The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, July 20, 1899, Image 2

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    V S V .X V.. V V
a uirrel in Gopher Poison
Closing out Sale!!!
We arc closing out our entire tock for CASH
Now ii the time to BUY. Read Prices.
Mens' Heavy Boole, worth $2,60 u r f 1 iji
Shorn' " $1.60 tot3.0J,.. . rtiootofiw)
Ladies Heavy " ' $1.60 f,)r i (,
" Fine " " $1 60 to $3 00.... ..r !,(),) to 12.(1)
Boys SulU worth $3,00 to $5.00 t .r 2.IM to 3.5l
Mens' Pants at almost half price.
1 a
3 Ladles' Vests for Summer wear
23 yds. of Callc
Meos' and Boys summer Hats at Discount.
Three packages 31b. Uold Drop Washing I'ow.ln . .
Tea Bars Laundry Snap,
Four cans Tomatoes
Three cana K C. llsktnj Powder .
Seven 2 or., pan. Smoking Tobecco.
Dishes, Tin and Agatewate at almost your own price
And Effectual
traction of
lor $1 .(H)
Hay row before the stock is picked over. I'verythw K ii,
my store will be eolJ at Cost but for Cash Only.
ril ' i o ! i
J. A. Black. W
Drain, Oregon.
3 A. C. MARSTERS & CO., Druggists,
i j i '
V4l y r I
ii i
i l r i a. i
I -J - I
Squirrel and J&mUmW
Gopher Poison tMOUt
.it,,..,,. ,.. ryJ'P-A.
Tli B1 awl Cheapest Heiue.U - iP'-H.j&i&Kr)?'v,' lY
of the.- orvb.rd and - " iaJ.- -r-i H'y,
This cut represcuts our leader iu Iron and Enameled Bedsteads, the Best Bed
stead offered by any concern in.thc state for the price 4 25. Our line of Bedsteads
are complete. " Common Bedsteads for 51.89. Better ones for 52.25. Hard wood
as cheap in proportion.
Tlie House Fuxnisliers.
rnbllthcd Momlny and Thur!y.
a tk rtaiNUEAiXK riBUsiiiNti tv.
. 9 (TRATFORli .
I. t.9TlTroKO,
Editor I
..Mgr. and solicitor
. rn
i a. .nth
"ritwe Mthi
V 00
1 DO!
JCLY 20. ISA'.
The man who goes ou his utniu?r va
uitioe for -esercice it the oat who is
nvr JipiKiate.l.
Now is the time to tjin to mitke the
itistrict fair next u.outl. the grandtt '
Mccess of any et btfld. i
Ti father of JtfJhf8 and the uio'.hf r
oftriwuare reivicc more t!;an their
ehar ol public attention tUis satnme r.
General Summers is not onlr. brve j whico ntcU eevi Jeot;y
Mid worthy commander, hot also a good 10 PH1 your people azaiut the
fonacientiotuj frienl of :ha Oregon sol- :" nd Charles Eract au of
dier bove ' Bohemia. Tha said artkl stated in
substance that Chas. M. Coilier, a I'.
'. - . ,,..,! S. miueral purveyor ws vicioas'y ts-
fNwne vears ago bustutes ojencoulJut. ... . J . . ,
. atford to go to
the loist because
was so dull; now
ther can't aljrJ to
leave became boeioeee i to t rik. Twas
STwr thus.
, . ,
The aUte of Iowa is out
bat nearly half a ru:llion dollars in its
treasury. Such (samples of living within
tie income provided, aud keepin out cf
debt, ere so rare atuoug etates. conutiee
and maoicipalities that they are deee:T
inf of especial ' noti e and couixenda
tion. Yet this should ht r.a 1 co aid be
I be role, instead of the rare exception, if J
... , . , ,- ,T
eoaeaetiUons about piblic affurs
A. . T,
boat their own. Telejcraoi.
That thereto always two sides to a
nueefkw is sgun sirongly r vinced from
perosal of the article appearing ia thU
erne of the PUffocaLU which gives
prominent lioliemia miner s vereiou oi
tbe little episode of last wtt-k in which
B. S. hberidan. of this city, aud Survey
or C. M. Collier, of Eogene, oa the one
tide, and tbe Jennings brothers and
Cbac. Braneau, on tbe other, Ggnred as
the principals. The inference that a
state of law'eesnees exieU or has ever
listed in the Bohei.ia mines, is wholly
without fouoda'bn, regardless of the
fact that recently jme of the miners
proceeded to "bounce" an a'.torLey and
eonreyor whom tlif y t. aimed were tre'
passing on tbeir premise against tUeir
wiahee and yigoro os protests.
Portland had for a guet-t U-t week,
lion. Adalbert M. I'itey, a nun
baa acbeived dutinctioa not alone in the
-literary world a the an-h r of tbe "Life
of Admiral (ieorge Dewev aortiie IV w-
ej Family Hieto;y," a wjrk that is
narlma Umu tt'.l,.!' il i.m ar
or the. Holy Bible, and "Toe Life and
Letter of Admiral Diwey," now in
preer, but who also holds a resiwusible
position io the eeivice of the govern
ment. It is, perhaps, needless teay
' that Mr. Dewey id related to the hero of
Manila bay. Mr. Dewey was io Port
. ' jland, however, in the capaci.'y of a gov
. nusent official, a4 special agent of the
United States departaieut of labor, and
tor me porpose ol gatbenag sutiencs re-
rrdiog government! i.ou.iitious
Hegarding tbe wieties ol tbe Oregon
volunteers to be landed and mustered
out of service at San Francisco mstead
f at Portland, we do not believe there is j.
any excneeforthestay-at-hoestocom-l
J,ialn Thevo.untc.arett.eiueu w bo j
have done toe work, gone through the ,
egbnog.endoredthebar Uhirsnnl suf- j
feredfroui wound, aud oiseae. Ti.e ,
maUer was very properly left to ih.u, j
and no fauit shouiil lie fuuud witii ll.e !
choice tbey mad
been moved by
' - wPt j
sentiment; vn who i
hmlwsn wallowing in tropic-l ewairipejthiBin8Ul,ie Viev , :allrf, ;0 ,tliU..
haw had that knocked out of them. I, ,,, ()i , , ;,.,.-.,. t( Jmui
is noW business w uh tl.nn and an eager- ,., i.,, ... i. .
! ami l.ruii-aii, who ate m ipu-t ui.d
nesetobe tree fr;u the restraints of j ,. ,, , ..
.. 1 pfacHa'iie men as ttirre are in t f - ciini.
mmwnw ifi.n in. .. . t 11
. F . U
which tbey asked to be mustered out u. I
v"ttHm iuai tuey auow ,
pretty well what tbey want. ;
Barklow, Stage Co.
Fnvate conveyance fro.u Uoeeburg to ;
CoqnUle City via Myrtle Point, connect- J
fog with boats and traiue. Uave Co-:
qoille City and Roseburg Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays. Goo' rigs
aoo teaois. Beit of a-comodationr.
Fur prices and particulate call on or a I
drete, W. Pitwi.o,
.'irner tirijeer, ItoM-bnrg, ftrriton.
Boiiemia a Ciil. Law - bitliiig
Mining Camp.
Diffkultv Re&ullinir in
Uet-tr uclion
.of Surveyor Collier's Instrument
Provoked by Roseburg Attor
neys. U Ll:., Jo;y IS,
Lditor I'L viNDtALKK. :r : I t ei
. l'c in o-jr ta'aaVe aper far a ft w
j refutation of a ecorriious ariicle
j pperir.g in a li-.tie paper issued ia jour
j city oa the lih int.,cl'ed the Review,
bus:-;""'" V'
h.j. jenuina aa Lii&r.ts traaea'i,
; with a Winchester ritli, hi solar tran
i sit broken, ar.d t:ie eurvtvor ej-cted at
tthe mouic cf a rill, and otht r EtuiT
equally vile aid I.ilte. Ti e fatg are
uiai ecuie mree or lour jears i, liru-
neaa and some of the Jennin,;; loys 1 j
cated a mining c'aiaj calie I 'h? Helena,
and at or about the time they locate.,
they heard that one G. ti. tVartitr
claimed it and asked him aVxjct i', and
he said he had filed on it but oj jI J iut
i hold
it asho had one cLim oa tLat
Tnen Broneau aud the Jennings
i boys went ahead and extended abc'tit
t oft . . ., . ,- , .
12,0J0 bendes the:r time for three tr i
. . . . . ,i
ia uoa yiuj it,e c:aiiu aoo
cociractea io seii it at a gooj rotst.
I loen "IJ " rnr cojinjenced a suit in I
1T tot the mine and a.kd for an in- j
; inaction restraining Mr. Uruneau and
: """"n' ul,.," '"i lunucr
: ror hereon. fcaU suit was dismissed
and ll.e io junction deLieU by l:ie court.
About this time Mr. Bruneau and the
Jennings boys applied for a U. S. pa
tent for their mine. Thti Mr. Warner
comtLencvd an actional law io the cir
cuit conrt to recover the mine from the
Jennings and Bruneau, which action is
Dot yet decided. Then the attorney for
Mr. Warner secured the services of Mr.
Collier, cf Eugene, and went npon the
said claim with tee intention of eurwy-
j "-m orociea away,
cd went' ut 00 the. .third day retuntd
again, and notwitbstan J;n the rentated
1 r '. ft.... , ,
j warnings and deuianJj of tbe owners to
j kee, ofI ttie l'remise8 thvy forced their
I ou nj re,l,'ej 10 " itjea .Mr.
jJamM! "cning told them they most
,e've' anJ Mr' Collier 8liJ L ' o
,eave' He "" ut he had read
! notice not to trespass, an 1 he knew
be was on the Helena claim.
Mr. Jen-
u.ui,., iu rjunK ,m .roai toe preajeea
broke the
" "asi was
- 1 . 1
bc.iiog on i
of the claiiu.
The attorneys lor Mi. Warner are in
fault in the whole trouble, aa t'oey ad
vised the suiv. v or tiiat le hJ a legal
ri;ht to make the survey without any
ordf r of the courts or permi'smn from
uewnre, wmtii a.ivice was wrypp,
; and which they most nave known to
j have been wrong wbcu thy gave i
. The
surveyor was a tte.'perr and the par
ties with him, having no peruii-sKn
from tbe court or
owner.i to gi upi.n
iLie projnjrty.
, etnfl:ov aW 0, ,, jt,
lienjU ,,, an , "
Mw a (rtuW, io ,Ut cau( M-
ti, ,-,, uu re uu ,Lve
,j0ae af ,ia tiuit. ,;a.l it n ,t bec-u
, hy u tf 1Jr .
i,,,,.,, ,.i.,..ii . f . . , .
wirl1 uwyers, l.fvin3 in th main
:.,. ,,,,,-,,, ,, , .
"'lKol woikem, ep.-idmg lb
ar)(, u;(J:l(.y jn,Ijdn(? ,he ifi,
ir lime
.'it's of
tljJ w,1Qti) , HU
, .
,:l;aigtt uijj in sold Koeeburg
Poii.U -krt.T.. I . 1. . T : L "
.. . ., ....,,,.....,.,,, .iiunifn
I1B41 M' f.ll'llll Mlf-l Hrtl'B 11 Ff.ti. II mil....
elc.f wih ,ha intenli .n f taking l! e
u iuto tlieir own j,ULd!1 ie ab8(J,ulu!,
camp'' it any prison I herein. The said
Kosrburg alt'jrii.'v i-i probacy afiaid,
and well may he ''j, 1iCD he ndvires
tiefpMS? mi otlii-r ri.pie'H pr jpeitv.
Is.vai- II. BlNCH.VV.
Sopt. Miinick Mining .t Milling Co
Fell on His Head From Hotel Riddle
I in the Night.
Ott.v.vrs l'.vbs, Or.,Joiy IS Jjhn
j Gilviu, divisiju roadmaster. died at 10
! o'clock, at RiJd!e. from tbe eflect of fall
, i;;g from the eeeond ttuty window of the
Jb jtd. I tie ueceased iiiLer tell or
i w.i'.kej o-Jt ol the window some time
: during the night, feed was Hot fju:ul till
; mjri iuk'. He struck on his head frc?-
ar cR b-9 ,ieVM tvs lined con
Mr. ti.i!?iu nana native o.' IreUud,
and 53 years cf ve. He has lived in
Grants rarstince JS1, when the Ore
gon A CttUMruia railroad was eonsliuct
rd. lie has leei dii ieion roaiimaiter
between .Koi?-tiuri5 and AsL auii ince
i the road was I -uilt. Hisiaaiily cousiets
of one ! M'e. UiO Norris, of
Portland, " and ttiree eua, Thcmas,
Maurice nd John, living ut horue. . He
was a member of the Masonic iraternity.
Tne funeral eervirta were hel I Wednes
day. Looking tilass.
Mr. Win. Wii.iaais
here last wev.
of Diiiard,
The ciickicg of tlie linJer tan be
he.ird CE'.-e more.
Juo. ifauh went tj Koseba'g Tues
day cn business.
Asher KitbarJs of
I'illard attended
church l.ere t? Jndar
W. V. tiaixoaa and ftm;y
moved to Oakland to reside. -
Mr. J. Deaning is atTtu Mile visiting
his s's'.er Mrs. T. M. O'.Kvact.
Mr. t". S. riournoy of Hournoy valley
j waB I:iuS 1 nsiaesa hcra this we. k.
Mr. and Mrs. 1". M. Str.cklaiiJ
doing bns uess in Keburg net Thare-
i .'ir. an l jlr?. . V. L'avte
were pre-
j eented with a liue girl
ba'iy a fw days
Mls3 Kv lituuT ,u i MlM JeUio
j w .- M , from Roseburg,
last Sunday.
The famous lady preacher, Mrs. (sweet
who was holdirga series' of meetings
here last wck, closed them Sunday
Messr. Chas. aud Oeorge Churchill,
of Cleveland passed through here on
their way to Ten Milo to visit Mr. and
Mrs. T. Churchill, Uet Saturday.
Mi&3 Kivis AuJrus accompanied by
her uncle, Sheldon Maltoon, left last
Tuesday for Wasbiugton to remain in
definitely. Uev. Tabor of Klenbower delivered a
very interesting discourse last Sunday,
to a large crowd of lietcners. Next Sun
day is Hev. Cartel's day.
Mr. Ma. tin. the "broom maker,"
tells ui a thrilling story. When one
bight last week he was eu-ountered by
a large panther; as he lives on a hill
" I southwest of Looking Glass, he arose and
,arl.1 Ii Rnalinr. l,uf..rj .lawn'
between his nlace and K. M. Gomar.'a
l.fthxr.l a cl.r;it, .n1
u i3 0 a prao,,, answered it,
and iu a few moments he was confront
ed by the auinal. He carried with him
a candle which he waved before the
pursuing antauouis', and in that way
kept the ani.nal from him; sever ;1 times
in e'Jccesiou it Lft hun ttien returned
whilo he waved th? candle each time,
aud Iit it left altogether. When Mr.
Martin airive.l Kt Mr. tioodman's, he
ws not injured b-jt terribly friUteueJ.
B'ly ti.i.o-.
John K
;i a Si-utlh'nurg visitor
Inst etk,
J. M. Robinson itm-leu bubinon trip
to I'rain S'liiday,
J. M. Stark left hue for The Dalles
one ilay last week.
Mis IlcfhHie Culy, of Drain, was the
K'iet of friends in this locality last
Some of our young folks expect to go
to tbe fojn !o c-ii j y a plca?unt out
iug. Rev. W, S. Gordon, of Drain, preached
at tbis
p'ac! Sunday, to a well-tilled
Mr. and Mrp. A. Robinson, of Cali
fornia, sre iditinn relatives iu his vi
l inity at pre-rnt.
T. Aiidrewe, .f SjoUHburg, passed
tbrongli Klkton Saiuiday on his way to
tlm county nat.
IhePocial Siiiiiday evoniui! was said i
j to be an enjoyable affair.
tj'ii'e a crowd I
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
was present aud eujoyed the entettian
on. tit a ud refreshment.
The firm o( lVctlev
poitel, have sold their
cluudise to Jce Lyons,
, , i.
, "
w. w .
HprkT,. V.r.ifi ttv cAml 1-.a r.nt.lti.1
.Ii .. i ,i. . .
of the rale.
Mrs. J. Ivjtler aud daughter arriveJ
home from t!.e ricicity of rkottaburg
last week, wlit-re they speut the Fourth.
- m m
Dor., July llth. to Mr. and MreH.
t ... r.,,,-
1. n . UHiu.f, a con.
Jacob t'halwuk. a trom:iii.i;t Iirmrr
Bni t,n,in m nf tvr,l- --a i. .t
Glen lale
... , . v . ( , . ,. ., ,,
. K. Joces. of the famous Oold Borf
u.iuc mas ociu oupiuraa ai Mivnuair ;
Mrs. J-teJliaoi of Central
l'uiut maJrt
her eon and daojt'nters at Glendale a vi- I 8uLS in u whethtr l.ry e. me in
it last week. ' holy or one at a tio.e.
Mrs. Hardy ElitrT and Mrs. Celi Ling- j hao1 1 ? Jar b-9t ul def ine t-o par
enbariof the Cedar were the caeate 0 i take of lee cream at your expense ader
Mrs. i. i EllifTonToeeday.
Rev. Tarker onr new pastor, ia holding j
a series of meetings at the new hall, j
Tbe attendance is very good. ;
Mrs. S, Battle of Canyon ville, who has 1
been visiting her eon. Peter Ultui, aud Mir -i'- uron clMe chcol
hie family ai Glendale. returned home j ou Uo Frjiri in dT
Tues'ay. j Miss Walsh we are informed will
Mrs. Amanda Ball of CanyouvUle and j d." 1,er leroj Hfy
Mr. Joaonh Brow n of ;aloavilU. awnt a ! district in a abort time.
day of last wet-k visiting ilendale;
Miss Gertrude Wilson of Medford, and
Mies Kuilt Uvan of Graute Pas, are the
guests of Mr?. Adelis RedSe'd at Bcsky-
Mr;. II. 1'., who has been rusti
cating at Mr. Rioter's mines on Snow
creek lor tome time, returned home
O. F. Kobrer has opened a wholesale
and retail butcher shop on Pacific avenue
where lie keeps the est nf everything in
thit line.
n. 1 i. 1 w- 1 i .i 1 -1. . I
L'l. ftuu jiib. j v. . wc, ui 1.10
view, will arrive on the 1st for an ex
tended vieii with Mr. I'awej'd mother
and other relatives.
V W - v 1 44 va aa wa w a wr awx. oaap-MM w a a v a
will arrive Ibis evening for an extended
visit with his two daughters, Mrs. .lo
cum aud Mrs. Miller, at this place, and
may reside at Glendale in the future.
Mrs. F. T. Lady returned on SanJay
morning from a three moolhs' visit with
relatives at Portland. Mr. Lady, who is
with tbe W. U. Tel. Co. at Riddles, ac
companied hie wife to Glendale, return
ing to Riddles Sunday evening.
Tbis entire community was pained to
hear of the tragical death of Mr. J. F.
Galvln. at Riddles today. MK Galvin
had a ho3t of friends here, who will de
plore the peculiar accident that resulted
in hie death. And, we join them all in
tendering profound sympathy to the
greatly bereaved family.
Judge and Mrs. F. O. Plotner enter
I uineJ a namber oI their fr;en Js at tlieir
pretty suburban, on Sunday. Among
the number were, Mr. and Mrs. G. G.
Elliff, Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Lady, Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Redtield. Mrs. P. K. Deaey
Mrs. I. Boyd aud her daughter. Miss
Maud Warnor, and all of tho W. V. Tel.
Co., mea who came op on that day from
Riddles. A very pleastnt sociable was
enjoytd by all.
J. E. Cox, who has held the position
of section foremsn at Glendale for some
years, will remove with Lis family to
Woodviile, Jackson county, August 1st,
whero he will take charge of the section
th- , be having changed locations' with
A .iew Kelleber who wiabcM to come to
Uiendalc on accouut of the delicate
health ot his wife, thinking she will be
beneGited by ths pure water and fresh
air of this healthy locality. Mr. Cox and
his family have made many friends here
who regret theii going.
Glendale rejoices with all of Oregon at
tbe return of our brave soldier boys, and
would be delighted to give them a recep
tion, if they could eUy here a short time
as they pass on to their homes. We
would honor ourselves iu doing homage
to the brave soldiers tried and true, who
have o tie red their services to defend our
flag from a wily and treacherous foe in a
foreign land. Aud tears of tender ay ui
pathy falls from eyea unused to weeping
as we think of the sadueas of those
mothers w hose boys are left behind in
lonely graves, 111 the Pnilippines. May
)i comfort them us He alone ca.i do.
The women o' a Kaiibas town have de
cided to wear trousers insteid of skirts,
bloomers or other female covering for.
the pedal trcuiities, owing, as tbey say
lo the stvere winds prevailing tbere
Such action would rretf quite a breeze
ln "" town-
Pithy Paragraphs.
- - j ...... ."""a1-
ones will kive you euougii troub!e
, . , , ,. ......
i eopie wiiii meee Kina oi iiiuos i '. , )
; buouiu uo caieiui as io uieir
.i ii , . .i . . . .
bike cos-
A woman at lite iientiol d cau give a
tnau an example of bravtrv that i'. will
take him 3 ears to foiget.
Some people are bora tired, aud oth
ers seem to have been born for the pur
j pons of making others tired.
, Sw,," J mtnied m,n,
knows how to govern his Wife, tut the
1 . .. .
: trouble is the wau l let him do it.
Jail,etnK by the sue of ti e writs 3iany
j women weir the eig:i revlu.-ed waists'
seen io many windoas ii fullv exempli
Inerearea irrrat uianv anxiouii bar-
jenta who wid lie giad to atlcome their
yon have dropped a mild hint putaio'.og
to tbe scar- ity of the almighty dollar
that is tovr.
Mrs. A. K. Ozoui
is expected heme
this week, having almost recovered
from her recent illness.
Re. Buckcer passed through town
one day last week as a delegate to te
A.O. I . The Dalles.
Mise Fanny Andrews Las retained
from California and la vi?iting with her
numerous friends and relatives.
D. V. Botler, Misses Sadie Wcde,
Josie Andrews and Sadie Andrews, at
tended service at tbe Long Praiiie school
The family of Dr. Kuykecdall came
down last week for their annual outing
at the beach ; they are the tint comers
tl the season.
Today's .Market.
Portland, Juoe 2S. Eggs Oreon,
IS cents perdci.
Butler Best dairy, 22s(.i25c; fancy
creamery, & Ilk per roll.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, to.Oiti.tW
rrunet Italian 23',:. ailver, extra
choice, 4 i)i per lb,
Wheat-Walla Walla 53 03c; Val
ley 5iiiC0c; blueetem oStgGOc.
Oate White 34oe; choice gray,
42 g 13c. per bushel.
Millstuir Bran, 1 j; middlings
shorts, d LO; chop, $10.00 per ton.
Hay Timothy 3510; clover. t79;
Oregon wild hay, 10 per ton.
Wool Valley, 15tGi: Lastern Ore-
gon, SiS 12, Mohair, 20(230.
Potatoes Oregon Bnrbanks, tlo;
Garnet Chiles, fl.o0-.3tl.75; California
(new) 23 wr pound.
"Th tiiRht my hooae
iHir ntd. ral rrars aro,
I was taken with abort-
new of brcatb and pal
pilatioa of tbe heart,"
writes Mr. Suua C
TuUohof Sulphur Mioea.
Louisa Co., a. "The
trew wora all the time,
until a few tuontb aao,
when I commenced th
ue of Dr. pierce a medi.
ants. Before that 1 could
scarcely eat aavthior. I
could not leep at night, waa aot able to do any
work, and could scarcely act around the aouae.
I bad riTrn up all hope of ever getting well
again: but I cm well again, and I give Doctor
Pierce'a medicines all the credit.
I took the "l-'avorite Prescription.' the
Golden Medical Discovery' and ' Telleta.'
Dr. Tierce's Favorite Prescription is a
medicine for women only. It cures alt
forms of female complaint stops back
nndside-acbe allays the infiamma-
tion which causes those dis
agreeable weakening drains on
the system pro-
motes regularity of
the feminine func- ,
ttons, and
makes rtainful .'. J
penods a tninc x
oi tne past.
Dr. J-inrt's
Golden Medi-
.... j.
t . 1. - 1.1 , A.
liver, lungs, i
and nerves.' It',
cures all ti on- '
chial and throat troullr, strengthens
weak liuis. stops bleeding from the
lungs, and builds tip the entire srstem.
II puntici tne I'Wxxt, stirs up a lazy liver,
ana soothes almsed, crying nerves.
Neither of these medicines contains
any alcohol, whisky, sugar or syrup to
preserve if. properties, but both will
keep perfectly in any climate.
Dr. Pierce's rieasant Tellels cure con
stipation. They keep the bowels open
ana regular. Tbey do not gripe.
When you ask a dealer for these medi
cines get u li 'i I yon fir. Substitutes
are not as j,'md. They arc, at l)est. only
imitations, and cannot imitate-th cures
wrought by ihv genuine.
&urua wrMM
J?W ' T NT A
if r-'-S. 1 ,V
til I W W X.
T. -.- - V '. N X -
V . V . k V . . .
And the Place to get them is at
Oar line of Bed(Loanges is up-to-date. Also couches and if we haven'
wtat yott want, we wilt make it for yon and yon can have tbe advantage of
selectinff your own goods.
oee our ?i.txw cawing Jiactane,
have tbe best machine oa tbe market for tbe price and will guaraalee it at
long as any machine that is made.
Iron beds from fLi5 up and wood beds from $1.80 np.
Have jobt sorted np oar slock of Wall l'aper and have some new de
signs that are hard to beat. Late buyers can be sore of getting as good
colorings hs those who bought early in the season.
Our motto is honest values and good goods sold is cheap as it is possi
ble to oell them.
of a
Goods, all that is new and up
prices. Mailorders solicited.
Cass Street Market
Wholesale and Retail Dealeas in
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
Hay, Grain and Flour.
'Phone Main 181.
& kFS1 IC DII "t Tvt -vi-r.-NiK.,
aucceaior to
General Blacksmithing
buwi. uu cumcr vt ninxton
. . V . v V V -
X "V X X X X X -X X - -X - X - X . .
This cnl i au
exact represent
on of a solid oak
Rocker we ha o
in stock, finely
finished rods,
arms, high Lack,
suitable for par
lor or sitting
room for$3.75.
Have other
good rocker
from f 1.00 np.
loseeis to be coavioceJ, thit, we
...B. W.
Chief CriarnL-
Shirt Waist, is the charm of
Novelty. It will interest you to
know that our stock of waists is
Clean, Fresh and New. The
"snap" and style of our garments
at our usual low price are giving
us astonishing busy days on this
Lall and examine our entire
stock of Staple and Fancy Dry
- to - date at specially attractive
0. W. SOAH.I
and Katne ate., Koeebnric.
E Pllfli
X X . X
Roseburg Bakery.
Hurrah ! Hurrah ! the bread Uoeit rioo
And nicely made are oar mince lies.
No snimblinx iivw, f-r th orioe is
Inside the oven the ans dt g,
So when the irk and beanu are dine
Comrades and patrons have some fun !
Hot cakes and ia-nnU wc now sell
And all that buy, their sweetheart tell.
Rye bread and loaves of every kind ;
Ilajre lot for low price rouTl find.
j Each loaf is good weight and pure
Used by the gents and maids demure.
Direct your criers to Jackson Street
Each patron we arc glad to greet.
' Props.
Guardian's Sale.
nnderttnJ, tho (uardUa of tb peraoa
aadeatateof Rosa Joaepbaon. gamnel Joxrpm
oo.Jaiiaa Joarsbaaa and WaUea- Jwenbaoet,
minor nejra 01 a. oeTuoa. ueceaacM. via by
virtue ol an order of the County Court of Doug
las CoantT. etate ol Oregon, ae.l at pablie aae
'lon lor rasa 13 band, at the Court Honaa duor
in Boaeboix, loemglaa ikmtar. Oregon n Toea
day. Joiy 11, 109. at the hour erf 1 o cloca n.
of aald dav, aU the rigbt, lite and istamat ot
aid minora in and to lha foUowlo demnbri
real propery. tawwtt- The oS ot
MUand!4o(NWtO Seittea Towuiji?
j a. a. hi . nuisiaeiie Baeruuan, com ralmatr
bated ihm Ttb day of June, Uff.
rjtl) oaai-iian.
6. CO.
"warn awr. ,.
. M tW M t
9 TJ TIB Car!.
rcraausMcoiT vcaac M-iraX
tB httOTwrAiiiiab r- " j- 'j- TraiilUlj
Notice For Publication.
(Iaolaud Tract) t
Ckitb sTJirss Lua Oma
Koaebwif. Oregus,
urauancc ol lnatroeUona from toe Caa
misilonerof the General Land OSJce, aader ao
tnori mtexi in bim b. Am-Uoh 3a. n k. VLm
Stat-, aa amended br the act of Congrats bb-
pww rcoruarr ja, nw, wo wui
il vruraod
loia day
10 oner at iuatic atlo oa tbe
f:r, kij, a una omor, tae- loootnoc
tract ot '.and to-wit: Lot i, Jiec. 21, T. 14, H K. 4
Anr and all pcrsuru claiming 'wdvtnelj lbs
aboTc-doKribeu lands are reqneated to lie taear
eiainu In ibis omce 00 or belora tho day abwra
t-TlynaleJ for tbe eummencetseot at aatd 1,
otberwvts: tbeir riclita will Ve focfeited.
July 13, ia. " -
I- U. BOOTH, Kegfetac
Kecart. UStK)
oxi miss rAiLNo ovug $100, sncm Ttrsa
Are paying good money at present,
bat m little more capital needed la, prop,
erly work the mines. Easy -of access,
will Bell all or aa interest ta the same,
For particulars see m at . Koeoborz. or
P.O. Box 21 Row borg , Ore.
Administrator's Notice.
A' uudenigaed baa been duly appointed ad
ministrator of Uie estate of Roaana Mannisz,
deceased, by tho Cooaty Court oi iooU
County, Oregon, aad all penoDS tavtnj eialma
aeainat .aid estate aro hereby noOiied to present
u aame, duiy verldeO, to amid aJmLnlrtratur
at Oakland, Orejron, wicliin tlx ombUm Iroai tita
01 uus nouoe.
Dated at Roaebnre. Drmn.
thi t tbe ta st
Jane. ISM.
B. U. MAjrsiSO,
Admlnisrratoeof the etate A Rosaaa Maa
ning, duccaacd.
V V V ' V V V V
The Home Bakerv
701 Oak Street, . Opposite
Central Hotel.
Fresh Baked Bread Every toy
"Boston Baked Beans,"
a specialty. '
Administrator's Notice.
tinderUgned waaon the Tth dar ol JuW.,
1, duly appointed admtuistrater 0 lha estato
ol Mlu hell, t-eaacU. All peraooa bar
lug claiuis against .aid est a to aro hervby re
iiiircd to irv.ut tbo same, vuvperlv venflol, to
the said administrator at tlio law oftico of A. M.
t raw ford, ia KoKbuiv, Douglaa Count. Ore
gou, within six tuoutba froia the data hereof.
i-Hivu mis tutu uay 01 July, is9.
.... J
AiimmistratiT of
the rstaio of Loudiaa
Mitcliell, decvasvd.
. jl0t6
For Infants and CMldxta.
TU3 M You Hars AhrafJ
Bears the
Signature of
For Sale, or Rent Cheap.
1 107 acres, 13 miles east of Kaseburg on
; the couoty roaJ, raile to school bouse
landl'j miles t the post orEc. 30
' acres leuoed, Uouf e and barn. Enquire" "
at Mrs. C. II. Sears, Millinery Store.