4.rp
4i i.t-.( utnp,
iiearjv all of ti A-utri.-ji: c
sooi time :n iifj f e
teBi of p'o-Ursf.
;1 ibi re';:, e over a t
Not louz ca cun-exranel -i ;? 'i
ilautoring L-ecjiuse it: a uary ?u-ic was'-'
''.1 v--...:, v.. t,pV : nu- a
UKU IU fctic . ...... jj.i.i - - - .- -
kxv t):is aroiy t-ti'jo.-i -.v- ceo,
. doubled before tie iccrr.t a:i?r.F. i
r- , T- .
rvim 5cc iia-vT-.
Oeaer! O is t.viu,; s
from borne, renderitg it
tauce 1
im;H.;be :cr 1
bim to contradict every p-.V!ic8tirD slJ
wittcisui maunlicluiei aud , directed at
him makes LVjj j ! j.ow-a IyoTL:e
mark for the diesrunietii to tin)
;tr.ecu!'. We bTC aiav
" Teople who have l.?a t;.,, u,., .he, .j , Uie .v;., L
country report the nofn. 1,.k::. - -
idryta great iaproymen: lwvi.. tatou
pla- ia tbe laet Wec-k tr, ad bar-
reeling ismluli'. - 1 K;11'7a!;.,stjusjv take
valley can always be .tf :rJ onIor;R
biM tn peace cooitrets is m ns-tcn
at Id Hague tbe navy yar.i; ur.d areou-
aus ol toe world were 1 ever ttrv-ter lutn-!
iag out eLipe and u.u'-it;-ji cf
Uurore might be faithfoiy roi ieeruted
with aa olive branch in one hand S'jd a '
Mudpeon in the o;ber.
Louu democrats eay taere is n rxitre
a poptfiet party.- Tuey exaVe a lit-
. Ue. .TLe popniift party is ia:-id:y Je-j
chflinc. but il wiii cut tviiit a tiir itvytt;
MfbM ftia laia awav i i ' ia-t i-.-iir
sleep. And mbe-n U cornea to tbat, there j vlui.ti-era cotkkg Tortisud in a bvdy !ro KcbU Thursday morning, left
jcarce!y noogb .f the m a catic is ((.!,: a:cc-.l in the folio teic-gtam, ! s.utir Jay Lr UkUn, where sLe expects
, lrty ber iu Or-goa to caet a fhadow. which s received by Jadjio Nrtbup ; l! 'eain J'-rin tLe summer months.
Telegram. - ' yesterday, i-.ri-l wi.'a h is rHf-exp5f.- ( U. F. learJojff, 01 the OakUod Mill
mmmm ' atory : i'-S Co., t jo'a a waoa load of Ujur to
The wicked Diut.ty tanir U jikiu ! ";er.ral ftiiait- is awy, s.u-5 I can-; ll )fbbur) J-a uiday. Mrs. DeardorfT ac
"ka'vop In tfa. ii-cal vear it cl-K-d al Dot utraae iu regard to the men retain- i cori.paciel bim to Wilbur where she
In the tlscai i tar yuK c.
tbe tounthee of the word, with t-vs ex -
ception of foor which red jcclrhcir i.i: -
awrta of bitiotaila.- lifrdy i-:i-.ra;
tbeir porcUaeta in tbe i h:..tef.
'-Toaiae aa!s of manufactuw J artfeiea to
manuiacluroJ art'des to
-ail parts of tire wot Id hav ta beyond j
all precedent. Democratic leaders ha-.e
iroUen beyond trying t j '"t-xp'.-ain.''
fcr.uu Koot, ths giited New Ycti; al-i
loTDey, has been tendered and !.a?ac-l
cepksl lb portfolio if t'e wtr de-iit-'
mflnt." Alter canvarsicg ,-lbe n;?.:iy 1
uaises sobmitrei for tl
singular unenimi'y, rii memlerE oi ti.e J
cabinet agreed witb :b" !ii'!e r.-t
the man pre-etniijetitly liul .' r uii
resitoosihle poEitif.ri Vr. !,'..;,!
There was a ile?:r dii tl. ;
president that 'ient-ia! A'.'. r'a
ebodid be a lawyer "f at's.tttui'"
high etandiug in bir '-A -a-io-;,
tf tb (Xil-Jt.iil! ;il,d t U.T ij
volviltg ieai !-! -U4t:o;.s
arising in ti e war ;.-p;innte
ta- 'ii S 1 i. i
. l;
the army is adtiiiu.s' t-m atl'.ur.-. lu ti.-r
ieianils relin'jii:'-i "'p-tit-. It v. ;. -also
ielt advia' ir- t a .':it.i- -,i ;-. .
poitit tbat tbe t"- ui i r'.j'il'. t
from Xew York, which t ar . a .; L
out represeutat ; n in 'h ctSi-i-.t ti:i'-e
Secretary WWtt iftui. H e cct:i..:
ntan to mt-e' !. jriiV-i-;:ii.ii at.-d
i;eograthical -4i;'tui-nta th ft v.i.f
ttjo'Jaht t) b Kb' I in U !, Li, it- I.
appoiottnent. T w in no m;-i Oju'.ng
Mr. liool's siii'ffi-ir a; 't:!y a-id :::-i-eCUia
no reasull t : d.ii, U's 11 ;;.e
diificultr ardaou" and iu-j:l:.;f p 1-i-
tion aaargned liim d;jr:iv. :!:;.-;, -i-cy,
and tij the eatiefa'-tui 1 ni;J crc'i: of !
tbe admiui'-tra'.i'Ui, the pit !!. 1 ict;: -of
the disgruntled Ore.50i.ian tjf.!.,
trary notwithstanding. It i" m j :-.t ;u.d '
unfair to iaeietthat Mr. li ,' W v.A
come up to the full dignity an 1 ifjuirv
meots of the oliie m.d iho fu'i
measure of its responsibility, hnfurc Iip
is given a trial.
Mow a Kscug Papct's Accowot cf ;
it Was Reeved at Cottnge ,
. arovc. '
C jiCiiuii'( o our vutiued nai
tesLi-jrai v"s ipji t ul liit- receut.Uoub ;
the C-n.-k? Or-v.- Ngvt 9yei
xLe ii KvlLtg Kcvic ;;. i s w.-i-.- up
! oi s thj 15.h-.uiu disUi'V
'has L-vrtr.i u uir3 to a -i.-:nMtr''ia .
'ex'.-.:.:. I.i '.'.o i-ttt j ia tix Je!u..i;;s
sBrtt.. 'nre lulilr r-jspecied ij ii,.' i' -
tLt-ir jjiaot', liiey re cDi.ri.1t-red Ij . ;
mi x:C.r-u-:
in trt j drvticp: rn l st fr.i :
Uji-, anl i: i 1,..' t- -'.it 0!
tlioy W illi ir;'..! 'i;-.r: .
wiit tf-?v c '!.s;I-.-r: J i-i g'
' ,!
1 J.
Tiie Jtn:iu. l: s . -ioukiit Uiry A ;o
ia IM tiinr ; itvciur C'l'.irr and Mr.
tlir U:U did n-.t iu t'li.'
iCL.ii.tK..:, ;i!.a u'&CS li:e u-s-;?'i;. 1 1 .
) 1 tr-
cono'.y tf t:-? state, hd it j;-ces..'f a
Luht-r iti'ja-al, to re"'.t f iir.I:t.
aiil aL-;i t!i Koview i,.s ti.e !.oa'. r r.f
Iftsd ia ee:t; as .c i
P:;i? i ' !i !'" u:j,";n
the ' V. ".JftC IS l.i
lir.s :r.i;.it J '
ma: y irjjuus in liji.euiii.
Ciu be fr.:cd a hoar? s'
she K.Cet.t trojLle tha'. 1 or
uii C; Brjg. Live "tak-u
:.',.t Jew uicn
; in 1 tr J v. i h
ider the .irt
t L l- v ;l!
"'r.'i 17 ' i"
thi-ir r. hicv!?.'" cr l;-v '
1: .c 1
r as
;fbTO.i.. iIt?ei..;r 1. d
... aaJ .ri.:.; j , jrtf." A?
j 5 t,tf I?elkw-S s,e -,,.a. t;jat un
tan 1
ii thi- ,.:U:r, 1 tc, '
.j j ei t;
t I'-jj.'j-" ejesty
:rcitiz?r;s cbc)?.-cce .
'of tbe law, bat ia mtii-S Ur j-i.
c'. il
; Je e, t,t(!.j CAea..
might L-e wc.i t'j tisc- j 1: . o- K
1 some of IlcU'ii'i .iark fornor?."
. . ....
j m
I General liecbe W ire About Senli-!
mint Among oluateers.
Fvu;tiM. Or. J-i'.y ite iitfct
r.w .-c-:-n.i. - ;i t- r.r..-?: ect cf the!
tw: hVeT 1 ostland
!0""1 tis ri'101" (;3 Moi..!ay. tiecer.l
d - 4.'!i'2-wit ii ci fi...ti. i -e
reSimci.c ai a .u. iu rmuu. Bin
i i:2il '-"M' -'!
) h- e-- ""
I for tusker out Is ned kr .Vuj.k;. I
think !bat !:!' t'i;timf): to proevtd t j
I For:la:.j in a bay fclrung amor.j: t lie
I tutu.
I'roiperous Republican T imet.
a iaifttt .- j i
at i's i.ut'.'iy.
jJ .-f ti,e
h, y:r - refcs
id 1 tie tits: fix
.'j'J, a i-oivii'.u
, iVi-i. (."-
i liftf" thn t v r
. 1 I'
ll... .
nil;, ejr, c::'l:.'Jt; j;l:.e
receipts estve-fe I MtO
iri',: I la -: t
r by 1
i ii-A-elj'ir: Uc.'.cv
; r.i-t!,-.-r f..-;xx,
I :!. '.' i . n 1.. 1
I-"..: V i':r li.
- -.''
jr ba -
:: 11. t
1.1 :i.'e
a l.a--
it lla
i ll .
; ..' ' ' ft
J, .1 .le
ii i.
1 .
.11 nv
" i.le il'.i
' .( i
.. I:-!'.'
: ' 1. 1
' I'."-. 1
t itri
all-: ia
i.'ii -I
-I -t!...-
A ne.r
..n l.-.r "
iple are to-!:iv
Mil J e
le-.-e I
-M.?i!(-,td Mai!.
1 he New ork Lawyer Bccfimcs
Secretary of War.
Tender of th; Oitfcc .Made After a
Conftrctue of the Cabinet et the
White tfoue.
VV.-:;:!.i J-:iv l'.'. L ihu Kojt.oi
N'- V" k. Ue r ui t-
i.V-t i;t Fn.-; it at M Kuil'-y'ti f 1 " i-it-t.
1": e t- lfr-t. :" aotvi tiite as rtn ive i
; ri. riv aiitr ;i. 00, whiiw Strvrrtary
( .s vijih ib-' i''e?t in?. Secret ry Alget
. ?S-J ja.-t Mr.
Tae ttrsd-r cf tii r p-Mtioilo 9
, ri,'i-reci.; r:;.- ;!,. IJou-e. As tne
fi-ivi,'. rtt Si-avefir t:.;- Adiion-iai-ka
:1h-v'!s,'r"T1.n'?'!ir cf utt weV. It
' ,?
i? F"''.h;- :iut Mr. Kjct i!t cu to
Wathin.t;;-, -, t.afer with Llia bt-fcre
ti. i' n it is rtv-irel da wore likely
Mr. 1. . t cil; ajii-t the p-esilcct at
Ltks CI.ju ; .ui, in ti:j tatter ptt of Hie
a n k.
lij-y. n h.-ra at Ciictn. N.
V., icbra:y l, i , aad graJmtd at
i;a:uit'):i wlii-?c snl i!.e New York oni
votslty U svboei. He was admitted to
'.li lij in t
V',-i. ::i a.ii
sir,-.v w iiii-h ti'im I19 has
He wai t ii! t!i its j prytniucnt
e:s ;.f :hs New Ymi state
victis! c'!oti, -..t-re he lerved as
L..inar;il she- j :' .1 ury Cwtnu.i! tc-e.J
Oalvlar. 1 Items.
air. e--i Mr. f.
Medley ejnt
Saaday in Vakiau-J.
J.L. -Ua:L:d -A u
l'l-.;Mt.M LB,
n9 ia Oai'aa i Frilay.
Mr.-?. Daiiy cf Saleuj, is vii'ing at the
h;.B:t ci Ksv. J. Y.. Dlair.
13 is IJa Feitrrs visited friends in
Koscbarg a few days lust nec'a-.
Ja'ojes K. Unl'y retiirued hoao iom
Walla Waihi, Wath., Suadjy eveninj;.
Mr. Si:utM Ilsrts-jtk nho has been
a seme tiiyriibs lime in Vgcrsvillei
Cal., has re urced hooie.
L zz'-e Coc-ftr wlo relarued
pc-r.t tb-dny wi;:, tnends.
: li. J. l;ov:i;.- i..;i ex pec" s to complete
I,;, brick cn Mam Mreet b the first of
Au-jsI, w hen U'i will iiumtdialeiy be-
&n wota oa anouier iuiiUing lor bis
jt. 11 t"ii', bs the former is t be occupied
by ti.;
frin u' J.vA NttT.
Democratic Inharmony.
Ibe 'Jt'CiTa are dividing - llito Op
porifg t'i'ia-t tnd diiftin farther apart
j every utefe. veral wide, deep di'cbes
jHej-ara:-- !h -tUd-reut iactiona. One
! fdOii'iri watitH ;'r.M Filver inadn the para-
n.ojLt it'S'ie , anotlver, though, fevorable I
i t j int-t silver' .Jeetrrj it to I msde a sec- j
'.' ! -y i-"i-; siiil another wot.t have1
fii u : iivt .1 n!. ume are for coming
- b.p- i(,t!! -jT- n.r a''i-t esjiaicn; olbers are
' ; "ll: '.. :;;'...-i..n. i,nd will holt if
:. - .vri v;:Mi .?f vuinnr"Anf
(iiii-irtf r liu: ) .i!o'.it ail that, can be
:;,-r". '. iip.m. o-r f.m j-ittlou fh
, rej.ui' v, :;. lake the eame grannd,
, i i L'n.ii ::,.t4i'c t put'. 1:1,5 f-.rlli w clap
trap Ti.- nest- 'deaj'Kra'ic 'con-vfiitiv:-
v. iU be ;i ! 1 try one,', jiod the
i 1.1.: it i. i.ii-.i.i will here a rocky;
ii v.n'i bt.jv.ivH- road lo travel.
Jclm IVarson Drops Dead.
John 1-Vai'pou, of Klamath Fails, one
tf t i.e -Id vx.i well known citizens of
KlHiiinth co, tlroppel doad, last
hat 'irda mortar), mar Keno. Mi.
I' 11 -m v. i-.:- eniouto to Picard, Cal.,
ito.i. I-.'.;';, lib l-'allf", and liu 1 j ist hitch-
! ii;. iiii team Saturday uiorniug to
tonuiitr.- h'.-i jo'irnev when he was at rick
a pi't -in. ably wiih heart diaoaee. Pear-
io una a !.' d ;i'" nit t'i." JCri-.
- '!. Jiie tir.ui ! ;: hi3 divoico papers
. fiud rcerdi aie int'.iu plcte. Wife turns
up after 14 jear-s mid .rlrtian shan
his fortuae. ,
Drain, Oregon.
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
Orcton Uame Laws Boiled Down lor j
Ready Reference. ' i
t jrii.eut .K a-. w liuniars, lue g...e ,
uf olOron ore btre presents 11. a j
T?v tt-rm. it. wordinj? tte
tattif ,.. lut .I I
' 1
Birds 2s''uUoh!, tkvlatk. r.y sing
lag tiirukh. t-Uck thrush, liaoet, fj'.d
Coch, Krccniinch, clmffluth, buliBoch,
redbrcattel Enropean rubio, black start-
ud Kr.jsewtK, t rei:on or roeaua-v
latk, mockiujt bird, rnw saon 1:1
the 3 car aroun
uod. l.jifci au-l neeta ire ex
etcpt from d
vi rouse Irairie chicken, ' pheaeaut,
4 ia :1 or partridge, close seaeuti fruui 1K
teml-er 1 to OctoSer 1 in 'Weeteru Ore
gonr November 1 to August 1 tu Ktslern
Ores')a. .Mtwgolian il.eastots most not
bo killed a; any tirui in C.'a'aop. Cjos,
Curry, JckB'.n or Jowpbine contitii.
iJackc ilsllard, wood duck, aideon
t-ai, spoonbill, Kr)'i black, pringtai!, or
ciBvae-iiaok. c!ae season . (between
March 15 end jplember t. Must not
be hunted a; ciot. Ducks and geese
may b abut when iojariot: grain fifhl,
qnirre! i-ilver gray, close mmuu
from January 1 to October 1. Burrow
ins iiinrelsarsno'. protected.
Deer Close Benson, let of Sovsmher
to lj:b yf July . followlna- Cannot 1
j huateJ for market at all.
Wild turkey wr Koglieh partridgt
Close season- from Janisry 31, 131V, to
Febrosry 1,
8nipf Cljfe season from February 1
to September I esch year.
r.eavir Cio season lasts -M years
from February 23. ISO!'.
F.ik Close season lasts ontil tbe first
day of iVcember, 1910.
Moose and nicrintiiu siieep ame as
i ttit-aaant an.i -Mot; not 'an paeasani
Same as grouse.
Seagulls Cioe aeison er(etual.
I'arlridgs Same as grouse,
tjuail iSame aa grouse.
fan Same as ducks.
The Boys Are Returning.
Rejoice, rejoico, "the boys' Tare returning
Away from the scenes of war and
strife ;
And cow every loyal heart ia burning,
Specially the mother, sister and wife,
AU aglow with a patriot's fire.
Still aSame oa the Nation's high alur,
There enkindled by each noble sire
Who for freedom was ne'er known lo
It is glory that now doth enfold them,
For 'twas justice and right that con
trolled them,
Tbeir loved country's honor to save,
And preeerve the name for a deserved
Of a land that knows not a slave '.
. Dut ever will stand on ocean and land
Defending tbe right with puieant might.
Then shunt the bold anthem "the boys"
are roturnirg
Coming back to the land of their birth,
Where all loyal heads now are discern
ing, They merit all pvaiec for valor aud
.'.ye, let our sougs for huaor now swell
And proudly float upon every breeze,
Let all loyal hearts the proud story tell
T.e storv tbRt sll brave sonla will
please. . -
i.-t it be known aud after repealed,
That wherever Old Glory did wave,
That "Oregon Boys'' never retreated
But maintained a courago to brave
Maintained tbeir valor like Spartan's of
" idd, i
Who conquered the foe or died on the
Defending the flag for honor not gold.
Nor ever were known to tyrants lo
jield. ' ""
et'9 give them a welcome when they
come home,
That'll make copperheads hide for
1 shame,.
Aud ne'er again to the surface will come,
Or, if they do, they'll deny tbe vile
j name,
! And then to take au oath the flag lo de-
Wliero'er it may wave, on tea or on
land, ,
Aud e'er ita ptoud irgis and uame to be
friend, And henceforth for freedom to Bland.
W. F. B.
UoEcbuig, July 17, lo9J.
Vlsr pais he feel-t relieved of a great
of j bnrdeu and is Imppy. Saino with every
, body, s .
J. A. DiaCK.
General New.
A Tacom ju Jo Uiod a cam by tele
phone, found man Koii'y '"' bim
Vice-Prei.b-ui IJobsrt is Ulieved to
htv bef luQuenli4i Jn ,tiDtfUll art0t
et t r-eigDaU'on.
l avuvi wumij iuitv mv mil J iviuenu
ll.a cniiiifi r f.mla .n.ii.,m it- .Um jh1
tbat General Milej be uow seut tu tbe
Pnilippioes. If be desires t j o, iters
la where he itelungs. Mile has been
criticised a good deal for some time tur
bus characteristics, but noVxi ever
1 doatte-l his fihtin ability.
A tramp entered tbe home u( Mi
, , , . ... .
jtrank S-'huneman t Pamo, Wash
; Saturday iiiRl.t and maj n attack c
tbe lady with a H-ytb. ITeariuif the
tcnfS-. a yount; eon seized a ride and
rushing l- his toother's room, hoi tbe
tramp dead. The train? called at the
bocce early in t In? day and wtt given
(ieneral Shaffer Speaka.
A m'lltituue ( io(le tLrooitd the
Chantaiitu rouod- eterday af'er
voon to and bear (recera! if'uafter
the veteran warrior who was at the bead
of the !aa 1 forces engage! before Santia
go a ear no. Tbe speaker teviewed tbe
history of the Settles, hardships and
victories in and around the city on tbe
noted Cuun harbor and eulogized tbe
!ntellij,vntv, discipline and valor of tbe
American soldier io the highest terms.
Though tbe general is rot gifted as aa
(orator, be wss listened to with eager lo-
lereei anu irftjnentiy inierrupteu ny ap
plause. At tbe close tbe audience gave
enthusiastic response to a proposal of
three cheers for tbe diatiuguise-J officer.
This morniag ba boards the aaoth
bound trsio for tran Francisco. Ash
la ad Town Talk.
Today'a .Market.
1'ohtl.1), Juoe 2$. L'ggs Oreou,
IS cents per dor.
Butter Beat dairy, :s:,V?2oc; '4ucy
creamery, 33 Wc per roll.
FoultryChickeua, mixed, fLOOtsCW
Prunes Italian 23 SJ; silver, extra
choice, j per lb,
Wheat Walla Walla 5 5tV ; Val
ley 59 :; blacetcm oSCJc.
OaU White -l3 54oc; choice gray,
42313c per bushel.
Millstuff Bran, $lj, middlings f22;
shorts, tlG CO; chop, 116.00 per ton.
Uaj Timothy $33110; clover. r3;
Oregon wijj hay, 0 per ton.
Woo' Valley, 15(3 10c; Eastern Ore
gon, S&12, Mohair, 2030.
Potatoea Oregon Barbanks, 1.2o;
Garnet Chiles, fl.oOfl To; California
(new) 2 per pound.
The Keview is still publishing all the
adverse comment on the editors recep
tion at this place, tbat can be culled
from its exchanges, regardless of the
fact Ihst il recently reminded ns that
isuch action was "ill-advised, and the
l'Si said about it the belter."
The atcht ray tiouae
but ntd. sral Tar ago.
I wan taken witn aaort-
Tfce nl&t
ivr of creath and pal
pttatioa of the heart."
writr Mrs. Soaaa C
Tullob.of Sulnhor Miaca.
rrouifa Co.. Va. "Theaa
irrrir worat all the time,
until a few tnooihi in
wheD I commenced to
utte of Dr. Pierce's medi
cine. Before that I could
scarcely eat anrthior. I
ceaid sot sleep at sight, was aot able to do aay
wea-k, and could scarcely get around the house.
I bad fien up all hope of crer (Cttisc well
raio; but I well min, and I sire Jjoctor
fierce mediciae all tbe credit
"I tork the 'Favorite PrescriptJoo.' the
' Golden Medical Discovery and ' PcJctv1 "
Dr. Tierce's Faivriit Prescription Is a
medicine for women only. It cures all
forms of female complaint stops back
ana siue-acnc allays ue innamraa- ,a
Hon which causes tnosc ois-
agreeable weakening drains on 1
Uie sj-stem pro-
motes regularity of V'
.1. - c .: . -
iuc iciiiiuiue imuv.-
tions, and
makes painful
periods a thing
ol trie past.
Dr. Pierces
Golden Medi
cal Discovery
is a medicine ;
for the bicod, .
liver, lung., U
ana nerves, ji,
cures all bron
chial and throat troubles, t-trengthena
weak lung-;, stops bleeding from the
lungs, and builds up the entire system.
It purities the blood, stirs up a lay liver,
and stolhc-s abused, crying. nerves.
Neither ol" tlirr liicilicines contains
any alcohol, whisky, sugar or synvp to
preserve it; properties, but both will
keep perfectly in any climate.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure con
stipation. They keep the bowels open
and regular, litcy do not jrrijc.
When you ask a dealer for these medicines--(.7
u'ttit ion ei'k for. Substitutes
are not as good. They arc, at best, only
imitations, nnd cannot imitate th cures
wrought by the geuuine.
4 ?M
J -a-
' 1
1a. C. MARSTERS & CO.,
'V- V V V N- V V V M-VS. V
And the Place to get them is at ,f-
1 111X01011 II
Oar hue of Bed Loatigee is up-to-date. Also couches and if we haveu'
wLat yon want, we will make it for yon aad yoa can have (he adraatage of
select inK jour own goods.
See our 26.00 Sowing Machiae,
have the best machine oa the market
long as any machine that is made.
Iron beds from -H-'io op and wood bed's from 11.80 up.
Haveiufct sorted op onr stock cl Wall Taper aad have some new de
signs that are hard to b&t. Late buyers can be sure of getting as good
coloriugs is those who bought early ia tbe season.
Oar motto is boneel values and good goods eold as cheap as it is possi
ble to wll Ibem.
of a
Goods, all that is new and up -
prices. Mailorders solicited.
Cass Street Market
Wholesale and Retail Dealeas in
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
Hay, Grain and Flour.
'Phone Main 181. Props.
' Successor to G. W. NOAH.)
I General Blacksmithing
Shup ou Corner Washington an(j Kane Sts.i Roeebnrir..
V'V V V N V V -V-N "V -X V-'V-V
TUia cuti au
exact reprebeuta.'
oa of a solid o ak
Rocker we ba e
in block, finely
finished rods,
arjuus, LigL Lack,
fcuitablo for par
lor or eittiag
room for$3.75.
Have other
good rouker
from 1.00 trp-
To see is to be convinced, thai, we
for the price and will guarantee it aa ;
...6. W. STRONG.
Chief Charm.
Shirt Waist, is the charm of
Novelty. It will interest you to
know that onr stock of waists is
Clean, Fresh and New. The
"snap'' and style of oar garments
at our usual low price are giving
us astonishing busy days on this
Call and examine our entire
stock of Staple and Fancy Dry
to - date at specially attractive
V V V N N . N. YrVNA"N''
Rosebiirg BaRery.
Hurrah ! Hurrah ! the bread does rLw
And nicely mad? are our mince piee..
No grumbling now. for the arice ia low
Inside the oven the pstui? do go,
60 when the pork and beans are dooj
: Camrades and patrons have wme fun !
Hot cakes and pea-nnta we now sell
And all that buy, their sweethearts tell.
I Rye bread and I oaves of every kind ;
; Huge lots lor low price you II nnd.
Each loaf is good weight and pure
j Used by the gent9 and inaidj demure,
j Direct your orders to Jackson Street,
I Each patron wc arc glad to greet.
j Props.
! Quardian's Sale.
nadawmeJ. the a-nanilan of tLa neraon
and Mtaia of Bo Joaepron. Srawl Joemk-
! son. Jallan Joaepluon and Walter -Jocepoao,
I nmior helrt of M. Jetephaon, decenaed, will br
! Tirtae of an order cf h County Court of betu-
1 las CoaatT. Etni of Orettin. tell at public soc
ton lor caaa la kand, at the Comi Hooae door
io BtMeburc, CnnflasCoantT, Orrgoo oa Toes
oay, .uiT.ii, issw. uun aour ot 1 o cioca p. ic
ol said dar, all th right, title and interest of
ald minora in and to tba followla desertbed
rfal propertT,
! a a. . 10
1 IrOacrea.
i Dmtel thia Tti dav of lane. Use.
CVA, GoaidUn.
v5V-. Doctor
Zf-' i IV E Y ERS
4. CO.
&i .aoi iaW ilt fa W
St,' mZSr.-ZL!r. f ..lIUUI1l RH
! 1
. 1 . J -V j
MMiin(toa:wil a.
K rf TIB Care4-
rrraausHK tr rtaas.
ALL ruz.
a vii 1
: M lllMHae
EWr 1
Notice For Publication. .
(Isolated Tract) -rCBLIC
L'5tm 9TiTt Ltd Omci
Eoseenrc Oreroa.
' Bonaance of inctrtsctioaa from the Coas
eitssfooerot tlie tneral Land OSee. under aa
taonty veMed in him 07 section M&S. C. 8. Bcr.
Svat.,.aa amended by the act oi Cong-ram s
fwred February 36. ls we ttfll proceed
io ocer at puaac a tie oa too una oa?
01 iiowt, 1 ., at
tmi oQce. Ui KHlowtna
tract oi land to-wlt: Lot i, ec. Zl,T. li,&. K. i
Any aad all persona clalminc adversely thm
bed lands are reaocated to nie thuir
claims la tliia oSico on or before the day above.
dAdgnaUd for tneeonuneneament of aaid sale,
omcrwuv uioir nsaia wui ue torsettea.
J. U. BOOTH, Bee
osz Mutt FArcvaovxa (1,500, aaosr tc -i"--.
Are paying good money at present,
bat a little more capital nee-led to prop
erly work the mines. Easy of access
will tell all or an intereet ia the tame,
For particulars see me at Boaaborg, or
P.O. Box 21 Bosehurg, Ore.
Administrator's Notice.
1 uidislsiied naa baea duly appointed ad
ministrator oi tbe estate of Bosaaa Vanalne.
dmssal, by the County Coort of boasiaa
Cooncy.OTegon.aadaUpertoaa having cialiaa
axalnst ald aatate are hereby BoOded lo praseal
toe same, daly reriiled. to said adaliilsa-svloe
at Oakiand, Orefon, wlUiln six nontha froa Ur
data of this noUca.
Da led at Koacbura, Oregon, this tae 27tn of
Jane. im.
(29) B. H. MASSING.
AvLninlsnwtor of tie estate cl Rosmna Mas
ainf, deceased.
The Home Bakery
701 Oak Street, Opposite
Central Hotel.
Fresh Baked Bread Every Day
"Boston Baked Beans,''
a specialty.
Administrator's Notice.
A' undersigned wa on the 7th dar oi July.
1S', ctaly appointed admlntatraUrof th tUU
oi Loudi.-a Jiitchell, deceased. All persona hav-li-.
claiuu against raid estate are hereby re
quired 10 present the same, propertr verified, to
me aid almiui-lrator at the law oiSce of A. X.
Crawford, m Uoxebutv, Douglas Counu, Ore
gon, within six months from tho date hereof.
rated this 10th day of July. Ik.
Aitminislrator oi the estate of Loudisa,
Mitchell, deceased. jlOtS
Tor In&nts and CMIdren.
Till Iki Yoa Hits Aiiap E:!
pears the
Signature of
For 5alc, ur Rent Cheap.
107 acres, 13 miles east of Roseburg oa i
' the county road, mile to school house -I
and 1' miles to the post office. 30
I acres tooced, house and tarn. Enquire
1 at Mrs. C. H. ars, Millinery Ptore.
1 pM