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slialaling CKlToodandllcgula
itatf Stomachs anCLBowxis of
ncss ardIfcst.ConlaIns neither
OpRimtMorptmic nor Mineral.
jhlmtmmt fir.
IHrmStrJ -
nM Ju
A perfect Remedy forCorvslipa-
lion, sour oionwL,jjiiiii.Q
Worms jConvulsions.Feverish-
ncss and Loss OF SLEEP.
Tac Simile Signature of
,1'" JBlm-ST
Closing out Sale!!!
j" We are closing out our entire stock, for CASH
Now is the time to BUY. Read Prices.
,tji Mens' Heayv Boots, worth fJ.iO, for I
" " "Shoes " .i0 to f 3.0 J, ...for l.fW!o2
Ladies' Heavy " " 1.5j for 1
Tj Fine " " $1.50 to 3.00 for 1,00 to 2
nn Boys Soils wortli 3,00 to 15.00 f or 2 00 to f.1
fg Meat' Pants at almost ba'.f prices,
1 3 Ladies' Yeats for Summer wear
0k- 23 yda. of Calico,
0 Mens' an.! Bore euaimer Hats at Discount.
Tbree packages 31a. Goll Prop Washing Powder
Cs Ten' Bars Liundry Soap,
4B Fonr cans Tomatoes
UH Three cans K. C. Diking Powder
ma Seven 2 cs. rk:. Smoking Tobrcco
jjp Disbes, Tin ami Agateware at
jj-" Bar pow before tie stock
my store will te sold at Cost
Drain. Oresron.
Snperior hand mad baraefas, both lit and Lcavy,
Manafactored to order on most reasonable terms.
Leather work, including repairing, execnied ia
the beet possible manner atshorfest notice.
SX'-ofJorkin.hop. W. G. Woodward
I6uocR6or to
General Blacksmi thing
jlMP iiommeshoeixu.
Stoop on Corner 'Waablnxton and Kane tt.f HoaeborK.
On the 5. P. R. R.
Douglas County, Oregon
HOTEL constant
ly open for recep
tion of guests.
Water cures Rheu
matism, Dyspepsia,
Kidney and Skin
Te The Unfortunate.
Dr. Gibbon
ftZEi 'tA ThU old reliable cd
U-';a;4 the mom nuumlul
-' 'Ti 8jiali(it in Ken ra:i
S' ii"-., RiKco. ctiil continnf to
cure all bcxuei anl
i Seminal Diaeasc mefc
'St-i-: a (ionnorrhira, Glett
"""- . S-" Stricture, Syph Ilia In
sT,-Jf:aiI 111 'orma, Sikin Di
, '" V- aeasea, Nervoua ltbil-
.' '-Vlty, impoimcy. atmi
' nal Weakness aud Lou
ot nanhood, the cot-
nenee ol sell abuse and excesses prodneine the
(Hewing symptom: aaiiow countenance, ia:W
ra ander the eves. tain in the heail. riniring
in the ears, loss of confidence, diffidence In ai
meehlnf s'ranent, palpitation of the heart,
weaknea of the Uznbi aud back, lews of memory i
(impleson the face, couzbs, consumption, etc. i
DR. GIBBOS has practiced in Kirn ;
0m thirty year and those troubled should not
fall to consult him and receive the beuelit of j
a is aroac ski, i inn exiTieuce. i lie aojior cures
when others fail. Try him. Cures .uaranle. p.
Persona cured at home. Chan?' reavmaMe.
Jl0,rri.t';..nn,vv, v. c i.
DR. J. T. iIBBOJ, f.3 Kearny Kt. Han 1-ran
eiam ra:
" .
A6EKTs wantkd- for "Tii f. x.iFK a vo
Ahivm-ntf of Admiral Itwey, ' the world
naval hero, liy Mural iiaihtead. tne
Tiisvlont friend aud adaiirer of the nation'i
idnl. Bierest and Im book: over WW panes,
ixlO Inches; riarly 1W pages halftone lllunra
riont. Only l .V. Knoniious demand. Biif
mmmictinns. Outiit free. Chance of a life
ttsra Urite quick. Yhe Dominion Company,
pi Flwf STlon P.ldp., liiraro.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
JltffllB U10 ,
Signature A))
You Have
Always Bough!,
f3 B kl E-J fcl n t
h fir:
9 1
a a
-Lr - v-s- . -W J
f jr $1
t ir
almost jour own prxe;.
is picked over. Everythini; in
but for Cash Only.
J. A. Black.
Roseturg, Oregon.
A A i U
I'MTKIl TVie l.ASU 0fU K.
Kiwelrare, Oremn, Jnnr J.
Nniiiv is htivbv iv-n that in eomtiiiance
with ibe tirovisions ol the art of emigre of
JnueS. IsS. eiitillcJ "An net fur the saloof
timber lands in tlie eta'.cs of t'aUfornia. Ore
gun, h'eada and W "ashlDKtua Terrltorr,
ol CaiiTonville. County of D.jiiglaa, t:ase of Ore
gon, lias thil dnv liled in tb; oltce hwmiii
statement No. lor the of t!ie U;t
of Section No. si. in Township No 3",
Kanire No. 5 V.. ana will oiler proof toshow
that Uio land (u.uiibt is more valuable iorits
timber or s tone tlian for a?neultiiral p!irtKea
and to establish his claim to aid laud before
the IteriBU-r and lleceiver of this oflii e at Rose-
burz. Oreeon. on fcttlun!uy, the -lith day of
He narne as witneiK-s: t nllum riricir, Jr
Eobert Courier, Thomas W ilmu, U. W. 1'uckett,
tf Caiivonvllle. Ore.
Anv and all persons claimiiiR the
atTe-iecribfca land" are requested to file their
claims in this oflicc on or beore said 2fctlt day
of Auguu 1-M.
:. T. BBiDGH.-f.
(j J) Ketcister.
Ho, for Boswell Springs!
Coumenciof May 10, IHW., and until
September 30. ls'J:, Bpecial tickets to
BoBwell Springs and return to this city
will be sold as follows: 30-day tickets,
$1.85. Tickets going Saturday and re
turning the following Monday, $1.-10.
Special rates arn also given from Port
land and intermediate pointa.
Dyspepsia Cure.
Digests what you eat.
j t t . , i, .
! ItartlflCiallydipetstllCfOOd andaldS
Nature In 6trCIlgthcnil)lJ and TCCOn-
i Btructing the xhaustci diRstlve or-
' ,,Vi, V.i ji
I pans. It is tne.Mf l clcovprcd aipest-
i ant and tonic No other pix-piratinn
j can approacli St in cllicicticy. It in-
i ptantly relieved aud rrriiuiicritly cures
I Tiwanpnsiu Tnrti.r, t ion I linrtl,iirri.
g"ri""' i f. iT t.-
Sicklleadache, ( ; a i & $w . ( .'ram ps, r.ud
all other result s ot 1 m p rf e-t icstion.
Prepared by E. C EzWtll 6 Co.. ClyiCOQO
For sale by A. C. Markers A Cc
The Story of Beautiful Willamette."
Ad intimate friend ot the late Sam. L.
SinipBon wtiting to the Matoetnan uives
the fallowing version of the writing of
biuisin'n het poem :
At the tiii "Uoautifol Williainette"
was wriiien iatu Simpeon bad only be
UHU his eiriijule his strong and yet
weU iii-iii.c. Like the chain, it was no
stronger ibn the weakest, p.tft, which
was hid b,; thirst that was fated
but m ver aatwitie 1. At t hat time iie
felt rofoiind temurea in hia sjher and
gloomy momen e. He had a lovinn lfo
and dear chil lten. Obif after a peiiotlj
of diaoipu'.i on, titling that the world was!
aKaiubt him and thai Iih wh nn-iin!
hunn If, he oanilrrcl to the i;rcn hold
er of the Willamette hu thouxhts u(
self di'B'.ructioti. A plunge, and the
crystal flood wo ild ilo in chaii.y over
his troubled form. He lay do n on the
bank of tho ctrettu, and its sweet ututU'
and its latiKhinK beauty called out from
the chilis uf lai toui the wealth f his
genius an I ' Ceautilu' Wiilatnette'"
was the re-ult. It jrn in travail, it
breathes thoughts that irj eternal,
thouuht-i clothed in words that will ciug
with the everlasting stars. Keuieniber
ing the conditions read these Hues.
Oh! thy iihmmering iuli c( gladness
Mocks this turl id life of mine,
Kuirg lo the wi:d lure ver
Down the elo; ing paths of time."
The EHUie bejuiiful aud cad sentiment
runs t brought lit the wh.le production.
lit AVllH L WILLAMrnK.
From the Cicada's frozen gorges,
Letpit'g like a child at day,
Widining, widening through the rality
lh ijht Willauictte glides away.
Onward ivtr,
l.ovelv river, -
tidily calling lo tlm bea;
Tiuie lha( scars us,
Maims and mars us.
Ix-aves no track or trcncli ou thee
SjJiinifs green wiiclury is weavir.g
I'.raid and bcrder for thy tide;
- Grace forever haunts thy journey
ltauty duup!e oa thy tide.
Through ti e purple ga'.s of incrning,
Naw thy restate ripples dance;
Golden then, when day departing,
Oj thy waters traiU his lance
Waiisir.g, flishing,
Tiiikling, plastiin;,
Limpid, volatile and fre.
AUays hunied to l e buried
In the bitter moon-mad sea.
In thy crystal deeps iuverted,
Swings a picture ot the tky.
Like those: wavering hopes ct Aideu,
Dimly in cor dreams that Le;
Cl.iadeJ of. en, drowned in turmoil,
Faint ar;d lovely, tar away
Wreaihirg sunshine ou the UK-rrow,
Breathit g hagrsnce round t ly.
Love would wander
Here and pondei
Ilithtr poetry would dreaaj ;
Lite's old iiuealions,
f-ad laggeetions,
"Whence and wbitbei" 'throng
thy Etream.
On the roarinz waele tf ocean
?oon thy scattered wavee thall toss ;
'Mid the surges' rythmic thunder
;:.all thy silvtr tongues be lost.
Ou ! iLy ghiuiiA-rinrf ru.U of 'adcees
Mocks this turbid l.Ie of mine,
Racing t) the w ild forever,
Down the sloping paths c I time.
Onward ever,
Lovelv river,
Softly casing to the ees,
Time that scars ti,
Maims aal mars us,
Leave no track or threat h on thee.
The al-ore poem w as flrtt published
in the Albany I'emccrat on April 10,
1S0S, and was aigned only, "r?. L. S."
It ia too bad that t j author of such a
poem shoutd die at the age cf Gfty-four
with the latt .-r half of his life almost a
Joining a Lodge.
A man in this town j Diced one of the
numerous ledges that infect tbe place
againet tlie gentle admonitions of his
wife. Ikin something cf a jjke-r be
persuaded himself into the belief that
this was a rare occasion to piay a pka on
his wife, eo after he had been initiated
at the lodge room be went to a drugstore
and bought a quarter 'a worth of sticking
plaster which he cut io strips and pasted
in crisscross shape on his face and hands,
streaked a w hite handkerchief with red
paint and tied it around his head, placed
one arm in a sling and went home. In
auswtr to tbe tperies of bis frightened
wife he said they were giving him the
6kyfuz!c degree at the lodge, but instead
ot coming back through the skylight in
the hail when they tossed him up they
threw him clear over the building and
be lit in the alley back of a hardware
store on a pile cf barrows, plows and
scrap iron. His wife was horror strick
en and wanted to know if there was no
law to puuish fools who would insist in
joining such heathenish lodges. Some
of the neighbors have told it around and
about that when the wife found out that
her husband ha 1 been fooling her, he
was compelled to buy moro sticking
plaeter to cover some very serious abras
sions alung the side cf his nose and
above one eys. Be this as it may, be
never told his wile anything about tbe
other degrees in that lodge. Cannon
Fall Beacon.
Elopement From Chehalis.
Ciii.ii Ai.ib, Wash., June 25. A. Jr.
Taylor, traveling salesman for the Wiley
B. Allen Co., of l'oriland, and Miss Mar
garet Dever, of Chehalis, got a marriage
license hsre yesterday and were driven
to Napavine. where they were married.
They took the ut'ternoon train for Port
land. The banns produiming Miss Da
ver'a marriage to a youn man from
Woolly, Wash,, at the Catholic church
here uext Wednesday were published in
the Catholic church at Chehalis lutt
Sunday by requett of the young woman's
parents. The young man from Woolly
came this last wek to be in readiness
for the wedding, aud before he bad
learned of the elopment of his prospect
ive iiruld secureit a marriage license
yesterday afternoon. Miss Dever was
deputy in the poatoflice uuder ex-Post-
i master Lillpop.
The Kdward Alxinfon, of Spain. haB
been K0ieiing statist ic to ehow ho
much the U'e war cost that country in
I he way of colon ml possessions. Count
ing tho territory ceded to tho United
State?, and the islands transferred to
Germany, the total area loct was 105,
838 square miles, or nearly one half the
former colonial empire.
Prune Culture.
A valuable bulletin has just been is
sued b? the Ort-gou Agricultural Experi
ment Station ou Points ou Prune Dip
ping, which Bays:
It is an almost universal custom
among horlicalluriuls in this state to dip
prunes, particularly Pelites aud Italians
into a boiling solution of lye just prev
ious to drying, primarily for tbe purpose
ot hastening the operation of drying, and
tecondarily, as claimed by many, for tbe
purpose of cleansing and tendering the
skin less tough.
Bulletin 45 of this station aays concern
ing this process : "Lye dipping as prac
ticed in Oregon ia about as follows : One
pound of concentrated lye is dissolved in
from 10 to 50 gallons of water, the pro
portion of lye and water differing greatly
with tbe various prune growers.
The primitive way is to keep the solu
tion boiling in a large kettle, into which
the prunes, placed in a wire basket or a
much perforated metal vessel, are im
mersed and tbeie kept In motion, by
twirling or swinging for from 30 to CO
seconds, depending upon the condition
of the fruit.
The more modern way is to have the
fruit tun from the grader to setofeue
lees chains with carrying aprons aud by
them cariied ttiroagh a pan coutaiuiug
the boiling lye solution, healed with sub
merged steam tipes; from the iye the
prunes ure carried on through fresh
water, preferably running water, and
then spread on tra;s.
1 1 the operation is well done the
prunes should have their tkins bright
and chining, aud present on close exam
inatiou a finely checked condition.
Over or under iraiuerbioncausea the fruit
to dry unevtuly ; when too much stalded
tho tkiu tears and becomes ragged, and
the fruit becomes soft and rxueby, in.ak
iug a ttickr, nasty n.eM ou tbe tray. '
Tiic pricking method ueeJ in Cantor
ma lo accomplish the fame result is not
practiced to any extent in Oregon, al
though a maehibts are lo he fuond
i the bUle.
From the hje it woull appear that
a vatt ditTeience eaisis in the strength ol
Solutions used for dipping. It was to
leirn Eumeihingof the ccndiiions atfect
tjgthis prtA'eSi that some experiment
wjre uuJeruaen in the fall of lS'Ai. In
the summer ot Is'.'S these wete exttnJe t
furttier in order lo usceituiu sotuethii.g
as to the relative slrecgtb of the com
mercial concentrated lyes on the mar
ket. Ttiis Utter phace of the work was add
ed because icquiriea were being askeJ as
to the relative merits of the various
brands and from the farther fact that
many complaints were heard from I bote
u-ing the article, both for tbe pa.-pese
indicated and as an ingredient of sprays,
that a wide ditlerence existed in the
ct'eegth of tho various brands bastd on
the fact that ail brands do out givt
equally cood lesuhs wLen used in like
The maximom strength for the dip
ping solution in o;e would give a lye so
lution of l "j per cent alkalinity, provid
ed the lye used was 1(A) per cent puie
and the minimum strength a 5 per cent
An analysis of one s.toiple of dipping
solution taken from a tank showed .S3
per cent alkalinity as sod. There ap
pears to be a great difference in lh
stieng'.h of the lyes for sale on the mar
ket, and Uie more observant oerators
have found that i) U unsafe to fix any
quantity of be as measured by the nam
ber of cans of the otdioary eise, but that
the correct strength of the lye must be
judged by the appearance of tbe fruit
coo. if g from tbe solution.
A confesecJ fault of lye dipping is the
nnevenness with which the fruit dries
after being dipped, and particularly is
this heard from thoee who are not in the
habit of thoroughly grading their fresh
fruit. Some experiments have been
conducted which I think will throw
some light on this question.
Prunes ot normal size were subjected
to treatment in a 1.55 per cent solution
of lye for 20 seconds, and on removal
from ibe edition were found to be well
checked, but small prunes were very iui
icrtectiy checked, many of ihcm not be
ing ailecied at all. Increasing tbe time
seemed only to cause tbe prune to crack
deeply or the skin to roll up leaving the
flesh badly exposed.
A trial with a solution of double tbe
strength used at first, 25 per cent alka
Unity, only caused tbe skin to roll up
worse and the cracks to be made deeper
and failed to produce a well checked
It is well to say that the weaker solu
tion is probably somewhat stronger than
that ued by most horticulturists, inas
much as the lyes used are very variable
and the strength used in this experi
ment would only be obtained by using
the strongest solution tustomary louse
in this state, and on the condition that
the lye used be 100 per cent pure, which
is not usually the case.
A practical app.ication of these results
is to enforce lue idea ol preliminary
grading of fruit, or, still belter, tbe ne
cessity of keeping trees iu sucn healthy
condition as will permit them to boar
only fruit of normal size.
Particular care should be taken not to
allow 'hem to overbear, which will al-
v a cause them to produce a stunted
1. The smaller sizes of prunes are not
easily affected by the ordinary process of
lye dippiu?.
2. That increasing the strength of the
lye solution does not bi ing abcut a pro
per checking ol these small prunes but
merely causes them lo crack deep into
the flesh or the skin to roll up leaving
the flesh badly exposed.
3. To obtain a uniform product of
dried prunes care should be taken that
trees d j not overbear and thus produce
an abnormally small prune with a tough
skin which will not check.
4. Prunes should be thoroughly grad
ed belore drying bo the smallest sizes
may be removed and hither subjected to
some other treatment than lye dipping
possibly pricked it they are to be dried
or used to make secondary iruit pro
ducts. 5. The net weight of most brands of
concentrated lye to be found ou tho mar
ket ia considerably short of one pound,
and tho total alkalinity is quite variable
among the dificreut brands.
0. The most economical brands of
fered fur salu in Oregon at the lime those
samples were collected were Btbbit's,
American, Giant, Quaker City.
Is a chronic disease. There is an taflamma.
Hon ot the inner coating ol the stomach. A
thick, ropy moans forms
and this eaute the mors
pronounced symptom. It
remain in the stemaoh
and decompose. Then,
ot coarse, dig estloa can
not be properly perform
ed. Tho treat TegsUbla
- I rcmsdy HCDTAM nstsr
6 5 - fall to effect a cure.
I I HCDYAN can be had of
I ,1 all drugrtft for 50c. per
1 package. Study your
symptoms carefully from this chart. Each num
ber represents a symptom or a group of symp
toms. Yon have the symptom. Cm BCD.
TAN and they will disappear.
Bore pronounced in tbe morning. HUD
YAN will relieve the headache.
HUDYAN will cause the redness to dissp
sppear and unke the eyes assume their nor
aial, healthy appearance.
the tongue, make tbe breath pure and sweet
and cause the bad taste to disappear.
TH2 STOMACH. This ia due to indiges
tion. HI D VAN will cause the food to bo-
come perfectly digested and tbe pain and
tenderness trill dinappear.
LIVEB. HUDYAN will lessen the rouges-
lion and reduce the enlarged liver toil nor
mal sire.
ULDYA.V will relieve you of the above
symptoms and make you well. Do not delay.
(jo to vour ilrr.pcut at once and procure a
package f HI DYAN for SOc. or S for i2-X.
It your dmget does no: keep It, send direct
Ban Fruf i-co. Cel., and they will send it to
you. You cm consul: ihe great H I'D YAN
DOCTORS r'REE. Io not forget that.
Call and see tlira if ;ou wish. You msy
call and tec them, or write, as you desire.
Car. Blscktoa, Msraet aad Cilia (4 ,
tee Fraeeisee, Cl-
Montana, Utah,
Colorado and all
Eastern Points.
(iives choice of two favonx route, tia tbe
CMOS PACIFIC Faat Mall Line, or tho
KIO ORANDE scenic lines.
Look at the time
days to Salt Lake
2l3 days to Denver
. 3 i days to Chicago
4j days to New York
Free Kccllsslatr Cbalr ura. Hp
bolstered Toartat Sleeping
Cars, Pa U ma a Palace siecp
itsig Car) operated on all
For further inioriealrr apply to
J. F. UIVANS, Apt., aioseburg.
C. O. Terry, W. E. Coman,
Trav. rasa. Act- n. Agt.
Ul Third SU, Portland. Or.
Tne Cburchc.
XKTHODivrcucacH corner of Slain and Lane
Simla. Sunday Service-. Preaching, 11 a. m
and V00 p m.; Sabbath school, 10 a. m.; l
A. Walker, Superintendent; Claaa Meeting at
close ol th morning service: ZpworUt Leagn
70 p. m. r. 11. Churchill. PrcaidcaL Prayer
MccUuf, Wednesday, at 7:30 p. m.
G. R. AxyoLD, Taator,
Parsonage, corner Main and Lane.
Cmtxu BKTaat5 Cucacu on Fonricr street,
Sunday service, at 11 a. m. and 7:50 p. m. Pray
er meeting. Thursday evening.
Mrs- Leer JL Ctnrr, Pastor.
St. s CuvacH. Corner Casa and
Main streets, service on second aud fourth
suuda; morning ot each month and every Sun
day evening, bpecial services announced from
Umo to time. Rsv. Job Dawsox,
St. K. Cacatit, Soctb. Services every Sunday
morning and evening.
Bar. J. T. Cotto!, Pastor
B-iriin Cucacu corner ol Lane and Bote
struct. Sun Jay service. Preaching at 11 a. m
aud 7:30 p. m. Sabbath School at !0 a. m., O. P.
Cothow, superintendent. Prayer meeting t
7: Wednesday evening.
S. A. DuCous, Ptor.
Fibt CuaurttAS cucacu Coruer ot Pluc
an 1 Woodward slrveU. Sunday service
Preaching both morning and evening, Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Y. P. S.C-. . at 6:30 p. m
Prayer meeting each Wednesday evening at
'.30. A cordial welcome and greeting await
all. W. A. Wood,
Fia.-T I'h,iittkkia!( Chckch Corner of Cat
and Kosc street'. Sunday service: Public
worship, 11 a. ui., aut i p. m.: Sabbath
sellout, 10 a. in. Y. P. 8. C. K. at 7 p. in,
Prayer meeting, Wcdncwlay evening 7:30 p
di. J. A.,
Tbk v. c. T. V. Kitllnild its regular meetings
ou the second aud fourth Monday of everr
moulli at 7 30 p. m. In the Epwurth League
room of the M. K. Church.
Notice for Publication.
Knteburg, Oreeon, May 11, leOP.
Notice is hereby i?tven that the following
named netiler has filed notice of hi Intention
to make rtnnl proof In support of bia claim, and
that said proof will be made before the Bcyisttr
and hocclvcr V. S. Land Olllco at Koeeburg,
Oregon, on June 27, lfc, viz:
on H. K. Xo. 7190, for the W'i 8W-i 8E; 6Yii,
8;, SE,4,ricc.2,Tp. -M S, R.IW. He name
the following witnesses lo prove his continuous
residence upon and cultivation ot raid land,
viz: Jnmes McKay, Thurston Lull, J. K. Chap
man, ti. W. Grubbe, all ot Wilbur. Oregon.
mlltlO Register
Best Bargains of the Age.
2C0 acres. Stock farm, 40 acres in grass,
Orchard, buildings, l4 mile from
Myrtle Point, P. O. Splendid invest
ment. Price, $1000.
Homestead. 3 miles from Myrtle Point.
C acres cleared, good timber. House,
barn. Parties will relinquish for $200,
half wuat improvements cost.
A stock farm of 020 acres 20 miles from
Myrtle Point; 700 acres in excellent
pauture ; 40 Durham cows, and 60 head
of graded slock cattle go with the place.
Price, $3,000; terms, $4,000 down, bal at 3 per cent. Inquire at W. F.
- t Co.'s Express Office, or add re bp,
Orvil Uodgk,
J24 Myrtle Point, Oregon.
Prepare for Harvest.
You will have the world
pull, if you buy a Piano
them, also the Chain drive Mower, at
Fifty-eight Years Old
Kecognixing its value lo thoee who desire all tbe news of tbe Elate and Nation,
the publisher of Tub Platsdialeb. (your own favorite home paper) has entered in
to an alliance with "The New-York Weekly Tribune" which enables him to for-
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dorsed prior to Feb. 1,1309, to present
the same at the treasurer's office
in the Djuglaa County bank for
payment, aa interest will cease thereon
after the date of this notice.
Dated thin tbe 1st day of June,
1S99, at the City of Boeeburg, Oregon.
Geo. W. Dlmmick,
County Treasurer, Douglas County, Or.
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BERT CASE, Proprietor
Cor. Washington and Main Sts.
County Treasurer's Notice.
Notice is hereby given to all parties
holding Douglas county warrants in
dorsed prior to October 15, 1S9S, to
present the same at the treasurer's office
in tbe Douglas County bank for pay
! ment, as interest will cease thereon
after the date of this notice.
Dated this the Sth day of May, 1 80'J
at the City of Roseburg, Oregon.
Gko. W. Dlmmick.
County Treasurer, Donglas Connty, O
by the tail and a down
Mining- Application, No. 95.
I'ftiTKD Kr.iTta Laud Orrics,
Kosebiinr, Oregon. Juue S, W.
Cbarlr Bruneaii, f. J. Jc-oninxs and B. J.
Jconiinrs. whose, posiufnoa addrfae aie a fol
lows: of Cbarka Bruneau and B. J. Jenntnga,
Cottage Glove, i.ane County, ores-on, and If. i.
JenniUKs, uf Portland, Multnomah County, Ore
gon, have this day bled their application (or
uaunt for M linear feel ol the Helena. Consol
idated Quartz Mine, or vein, bcariBg gold, sliver
and lead, with iurfa" ground suO feet In width,
being 311 feet on each side of tna center of said
vein, and being linear feet of the Helena r
Lode Claim and ISoO feet of tbe Lauretta Uxsa
( lalin, the laurette being the 1st extension
Easieily of the said Helena Claim, raid claim
beinr particularly described a Mineral Survey,
'o. Jit),
II- lena Quartz Lode and Lanrette Quartz Lode.
known as Heleua Consolidated Quartz Mine.
lluated in Bohemia Mining District, Donglaa
oiinty, Oregon, in Township No. a. tt. B. 2 B .
Willamette Meridian, Oregon.
Application or unarie xtranesa, r. J. Jeu
ings and B. J. Jennings.
B.-rinnind at a fir cost inches tunero. 4 feet
lonir, f t It inches In the ground, with rock
mound alonirside, scribed SL a. 30 Identieal
witb lot at on starting point of tbe Helena lode
ciaim, woenee lie oiworerv eui. ana luncei
No. 1, is S. ei d.-greee B. 15 Icet; also a fir 14 la.
in diam. bears -N. f, decrees, W. si feet, (cilbed
M. M. B.T.: alma fir a In. diam. beans X.
degrees W. 21 feel, scribed Jf.B. V, B. T.
Also the oondar Minina Co. a Ora llonae
bears S. 1" degreea W. about 20 ) feet.
Also trie mourn of Oeo. KerTs Tunnel beanB.
lde. W.a boot Vn feet. Also VI L Theihnn.
commonly known aa Lowborn Peak of tho Cas
cade KauKe, bea s . 43deg. E.
aixo iiamoni reaa bears . w neg. ; then 9
run N. 64 deg. W.on coum of lode, op tiers -ccnt!i"
ft., Interaeet wagon road leadirjciiojn
the J'ioudy Co.'s Mine to their qoanz sw. 1
iw it. -i ir post in. square, tee .
IS inehi- in the sround lor center oost oa tSeac- -
erty end of this claim, with mound of stone
ionirside, scm4 i . 3to, irom which a II r la
in. dia. bears S. & deg., W. 3) feet, scribed M. a
3M, B. T.
A nrs in. dia. Dears .v W oex. Z. ia feet.
scribed M. 8. :m B. T.
This post is klcntieal w itb the location oost
set on westerly end ot thU claim.
inencce asuetf. w. jwil post Ho. 1,
identical with location cor. 4 feet long, 4 Inches
siaaxc, 1 iocbea in the gronnd with mound of
stone alongside, senbed C. I, M. & 3c0, frosa
wbicb a fir H in. die. bear S. 7 deg. St ft.
scnbe.1 C. I. M. ft 4tf), B T.
A fine H in. dia. S U dec. I J ft. scribed C I
M b Ml. B T.
Whence corner to sections 7-12-13 and u. T.
23, S B 1 and 2 E, Wiliamene Merioan, bean t
O deg 30 rain W 17j feet, thence Irvm Cor 10 L ;
Var JJdei? JOmin E. -V"
Descend steep .M.mntain. aluce S s. U f t wmm- . ...
on road leadine frum oonlay Quarts Mine to
Quartz jiui t ; as aeg e ua u.
Mine road c tju in. lej.i it t cor So X
' ldenUcal w ita a coiner of the location.
A Sr oost 4 feet looar. 4 iacbes aa uare. at M ia.
in tbe rronnd with mound of atouc aloacsilc
scrlbedCSM S3CO.
Whence a pine p) in. dia. bears X 13 dee w
3" ft, scribed U A M 8 0. B T.
Theuce frm Cor Jo i S 26 dec . Tar 19 Eec
t) nun B; 19 ft to Cor No 1, of Lauretta Claias,
J fe t to pot set in center of Easterly end of "
the Helena Claim, ideotical with location poet s-r
: in eaaieny eui vi uiik ciatm.
A fir post 4 feet lone. 4 inches rtnarc set IA fa.
in the ground wita sivuil of stone akmgaid,
smbea M t ZfJ).
Wnencea flr in dia besrs 8 32 dot E 'l ft.
senbed M 8 A) B T. J13 ft to Center Post or
Westerly end of Lanrette Claias. W h lo small
creek c South Earn, 6o4 ft to comer 5o 3L
Identical with a corner of the location.
A fir post 4 feet long. 4 incite sooare sMt IS
inches In tbe ground with mound 4 nous
aiompnde, senbed CXli
Whence a rirS in dia bean X C6 dec r I It,
scribed C 8, M 8 3S0 B T.
Corner o2of Lanrette Lo.1 bears ?J 2S dec K
19 ft: thence from Cor "o 0, N 64 dec W", Var 19
deg 30 min C
Ascend steep moontnn S10 ft utcnect wacotz
road leading Irom Noonday Mine so Qaartz iLA.
1Z ft same wagon road. Its J ft to comer So 4.
identical witb a location corner.
A fir post 4 ft k-ne. 4 in. wiaare. set 18 inches
in the around, with u-oond of stone tUoBssdde.
scribed C 4, is S 360.
w hence a nr , in dia bean 8 8 dec 30 mix w 21
ftscnoed C 4, M , B Tjuid thesK-e S Kdeg W,
Var U dec 3u min E. : It to center post est
westerly end of Claim before described, emboss
ing 20.06 acres.
1-iC atui uuui..
Becinninc at eoreer So L identical witb ti
corner ot location, a lir post 4 It long, 4 1 aoate .
square, set la inches ia toe groaad with moaa I
ot stone alongside, senoed cim 8 aw. when
AS Pine b in Dia bears S 43 degreea east, 3 -
scribed C I M 8 360 B T
Corner o 2, of Helena bean g to dec W M ft.
thence from corner Ls'S aeg E, var 19 dasj
3D min E 2M ft torenter post on Easterly and f
Helena Claim, aw ft to center nose oa wr-iLrrir
end of Lanrette Claim.
A Cr post, 4 inches aqnare, 4 feetloog, set IS
inches in the ground, scribed M. 8. SuL wiLk
moand oi stone alongside. - .
Identical with location of Westerly oat of ,
Lanrette Claim, whence diacoiery Cat and
Iunnel 5o-4, bears 6.T2 dec. E. B4 ft. iSS teet
toSmaUCrer. c. c, E. oel ft. to corner No, S,
Helena Cauo, eud f t. to comer No. 2-
Identical with corner of locatioo.
A fir post 4 ft- long, 4 inches square, set ia
inches in the groana, wita moand of stone
alongside, scribed C, No. 2. Si. Mo. wheaca,
A f.r 14 in. d:a. bean S. il deg- X. 13 ft. scribed
C. J 3L fi. 3C0 B. T.
Tbence from corner So. 2. S. 73 dec. X. Vac '
19 deg. 30 mis. E. descend 1499 ft to corner No. v
3. A fir post 4 ft.long,4 inches qaar. set is
inches in the groaad, wita mound of stone
alongside, senbed C, 3, JL 8. 3u, whence a-yiaw
Top ahneta Bock, two ft out of ground 24x2,7
inches with cut with a chisel at direct potal
which bean & a deg. W. 32 ft. marked wua a
Chisel, C. 3- M.S, 3Su, B. B.
Aiau the X, S. eomerof the Xoozxlav Qoarta
31:11, bean S. 4 dec. W. 9o.5 ft.
Thence frvm comer No. 3, S 26 deg W. Tar. 19
deg. 30 min. E. lju, it- to Crek S ft. side, C. S,
K. .TO ft. to centcrpoat on Easterly end of tola
A flr post 4 ft. long, 4 inches square, set IS in
ches in the ground, with mound of stone
alongside, scribed M. S. 3o0, whence a fir 13 ia
dia bean X. ol dec. W. 22 It scribed At. & 360
B. T. ascend X icet to comer No. 4.
Identical witb a cor. of location:
A fir post 4 ft, long, 4 inches square, set IS ia- .
ches in the ground, witb mound ef scone
aloogsi-ic. sieribed C 4, 8. whence a nr
10 ia. dia. bean X. to deg, E. 29 ft.
ycribed C. 4. If . 8, 0 a. T.
Thcaee X. 72 deg. W. from eor. So 4, Tar. t9
deg. :v min. E, 725 ft. to Creek 3 ft wide C.
East 9t f v. lo wagon road leading from Koon
day Mine to Quaru MilH 1 W ft. to cornet No. J,
and place of beginning emWacing 20. tS acres.
The survey of the Helena and Lauretta
QuarU Lodes are ideaticai with the respective
locations, and tho presumed general course of
the vein r lode is northwesterly and soctlV
easterly, a Is shown by the plat filed herewith,
as near aa can be determined Irons the areaaat
The Notice of Location of these wowing;
clslms i recorded aa follow, se-wit:
First, location of th Heiena, (called Bearaer) w
ia recorded in Volume ft of Donglas Cowntv,
Oregon. Mining Record?, at Paae laa, oa the 7th
day of July, Lv: and the second notice there
of Is recorded In Volume 6, oi Loot-la Countv
Oregon, Mining Becords. at Face 3ul and 302,
the 2nd day of August,
The first location of tne Laurette Lode Claim
was recorded in Volume 6, of Dooelaa Co ty,
Oregon, Mining Beconi. on tbe lata day of No
vember, lat7. at 1'age 36, and the second loca
tion notice thereof was teeonled oa the 2nd
day cf August, Ut, in Volume 6, of Doocias
Countv, Oregon, Minln; Bccorus, at Pages
and 300.
The adjoining Claim are: On tbe northerly
side of the Helena, (Helener) Lode Claim, the
Verde, Lode Claim, of which r. J. Jennings is
locator and claimant, and on the Northerly side
of the Laurette Lode Claim Is tbe Americas
Bov, Lode Claim, of which B. J. Jennings and
C. H. B. Bruneau are the locasofs and claim
ants. The easterly end of the Helena, (Helener)
Claim is the westeriv end of the Laurette
Claim. Oa the easterly end of the Lasuetie
Claim is vacant sovern meat land, and oa the
southerly side of the Helena (Helener) and Laa
rette Cairns is vacant government laiid.
On tho westerly end of the Helena (Hetswjs--Claim
is tbe White Wings, Lode Mining Ciz.
located and claimtd by G. G. Warner.
And any and ail persons claiming adieaaary
the mining ground, vein, lode, premises or any
portion thereof, so described, surveyed, platted
and applied lor, are hereby notified that, unis
their adveise claims are duly filed according to
law and the regulations there under, within the
sixty dsys oubticaUon of this noOee,
with tho Recta ter of the United Status,
Land Office at Kosvbuxc. in the County of Doug.
Ian. and State of Oregon, they will be bailed La
virtue of the provisions of said statute.
Dated this sib. day of June, IK'S, and first pub
lication on June Utn, IX').
Kegiitex U.S. Land Otice.
Notice for Publication.
cxited States laxd office.
Roser-urg. Oregon May 12, IS99.
Notice is hereby rven that tho foliowins
natred settler has filed notice of bis intention -to
make final proof In support of hi claim, ar.d
that said proof will be made be for; the Becister
and Beceiver U. 8. Land Officm astsus.
Oregon, on Jnly, S 159, Tlx: T"a
On H. E. No. 66S3, for the X K Sec 24 T. !,
S. R. 6 W. He names the folio wing witness to
prove his continues residence upon and culti
vation ot aiu land, vir: W iliiam Moore, Tbomaa
Burnet, Harvey gwofford, and John BwoflurvL
all of MyrUe Creek, Oregon.
(ni2ip) J. T. BBJDGX3,
Farms for Sale.
A number of small farms for sale.
adapted to fruit growing. Good apple
and prune orchards on soma of them.
For further particulars inquire of,
G. W. Ajldkbsox,
Cleveland, Or.
. .
Viavl, Viavl.
Mrs. J. H.
tive for the
Shop ia local represent- -
popular Viavi remedSrr.
Any one desiring any of these remedies
will please call on her at her home or ad
es her at Kof tor?, Orr pen.