The Plaindealer. (Roseburg, Or.) 1870-190?, July 03, 1899, Image 2

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gMBTiii.ii ;i .1..W,M,l.J.1B,,fclll' i' at ' -iwjaw
This cut represents our leader in Iron and Enameled Bedsteads, the Best Bed
ttttd offered by any concern in the state for the price 4 25. Our line of Bedsteads
art complete. Common Bedsteads for Si. $9. Better ones k r 15. Hard wood
as cheap in proportion.
Tlie Kou-seF-uriiisliers.
PiiMtabed Mtmi.v and Th-irviay.
Twa fLtrSTKALBK ITKl-l-HlNij t o.
. . 9TAtroK ..Po'-au!r!
V. C BOKSER. Editor I
f. klTlATTOliP
Sabacrlplton Mates.
to Mtata
Hm Vaattw
.... 1 CO
,. jc .
Wnen the 13 u;.s peal out i t eaorise
(morrow aorcii.j, July the Foattb, it
wiil bt tbe vf tlie in
af sraticc ef tht rrca'ttt cei',1. ration of
tk nation's natal day that l a ever been
ksbi in Kosebare. Evi.! of the
tasd prtjaratijue (hit have made
Wr the occasion may te f eu oa every
ka I totes and vaiiuus ftreet? hare
takia on a brilliant t.i- air. n l ii
tits Vaaatiful. cool, h jy grove on the
ettks of tbe pla id TTusi qa in the west-
tlborbs of tuwu, w here the exercises
Wil) be held, bus tevii put m holiday
(aire. Tbe city hit; already a'jumed a
fisry appearaiu-it and ty tomorrow
ornicg wi.l l in hl.r
Jot wbat patiictieia be voiced oa
taw day can only te cui.jectored, bat
tht it will ciai in vo!ame fro:u every
searee Is cerUin. The executive cm
salt res annonnces that tvrj thin; is now
ahlpsbapeind shere h no doubt but
wkat tbe day will U- celebrated ia a
Matter that wiil make ttif alien; apply
vapers of citizenship ae coon as tbe
faetiwities are wer. Tu-r- is sumeihinj
aeoltirring in the fiht of old glory
f oating on tbe breeze a monument nn
t Itself and a source of inspiration and
Jeyalty to 70,000,030 people, it needs
at the drum-beat and eight of "Old
lry" to form a ral'yin point for every
leyal able-bodied un in tiie land who
4r willing and ever r.-a ly to de.'en 1 the
M tag with their latt I reath of life,
arrfch for tbe jrhri u rourtli !
One of tbe depre ein thoabta of tLe
ienT it that youu Ame:i.-a has several
fcsnsdrsd more liuuc ie tJay than he will
passes afitr the hut Fourth ef July Ere
itkr baa exploded.
Ketitacky democrats in thfir platftrm
tck the usual party grouud that protec
ttn is responio.e f r tru!?. 1'erhape
they will esplaiu the oriitt of tru.e in
free trade coonlrief.
lowa:e eilver repu!lie'i party has
eon out cf boeinese, i's few members
announcing that he re a f:-r (hry wiil be
Uoerte. M a matter cf fact they
Jievt been that li the tiuu-.
It will pay to treat o-ir vlsithijf j jniinl
eta royaiiy, and make their two or three
ems' sojourn in li)eb jr) ati event
wbieb will prove t!io bospitility of Rose
forji people, the state acd the Pacific
Cast. Give the eJinrs a toyal recep
fien for it will he an tuaur ta the n and
fe yoo.
TLe Forest tir ;v- T m'-i ca ie tuour
(able this week s-ndwe i.otetLe tLial
and versatile Co'. J. !.'. Eidy bis re
otne its ed.tor tn 1 jiiopiiet o, wh i.'i is
guarantee tha t' e ia;tr v.ili he
brighter and more interesiin tL.m ever.
Htr our bat.d Bro'.ler lvJdy, aud
assy yo:i proep-r ahunda;.t!; in yoar
BiSW leld of ld'.H)r.
Ii the are giiug to throw htiu
4rsds of tlioja.tiid i, men oat of em
teyment, and ' the sune tms laise
prices to consujiere, they will before
lenjr come in toa'a:t with the biggest
isnerican c'.ub tliey ever saw, heard
r lreawed f. Furtliermore, tiiey could !
net arouse a more ,:lufi,emy than the !
eaarxiereitfl tmeiete
o! tne country.
Trtess men belon to party, thvogh
llian ar.Mui;f, MtA ....... .I'll
'-ir one
way. a great majority if them voted (
for Cleveland in J&92; v. ty few of titm
voted for bryao in lsO'j. i tiie '"drum
itsrr" go, io toes the country, aud if
thty tske up toddle againt-t the trusts, :
there wiil be a hot time in trust-:
txwn anma nt lhf Ways. j
'On he ihiiss of t uba,'' t.tvl Mr.
, Vouu, prominent L-aai newspaper j
i man in an address to the lioutth KM, ;
juea I ta the St. .( etrrans (
um,lu,M w"r" 1
talkers 1ieJ t . faw, J tUc i.
L'f '
..Mpr. ad icUcitor Confederates f!t;:Led iu the satne uu:
loroi. bearios t!it- esuie arms acd ai-trc!:-
injr under the foi :lir. nl the t-ti! ; 1
tjruicr slaves accor.tretuet:e 1 and'd .
liae the o'.htrt, whb ttte t;! above tliftn ;
aud tlie eatue par;we iu their iirarts,
aud lv) ii..k-i.i,irn f Lii.-l-I :oded iadiatw
sellk'v 1 5n u "m !'J "5 1:r'! lU I
1 1 .. T I
i vcw to high Hoav..ii never to he a ii.-.r t- .
' aLiim ill-it h :ti! i iirVt r i
- ,, , ii. ii.
all Axeno-ins thoj.u iouk thke to mi'.
rmmmmm !
m .... .i ... .1 . ,- .. ... . ( i
the Ctitei S'aU" haw bad .!-ir iLewbe 1
Ws-ly iocrote ' ;te the day cf I;K5, j
when the B-jauite rtiu of tuJurtiia! j
terror rae ucder a ay. Between i.l,- j
00J and 3,tM,O0i i; oic wapes is tl'u- j
burted to the :ik'is v.1 ti.e eoiti.iry
eveiyday at ies-;.t Bun.wa-srtven at
the time that thv lei-udiatiou paitv !
mnki:.? ita auri three wjis a;.. thn j
country bears uotuii. o! '.he " t i I
j 173 ' days. It i .h.- ei i.-. e tt l-vw
the advance in the wa. ci
the vat ainjrity of Aa.uii.vji wi':kef.
n all the idu;:iits atid th irettra! h"i,b
tide :a itii wave of
ty thfit is eefiil:v
wLith is diiiturbioj :
r-p-.i..".:.-aa ; rj?..-1.-uv-jr
ti. ; c j u -
.;0 Ie.::J'a'i : J .fi
Summer at the beach w ith aii in gaiety
wiil be late t'ii-, as ti.e
"eblrt-wais;'' girl is awaisit f tLa ir'.uin
olher6oldier h.y'bel;r tioirti: do an
The dear girls tre b.'g:.-!niu l plaa lor
August clam riigio, fjo.uivht s:r
camp-firr e ar.d ail '.Low. ttlu r .leii'.i
fol things that make tert.'il.' Y.h a di j
cf bliss. "When the 5v-3 c pk Lcac" i
is uuw about all tne c.i:. Lear. Sl::h-J
mer g jwns ar.d u.itty itooj'.s ait.- t e-j;.ir
carefully locked after. aie t-r-
ing plant ed and tlie 1 1 i bo;s wi.l
have to emiie od 5 ).k v' and no
duubt ".bey will Le ph-ased. Tl--;i,i:i;.
Ti.e trastees cf Wjiiistijette ui.ivt-r-aily,
baviug cjusilt?rel the r ;p;iltij
of Bre'idcDt Hawiey to ileit a '.Icr.-ynia
as president if tba oaivt rntr. decided
not to act at present on the
"ugijestijn, auJ re-elected Pretiiet.t
Hawleytolhe presidency f;.r the ensu
ing year.
When ycu notice a man uwa'-uj. iu the
garden very slowly, tin pin tfita to
rest and twin' cccaslon iliy, i."s sa f-s t"
say bis wife has g )t him t work, but ii
be be digging like a goo i fellow cever
sio ping to real and whistliu a popn!..r
air, lie's alter woncs for bai. V.n.
President Will Come West.
Wamknown, Jane -J Squalor War
ren, of Wyoming, called uio:i the preei
dent today with reference t j Lis Wee'.
ern trip. Tee presib-ii? conrtadicted
the pnb'.ibl-d repir:- th-.t lie lice
abandoned the jjra (if k' In' Wet this
Grand deception for Volunteers
Oa occaaiou of tbe return tt '.lie 2nd
regiment ol Oregon vo'.tiu'.eerj iLre w.jl
baagianl crlebtation h Portland, and
it is probable thai the Sjiihi i :. Batit'.e
Company wiii c'iier speciil rates fr.ti; all
po:nle in i's tbegoti lints. Fall iiifjtm
atiaa as !o m'tr, ute of celebration, etc.
will bi Huiiounetil l.:tr. Further par-
tico'-ars can be obtaired Uj i. otiv SvUtb- i
ero Pacifi agent. Y-.ara l-uly,
C. II.Makuiiam.
Pros-perous Cons Bay.
Tne I r-:-e .t I l .'u - . r.; .y 11
biy ty f .r Mrp . : t:e K.-rin-.-
Ol tlie Wi! l.-rt r:.l'i:i -i v
boam ia hi-t..-r!tu nd t-'.rji '
has sta te 1 in iip-i o-: .-n I v. i'.h
forewarning. It w.'i u :
before every av.tiia'i e i .'ii:' c
the country i ! 1 r-nnsi-.i l .ii
C ) .5
fchij -build r- nu ti: : b. luve e n
for all t'j i i ti. :ii bill
;U,i j
everything toia'-. i v i'i i:v ti th
liabin of iw u -w ;.ar lt 1.
field. A for f l v, r i-.v ,.: ti
dc-r t'.e SUpetvioa o.' !.. ti ..a-.
work pjttin,; the I' , t-r 11. id i:: r
to run and eAjie : 1. ! t.- iiy
e-tib- 1
I ir j :i
i-. ;-.) ;
l.l ;
r n . -
l...t,X. 1... 11.:. O I V , , .
... fm,,t on !, - e '
;..i. .. ,.t , .
iitih .iir;w:i;.i,
heeil , ,.,,,, ,,,, (,
' '
j9 in demand and
sliips 1 .! '.' I
tion are desired. .- t.e ".-i.-irt" liken
i uu the biv te of ttiv I trii.m ivj an J i.iv'.
of a I oviii vp Msr-iLiirl ! t i:
tp,it lfare the eyes, d--i ,011 . n.:y,
t-on-tai.t woriy. Hudisn iukh Ad
dni;'gihti". V) eeritv
Kiddle Items.
K v. 17 Vo ly ii t likhig F arih el Jul-,
atJ:J i;s'lU ,op. ,. tl,llJj; 0 ,j0. l;cCoKe
j,,,,, vcumli .u,l vu.i will interest
.iru Uili was in tjxu l iiJty.
Kev. Mi.ler cf i'.iUiJ, creciie-i at iliit
P-8'8 .-'JU"y.
T F.ite n' Days C.-tk. a iu l.jn
fr sfvrrai days !at ee'a. a. it. Cie tiude a prcU-esiostal
via t ti '.e:.di Ijs'. Tuesday.
W. L. Nk'.uIs w,ut to I'.rMaad the
htvf catlle
XX" a I liditis iiu.!. i-isler, tii ol l'iy
Crvtk ht-ft yjitn v u !e, ere in tbl
eity 1j1 V.i:it...!,iy.
Fted JK:u!, i.t cuu:j.t.y with Mia
A. I.t Ikdgo. eatue uvt-r tro u 1'at.jouvitle
Wednesday evetir.j:.
Oeo ??.eatu, otiif i;.c prouitueot
b!.t:ea .e: of, was doing
b;it;iie6 at r.ii I'iiw M jiidiy.
, r- jvj .-e ra ,J4 (ro:u tbe
(jia. ker J .t k r.ii.e a few dsvs Mtf) aad
: , f, ., . p
BdTar.i Vcisi, o:,e o! the cutcriris
iu farn.eis and Ir-i jcr.w ers of the M .s
vuc I'jitoui, .ss doia bus:r.e?3:n town
Fii 1st.
Dr. t .vf ieit frilay nvht wrta the ei
p.t.t';.a - f,' D g. to Alaska,
w'.itre L;n a eua who ia ?er:cu5lv ;'!.
Jme el cur .irosrr iive rerectiy
e.!l their .ol ..t lj tvnts p?r poaad.
Viaite a cotitras'. i -etween this and Cleve
land ptiiv?.
it. tofio Cairo cji sauday uiurctng
frjai My, tie Crtek to fee Mri. 'Viu
lilaiin.s alio Las 1 ecu ;ka f.r the past
n .'ek ii". her Loiiie i:i th.s city.
?Ir. II -la :md daughter,
ilJti i.e it-si i-n'.s .( Caaye.-iviile. but
t; ia :. l'.i.i'ad, ;. .... an Sai-day morn
itg to fpvi-1 tie l .:r.ii here anl vitit
ru rr!t;'-es a:, 1 t.-:iJ-.
Mr. a. ! M??. L. . Mer.iaia Lavegyue
t j Days Cv i- to i o i.!i Mr. Merri
iLaii'e n.'t vrf who is seriously ii! witL
p:ie.!Oj .:ila. We are ieaeed, however,
to irarl thl be' coad.tioa is Jomewhat
Mi-- Jcsie Siuii'i ilaet J a sacceesfu!
' nioi.lbs U-ita tf echoo! in the upper
. ... ....
Miss Smith
hw5 t r jvta herfe.f to be a eomnetent
tpcher, aid the directors Lave shown
tbtir appreciation. eecaring l er eer
vices for the !al! term.
Dan't forget that tLera will ha a rous
ing telelranuti h'. Biddiu un the Fourth.
;eaki:lJ, recitations, music, etc., iu the
f ren jici ; f p.r.s and games of different
k.n !'! i:. tlie afiernoxii and fireworks at
ninlit, ar5., a wiii Le given in
Jac kson's ne warehoase.
Best Way to Reach the Coast,
Jutt t,uw when there are so many
State r.-Mes to the Valley it U rpite iiu
poiian: that the u .lii- rbould know of
the best, cheapest and most convenient.
A 'in re; rcsentirive Las just made tbe
journey over ihe s'.cpe line from Myrtle
Point to Rowburs and cju say that this
is without doui.t the easiest way to
reach the Valley. v
Tliere are no tteep giades, the roads
ore.'.h and in tiny condition; the
rou'e ij well f- (ickd ami th siae com
pai.v ii iM i;::id.- ahoudaiit roviiou far
the cjinfoit ff nil trave'eri?. If you want
to tv.vo! wi;:i eje mid over on of tne
mofct pittiirePipie Hjc routes in South
tin ih'i D, then von wiii faka n Irin
j ni:h ..,e Mvrj,. l0int A K.eel.ur Suge
jc. StigeleaveM daily. S. B. Hermann,
ant, .l!y,'.e i'. C. Beam,
ag"i.t, ;:i.?'-"ir.v AT.irrh::-! Snii.
Letter List.
1, iitiii.c ":a
1 ( .. ri. tho
.si Iiii4 1 b ir 1. s'liU-iv :
it ar.yjCi.-e.':ha Jl:.a K.:i: ..l ,Mr- Nellie
d ;-3 ! Ilermoa, M s. K 1 ii--r i:."
") m ! Kiiv.ade, Tlioaias
' i ; j lltdsbooiu, Al .Mvt.'rc, Mrs. Alice E
.lone?, t'.cvr 1 e r k i : ; -, J. A.
l'ersoai i-1 i,'a ( ,: th mj lo.Uvd will
pier ' d'.ai th
. ilat.uiii v.iiicli the y were
oly ii IS Too letters
I f jr :t tlij rate of one-
Wm. A. i'"n vitii,
1'. M.
1 adverti?ed,
i wiil be chari;
1 cent e.ifli.
Barkiow, .Mar In Stage Co
lVlv.t'.e ivii
Ccjoi'le fi!;.
iiif.' i'.'i I - :.!
(vi:!i City
W I'd net-' I-js
iiHi tv.;Pii .
tey .t.c-: I r: K .f-vbmg to i
i 1 Myr.l-j I'.jiil. connect-;
i liO 1
.ml U
n n. i,...ivo Go-1
Mondaj 8, !
a ii 1 ndAj?. Goo' rigs
iJ' "1 lli CiHIlod-.'.iouS.'i
f. r tri'-es and ivuii-iilatH call on or nd -
P.rrEHov, i
I foriier 'iroeer, Boirditirp, Orpgon.
TUESDAY. JULY 4. 1899.
Under Auspices Poseburjr Fire Department.
Nalioaal Salute at an n rue.
Grand Tiirade, (ormioii ut Couit lloufee
at 9:o0. Hod. B. B. Beckley, Orand
Marshal. Aiftant Marshals: J. C.
Aiken, II. C. Slocutu, K. B. Dixon,
iianv Binkaton, T. J. Williaras, Ueo
McUotigal and K. T. WoodrnrT.
Hon. D. S. K. Uuick j.tefiilent uf
the day.
Fire DepatttueDt leads the way, fol
iawed bv Albanv Concert Band : carriage
occupieJ by Orator; Header ofUec!ara-j
lion; Chaplain aud President of Day , 1
t ibetty Car; Grand Army; Officers and
Veterans ol Soldiers' Uoma; Belief
Corps; Indian War Veterans; Civic So-'
tieues with Floats; Individual Floats ;j
Carriage: Horaebaek Brigade; Bicycle ;
BaradA;Mug I'gliee.
"; Ltxi r MABcn. '
From Court House to Jarksuu street, j
toCaes, to Sheridan, to Bane, to lUn
Grove. !
Selection, br Albany Concert Band.
Prayer, by Km. Douglas.
Cboras of one hundred toiees under 1
direction of B'uf. Traver.-
BeaJini" of lbs Declaration of lnde-!
penJence, by Mis Laora Nfyera of Sa-1
era. Or.
Oration, by Senator Joitn H. MitebrU. '
Selection by band.
Commencing at 2 p. rrt :
Half mile running race, oett "J iu 3;
parse f 40 and entrance f-e- 1st money
70 percent; 2nd, 20 per cent; 3rd, 10 per
rent. I
Mrs. W. E. Bites arrived here Satur
day evening, whre she will make her'
fainre borne.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Levins, clGiW
vilie, came to Bosebnrg Sunday night, to
spend the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Kicks and child, of
Ju action City, came np Friday evening
to trend tbe Fourth.
We are informed on good authority
that in a recent personal interview with
bareckel. of Sao Francieco, an influen
tial business man of Marsbtield was told
that in case Sprecke.s came in full con
trol of tbe Graham property be wou'J
undoubtedly begin wotk on the railroad
to Koseburg. r-'preckels alto stated that
tbe coast terminus of tbe road would, for
various reasons, be located at some point
on tbe bay below Empire. Bandon Be
corder. Today's Market
Bokilam, June 23. Eggs Oregon,
17 cents per dcz.
Eutter Best dairy, 25'527,'.c; fancy
creamery, 30v?.3oc rer roll.
Poultry Chickens, mueJ, t3.CJ33.2o
Brunet Italian C33S,'; silver, extra
choice, per lb,
Wheat Walla Walla o$&Jc; Val
ley o9560c; bloestem CO'iClc.
.Oats White 42'?43c; choice gray,
1'5 4lo per bushel.
MillstufT Bran, $17; cnJdiings 22;
shorts, 113.00; chop, $16.00 per ton.
Hay Timotlty $8(3f9; clover, t753;
Oregon wild bay, fS per ton.
Woo' -Valley, l?(S14c: Eastern Ore
gon, S!i?12, Mobatr, 2530.
. Potatoes Oregon Burbanks, ?2.il5;
Garnet Chiles, f 1.50(1. To; Caiifcmia
v'new) 2 2 2' a per pound.
School Report.
Bepott of Mt. Scott scbool for the
term ending Jane 2V,
No. of days taught 53.
No. of days attendance i!7o.
Average daily attendance (.
No. enrolled 8.
Xj. of visitors, 10.
Deportment good.
Tuoee averaging above So percent in
the final examination in order of rank,
are: Ljnn Strader, Lloyd Atterbury,
Beryl Atterbary, Victor aud Cacil Blake-
l'upils neither absent uor tardy dur
ing the term are: Victor and Cecil
Ada L. Smitu, Teacher.
Wood Wanted.
! sol.l --ill K. ..,
lice of the commandant of tbo Oregon
Soldiers Home, at Boseburg, Oregon, up
to 12 o'clock, noon, July 15, 1.SW, for the
delivery at said Home, of 3J0 cords o
merchantable fir wood in 4 foot ldngtha
Bids for lo:s of less than 20 cords will
not he considered.
The delivery under the contract, er
contracts awarded must be completed en
or before October 13. 1S!'.I.
The right ia reserved to reject any or
all bide.
Boseburg, Oregon. June 20, 13'J'J.
i W.u. J. SuirLEV,
i Commandaut.
If you suffer from teuderuefs or full
' ues uu the right side, pains under
shoulder blade, coustipatiou, biliousness,
fcjtS; hea.lachi and feel dull, heavy and
slervjiy your livr is torpid andeongeBted.
DeWilt's Little Eirlv RinerH will rnr
you promptly, pleasantly aud perma-
henHv tie roinnetni 1 1. ft iwr.jijdinn an.t
.caaeiuir thobi'o ducts to ouen and flow
naturallv. thky aue ooot I'tr.r s.
Saddle liothe race, ' milx dash;
pares 4'ii) and -nli auce fee. 1st wonev,
70ercent; '.'nd, 2t) ir cent; ord, JO
per ceut.
Slow race far horses or ijjuiee : h. mile).
Puree ".
Trot'icg race, '.. tuile aud repeat for
roadsters. Burse 1st money. 75
per cent : 2od, '2 per cent.
Bicycle race, mile and repent, tie
Bicycle rate, 1 mile da.-U (amateur',
priia $7.50
Best bicvele trick ri !er. ..
Bicycle race, S nuv daeli (boys under
15). prize 2 60.
One boodred yard foot rce, trio lu.
KunniniJ bro'd juusp, prize f2.50.
Banning bigb jamo, U 50.
Konnin bop, ekip and jump, pruo
"!f', ... rj.
tack race, -.ot).
Hv minutes race fot bo under 14,
prize I.uU.
Three legged race tor bors uuder If,
1 prize !20.
Best cqaestriau, priaa f3.
Duriaa above iporli, bass bali gains is
in prr-srew for prizs 2J.
is inr. kVEXtyo .r 7 p. m.
Huss inntm on JjrVion utret. t
teat for porie of fjO.
i Mot. i wundt rfni dieplay cf li ewoiks
; ever pietited in bootherti tlrenon, in-
'eluditi) lia'tierhip Oregon; Admiral '
Ilewey; Itatttries; Futin'aitis; Flying
j Pigeon and buudredw of otbtr uors us t
( (ciltis concluding with a brilliant j
j"Good Nigh'.'" ioPoweJ b t.rar.d Ball
at Opera House.
Pointed Paras raohs.
An egotist is a man who talks abont ;
bimaelf when you want to talk about J
yourself. J
Womau, tbe en;gma uf the nineteenth '
century. We can't guess her. but we'll J
ne?. r stve her op. J. DsWitt Mil-1
A bookkeeper named Simmoo, ia
Morrow coauty, is hired by a man
named Green, and signs letters "Green,
per Simmons.' One would suppose that
such a firm would be in a constant puck-1
Giaes I cusa are the latest scientific
improvement. Tbe retired capitalist
will coon baye them for their cummer
resorts. And yet there is one obstacle
that has not yt been surmounted, viz, a
glass houw with sn electric light in it
would make a retiring man shudder, to j
say nothing about a retiring womau.
Monday after nooa Kev. C. A. Woo'ey,
the Eogece minister, was raying Ir. J.
L. Hill of this city a soda! call. He car
ried with hi:n a small black satchel, ani
when bis visit was ended be picked up
bis satchel and departed. It happened
that Dr. Hill bad a similar ealcbr!, sod
he csrried bis medicine around in it. In
the course of a few hours tbe doctor was
called out on a professional trip, acd
thought to replenish bis medicine bat
ties belore starting. Imagine bis sur
prise when bs opened bis satchel to find
a bible and a uight shirt. It was a case
of presto change with him and be waa at
a loss to understand tbe suddenness of
tbe change. Finally the situation dawned
on hiai and ha begau to look around for
t suitable building to commence his new
calling. In tbe meantime Mr. Woe ley
bad goae ou to Salem, and very early
yesterday momiog came a teiephoue
message from hioi apologizing for the
unceremonious hustling off of tbe doc
tor's medicine case. Dr. Hill good na
turedly toid him he bad been reading
tbe bible constantly since the discovery
and adyisi 1 tbe minister to keep the
medicine ce and strike out. Exchang
es followed and everything is serene
ence more. Albany Herald.
Hnnters sometimes hide themselves in
tbe disguise of a cow, and thus make their
way into the very midst of the most cau
tious came. The mode of a--aar"
operation is shown in the Jy
picture. Iu a similar manner consumption
hides itself in the dUguise of a throat or
bronchial affection, making its way finally
to the lunfT!', where the insidions germs cat
away tbe victim's life. A stubborn cough,
bronchitis and other throat troubles are the
first steps toward this deadly malady. Dr.
Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery will
prevent consumption, curing every con
tributing cause. Time and time again, it
has cured what local physicians have pro
nounced well-developed consumption. It
makes the stomach bealtby, the liver
healthy, the blood hciilthy. It Is a reju
venating tonic, which makes the we ale
strong; puts ambition into tired people,
puts ilcsli on thin liodies, and vixor into
sluggish veins. It is a medicine
in that ita properties are prese rved in any
climate without syrup, sugar or alcohol en
tering into its composition. It doc not cre
ate craviugfor injurious stimulants. It N tlie
personal prescription ol" Dr. K. V. Tierce,
of Buffalo, N. V., whose widespread expe
rience and suececa are at the service of the
public without cost. Anybody, auywlicre
can consult him free by mail.
" I will write you whut Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery lia0mir lor uic." r;iy George
H. Belcher, Usq., of Norton, l'ikc Co., K.y.
"Thirteen years tipo I -as wouudcil bv u ball
paaftio tlirouph ruy iui(. I huve had a tad
congholiuost n-er biucewiUi shortness ol,
and it was very easy to take cold: the s;i!;litcs.t
change of wrntln r wonltl caut the coutrh to be
so lutd I would have to sit tip in br.l all nielli.
Could DOt eat ur tliut.: njsall rue-Uowp.
could not work at all. A few jjiomiis a-.rvlbegan
minx Ur. l' s GolJeii Medical I'iscovrry.
liavt not used lucre thau t'i bottles aud uu'w
can et. bieep, t! n irk u-id 1 feel liUe a new
man. fold wnrAs to uificieiitly rccoat
tucud Ur. Pierce i ' '.oldeu Medkal Hiuovery, or
tell ilie ijoinI ii lia-. lone me."
The. !' v'T'e remedy fur conlivcuess ia
Dr. yi 104' wistnt 1'cUeta.
Squirrel m Gopher
"-'V ESS
$V Squiffel and
'jC' Gopher Poison
i v
Hi.- I'.m u:rt :n'';). Keme.i.
re' u .i reM f.r I ii; I'-1 rn--vi
lu:tr p:lx rt ml
S": v
And the Place to get them is at
U ILL i-t r
:1 mtti.fctS . svv
Our liuo c Bed Lounges n u - k
what you want, we will tunke it for
selectiufl: your own goods.
iiee our $2d.OO .S?w;n M-atrhi-i
have lha best machine oa tie tsarlet
long a any iffschine. that is wado.
Irta beds from s 1.11.1 u: &Dd v -
avo just sorted up ecr ttuc-: cl V, a.t Paper aud Lave sortie new do- i
, , , , , , , , .
6i-U9 teat are hard to l-eat. J.:it. l uvers can lo mr? cf ifUtns as good!
, , 1 1. . 1
colorioy is those who KngLt eanv m tu? btas;.n.
c I
.ar motto is h i;v-l a!ara atid Owd goo Jo Sold aacLeaj it ia t-.cssi-1
ble to sell tier.;. !
I i r-s-y-
GoodsJ all that is new and up-to-date at specially attractive
prices. Mailorders solicited.. , . - - -
Cass Street Market
Wholesale and Retail Dealeas in
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fish and Game in Season,
Hay, Grain and Flour.
'Phone Main 181.
i itN yilLld Fatii!mrer
1,1 v. y ii tub ji?Miri k
MaKes the food more delicious and wholesome
flvt HUM
s:v x ;v:;v n
lhis cut ,au ,
eaact repre&Bnta-
hoa of oai
K-Jcker.- t(e -
"io 6(oc.ifi,-? Erjtfly
firjisbed - rod, :
V- aris. high L?u;k.
lor " or?" sittiQS
twin for$3.75.
iliivet othfex:
jd . - rocker
troroll.(x) np.
- Jate. Also coucbes r.ail i' we havera't
yyti aa 1 you cij have th advantage of
lo-veeis K. be coaviuced. tUt, we
f. r tbe price aad will guarantee it as
i Led fiwinSl.i'J up.
... B. W. STRONG.
Chief CiiarnL
of a Sliirt Waist, Is tdie '.ciiariu" of
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The Roseburg Tannery.
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rui'i'ntd lUtcktldn I Veed f. r Glove-. La?h and Leather. Furs aud Skin.- Pressed and
t 'leaned. PJaek .nfra Goats for Chaps.
L DEACH, Proprietor.
FimI of .Mill t.. Nnuh Tbr-vobur-j, Orewu.
- i
vv .
y k..
And Cifccural
struct! of
v x:v V v v v Wl
I Roscburg: Bakery.
i j
i Hurrah : Hurrah ! the fart-ad d.s fux
! And nicely iuad ar; our niince pics.
. Jiio-mnablin ii. , f.r tin; Dricc U Jo
1 Inside tin.- oven th.- jmu ilo g,
j So when the prk and ljcatw art--:
! Camra'Jea and j-atruns Lave "uic jFun !
A6j:in that Uicir ewwtlieart teU.
Eye bread androaves of every kind;
--vlIagiirot!fcrKrt xnceroa'll lin.J,
j BacL loaf h g.-J weight and pure
tted by tl-jfHl; and uiaids demure.
lirect your wh-r to Jaclou Street,
S Eacfl Iatron w to greet.
jj Props.
Guardian's Sale.
UD5risri: J, tH guardiaii ol ;h penua
, anil tate of m Jpa-in. SaioiiH Joerpii-
on. Ja'Aa Jof-yh-wn ma-i Waller Josephse.
, minor beuivi M. J.-pb.Ha. decw-d, oiil b
-, ytrtne rt m order erf the County Court vf U005
. U -..aniT. state of Orfga. acll a; r.ub!:c aae
; lou (ur eaifa In IuumJ, al the Conn lfouae Ooor
; In Ku-etrtm, I.U5ia'.'oontT. Onrgoa oa Tuta
, (Uy, July il, 3.. at lh- Uoi.'roi 1 uloek p. te
:oiMit day.alltie right. tiCe and inter- of
! Mi.l miaoia In aii.l to the fUlawlaa- described
i r?l pr.pert. t--wit: H e i-U of S.. BK' of
-wW and SE! , or NW , J r. ila C, Towiup
1 o A. k. 10 w , Wiiiamet'.e meridian, eontaimoz
1-0 T(f.
! Dat.l :h.a 7th Caeof Jtite,
I tJMij OoaidiaB.
JNotice For, Publication.
' nited Stale Land OSee.
! ouce 1- hereby even that the Miowiof
' Bam.-i ettle; has fitol notice of bis intenuoa to
i nuit final pnol in nn-.trt ot his claim
j that aid nruul will oe ctade before the Hrtiner
! a:t ReceiTOr. U. e Laa.t Ottice at Eobr-c,
I Oref ja.on Julv s. eirr
S E-.r- S"'r" 'or tie " 'Sec. 14. TIS.
i k - " - ileuaaica tae k.lori witnet-t tr
j proTe li;a conua-josa residence cpon and eolti-
va;;oa of taH iaad, tU : Leonard Perdue, W ii
t .ia;a Kirk, ?a:a W entile. A. Fo-aeU, ail of Per
1 due. Orc?oo.
I ml'! Resiater.
County Treasurer's Notice.'
j Notice is hereby given t all parties
(holding Douglas coonty - warrants in-
dof T.bmary 13 19. to
in the Douglas County bank for payment,
as interest will ceaso tbereoo after the
oate of this notice. '
1 mtut ttil 11. m J - ff T ,ma
.,,. r-. , "
at the City otJtoseborg, Oregon.
. . ,.
Geo. W. Duuticki.
T . .
Coacty Treasurer, DongTaa Coonty; Or.
VAI.t" VRLK Pi.rERXiTvrsTt-iivTr
or xtss rAi-QorEa flrSOO, biioai tvss
A-t paying good money at preeent,
but little more capital nee-led to prop
erly work Ihe mine. Easy of acrwm ,
will sell ail or an intereet in the earns,
For particulars see me at -Boseburg, or
P.O. Box il Roeebarg, Ore.
Administrator's - Notice.
a- luidenixaad tut beea daly appointed ad
m;hi;r.ter ui tag estate ot Bosasa Mannioar,
Or mom 1, fc tbe onnry tonrt of lOoiuriaa
Coaa'y,Oresa, aad aU person bavin; clauna
aaloM .aiJ estate are Bcretw notiaed to present
li sajne, daly Tarilie-i, so and administrator
at OaiiajiJ, Otesoa, witUa is nonths trom the
data ! thu Bot:e.
fared at Koacbai?, Oixgoa, iki the iTta of
Jaae. UW.
., - B. II. MANNING.
Aamialsrra'.orotthe estate ef Rosana, Maa
niag. deceased.
The Home Bakery
701 Oak , Street, "... Opposite
Central Hotel.
Fresh Baked Bread Every Day
"Boston Baked Beans,"
a special t-.
ra Doctor
1 -
'1 CO.
criai'c r fn V 11.
1 .i.f.l. 1.
117 t-.r tne knt .a
I t -:Jr,'
wioii . an-'oc u. tb u. a.
; vy ray TiU fartd.
. l '"jf lNrn't- "w H
-F 1
I crraausHto ir tsars
: v-.trmrenxt; J.h Ji faarw (arCaaMltattmJ
7C1 AUKr.T KT.. I ...
. :
For Infants and CMldrea.
Tli8 Kind Yea Havs Always Bought
Signature cf
A Barxain.
j Five acres, choice bottom laud, on
l which is located a good seven-room
! hnncfl. trood barn, and is situated in a.
tiue agricultural localityx near a echoo
and postctlift. Will be sold at a very
low figure, lo'iuireof, J. W. JIois,
uljld) Wilbur, Or.